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REVIEWS OF Taiyaki NYC IN New York

Dennis F

For once I wish I could give less than one star to a place. This is the definition of a gimmick store. Come here for a great Instagram pic. Don't come here for good ice cream because you won't find it here. Generic ice cream in a "cone" that drips all over the place, and is cakey so it cracks and ice cream melts out of those holes too. Did I mention it is also very expensive and has a really long line?

Daniel Dulitz

As a novelty it's clever, fun, Instagrammable, and tasty. Everyone can go once, especially if you're on a date. But the ice cream by itself doesn't hold its own against other NYC ice creams. Friendly staff, well organized, pretty small place, with a step to enter.

Ahad Subzwari

Very instagrammable spot but the ice cream is actually good. Black sesame is the best


On a scale of 1-10: Soft Swerve: 10 Milk Bar: 3 Taiyaki NYC: 4 SomiSomi in LA (and many other places, wow, they expanded fast!) makes WAYYYYYY BETTER soft serve and taiyaki. SKIP!

Ann G

Ice cream was really good but there’s a $10 minimum for the card so I ended up spending more than I wanted to. Aside from that, I highly recommend it if you’re in the area and your sweet tooth is acting up !

Melissa Cruz

Wow! Def a must try if you love matcha! I tried one of their top sellers and it was amazing! Will come back for sure. However, keep in mind that it is a ‘to go’ kind of place since there is limited sitting area and it is a tiny place.

Gabriela Falcon

Best Ice cream and matcha latte!

Monique L. smith

I was really looking forward to trying the souffle pancakes but they are only served on the weekends at specific times. I ordered ice cream instead and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It is a tad too sweet though.

Roseanna Anderson

Really great and fun staff. First time having this type of ice cream. I went for the simple vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a fish cone. It was great! Going to get the Unicorn cone next time

Claudia Bellino

Fun yummy fish cone with interesting flavor choices

Wendy Walasek

So much fun. The fish cones are awesome. Loved the warm bean paste with the cold ice cream. Neat.

Artidiotmusic sama

Cute little place. Can be crowded, but the service is fast and the ice cream is good. I dont know if it is worth $7, because I wouldn't get this often, but once in a whule, it's pretty good. However, I would go to a specialty ice cream shop if I really want good ice cream.

Valerie Laub

Super cute ice cream! Totally worth waiting in line! The cones are filled with custard and the ice cream is rich and creamy! You need a photo of this on your Instagram if you’re visiting the city.

Yenma Herb

Somewhat of a novelty experience, but still delicious and memorable. The waffle fish cone was the best part! Filled with custard rather than the red bean, it was warm and crunchy. The unicorn horns and ears were adorable and the sprinkles tasted like very sugary. The ice cream itself was delicious and complemented the cone well. I wish I was hungry enough to have both pancakes and ice cream because the pancakes looked extra fluffy and yummy!

Alvaro Alvarez

This food is too spicy for my taste. If you are not into spicy food maybe not the best option.

Javier Mota

The staff was very kind, the store very organized, would go again! Above everything I loved their cones.

kerri braun

It was a fun adventure to visit taiyaki nyc! The cone with the sweet red bean paste was delicious! The green tea icecream was amazing and refreshing! Everything on the menu looked great!

Christopher Singh

There was a line out the door but we weren't waiting for long. This isn't my first time there but it is the first time I tried the Unicorn Taiyaki. Staff is cool. Its pretty clean on the inside. Everything was delicious.

Adnan Khan

Tiny place on a small street near canal st. Very quick service and helpful staff. One of my children fell asleep in the stroller while walking there and they were able to pack up her unicorn ice cream cone as separate items that i could assemble later.

Rebeka Stander

Love this place! They're Taiyaki (the fish part) is great and you can chose which filling you want. Their ice cream is also very nice and it's fun to be able to choice your toppings.I've had the matcha with the roasted matcha swirl and its great! Looking forward to the next time im around!

PKC DrawTheRandomness

The ice cream was very good! I got a fish cone with mango and strawberry ice cream with Cotton candy and rainbow mochi!

katayoun kh

Very delicious. The cone was something new and very tasty. Definitely coming back again. I tried the vanilla one and I loved it.

