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Snowcha Design

Ingredients are fresh and nigiri are perfect sized (which is very important to me) and great services by friendly knowledgeable staffs. We had Omakase, but the pace was too fast, some plates and Hashi-oki had chips and cracks. Otherwise everything was tasty, especially Toro and Caviar dish was impeccable! Well worth the price.

Sara West-Todd

Anyone complaining about the quality are a bunch of sanctimonious idiots that shouldn't be dining with the best Sushi Chef in the world.

steven shen

800 dollars for 2 people . you greedy as hell and not worth it

Raul Jimenes

Назар Бекерський

Bruce Zheng

Jinkai Gao

Excellent experience on sushi bar, great food, chef explains everything and feed you till you satisfy :)

karo aroutunov

Atticus Warner

For the price, I could have had a better day in NYC. I suggest going to an average restaurant.


Neel Patel

Paul Kelly

Very very good Japanese food located in the middle of Manhattan at the Time Warner Center

yonghoe1012 .

Wilson Led

It could be better.

Rocco Greco


Gregory Borys

Johannes Rubenbauer

Wenjie Song

Amazing meal worthy of their 3 Michelin stars. Impeccable service with attention to detail. Highly recommended for a special occasion!

Tulio Landin

Chenxin Li

Adam Hartley

Horrible and waste of money! Rip off and you will get sick.

Dan Nguyen

Enjoyed the omakase at Masa. Is it worth it? Some would argue yes and a lot would argue no. It was the last Michelin 3 star restaurant to cross off our NYC list. Thanks Masa for the wonderful cuisine. I'd only recommend it if you really love sushi and don't mind the price tag.

Will Gallagher

anil budha

Service was great.. however the food was nothing special. I think i might have had better at sushi agari

Tega Esievo

DISGUSTING the caviar was off brand. i wouldn't serve it to my french bulldog. The quality reminded me of fast food and it wasn't expensive enough to suit my liking. my daddy is very upset.

Paul Bentley

Jaehyuk Rhee

zhezhong li

Emily He

Larry Beck

Fascinating! 10/5 stars. The food was absolutely incredible. The customer service was outstanding. This has been the best experience of 2019 for me. I was almost certain Sean Penn was at one of the tables? I didn't want to ruin anyone's moment so I just kept it to myself (never will get a chance for autograph again). I suggested to the manager 750.00 - 850.00 per person would still pack the restaurant. She just winked at me and smiled (super cute lady). After my extraordinary, out of body, culinary experience; my pallet has never been the same (in a phenomenal way). You will see me dining with Masa even when the prices reach 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 per person. Money is only paper. The food at this establishment is an absolute work of art! This would have been Picasso's or Divinci's heaven on Earth. I am sure they would have donated one of their pieces to the restaurant? Thank you for giving my pallet such a sacred blessing. Anyone who has read this, I encourage you to walk through the doors of Masa and enjoy yourself. You deserve it! I never thought I would experience what I have in this lifetime. God bless and thank you a million times over........

Clarence Kam


Food was not that good, and I wouldn't pay over 250 for that. Might just buy the restaurant and turn it in to a dojo.

Miguel Diez

Tom De Wilde

Even if you can only afford to pay one otoro sushi, get in and get ready to cry :-)

Павел Берестов

Angie Bailey

The best sushi and experience. It's worth every penny and I had the most wonderful time dining here. The decor is simple and elegant. We we're lucky to sit at the bar. I kept feeling the wood, it was so soft. Lol. The food presentation was beautiful and tasted even better. Getting to watch Chef Masa make precision cuts to the fish and his sushi creations was like watching a performance and seeing the art. The flavors of the fish is so fresh. The service is also the best we've experienced. The presentation of placing the dishes in front of us at the same time (for the dishes not being made directly by the Chef). The sushi he makes gets placed in front of us one at a time. Constantly making sure our drinks are filled and never empty. Any little drop onto the bar gets cleaned up immediately. The use of phones and photographs are not permitted during dining. Only at the end a photo is allowed to be taken with Chef Masa. One of the dishes was made on some sort of paper which they treated and he autographed. Definitely going to frame it... This place is a gem and a once in a lifetime experience. I would love to come back! The price is very steep but so very worth it. The price also includes tax and tip, but not alcoholic beverages, unsure about teas and whatnot. I highly recommend Masa, so save up!

