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REVIEWS OF North River Lobster Company IN New York

Carrie Wolford

What a fun adventure! We took our two teenage sons on this dinner cruise, if you will, on an early Friday evening. The crowd was a mix of what looked to be young professionals kicking off their weekend and tourists like ourselves. The two groups mixed well, the energy was high and the ambiance was exhilarating. Pricing was very reasonable. Surprisingly so for the city. Our server did a great job. So very worthwhile!

Bruce Weston

Great fun, good food, lobsters could be cooked a little more. Music is pretty bad, but overall it's good value and relaxing boat ride and the views are great. Cocktails are good, great for groups too.

Shevan Ward

Excellent customer service. The food was fresh and delicious. I truly enjoyed my time.

brenda curtis

Enjoyed my visit.

Vi Rodriguez

Great views, departs on time, great food and drinks, great atmosphere. We didn’t have the best customer service as the waitress seemed overwhelmed. Otherwise I highly recommend.

Angie B

My First Time was With Great Company. Food was Ok Sever was Nice. Clean up needs to be Fined tuned and managed.

KevoLosoBX .

It was a cool is expensive and the ride is short but at least the lobster roll was good. I wasn't expecting it to be a cold seafood salad kind of lobster roll but it was very good. I guess they do it that way for serving speed

Sha Sha

Beautiful scenery, music was great, and the lobster roll is DELICIOUS! If you order truffle fries, be prepared for a mountain of parmesan cheese on top. Kinda ruined it for me but, no biggie. Next time I'll know to tell them light/no cheese. Rate 9/10.

lisa berry

Had a great time!

Shauna Smart-Chavez

The ride was smooth and lovely. And the food was great, both seafood and meat in case you're a fan of one or the other. Drinks were good, wide selection. Great place to eat with friends: when the weather is nice and permits it

Peter Montemurno

Good food nice ride love going up and down the Hudson watching The View

Archie Bagby

The food was impeccable

Gabor Petlyanszki

Wish the boat would cover bigger areas of the Manhattan shoreline. I was very surprised how short of a distance we made before we turned around and docked again.

Alex Rosin

Unlimited rides per ticket! RIdes aren't long though.

julian velez

Always a great place to go with friends

Keith Mcwhite

loved it but the menu changed since I was there last no more Po Boy sandwiches


Good price, excellent service, for a relaxed day, I would go back many times. Jaime is an excellent waiter, very patient, very cordial, could speak with us in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Best regards.

Catherine Scott

Service suck but the energy is good. You have to chase down a server

Preeti Prabhu

We booked the North River Lobster Company for a small company team event. The service was great, reasonable open bar options and great lobster rolls. It’s also vegetarian friendly, everyone on the team was able to find something to eat!

wynston zero

Can't really see this attraction being quiet for much longer it was brilliant for sight seeing at night, you must take a camera with you

Christine Morris

The ride was great, everyone was kind, professional. The food wasn't as good as I hoped it would. I will eat before boarding next time. It seemed to be microwaved and prewrapped.

Arash Ari Aramesh

Really good seafood, great views, and our server was amazing. Worth the trip on the river even for a few minutes. Make sure to get inside early so you can reserve a table outside but under the shade. Not worth it to be inside the very slippery bar.

Raphael Rivas

I enjoyed the food and the nice little boat ride that came with it.

Mathew Raimbault

Straight up, this place is terrible. From not being able to get a seat, to some horrendous lobster, this is not worth it. Save your money and go to a real restaurant instead then take the free Ferry to see the statue of liberty after.

Andrea Hibbert

Love this, did not know about this.

Abner Boldsen

Thanks for the yummiest lobster in the world.

Richard Craan

crowded as hell, expensive drinks and food, short ride, but admission is cheap.

Anthony Iorio

Very nice definitely enjoyed the experience

Delilah Castillo

Great Lobster rolls. Nice ride. Friendly staff. Great for groups.

