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REVIEWS OF Essex Market IN New York

Kevin Sangchuntr

I read from an online review that Essex Market had finally opened, so I planned a trip to go visit of course. While I do have to agree that its kept part of the charm of the original market by catering products meant for locals and visitors alike. I do have to say I was quite disappointed in what I came to. As I was exploring the market there pathways that essentially ended up being a dead end, making me back trap my steps on 3 occasions just to fully explore the shops. They had a ice cream shop that caught my eye and many others. There was also a shop dedicated to just the sale of coffee.

monkeybutttsxd .

New Essex market is a great improvement and beautiful addition to the neighborhood , shows that the neighborhood is changing though

Oh M

much more variety and eat-in space than the original. one stop shopping

Kevin McHugh

Awesome, unique NYC spot! Great food vendors!

Stephanie Benard

First time there. Great variety of different foods. Little pricey because the rent must be high. Very nice food and service at the Gai chicken Tai place.

Del Carter

The olive oil taste testing was my favorite part. This was a good experience over-all. The price of the fish from my favorite guy was similar and not overly increased as expected.

Steve Alleyne

A beautiful space, great markets and food to go, and a fitting successor to the original.


Lots of great options. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is a must.

J MacKay

This place is cool! A lot of variety in the types of food you can get here - i was surprised at the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that were available :) they have a huge selection of take-away spots to choose from and a seating area which is quite nice. Theres also a cool coffee shop and entrances/exits all around the building, super accessible and everyone was very nice :)

Stephanie Chan

I didn't get to explore this place much but I will be going again! It's a lovely, lively and diverse market that has everything from groceries to brunch and a movie theater to desserts.

Kevin G

Great addition to the neighborhood. A little pricey but a fun place to stroll around. Very well air conditioned and friendly staff so you can chill upstairs with a snack, no problem.

Karen Lichtblau

Do not waste your time here. Everything is overpriced and very few organic items. Only good for an ice cream snack or sandwich before going to the movies next door


Very friendly place, I recommand the pineapple chicken from thai shop

Rob Lariviere

New branch of the old Essex Street Market -- it seems like they've moved everyone over and kept the community vibe. We'll see if it stays this way. There are more inexpensive options here than other similar markets in the city. Porto Rico coffee is a highlight, and a new Top Hops outpost is appreciated as well.

John Stenglein

Great market, variety of eateries, and plenty of seating for sit down lunches.

Michael Rodd

They are going to move across the street to the new building within the next two months. But this is a great place to stop in and do some quick shopping or grab a bite. The fresh fish is the best large selection and clean.

Elena Piech

Nice market with a few different food options. Upstairs cafeteria is a nice place to sit.

Ken Staffey

Great mix of food and markets. The vegan cheese and treats at Riverdel were a highlight along with the Moroccan food at Zerza.

Susan Phillips

I was visiting NYC on a long weekend trip. I came across Essex Street Market while I was walking. There is a little bit of everything. I brought delicious cream of wheat cereal that I can not find in my local grocery. I also brought spices that are very fresh.

Hayden Hunte

My experience was ok. The Vendors were polite and the Produce and wares in good condition. If we're to be in the area i would definitely visit again.

Sarah-Jane Ward

This little market has an excellent selection of food items, free wifi and clean bathrooms. Hubby and I split the shwarma salad ($14 ish) and it was more than enough to fill us both and leave leftovers.

Frank Davis

While I definitely miss the old school feel of the original - this new market is pretty greaf

Mei Fan

It's a very good place to hang out with your friends and family, many different kinds of food you can choose from. You can easily get something you like to eat.

Diane Acevedo

Amazing place. Great prices.

Global Organizational Development Inc

Great Food! Easy on Your Budget

Metro Alexa

It's so wonderful to experience the new Essex market after seeing & visiting the old one. I enjoy the new one because it has a convenient seating up the second balcony They just made... Yes, a four

Ken Bartlett

Essex market was this old place that had been there forever. This is the New Essex Market, post modernized to with in a nano-meter of its stainless Steel.. Out with the old in with......

lvan colon

Nice New market. Brought back memories from the original.