Kayvin H

marjorie cohen

Went for lunch with friends, food was just okay, server was nice but I think she forgot about us. I probably wouldn't go back.

John Buckley

japanese food and the feeling at this location is excellent. Stopped in on a Monday I think. I will be back with my friends.

James Liu

Sue Chang

WORTH IT (thanks to partners for treating me)

Chris Topher

The finest sushi I’ve ever had! Chef Masa is brilliant. The tasting was everything I thought it would be. A very impressive Sake list and an educated Somm that guided us in the right direction our entire meal. The restaurant is very small, 3-4 tables and the sushi bar. They only do one seating per evening and the experience is steady over 3.5 hours. Highly recommend

Hugh Fletcher

There is no comparing this experience. The quality of service and food is unlike anything you will experience anywhere.


Unbelievable experience I highly recommend this place to everybody

Hotel Horizon Santa Teresa Costa Rica

The best food ever

John n

Rosson Richardson

Troy Redd

Expensive but interesting experience. Try it if you can get a reservation.

Jingjing Zhao

Yihui Fu

Ricardo Devis

Ernest Edsel

An old pal from Bear Stearns invited me here. Brought back great memories of Sugita, one of my favorites in Tokyo. Similar in quality, service, and prices (high but what's low in NYC?). Overall excellent.

Charles Jacobs


(Translated by Google) THE BEST IN NEW YORK (Original) DAS BESTE IN NEW YORK

antonio falduti

M Mac

What an experience! You must sit at the chef’s table. Being so close to chef Masa while he delicately prepares each piece to perfection is one of the best parts of the dinner. The quality of all the fish is phenomenal, melt in your mouth! No other will ever compare.

Mark van Huisseling

When asked what his favourite restaurant was, the Swiss publicist Martin Meyer chose this one.

adriana palmano

(Translated by Google) Incredible experience another dimension guided by taste and atmosphere, "relaxing" light. Thank you very much (Original) Incredibile esperienza un' altra dimensione guidata dal gusto e dall 'atmosfera, luminosa "rilassante ". Grazie mille

Njål Ottesen

Probably the best sushi in the world❤

Candice Burkeman

A total rip off and not worth its price tag.

Any Carpet NYC

amazing chicken

Svetlana Z

High-end Japanese restaurant. Food is very delicious. Taste as real Japan. We are just back from Tokyo vacation . In this place we feel like we are still there. Many thanks to the chef!

xx z

One of those typical upscale American Japanese restaurants. Good decor, location, service, and everything except food itself. Don't know how this wave started here in states. It's probably good business, but I don't perticularly like the idea of running a restaurant like a hair salon

Ra ViCo

Kim Dillinger

Good but way too expensive.

Craig Sester

Recently visited masa from the west coast with some friends. We were trying to visit New York’s top restaurants. This particular place was surely a huge dissapointment. I was aware that I would be paying such a high price for food before hand, but was not aware the meal was a rip off based on quality, service, and ambiance. Not worth it all! Even worse I just seen a article where the FDA sent Masa restaurant a letter citing its unsanitary conditions it stores there fish. Now I feel ripped off and disgusted! I do hope this place would serve safe raw food if they are charging what they are!


Richard Wu

$595 per person for sushi is way too expensive. Not real worth it!


I recently visited Masa with some friends who invited us. I was so excited because all the hype and reputation this place has. I have heard my fair share of stories regarding the owner and his business practices who stands proudly in the center with almost with a I am God attitude who is forced to smile for his patrons who are spending for 4 people well over 3k. Essentially the food starts to not taste good when you can sense a thick tension between the owner, and all his employees. Again I heard he treats his staff horribly but it’s blatelently out in the open for the public’s view. I do not want to come to any restaurant, and especially a 3 star establishment and feel like I am in the middle of a “what would you do” episode or a practicle joke. The employees have a sense of forced urgency because of the fear that this head of the sushi counter will hurl a insult or scream to embarrass them. There is I believe the manager a skinny blonde who has absolutely no people skills, and speaks with a attitude that belongs at the local McDonald’s. Quite frankly I believe the foul treatment the employees is a direct result in there mediocre attitudes. The food is ok but there are competing places in the city with exact same quality of fish, with more than half the price. We went through about 5 to 6 small dishes before sushi. Some of the appetizers I would call them experiments which were very tough to like. The sushi was rushed and was inconsistent in shape, tempature, and the soy sauce they continued to drip on this black board that held the sushi pieces that came to our table. Overall when you leave you will feel completely ripped off, and taken back with Michelin’s discernment of 3 star restaurants.

