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481 Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States Located in: The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel

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REVIEWS OF Tick Tock Diner NY IN New York

Iszol Ortiz

Awesome place good very good staff everyone food good portion and delicious

John Joe Joe Lul

Ate here 3 days while staying in the New Yorker next door Good lunch/Dinner, Service is good. Not a fan of the Breakfast steak only possible complaint everything else was top class.

fliery robinson

I love this place. Moved away 7 years ago and had to make sure i stopped by for their awesome all day breakfast

Krista Blowe

Great enviornment for a 24hr spot but they need a bit more staff after hours.

Simone Nicholls

Great place to eat, food is fab and the staff are lovely. Great diner

Bryan Beauchamp

Fast service, good prices, and good food. Try the mac and cheese bites!

Harold Getter

Food is good Place is clean nice window booth seats

mikhail king

Polite and knowledgeable waitresses could have better organization though being that the bathroom is preety far down.

Kimberly Marak

Terrible food and not worth the stop. Over cooked poached egg, so hard. Burnt muffin on the Benedict, cold pancakes, cold hash browns had to ask 3 times for water. Was hoping for a quick, but still nice breakfast and it was a slow and bad breakfast. Not sure how this place has 4 stars doesn’t even deserve 1.

Jonathan Prince

This is a nice and cozy diner. The staff members are very nice. And the food is terrific. I still don't know how they make the food so quick and good. But I would definitely come to this diner again.

Walter Paton

Wonderful food and dining experience. First Class.

Stephen Leitch

Good food, good service and nice friendly staff. Well worth a visit.

Justin Pogue

Simple, quick, good food. Pretty cheap for Manhattan and you get a large meal, could easily split just about anything if you're a reasonable eater.

bryan roddy

They have some good food and the staff was very nice.

Eileen Ho

Comfortable sitting. Nothing to rave about the food. Casual meeting with friends for a drink is okay. Don't expect to sit there for long period bc waitress keep coming back to ask you anything else every 10 minutes.

Dawn Reid

Great service. Great food. Great location. Open 24 hours

Kathy rosas

Terrible service they are unorganized, lazy, unclean, low-on staff, very full and unfriendly. I'd only recommend as a last resort but never a first option for dining in NYC. It's well known and popular but it's not what it seems. What I saw was roaches crawling around openly, unclear tables with leftovers everywhere, employees unprofessionally arguing in front of customers and I had to wait forever to be attended. I'm not one to complain since I've worked in Dinners myself but it's extremely unorganized and I blame management for that.

Ciarán Handley

For anyone looking for a classic American diner experience this place ticks (haha) all the boxes. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Orcutt

We were staying at The New Yorker, so this was perfect for us. Party of 8, and they were able to get us in right away every day we were there. We had an EXCELLENT waitress, Maria, our first 2 days. She even remembered the coffee orders on the second day and came out prepared for us. The food was good. Everyone was satisfied with the food and service.

howie p

Waiter took our orders without writing it down. I ordered a steakhouse burger, medium-well. But it came like medium rare. Receipt said medium. Also my burger was soggy. My sister ordered harsh brown. It was soft, not crispy. My sister's bf ordered spicy buffalo chicken. He said it's not that spicy. Chicken has no flavor and dry. Fries and other foods were fine.

James Hall

Great service! Cute place, excellent food

Kwame Wilder

Avg NY diner. Great ambiance but so used to shuffling tourist in and out, staff has lost the hospitality feature that's expected and appreciated in any sit-down diner or 5 star.

Daniel Perez

Pleasant diner in NYC located near the lower level of The New Yorker Hotel on the corner of 8th Ave and 34th Street. Service was quick but lacked a bit of friendliness. The food was good and the overall atmosphere was nice. We ordered a bagel with butter and two eggs over easy with the breakfast potatoes (which were really good) with a side of toast and two orange juices - total cost $21.56.

Mark Cummings

OK as Manhattan diners go. Some staff friendly, some miserable. We were staying at the hotel this diner is connected to so had breakfast there each morning - mixed bag on the staff, some days good, others poor. Food was reasonable for the type of establishment. Nothing fancy.

Victorino Ramos

Great place for since its open 24 hours a block away from NY Penn Station. Friendly staff so far in the mornings. Haven't tried eating there in the afternoon or evenings yet.

david shwanick

Speedy service. Food was excellent. Left with a full belly and a smile.

Bruce Diamond

I didn't find anything that jumped out at me on the extensive menu, so the server suggested that I build my own meal. I was enjoying it 15 minutes later. Diner food, sure, but sometimes that's all you need.