Roxy Maldonado

It's not that exciting. Not that different from the supermarket. However, I have yet to try the butcher's meat and seafood vendors. I think these areas are what make Essex market unique. The meats are supposed to be fresher and cut just for you. I've heard from others that they enjoy buying breads from the bakers here as well.

Hipolito Romero

For decades local merchants have sold their wares at the Essex Street Market. Now you can enjoy some of that same experience but with a modern update.

Jason Elmer

Excellent new location, very modern compared to old location. Amazing food and drinks and even Health-Ade Kombucha. Handicap accessible Many stores within Come for lunch or come for an after work drink and snack. So much here!!!!

Stephanie Ang

So many options, strong AC, an elevator, and public restrooms... All you'd want in a food hall market! Looking to try out their cooking classes too.

MickMick NYC

This is a new place, it’s a big open space, very clean with high ceilings. The food looks fresh and you have quite a lot of options to choose from. However I didn’t like the cold industrial look and the darkness. This might be a good option for a rainy day but when the sun is out I wouldn’t choose to be there.

Raphael Rivas

Great Market with a lot of options too many to choose from from various countries.


Clean, a lot of variety and the movie theater is right around the corner. Cute place for a date

Phil Colin

Great place.. service is awesome

Tobias Silverstein

A good food hall with groceries. Food hall stations include a bakery, Turkish food, Dominican food, Thai, Arancini, amongst others.

Carmen Valentin

Essex street Market is very important to our community . It's has so much fresh fruit, vegetables ,meat, poultry, Girls Scout booth is excellent, Porto Rico fresh ground coffee fills the air, bakery are unique so much to multicultural atmosphere, you can sit relax enjoy lunch at side tables, Botanica had so much excellent natural products, one stop shop for all your needs, Visit enjoy yourself. Family oriented , Visitors from out of state. Awesome place to visit

Alvin Pena

A large variety of small businesses in a comfortable environment with friendly sellers.

Varsha Lockhart

I like this market fresh food. Different culture foods. Also a nice spot for catering. Using this market for my bridalshower and wedding. Excellent

Andres Cardona

Beautiful market with tons of options for eating and drinking. The bagel place and the beer house is awesome!

Melis Heerens

A ton of places to eat with lots of cuisine options. There’s food stalls and table service options. Live music on some nights. Seating can be a little hard to find, especially when they close off a potion for music.


Sparkling new with many gourmet choices and silly high prices to match. Totally a tourist trap and for hip rich and not a single local resident shops there excluding the new housing elite paying 2000 a month for a closet. Will be more interesting when the lower level opens with 40 more stalls in 2020 and maybe lower rents in the basement can allow purveyors to charge more reasonably?

Tia Dunn

Some places get worse when they expand and some places get even better. I've always loved Essex market and was worried that the new building would take away the charm of the place, which in a way it has but if you look closely it is still all there but now there are even more traders. You can do your grocery shopping, get deli goods, vegan choices, or you can just grab a bite to eat on the spot and take it up to the seating area with a view. I'm excited to see how it continues to expand when the basement floor opens up.

Ellyn Villar

I love this neighborhood market. Everyone is nice, there's a lot of variety, and the prices are decent.

Bobby Flour

Small, clean, and very nice shopping center filled with different places to buy food and groceries. Felt like a nice place to relax and just browse through.

julia knox

Beautiful new space, and great to see lots of the old vendors still there!

Alex Machholz

Really cool food market for foodies, food lovers, and people who need to eat. Great selection and variety of options so you won't be bored. Food shops on the main level and a great seating area on the second level. Lots of little gems to try out and some things that you can only find in New York such as squid ink ice cream.

Jackson Chee

a little commercial...lost the magic of the original essex market. just give the new place a new name. it does show the changing of the neighborhood. aside from nostagia, some interesting food options along with some of the older shops but without the charm of age and clutter.

Rob Curry-Patel

Great new venue. There are all sorts of cool food stalls to try, and some dining space on the balcony.