mabel leon

I try to be very critical of why I did not have the feeling that this restaurant is worth recommending it to my friends or people that appreciate good food and here is why: We ordered a few things on the menu, the steak tacos were lacking the juiciness of the meat which seemed overly well done, chewy and almost tasteless with an undercooked cold tortilla. The mushroom soba was ok, nothing extraordinary! the sushi rolls: grilled toro suji, and Seared salmon avocado crispy flakes and the tempura asparagus were ok, just ok! the lobster shabu was good, not excellent. The decor is too diner like, yikes, the curtains need updating and the chopsticks, hello???for a "fine restaurant" with those prices? can they invest on better quality chopsticks? I would think so! I do not understand the hype about this restaurant. Service was good in general. The only bathroom was not clean!!! what a poor attention to the ambiance in general.

Steven choi

Mark Maker

Not bad

ahmad essa

(Translated by Google) It is a bit delicious but its prices are very high and I have a thought that would make it count less than $ 2000 (Original) لذيذ نوعا ماا لكن اسعاره مرتفعاا جدااا ولي بفكر يروح عليه يحسب حسابه اقل شي 2000 دولار

Paul Fredstone

Yes, the quality of the ingredients is superb, but for the price you'd expect something theatrically memorable. Have eaten at The Fat Duck, in Bray England and this simply doesn't even compare. The chopsticks were ordinary, the decorations something you'd get in a smart 4 star hotel. The toilet wasn't even clean. Then we get to the price. I get the feeling that the owner is secretly laughing at the willingness of his customers to pay over $600 per person. It's simply a case of people wanting to say they've eaten at one of America's most expensive restaurants. I didn't pay for my meal, and was a little embarrassed by the bill my host received. As a Londoner, I couldn't help but think he'd have been wiser dropping the $2000 on a holiday to London and a trip to The Fat Duck. I can hear the owner chuckling all the way to the bank, marveling at the stupidity of the rich.

Suzy646 Lin

(Translated by Google) gratis (Original) Grat

Rippy Roo

Trash. Can't wait for this place to get shut down for being awful

Allen Widjaja

Had dinner here with family, their foods were not that good. I won't bother to eat here if you are looking for a good Japanese food. However, great services by their staffs. Their Sushi was just simple nigiri sushi, nothing special about their sushi. Way overpriced for this restaurant. Not recommended.

Robert Horn

Ross Smith

(Translated by Google) 2016 3 Michelin star (Original) 2016 3 star Michelin

Matthew Morin

food was quite amazing, and the sevice was fantastic, would recommend going there, i never ate there but i bet its all that

Anonymous DoctorMD

I love this place. It's something special. Pricey, yes. But worth it.

Kali Kali

I had a wonderful time and I would not hesitate to recommend or go back. Thanks for a lovely evening!!

Xu Mark Lu

I was afraid that the atmosphere was going to be too serious before I went; George was wonderfully conversational and made it a pleasant experience.

Albert Metz

Had many great meals at Nobu, but Masa blows it away. If your not a foodie don't go, you will not appreciate it, and that's OK. If you are.....enjoy.

Or Offer

Don’t go here , mediocre food that is highly price, there is much better place to go around NY, we come and tried 10 different dishes, only one was good all the rest was not great, one of the dish was a kobi beef that they charge $150 !!! For the dish with out telling us. Stay a way !

Dan Kim

Brayden Mora

Everything is bared back here, to me it appeared the only thing on show was the food and that is a really good thing. Everything about the food was delicious really an eating experience a journey so to speak. Service was top-notch informative, friendly without being intrusive. We love Japanese food and have eaten it all over the world. I was very pleased that we made the decision to come here. Masa gives you an experience, In my opinion you’re not just eating food you are living it. The ingredients are top-notch and some of them very expensive for a restaurant to purchase which is probably why it is so expensive to eat here.

