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This is a fun store to go to! There's so much variety when it comes to their selection of various fish and shrimps and snails both fresh and saltwater. Their tanks are very clean and well maintained. Most of the staff are very friendly and eager to answer your questions, though on our very first visit the employee we approached (a tall guy with long red hair) to help us get some plants gave off every impression that we were inconveniencing him and that he would rather be somewhere else even though all he was doing was just standing around. Other than that the variety of fish food and decorations here is amazing. There's everything from frozen food to pond food to betta food. A little bit of everything! Their prices are also very fair. We bought a 125 gallon fish tank that was bundled with lights and a stand for a very reasonable price and are quite satisfied with our purchase! I recommend this store to anyone that is obsessed with aquariums and fish like us! :)

No Sir

The service team for aquarium adventure is awesome!!! Whenever my Dad calls Matt out to service our saltwater tank, it looks pristine after. Matt is also very knowledgeable about all things aquatic. Highly recommend!

Karen Payne

I love shopping here. They tend to have unique sea life here as well as freshwater finds. They also sell aquariums and accessories you dont find in other stores. The store is always clean and plenty of knowledgable associates to go around. This is my go to place for all my aquarium needs.

Chandi Gilbert

Poor service, poor advice, all our fish died within a month. They sold us incompatible plants that helped kill our other fish as well. It was nearly impossible to find help and when we did, we were treated as an annoying inconvenience.

John Dempsey

Very knowledgeable staff and loads of supplies and fish... Awesome displays showcasing what you can do for your home setup's... Lots of water plants and corals to choose from...

Jessica Smart

The staff here is extremely knowledgable and friendly. They offer advice when asked and are always willing to help you out. I come here for all my aquarium needs.

Cheryl Deboard

Great job cleaning my two fish ponds!

Adam Taylor

nice selection but this place is INSANELY overpriced for what you can find elsewhere. Fish are at lest TRIPLE the price. Same with tank testing supplies. I just got the same testing supplies they were going sell me for 70 for 21 at another store. Go elsewhere unless you're looking for something specific. Never going back.


Friendly people. Fish looked healthy. A little pricey but they have sales, today it was 50% all coral.

Stephen Edward

Great selection and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Super cheap prices! I can't wait to go back! If anything, stop in and take a look. Fish are fun;)

Kaitlin Kaiser

Nice experience there. Have to give the store credit for being really clean and well maintained to a point where preschoolers could come in like it was a zoo. Lots of variety and good staff that helps you pick out something right rather than selling fish for the sake of making money. When they get really busy during sales like the Father's Day Sale, the staff can become stressed and a little rushed with a "get-you-in-get-you-out" mentality, but I see that as a busy work environment and all places do that. If you're a first timer trying to get into the hobby, definitely go when they aren't busy so they can give you their full attention. All in all, a good place that can help a lot.

Christopher Shreiner

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have a nice variety and selection. Not the most perfect fish if you're looking for show quality but those would be through private breeders anyhow. The prices are pretty fair too. Fish Club price is a good deal especially if you're buying everything new to set up a new system. I've bought about 10 fish from here and they've always been healthy. I've bought a few species of plants as well. I got snails from my plants once but my goldfish took care of that issue.

Nicole Hart

Beautiful store with a great selection. However, that selection comes with a hefty price


Awesome! Great selection, and just a cool place to check out when you’re in the area. They have lots of neat creatures and plants to look at. Staff was very friendly and kind, and actually took the time to speak to us about everything with constantly being pushy. This is a totally different experience than going to a regular old pet store. They also visually check your tank to make sure you don’t have any noticeable damage before you get all the way home with a faulty tank. I live an hour away, but I plan on making the trip for any of my aquarium needs!

Anthony T

Best place to go for any aquarium needs. Been going here forever since I was a kid, always had great service, awsome products, great staff and I could go on and on for days about all the reasons I love this place. Seriously if you need something aquarium or pond or anything aquatic related go here. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Grace Wolverton

Went here for some plants, decorations, and fish - not only was Alex K a great helpful and insightful guy, he also steered me in the right direction. Nice to know these employees are well educated and won't screw over people just getting into the hobby.

