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REVIEWS OF SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa IN New York

Shane Spitzer

The best sushi by value you're going to find in NYC for sure. Limited variety but the pieces are hard to beat. The sushi is almost as good as the ones in LA (where they originally started). Can't go wrong and one of my favorite spots in Manhattan for sushi at a reasonable price. Sake list is very limited (only 2 types) and sadly the Ryo (in the blue bottle) isn't the best and is too pricey. But really I'm nitpicking. Go, just go.


SO GOOD. Reservations ahead of time are a must, otherwise you’ll be waiting for hours and rightly so! Fish is fresh, rice is on point, staff is great. This place is delicious and must try. Just as yummy as it’s original location in CA!

Morgan Lee

I am a sushi lover and this place is just soo good. One of the more affordable omakases in nyc. However the price does not mean the quality is compromised. Everything was so fresh and prepared to perfection. The service was also great. One of our courses were taking a while to come out so they brought a piece of the daily special on the house for us. Will be back!

Justin Nunez

Top of the line sushi. Very fresh and service is fairly quick once seated.

Charles V G

You can’t make a reservation @ this place, Because your time is worthless to these people. If every time you walk into this restaurant, and they tell you there’s a long wait, then the service only deserve a 1 star at best. P.S plenty spots in the area offer better sushi.

Courtney Welbon

Even the cucumber roll is out of this world. Go early, put your name down, entertain yourself for an hour or four, and return to have your life changed (as it relates to sushi).

Clear Static

Delicious, consistent and worth the wait. Love that they source their fish carefuly for sustainability and flavour. I think its the best value for price-quality

Vince PeGan

I love how easy they make it to just sit and eat without having to wade through 100s of options. The lack of a reservation system is frustrating, if you walk in for a reservation between 5:30-6pm you will almost always have a seating by 8pm.

Adam Almagro

Amazing sushi experience, for a very fair price at lunch time. Had not had sushi this good since Japan, so made for a very memorable meal. Highly recommended.

Sandeep Singh

Terrible business model as they do not take reservations. One must wait 5 hours to eat. Come on, be real, it cannot be that special.

Rebecca Resnick

Extremely high quality fish, and amazing flavor. Good value for money and even though the two hour wait was intimidating the atmosphere is very laid back. Definitely my top sushi spot in NYC.

Juan Uribe

One of the best Sushi places in NY. Extreme care for the raw materials (not only the fish, but the rice, seaweed, sauces, etc). Simple menu does not mean it is not high end sushi.

Joseph Wisne

A fast casual business strategy masquerading as a sushi restaurant.

doug barker

Great sushi and saki at a reasonable price the only thing not to like is how long you have to wait for a table .

Adam Brower

Exceptional! We did the Trust Me menu and was very impressed with the rice, presentation, quality and flavor. If I was a resident, this would be a weekly tradition.

Alexandra Gitomer

Best sushi I've ever had. They add just enough flavor to high quality fish to truly elevate the dish without needing to add all the frills of fancy maki. Seriously the best.

Greg V

Went to Sugarfish for lunch with a co-worker yesterday and am I glad we did! I ordered the Nozawa and he got the "trust me". This was one of the best sushi meals I've ever had in my life. The fish was super fresh and melted in my mouth and the rice was warm but perfectly cooked and seasoned. It didn't always hold together but was too delicious to waste. The main difference between the two is that the plate with the nigiri came with 6 more pieces that he got. Definitely will be going back here. My favorite part is that there was no tipping option and the staff was still super friendly and attentive. I wish more places would follow suit.

Colleen Redmond

Amazing sushi, great service. Recommend ordering the "Trust Me"

Kira P

Amazing fish. Tuna is superb. I rarely like tuna at sushi restaurants as it is, but this one was sort, melting in my mouth and had an amazing taste. Great handrolls, the rice is so soft and fresh.

Jaja Nwokeabia

It should be called StarveSugar because after 3 rolls and tea I was even more famished then when I arrived. It didn't help that the rolls took over 30mins to come out. I wanted to order more food but would've probably been served the next day. So paid and left, growling belly and all. Thank you, next !