Denise White

Wonderful experience! I would go again and the food is very good

Nelson Nolasco

quick service. beautiful sail. delicious food. my server Erica T was quick on servicing my order , and explained the menu with understandable details, she was great. planning on visiting the lobster boat again!

Madlen Young

Great day on a boat up the Hudson River, along with lobster rolls and cocktails.

Nancy F

If you come here, you must sit outdoors! such a beautiful view! Everyone is very nice and attentive. The food is great too!

Prof. A Molina

Thomas Juliet


Morgan Bush

Such a fun day! The food and drinks are pricey, but it’s a good way to spend a sunny day. Would recommend!

John Moreno

Really nice, the drinks hit nicely and the view is amazing... I would encourage a trip around sunset. Great for a date night.

Ryan Kirker

The boat ride itself was awesome! However, everything is wildly overpriced. We ordered the 64 oz frosé pitcher because it is $55 and a 12 oz drink is $15, therefore it seems to be a better deal because it should pour 5 and a half drinks. However the pitcher was 75% ice, and only came out to pour not even 3 drinks. When we said something to the waiter he just shrugged and said “yeah that’s how it is”. Completely a waste of money for watered down wine. I would not recommend this to friends as this ended up being the most expensive drink (and not even tasty) I’ve ever purchased. Disappointed to say the least.

Jeff Plotkin

So much fun to be on this boat. The ride itself isn’t anything special but you can drink several buckets of beer and eat delicious lobsters for a reasonable price

Lyly Louanghaksaphone

We live nearby so this was a cool place to take guests from out of town. $10 fee each person to cruise on the boat. We went during lunch and the boat opened at 12pm, but it doesn't undock until 1:30pm. We went upstairs, ordered food and drinks and were able to finish our meal by the time we were cruising on the water. That gave us the entire time out to enjoy the sights and take pics. We went out along the UWS and back in 45 mins. Lovely time!

Mariel A. Santos

Great staff. Great service. Great experience. Who knew??!! Make sure to board early to try to get a prime spot. Got to see the sunset with my babe. Food is superb. Great corn on the cob and fingerling potatoes. Oysters are also delicious.

Shaterra Severino

The last ride is supposed to be from 9-11 but by 10:00 the servers were cleaning up shop. The staff is on the youthful side and weren't very attentive. The ride was nice. Bring a sweater duh.

Vivian Fung

View was great, food was so tasty, and the price was acceptable! However, the waitresses were a little ignorant and took forever to bring the cheque.

Kajavathanan Thadsanamoorthy

Had a great time in this ship. Awesome views of the city with awesome food. Employees are very friendly. Can go with your family and spend your valuable time there

Hans Hammarquist

This operation is a "pure" tourist attraction. The boat trip is a total waste. Nothing more or less. The food prices are OK, not overly expensive, but the boat trip I could have done without. Either you take the trip or the food. It took me longer time to finish my food than riding this trip. It also occurred to me that they were severally understaffed. The service was very slow. It took a long time to get the food and even longer to get the check. If you want to eat lobster, go to a lobster restaurant. If you want a boat trip, take the Circle Line. At least then you wouldn't feel that the trip was cut short.

Lois DeCaro

Had a fabulous time and our waitstaff, Demaris was the absolute BEST!!!!!#

Nicole Souch

Used to be a great spot but has gone down hill a bit over the years. Had the everything lobster roll and the roll itself was stale. Definitely better places for food but if you want to come drink & hang out in the sun, this is always a good option.

Christy John

Such a great time for a very reasonable admission fee. Food on boat is pricey but the view is great

Henry A

A bit overpriced but you’re paying for the experience which is a boat ride around the big apple for 45 minutes while drinking and eating. Food was good and the service was excellent.

Brian DeRoberts

Its was a fun boat ride. Food was good. Great views of mid town west. Definitely do it again.

Gretchen Priddy

Always a fun time! Pro tip: drink at the happy hour on the pier first! Corn dogs were pretty good. Food is a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but hey, you’re on a boat and it didn’t cost much to get on!