Thor Senpai

Knowledgeable staff. Ridiculous prices for fish that are generally pretty old. But supplies and tanks are decently prices

Cheryl Henry

Great place to get all your aquarium needs regardless if its fresh or saltwater. Incredibly clean and hygienic storage and quarantine procedures. Huge selection of tanks, decor and fish products. The place is beautiful and well kept. It’s my personal fish store choice this is the right place to look prices are competitive. These guys have everything and are full of knowledge and experience.

Rick Moore

Attentive to all your questions. Interested in making sure you have the right environment than just how much they can sell you.

Anna Fang

I've been visiting Aquarium Adventure for many years and I'll continue to come here for the healthy fish. Always follow quarantine with any new livestock, but all of the fish I've gotten from this location have been healthy. I've had almost zero fish deaths that were resultant from lack of care at the store. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

Andrew Rogers

The most amazing aquarium store i have ever visited! Im planning a trip back in a couple months and im almost 5 hours away. They had EVERYTHING from pond to the most advanced saltwater setups.

Jay Riedel

Prices are way too high, some are 8 to 10 dollars higher per fish than other stores

maturo hondasaki

Tons of fish and it was fun to see the huge display tank

Cristina Velazquez

They have a good variety of fish, tanks and decorations. Personal is friendly and detail oriented

chris christen

The staff is knowledgeable and their selection is unbeatable

Eric Feldbauer

I've only been to the store twice but both times I was able to find what I needed and got help from associates when I had to. Really nice store with everything you could need.

Sandra Meyer

I love how knowledgeable the staff is about their products. They are always patient with my questions & very thorough with any explanation. It's a bonus that this is only a small detour on my way home from work. What keeps me coming back is that these guys actually sell live brine shrimp - my preferred food for my tank.

Maria Frost-Smith

The employees are knowledgable as long as they are not new. Some actually have degrees and really know what they are talking about. There fish always look healthy and happy.

Mark Tindall

Way over priced went to get fish food cost $15 a bag the same bag of food at pet smart is $8

Stephanie May

Love this place. Its like a little aquatic zoo ♡

Mark Effingham

Probably the best, biggest aquarium store in it!

Jenette Turner

I needed to replace a filter system because a part had broke. I went to see if I could just replace the part. I was told they don't care parts for this filter system. When I bought a whole new system that has gone up in price I was asked by a manger of the store when I bought it. I told her probably 6 months ago, she then said that if I had my receipt that I could bring it in for a refund . So I took it back the next day with the receipt and all of the original packaging a different manager said that since it was over 6 months ( 7 months) that they couldn't return it. The manger that told me was there when I walked in and told the cashier to return it but a different manager said she would have to call the boss, who wasn't in. She then came back up and said he said no it couldn't be returned. I told them I even doubled checked before leaving yesterday and she said the new filters have a year warranty not the one I bought 7 months earlier. She was rude and said she couldn't call the boss back because he was at home when I asked to speak to him. I wouldn't have made an extra trip back to the store the very next day if I wouldn't have been told I could return it. I will be finding another aquarium store to call to. They should have never told me I could do a return if they weren't going to keep their word. Maybe they should train their managers to know what they are talking about before telling customers and teach them not to be rude to customers that have been lied to.

Tamani Lucy

This place was cool. They have hundreds even thousands of fish and other sea life. It was amazing to see the beautiful fish, shrimp,crabs and even the string rays. They have fish that are in fresh water and saltwater. Some glow with the black light some were clear others were neon. The butterfly fish is indescribable you have to see it. They had fish that resemble nemo and dora and many more. Oh the pond in the back were you and touch some things was the main attraction for my children. Enjoy

Anna S

Loved this place at first but have been having issues the last 2 shopping trips. Both issues have been with fish department employees. Seem to have very little knowledge on what they are selling. Not sure where all the last people went but we miss them. Cashiers still great.

Eric E

Awesome selection of fish. Join their club, it will make some fish a little more affordable. Prices are steep but they have things you can't find elsewhere. Lots and lots of live plants.