J Ozz

Funky Japanese ice-cream store with too many people. Check the timing of visit to avoid big crowds

Mecca Dent

The ice cream was fresh and delicious. The fish shaped waffle cone was warm and delightful. The staff was very helpful and accommodating. Very pleasant atmosphere and fantastic ice cream.

Samantha Edwards

For having a small line out the door we ordered and were served fast. I really liked the original vanilla flavor. You have to eat it fast but it's pretty worth it.

William Teng

Super smooth and tasty ice cream in a somewhat gimmicky cone. I've had far better taiyaki elsewhere, but to be honest, you're probably just here for the ice cream or instagram photos.

Kevin Lawless

We discovered Taiyaki as a result of a search my daughter did prior to our trip to NYC. Fortunately for us it was located not far from the area we were exploring (Chinatown and Little Italy) Great ice cream served in fish shaped cones. We all loved it.

Lauren H

Wow wow wow. So good. Not just pretty for that Instagram life but actually lived up to the hype. Soft serve was delicious as was the fish cone and it was still warm! One of my favorite desserts in nyc. Service was quick and even quicker if you have cash! It is the perfect treat and not worth sharing because its just too delicious.

Sam George

pretty awesome but also silly gimmick 8 dollars

Vanessa Avelar

Bomb ice cream and such quick service

Vee Yeo

Stopped by while visiting my dad in NYC. We grabbed some ice cream and really enjoyed. It is a tad pricey but it's a great Instagram or Snap stop, especially of you get crazy toppings. Only thing I could say is I wish there was more seating availability since it too hot to take to go. They have little to no seating as the place is tiny.

Clement Lu

Certainly a unique and innovative experience. The red-bean filled pancake with matcha ice cream creation is very aesthetic and tastes great to boot. Luckily there wasn't much of a line when we went. If you can find a time where it isn't busy I would recommend just checking it out once, but if there's a long line I would just skip it as you aren't missing out on too much. Overall a great experience, but probably not worth if you have to wait a while.

dave I

Fun, cool and interesting take on ice cream. Love the cones, unique and tasty! Limited flavors but still fun once in awhile.

Sharon Arami

The waffle cone is really good, but nothing special about the ice cream, except the fact it's instaworthy :) The queue was long, but it actually went fast.

Haley Cunningham

Long lines but that doesn’t stop you from getting your ice cream fast. Delicious options (I got the chocolate.. it was amazing). This isn’t a place you would want to miss while in NYC.

Julia Nugent

They had a really wonderful selection and the choice to customize. Very delicious! Highly recommend!

tyuiopp74 .

It's a small store and you have to watch out careful or you'll miss it. It's super cool they combine Japanese cake and ice cream together. Worth to try.

Ayesha Khan

The 2019 summer of nyc trend - go prepared to stand in line for at least 15 mins although it is well worth the wait. The service is express level. The ice cream is delicious and really fun to eat because of its cute shape. You do have to be prepared to eat it really quickly though otherwise you will have a mess on your hands. I had the matcha with a milk ice cream on a custard cone which was delicious. One thing I liked about them was that when a customer mistakenly dropped her ice cream, they gave her a new one. That’s good service in my books.

Jack Cohen

This is easily my favorite ice cream shop in all of New York City. Super quick service, great flavors, and friendly staff. Thanks, Jimmy!

Lance Hoyyt

Went on a trip to nyc and found this place in Chinatown! Great little ice cream place with tasty fish cones! The red bean paste was superb

Amy Arensberg

Such a fun place and super tasty! The unicorn horn and ears are kind of like candy corn but better.

Emery Ford

A must for out of towners and locals alike. Bring cash and card so you have more options for moving through the line quicker. Even if you see a line. Stay. It moves fast and it’s iconic + delicious.

Monique Young

A little spot to get something cool and sweet. The ice cream taste great, and the cone was delicious. Service was quick, and the staff was nice to answer any questions. Friends and family will enjoy the selection, and you can create a custom ice cream. Really recommend this place.