Sharon Ali

This is the new space and it's bright, airy and spacious with a test/demo kitchen with seating at the far end 9f the dining area. There are also counter seating at select eateries. If you've been to the former location you will find your favorite stalls but in a bigger space. There's also a large dining area which looks out to the street and over the market. It reminds me of the markets in Toronto and Baltimore but on a much smaller scale. You can definitely find something to eat, drink, cook or give to a friend. It's definitely worth a browse. Finally a market that's going to be packed with tourists. The prices are a little up there but everyone can find something. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner and then take in a movie next door...5 stars when all the stalls are full but for now I give 4. There are restrooms! ❤️

Belle Serra

Lets be honest, this place was to appeal the white people who have taken over the Lower East Side. The prices have jumped and will continue to. The old Market was built by immigrants for immigrants and lower income families in this neighborhood. I came here a couple of times and forced myself to purchase one item, but nope...Never again.

Irma Zandl

Love this market. In 20yrs only shopped at old one once. This one will become my go-to spot to pick up dinner several nites a week - esp love Nordic Provisions and New Star Fish Market.

Abraham Moses

Take a walk through this place and you will ask yourself... Where has all the culture gone!

Jorge Moret

Wonderful new marketplace, just a block away from the original Essex Market from the 1940's. Vendors include butchers, bakers, cheesemongers, a vegan cheese & specialty shop, coffee roaster, general grocery and prepared foods

Rufus Jones

Excellent place for a quick bite, various stores and shops all centrally located in one place. The overall cleanliness of the building was excellent including the restrooms. I definitely recommend a must go to

jennifer cat

Really nice atmosphere, beautiful trendy place with fresh foods, especially fish New Star Fish Market is very excellent. Upstairs is a large area with wifi, great place to eat and meet with friends. New movie theater in the same building. A gem in the city.

Atche Portillo

There were a lot of space when we went there on a weeknight. Most of the food stalls were closed tho. The layout was nice, the dining area was on the mezzanine so you won't be bothered by people exploring around. Had gai chicken, which was yummy!

Sandra Hueso

Good new place excelente food ,nice people. Good

Jim & Inna

While I love the openness of this new location, it really makes me miss the old one. I feel like I’m in an oversized Whole Foods here...on a side note I absolutely cannot wait for Veselka to move in here!

Serina Wong

A nice place to eat. There's a diversity of different food places. I recommend trying the ceviche.

Frances Trevino

I love ti go to the market for all my spanish sofrito. Prices are very resonable. I enjoy walking around. They have a lityle of everything there even cakes. But i mainly go there to get my cilantro and my onions, peppers all tbe ingredients to make my sifrito in my blender..And it's all fresh. Love it.

Davis D. Janowski

Stopped into the new space yesterday, was impressed with it but had never visited the old market. Was there seeing a nearby doctor. Did enjoy the photo montage in the front area on Delancey Street, as an amateur historian I love to see historic illustrations laying out a site's history and the Essex Market seems to have had a long and varied one. I stopped in at Dominican Cravings, my wife had brought us some delicious empanadas from there a few weeks back. Not having had breakfast I tried the Mongoo (sp?) and ate my morning meal like a Dominican!


Very wide variety of restaurants and little kiosks, really enjoyed myself! Great amount of seating area and good quality service from all of the vendors

Gregory Robertson

Clean and modern. Great assortment of prepared foods, groceries, fruits and veggies, and beautiful flowers. Locol cheese longer, meat market and market all under one roof. Great prices too

Yolanda Crandoll

Excellent variety. Fish was very fresh as well as the meat market. Love the fact both places are side by side


Across Delancey Street from the old market which was open in the 1930s, the new market has some of the original vendors and many new ones.

John Rawlins

Great place for lunch. Good selection of stallholders offering a wide range of food. Generous seating area upstairs.


Essex Market has a small flower shop that have beautiful fresh cut flowers and are budget friendly.

Yetunde Ajayi

Cute small place.. The pictures online give the illusion of a bigger space.. In all, it was a nice place to meet up with a friend


Amazing selection of vendors. Currently (as of June 2019) the lower vendors have not been opened yet. There is an upper level dining area. The place feels modern with a classic vibe.