Austin Christ

The girl that helped us was great very knowledgeable and helped us in the right direction clean store and great healthy fish kids loved the stingrays and touch pool belive the girls number was 977

Randy Robbins

First I must say that I would have rated this store a 5+ after my first couple of experiences here and all the help they provided. It was not until I went to Rivers to Reefs in Gahanna that I became disappointed in this store. The employees are very helpful and seem very knowledgeable. What I still really like about it is they are HUGE and have everything you could ever want. Now for the bad. I went to check out Rivers to Reefs just to see the difference. I was SHOCKED to find the prices at AA were SIGNIFICANTLY higher. I joined the Fish Club at AA but even with that discount they are still crazy high. The same 4 fish I got at RR for $11 total would have been $18 at AA. Same size plants are at least $1-2 higher for the under $10 range at AA than RR. These are including discount for fish club at AA. The Master Test Kit at RR was $29.99, but AA wants $41.99. I didn’t go through the entire store and check everything, but this was the things I noticed because RR was out of a few things I needed and I went to AA to look around more. So even after paying a $10 fee to be in the fish club and get discounts, the prices are ridiculously expensive. I will make the trip across town from now on. It’s worth the savings even though AA is just a very short drive away.

Christian LaPointe

The staff is always very helpful and they know their stuff. Their prices are a little higher but the store itself is impressive and clean more or less. There are a wide variety of aqua horticulture and both salt and fresh water fish. They even have equipment for large ponds. Best aquarium store in Columbus.

George Keeney

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff! Great selection too.

Brenda Tayim

So helpful and knowledgeable. Have everything you need for any kind of tank.

Grant Coffas

If you have a pond or aquarium, go to this store. No brainer. Wes was awesome and incredibly knowledgeable. Will definitely be coming back for help with our koi pond.

William Funk

Wonderful selection! My new aquarium headquarters!

Kirsten Clark

This is an excellent location with tons of stock. My only issue is you can walk on two separate days and get two separate answers to the same question. Most staff are extremely helpful.

Alan Austin

Higher prices compared to other stores. In my opinion your paying for selection availability. Great selection of freshwater plants and livestock. Good selection of marine livestock. Not a good place to purchase coral. Nothing wrong with them health wise that i know of. Just common pieces well above normal prices. Good place to buy tanks and/or stands during their $1/gal sale. Freshwater or Brackish: you can find what you need in one place. Saltwater: worthless other than fish food(dry or frozen), or Marine fish/crabs/snails. Friendly staff, maintained store, large selection of tanks, but this place can be hard to get help on weekends.

Josh Horn

Huge variety of fish. Every employee was in a great mood and eager to help out in any way they could. This store was a ways away from my home town but if I'm in the area and need fish supplies this is the place I'll go.

Eddie Mash

Very big. Large selection of pet fish , aquariums, fish food, deco for aquariums. A little expensive, doable prices. Knowledgeable staff.

Joe Bob

Way overpriced. Must be to much overhead. It used to be more of a adventure.

Madaline Grimm

If less than one star was a possibility boy I would. Went to check out and stood at the cash register for a good 10-12 mins while the employees stood and talked. When they finally decided to mozy their way over they were rude and did not even acknowledge I was waiting for so long. Used to be a good store, now it’s absolute garbage. Won’t be going back ever again and I say y’all do the same

Angel T

Beautiful, well kept tanks. hit or miss on service. They are there to help, but they don't always know facts. Prepare to find simple answers yourself.

Tito Suarez

Knowledgeable staff, large variety of stuff for your aquarium, fresh, as well as salt tanks. A bit on the expensive side, but the fish look very healthy. Join the club to get discounts on most purchases.

Mason Pierce

The absolute BEST place to get anything for your aquarium needs on Ohio, no doubt. I tend to go in when they aren't busy but end up staying until they are PACKED! If you're in a hurry, act like it so you can be first in line. Any procrastination will set you back a few minutes. All of the employees are wonderful. They honestly care about the hobbyist. BECOME A FISH CLUB MEMBER! It's SO worth it! Store is ALWAYS clean. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They will walk you through the process if you're new. Great selection of freshwater, saltwater, coral, plants, decor, equipment, and tanks. If you have the cash and want to ball out, they do CUSTOM AQUARIUMS!!! I can't stress it enough, this is THE STORE to go to! They have new fish in all the time so you'll likely find something new every trip. Your fish and wallet will be happy you went here. Fantastic place. 10/10, 5 stars, always recommend.

Jeremy Crock

Tons of fish and aquarium supplies paired with a very helpful staff.

Stephen Niezgoda

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great advice for beginners setting up new aquarium.

