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89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States Located in: Grand Central Terminal

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REVIEWS OF Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant IN New York

Lisa p

Oysters were fabulous, service kind, but waited al little too long for the oysters & the fried scallops though sweet were a little over-cooked

Kim Gieseler

Disappointed. Went for my 50th birthday. Service mediocre. Out of tuna. No options for kids. Oysters were good at least. Not the dinner celebration I was hoping for.


Visited on a Friday evening in summer about 8:30 PM. The dining room was perhaps 3/5s full. We were seated promptly, but it took a little bit of time for water to come, and even longer to receive our drink orders. The "Vesper Martini" is wonderful, when it came, and the pour was generous - each martini came with the rest of its cocktail in a side glass for us to pour in when we were ready. I had forgotten about that. We had the shrimp cocktail app, which had 5 or 6 quite large jumbo shrimp, and was fine. I had the scallop pan roast, and my friend had the shrimp pan roast. It's a bit of a misnomer, because the liquid is indeed reduced in the pan, but then cream and sherry, etc., are added to make a sort of stew even though the stew is a different thing. Even so, it was quite good. Our service picked up after a slow start, and was quite fine after that.Our desserts were excellent! I'd definitely go again!

Rachel Luxemburg

Service was apathetic at best. Good food and a nice wine list, though.

Sergio Bencivenga

I'm not sure what else to say that many other reviewers haven't already said. This place is awesome and on point. The oysters where outstanding, my wife's meal was delicious, and the service was flawless. Just outstanding.


Lovely, old-fashioned restaurant - a NYC landmark at Grand Central Station) - with excellent seafood dishes (try the shrimp scampi with coconut rice). Friendly service, a little pricey. Highly recommend.

James R

Love my oysters. Did not disappoint

Wayne Rountree

Great we go into the city 4 or 5 times a year. We take the train. When we get in our first stop is the Grand Central Oyster Bar. And when we leave we finish our trip there. This time my wife had the Shrimp and Lump Crab meat Salad pricey but really really worth it. Will get next time.

Lori Cordero

Service is excellent but i just wish they give you more food for the price you pay

Jeffrey Nichols

Amazing oysters! We had 5 different kinds and all were excellent. Highly recommend for good food. Drinks were also very good

Walter Bettens

Great place to have sea food. Tucked away in a corner, as quiet as it gets in busy Central Station. Friendly staff too.

Lorraine Lowe

We had a guided tour and it was worth every penny. Cost 50 dollars and well worth it. Very informative guide.

sheldon klinger

This is one of my favorite places to bring guests , when I am in the city. I love the oysters and service. Don't forget to stand in the corners of the entrance to talk with your friends. The sound carries over the rounded ceiling.

Theresa M

Great landmark restaurant! Lots of choices for Oysters and other seafood. Tried 3 different ones on the half shell-all were great. Also had cherrystone clam stew which was so good. My son had the largest fried shrimp we've ever seen. Definitely worth going!

richard martin

Our food was served luke warm, they brought the wrong meal for one of our partie. Very disappointed as we had made a special effort to go there. How ever the surroundings are beautiful

Life, Love, & Lattes

You have got to come here if you visit NYC! Order the Oyster Rockefeller for an appetizer and the combination Pan Roast! So delicious. In the picture is the oyster pan roast but I tried both.

Yanfret Umstead

I had a great time here. I expected the place to smell fishy but it didn’t have any smell at all! It was clean, the waitress Evelyn was nice and the food was fulfilling. A good place to have a meal and chill.

Joel Merry

First time for everything. Visiting NYC from Maine, and excited to see and sample these Pemaquids and Nautilus. Excellent!

Aniko Magyar

From 1913 To Today. A New york Institution. For over 100 years the Grand Central Oyster Bar has been serving the freshest oysters and seafood in New York City.That place is popular for its large variety of oysters. The menu is online available to , take look! Its located on the ;1 floor on Grand Central Station. You can either sit at the bar or wait to be seated at the restaurant for a full meal. The bar and had some oysters and a crab salad roll. Simple but very fresh. WiFi is working and nice bathrooms very close to Metro North travels or Subway Station, Shuttle

Bruce Davison

Awesome restaurant, awesome seafood, elegant main dining room with a super-special arched ceiling. The bar in back is more "Old-New York". New England clam chowder and clams casino are my favorite but the huge menu has never disappointed me. Oysters are a Specialty, large selection daily. Also a counter for commuters to eat and is on the lower level of Grand Central (train) Station, also worth a visit.

Stephen Vaccaro

So much good stuff to choose from. Settled on Fried Oysters and Fish and Chips. Was delicious. The simple stuff is always the best.

Mercedes Tarasovich

Great food. Outstanding array of oysters at the raw bar.

TauaColin Natanielu

Some beautiful food in a very comfortable vintage setting. Worth the visit and would definitely recommend. Only reason why not 5 stars, the portions could be better for the cost and it took the 3rd course of 5 before our Waiter developed a sense of smile to his service.