Raymond Kilgore

Love this place great service and the food is awesome..

ethyl johnson

What's not to love about this place? I always go here whenver I am in the NYC/ NJ area. Best menu ever and spectactullar service.

Peter Golding

Good fast food. Tasty and worth the visit

Justin Vieira

Great location, right outside Penn station. Came here as a concert was getting out. The place has a retro 1950s dinner theme, love it. The menu is very straight forward, bright font and colors clearly describe a hamburger in fries in 20 characters or less. Server took a bit to get to our table, debated leaving after a bit, but then he appeared. Demeanor was very quick and to the point. However the food here is over priced for the quality. I got a chicken cesar wrap served with...chips and salsa? It was alright. My partner got a BLT. 70% of the sandwich was white bread with little actual BLT. overall If you're considering coming here, walk an extra block.

Alan Gotts

Excellent service and atmosphere. Great food and staff.

Michael Bannister

24 hour dining, good service, slightly limited menu. Value for money.

UTT Biostatistics

This is a eating place in a pinch. The food does not seem very fresh. The balance in the flavors are a bit off. On the plus side the portions are large and the sodas are refilled. It could be your first choice on Sunday at 11:50 p.m.


Service was horrible. The servers were unfriendly and even though they made a mistake they seemed unimpressed. There was no milk for my tea, they had no peanut butter for my toast, and they seemed rude because we had a hotel breakfast voucher. Being connected to a hotel like The New Yorker you would think they would have better service! Unhappy end to our trip to NYC!

Rae Curry

The waitress had a bad attitude after I asked for my eggs to be remade. She never asked if I wanted them over easy & the menu didn't say that's how their frittata was made. News to me. I still left a tip but it should have been left with a side of customer service etiquette. Don't glare at people from booths away while they eat their food. It's creepy & uncalled for.

Eric T

This place was a welcome refuge on a blustery day. Warm service and indulgent but also simple menu. Attentive service and energetic theming. Thanks!

David Chalmers

Excellent cheesecake. Gotta have New York Cheesecake while in NYC and we had one on our last day. It was delicious! The so called New York Cheesecakes you can buy in the UK can never again be called so in my opinion! Only reason not 5 stars was because we felt it was slightly over priced - $17 for two pieces of cheesecake to go.

Patricia Sicinski

Great, quick service. Perfect diner food!

Giulia Pregno

Really nice place, big but with comfortable place, quiet and quick service

Roberto Marabotto

After a few table changes, our waitress Vicky turn the morning around for us to enjoy a nice breakfast. Food is good but average. The five stars are for the service and the environment of a nice NY diner

Steve Brown

Favorite place to eat before going to the Garden for a concert or sporting event. Great sandwiches and burgers. Reasonable prices, for the city.

Denise Pierce

Was a good go to for good burgers and shakes, used to bring my children here all the time, went recently with my son who is now grown and we both agree the service has gone down and the food could be better probably due to the many tourists that frequent the diner. I give it 3 stars just for the memories it brings.

Remi O

I went here after a long night out around 3pm. We had their macaroni and cheese balls along with their mozzarella sticks since we did not want anything heavy. The balls were decent but the mac and cheese was slightly better. Definitely go here if you are looking for a decent late night snack.

RiverForest Group

Great service. Friendly staff. Terrific quantities. All kinds of breakfast options. Exhaustive menu. Busy place. Nice ambience. Worth your effort to visit.

C.G. Bowman

Tick Tock Diner is an institution here in New York City the staff has that New York City attitude tempered with hospitality the food is always consistent sleep good it comes out of the kitchen fast and never hear of anybody returning food for something it's just the best diner in Midtown Manhattan

Catherine Casillas

Cousin and I came from a night walking about.we enjoyed the Food and even saw Carl Anthony Paine but didnt bother him..its was a good night out and Exciting just to see a Actor from a Show we loved as a Child...Martinnnn! Yes food was great!

Brie Stodden

This diner is one of my favorites in NYC. The decor style is one of a kind the food is amazing. We went here after seeing a show at AMC theater across the street and it was the perfect place to get a bite and dish about Avengers Endgame. The prices are reasonable for Manhattan and everything tasted perfect. My burger was perfectly cooked and the service was excellent. I will definitely be going here again. It's a perfect movie and dinner spot without breaking the bank.

D 2Uniquex2

Convenient. Fresh food. Great service

Joe S

Good stop to end the night before getting on your train home. Good food and full menu all day and night.