Cool trip around Hudson River. Food was excellent(had the lobster dinner) and service was great considering the amount of people on the boat.

Drue Malone

Bar little pricey. But not a bad spot.

ltaveras14 .

Fantastic but pricey

Jake Stewart

You'll spend $120 and still be hungry. This used to be a great way to take a short cruise up the Hudson and have a cheap meal. Now their prices have creeped up into the ridiculous category, and they're charging fees just to board. Food served on paper in a basket should not be this expensive. Just a tourist trap now. Congrats on scaring away the locals! #neveragain

Noshin Nisa

It was a fun ride! With decent food. My company paid for it so I am not sure about the price and if it was worth it.

Equach .

nice 45 minutes boat ride and great food. very enjoyable. recommended. you can stay on the boat all day if so wished.

Ally Edwards

Pretty cool. Didn't try the food but it looked ok. Go at sunset!

Alicia Lonnie

Fun good food

Naomi Manahan

Such a great way to get out on the Hudson River. Food was fantastic...I had the BLLT and raw oysters. Definitely planning on coming back.

Tim House

The Lobster roll was very good but beware it is around 18 and on a hot dog size bun

Maria Pinard

Excellent Food & Drinks very friendly staff. Magnificent Views of The City

Jubin Mathew

For $10 boat ride on the Hudson can't beat that! Enjoyed every minute of it! Food was amazing! So fresh! Only problem I had was they didn't service until the end our waitress said "sorry we missed placed your order." And I didn't even get soda even tho they charged me for it...I will try this place again. Just feel like they got to busy...can't wait to go back.

Tibonn Tibonn

Great Cruise great staff what's not to love

Charles Duncan Miller Renfro V

Can't beat a boat ride on the Hudson for $10. Decent drink list, good seafood. The snow crab legs are a good deal if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

Sagar Shah

Always enjoy taking friends and family visiting New York on this affordable and worthwhile cruise along the Hudson! Recommend locals to get the season pass!

Carolanne Florkowski

Nice night out, the ride is short but nice. Food is pretty good but pricey. Staff is very nice! Fun for a group of friends or a couple.

Zerline Goodman

Lovely trip up the Hudson.

Adam Braiman

The reviews for this place seem false, if you are looking for a boat ride on the water , then ok, but the food is horrible. Lobster not fresh, very poor quality meat and pricey, portions are reasonable but we barely ate any of the food because the lobster was practically inedible.

Michael Smith

Had a great time on boat. Went with wife, daughter and grandson. Food was great. Fresh with lots of options . Drinks were strong but expensive. They even gave out free vodka shots. Only complaint would be the shortage of servers and finding out on boat its NO CASH PAYMENT. Will return. ☺

Joe Scsepko

Total garbage , over crowded, lousy food, stay away

Chris Turnier

It was a fun experience. It was overall a bit pricey since we had to pay to get on the boat and the food was a bit pricey for the portions. However the service was pretty good and fast. I will be returning.

Vinayak Jhunjhunwala

It was ready amazing. The boat, the people and the weather. Time it during sunset to enjoy the maximum.

Joe P

Fare is only $10 too get on the boat. You can stay on as long as you want or until close, also available on board is a full menu restaurant (bar type food) or seafood raw bar. Food was delicious but a bit pricey. Got the Grays papaya hot dogs and parmesan truffle fries, a must try.

Aaron Pollack

Super fun. A great way to spend a couple hours out on the river. Lobster and beer...on a boat!

William Smith

Overcrowded and you’ll have a very hard time finding a seat outside on one of the decks, especially if there are more than two of you. Boat only leaves a few feet for about 15 minutes on the hours, so you end up spending most of your time on the dock. Service is overworked and you’ll need to order from the bar yourself. Food is decent though.