Rob Wang

It was a great dinner. Food was so fresh and delectably prepared. The ambience was cozy and the architecture was beautiful. If you're staying at the Grand Hyatt it's a great short walk, so cheers! Our waiter completed the night.

Effie Foster

Classic. Old school charm. A must visit if you like seafood and ste in grand central

Richardl Wingate

Great food and decent service. A little noisy. But quite pleasant

Low Jia Ying

Truly terrible experience! We came in on a 2pm on a Saturday. The host barely greeted my family of four when we walked in. And when he showed us to our table he threw the menus down onto the tables and walked off! Goes without saying that we were incredibly shocked and walked right out. Never coming back here.

Fatima Pena

Excellent food, service Is a little loud, but otherwise great.

Adam Ornowski

A visit to grand central station was on my list of things to do and while walking around we spotted a restaurant inside just off the main hall, the food was good but definitely not modern but sometimes this can be nice, the menu was huge and a little hard to decipher (hate to be a chef here prepping for all these meals) but we eventually chose a selection of oysters some clams and a couple of lobster rolls. The food was nice the place was clean but it was I bit expensive I feel, but I guess seafood is usually expensive so it might be on point.

Elizabeth Long

We sat at the bar and had a lovely meal of she crab soup (chock full of crab and nice and hot) and fish tacos (also very good.) My husband had a few Chincoteague oysters and pronounced them wonderful. The best treat was the lovely service and conversation with Marcellus, the bartender. He was a real treat!


Terrible service, mediocre to poor food. There might be some good seafood here but you have to work hard to find. Very disappointing for an NYC restaurant. Go somewhere else.

Adam Ohashi

The Oyster Bar is an institution and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Everything from the service to the atmosphere to the food is well crafted and worthy of multiple revisits. Most importantly it doesn't take itself too seriously, which keeps it accessible to all.

P Lue

Great place to go for oysters and wine. Very large oyster selection with fast service. Waiters are very attentive and knowledgeable about the seafood selection. I would recommend this place for a meet up before you need to catch a train.

David Kramarsky

The best bartender in town, and the fried oyster po' boy might be the best lunch in the city.

Angel Roque

Absolutely delicious. Fresh and perfectly seasoned.


Cafeteria quality food and service at fine dining prices. Unless you’re desperate and this is the only option open, there are plenty of restaurants near Grand Central that offer much better quality food at lower or similar price points. I spent the first 10 years of my life on an island and love fresh seafood, this is one of the worst seafood meals I’ve ever had in my life. I only finished my food because I remembered my grandpa used to tell me not to waste food, think of the starving children in the world. Service was succinct and my server literally walked away after telling me about one oyster. Did not wait for my response, take my order or return until 10 minutes later, after I flagged him down again. Probably should have been a sign to leave at this point, but I was starving after getting off the metro north. As it was, I just picked one based on his only suggestion and two more based on what I guessed they’d taste like. The price of oysters is on par with The Sea Grill and Ocean Prime. The quality is less than 20% of the other two places. There was green algae on one oyster as you can see in the picture. Tons of shell chips in each oyster. The salmon is literally the worst piece of fish I’ve ever tasted. I love sushi, so I didn’t mind the medium done part. However, I’ve had similar medium salmon at other restaurants such as Morton’s and the fish was hot on the outside and had that hot fresh from the broiler slightly crisp taste on the char pattern. This one was more rare than medium. Overall just barely lukewarm and soggy but on an exceedingly hot plate. I’m not eating the plate, it’s the fish that mattered. I had to cover the fish and the accompanying mushy veggies in salt before I can eat any of them. Suffice to say, I will not be back. Eat at your own risk.

Axel Müller

Huge and spacious oyster bar located inside the Grand Central Station (with different kind of rooms) where you can find a big, great and various choice of many different fresh oysters amongst others! It's liked and popular with tourists as well as with local people who enjoy some afterwork drinks & food. For that it can be a little bit crowded & noisy. But the food is tasty and delicious anyway. It's always worth a visit. Come in and find out if you like seafood!

Lisa Rothrauff

The service was terrible. It took an hour to get uncooked appetizers and twenty more minutes for the rest of the meal to arrive. My pan seared cod had a layer of liquidated grease that filled the skin. Initially, we had a somewhat pleasant server but then, another server who was quite rude and negligent took his place.

Peter Matragrano


Cassady 34

Is it unusual to have extraordinary food underground? Yes. Is it expensive? This is New York. But it’s the best food in the world! And it’s been around forever so it lives in hearts of many a New Yorker. AND if you just want to grab a bite for a couple of bucks, walk over to the counter area and have clam chowder or an oyster Po’ Boy (a warm New Orleans-style hero). I just made myself hungry. Imma head over there right now!

Pamela Hannigan

Food was great, busy atmosphere & upbeat environment. Unfortunately I have to give my experience a low rating due to me being disrespected by a hostess by the name of “Kady” or something close to. Tall girl with a very harsh attitude. I remained calm about her rude behavior but I certainly won’t return if that is who they are leaving the responsibility of providing a welcoming environment to their customers to.

