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REVIEWS OF Russ & Daughters IN New York

Matthew Puntigam

Bagels aside, an hour wait totally kills the lunch hour! Understaffed.

Leanne Luce

chloe gottlieb

Russ & Daughters is a living connection to ‘Old World NY’ updated for today. There’s nothing more delicious when you’re craving it, then a toasted bialy with chive cream cheese and smoked salmon from Russ & Daughters. The staff is always friendly and the quality is always high. Our kids love the new navy yard location!

Michael Fuller

Awesome bagel spot. Still pretty new but the lines are already there. It shouldn't take too long to get a bagel depending on when you go. Everything is fresh and it's a great bagel. Don't go here looking for value, because it's very expensive. But it's a treat.

aaron poritz

They operate at about 1/4 the speed as they do in the city. Soooo slow. If you go make sure you have 25-30 min available just to get your oder in, even if there is not much of a line.

Frank Taylor

The Navy Yard location falls victim to the fact that it's excellent food optimistically serving the horrid masses of New York city. From servers being bombarded by customers who think they are above lines, to those who bring toddlers and decide that they should let them scream at other customers, to the general disrepectful customers who wait an hour in line only to not know what to order, need to sample everything, and proceed to order 40 bagels and keep forgetting things. This is all made worse by the fact that the owner (long graying beard) is often seen walking around distracting the over-worked servers, and that the larger, bearded, red-headed man -- the one who appears to be a manager -- is almost always seen greeting his friends, taking their order personally, and letting them skip the ticketed queue that's been waiting for 2 hours. I'm usually a staunch of advocate of "rate for food, not for service." Russ & Daughters has among the best bagels in the city, and is part of the reason I've yet to leave New York. BUT, The Navy Yard location badly needs a manager outside of their usual family group, and one that can reign in those aiming to skip the line, those refusing to control their children, and those who simply lie about which ticket number is theirs. Hopefully they'll train a few more staffers and institute some rules that may help get this place run more properly, it would be great to not have it be more efficient to go the Manhattan location than the one in my backyard. Maybe a "orders of more than a dozen bagels require a day's notice" like bakeries do all over the city.

Joe Plummer

Same great bagels and lox but prepare to wait a long time for service.

Alexander Baldwin

Hope Gottlieb

Bec Vaughan

I *love* Russ and Daughters. But the ticketing system here means a long wait. We waited over an hour, and there were still 60 tickets left to go before they got to our number. We bailed...which was hard going when you have your heart set on their delicious foods.

Daniel Harris

Great food but they are so disorganized. You’re supposed to take a ticket and wait for your number to be called, but they routinely get confused about which number is next, call out numbers quietly, or take so long that people just leave. Sometimes they are dozens of numbers behind. It’s unnecessarily chaotic and it seems to take much longer per customer than other places.

Scott Kleinberg


Pat Finlay

Jason Stack

Still in the soft opening phase, but a good selection of quality schmear, breads, fish, and baked goods.

Patrick Mohundro

The orange juice was good but maybe it was just tang. The seltzer bottle sort of smelled like lox :( maybe they dropped a fish in the ice bucket

John Coburn


Best damn smoked sable I ever had.

Charles Barkley

Nick Pizza

The food here was absolutely outstanding. I didn't believe a good old bagel and locks could be this good, but oh boy it can. This place is a must stop, there are many locations so no need to come here per se but this was a nice location with indoor and outdoor seating as a part of the building it was in.

Adam Brodowski

Best bagel in the Yard

Michael Mirabella

Cali Hellerman

Christopher Carson

Yoomi Jung

I’ve been coming here in the morning on the weekends to get nova lox bagel. It is not as crowded as the one in Manhattan yet but the food still tastes amazing. My small pet peeve is that the bagel bread is sometimes a bit stale.

Jessica Siler

Louis Terminiis

Russ & Daughters was great....before they began making their own bagels, rye, pumpernickel, challah,bobka,black and white cookies.All goods were not good.The owner manager was hostile to my complaint.My schmeer and above item"s for $50 plus rubbed me the wrong way.

Mattan Ingram

Mateo Saidi

Crystal Cun

Came around 1 pm on Saturday, only had to wait a few minutes before my number was called, and my staffperson was really nice. I got an everything bagel with lox schmear for $4. You can see the bagel making machine in the back! A good addition for the neighborhood.

Will Anderson

Steven Cooper

Best lox in the world.