Chan Pop

Absolutely love going here. The sea eel is amazing every time! The service is great! This place is busy all the time. Lunch time is great if you go after the crowd leaves, before they close for the evening crowd.

Di N

The 15 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Joe Peluso

good sushi

David Gonzalez

If money is no object then I highly recommend this restaurant. Sit in at the sushi bar and having Masa Takayama's Omasake is something else. Everything was terrific. However, this place isn't really as good as the price dictates. Starting at $595 plus the $140 for the Kobe dish plus $300+ for wine we are taking about $1,800+ for a table for 2. You could go to Per Se and Eleven Madison Park for that price. Or any other combination of 2 NYC's 3 Michelin starred restaurants. So is it twice as good as these others. No chance. But I go back to my original statement. If money is not in the consideration then I fully recommend dinning here at the bar in front of Masa himself.

Lilian Fernanda de Paula

Ordinary sushi if it was a third of the price it would have been fine but I really felt stupid for what I paid.


An absolutely fantastic experience. Quite frankly the finest nigiri you will have in your life. If you appreciate true artisan ship then this is the place to go. Regarding the poor reviews to be blunt, this is not a commodity high end sushi restaurant. Only the best cuts possible are kept and the attention to detail is beyond meticulous. If you are comparing about the price to obtain reservations you are informed, that’s stupidity on your part alone.

Chris Combe

Rachel Viberman

Very unique ,one of the best Japanese restaurant., The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is very serene and. Pleasant.

jie Wang

(Translated by Google) Worse food and service! Very expensive (Original) worst food and service! 很贵

Neon Demon

Annabelle Edwards

Tom Paschall

trytuy fgfh

I cannot expected of the nice and beautiful decor of this restaurant, and affordable price of the foods!

the geeks chanel

Jill Huber

(Translated by Google) No good. (Original) No bueno.

Dillon D Jordan

Needed a place to have a business meeting and was recommended Masa. The food was above average and the staff was friendly and attentive. Only drawback is it’s way-way overpriced.

Alex Liang

You will be taken care of when you're here. * Reservations through phone 10am-5pm(number and email on their website). I made my reservation a few weeks ahead on the phone a reservation (the staff had a annoyed/arrogant tone on the phone when I asked a question) * On site staff was very attentive and friendly, very humble! * Simple but thoughtful decor with elegant Chinese Quince center piece * Extensive list of fine wine(I don't know wine but those prices makes me think they know what they're doing :) * Staff let us know that food pictures are off limit, but pictures of environments and people are A ok! * Omakase by the sushi bar for the best intimate dining experience (strongly recommended) * Fuji San was our sushi master and made us felt very comfortable and made us whole with his skills and wits * Shared Omi beef plate with black truffle (YMMV we thought the beef was more lean than other top beef but it was very tender and beefy without a lot of fat, very interesting experience) * Dessert served for our special occasion(lady M green tea cake that's much more fluffy than you can buy in store). But the real dessert was taking group photo with Masa San and Fuji San (Wow! what a way to remember our experience by.) The verdict: one in a life time experience for

Evangelos Adamakis

Masa, New York City Two complementary principles reign at Chef Masa Takayama’s eponymous restaurant—simplicity and the essential flavor of each ingredient. The dishes on the $595 tasting menu may be austere in presentation, but the lack of crazy flourishes is part of the appeal, especially when it comes to the parade of exotic seafood.

Howard Lee

Way overpriced for the quality and quantity of food. Total ripoff!

Paul Yoder

Best sushi in NYC.

Isaac Bruskiewicz

Idk it looked good on tv

kei kok

In the sushi bar, delicious food, the chef's excellent experience explains everything, Need more creativity and better execution

Daniel R

The greatest sushi, sashimi and tataki ever created by man! If you are in NYC and love sushi - this is a must. Expensive - yes but it is a once in a life time experience.

Ryan B.

This is The best restaurant in nyc. Love love the food. We really enjoyed our night here. The service is pleasant. Will come back

Jeff Dodge


Rik Bhattacharyya

Too expensive.