Heywood Jablomie

Great setting in Grand Central Terminal, and the food was acceptable if a bit overpriced. The service left a bit to be desired, though: We sat for 15 minutes before our waiter approached us while checking on the table next to us twice. Once he did take our order, he disappeared. When the appetizer came, another waiter wandered the section, calling out, 'Someone over here order the cuttlefish?' A third waiter actually delivered our food, placing the wrong dish in front of each of us. Our original waiter finally appeared again, and I was able to flag him down to get the check, which was the only thing that arrived at our table promptly. The guy refilling the water glasses brought his good stuff, though.

roberto eckersdorff

Amazing experience. Such a great ride, place and atmosphere, for the only purpose of eating oyster. Try the tour going from Sweet to Salty ones and styles. Really impressive..

Fred Irvin

Go where NYr's go for lunch or evening meals, focused on seafood. Not especially quiet or intimate but there's something comforting and nostalgic about this Grand Central Station restaurant. Oysters arrive from the four corners of the earth, and wait staff seem to be choreographed in their efficiency. Get out of Times Sq, come to sanity, busy yet civilized, enjoy delicious food!

Mark Zimmerman

Very good. Our server was funny. Oysters were great. Apple pie was cold almost like they just thawed it out.

Joanna Victoria Masjoan C.

Still good. Good quality oysters at any time of the yr. + THE OLD MANHATTAN. Pity just too noisy and packed in the Oak room.

Andre Bellinger

It's a very nice place to visit and there are plenty of places to eat.

Amy Miller

As a native New Yorker I couldn’t believe that I’ve never sat at the counter at the Oyster Bar. I finally did one afternoon and got immediate service with a terrific waitress. I ordered a bowl of New England clam chowder which came with a roll and crackers and butter for $8.95. It was absolutely delicious and I couldn’t even finish it. The stools have backs to them which is a must for me. Plus I had a great view of the restaurant. I will go back again and again and again!

Rob Simon

Nice atmosphere, conveniently located in Grand Central Station, and competitively priced for that market. Also great service with nice extras. Considering the restaurant name and menu offerings, I expected to be more impressed with the New England Clam Chowder I ordered, but the in-house fresh-made rolls and ice cream were stellar.

Susan Tabak-Proto

Service was good. Raw oysters selected were delicious. Scallop special was good, but a tad overdone.

Andy Buck

A NYC institution, and a perfect stop for a quick lunch. I recommend sitting at the counter for oysters and sandwiches, but the full (and somewhat pricey) menu is available throughout the restaurant. The offerings are simple and straightforward, but all solid. Phenomenal selection of oysters, and the chowders, lobster roll, and fried seafood sandwiches are no slouches, either.

Jan Klein Poelhuis

Good oysters, busy restaurant and staff. Honestly I like this place. It breathes tradition and the venue is very beautiful. Unfortunately it gets so busy that the attention for customers get somewhat lost in the process. I found the staff rushed and not very informative after asking for recommendations. When I got the bill I left a small tip. Then I was friendly reminded that tipping 18% was recommended and was requested to increase my tip. I'm more than happy to do so when the service is good, but not when it is lacking. Oh by the way: oysters are great (although weirdly supplemented by ketchup). Would not order fried food here again, only oysters.

Benny Hamblin

Several thousand years ago before I began taking on human form I spent several reincarnations as a clam. Because of this I have always been leery of seafood. However upon trying the fried fish here I say let my brethren parish for to become such a tasty treat is a noble death indeed. 5 Stars.

Jeanmarie Boben

How did I miss this place for so many years? Old school, classic NYC experience that still has a rockin vibe. Obviously, you go there for the oysters -- and yes, somebody did ask me what to order once.

Michael Gofman

This place is a New York staple. This restaurant is very deeply rooted in New York culture. It has been around forever. Everything about it is very mid century New York. If you ever wanted to hang out with old school locals, this is the place to have a seafood meal. (Even if you are not a big fan of seafood, this is the place to finally get it)

Tyler Anneliese Moselle

You just can’t go wrong here. The cocktails, the ambiance, the soft-shell crabs... and, of course, the oysters all add up to a timeless trip back to the early 1910’s.

i d

I liked this place. The restaurant is very nice and spacious in the inside. It gives you a very 1920s feel. Apparently it had very large bathrooms and a some sort of retro salon in the back according to my friend. The waiters were hispitable and prompt in their service. I had the fried oyster platter. I liked it. May get it again. I asked the waiter for recommendations for an inexperienced raw oyster eater. He recommended the Bluepoint Oyster. It wasn't over powering and there was no funny aftertaste. I open for trying more next time. I will be back to try other items on the menu. Be prepared to spend $25+ for meals regardless of the time of day.

Jay D.