Joyce Laoagan

I love the old one and also the new one. The reason why it’s 4 stars is because the products in the markets are not that fresh. Trader Joe’s is just 5 min walk away and I would rather go there than buy fresh veggies and fruits here. I like the coffee and some of the restaurant spots here.

Jessica Barkley

Heros and villains was awesome! Sando Calrissian = Best chicken sandwich you can get! Cafe D'Avignon is a great bakery! Those just to name a few of many great shops with more to come on their lower level.

Patricia Cato

Liked what I saw....very nice...reminds me of Fairway in Redhook BK. This is a new structure...the old bldg is across the street and I didn't have time to revisit here...maybe next time I'm in the area I go to the old location is nice except I miss the flavor of the site..oh well... progress

Delia Gomez

I looked and looked to get a real nice salad for lunch. No such thing in the market. But looking further I notice beef and shrimps patties. They were to die for. I'm going to recommend to all my friends, and I'm definitely coming back just for more.


Clean,compact, and if no one can make up their mind on what they want, you can all get whatever but still eat together

Paweł Trocha

Newly opened historic market of LES with local businesses. You can get lunch there for under $10 and enjoy the ambiance of the space! Highly recommended!!

Annalisa Rivera

At this point, the place is still partly under construction, but it's expected to be fully open late summer 2019. That being said, I was happy to see a blend of old school NY grocers where I can get conventional items and ethnic groceries such as in Viva Market (hooray for DR/PR goods!) right along side organic, gluten free, vegan and other specialty shops. This makes one stop shopping very possible- and if you're hungry afterward, there are a lot of options to try already. Of the places that are open, I do recommend making a stop at the butchers and fresh fish place (there aren't as many of those as there should be!), Riverdel for all kinds of non dairy cheeses nice enough to serve at a party, Flower Power for western herbal products, and Essex Olive and Spice for super fresh spices. I haven't yet tried the fresh eats, but the arancini rice balls at one vendor and fresh banana pudding at another was really hard to resist. Consider bringing a digestive enzyme, and eating right there so you don't shop hungry.

claudia reyes

Vast variety of vendors with high end products and prepared meals.

Wilson Santiago

I think it's a great addition 2 the neighborhood but wat about all the vendors that used 2 occupy the old market..

Abe Figueroa

Pretty good food market,with adequate variety on food types. It's almost too hipster for some of the places that are in there imo. Overall it's clean and has a decent layout. There's also seating downstairs, however if that's closed you are left circling the market eating on the go.

Jay Jay

Beautiful to look at, but very minimal choices. The one vendor I was excited to try was closed eventho they close at 330pm and I was there at 230. Hmm thought vendors would be on point during opening week. Unfortunately unable to tell you what was good eats as I didn't have any bites in there. Next time.

Gene S

Another overrated tourist - not quite a trap - site. This is the New.. Essex Market. New, of course, meaning far more expensive, ($20.00 per 1/4lb for lox???? ) far less real "people" food. Just like the other food festival courts, the look is more important than the food - and even the look isn't anything to write home about- as always, clean lines accomplished by heavy use of glass and stainless steel. Real life traded for ambience and soft lighting.

maria vasquez

The best place to shop for food❤

Helen Fong

Cute little market place! Unfortunately we just ate but it smelled nice in there and we'll be visiting hungry next time! We did grab coffee at the Porto Rico Importing Co. stand, always love their coffee!


Market is reopened and atmosphere is great! Lots of different vendors and food stalls available with food from all over the world!

Hannah Abair

Really neat market with a variety of shops. Definitely worth the trip if ok the east side and not wanting to cross town to Chelsea.

Sonia Rodriguez

Its multi cultural has a little of everything including cooked food which you can take to the upper level and enjoy.. It shows the diversity we have on the Lower East Side.. Reminds me of the original across the street when I was a little girl

Theresa Nyamekye

First time visiting this place. Shame I never visited the old one before it closed. I like it, great variety of food and it just seems like a good place and affordable prices and food. Will visit again. Dominican Cravings food was good.