Sid Mo

I like the taiyaki. Now you add icecream.. amazing

Alyssa Gonzalez

I haven't had so good soft serve in a long, long time. I was actually turned off by it until Taiyaki. Everything from their Ube milkshakes to their fluffy souffle pancakes is delicious. On top of all that, they're inexpensive.

Jessa Michelle

BEST ICE CREAM SPOT EVER!! Extremely clean, friendly & tons of options! Prices are perfect too! Only downside is it's very small.

Carin Chang

Despite looking cute, it tastes just like packaged angel food cakes you can get in supermarkets. Not an authentic option for soufflé pancakes.


Small shop with so much foot traffic, it was worth the wait though. Their souffle pancakes are delicious, light and airy. If you are ever visiting China town this must be on your list of places to eat.

Anna Cassell

The ice cream was delicious and different than anything I’d ever had. I loved the read bean in the bottom of my cone. I thought the prices were a bit steep, though.

Eduardo Burgos

Went to try one of their well known desserts and I cannot complain because I got mine for free due to a promotion. The price is usually around 8 dollars which is in line for niche cuisine of this sort in Manhattan. Personally, although I enjoyed the ice cream and waffle-like fish shaped cone, I probably would not purchase it due to my frivolous nature. Glad I got to experience it though.

Melissa Gibson

You can customize your order and the cone is adorable! The cone was really soft and sweet, and filled with either custard/red bean!

Manuel Palme

This is some pretty cool ice cream.

Hector Estrada

Worth the experience just one time, but not worth the long line. Just not... The shop -literally- across the street had more tasteful bread and pancakes.

Abu Ali BH

The ice cream was good, the best part is the waffle. Its a very small portion though. The place is very small, you can’t sit there.

Amando M

I completely understood the hype, not cheap at all the price is ridiculous but man is the ice cream good

Emily Leomg

Amazing place. The ice cream is good. Didnt try the pancake because it's only 2 - 2:30 pm they sell it . It's not bad

Holley Ariell

The concepts of their desserts are very interesting and unique. They served ice cream in a fish cone, sometimes with waffle and it is so great! The ice creams are fluffy, fresh and delicious. My favorites are the Roasted Match and the Unicorn special.

Michael Lataille

Very creative cones. The flavor is delicious and the presentation is amazing. Love the soft, tasty cone.

Kamilla Bogdanov

The unicorn ice cream is beautiful and delicious. Eat your fish cone all the way to the end, because there's yummy red bean paste tucked into its tail!

patricio maldonado

A bit of a wait for the pancakes, but delicious reward.

Eddie Eng

Great place for that relaxing treat. Enjoy the simple drinks.

Ally Southwood-Smith

I love this place! Their ice cream is always amazing! Personally I only get the cones or cups because I find the fish cone melts too fast, but that doesn't make the experience any less fun. Taiyaki is a must go for soft serve. I make sure to stop by whenever I am in the neighborhood, no matter how full I am!

Maggie S

Delicious ice cream in a Taiyaki cone. A beautiful combination of two of my favorite things. I've wanted this for a long time now and I'm so glad this place opened up. The ice cream was delicious and you can tell they used real ingredients. The Taiyaki was also delicious and didn't get disgusting under the ice cream. It was very affordable and came with toppings. I can't wait to come again!

Flora .

Fun destination! Delicious Taiyaki—ice cream in a fish-shaped waffle cone. Small shop, but efficient. Someday I would like to try the fish-shaped pancakes.

Trace Hellstrom

Japanese pancakes are awesome! The icecream is great too! Only downside is all the girls posting with their desserts for Instagram

Talal Jahlan

The ice cream is just a regular ice cream.its only the waffle and the look. If you want to eat with your eyes come here but if you prefer the mouth go somewhere else.

Ahmed Suhyl

If you can handle the line, the ice cream is good

byulaa yoo

3.25 actually and only been once to try the green tea flavor. It is good but not amazing. Perhaps I will change my mind when I try other flavors.