Sue Basehart

My daughter and I took a trip to aquarium adventure. We both bought fish. My fish had white specks on them. The boy who took care of us said they have been treated for ick, so they should be ok. We bought the fish. Went home. I put mine in my tank and my daughter put hers in her tank. It was maybe 3 days after we added them to our tanks that our fish began to die very fast. Upon examination of our fish, most of my fish had contracted the ick that had supposedly been treated!!! My daughters fish had contracted a fungus and it spread rapidly! I began treatment immediately for ick. My daughter Treated for fungus. So far I have lost 18 fish and I’m sure I will find more dead ones. My daughter lost about 10. My fish have also contracted the fungus. But I can only treat for one thing at a time. We will never return to aquarium adventure again. It was a very expensive trip and we are so upset that I lost all these fish.

Preston Dean

Great place for all fish lovers

Brian Reese

The kids and I love this place. Lots of cool fish, tanks, and supplies

Timothy Good

They knew everything that was asked.. When helping they would ask you questions about your other fish at home .. Saved me money when the fish i was buying would have eaten most of my fish.. Any other store woyld have sold it to me and waited for me to return to buy replacements...

Leslie Reid

I had given 5 stars after my first visit to the store but now, after having been there at least 5 times, I am changing my review. They DO have a great selection of fish and supplies. However, the prices are higher (even with the membership) and the last two times I have been there, they had sick fish out to be sold. One time I was looking for clown loaches, but they had ich (both tanks of them) and the other time I was looking for peacock cichlids and one tank had fin rot...and since the tanks use a shared filtration system, I didn't buy any fish. Most of the staff are friendly & helpful, but there have been a couple that have been a little condescending. Not saying I won't shop here, but I will check fish out very well before buying (especially with only a 48 hour guarantee when most places have 1-2 week guarantee). I hope they turn it back around & I can change my review back to higher stars.

Hung Chow

While not the cheapest aquarium store, Aquarium Adventure has almost everything an enthusiast could ask for. They have the best and largest selection of fish and plants in central Ohio. Some of their fish prices are higher than other stores like Petsmart, but some are right in line. For example, they sell African Dwarf Frogs for $10, whereas Petsmart is under $4. On the other hand, their dwarf puffers are $5.99, which is comparable to other stores. Their plant prices seem in line with what you can find online. They carry more driftwood and hardscape than any other store I've been to. It's not cheap, but natural driftwood isn't the easiest to find in Central Ohio. Their natural rock and stone selection is good, but super pricey, especially since you can go to any landscaping company or rock quarry and get them for under 30 cents a pound. Overall, you should definitely give them a try. You won't find a better selection locally, but make sure you compare prices for accessories online.

Donalda Moore

Great aquatic adventure store for kids and fish enthusiast. Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Marty Seese

This is the only place I will go from now on for fish and fish related things. Staff is knowledgeable and they sell HEALTHY fish

Colton Perdue

I love this place. Grate well versed staff and a touch pool in the store.

S Smith

When you 1st arrive at the front of this business, it's so appealing you'll want to go in right away. It was beautiful inside. They had a huge selection of everything aquatic - plants, aquatic plant fertilizer, fish, large driftwood collection, other supplies for fish, aquariums, and a lot of unique items. It was so much fun... until I had to deal with 1 of their staff people in the Customer Service area. This young man was curt and had a nasty attitude towards some people and not others. I watched and listened to him for awhile. He needs some 'Diversity' training. In fact, I had to hold my tongue! I was about to tell him that he didn't have to be so yucky; but then I talked to the young, female cashier that was very nice and informative. Thank you young lady, you were the saving grace for the store. The store had decent prices and a great layout. However, a few folks working in the Customer Service area need a lesson (or 2) on proper 'Customer Service'! It hurts a business when some employees act unprofessional and are rude. Since it was so far from my home, & I didn't care for that male employee, it'll be a long time before I return. However, I loved the store and their selection.

Michaela Kegler

I recommend this shop to anyone looking a new fish or fish supplies! The people are very helpful and answer questions well. They have a great assortment of saltwater and freshwater fish. They also will test water for your tank.

Danielle Linville

When we went in we had immediate assistance that was offered and everyone was very polite and knowledgable. The employee helping us named Kyle took us from beginning to end of getting all that we needed, but did not feel pressured to buy. Even though we happily left with a fish! And their prices were better than Petsmart! Plus the store itself is really cool and all the fish appeared healthy. We will be back!