Robert K. Chin

Good neighborhood market, high end vendors from the local area. Waiting for the downstairs area to open soon. Only problems I see are when they section off and close part of the market when certain vendors close for the day. People entering that section of the market are not told to go around to another entrance, and believe the entire market is closed when it is not == lost business for the vendors that stay later.

Ling Shi

There are so many shops from eating to grocery. I went to Sweet Sunshine and there were a lot of cupcakes and dessert. I decided to get the chocolate chip pudding and it’s soooo good! It has Butter scotch! Yum!

Paula Roberts

I was a great fan of the old Essex Market and the new one is very different but wonderful in its' own way. Very big and full of a huge variety of gourmet foods as well as some of the best butchers and fishmongers in the city. Plenty of places to get something to eat and then go up to the seating area looking down on the market. They have kept a few of the old Spanish style grocery and veggies store from the original space. Well worth a visit.

Nitai Gibbs

The Essex market is in a New building as of the 10th of May. Many of the vendors from the old space have moved over to the new location, so there will be familiar vendors for those who have been to Essex market in the past. There are also some fresh additions, and there is a nice balcony area with tables and seating where you can relax and eat lunch. I like the soup place called Peasant Stock.

Claudia Galvez

Very nice a little pricey for some of the items but you are paying for the experience location etc. they still have not opened the lower level so I’ll be going back to see what that will be like.


There are several fruit markets inside that provide awesome fresh cut fruits cups/plates.

Lorraine Pai

Wow! What a difference from the old location. Beautiful interior many more vendors some upscale. Many types of food, desserts, a couple of grocery stores, and a florist.

Camille Zajdela

The space is beautiful and there are many great vendors. However, its is always freezing inside and the bathrooms only run very very hot water so you burn your hands when washing them & the bathrooms are gross

Carolyn Weddell

Really great -- the neighborhood still retains a little edge, the variety of food offerings here is terrific (we will be back for the chicken nuggets and arancini we spotted), and yay, A/C!

Samantha Lai

Love all the stalls and a good variety of food (With more to come). I love that I can get lunch, dessert and then do all my grocery shopping all in one place. A lot of good quality produce.

Emanuel Aron

It’s nice that they gave all the vendors from the former Essex market a stall here too. The market is huge, modern, and there are lots of places to sit in the mezzanine. It’s really nice up in the mezzanine too. Lots of good lunch and dessert options here as well as several spots to pick up groceries from.

Paul Moore

It's the brand new Essex Market with more floor space and more seating to eat in. There is a mezzanine level with plenty of seating. The food choices are abundant. We had the Mexican food and enjoyed it. The portions were more than filling as we took half our food home. It's a little pricey considering it is takeout but I was more than satisfied.

Rhonda DeFabritus

Fabulous new location to a Lower East Side standard. New facility is bright, clean and has places to sit and eat.

Thomas Korsgård Lund

I love this place, even though everything is pricey. If you're a foodie, you should visit. Only thing missing is great beer. Makes me sad.

Patricia Walker

Market is laid out great just roam from shop to shop you will find whatever you desire. Foods taste great all around, I have tried so many different foods. Fresh fish, meats and vegetables and great provisions, enjoy.

Anthony Esposito

Nice place. Great variety. Can not wait until the whole thing opens up

Tiffany Cheng

Essex Market is the newest food market/food hall, mish mosh of stalls to buy groceries, specialty goods and artisanal foods, all housed under one gigantic roof. The space is large and imposing on the neighborhood. I think the prices are also extremely high and probably not a frequent spot to grab groceries. Nice to come visit and see at least once.

Carmen Kath

I love this new market. There are lots of great vendors here all with an amazing selection of things to buy. I shopped today for fresh fruits and vegetables, and I bought freshly ground meat as well and I only spent $40. The prices are incredible. This is just an amazing development that’s happening in the lower east side.

Stan Hoffman

A great selection of food and very clean. Try the cupcakes after you eat lunch.

Mark Dighton

I miss the old dumpy space... It felt like a find. But you can't complain now that it's clean and well-lit and spacious. And they've managed to keep a lot of the same feel and vendors, while expanding. It seems a bit pricier, but you can't fault them for that.