Such a fun way to get ice cream! The base is a Japanese baked cake and the ice cream flavors are delicious! I got the unicorn cone and was super happy with it. @traveleen_gurl

Vanessa Long

Started and run by some old friends and absolutely adore the concept. The icecream were both cute and yummy. What a great catch!

Arlie Marte

Even though there was a line when we arrived the service was fast and efficient. They accept both cash and card. It's a great place to get ice cream with your friends.


This is a really cute little shop! Their taiyaki ice cream was the main reason I came to visit and it was definitely worth it. They give you a lot of ice cream for the price. Would go back again to try out their other flavors and desserts.

Anika Ampadu

Worth the hype! I went to Taiyaki NYC on a Sunday afternoon and thankfully the line wasn’t that bad. My friend said when she last came here there was a line halfway down the street. The service here is pretty quick too. I feel like we waited in line and were in and out of there within 10 minutes I ordered the strawberry mango ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, coconut flakes and strawberry syrup all in the cute little fish like cone of course :) This ice cream was sooo incredibly good!! The strawberry mango flavor was delicious it was the perfect blend of sweet and citrus flavor but not too sweet. It kind of reminded me of a creamy sherbet. The cone was actually really good too! And I’m not even a fan of ice cream cones but I loved how fresh it was. Check this place out if you’re in the NYC area! And BE SURE TO CHECK IN ON YELP :) you’ll get an extra free topping!

Davey Singleton

The ice cream and fish waffle holder is so friggin delicious. I opted for mango which is more of a sorbet than ice cream but it's all good. The toppings are sparse but also very yummy. I love the little mochi bites! The mango tasted like they took an over ripe mango and blended it. Great quality and taste! The fish waffle is so delicious too. I wish there were more red bean filling but because the fish waffle is so small, you can't really add too much red bean paste inside of it.

Essa Bangura

Fantastic ice cream and I would also recommend the soufflé pancakes. I went on a Saturday around 1:00 and there was a 15 mins wait hitch went pretty quickly. The staff and service was excellent given the high volume. I would highly recommend if you’re in the area.

Cassandra Kozak

I love taiyaki so this was a really interesting experience to have it filled with love ice cream, though it made me really full. I suggest coming here on a very empty stomach. Though there's pretty much always a line, it moves fairly quickly and someone is outside instructing everyone and showing a menu so you can be really prepared when you go in. The pancakes were really good too, super fluffy as advertised. Would be awesome if there was somewhere to sit, but hey, it's the city. Would be really cool if they opened some locations in bigger areas, would be a really fun Cafe type place.

Yujin G

I would sleep on the souffle pancakes if they have it in big enough size

Kacper Jarecki

Really tasty ice cream - very unique and one of a kind. Highly recommended for a visit! It's a bit crowded and really no place to sit. People will ask you to take their picture here.

Bhargav Kesavan

My wife took me to this place two days back (04/20). I walked from City Hall subway station, it’s about 22 mins walk. With google maps it was easy to navigate. Ice cream being my favorite, I tried the classic vanilla on the “fish shape” cone. Co e being made with pancake it was nice to hold, it’s not the usual hard cone. Ice cream was delicious. My wife and I loved it!

shams el din ayman

I found out about this place through Instagram one week before my trip to New York. It seemed like a must visit/try and it is. There's a line to get in most of the days but it's worth the wait _ and the Instagram story_. Friendly staff and you order is quick to come so you won't have to wait long once you get in. Also you can create your own fish, doesn't have to be one of those on the menu.

Sofia Wu

Not only that the icecream is very cute, the actual icecream is delicious and creamy. I got the unicorn and the sprinkles add a crunch. Amazing place would go again

jessii parham

Finally got to try these! Waited on the line for about under 1 hour. So light and fluffy, very flavorful! Only $8! Much cheaper than other places here in NYC, & they were the first to bring it to NYC! Cant miss this or their unicorn floater taro bubble tea drink! Major noms!

Miguel R

Great ice cream on a hot summer day in Chinatown. I had the classic which was fantastic and very big portion. The cone is unique and very tasty.