Gülşah Kılıç

Experience 10/10, service 5/10, food 2/10. It was a great experience and the weather was so nice we loved it, it is only 10$ per person to get in the boat but food is little pricey; we got a 20$ beef burger and 24$ lobster sandwich; which tasted meh. Burger buns were old and dry and the meat had no taste at all. Service was pretty slow; we had to wait to pay until after tour is over and new people were starting to come in. Just be aware; We figured out later that It is a place is where people usually go to get drunk and have LOUD conversations and LOUD laughs that may make you jump from your seat. And be there early if you actually wanna enjoy the view and weather, we were there 30 minutes before tour and luckily found one table on second floor, outside.

Quran Stewart

My first time here. I can’t believe it!

Carousel Collision Franchise

Nice ride thru city food is decent maybe a little more on menu otherwise a night experience

Vishal Patel

Food smelt and tasted good. Experience made it 5 stars. Good service and fun times. Great for family or groups of more. Enjoy as long as you please. Plus a basic full bar.

Luisa Bodden

Amazing experience and kids friendly

Jennifer Blakeman

Love the experience even if the food and drinks are overpriced. Sails up the Hudson every 90 minutes which is worth the $10 price of admission ($25 for a season pass). The key to seating is boarding right as the previous voyage returns. 3rd level back deck is our favorite spot and their specialty drinks (with or without alcohol) are delicious....


The neste placenta for seafood and relax

Santiago Bodden

One of the best boat rides! Good drink and good food.



Jennifer Michel

Company outing was beyond awesome thanks to the professionalism of this boat crew. Went in the summertime and boy was it well deserved. I have never been on a boat before so it was beyond pleasant for my first time.

Lucas Friborg Mitchell

Overall pretty nice experience, and cool concept. My only grope, was that there was an obnoxiously loud group nearby, but I can't really blame the restaurant for that.

mike cabela

Great lobster roll. Great little cruise.

Joshua P'ng

A bit pricey but delicious lobster rolls and nice cruise showcasing a spectacular Manhatten skyline

Rob Rouse Jr

North River Lobster Company is well worth it for the $10 entry price. It was a great cruise along the Hudson and offered spectacular views of the city. However, the food and drinks were outrageously overpriced due to it being a "tourist trap."

JoLinda Ruth Cogen

Great food. Great service! Nice short water trip off the hot NYC pavement. Reasonably priced! We went twice.

Damon Trestain

Food is relatively pricey, though most food in the area is. View was nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Alice Fox

Fun place for dinner

Jill Krebsbach

We have been waiting to come here all summer to try the 2footer Shelly sandwich.My fiance and I got tickets the other day for this evening. As soon as we boarded we placed our order and Oliver, our server told us they were not serving this sandwich. this is super misleading when you advertise this sandwich on thrillest and have it printed on your menus. He said they didn't have the large bun it comes on but we could order other lobster sandwiches. We each ordered one and shared the regular and the truffle parmesan sandwiches. The regular for 24 dollars, was pretty lame. It tasted dry and not super fresh. It seemed like more bun than meat. For 6 dollars more I recommend getting the truffle parm lobster roll which is served with fries and seemed to have way more lobster meat. Still disappointed they didn't have the Shelly. I don't think we'll be returning. Prices are outrageous and boat ride is super short.

Dima S

Packed, bad service, stuff doesn't let people to seat at empty tables. You have to be careful ordering food there, it's expensive and unless you ordered it at the beginning of the ride, you'll have to go for a second 45 min ride

shanquan singletary

Food was not the best. I got very sea sick

Jordan Smith

A little pricey but easy and fun. A nice little 45 min boat ride up and down the Hudson for $10 entrance plus $8-10 beers (bucket of 5 for the price of 4). Cool thing to do after work or if you need to burn some time before a Broadway show.

Elizabeth Riolo

Great concept and delicious food on the boat

Patricia Walsh

Menus has changed. The most did not go as far as the GW bridge as in passed years. Yet, the food and service was fantastic as always. Go early and order lunch. East and enjoy. Then when they sail you have plenty of time to take pictures.

Vreneli Esguerra

A very casua, relaxedl setting boat that circles around mid Manhattan only. 45 minute ride. We had our reunion there- 2 hrs unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks plus sandwiches( lobster, chicken and vegetarian) included in the meal .