Christina Baumberger

Sugarfish is one of my favorite sushi spots in DTLA, so I did have high expectations. I was recently able to grab dinner here with a friend (the wait is usually 1-2 hours, however we lucked out after 20 minutes), and I’m SO excited that my experience at Flatiron was equally as amazing. Decor is a bit dark and lounge like- but we’re all here for the sushi which is amazing. Super fresh and clearly quality, it’s hands down the best sushi I’ve had in the city. I went with several different sashimi options as well as a crab roll, and my friend got the ‘Trust Me’ menu- and trust Sugarfish, you should. An awesome experience that I’m excited to repeat soon!

Ali Farahat

Everything is fresh, fast and tasty.

Alex Wang

12/21/18 ordered "dont think, just eat" sushi rice was overpoweringly vinegary, wasabi tasted like horseradish, and fish quality was borderline acceptable (although it was still better than my local joint in NC). the fish is fresh if you care about that. I took particular issue with the salmon nigiri which tasted low quality and fishy with a starchy texture. Also there's no real tea. The only saving grace was the good service. Our server James was very accommodating. Still would never recommend to anyone.

Daniel Johnston

Too expensive in my opinion. Place screams "pretentious". Kitchen is slow and cant turn tables. It's not bad but the fish is shredded not sliced which leads me to believe they're just selling belly (cheap) at a premium. Menu is overwhelmingly unimpressive. Waited 20 minutes for a tuna roll with a 4 man kitchen present. They were just dancing around. I work in f+b and I wouldn't trust this place. Too much can go wrong.

Dori Shahar

That was maybe the best Japanese food I ever had. The "trust me" menus are great and work, so do trust them.. Oni Gai Shi Mas!

iver c

Love, love, love...preparation, freshness and flavours excellent. Value for cost is excellent. Chef won’t serve uni if it’s not up to standard. Sadly that means I had to go without today! I will stick with choosing off the menu, though, even though it’s not recommended. Of course I’ll eat it but I’m not a big fan of edamame; and the sashimi, while perfectly fresh and the right size pieces, the flavours were on the bitter side. My complaint today is about the rice. The guest beside me at the bar was raving about the rice, which is tasty, but it kept falling apart on me; loose is good, but something was off for me tonight; many of my pieces left apart on me. The lobster hand roll was divine, as was the sea bream, and albacore. I’ll be back.

Ivan Ribeiro

Some of the freshest sushi I have had in a long time. Longs waits but it's worth it. Also thier style of serving is very unique. Ensures you are eating your sushi as fresh as it can be.

Herman Lawson

Great place, Service is fantastic, very friendly.

Russ Duncan

Life-altering sushi and ambiance. Went with the "Trust Me" and it was perfect.

Bom Andal

My sons wanted me to experience what they love about this place. We had a great lunch.

Hyun Lee

At first I thought this place was just a hype and a trend but after trying their sushi, I now understand why everyone is so obsessed. Their sushi is the best I’ve ever had. It’s super fresh and made right there at the bar and served as soon as it is made. Everything is SO good and melts in your mouth! I would definitely recommend that you try this place at least once if you are a sushi lover (and love Raw fish, not California rolls) I got their Trust Me which came with 8 different kinds of sushi. 100% would recommend! They did not disappoint at all. Their crab roll was also EXCELLENT

Bernard McDevitt

Among best fish I've had.

Yossi L

Excellent restaurant, super fresh fish and really interesting dishes. We did the $52 omakase and were full at the end. Just tasting the salmon sashimi in the beginning makes you realize you're in a total different level of sushi place. The home sake is really good too. Really great experience at a reasonable price.

Daniel Grim

Sugarfish is more about quality than quantity. Ordered the Trust Me. Each dish was flavorful and balanced. The albacore sushi was our favorite

Katherine Ng

Great value, especially with the no tips policy. Quality of fish is great. Always leaving really full.

Hannah Rinehardt

This sushi at sugarfish will ruin you for all other sushi. After eating here, I realized how sushi should taste - warm rice, thin, crispy seaweed, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth fish, highlighted by delicious sauces. The service is fast. They brought us an extra roll by accident and didn’t charge us. The edamame and green tea are great. The trust-me is always a good choice. And the hand rolls are fantastic. They also have locations in LA. Highly, highly recommend. Only downside is that you will never be satisfied by cheap sushi ever again!