Sera Kim

The ice cream was so delicious and creamy. The store was small, but clean and the time it took to get my order was very reasonable. The Taiyaki part of the item was delicious as well with the red bean inside being the right amount of sweetness. Would definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't tried this yet and is in the area!

Henry Boy

Very good ice cream and the service quick and friendly

Uzair Haq

This was such a fun and new ice cream experience for me! I’ve never had ice cream like this and the taste was phenomenal!

David Kalmanson

Super plain soft ice cream. The idea of the fish is great for Instagram but really, the tastes are nothing special

Christopher Johnson

My wife loved her mango strawberry and I thought my strawberry was good. It was strawberry, nothing spectacular for me. Fun spot, line but it moved fast and a good photo op for your instagram

Angela Keo

Esthetically very cute concept and the ice cream was very good. However, the waffel part which I had at a lot of places have tasted better, but maybe it was just the time of day. Mine tasted a bit dry.

Claire Jiang

Lined up at 10:40 on a Saturday to get the new souffle pancakes and they've changed my life. The fluffiest, jiggliest pancakes with gratuitous butter and syrup, still steaming. If there's space in the shop you can also watch them flipping them, which is cool. The ice cream and taiyaki cone are also amazing.

Ryan Mui

Very good. Delicious. Everything was awesomee. I really want to visit this place again

Jon Pham

They gave my kid a bean cone. I asked for a custard one. I literally saw the cashier tell the dude to make it a custard. He rolled his eyes and kept on making the bean one. For some reason I had some faith they wouldn’t do that but I guess I should have known better

inging fnu

Their matcha green tea ice cream is superb. Love that hint of bitterness and not overly sweet.

Dan Egdes

Good soft serve and a fun place to grab a snack!

Joseph Pisicchio

Taiyaki well…..this place is awesome!!!! the concept is genius!! the product is dynamite! The coconut ice cream with coconut flakes is to die for! The genius cone is a custard and bean filled fresh griddled warm cone! Did I say Genius!! Props to the geniuses!

poppy pop

Worth the price and the wait. And yes there is always a wait and a long line even in winter. Get the red bean filling or else your cone will be mushy and gross. Green tea and sesame are a must have. I've been travelling over an hr 1.5 since to visit here since they opened and its a good experience everytime. I hope they stay open forever.

Esteban Cantu

Great ice cream and very much worth a stop!

Rochile Khan

Super crowded dessert shop. $9 unicorn taiyaki with vanilla ice cream. Average ice cream. You come here for the popular photo. Pretty desserts. Decent service. The cashier was patient taking orders and the people in the back were pretty efficient with making the orders. There was a lot of people and only a small bench area to sit. Not sure what the horn and ears were made of, maybe a sugar but had a chewy mochi texture too, idk didnt have a flavor I could detect. the fish shape cone was warm and soft, a bread/waffle texture. Ice cream melted quicker than expected even though it wasn’t super hot out. I enjoyed the red bean filling at the bottom towards the tail. Not worth going out of the way for, but if you are in the mood for a sweet treat, go for it! They do require a $10 minimum for using cards by the way.

David W

Forget that the ice cream with the fish looks delicious on all the social media. It tastes really good. The black sesame has a much stronger taste than green tea and I didn't think it worked that will in a swirl together. The fish was a delicious finish also.

Nghia Huynh

First time New Yorkers that's around Chinatown must try this place if you're looking for one of the greatest desserts ever! Their menu is simple and makes it very easy to order. Their ice cream is very fresh and their fish waffles are absolutely delightful! They also sell jiggly cakes on the weekends at special times

David Kowalczyk

Love this place!!! Everything is great here including the service. Recommend the pancakes over everything else. Be ready for a little wait but it's totally worth it.

Heather McCann

Awesome little spot for great photo ops! If you’re taking the Big Bus NYC tour, it’s just a couple blocks from the Chinatown stop. I’m so glad they had vegan iced cream (coconut flavor). The Black Sesame was also really tasty – almost like peanut butter! Service was fast and friendly. It was interesting to watch the short video on how the fish cones are made.