Sarah Castro

Thought the tour would be longer!

Katrina Boone

My 1st experience on Lobster boat was enjoyable. The food was Okay. I had the fish & chip. The fish nuggets could be better.

Travis W

Good food and relaxing little cruise

Karen Kinyua

An excellent way to sight see New York city especially at night. Plus the classic lobster roll is one of the best.

Illyas Chhangur

The boat was overcrowded since guest are allowed to stay onboard multiple rides. At least half of the seats were reserved so it was very difficult to find a spot. Even for 2 persons. We had to share this spot with 2 unknown persons. We couldn't order when we'd like to, we had to wait for a specific person to come by, which took a long time. The food was good, but expensive. When we got off, our Pepsi had to be done before leaving their property. Which was told by gestures... This ride is nothing like it seems on YouTube.

Regina Carter-Garnett

Perfect views, great food and drinks

Erika Lee

Service was not great at all. My very first time on the boat. Was with a party of 18 people. They could not accommodate us. Told us it was first come first serve yet another large party of white people & the staff moved folks so the party could sit where they wanted. It's ashame folks still get caught up in the color of your skin. I will NEVER get on this boat again. The service & treatment was horrible!!

Inga Marie

Best kept boat secret on the west side. Inexpensive and awesome for groups. I have been a few times, including with coworkers for a team building activity. The lobster rolls are amazing, and the drinks are standard. It’s not a lot of money to board ($10) and you can stay on as long as you would want (go on 1,2 or 3 trips!). Nice views and it’s awesome to be out on the water.

Phil Probert

Fun quick outting on the Hudson River. The boat ride goes North which is nice. The food is great. The shrimp were very good. Lobster rolls were great. The little neck clams were great and the burger was too. In my opinion, the shrimp was the best. It can get super busy on the weekend. Try to get here early for prime seating. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Nicole Murray

good food and great views

Joaquina Pena Charros

Love it. Just get there like an hour before it departs, otherwise you wont find a seat on top of the deck. Inside the boat it's kinda cold!

Alessandro Finistrella

Very fun and entertaining. I went with my friends who've never been to NY before and it was great! Take the boat just before dusk and you'll appreciate Manhattan lighting up!

Quint van Zijl

Everything is overpriced, my drink was fully filled with ice. They only accept credit card payment. Almost all tables were reserved or taken by the people on the boat ride before me. And the boat ride itself is fine, but I expected more than just going up and down the river. And the weirdest thing is: I couldn't even take my unfinished drink with me outside of their terrain. The security person said "You have to finish it here"


Their lobster rolls are fresh and delicious. I also love their various other appetizers like popcorn shrimp and fries - perfect for sharing and perfect for eating on a boat with cold drinks

Wilson Alcantara

Nicer ride


Stick to the $10 boat ride. A few drinks and bites can quickly skyrocket into a few hundred dollars.

Joselin Skotiuk

Great view, the food is average.

Kitoko St. Furcy

Had a blast with my girls and the view from the boat amazing. Food took forever both on the land bar and boat bar!

Johlene van Zyl

Fantastic views! Good value for money!

Mark Hopkins

One of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. First when we sat down we asked to split the check, we were told we could at the end. The lobster was a little rubbery, the clam chowder was amazing and so we're the shark bites. Once the check was brought he said he could split it once we put our cards down we said we wanted it split by meal, he just split it three ways. He kept asking if we were done with our meals and removed part of mine before I said I was finished. We then got stuck on the boat due to technical difficulty and didn't see any wait staff from that point forward. No one ever said sorry at any point. It was terrible.