Jess Lim

The rice as promised is loosely packed and melted in your mouth. My photos of the sushi do not justify to the taste but I went for the top priced combo. Worth every penny especially the seaweed wrapped rolls. The process flow is well done though I would like my scallop sushi to not already been brushed with some jalapeño Soy sauce. Overall an excellent food tasting experience.

Grace Hung

Tried the lunch set and its great. Fish are fresh and love the handrolls. Portions are good. The place is quite busy though and don't take reservations. Also they need everyone to be here to be seated.

Cassandra PeGan

Most people have not had real sushi before so this is the place to throw caution at the wind and try sushi for the fresh piece of fish it should be. Follow their suggested "rules" of only using soy on certain pieces and you won't be disapointed.

Christina Chen

Hands down, some of the best sushi I've had. I love the warm rice and the fish is so fresh. Prices are very reasonable. Tip is included in the total bill. Only downside is that they don't take reservations, so come early or be ready to wait.


The wait time *sob* But it’s our favorite sushi in the city. No frills, super fresh. *heavy breathing*

Kenneth Han

Round after round we go. Really worth your money, it's not your average order everything sushi joint. Get served round by round, the fish is tender and tasty, the rice still warm, the seaweed still crisp. I would without a doubt get the method where it comes round by round and really savor and enjoy the differences in heat texture temperate. Really great sushi and a solid experience.

Hannah Kim

Solid. Love the cute bento boxes! (Ordered the Nozawa to-go)

Saori Tsujimoto

Love this restaurant. Food is amazing. I just wish there was more seating. You can wait sometimes over an hour during peak lunch and dinner times.

Neil Silverman

Simple menu but quite good.

Maor Levy

Very good sushi. they were open late and we were looking for some sushi. Service was pretty quick and friendly. They have a fixed menu option which included good variety of items.

Nicole Winestock

By far the best sushi experience you will ever have. The fish is so fresh it melts in your mouth. It’s not that expensive for the value you get. Service was very kind and the place itself was romantic and cozy. The only con this place has is a waiting list and the fact that you can’t reserve a place, I recommend arriving afternoon.


Food was absolutely Devine!

Josh B

Always order the trust me and it hasn't failed me yet. Perfect portions and isn't that expensive, ask for a second crab role (which is your last course) to ensure you are super full.

tamara balazsovits

Delicious food! The fish here is so fresh it melts in your mouth. I have visited the Los Angeles locations and this absolutely lived up to my high expectations. Another great experience at Sugarfish. I will absolutely be back next time I visit NY or LA.

Sofya Shuster

No reservations and usually a long wait to be seated, but the food is great.

Ryan Nelson

Probably the best sushi I've had. Really enjoyed the albacore... and some of the sashimi was simply amazing. Price is reasonable as well (can get away with $25-50 a person). The wait can be bad, so I recommend coming for lunch or late afternoon snack mid week (if possible). Doing one of the tasting menus is the way to go... Enjoy!

Iwona Adamczyk

I didn’t take pictures of my food here, mainly cause I’ve been to Sugarfish many times before and when that food is placed in front of you, you don’t take pictures, you eat it! It’s that good! And sooooo fresh. I discovered Sugarfish in LA, so I was super excited to see it open on the East coast. Best sushi I’ve had. Ever. Period.

Thomas Viator

It’s such a shame that the management at SUGARFISH: Flatiron was so incompetent, as my food was absolutely stunning. However, not warning guests of a problem with your giftcard retrieval system before they sit down, then saying there is nothing you can do, and then fighting kicking and screaming to even discount $15 off a check is the worst service I have ever received in an nyc restaurant. After offering to leave my gift card and cc information for any remaining charges they refused and truly treated us with disrespect and hostility. The management team should be ashamed of themselves as EVERY other part of our experience was lovely. However, I will never be recommending or frequenting this place again.


The tasting menu is superb

chris choi

Great modern theme interior but authentic tasting sushi


The lunch menu is not at all expensive and this was the best sushi I have had on the east coast. Unreal.

William S

Subpar long wait not worth it. Food had no love. More of a assembly line sushi.

lucas mendes

2 to 3 hours wait and not a pleasant recepcionist. And nobody on line. The menu on line is very limited. Why? Thank you Lucas

Jose Guerra

Best sushi I've had. Get the unagi if possible.