Sayde B

This place wasn't really what I thought because I was used to seeing the pics on Instagram, but realized their are different locations. This location is pretty small, but the service is fast and friendly. Though it's a bit pricey I did enjoy my fish cone and the presentation.

Sophia D

What a crazy fun place! I love the different options and the fun ice creams! This place is a must go if you are in New York. With an amazing location, next to little Italy and China Town, you can find so many ice cream places, but this one you must go to! I love the fish cone! What you probable can't tell from just looking at it is that it is a soft waffle cone with a surprise at the bottom. If you decide to do a "make your own" you can chose either a creme/custard bottom or a red bean filling. The ice cream is good, but I loved the cone! And the toppings are so cute! I would reccomend coming here! Small location and usually pretty busy, but totally worth it!

Dylan Gray

The kids love it. Very cute.

Omae Wa

This place is amazing. Went with a bunch og friends here and ate some of the best ice cream ever. The cones are equally as good as they taste like a small cake. The pancakes are fluffy and delightful. Overall, this is a great place to stop by and grab a bite.

Clint From Illinois

The kids loved the ice cream. The unique cone is very cool.

Jennifer Lee Donaker

Got there 20 mins before open...pancakes are delicious and incredibly fluffy! Loved the ice cream cone. I wish they moved faster, not sure I’d wait more than 20 minutes. The line after us was incredibly long so plan accordingly.

Ligia Silva

Otimo sorvete, um dos icones do instagram, a casquinha é de waffer no formato de peixe na caldo tem fundo de doce de feijao, ha varios sabores de sorvetes , vale a pena conhecer/ Very good attraction, I recommend, it costs 18 US Dollars, goes by ferry, when it arrives in the Statue, has besides the statue, a museum that tells the story of the statue is a very interactive museum, has area for picnicking, has convenience stores, accessibility, toilets, volume guard. There is a price that you pay more expensive than to enter the statue go to the pedestal and the crown, the ferry leaves every 20 minutes, you can stay as long as you want to spend the day, the last ferry leaves at 6:45 pm, have ferries departing from New York and New Jersey

Gelaney Matthew

The ice was very good and so was the cone

SS 81

I took my girl on a desert date here and it was an amazing, the pricing was a little alarming but the flavor was WORTH IT. I got the green tea ice cream in a regular waffle cone and could not stop moaning after every bite. Definitely will visit again and maybe get bubble tea next time. Downsides are : small shop, large menu with slight intimidation factor, and lack of public spaces to enjoy your frozen treat.

Jonathan in

Got the Japanese pancakes. I have to say I expected these to taste closer to what I had in Japan the pancake itself had the right thickness but was a little too dense and tasted of eggs. Japanese pancakes should have the consistency of a soufle and be light and airy. I wouldn't wait for these again.

victor betancourt

The fluffy pancakes are delicious and the ice cream too! This place is a most if you're visiting NYC! Plan ahead,there's a waiting line outside most of the time.

Stephanie Piscopo

So good. Weekends there's a line but weekdays not bad

Maor Avitan

Nice but not that special, I wouldn’t go there especially. The scoop is yummy but the ice cream is not that special.

Sifat Anwar

Didn't like it that much. It was okay at best. Ice cream melted in my hand. Taste was not great. Waffle was good. Probably not for me.

Jean Murphy

I don't usually eat the cone ice cream comes in, but this was the exception. The custard in the bottom makes the last bite as good, or better, than the first!

Brendan Perperian

Amazing and cute desserts. Always a visit when I’m in the city

Ellen Brimacombe

So cool and tasty

Fernando Ramirez

Definetly good spot to have a nice ice cream! It's really unique spot! I've tried the matcha with roasted matcha swirld and it was amazing! They have signature fish cones which are always freshly baked and they taste as good as the ice cream! Usually there is a line, but it's moving fast so don't be scared when you see a line!

Maxx Golbraykh

Best pancakes you'll have outside of Japan.

Jonathan Muller

Fast service. Clean place. Nice staff. I went here with some coworkers and we had a good time. The ice cream is picture worthy and tastes good too! I ordered the unicorn ice cream. It's soft served with marshmallows for horn and ears. The fish cone is tasty and it has red bean at the very bottom

Vickie Heydon-Matterface

A great little place, fast service and friendly staff.