Mélanie Fong

Burger's bread and eggs were dry. Big portion. French fries okay. But there pancakes are really good.

Lord-Akhenaton Monroe

Nostalgic decor, awesomely printed menus, great service, better food

Jeason Thomas

Service was pretty quick. Food was good but lacked some flavor. Salmon Benedict was enjoyable.

Keith Castellano

Amaizing menu . If you want some good pancakes french toast options definitely come here . Also great bugers and sandwiches . The dessert menu is very big and everything is fresh ! Service is also super fast !! 5 stars plus

Athziry Lugo

Food was very cold, strawberry milkshakes were warm with syrup all on the bottom. Alfredo Pasta was taste less with watery sauce that tasted like American cheese slices. They didn’t take the food to the back because they “weren’t allowed to” Gordon Ramsey would shut it down honestly.

LeVar Ferrell

This was my first time at this diner. I will say that the food was very good indeed. The next time I will visit NY, I will have to stop in this place again. Great selection on the menu and the prices are reasonable for the location.

JarlaxEmis Urden

The food was delicious,enormous selection of dishes, the wait staff were amazing, the price was quite reasonable. Being from Michigan I had never had an Egg Cream and not only did our waiter bring me the one I ordered but he told me how to make it. We will be eating here again before we leave in three days. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Liliane Charles

The food is excellent n the workers r great especially Mr Louis,he's amazing..... but most of all their cheesecake.....OMG. yummm the best

Kennedy Dale

I love it! The food is delicious and its nice inside and quiet.

Mimi Esca

Great place to relax in crazy city and grab a bite. Staff was attentive.

Todd Raymond

Not very good experience for us. Stopped by for a quick bite it was late but it wasn’t busy. The waiter was to busy chatting with the bartender to come to our table and greet us, waited for while and finally the bus boy brought over some water and pointed out our server still chatting it up. We left without eating and I ate some snacks in my hotel room. The only time I was truly disappointed on our trip to NYC.

christine louis

Fast food, friendly service....ripped and peeling and worn out seats should be ashamed to sit people in those seats!


Served quickly and perfect food with a Lebanese waiter very helpful and always smiling

Thomas Daly

Nice place to go for a quick meal, especially if you're staying in the adjoining hotel. Good choice on the menu, food was cooked properly and the service was decent also for the most part. Had multiple dinners and breakfasts here while in New York, would have no problem going back


Great place, went with co-workers, would go again with family, great food, big amount of food, reasonable price, menu has options.

amber palka

My friend and I got breakfast here around 10am. The service was great our waitress was very kind. The food is average diner food but it was good and hit the spot. Pretty cozy atmosphere, not too loud.

Joseph Micetich

The waiter was very busy and all over the restaurant. He tried to change our order, but we survived. The place is very eclectic- upscale to Bohemian types. Very nice diner. Pricey. I was not sure what to order.

Robert Ituarte

Delicious food and cool atmosphere. Staff works hard to serve good stuff.

Amy Jensen

We stayed at the New York Windham next door which connects directly to the diner, therefore, we ate here 3 times over the weekend. Great food, quick service.

Melissa Kinchington

Absolutely love coming here for a bagel when we are in town! Yummy. Always friendly service and always fast to bring it out. We look forward to returning and it is a must for a breakie or late night snack.

Lisa Shirley

I came here for lunch last Friday. I didn't need a reservation as the place wasn't too busy as far as I could see. The service was great. I got my food shortly after I ordered it. I really enjoyed my Vegetarian Burger. It was moist and flavorful. My Bloody Mary was also banging. The overall appearance is very neat and clean. The bathrooms downstairs however, looks like it needs a bit of work. This diner is close to both Penn Station and MSG, which is very convenient for a quick bite. I would come here again and try something else from their menu in the near future.

Michael Barabash

Great food, service. Old time diner...

Claudio Reis

I made a clear and simple order of a Rare Burger which of course would not had taken more than 7 minutes to cook. Of course they burnt the burger and the food took 20 minutes to come

massimo materia

Fast service kind staff nice food and reasonable prices!

savas uygur

Great for Breakfast and Lunch. Especially the Pancakes. Nice Staff.

Robert Chasmer

I was staying at the Courtyard Hotel on 37 West 8th Ave. This became my local breakfast and lunch place. Great 24 hour Diner, opposite McDonald's. Fast service, friendly but busy staff.