Vanessa Forrester

Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Wonderful selection of anything and everything needed for an aquarium.

Kip Deem

Aquarium Adventure is my favorite aquarium store. Their selection is amazing, the staff is helpful, knowledgeable and responsive, and I've had great experiences with the health of the fish they sell. They also allow you to bring in samples of your aquarium water for free testing, and have helped me diagnose everything from illness to burns in my family's fish.

charles Waldo

Great store, clean store , friendly people, lots of product for customers and knowledgeable staff.

Kevin Hart

Love this place. The staff knows what they are talking about and have aquariums themselves.

Krishna Tej

Well maintained fishes .. all round store for aquatic animal lovers

Suze Suarez

Cool store, good prices, very informative employee's

Niki Taylor

The employees are knowledgeable and the place is AWESOME! I try to go there as much as I can!

Dianne Moore

Update: LOL ..I thought this was asking for review of the place at VA Beach! This was an adventure during a vacation at VA Beach in March 2018. It was amazing! Highly going there. Great for families or just adults.

Lynetta Locke

Nice place, a little pricey. But overall it was nice. The employees are very helpful. They answer all my questions, very satisfied

Alex Rhodes

While the associates are very friendly and helpful, we bought fish and they died overnight, they checked our tank water and replaced them. However two out of the three we got the 2nd day died as well.

Sean DeWeese

Drove almost an hour and a half to get there, went in to a beautiful store, but that is where the compliments stop. The best fish are in display tanks and not for sale, and there are more display tanks than sale tanks. The prices were so high I could not justify spending my money there.... 192 dollars for a yellow tang? Wow!

Chad Smith

Very informative and a great selection

Thomas Ritsert

This place has a good selection. However the price is much higher than in Cleveland. I think this is due to the lack of competition? There does not seem to be another fresh water store in the area... I could be wrong...

Randy Young

great selection of both salt and freshwater fish and algae and pumps and heaters and decorations and everything fish related

Kathy Payne

High priced in my opinion. Was told the sale prices was better without their membership card at the register. Even though I already have the lifetime membership. I would think it would be better prices for members. They do have a big selection as far as fish go.

Heather Rheyne

Overpriced, deceitful "Sales" Many dead fish in the tanks.

DJ Wagner

Beautiful displays, wonderful species, and a crazy amount of choices for any of your aquarium needs. It was tough getting assistance during my visit, but it seemed like a busy day for them. Every employee I saw was helping a customer or looking into something for a customer, though, so that's nothing to hold against them.

Andres Aponte

One of the best stores for fish. You are usually guaranteed a nice and healthy fish to be ready for a new home. The store is very big and has many options to choose from ranging from all kinds of saltwater and freshwater fish.

Melissa Luke faejigdetkmNot

Store is nice and clean, a couple sales associates could work on friendliness.

James Baer

$7.99 for a single neon tetra... I don't think so! Fish are in excellent shape and staff was very helpful. The prices at this place were way beyond the hobby norm.

Jennifer Hughes

This place is amazing! A must if you have an aquarium. Also, I accidentally left my umbrella there. Two weeks ago! Picked it up tonight...they still had it!!! Thanks guys! You rock!

robert collins

Wide range of fish .very friendly .reasonable price

Tim Shultz

My sales rep there was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Had he not approached me I probably wouldn't have bought the tank I did. I have already been back for another purchase. I will continue to do business with them.

Jason Melchiorre

Great experience. Healthy fish and plants

Millicent Lucas

Drove 2 hours to see this store. Worth the drive huge selection of fish and tanks. Lots of helpful staff

Cindy Harned-Keys

I like this store, HOWEVER when your website says you're open and I drive here and you are not it is very frustrating. Add to that the "we are currently experiencing high volume of calls" when I tried to call. How can you possibly be experiencing a high volume of calls when you are not even open. One guy in the parking lot drove quite a ways to pick up his tank that he had previously paid for. He was told you would be open today. Good way to lose customers

Debbie Hall

Prices are high clean store good location and friendly service

Carol Alcorn

Stumbled across this place when we was visiting the Polaris Mall from out of town. The best selection of anything u would ever need for an aquarium. And the people that work there are so nice and very knowledgeable! I will be making another 2 hour trip just to buy my fish!! I would highly recommend it!