Ira Pfeifer

Beautiful space, interesting mix of businesses, very clean and modern. A worthy and updated successor to the old market space across Delancey, although I'll miss some of the crazy characters there.

darryl edwards

Very clean environment. Food appears really fresh. The employees are very polite and they treat individuals with disabilities very well and with great care.

Mari Moss

Authentic ethnic food. Clean and very nice. I love that they offer EBT.

Adam Decker

Went to the new Essex Market for lunch and it seemed slower than I anticipated for 1pm in the afternoon. The food options are very good and the couple times I've been here I've been very happy with what I've ordered. I thought it was a little odd that I wasn't allowed to bring a beer up to a different seating area. I think something needs to be sorted out with the alcohol here.

Alessio Buson

It's a new food market with a lot of various stands from Japanese food to American burger. I suggest the Mille Nonne stand, you can eat the italian food. They have pastas, meatballs sub, lasagna, and gnocchi at honest price! I appreciated the real Italian taste!


Terrific variety. A destination shopping experience as well as a great resource for locals. Bread pics I'm submitting are from Pain D'Avignon


Nice place with lots of food-booths and space to sit and eat.

Jahlil Fardan

New and approved with a nice list of new vendors.

Aida Adams

Miss the old ambiance of the Old Essex Market....the new one is so generic...

Melissa Mead

It's like an indoor farmers market. Vendors include grocers, a butcher, various prepared and made to order cultural food vendors with spices, chocolates and other pastries & bakery items, ice cream, coffees and beer, etc. My personal favorite are the empanadas that are only made fpr breakfast and sell out quickly at $2 - $2.50 each. Seating area upstairs with restrooms.

Mr. Shaw

Great place to grab a quick and tasty bite. Nice variety of things to eat.

ted ashton

Wow, i really loved the old market but this new one is lots of fun. A perfect place to hang and some really great shops - food.

Linda Martinez

So amazing. Once you walk in there is a great open space. So many mini markets . Great food. Vendors are friendly and the prices are great

david walsh

Wow.vspectacular. old fave and so many new offerings in a hight tech Mecca of food. We love this place.

Joshua Cohen

The new Essex market is really cool! And the second level wasn't even open yet when I was there. Its brand news with many diverse food/drink/etc vendors. I still remember the old one which used to be down the street - it had soul, but was soooo outdated - this is a huge upgrade! Definitely worth a visit!

tai rivers

It so cool they have the meat and fish market with places different stuff

Jerry Blackwell

Crazy good in a new building more space and vendors with so much to offer stop by and give it a try...

Luis Payne

Beautiful new place, new lovely market, & new dirty bathrooms. Naturally.

Karen Warren

What a great array of really interesting foods! I'll be shopping here often!

Arpan Biswas

Several spanish food stores, bakery, coffee shops, fresh fruits and vegetables juice available. Not so expensive not so cheap either. One order of Taco at a mexican corner cost $7.50+tax.

Lamont Dinkins

M ore spacious and airy than its former location and many and varied food options.

Sheila Rodriguez

I like coming here because I love the latino vendors and their prices. I wished downstairs would open already.

Joeni Pou

This is a very cool place to visit but it also highlights the massive gentrification of the area. It's literally across the street from the projects. Just saying. They have forced businesses that would have otherwise been independent storefront businesses into small kiosk like areas inside at a center that is catered to a certain crowd of people because rent is too expensive in the area. There is a Moroccan restaurant inside and they sell authentic tajine! That is very cool and there is also a Dominican restaurant inside with authentic Dominican food. You also have a fruit and vegetables stand. And some other stores.

Corey C

Probably one of the nicest food halls in NYC. Additionally the prices aren't redicoulus like Pensy or anything else in midtown. The basement isn't opened yet but looks like alot more stores to come downstairs...Additionally there is a test kitchen and also attached to movie theater.

Earl Campbell

I absolutely loved it. The different shop are great.

Joshua Mason

Great variety big upgrade over the old place

Mony Bologna

It's a great place to go for a quick lunch break. I wish they had more seating and an easy to find bathroom.