Meghan Marsden

Sugarfish is worth the wait! The sushi is so good and the nigori sake is delicious AND inexpensive. The wait is long, but you can buy drinks and sit upstairs while you wait. It's hard to come to NYC without stopping at this spot.

Nandini Mazumdar

Delicious food and huge portions, so it’s a very filling meal. We had the Trust Me Lite and a salmon hand roll, and we were so full. The full is delicious and super fresh.

Rachel B

Probably my favorite meal this trip to NYC. I happened across this restaurant when researching things to do/restaurants to go to, and found it on a blog from a local. Can’t explain how happy I am that I did, and that I decided to research further into it. First, I love the concept of this restaurant. It is based on Nozawa’s style sushi, and definitely appears to strive for authenticity and tradition. I love the descriptive menu, encouraging you to negate soy usage when enjoying previously sauced sushi. Service was also good, with a young, energetic team who seem passionate about what they do. Overall, the restaurant is busy so if there’s any concern over waiting or if going during a busy time, would definitely recommend a reservation. My girlfriend and I did the Nozawa “Trust me.” The quality of sushi here is WOW good. When you get to describe a piece of fish as creamy or can feel like the scallops were picked fresh just for you, that’s beautiful! There were lots of happy oo’s and ah’s coming from our mouths throughout the courses. Overall, pricing seems pretty reasonable to me. $45 for about 10 (QUALITY) courses (including the edamame), and hospitality is included in that price. Would definitely return here on any trip when I’m coming to New York. I can still taste that fresh scallop and sea bass sushi! #sugarfish #sushi #nozawa #traditional #newyork #nyc #scallops #edamame

Sina M

Good sushi, been there several times in LA, the only bad thing is the long wait time. The best time is to go in the afternoon so the wait time is only 15 min

Mike Hudack

Surprisingly great. Get the Trust Me that best fits your budget.


Awesome experience. The Omakase was a great value and it was portions were generous.

Vageli M

Get there early and with your full party to be seated. You'll be happy you did because the food is incredible. A little pricey but worth the treat if you love fish.

Wanda Dunaway

This is really flavorful sushi. The fish is fresh, but the rice is the standout - warm, tart, soft, and delicious. You can enjoy the Trust Me Lite if you are watching your calories, or go for the Trust Me for a heartier meal. I would go here more if they took reservations. Plan to get there before they open or off-hours/days if you don’t want to wait in line. Fortunately, they will text you when you are getting close, so you can take spin through ABC Home while you wait.

Christina Naumova

Great service and exceptionally fresh food. Recommend for a date or special occasion. They do not take reservations, so you have to come in advance to put yourself in line (we've been waiting 2.5h, totally worth it). Also, they do not accept tips.

Megan Prives

Sugarfish takes a no-frills approach to sushi. You won’t get any heaping drizzles of spicy mayo or eel sauce here but you will get sushi of very high and authentic quality. It’s worth the wait for sure and you can’t beat the price for this level of product.

Jeremy Barnwell

Best sushi I have ever had.

Russell Trakhtenberg

It's ridiculous how amazing it is at the proce point. If yohre like me and you are used to 3 dollar rolls. All you can eat sushi ar 20 bucks then yes you might be surprised that quality and perfectly timed food might cost 12 dollars for two pieces of fish. But if you are aware of high quality 150 dollar omakasa type places then tbis will amaze you. It always delivers amazing food. The wait is worth it.

Ramona Latoyia Ardelle

Absolutely amazing food and service. I've been wanting to dine at the Chefs Grille and finally did. So pleased overall experience was well worth it. I will be back and will tell my family and friends. Cheers!

Kevin Clark

Great fish but the key here is the quality of the sushi rice. I keep coming back for delicious and affordable sushi in LA and nyc


The best sushi ever. Salmon nigiri 10/10

Svetlana Abramsky

Worth the hype. They have a long wait here at all hours so definitely make plans to get drinks near by and don’t come hungry. Except to wait at least an hour.

滙通 CPA

Just as good as the LA stores. Best quality and taste!

Sandro Lubas

We had a very good experience. We got the “trust me” menu and all the small dishes were delicious. One thing to know, is the the sushi is served with cold fish and warmish rice (not hot) but you can feel the difference when you bite it. I loved this combination but some people might not be impressed with it. Overall a very good experience and recommended place!