Ron Mayo

Good selection of products. Lots of fish to enjoy

Todd Wheeler

Getting ready to set up a salt water aquarium for the first time. Went in to ask question and get assistance for what I needed. Staff was extremely helpful providing invaluable information. Planning on returning to make several purchases to complete my setup.

Bobby Kees

Nice place lots of great looking fish salt and fresh water and anything you would like want for an aquarium nice employee's very helpful but pretty expensive.

AbbyClaire Miller

Always have a good experience here! They have products I can't find other places, including a fish food that my guppies love so much some of them refuse to eat anything else.

Rita Kauffman

They have taken very good care of me. Wes chambers has done everything to make me happy. Not real fond of the owner.

james patterson

Great place and very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

snowy helmet

Wide variety of fish as well as great customer service highly recommend only complaint is things are a bit pricey but fish are of high quality

Mira Green

A rip off... They tried to sell us a price of a fish 2xs as much they advertised. Then it's a fighting battle to get the credit off of what was purchased and returned months ago. They said we could not get the refund but another credit. They do not go above and beyond for their customers that are black. It's like they are redlining. And are not for people of color.

Kimberlee Thomas

We love this place. We buy all of our fish from here, most of our statement tanks and the plants!!! They hve so many awesome plants for fresh water. The staff is awesome and they always seem to have enough people that you either dont wait or the wait is minimal. The touch pool for kids is also a great touch and my kiddos love feeding the big koi up front. I gave this 4 star because it's a really great place , I left that last star off as we dont get everything from here as somethings can be very pricey. The fish and plants I understand because of the quality but the basic things we can get anywhere I feel could come down a little bit.

Rebecca Fridley

Nice store, lots of products for aquariums. Love the indoor koi pond.


Atmosphere is amazing!

Rebekah Conklin

I love this place! Always amazing customer service. The selection is good too

Brooke Ralston

I got fish from here after not adding any fish for 9 months. A week later my tank is infected with ick and I treated it. I’ve gone from 15 fish to 3. Why pay so much if my fish from pets mart never gave my tank ick but these fish did? I get sick fish come through but what really upset me was when the guy INSISTED it was something I did not the fish I purchased from their store.

Jesse Snodgrass

Great customer service. Staff very friendly

John Basinger

Aquarium Adventure is a reasonable if you become a fish member, the initial cost is well worth it if you are a hobbyist. This shop used to have greater variety for true hobbyist, but seems to have adjusted to more commonly stocked fishes you can find elsewhere. Yet, they still stock a greater variety to a small degree than other chains; and their fish are healthy and the staff generally know something about the fish they sell. I think their pricing has gotten better. Today I purchased five Paratalapia Polleni for $65 dollars...good deal on some healthy 2-3 in fish that will be gems! If you have kids just taking them here is a treat for them since they have beautiful display tanks!

Cathy Tucker

Always have what I need

Lillian Tayse-baillieul

It has one of the best selections of fish I have seen in an aquarium store, the staff are also very well informed on fish care. Hands down the best aquarium store I've ever been to.

Keith Bratley

Great aquarium shop. Definitely worth the trip. Huge display tanks! Lots of tanks/tanks. Rock, live rock, dry rock, and some beautiful drift wood. Great assortment of freshwater fish and salt. All the fish looked extremely healthy and tanks were very clean. Lots of inverts and dry goods as well. Some decent soft corals and lps, didn’t really see any sps though. Seen some nice $25-$30 frags, however some things were priced badly imo. A silver torch for $30 but a green hammer for $80, Other than that this is a fantastic LFS!

Sara D

I love this store. I see bad reviews and I have never had a bad experience there and I've been a customer since 2014. Like anything you buy, be sure to do your research so you can ask the right questions or aren't surprised by hearing that you don't have the right setup or adequate space, or whatever the case may be. I love that there's no "A" "B" "C" type system to categorize compatible fish, just pure knowledge of "those fish actually don't get along because.." and they explain! 100% of my fish have died using the "A" "B" system from a pet store or department type stores.. 100% of the fish I've bought and raised from Aquarium Adventure have lived and stayed healthy. I love that all the animals and plants on the floor are born in captivity and not ripped from the ocean. I guess if you disagree, we've had different experiences but I will be an aquarium adventure customer for life. Peace, Love, Aquatic.