Nicole McD

I love this place so much, there is a bench for seating, although small, but the shop is small in general, nothing they can really do about it~ There are a few drink options and the workers are very nice. The taiyaki is really good! Everything overall is just really good, I can't wait to go again.

Melinda Lindsey

Always great, but I miss the matcha cones and black seasame ice cream. The hojicha was still good though

Jedi Master

Great place for pricey food.

Geony Ayyad

This ice cream is out of this world. You will honestly not find a better place that does ice cream like Taiyaki. Staff is absolutely wonderful and we will definitely be coming back here whenever we are in the city!

Lauren Sabotta

If I could go to this place every single day I would. This was the best icecream I have ever had in my entire existence.

Annie Wu

Matcha Soufflé Pancakes, finally there are a few places in NYC are selling this popular item in Asian Countries. They have regular Soufflé or matcha Soufflé to choose from and many choices of taiyaki with ice creams. Only down size, they don’t see any coffee or tea except water.

Brice Lott

Ohh sweet baby jesus were there Japanese pancakes amazing!!! And the nice cream was fantastic too but I loved the ice cream cone since they make them there in the reasturant. Had a fantastic meal here. 100% reccomend!!

Raisa Doyle

Aesthetic and delicious ice cream. I would definitely go back

HeeUng Shin

Loved the ice cream, which I enjoyed even when it goozed into my hands; just as how good ice cream should. The harmony that the crispy Taiyaki crust made with the ice cream was superb! Yet, I cannot say I enjoyed the Taiyaki... It was... boring.

Vincent Tchong

Very unique and filled with different texture and flavor in every bite.

Isaiah Herrera

I Absolutely love this place! I went there with a group of friends one day, and had to go back the very next day. The Taiyaki is absolutely delicious with either filling you get. And they're VERY generous with the amount of ice cream you get with it. Definitely worth it no matter when you go

Mathew M

I went here after I saw a video on them from insider food on YouTube. I went to the restaurant, which is small in space but not in taste. I went there to get the souffle pancakes, but to my dismay they only do that on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So I ended up getting the classic. The taiyaki was fresh, and it tasted delicious. The ice cream they put in the taiyaki was also good. I would definitely recommend this place if you're ever in Chinatown in Manhattan.

Annette Parke

Take the train into Chinatown after a short walk you'll find a cute little shop. It's not very large and would be easy to walk past but thankfully there was a very nice employee outside directing you where to stand in line and answer your questions. We waited maybe 5 minutes. Once inside we waited a few minutes to order. The staff was very nice and helpful. They were very speedy and super nice. Two of us had the strawberry mango flavor and one had chocolate. It was delicious and refreshing. The "cone" was really good. Two of us had it in the red bean and the other had the custard. They are very filling as well. Worth the trip, and now the rest of my family wants to take a trip to try their first Taiyaki.

Samuel Howard

Bit expensive for ice cream, but it's totally worth it. Mango ice cream is vegan. Try it.

Brian Lyttle

This was a really fun and different ice cream experience. The cones are like a soft pancake and absolutely scrumptious. At other places I always get a cup and not a cone, but I’d always go with a cone like these! It’s a fairly small place so while it wasn’t too busy when we were there, I’m sure it can be a wait at other times.

Arian ***

Delicious, unique , nice atmosphere and nice staff couldn’t get better than that.

Christine Li

SUCH A COOL LITTLE SHOP. There are a bunch of different things to try and I cannot wait to go back. I heard they have the best soufflé pancakes so that is next on my list of things to try. Their ice cream is so delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet. I had mango and strawberry flavored ice cream. I had a small concern at first because I’m not too keen on super sweet foods but it was perfect. Eating it can get a little messy, especially on a hot summer day, but grab a couple of napkins and you’ll be fine. The little surprise of red bean paste at the bottom of the pastry/cone is weirdly refreshing and I was excited to get to that part. One hundred percent coming back here to try more.