Thomas Schonig

High quality rice and fish

Seong Jin Kim

I guess price is reasonable. Tip was included in the total price (I didn’t need to sign the check). In terms of the food itself though, what they are serving isn’t real sushi. It’s not even close. Maybe it’s a westernized approach, but almost everything was “pre-dipped” in way too much soy sauce. If the fish is truly good, there is no need for that much soy sauce.

Lidor Goren

Wow. This level of sushi for the price they charge? Can't be beat. And to top it off they are a no tipping restaurant, which tells you that they value both their customers AND their employees. Just a wonderful wonderful place.

Andreas Wessel

1* is merely to the fact, that the restaurant promotes the fact that it takes no reservations whatsoever. So its walk ins only ... so we checked it out. First we were told that the current wait is somewhere along 2.5 -3 hours, secondly they will text you when your table us about to come around. But even in 2019 they are only able to handle US tel numbers ... SERIOUSLY? Sorry guys it doesn't work like that ... it's a hype now, soon to be forgotten. Avoid.

Ben Morcos

Excellent sushi. Preferred the sushi to the rolls. Great restaurant. Edamame is cold which I found weird

Ugur Yilmaz

Good price/performance for a Westernized sushi experience.

Anson Byun

For the amount it costs, SUGARFISH truly delivers in all of its delicious sushi morsels an absolute party for the taste buds. All of the dishes are the perfect serving size. "Trust Me" is actually a great amount of good food if you've starved lunch for the day. The service is also very fast and courteous, and all the sushi and sashimi were delicious.

Diancheng Hu

Fish is Really fresh!Great price with the quality

P. Rivera Jr

Best sushi in have to go don't take my word for it....

Keven Tam

Fish is fresh and the set menus make deciding what to get a breeze, even if you're a novice to eating sushi. Turnover is extremely quick so even with a line, the wait isn't bad. Definitely one of my new go to places for sushi in the city.

Daniel De Jean

This place AWESOME, no matter the time, there is an always a dying crowd that will wait. In my entire living in NYC never have I seen a sushi restaurant that busy. I don't care when you go be prepared to wait unless it early afternoon.

Melissa Bacon

This is the best sushi ever!!! I have been to all 3 sugar fish locations (2 in New York and one is Los Angeles) . Sugar fish is the best no matter what location you go too!

Trong Ha

Great food. The takeout combos are awesome cause they instruct you on how to enjoy it best.


I would probably give a 4.5 if I could... so was debating between 4 and 5. Went with 4 because the wait list process is a bit inconvenient. I get that they want to be exclusive and stuff, but I finally ate here after planning ahead as I had attempted to eat once or twice before but couldn’t hold out for the 2-3 hour wait. Food was great especially for the price.

Eri M

Everything about this place was spectacular. The atmosphere was calming, and it felt as if the lighting was set to have you focus on what was in front of you--a carefully curated sushi menu. I highly recommend you sit back and enjoy the omakase. Every delicate addition to your plate is an experience worth savoring!

Jakub Ziembiński

Probably the best sushi I’ve ever had! Super fresh fish of excellent quality. Prices are quite reasonable. Not the cheapest, but best price/quality value there is. Very helpful and pleasant service. If you’re a sushi beginner that’s a great place to go - waiter will explain every detail about the fish and the process of eating. The location is nice, but rather small so be sure to come a little earlier.

Ryan Cooke

Some of the best sushi I have had in my life. I highly recommend this place.

Ruiming Xie

amazing food with very reasonable prices, will definitely come again. No tipping just makes things even better!

Christopher Governara

Sugarfish is a different type of experience that you don't want to miss. Sugarfish does something a bit different, but different is good! You get a large small varieties of different types of sushi that taste great! Tip is already included in the price. I highly recommend to just go with the DON’T THINK. JUST EAT. TRUST ME....Trust me, it's quite good!

Rachel Bressner

Amazing experience here - Aside from the quick and friendly service, the food was incredible and probably the best sushi I’ve ever had!!

Parth Patel

Fish melted in your mouth. Rice was fantastic. Great ambience. Get there early, long wait.

Kevin Hinton

Best sushi in NYC. This was our go to in LA as well and it cannot be beat, especially for the price!