Reasonably expensive, fresh seafood ( and more). Good service. Great selection of raw oysters. Good wine selection. Accepts reservations. Can get busy. When at Grand Central Station, NYC,. I try get to visit.

Juliet Alexander

I come here every time I visit NYC. It's the Grand Central Terminal staple. But you have to sit in the Saloon!

Douglas Lauper

Cool old atmosphere, over 106 years old, fairly quick service and the food was very good

Mark Aa

Decent oyster bar right in the Grand Central Terminal. Pretty slow personnel, prices are a bit high, but the oysters were amazing!

M. H.

The food was so disappointing. It had absolutely no flavor. It was very bland. It definitely didn't live up to the hype and I will not be eating there again. The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the waiter was nice.

Anthony Phillips

I love this place. I cant come to NYC with out getting a dozen oysters from here. The have the best selection of any place I've ever been.

Isabella Futrill

So good! The margarita is THE BEST. Loved the steamed potatoes and scallops.

Jesper Brøns-Poulsen

In this fantastic decor style place, we chose the restuarant to the left of the entrance, got good service and food at a very pricy level. $207+30 tips (which was actually lower than recommended on the bill!!), Rockefeller Oysters are recommended for beginners and were super. Breaded and fried clams were also a treat, and the main course fish plenty and good. Sea Bass was fried almost to perfection, and the Arctic char and Norwegian Salmon also. The latter was btw served with a fantastic hollandaise. We will go there again, when our savings allow.

Douglas C

Food during happy hours were good, but both times we went the services we has were awful

Lucy Fiore

The fried clams were soggy, the lobster roll had fennel seeds in it and that's all you could taste. The cranberry juice is from the gun and too sweet in a drink. This place is just a tourist trap.

Duayne Bellew

Excellent Lobster roll. Wife had coconut shrimp and by far the biggest shrimp we have had in a long time!!!!!

Paul Ravening

The best. If you go to New York you have to go to the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Great oysters, shrimp, soft shelled crab and catfish fingers. Nor forgetting the excellent service and wine list. When I am back in NY a definite return

Daron Williams

What a pleasant surprise. Tons of seafood and soup. Delicious.

Amanda Schwallie

Fried oysters and fried scallops we're awesome. Great service too!

Courtney Godfrey

Disappointing customer service. As we stood at the hostess stand with arms full of luggage, they refused to seat us until the third person in our three-top arrived. So we asked if we could sit down as a two top until she arrived, closing our tab before moving. They refused. The dining room was only about 10% full and there were open tables everywhere. It was obvious the three hostesses working that day were un-interested in our business, and were extremely rude. There are plenty of wonderful oyster bars around New York, I would suggest going to those instead.

Dorothy Kaufmann

Great service and quality fresh fish. Marcelo, Robert and Ty are the best and there is always a fun, interesting crowd.

Takumi Rai

Great oysters and clams! Im from Seattle Washington and I know what fresh shellfish are. These guys always provide the best of East and West Coast! Always satisfied with the quality of seafood. It's so unfortunate, the most of servers/bar staffs are very unfriendly and rude.... or fxxxing a-holes. Poor oysters, they deserve to be served by better people...

Jay Rajani

I went back tonight and the food, drinks and service was terrific. Really enjoyed the oysters, fresh as always and the beer was great. Awesome lobster pan roast during my last visit.

Edurne Alvarez-Öhman

Come for the food, don’t let the dismissive/straight up rude service at the actual center bar affect your experience... I don’t get it. Everyone else is wonderful- try the lounge, restaurant or saloon if you want to enjoy your visit. My girl in the ladies restroom always makes me feel missed! Been coming here with my dad since the 80s and it’s my favorite spot on earth.

Willy Bernardo

Famous oyster bar, fresh and delicious oyster, the clam showder didn't wowed me, but overall is an experience while visiting grand central Station.

Lara Star Martini

This place is a N.Y. GEM. It’s a slice of nostalgia, and it has stood the test of time. This adorable seafood place has a Saloon, which is their bar area, right from the 70’s. They haven’t changed their decor in decades. Same with the bar in the central area, with their vintage white chairs under their dark wood tables. The place is bustling, loud, and incredibly delicious. I couldn’t even finish my raw bar sampler- and it was just 8 oysters, 2 clams, 2 mussels, and a couple shrimp! The ceiling is gorgeous with their vaulted herringbone tile (to match the rest of the station). The food is top quality, the experience is one of a kind, and it’s a NY tradition to experience. The only downside is the bathrooms- haven’t been renovated in forever, but I’ll give them that.

Alyssa Dickens

One of the only places we actually planned to go to while in NYC and it did not disappoint. Our waiter was fantastic and helped us pick 12 different kinds of oysters to try. Fantastic experience! Cant wait to go back!

Allen Widjaja

Pretty good variety of oysters here. Good service as well. Recommended to dine here.

Ben Weber

Classic oyster bar filled with history. Highly recommend. Service can be hit or miss depending on where you sit. There’s no windows, but the atmosphere is still great. A NY classic.