Emily Cintron

Nicholas Albanese

Expect a 1.5+ hour wait and poor service.

mike miller

Lindsay Fordham

Morgan Chadwick

Arsh Arsh

Good sandwiches. . Pricey$$$$$$! But it’s good overall. . . Enjoyed it.

Rachel Wolff

Albert Liu

Ordered a bagel and the bagel and pastrami lox was bursting with flavors. The only problem I had was the wait is very long. Took me about 20 minutes to order a bagel, however this was due to the whiskey festival taking place. However if you're hungry its a good place to grab a bite.

Mark Sherry

God finally arrives in Brooklyn....however one caveat....presliced lox anywhere but here. Please use the Manhattan location and save this one for me!

Dan Acton

5 hour wait for a bagel on a Sunday, based on experience today (we waited about a half hour watching the Now Serving counter barely move). Everything looks great but impractical as a place to order something to eat.

Cathleen Vasserman


Kelsey N

Love their stuff! Latkes and smoked salmon yum. Plus they have GF bagels. Much love

Keaton Johnson

Hate this place. Impossible to order even a simple item like a coffee without getting caught up in the mess of the counter line

Enrico Penzo

Michael Opalenski

Joseph P

Servers are very slow. Food is great but quiet pricey and extremely long wait times.

Dylan Z

I don't understand why anyone isn't giving this 5 stars. Don't be stupid.

Yehoshua Wolodarsky

Zachary Youngerman

Came on a Saturday morning. Not a long wait at all, helpful staff, beautiful replica in a corporate-y setting. The bagels were stale. Not inedible, hard stale. Just deflated, average barely able to be called a New York bagel, let alone iconic. I got sesame or everything, so the supply should’ve been moving quickly. The lox and the cream cheese were great, but didn’t make up for the mediocre bagel.

Kennedy Harsh

Probably some of the nicest staff I have interacted with. They have incredible bagels with a big selection to choose from. Try to get there early because they get busy! Also, yummy iconic black and white cookies.

Ranitri Weerasuriya

SO inefficient. I came here at breakfast and now it’s lunchtime...

Alexander J

Paulina Erni

DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKEND. There is a ZERO sense of urgency. I waited an hour for a bagel. Staff is very nice though.

Joshua Walker

Paul Yoder

Best place for Salmon and bagels in the world!!

Nicholas Delzingaro

The bagel with salmon is amazing. It is totally worth the hype and price. Service is slow but the service once you order is great. The high quality salmon and care with making the bagel is what pushes this bagel shop to the top.

Geri Brin

DO NOT go on the weekend. The wait will be 2 hours. They do not have enough help for the number of customers, not do they have enough pre-cut smoked salmon, so each bagel concoction takes them 15 minutes to make. Insane! R & D has excellent quality, but isn’t your time worth something?


Ivan Builes

Jeff Thomas

Ehh, it is a bagel store and the bagels themselves are pretty good. The scallion creme cheese was saltier than it should be. I didn’t ask for it toasted, they didn’t ask if I wanted it toasted but they did it anyway. If it’s 8:00am and they make it that morning, there should be no need, it just makes the creme cheese slide off the bagel. This location is challenging, I get it, but make the trek tor Myrtle or Dumbo or Downtown if you want something to really enjoy. This place will do when it’s all you have. Also, it is so clearly trying to be ‘old school “real” New York City bagel’ but like out of a movie, not like the bagel shop down the street you grew up with. The staff seemed as uncomfortable with the vibe as the customers.

dram5780 .

I love Russ & Daughters! I work at at the BNY and live in the neighborhood. I have been waiting since it was first announced two years ago for this to happen. The food is of the highest quality (as always) and the service is prompt and attentive; but your 8-4 hours make it hard for many of your potential customers to shop there. Most businesses in the yard work form 8-4:30 which makes it impossible for anyone who has to be at work by 8 and out by 4:30 to stop by before or after work. In addition, not being open on the weekends makes no one in the neighborhood or anyones else able to shop there. Are these hours set by the BNY or is there some flexibility?