Syra Sparkle

The food was exellent! All that I expected and more. The atmosphere was dark but dreaming and the waiters are knowledgeable and accommodating

Justin Bayoneto

While not your traditional omakase experience, they’re certainly the most valuable option in the city at they’re low prices! Costing about half an average omakase would be, the sushi is still of excellent quality, with a great variety of options at that. Servers are very knowledgeable and friendly and gratuity is not permitted, so the prices are where they stand. Be sure to arrive early, as they do not take reservations!

James Correa

To start off this place was not my first choice in anyway, for the price yes I would give it a 3 stars meaning cheap. The chefs in the back feel the need to dranch everything in soy sauce even the rice so by the time it gets to you, its falling apart. Another is that they say that it is high quality, but what they don't tell you is that it's the cheap part of the fish. That being the lower part of the abdomen and not near spine which as more flavor and fat. In all if it was classified as a casual sushi restaurant rather than a high end one by the reviews, than yea it would have a better rating.

Courtney Reid

Incredible sushi. No frills, just exceptional cuts of fish that are flawlessly prepared.

sandro soria

Good food service is great wait is normal

Russ Ryan

Amazing flavors, tastes and the fish is so fresh. I've never had better sushi, the rice served with the fish was so warm and deliciously paired with each bite. It's not cheap here but what is in NYC?! Trust the chefs and go for the Don't Think Just Eat 8-10 servings menu option. You won't regret it my friend.

Amanda Goon

My favorite sushi place! It’s so affordable and honestly really cheap for the quality. The wait is normally long as they don’t take reservations.

Nick Meier

Top of its class sushi made from the finest ingredients. And the rice!!! Who knew it could be such a star in a dish.

Tim K

Party of 5 had an amazing meal. Two ordered the trust me, two ordered the nozawa and one ordered a la carte. Everything was delicious. In terms of flavor, it is a bit more fusion, rather than the traditional flavors. Very well done.

Klim Kavall

Reasonably prices. Delicious fish. Cute location. Except the menu is basic and doesn’t really have anything too special. While the location is cute and well maintained, it is small and the upstairs is basically a tiny (and uninteresting) waiting area.

Michelle Hao

I come here whenever I want omakase and am eating alone. It's relatively affordable and good quality, but service can be spotty sometimes. You may get your first three pieces immediately but the rest come after 15 minutes. My favorite time to come is at 12pm opening on Sundays

Jay Aumentado

They have the best omakase in the city that I have tried. The waiting time is long but it's worth the wait.

Alex Liang

Minimum 2 hours wait during dinner time each time we try to get a spot for 2! We finally found slower day in our life to wait it out, SO and I shared a 8oz Mac n Cheese from Beechers across the street to wait it out(it was good but heavy). After we got seated, we ordered their 2nd tier trust me combo. The appetizer was honestly the highlight of the course. Other courses contain too much rice for the amount of fish that's on the

José Augusto Alves de Sá

Extremely friendly staff and excellent food!

Jason Griffith

Best sushi value I've had in NYC and I've been eating sushi all over NYC for years. The omakase is incredible, the fish so fresh, the rice so warm and tasty. Only pain is the wait. It's insane unless you arrive promptly for lunch at 11:30. But again, it's just stunning the quality sushi you get for the money.

Romuald Baumard

Best Japanese restaurant I have ever been. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is very cosy. The LA location is great too!

Adam Decker

The service was fantastic, the flavors were on point, and sushi was fresh, however, there were a few things I didn't care for. First, the edamame is served cold, which was kind of weird since I've never encountered edamame served cold. Second, the rice was loose and not sticky. We ordered albacore belly and it was served on a small bed of rice. Typically you'd be able to scoop up the single piece and rice in one swoop with chopsticks. Here the rice would not stick together and just fall into pieces off the chopsticks, not ideal. Finally, all the rolls are wrapped with the loose rice and seaweed wraps. It was nice to try this place out but with all the sushi options in the city, Sugarfish wasn't really hitting all the notes for me.

Humberto Santos

Superbly done: food taste, quality and service a la old Tokyo style. Highly recommended

Josue Polanco

Possibly one of the most amazing Japanese spots ever! You'll Ever FIND in the East coast. I was informed about good it was before I had a chance to visit establishment and was so pleasantly surprised of how good my sushi rice and seaweed wraps were, that I had to write a review and recommend others to come experience and themselves. This spot is 5 star for sure

H Steven Liao

The wait is worth it! The sushi are one of the best I've ever had. I've been to Suger Fish in Santa Monica and with no doubt the quality is very consistent. Would definitely come back again

Ruth Castillo

Sugarfish. Delicious.