AJ Stich-lo

Went for some oysters and a cocktail, got there around 9pm and no one wanted to assist us. Hosts eyes would shift away from us, passing servers avoided us and hustled past. We found a cashier and asked where we could sit and he was nice enough, however a server came over and contradicted him and pointed us in a direction where there were not enough seats (the counter area). Finally we just sat in the bar and the server reluctantly rushed us for our order. Oysters we're good, drink was nice but severely overpriced. Most of the menu is priced quite high. That sidled with the passive aggressive avoidance is enough for me to avoid this place. Nice interior though.

Shawn Adams

Food is pretty good but overall I felt the place is overrated. The clam chowder is definitely not even close to the best I have ever had. Stop in but bring your wallet and someone else's as well.

Dariia Ziganshina

BEST place ever for oysters and seafood! Dimitriy is the best !

Dan Lindsey

Awesome!!! We were looking for a place to eat in Grand Central Station, and when we came across this restaurant we had no idea how big it was. They were family friendly and food was excellent. We will definitely come back next time we're in New York City. We saw a live taping of an Oyster film, it was fun and exciting.

Marc Berenzweig

Classy place in the city for lunch and never get better Seafood always fresh with his grandma around like a bunch of happy monkeys trying to serve you quickly. No trip to the city she will miss this place

Eric Irwin

Great happy hour, though you have to sit in the lounge or bar area (so limited seating). The raw oysters ($1.35 each) and clams ($1 each) were great, so were the fried pursuers and calamari. The server has a lot of tables so service was a little slow. Without happy hour, the bill can add up quickly, though.

Ricardo Behrens

Love this place!! Oyster selection is out of this world!

Larraine Criss

Love this place. Friendly people and great oyster soup

Leo Rodriguez

This is a New York classic that never let's you down, and located inside the magnificent Grand Central station. The oysters are amazing and great variety. Do it right, add horseradish and the vinegar! Have drinks the wine and cocktails (martini

Brayden Mora

This is our fifth visit to the Oyster bar in the last 18 months. It is a must go to on every visit to NYC to visit our son and family. We always go to the Saloon, just like the atmosphere there. Wood paneling, sailboat paintings, we love sitting and eating at the bar. My friend and I always start with a selection of raw oysters with our wine or cocktail. We get a mix of east and west coast Oysters representing sweet to briny on the flavor. Always fresh and wonderful. Tonight I had the grilled swordfish and she had the lobster stew. Both excellent, swordfish grilled perfectly, still moist and flavorful, big pieces of lobster in stew. Another great outing at theOyster bar. We’ll come again on our next trip.


yummy food great service yum yum in my tum tum

Mũi Đẹp VIP

Interesting place This station is worthwhile to visit, very interesting construction. Also several good places to eat. Quality food is definitely available.

April Yeung

AVOID THIS PLACE. TOURIST TRAP AND THE FOOD IS NOT CLEAN. I would give 0 stars if I can. Terrible service, the food was not fresh and overpriced for what it was. I went for my birthday and was horrendously disappointed. Not only that but I also got a slight case of food poisoning. My partner and I ordered the shellfish platter with half lobster. Lobster was cold and meat was tough. The oysters from PEI were bad, I had one and it tasted horrible. Restaurant overcharged the platter (was 50.95 but charged 51.65). When I tried to dispute the bill I only got a sorry. Servers were rude, the one bringing the food had his fingers touching the food when he was introducing the plate. Overall a terrible experience and I would not recommend to anyone. Especially since it was half empty on a Saturday evening. Save your $100 dollars on a better restaurant somewhere in the city.

Joanne Torres

There’s something nostalgic about this place, it feels like you’re in a movie in the 90s whenever I go there. The oysters are fabulous and the wine goes very well. Also, if you’re feeling under the weather the Manhattan chowder is a great picker upper.

Christos Zafiropoulos

Very good oysters! Duh! Most amazing char fish salad! Super loud atmosphere.

Theresa Daddona-Traub

If you go, just know it will be for the history and the ambiance. The food and the service are terrible and the manager does not care. Bathrooms are gross. Servers are rude. Food is horrendous. Server told us several times that he was clocking out soon, basically rushing us out of the restaurant. Our reservation was for nine and we arrived 45 mins early and they sat us. Can't imagine if we would have arrived at our reservation time. They put a big bowl of butter pats on our table, even though they were out of bread. So the butter just sat there throughout our dinner as a reminder that we were not getting bread. Just straight up apathy from management and server.

Julia Fink

An extensive menu, too many tasty choices to only go once!