Virginia Money

Ice cream and fish might not sound like a palatable pair, but it sure works for this Little Italy ice cream shop hawking soft-serve swirls in open-mouth, fish-shaped waffle cones (taiyaki translates to “fried fish”). Try the more Eastern-style ice cream flavors of black sesame or matcha on top of red bean custard filling and underneath toppings like sprinkles, crushed Oreos and wafers.

Barbara Brutt

This tiny, adorable shop offers quick service and a clean atmosphere. At busy times, the line goes out the door, and one of the Taiyaki workers directs the line. There's very limited seating on the inside of the shop, but during hot summer days, it's really the best option to stay inside so your soft serve doesn't melt too fast. Overwhelmed by all the people and the new-to-me menu, I missed the part where it says that the fish-shaped waffle cone is filled with red bean curd filling. It wasn't bad, but it was a surprise to me. The second visit (yes, we went back again) I opted for custard filling, which I enjoyed more. I also ordered the classic pancakes, and those were beyond delicious. Also, $8 for a cone is not cheap to me. But I guess, price is relative. The shop was very clean for being constantly filled with people.

Ben Ly

Efficient service so don't be afraid of the line, it moves fast. Delicious desserts!

Luke Page

Souffle pancakes are to die for. Ice cream is unique in the fish cone, super quirky. Only thing was the wait, this place gets popular so prepare to wait ~30 mins

Jeff Tsang

Long lines for fun Japanese desserts that's been a thing on the west coast for years. Better late than never.

Wan Chen

Ice cream is cute! I tried the one at a Boston before coming to this one. I liked the one at Boston even though they’re both the same ice cream cuz the streets are much cleaner.

Eoghan McDermott

Unique and interesting blending of Japanese taiyaki and ice cream, a wide range of flavours and options, as well as very friendly and speedy service

Henry Kim

Their fluffy pancakes are very good, but come quick before they sell out on Saturday morning. We came about 10 minutes before they opened, and there was already a line. So, we waited about close to an hour before we got them. I'm on the fence if I would want to wait in that long line again to get these pancakes. They are good, but not worth the hour+ wait. The pancakes themselves have a very eggy taste. The texture is like a fluffy cheesecake, so it feels very light.

Victor Pillips

We were on line for about 25 minutes. Then they let us inside were we had to get on another line for about 15 minutes before ordering. We ordered pancakes and ice cream. Then had to wait another 15 minutes to get the order. To which was good. But not great... My suggestion is, while on line, someone should take your name and order and give it to the kitchen...

Edwin Poon

Ordered the Matcha Better, the matcha ice creams was great! The best part was the Taiyaki with the red bean filling. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!


Best Ice cream I ever had in years!


This place has the best ice cream in NYC. The ice cream in the picture is called "beach, please" ($8) and it is strawberry and mango.


Little pricey but it's Manhattan.. Great treats and perfect for kids, especially unicorn fans.. I prefer the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory but my child had to have the unicorn goodies!!

Floyd Margallo

This place is hidden from a busy street and do not have very colorful signs so you will not know if it is a place you would like to go to. The location is small so when you come in it get can get tight depending if they are busy. The service is great and quick. Cleanliness of the place is good. The dessert was amazing after eating from Chinatown. A must to visit if you are in the area.

Sam B

Good ice cream but be prepared to wait in line

Mihai Manitiu

Great Japanese ice cream that is close to what you will get in Japan. You can customize your order in many ways. You can chose a cone, a cup or a special filled cone. You can add toppings to your ice cream to make it fancier. The taste is really good and it’s worth coming here. Overall a great experience. I would bring visitors here since it’s a unique experience. Will come again!!!

Jessie Wan

Like the combination of soft ice cream and taiyaki. The customer service is excellent. They can give you the ice cream sample if you are not sure about the taste of the flavor. It doesn't matter what filling you choose, they are both good. It is to worth try!! I believe you will enjoy it and love it

Mi Go

Small little dessert place with a decent selection of icecream. Tried their mango strawberry and was good. The fish cone has a nice crunch and sweet ending with a little red bean paste. It is pretty crowded and you'll need to wait about 20mins to get in but worth the wait.

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