Carmyn Robey

I have a season pass to this place. Its very relaxing to go on a sunny day, get a fishbowl of the froze' and the truffle lobster roll. Saturday it gets way to busy. But the weekday between 4-6 is perfect

Zerlina Lin

You need to purchase a ticket for $10 to enter the boat. Food is not mandatory to purchase. They serve alcohol in small cups, souvenirs cups and a fish bowl for big groups. Their classic lobster roll was average, nothing special. The wait for truffle fries were horrible. From when I order my fries to recieving it, was roughly an hour. When I got my fries it was SOGGY, and the seasoning has clump up together. The view was okay.

Simple Simon

Food was delicious and the atmosphere was Divine !

Ashley Berman

Great food and fun atmosphere. It's only 10$ to ride. It's not a long ride to and from the dock, however you can stay on if you so choose. The service was awesome, very inviting and almost felt like a micro-vaca!

Gilberto Alonso

This place is a gem to New York City! I went there while on a trip and had a fantastic experience. Although the food is a little more on the expensive side, it's worth it! You also get a great view of the Manhattan Skyline at night while dining! It can get busy on weekends so a reservation is recommended. Would definitely go again if I am in town

Delita Andrews

I would have definitely given a higher rating because the food was delicious. What was problematic was that they had too many sections of the boat reserved for private parties which made seating a nightmare. Some people even had to get off the boat because there was no seating. Once my party got a seat they told us that there was going to be a private event in our section when we returned to dock so we would have to get up. the on-line advertisement says you can stay on as long as you like however they fail to tell you that at times more than half of the boat has reserved areas.

Haifa Alajlan

Good experience,Great for families and friends,Price is reasonable,No too many food options.

Marlon Daniels

Great food, customer service (thank you Shay) , wonderful experience

Kaila Hanley

Service was slow and inattentive and bartenders are slow and inexperienced. Good food. So if you are willing to deal with slow service it’s the boat for you!

Ellie Angelova

$10 to get on boat, stay as long as you want (boat rides included in $10 price). No frills, super chill place!

Mark Rasmussen

Good view of the harbor, quick place ti grab a drink and some munchies before embarking on a river cruise. You can see the aircraft carrier berthed from the dock as well as all other manner of cruise boats

Jerry Hadley

A very good time spent on the Hudson River. The staff is very attentive. The food is delicious and the boat ride was enjoyable.

Jeffrey Cohen

Only novel if you've literally never been on a boat before. Otherwise skip it at all costs. One star is for the nice woman working the dock.

Justin Porterfield

Go for the boat ride, get a soda. Do not get food, it's all overpriced and or poof quality. Lobster roll had Frozen and possibly part imitation meat. Lobster bisque is probably from Costco, was decent however. Chicken sandwich was average. Drinks are seriously over priced. Heck it all is.

grace white

Overrated and overpriced. Fine if you are a tourist 1/2 dozen shrimp 20.00 and only goes out for 30 mins and comes back. No dancing. Music only at bar or outside and minimal.

Yolande Hernandez

Very expensive and definitely not worth it Iwas very disappointed.☹️

Jelel Oller

A great place to enjoy a cold drink with a few friends on a hot summer day. It's open seating so a table is not guaranteed unless you have a party reservation that includes a food and beverage package. Great time on the water with a great staff!

Jenny Ng

Had a great time! It was a last minute idea and I was able to buy tickets online for $5. Got onboard for the 4 p.m. departure. We ordered food and the food/ service was fast and great. Not exactly sure how long we were out on the river. . . My friend and I were trying to decide what to do when we docked and it took off again, so we did the cruise twice. The 6p.m. departure was more crowded but not overly so. They did not try to rush us off and the waiters and who I assume was the boss came over to talk to us. The weather was perfect!! Will defintely do this again!

Jose Fernandez

The staff is very friendly. The food has great flavor and presentation but is not up to par with the prices. Overall, you're paying for the experience. You'll get great views and Instagram worthy opportunities.


Was a nice boat ride and the food was good(expensive)but didn't care for the service. We wanted to split the bill on 3 to 4 cards but they said only 2 cards because we were a group of 5 and they don't take cash.

Taisha M Rodriguez

Great service!