Lj V

Not worth price

Craig Olsen


Firoz Milon

yu new

We were quite fortunate to get a seat at the counter... And what a counter it is. A single piece of Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) sanded down to a smoothness second only to a baby's bottom. It was also the first time I had Fugu. Didn't really care too much for it ... Was hoping for some mild neurotoxicity but the reaction was not immediate... Most of the Numbness tingling and in my case expressive aphasia manifested after I was handed the bill. We also opted for the Wagyu with Truffles which was an additional to the standard Omakase. It made me happy to be alive. The sushi service itself was spectacular. No surprise there. My wife prefers it over Nakazawa. I prefer the latter.


(Translated by Google) Michelin three-star restaurant! Japanese food (Original) 미슐랭 3스타 레스토랑! 일본음식

Jiajun Liu

Tres Davis

Masa is great. I suggest sitting at the counter. The chefs are very interactive and friendly. The Toro Tartare with Osetra Caviar is one of the best dishes I have ever put in my mouth.

Twinky YT

Devin Vasoya

Juan Maldonado

Chris Moon

worth a visit! worth the price. thank you chef!

Arthur Isakov

They stiff people that work for them at every opportunity they get. Stiffed my buddy for 1500 bucks for plumbing work.

Karen Ho

Charles Wu

Thomas Tobin

Way over priced! Not worth it at all!

Ben Hossack

the food got me sick!

Olivier Sassine

Jonathan Lucas

Hamid H.

Buck Mrley

There was many waitresses in masa last time i looked that,Every proffessionals and waitress is very sincere,coperative and helpful and full of manner and food was also awesome i had.Thank You!!

Glendalee Gutierrez

if you people paid that much money for food, you're stupid.

Giorgio Castagno

(Translated by Google) I state that I'm not an expert in Japanese cuisine! Super experience, minimal and brutal in the hardness with which the dishes are studied, served and for the atmosphere of the room. A 360-degree discovery: flavors, combinations, preparation techniques ... everything ... a special memory in a special city with a special person! (Original) Premetto che non sono un esperto di cucina giapponese! Esperienza super, mininale e brutale nella durezza con cui i piatti sono studiati, serviti e per l'atmosfera del locale. Una scoperta a 360 gradi: sapori, accostamenti, tecniche di preparazione...tutto...un ricordo speciale in una città speciale con una persona speciale!

enzo murano

Japan in one world

Edna Banks

This is the best sushi experience in the world! So far. Having attended Jiro and Jiro Roppongi (Jiro’s son) sushi temples in Tokyo, Japan, I can say that Masa offers the same sushi quality in a much more relaxed atmosphere. The Japan experience is very stressful, as you are rushed and almost looked down upon, specially for a first timer. I was expecting the same at Masa, but was pleasantly surprised. Everyone is very friendly, the conversation with the sushi master is fluid, as well as with the staff and sommelier. The pace is fast, but not rushed. The explanation of each piece is thorough. My favorite was the minced toro with caviar. Wow!

Jianpu Huang

Rui Miao

Best sushi I've had in New York so far, but given then price it didn't surprise me. Nice atmosphere - but awfully quiet.

Kjersti O'Connell

Loved it. Chef is so personable. Great flavors.

Justine Hsu

Wayyyy too expensive for what it is! It was an excellent meal, no doubt, but definitely not worth the price. The vibe was also too formal and we felt stared at.

Peter Gumaer Ogden

Some of the finest Japanese cuisine that we have ever feasted upon.

Eugenio Kuri (Student)

Erxiang Mo

Excellent experience with MASA....595USD plus tax but the price was already included the tips (hooray!)for sure will come again to try next season menu......wish next time I can become their VIP so I can post some dish pictures....Oh I just dropped my wallet.......

Suzzane Rubino

Big let down, service was mediocre, and sushi was not worth the price they charge. You can get the same meal for more than half the price at other Michelin star sushi restaurants in the city. It was extremely dissapointing to spend that amount of money and get such a poor experience. Don’t waste your time or money! I feel bad for the friends who invited us that paid the bill!

Kanako Obata

Price and taste do not match. This is not Japanese food. American style Japanese food. Especially sushi is not good.

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