Wheelie O

Overrated...My family and I went to the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant because we heard wonderful things about it, but our experience was anything but. First, we didn't receive bread and had to ask. Once we finished our bread we asked our server 3 more times for more bread and never received it while the tables around us were getting more bread every time they ran out. Second, our drinks were late and we had to ask for refills twice before getting them. Third, the food was subpar, the shrimp on every plate was over cooked, the oysters had shell fragments all over them, and the clams were polar opposites of each other, one was huge while the other one was hardly noticeable under all the other shells. Our server was not very attentive even with only a few tables (we went when they weren't busy) and the only time he really paid attention to us was when it was time to pay the bill. He was hovering over our table while we were signing for the tip. Overall, I was very disappointed with our experience and I would not recommend this to anyone. If you want a great restaurant with incredible food and service go to Le Zie Trattoria on the corner of 20th st. And 7th Ave.

Adam Lowe

Very busy restaurant in the train station. Decent food and service. Some of the better food available in the station but you can venture a few blocks away and find more upscale venues. If you are looking for decent seafood in a sit down setting and can’t leave the station you won’t be disappointed.

Carol Nissen

Good food and wine. Friendly servers...

Peter McDougall

An institution in its own right. Oysters with attitude. Big in every way. Probably the greatest selection of oysters in the universe. Hugely attentive staff, servers... That's the secret you can't bloody hide in this place. Couple next to me were having a blazing row, only interdispursed by fanny Bay oysters. I couldn't change a thing without spoiling it. Brilliant.

Larry Lok

Very busy. The servers looked overworked and had a grumpy and rude attitude. Seating was a disaster. I wanted to leave no tips but then felt sorry for the overworked servers. The oysters took forever (more than 30 minutes) to arrive. Hello owner people come to your restaurant for oysters! Wait 30 minutes for an appetizer? Almost everything we ordered was sold out by 8. The food was fine but wasn’t amazing. And at this price, I would rather go to the Chelsea Market if you want really good seafood.

Cedra Neville

Never let's you down!!! Had oyster stew OMG amazing

Derrick Nalley

Fun place to visit while spending time in the city on vacation.

Jonathan Spangler Bean

Stalwart. Best oysters anywhere. Service a little slow today, but that is ok.

Ramon Gonzalez

One of the best Oyster spots if tried in nyc

Charles Settles

A classic dining experience. Seafood is fresh, delicious, and very expensive. Service is meh. They're always busy, so don't be in a hurry to catch a train if you want to dine. If you do decide to wait, I like to sit at the front bar. I recommend the Manhattan Clam Chowder, but the white is good too, as is the lobster bisque. I also like to order the chef's'll get some east and west coast oysters, plus shrimp cocktail. Or you can go big and get the tower with a lobster tail and crab claws. It's not cheap, but it's good, and who wants cheap raw seafood? Not this Southern boy.

Donna Huffstater

Shrimp pan roast was delicious but service was average. Great venue if you love fresh seafood. A bit pricey but quality is excellent. Try the pan roast ( like a bisque only better)

Steve Roy

Timeless, must do experience when in New York. Ordered Fresh Oysters with a Bloody Mary's. Loved it. Some many different varieties to choose from, very fresh.

Gaby Josling

The Oyster Bar is a New York landmark and tourist destination, so I expected it might be somewhat over-priced and over-hyped. Even with that expectation, I was very disappointed. The oysters had bits of shell in them and the sea bass special was bland. The vegetable side was similarly flavorless and mushy. This was one of the worst meals I've had, and for this price it's particularly inexcusable. The service was brusque and so indifferent that the waiter didn't ask how things were even when removing my almost full plate. The restaurant is certainly iconic, but this can't make up for the abysmal food and service.

Molly Thompson

I swear I already reviewed this and my comments were removed. We went because we heard the Oysters Rockefeller were amazing. We showed up at 7:30 and they were sold out. My husband ordered raw oysters and they were fine, but our salads (crab and shrimp Caesar and one with four types of seafood) were truly awful. Honestly the worst food I’ve ever had at a restaurant. His dirty martini was pure vodka - no olive juice. And it took over an hour to be served. Would definitely not recommend.

Bill Levering

A recommended classic as it should be. Searching carefully, you can find some more affordable items in the soup neighborhood, but everything is worth the price. It's just unusual to eat top notch seafood dishes in a diner setting. Disorienting. But let me tell you. If you are waiting for a train and are a bit hungry, nothing could be finer than to be in this here diner.

D Please

Best spot before anything at MSG (quick S to 1,2,3 ride) this is the answer to that dreaded "other than Keen's where is good to eat near the Penn Station area" question. Plain broiled fish is a staple here along with the obvious oysters. Great wine list and healthy , super fresh -fish options make this a solid spot.

David McMasters

Cool place in Grand Central for a quick drink and bite to eat.

Steven Hic

Nice hidden place in Grand Central. Check out the parlor area.

Steve Chernoff

I've never had a bad meal here it's now my go to for special occasions when in the mood for seafood this isn't a quiet place nor is it fancy but the prices are on the high side the service is excellent and it's a casual dress night or lunch except on Sundays of course I like the 2lbs. Lobster broiled with the creamed spinach all of the foods excellent no matter what you choose


Great location, in Grand Central Station, Manhattan. The architecture, layout and design of the bar/restaurant are quite special and uniquely European. The selection and food prep is traditional and delicious with options from various parts of the USA and internationally. Not an inexpensive meal but worth it for sure!