Cesar Blanco

Nice boat decent food. Dislike that the boat goes out and literally comes back every like 25 minutes to drop off and pick up more people. No complaints a bit expensive on the food and drink side but what you expect is New York


Service was ok. But food and drinks - terrible. Do not recommend you to try lobster here, it’s untasty. Let restaurants cook it for you. Drinks full of ice.

Raymond Fulton


Md Masudul Haque

Great was yummy.

Josh Warren

Fun experience. Food and drinks are pricey though considering the $10 cover charge.

Benjamin Pope

Average food but cocktails for days.nice place y To be

Christi P

Where should I begin! I was under the impression they had multiple boats, (it's NYC! on a summer weekend afternoon!) Only one boat was in use for the public, while hosting a private event. Which meant it was very crowded and we were confined to the seats we were able to find with no access to the interior. One manager was yelling loudly that some outside tables were reserved for the private event. A waiter came to take our order, then was called inside, then a new waitress came to our table 20 mins after, she started to take our order and the loud manager actually came over, said "I need you inside, I will send someone else for their order" and took her to the interior! Strike one! After a few more mins, a female manager came outside with water. We didn't say anything, she said "I'm sorry for the long wait, we have a private event and one of our managers decided to let some more guests on board, I don't mean to put it this way, but you could have been left on the dock on the line waiting"! Wow! That was rude and uncalled for, we were quietly waiting for service. Finally a new waiter came, instead of just starting with drinks, we gave our whole order because of the long wait. We ordered Hennessy with cokes (weak drinks, high prices), Rosé, three different lobster rolls, both clam chowder's, truffle fries, and Gray's papaya hot dogs. The Food did not arrived untill we made a whole trip! Then back to the dock with the boat almost ready to depart again! A very long wait, even the waiter was surprised we didn't get our food, he offered to go check on the order. The lobster rolls we're lacking in flavor, my roll was hard, I threw it away, the truffle fries were good. The waiters were overwhelmed but very friendly. The boat ride was very nice. However, not the experience I was hoping for.

corine coleman

Lobster was. The best

Jasen Kaplan

There is zero service! We never got our food. Zero apology from the waitress! The time sailing on the hudson was so short and frankly it wasn’t something I’d do ever again! We didn’t even have to pay the $10 for our tickets because the boat was broken and didn’t take off in time! Literally everything that could go wrong would! Who ever manages this experience should be fired!!!! It could be so wonderful, but all aspect of this went sour for me!

Edgar Morales

Loved it. Did this for My Birthday. Drinks were Great. Chilled Vibes and Bacon Lobster Roll was Good.

Joseph Sciacchetano

A great place stop when visiting the intrepid.

Delia Tafoya

A wonderful experience with a great view of Hudson River and Manhattan. Tasty seafood, beer buckets, lovely music, you seriously cannot go wrong. ONLY COMPLAINT: once we ordered our food we were swarmed by bees. Which I will still give them a five star due to them not being at fault.... Just something to look out for. It is quite expensive but that's to be expected with the experience. They do not accept cash for payment!!!!!!

Johnny Ortega

Fantastic time great service good food. Nice ride on this beautiful sunny day!!

Asteri En

I liked it better before they also charged for the ride. Back then, you could get a free boat ride, a WHOLE piece of fried fish, and less tourist trap-y items on the menu like a delicious fish taco (which is now no more) Now, you're charged for the ride and the prices have jumped even higher. Their fish and chips is just fishmeal nuggets, really. I think the place got a management change. Either that or they just decided to raise the prices. But even if the fuel is more expensive, that doesn't quite justify it. I am sad to say I used to be so hyped to come with friends. Now I'll just wait for trips to Boston for good lobster and seafood.

Ayesha Barboza

Make sure you get there early to get a spot outside!

Shirley Calderon

Great lobster roll w bacon and truffel oil!

Marshall Shaffer

Neat experience. The lobster roll on the everything bun is absolutely the way to go. Found the regular one very average - ratio of bun and lettuce to lobster was really high.

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North River Lobster Company en New York
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