Joel Jacobsen

Great staff always ready to offer advice and suggestions.


This place is absolutely amazing! They have an incredible selection ocean fish in underwater animals, some of which I've never even seen before. every single fish in every single tank is in top-notch condition, unlike some of the other stores that you may get fish from. they are a bit more expensive, but you see that in the quality. Also in the service that you receive. Every single employee is incredibly knowledgeable about their product, as well as incredibly polite and helpful.

Terrance McMillon

Customer service is awesome.

Gary Law

Fantastic selection of fresh & saltwater ..just a bit pricey

William Delbert

It's fun to go and see all the stuff and the colorful fish and that, but for the kids first fish tank we found the prices too high for a couple goldfish. We ended up going for a better "Valu" across the road.

Nannett in.the.night

WHAT A SPOT ON STORE..had everything i NEEDED...even HARD TO FIND PARTS..TUBES . DECORATIONS....prices and STAFF...SPOT ON...keep there CARD..with information and directions

tracy masters

I'm new to the saltwater set up and all of the employees are very helpful and knowledgable. I even got a new fresh water tank!

Eddie Filhart

Everyone seems to be knowledgeable, however we always seem to get the most arrogant and lazy one to help us. I seem to always find myself saying sorry I'm not a fish expert but that's why we are in here. I'd go anywhere else in a heartbeat if I can find a place with a decent selection. That's why it's 2 stars instead of one

Jessika Raisor

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful here! The fish are well taken care of it, and this is one of the few places we now trust to buy fish. The store itself is well designed and enjoyable to be in. The prices may be high for some fish compared to a typical pet store, but it is worth it because you know they are coming from a well treated location.

Claudine W

Great selection but a little pricey, store and tanks seem clean and fish look healthy

Kim Garavuso

Went into the store to get a few things for the aquarium my daughter left me with when she went off to college. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and was greatly appreciated since I have no clue on how to take care of my newly acquired decor. Thanks much Aquarium Adventures!

Adrienne Wilson

Love coming here. Staff are lovely and knowledgeable. Great selections.

Daniel Roof

Awsome aquarium store has a huge fish pond where you can feed the fish and also has a variety of fish tanks from kids to adult. Also have a large variety of fish there as well

Jordan Sweitzer

Always awesome!

dawn Distelhorst

Drive an hour away to come here and there not even open but when I called Friday they said they would be open at 10 am .. waste of time.

Jacob Young

I’d give them less than one star if I could. I have been a customer for almost ten years. Going to aquarium Adventure for your aquarium needs is worse than going to Wendy’s to get a whopper. There service and selection has gone down hill dramatically in the past couple years. I’m done they have lost me forever. I hope your smart and stay away Matt’s Corals Service is ten fold better.

Kevin Chapman

Massive selection. Freshwater and saltwater. They even have piranha, mudskippers and Gar. There is a Koi pond inside and a touch a fish thing like they have at the zoo aquarium. If your looking for large tanks, 75 - 200 gallons, this would be a good place to look since the local pet stores don't typically have that

Heather Sweitzer

Our newest additions to our fish aquarium. We got our first black moor at Aquarium Adventure, and we wanted to get her a companion and some plants to hide and nibble on. As always, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, and they always have what we need. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Jason Washington

Amazing place,friendly & helpful staff.

Kenneth Showman

Very nice place, a very large selection of fresh water fish and plants. They also have decent selection of salt water fish, salt water invertabrates, and live rock. You can probably also find any type of tank your looking for at a very reasonable price. Supplies, decorations, food, you name it, they've got it. They're prices are pretty high on most things, but even if you dont want to spend money this is a really cool place to come check out.

Devine Cosplay

Some things were cheaper than my lfs and some were alot more expensive than any petstore or online store I've shopped at. Really cool place to visit. I picked up my first clownfish baby there for cheaper than I could anywhere else.

Ryan Jeansonne

The people are very knowledgeable, and they have a wide variety of fish.

margaret Solano

Place was great how ever staff was a little rude and takes away from it

Darrald Hill

Great variety and very helpful staff.

PJ BuckeyeFan

Always great selection of healthy fish and helpful, knowledgeable staff and Manager. We never go anywhere else for our saltwater or freshwater aquarium needs.