B Little

Very retro feel that sends you back to the 20s and 30s.Clams chowder is delicious and oysters and other seafood items are delicious as well.Staff are very professional as well as super friendly.Not expensive and very classy at same time. GREAT PLACE TO GO AT LEAST ONE TIME WHILE IN NY!!

Olivier Nimeskern

If you like oysters and you are in New York City, then the Oyster Bar is a must. In order to defend their reputation, they will have at least 25 different varieties of oysters from along the East Coast mostly. Large and small with different tastes, shapes and textures, it is hard to believe there are so many kind of oysters to enjoy. With a bottle of white, this is the perfect setup for a romantic dinner.

R. A.

Is a good place for eat Seaford

Kelly McCormack

Amazing fresh seafood and the clam chowder is to die for and only $8.95 for a gigantic bowl. Ask for Mindy! She is really sweet. Even mixed my horse radish and cocktail sauce by hand to make me the perfect amount of spice for my oysters and clams Yum!! Tell her the Blonde sent ya! Leaving good Karma everywhere I go!

Jeannie Woo

This place is an institution indeed. Opened over 100 years ago and conveniently located in the Grand Central Transportation hub. So easy to get to and a great spot for a happy hour stop. Seafood selection is great with an extensive menu. There are three areas to sit - the Saloon, the counter, or the dining tables. Overall, a great spot to enjoy good eats. I recommend the raw oysters (any kind from Maine) and the fried seafood entrees. The chowder is also very good. Skip the Bloody Mary drink. I ordered it but not enough Tabasco and tomato juice.

Basil Moore

I had a great lunch at the Oyster Bar today. The service was good, the atmosphere was unbelievable, and the food was great. When I walked in, I immediately noticed the lovely Gustavino tiles. You can seat yourself, which I really like. I recommend you sit in the front room, because the food comes faster there. The chairs are very comfortable, and the tables are lovely and clean. The waiters and waitresses are very nice and friendly. The food came very, very fast and it came with the drinks. There were large portions of fries, but there were good sized sandwiches, oysters and everything else. I ordered the Shirley Temple, a smoked salmon sandwich, and a side order of French fries. The smoked salmon sandwich was very good, and the bread was a nice white bread. The Shirley Temple tasted like a regular Shirley Temple, and nothing more than that.

John shideler

The soups are top-notch And enjoyed my fried clams. I highly recommend!

Madeline Gladu

Some of the best servers (Ty was a fave) and a dank oyster list

Jeni J

I stopped by for a quick app n cocktail while I waited for the next train... the food and drink were very delicious..

Fatima Kirton

Very very spacious oyster bar with a wide selection of seafood. Their menus vary day to day which means there are catch of the day specials to look forward to. Waiters are attentive and quick to respond to whatever you need. A wonderful hidden gem when you are in the mood for seafood.

Russell Spurlock

So delicious... And I'm not usually an oyster fan. The service was wonderfully 'New York' and the oysters were great

Bobs Uruncle

Had some pre wedding oysters and drinks. The food was good as was the service.

oswald itsme

Loved the experience. Sit at the bar! Very entertaining to watch the wait staff do their thing. We truly enjoyed the clam chowder, oysters, beer and atmosphere.

Lisa Garces

Great place wonderful food! Service was great as well and neat location. I had the Sockeye Salmon it was delicious!

Sean P

Pricey but worth it. Happy hour makes all things good.

Pam Curry

When I was 3, 4, 5, 6 years old, my parents and I spent many a Saturday dinner hour at the Oyster Bar. I haven't been back in at least 70 years. I just wanted to say how glad I am to see that the Oyster Bar is still there and thriving. My parents used the time we had dinners there to help teach me the best of table manners. In particular, how to handle the boiled lobsters that arrived at our table soon after I "helped" my parents pick which lobsters we wanted out of the tank at the front of the restaurant before we were seated. The Oyster Bar was a magical place for me. Not just the lobsters in a huge tank, but the wonderful clinking and clanging of dishware and such, the wonderful aroma wafting out over the dining area, and the smell of butter pats on crushed ice. Best of luck to you Oyster Bar. May you still be thriving another 100 years from now.

Bill Bergstrom

Excellent service and great food outweigh the dated, though still charming, decor.

Raymond Cuadrado

Ckams casino were great. Drinks a little heavy handed. For some that might be great. Fabulous risotto. Shrimp overcooked. Perfectly cooked scallops. The wait staff should be more aware when someone is trying to get their attention, I waited 10 minutes before I got a fork replacement, they took the other one away from the appetizer. Their cranberry vodka serve is to die for.

Michael Toto

Classic Grand Central restaurant located next to the "Whispering Gallery". Great spot for a drink and some incredible raw oysters. The New England clam chowder is also very tasty.