Norman Hollander

I wanted to give this place 5 stars but did not. If ever a place had a great location, this is it. Right across the street from Penn Station. Food is good but the service is horrendous. I had to ask for mustard for my wife 4 times and more water for me 3 times.

D. L.

A great dinner just west of herald sq/Macy's area on 34th St and 8th Ave. Open late, might even be 24/7, quick service helpful servers. Price is on par for the neighborhood attached to the New Yorker Hotel. Has full bar.

Workouts Yarbro

Fast, efficient only had 20 mins to eat and they made it happen

Hileri Bilakhia

Classic American diner, with great food - I opted for the basic Bagel with cream cheese with a side of fries. Their portions are super filling - especially the super delicious waffle fries. Mac & Cheese balls are good too.

Cristina Augello

Cheesecake with the fresh strawberries and whip cream is the best.

Kellan MacKenzie

Nothing to cheer about. Very busy of course but they do keep a decent pace. But the food is meh; it did suffice for a large group but I'd almost always try to find a better option.

Dave Serjeant

Good atmosphere. Interesting scenes out of the window. Great helpful waiting staff.

Iris Lopez

Food was great. The waiters were wonderful. I havent been in a place so friendly in a long time. I felt very comfortable and I enjoyed the food.

Norma D.

Not sure what happened but this dinner has fallen off. It was my go to spot for late night close to Penn station. Now I need to be drunk to eat there.

Tonya Owens

Official new York dirty diner. Eat and be weary. Flies. Nasty attitude waitress and nasty looking. Floor was dirty. I needed menu waitress just took one from man at another table looking at it. She was huffing and puffing about no more tables she's on break.


nice place, conveniently located next to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. attached to the "New Yorker" hotel, you basically can go anywhere from here. have a delicious dinner, grab a quick bite, a drink or simply cup of coffee; it's all available here. prices are a snitch higher than in some of the hoods in NYC but hey, it's 34th&8th

Jon S

It's a New York diner. What do you expect? Wide variety of menu items, good value considering location. Nothing amazing but nothing terrible. Service is satisfactory. Good for a quick bite if you are in the area.

Jeff Spade

Super fun diner with a great menu! Try the blueberry quinoa pancakes!

Yolanda Amato

The food was very tasty. It took a while for our waiter to get to us but when he did. The food came out soon after we ordered it. I had the salmon Benedict which was really good. My daughter had the chocolate pancakes with the almond joy syrup. Also very good.


Never a wait to get a table. Service is so so. Food is great. Prices are fair. My daughter loves the milk shakes. Our go to in the city for food.

Millicent Miles

Great selection, good food, nice service and reasonable prices. Open 24/7.

Charles C

Dinner for two was about $40 plus tip. In midtown Manhattan, that price is a steal! It is a casual, relaxed environment. It feels like a hometown diner. They have a full bar too - surprisingly full for this place. Service was fast. Server was friendly. Would definitely go again.

Maria Hayes

Loved it here! Fantastic service, good food!

Trevor Smith

Great food and service! Also it is right in the New Yorker Hotel where we stayed so that was convenient.


Surprisingly very normal / reasonable prices. Good breakfast stop with the coffee flowing

Kimberly DeLay

Super excited to try this place. Went in and they refused to let me sit in a booth (though plenty were open) and wanted to cram me in the back in a table surrounded by others. When I asked for one of the many open booths they refused because I was alone. I walked out and took my business elsewhere. Thanks for a great first impression

Edward Zarkowski

Good food... The price is right, the location (inside the New Yorker) was great (since we stayed there) and the price is right. Very affordable for NYC. Service was attentive and food came out fast.

Georgina Edionseri

The service was great and the food was also amazing. Went on a Saturday, late afternoon and it wasn't crowded or packed. Seated quickly and waiter took our orders fast and accurately. Ordered chicken and waffles and the waffles and chicken were so well made, crispy but not hard, and just delicious!

Jennifer B.

Definitely overrated. We stayed at the New Yorker and came here one evening since it was convenient. We ordered a soda which took forever to get to our table. The appetizer was greasy and not very appetizing. The burger and fries were mediocre at best. And the cheesecake was probably the worst NY style cheesecake I’ve ever had. Service was terrible too. I do not recommend eating here

Annie Dinerman

The food is pretty good. The service is often slow.

Paul Rivot

Great place for lunch, good service, good size meal. Worth trying out if you are in the area.

Arlene Rose

Food very good. Good size portions. Very poor service that day. Although not crowded, had to ask for ketchup, mayo, extra napkins and water. Don't know what was going on. Had plenty of staff around.