Marc Seyon

Hands down the best sushi I have had. The toro and crab hand rolls were absolutely divine. If there's a wait when you get there, I recommend sticking around rather than going out to come back. We were told to expect a half hour to an hour wait, but ended up getting seated after only about ten minutes as several other parties called before us had apparently left.

Aylin Elmaagacli

I have been sick for the past 5 days after eating from Sugarfish. Thank you for giving me food poisoning, $$$ in medical bills, and a horrible time. I just wanted to treat myself pre-interviews and get some Omega 3 and hear this place was good in NYC. I guess I was horribly wrong.

Leah Watson

You’ll struggle to find fresher and more reasonably priced sushi in the city. The food is delicious and SUGARFISH has rotating specials which are a great addition to the set menu. The atmosphere is great, and gratuity is included in menu prices, which is fantastic. Be prepared to wait for a table - SUGARFISH doesn’t take reservations, and the line builds quickly. The staff is great about getting patrons in and out quickly (without feeling rushed) but be prepared to wait 1-2 hours for a table during peak dining hours.

Alan Jackson

Long wait. But not for nothing. They really make amazing food and so so fresh. So it is not easy to order, but just because they are so busy. So although struggled to order, I go with 5 stars for a very special food.

Hernan Lopez

Best Sushi I've had in my life

Hal Doueck

Highly recommend trying this place if you're a fan of sushi. We got here at 7pm on Tues night and waited 1.5 hours, but the second the actual sushi came around, I knew it was worth it. The warm rice, the sweet and tasty fish, the extreme attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Salmon with sesame seeds was unlike any other I've had. Super top quality fish. The $40 "trust me" omakase is definitely the way to go. Perfect amount of food, it comes with several sashimi dishes and some hand rolls, and gives you a taste of everything. We paired it with two bottles of $11 sake and had a great night. Only weird thing was that the edammame and some of the seafood within the hand rolls was cold. Other than that, everything (including service) was grade A perfect. I think they are a "tip included" establishment which is nice.

Alicia Ruth

Best sushi I've ever had.

Olivia T

My go-to spot for sushi. Usually has a long wait unless you catch them at certain times.

Tien Chi Fu

The albacore was otherworldly. Only complaint was they serve a little too fast - I need some time in between dishes for dry sake!

Aaron Giambattista

The wait was long, but everything else was great. Fantastic sushi, great service and presentation, and reasonable sake prices.

Jason Rushin

Good sushi (light, flavorful, fresh), nice decor, very friendly staff.

Ben Szeto

Not worth the wait. Very expensive for what it is. The box also tells you to dip the rice into the soy sauce. Not authentic at all.

Gil Percik

Well... High expectations, long line any time... Food was sort of ok... Did not meet the high recommendations I heard... The large lunch menu is definately too small... Some of the plates were very good, never excellent, some were poor. Especially noticed the over use of yuzo juice... Too much...

Jen Jurewicz

Most fresh fish you've ever tasted, a truly delicious food experience

Bill Coucher

One of my favorite places near Flatrion/Gramercy. The wait can be long, but I try to be strategic with dining time. I like all sushi on their menu, the fish is fresh, tasty and well prepared. Overall, the balance of price and quality is excellent. The service is great and I like that the tip is included in the price. I will be back!

Vicky Sumcad

True authentic fresh sushi. Non sushi lovers will be surprised how good it is because it’s how sushi is supposed to be.


BEST SUSHI IN THE CITY!!!! Worth every second of the wait. Simple and pure and most authentic Japanese experience I could ever come close to outside of Asia. The staff is so kind and helpful and guides you through the expletive so well. The fish is so consistent and fresh and blows my mind every time. I could eat 25 crab hand rolls and still want more. My mouth is watering right now even typing this. All I can say is worth it, worth it worth it! Just put your name down and wait!

Joe Philip

Hands down my favorite sushi that’s reasonably affordable in NYC. The quality of the sushimi is off the chart..the rice is flavored perfectly and served at a delightful temperature. And the staff is extremely pleasant and very attentive. I always get the TRUST ME menu....and trust me, you won’t regret it!