Jelle de Groot

The location is absolutely amazing and the bar itself is really authentic which is lovely. The menu is good and tasty but maybe a bit more expensive then average.

Mark Wendell

A NY institution. Must visit for any seafood lover. Note that this isn't 'fine' dining... This is classic busy loud fun old school fish, oysters, and strong after-work cocktails served by waiters who have been there for ten thousand years.

Bruno Robert Deschamps

Always excellent fresh delicious good quality oyster offered.


Had the Norwegian salmon but it wasn’t all that. For $35 I expected better.

Jerry Ashton

Always a pleasure to eat at this iconic restaurant. Immediately you find yourself in another era. Try the oyster panroast. Delicious.

Ilkka Tammela

Excellent seafood! Well worth a visit if you’re around. And like seafood ofc.

Wouter de Bie

Great place! In expensive, feels like old New York and great sea food! They're also really quick and helpful if you need to catch a train, but want to eat something quick.

Damien Torres

My server is the reason this isn't 3 stars. He was phenomenal. The fried scallops were delicious, but the waffle fries (photo attached: waffle fries looking burnt on the left) were abysmal until my server brought me a FRESH plate of fries to go with my meal. The tempura batter shrimp are beyond perfection, however.

Edna Banks

Grand Central is the transit heartbeat of Midtown NYC. Exquisite building architecturally for a train station. But Grand Central isn't just a train station. Case in point is the Oyster Bar and Restaurant. A fine dining destination on it's own with an incredible variety of fresh seafood. Many varieties of fresh Oysters -out of this world! If you're not an oyster fan, they've got you covered with a vast array of seafood and land dweller options. Cocktails are delicious and not watered down -my favorites are Bloody Marys and Lemon Drops. Personable, friendly bar tender who's been there for over 30 years.

Mike Dyer

Great place, fantastic food and very nice people

Obietta Richmond

The bread brought to the table was super hard, old flavored, and so cold the butter didn't melt on it. I ordered a dish who's description was shrimp with garlic butter sauce and coconut rice. The "garlic butter sauce" was clear oil with parsley flakes. The shrimp were tough, and had the most offensive flavor I've ever put in my mouth. CLEARLY not fresh. The veggies were very undercooked with zero seasoning. My friend had fish n chips. The fish looked like a fried chicken patty that was literally disgusting in flavor. When asked, the waiter didn't know what kind of fish it was. Finally, I've never been to an oyster bar that only serves them two ways, raw and fried. No steamed? Ridiculous. This was by far THE worst food experience I've had. We sent this horrid food back and left!

Judy Podraza

[Providing more context as requested]: I've lived in NYC for 9 years now and in my early days, this place was a treat! So when my parents came to town, I brought them here. Service was great -- I'll give you that. However, the food was just OK. Oysters were fresh, but every fish entre at our table was under seasoned. I expect my food to be salted/seasoned to perfection at a restaurant, especially when you're charging $30+ per meal. Red checkered tablecloths reminded me of an old school Italian restaurant instead of a seafood place. The chairs were a little overused, too. Overall, Grand Central Oyster Bar needs a reno -- I like the old school vibe, but it no longer feels "clean". Take the bathrooms, for example; the stalls, sinks, etc. have evidence of long wear and tear. Also who needs a bathroom attendant this day and age! So awkward. Plus the line of hairspray, perfumes, etc. bottoms makes this place feel like a cheap club.

Fred Fragano

I go there every so often for lunch. I sit in the counter section most of the time. The service is very good and I always enjoy their delicious, fresh fish. The best item for me on the lunch menu, as well as all my friends I go with, is the fish sandwich. New England clam chowder is also excellent. ENJOY!!

Alvin Thaler

Historic, great seafood well prepared. A bit pricey but very good!

Paul Nebenzahl

One of America's iconic restaurants, the oyster bar at grand central has been serving customers for longer than I've been alive in fact my father used to come to the oyster bar when he traveled to new york city in the fifties. It's an extraordinary experience dazzling to the eyes and satisfying to the palate the hustle and bustle are part of the fun and of course in the cafeteria part there are dozens of daily oyster catches that are available in addition to the soups bouillabaisse chowders and all the other wonderful fish dishes. If I were you I'd get straight off the plane and come directly to the oyster bar. Its New York.

LoomRoger Sargent

This a Grand iconic old school restaurant. My father would take me here and I loved it. Also I did the same for my son. Hands down the best seafood in Manhattan, with out question. Read the Menu. Who else does this. Nobody. The staff is friendly and professional. I work for Ritz Carlton as a Chef 25 years. So that's it.


Fresh and flavorful oysters. Tasty lobster. A bit pricy. I'd give the roast pot a miss next time.

Mark Lehrman

The new Dutch herring have just arrived, and they are delicious!

Gregory Cox

Fish sandwiches were delicious. Oysters were delicious. Great martinis!

Thibault Koempgen

For the happy hour with oysters, it is definitely worth it. Great little menu all very tasty

Kim bw

Oysters were delicious. A special experience

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