Veronica Pence

Manager was great! Super helpful. When I couldn’t explain what was going on he gave me his email to send pictures of the issue. He responded quickly and his suggestions worked great.

Jay Lanhart

I purchased an aquarium kit, decorations and fish for my two sons as a Christmas gift from Santa. Everyone was super helpful in answering questions and providing guidance from the point of sale thru this day when we have called or stopped in with questions (they even perform free water tests). Aquarium Adventures is a top-tier store where everyone knows there stuff and they offer a product selection that is first-class. I highly recommend this store to anyone.

Mary Jane Langlois

This is awesome. The hrandchildren are taking swimming lessons.

Michael King

This is my 75 gallon, food and supplies come from aquarium adventure.

John Coleman

Very helpful staff that are readily available to assist and regularly check on customers. Product selection is some of the best around and is entirely devoted to the aquatic hobbyist. I visited a few mainstream pet stores looking for a prefilter and none had any or knew what I wad looking for, aquarium adventures had them and choices to pick from and the staff immediately directed me. The fish club membership loyalty program is well worth it if you buy a few fish or pretty much pays for itself. I happily pass a half dozen mainstream pet stores to come here, it's well worth it.

Taylor Cherry

I feel very frustrated with my experience at the store. I am not a fish expert, I don’t act like I know anything about it. I asked about a specific Fishtank that I was buying and asked everything that I needed to purchase. Come to find out that when I got home there were a couple things that I did not buy that were necessary to get the tank up and running. Even more frustrating is the fact that there were literally six employees standing around doing nothing while there was a three person line at the cash register. If you don’t like your job go get a job somewhere else because there’s a lot of people who would want it. Also, people are coming across town for your expertise, so know your stuff.

Sudhir Dhawale

I was new to getting fish at my home and this was the perfect store to begin with. The store had wide variety of products around just everything that includes different size and types fish tanks, types of fish (fresh water and saltwater), huge number of fish tank decorations, food for fish tank. Auto feeders, water filters, fish tank heaters/thermometers, etc. The staff in the store is extremely knowledgeable and they give very good advice on the complete process.. from which tank to buy, when to change the water, which fish to put, when to feed, which combination of fish goes well in the tank.. just amazing. Trust me, all their guidance has worked just perfectly and now I have 9 fish in my tank and I am loving my new tank. Thanks to the store.

Con Mike

Nice place to get fish and aquarium decorations

Jim Wren

A place to go for fish related items at a price they love.

Haulin Bass Fishing

This place has it all, friendly staff and everything you need for any aquarium application.

Mark Pederzolli

A great place that actually cares to help you. You dont get treated like a burden like at some chain stores. Staff is knowledgeable and takes time to make sure you get healthy fish and dont mix incompatible breeds into a death time bomb.


An excellent salt and freshwater selection and customer service! Love to show my guests their impressive and colorful tanks.

Darren Roberts

Really cool store with knowledgeable sales people Loved the experience have a lot of cool fish and products.

Allen Sanders

This is a great place to get fish and supplies. While prices are a bit higher, the expertise and helpfulness of the staff as well as the quality of product is top notch.

Boyd Taylor

Good selection and top quality. I bought a 125 gallon set up 11 years ago and still looks great. Just bought a 150 gallon now.

Kurt Ludlow

I have been a customer of Aquarium Adventure since 2004. I have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the hobby. I know I'm going to get great advice. I recommend joining the fish club for 10% off merchandise and 25% off of fish. They have several big sales each year that are at least 50% off fish and corals. The staff is friendly and always eager to help.

Jason Weaver

Fun store to walk around and see all the fish. Great selection and helpful employees. I bought my first tank here and they made sure to inspect it first and then they carried it out to my car for me.

Raven Chan

i am a professional manufacture on the fish tank and cabinet from china ,your shop fish tanks looks very good ,

fishandbirds 123

Staff is very helpful and selection on fish and plants is great! Equipment (filters, heaters, pumps...) can be found at better pricing elsewhere, although the selection is still good.

Donn Calkins

Great selection, not only of livestock but also food and supplies. Very inexpensive coral frags makes getting a variety of corals affordable. They’re small but part of the enjoyment of a reef tank is watching it grow. Be sure to join Fish Club for savings. I opted for the lifetime membership on my first visit.

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