Craig Simpson

Went in here due to location, the dining experience was awful and would’ve walked out if we hadn’t been hungry. Staff were boarding on rude and just looked like they couldn’t be bothered, except one older guy who was nice but unfortunately wasn’t serving us. And the food was terrible, 2 burgers with fries shouldn’t be hard, it looked like it had be just thrown on the plate ( nothing like the menu description or picture, not even close!!!) and the fries were inedible;dirty oily taste and reheated. Save your money and go to McDonalds across the road. I don’t normally write bad reviews as I can’t be bothered but this place I had to, literally the worst place I’ve eaten in NY.

Carolyn Fjeld

Staff are nice, good isn't that great but quite expensive for what it is.

Kathryn Spates

Popular restaurant for locals. My husband and I didn't find the breakfast food to be tasty. The size of the meal was nice. Friendly atmosphere. It was a rainy morning. The rain was somehow being blown in such a way that there was a drip onto the seat where I sat. We were able to move to a dry spot.

Klinton Blair

Great food and fast service. Highly recommended for a good diner

Emmanuel Go

This is one of the best diners in the city. Great vibe...great food. There is a large variety in the menu...from breakfast to dinner 24/7 ...really yummy and hi quality...they use Vermont Maple syrup for example... another plus is its location. In the heart of Manhattan. Highly recommended!

Rhonda Augustine

This place was so good we ate here for lunch and dinner on the same day. It is close to Penn Station and is extremely clean. The staff was very friendly and courteous.

Chris Thompson

Nice place for all-day breakfast, conveniently across the street from Madison Square Garden. The club sandwich with fries is also tasty.

Dangerous Dan

First the good: The restaurant is clean, open 24/7 and the food is decent with reasonable portions. The guy behind the bar at night seemed cool, but he was like one of those characters off a video game that only exchanges patronizing banter. The bad:. Much like the movie "The Hunt For Red October," the waiter was invisible like a stealth submarine. When we finally tracked him down each time, he seemed upset he had to wait on a table. In spite of being horrible, we still broke him off a $15 tip. After he grabbed the check, I asked for a refill on my water. He said "no problem," then left. I waited 20 minutes to see if he would return, but like a baby turtle into the ocean after hatching, our paths were never to cross again. Summary: The Halal Guys food cart is across the street, just go there instead.

Adrian Baudy

Goto spot when you been in the city all day and need to get a quick bite. I've eaten here at least 3 times and have a great, quick service each time. Would recommend again!

Nigel Hopkinson

Tagged to the New Yorker hotel, the food here tastes fab, the cake is lovely and the cocktails blow your throat out on first hit... decent prices as well. Will be doing breakfast here after 2 visits in 2 days!

Stephen Griffith

Food was very good, service and prices not so much. More room inside than most NYC places so that's a plus.

Zephora Failden-Vartelatos

I love this place! Superb food and wonderful service! I will sure gonna come back for another Cookies and Cream shake!


Clean enough with friendly staff. It is what it is?

Robert Hoy

Blah. Its like they practice recreational apathy. Out of convenience I would have gone back for breakfast the next day if they had even met the standards of Dennys. I would have given one star but the beverages were ok (coffee and cocktail) but even then the presentation was just... anticlimactic.

David Jaroslaw

Tick Tock is, well, a diner. It is set in a location better known for its convenience (in the New Yorker hotel by Penn Station) then for its ambience. The food is pedestrian; that said, it's not bad. It's exactly what you would expect from a standard diner. If you're at Penn Station, which is hardly awash in fine food options, it's as good a place as any.

Seth Ewing

Standard breakfast diner close to penn station. Safe bet for a quick bite before a game or going to catch the train.

Chris Kenty

Really good food in this traditional but exceptional diner that is always reliable. The salmon salade nicoise was really great, better than salmon that would cost three times as much elsewhere.

Trixie Monte

Great renovation to this old favorite. The place is well lit, the booths are comfortable amd the menu has also been updated. We had a terrific waiter.

Allen D Wicks

Food comes out fast and it's open all the time... at least all the times I've needed food.

Antoinette Malcolm

Some of their dishes are mediocre. Tip is highly expected and if you don't, they resent you hard for it.

Catherine Adams

Service with a smile.....nope. good value.....nope........clean.....BIG NO. This floor had not been swept probably all day. Staff stood about talking when sweeping would have been a better focus. Staff when asked what lager was available offered guiness??? Really.