Jon Arnold

Went here with a couple of friends since all everyone has told me is that this is the best sushi restaurant they have been to. The setting is a little dark for my liking and you can't really pick and choose what you want as the menu is set with specific options. However, the rolls and fish are truly delicious and fresh. The only down side is the wait as they do not take reservations and the wait can be up to 2 hours. They do text you though to tell you when they are ready. So if you don't might hanging out or going next door for a drink this is a good option. I will definitely go again.

Michael F. D. Anaya

I lived in LA for 8 years and I never went to Sugarfish then...and I completely missed out! It was awesome. I would recommend the fatty alborcore. Off the charts!

Adil Raihani

If you are a sushi lover, then this place should be on your list of places to visit. You should reserve as it is super busy. Simple menus for amazing prices when you go for lunch. Service is fantastic, very young and friendly team that really loves what thy do. Anything on the menus is just 10/10 but the warm crispy hand rolled rolls are out of this world. Definitely will be back!

Fernanda Rojas

INCREDIBLE food quality and service. Sushi was delicious. Best to try the tastings they offer. can't wait to go back.

דניאל בן שטרית

Sushi that melts in your mouth, and one of the best services I've encountered! So glad I found this place :)

Sandrine Dreeny

Most overrated bland sushi rolls. I don’t understand the hype or the long queue. I looked into the kitchen as I was shocked of how lame the rolls were. Of course no Japanese chef in sight but 2 Indians and 1 Mexican. Not racist but I like my chef to be Japanese when I eat Japanese. American management. It’s the Disneyland of sushi rolls. I lived in Asia and I know what real Japanese Food taste like. This restaurant is an expensive joke.

Trisha ZM

Quality of sushi is amazing but will only go with 4 stars because of the service. We waited over 50 minutes for multiple guests to be seated before us even if they arrived way after us. They’ll seat table for two faster than table for 3. They don’t even bother to let you know any updates on being seated.

Zoe Tourzani

Honestly the best sushi in NYC. Amazing ambiance and the employees are very helpful. A bit pricy and the wait can be a bit aggravating at times, but overall a great resturant. Definitely recommend.

Damien Torres

The food is flawless, our server was friendly, and the ambience is grown and sexy.... Only thing wrong was the inefficacy of the hostess to seat us on a night that other workers can be quoted as, "not busy at all."

Po Neera

This is my absolutely favorite sushi place. No-frills no fancy chard sushi or expensive price tags. The quality of their fish is superb. Hard to find another place like it. Other places in NYC that have this quality or caliber of fish will cost you $300. People who don’t like this place are usually the people who want to fancy all my cost a meal that has all the frills. Sugarfish is just about quality sushi and no-frills which I love. We come here all the time

Jesse Cheung

Not bad but the wait is insane


Super delicious and fresh sushi. It was flavored and cut perfectly!

Patrick Baral

Good for the price. Nothing special but seems consistent.

Ellen Oh

Significantly better than other places to get sushi.

Danny KidSuper Lin

No doubt the sushi is great and this is a popular place but just felt the assembly line operation since I would guess majority of the patrons are doing value meal #1 "trust me" or "trust me Nozomi". Not very interesting when everyone is having the same food.

Clayton Russell

Hard to fathom how someone could not rate this place 5-stars - Absolutely exceptional experience in every way! Sushi was amazing, service was impeccable - we had our young child and were having trouble keeping him calm, but the wait staff was super cooperative and understanding the entire time and made sure to bring plates out when that person was present and ready for it. This caused us to take up the table for a longer time than normal, but was very much appreciated. Can’t say enough about SUGARFISH!!!

Angela Hou

Great quality sushi at an excellent value.

Lynne Haugh

Fun fun fun! Wait was long but worth it. We did The Nozawa tasting menu and shared it between two. This will not be enough food for an entire meal but we knew that. We added a crab roll at the end. Service was great, restaurant clean, bathroom not so much. Staff friendly. No tipping restaurant.

Marcos Kotlhar

Decent sushi but not worth the pathetic service. Was told the wait was 1 hour, waited 1:45 and we still did not get seated. Plenty of incredible sushi in NY with great service. Not worth the hype.

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