Xavier Ames

I've never seen a more poorly managed counter. Huge line, no number calling, no hustle, no system in place at all. Very sweet, gentle, nice emplyees, but these people have not been trained. I saw one fellow repeatedly touch his HAIR while, slowly, making a sandwich. I waited 15 minutes and they got through TWO small orders. TWO. Didn't call any numbers as the numbers changed. I decided I was not going to wait two hours for them to get through the twelve numbers ahead of me so I left. I love r&d's food but this location is in desperate need of new management. This level of mismanagement is insulting to their loving customer-base and to their legacy as a new York institution. Shame on you, Russ and Daughters. Do better.

jade grieve

It took 45 minutes to get served - 15 minutes to make a basic order. The bagels are good but nowhere near enough to make up for that

Raizy Sokol

Nice open space. Very clean. You're able to see everything being made in the back room and in front of you. I waited 2 hours for my order. You must grab a ticket first thing when you get there, because each person takes about 10 minutes at least to complete order I arrived when they were serving 499 and I took ticket 576. They honor all tickets if you have one before 430 when they close. The staff is very meticulous to the t when preparing and weighing everything. A bit on the slow side because of perfection. Two more staff would of helped the wait go faster. The salmon lox taste fresh. Everything taste fresh. Tuna fish has minimal mayo (maybe none) but has celery and great taste. Challah is a nice big size - went well with the chopped liver. The coffee is really good and strong. They give out samples of anything if you request one.

cath kru

Food was very good.

Ms McCormick

Great spot! The wait is longer than in the LES but the counter is arguably longer because now they produce for ALL the other locations. I used to work there and the truth is that they place a high value on quality but this location still has a larger weight to carry. Sometimes sacrificing the speed of a cheap fast food convenience is the price to pay if you want QUALITY. PERIOD. Only thing I'd suggest is adding tiny pieces of pickle to the tuna

Jesse Meyerson

Delicious food and friendly staff. They were very helpful and courteous. Wide variety of choices in every regard. They make the bagels onsite and have many to choose from, have a lot of different spreads, and tons of fresh smoked fish. Snacks and baked goods too. It’s only in a soft open now so the lines aren’t like the original. Yet.


1.8.18 - looking forward to this food hall opening up. 3-stars until it's up and running and then the updated review will be posted.

Matthew Grandin

Breakfast and pastries and coffee. Bagels and schmear, or lox. Friendly, bright and has not been too busy the times i’ve gone. Soft opening for now (Feb 2019) but expanded hours and weekends soon is the rumor.

Jữnįör 888

I’m so glad that they here near home

Nerida Wilbraham

JoAnn Shain

Delicious bagels and lox with all the accoutrements!

JR Schroeder

Worst food experience I’ve had in 10 years. A long wait for mediocre food that is far too expensive.

Akoz2969 .

Yes the other reviews are true. I’ve never written a review before but watching the way this place is run has inspired me. Service is incredibly slow, workers sauntering around while people wait 20-30 min minimally for their order. My grandma can make a bagel faster than these people and she’s been dead for 8 years... Watched a few customers get fed up and leave. Watched some people cut the line and they didn’t check their numbers. I’m sure the food is great, think I’ll just take the ride to the LES next time though. Shame because I live right down the street. If any higher ups read this, maybe try vetting/ training a bit more before putting slow pokes in charge of this brand new location... Edit: Got food. Bagel is not fresh even though I spent my 35 minute wait time watching them make bagels. Girl added a pinch of capers and two little onions on a “fully loaded” bagel. What’s up with this place? Never again. Oy.

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

It's early days, but the brand new Russ & Daughters Outpost is disappointing out of the gate and that should not be happening at the Brooklyn Navy Yard because it is an obscure location that people will come to if they know they're going to get something good but not if they're not. I'd rather go to Russ and daughters in the city. The food was better! We waited almost an hour for a classic bagel with Nova and a schmear and it was mediocre. The bagel was dry and bready and the Nova, the tomatoes and the onion were skimpy for $14. The horseradish dill cream cheese was fine. We also got a black and white cookie, an apricot hamantaschen, and a traditional rugelach. The black and white cookie texture and frosting were all wrong and it tasted like almond extract which was weird. The hamantaschen was not delicious. The rugelach was just passable. It really seemed like they didn't bring the quality or the tradition from the city. I hope it gets better. The space is fantastic although I would have preferred it was a sit-down restaurant like the cafe.

Patricia Zavatarelli

Ksenia Prilepskaya

Pricey but totally worth it, if it’s more like a one-off thing for you. I don’t go there often so when I come it is special. A great variety of truly amazing fish products. Had a Super Heebster bagel, loved it. The staff seems uneven, but luckily I got a very competent person called Tim I think, with great people skills, also fast and keen on detail. Half sour pickles were not as great as I expected, more sour than they should have been - this coming from someone who is an expert half sour pickle maker myself. My bagel was great though, definitely coming again.

Andy Bachman

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