Kaina Cockett

Basic diner fare, very busy, friendly service, nice decor

Megan Turner

This diner was very nice, very clean, had nice staff, and good food. I got the blueberry pancakes with the blueberry sauce... Delicious!

David Spadaro, DC

Stopped here for strawberry cheesecake and coffee. It was delicious!! fast and courteous service too!

Ryan Eakin

Classic (and somewhat movie famous) New York diner. Everything I've had here has always been good, large portions, and on the cheaper side of NYC diners. The staff is always friendly and the desserts always fresh. It's also one of the few places that actually serves steak fries (my FAVORITE type of French fries). The only downside is the bathrooms are on a different level and a hike but minor inconvenience.

Jonathan Smith

Ok food, great songs and staff. Long wait for the food quality.. eh

anouk doe

My idea of an American Diner was confirmed by this restaurant. We loved it! We had our breakfasts here several days. Good food, friendly and fast service, great atmosphere.

Jermaine Sykes

Chicken and waffle was so good! They stay open 24hrs too. Definitely glad we ate here. They were pretty busy and had run out of orange juice at 10 in the morn.

no Awesome

Not very good service but amazing food

Wilfredo Nieves

Big menu. Open ALL NIGHT. Attached to the New Yorker. All j ever had was breakfast but the portions were big. The quinoa lemon pancakes were great.

Mabel Ramirez

Love this place! The food is awesome, many different options, coffee has amazing taste, the personnel is friendly, just a real dinner experience!!

Paul Park

Friendly waitress, but only decent food

Maria Antonietta Trevino

Great options of food for reasonable price, very spacious, comfortable seats, attentive waiters, great environment in general, and I love the bright colors, it subliminally makes me feel more joyous.

Melissa Forrester

I grew up eating at the Tick Tock in Clifton and thought this would me great. Unfortunately my unsweetened iced tea had clumps of black gunk at the bottom. They got me a new glass and that too had gunk at the bottom. The waiter insisted that was because it was fresh brewed. Ahhh...NO! I only drink water and fresh brewed tea and that has never happened at another restaurant. It looked like clumps of mold. My turkey club was dry and unappetizing. On the up side we were seated quickly. This was not Tick Tock quality food or service. I understand that they were crowded but that shouldn't have affected the quality of my food.

Brian Doons

Great NYC Diner. Excellent omlets and eggs fast service very convenient to Penn Station.. It's one of those anything you want at any time.. spaghetti at 9 am a late night pancake binge no problem. Good professional service I really enjoyed it

Guy Griscom

I was curious and it was late at night, hungry but I had to order on-line. A delicious combination of Eggs Benedict with corned beef hash in place of an English muffin. Combined I ordered a plain burger, no condiments, with potatoes made in a special way. Since it was take-out, lack of parking made it essential. However, the food was prepared fresh and was ready to be picked up very quickly. All in all, it was a quintessential diner, yet the food was well prepared and unusual. A nice change from the same old same old. I highly recommend Tick Tock, I look forward to eating inside as opposed to take out. All in all, good food creatively prepared, delivered in a surprisingly quick and timely manner. Give it a try, you will not regret it. OH, I must add that the staff was very helpful and very efficient, and nice to boot.

Joe Micetich

I really liked the feel of the place. We were very comfortable and we had a small child with us. The service was good and it seemed as though servers had been assigned too many sections. The fried mac and cheese appetizer with sriracha ranch was stellar. The salad was large. The smoked salmon was really good. My nephew liked the cookies and cream shake. The burgers smelled freaking amazing but I gotta watch the diet.

Ched Lee

Breakfast good. However, the coffee REAL needs a big improvement.

Rob Copeland

Delicious, contemporary, well-made food in a clean comfortable setting with friendly, attentive service.

Albert K

Decent brunch and omelette choices. Very conveniently located right next to Penn Station. Staff are goofy and throw out random jokes here and there. It gets incredibly busy with tourists, given the location, but worth a brunch!


The waffles are excellent. The staff keep you laughing. A must while in Manhattan.

Amanda Grigg

This was the best place ever because the drinks were fast and fresh.The food was very warm and fresh. The satff was very nice they did not do one thing wrong. Big portion for cheap and it was very good. Also very clean. I recomend

Richard Norris

Great place. Well presented NY diner with a good bustling atmosphere. Will eat here again!


It’s ok. Kinda low class-ish. Didn’t get water, and hash browns were totally bad.

Len B

Got a decent well stuffer turkey club here. Friendly service.

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