Louis Tentindo

Very nice market and food stalls. Fun change to the neighborhood. Close to Economy Candy for dessert.

Mikhail Anderson

Essex Street Market is better than a supermarket! I enjoyed the fact that I was able to walk through the establishment and view the many different markets that enticed my curiosity at each corner I turned looking to see what restaurant, fruit market, fish market, barbershop, was next. I went on a Wednesday afternoon which made walking around and shopping very easy as there weren’t any crowds but come weekend time, all of that is out the window. The lighting could be a bit more bright and the security on staff doesn’t seem like much help if something was to go down but besides that minuscule edition, Essex Market Place is great to get your fresh baked bread , freshly caught fish and even grab a bite to eat while taking a tour around the market. Enjoy

Claudio R Valiente

It used to be an authentic local food market at least 8 years ago. Now it moved to a new location accross the street, and became a clone of the many food markets that started to pop up around the world with similar manicured design, lack of authenticity and inflated prices.

Cheryl Jay

The market has everything you need to purchase for Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner, The Market is beautiful and clean, I will be going there every chance I get because my favorite Meat Market family is there now Luis Meats, they have the best fresh meat I always get meat from them their prices are reasonable ❤


Although I appreciate it's convenience to the area, the flexibility of payments are too slim. I only wanted a $2 fruit salad today but I couldn't pay for it due to credit procedures. You have to spend $5 or more inorder to make payment. I realize everything comes with a reason but sometimes you only require a quick lunch meal or snack die to short lunch periods at work . This is my opinion. The market has a variety of great places & have adult beverages.

Arnie Schlissel

Really good vendors for everyday groceries and also speciality items like meat & fish. You can also get ready to eat items line sandwiches & tacos.

Adriane Allen

It's clean, always full of what I'm looking for. Service is also nice. Parking garage across the street.

Kenneth Hatfield

Love this place, but really needs to fire it's maintenance crew. Food court area is always covered in crumbs and refuse from previous guests and the bathroom looks and smells like Guantanamo Bay torture facilities. Also, too many squatters and traveling scumbags bringing food from all over the city to sit and eat in AC - pick a park people.

Isaac A

Very Nice Market, Great Upgrade..just walk in to check out the place.

Ernie Pai

New and fresh. We remember the old Essex Market and the new upscale version somehow retains some of the charm of the shelves of groceries, meat and produce vendors, and gift shops, along with new food vendors with tasty, food and reasonable prices. Easy to take out or go upstairs and eat on the tables looking down at the marketplace. Worth the wait. Hopefully the market vendors don't get priced out and can stay in this really upscale market.

Andrew Cribb

Good food, coffee, baked goods... better than Chelsea Market..

Peter Liu

The new Essex Market is a must visit. Many good stores and food stalls. All very friendly vendors. It's modern, airy, and very clean. Lots of choices for food. We had a big lunch before stopping so we only had the ice cream. It was yummy.

Neroshan Thevakumaran

Large market with butchers, grocers and restaurants.The restaurant options are limited, but are tasty. Seating is available upstairs

John Stephens

Shopsins is in there. Reason enough. However, lot's of good food and groceries make it an oasis.


The new Essex market is fantastic! Simply beautiful and spacious. A nice variety of food vendors. You can get practically anything you need here. I recommend Luis Meat market for great prices and high quality meats. This is a foodies paradise.

Stephen Nichols

second rate just two many like this now but necessary I guess good luck

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

I love the new Essex Street Market! While I can paying nostalgic for the old market as it was recently and the really old market as it was when I was a kid, it was nice to see such a modern and well-designed facility for the vendors that used to be in the old markets. This one has a lot more light and air. It's much more pleasant to be in the market. There's lots of spaces for enjoying your market purchases. There is wonderful places to shop for people in the neighborhood. My favorite stall is Roni-Sues chocolates! They have the best bonbons. I enjoyed the causa with shrimp from the Peruvian stall. We had ice cream from Chinatown ice cream factory. It was a little too sweet for my taste. there's just a ton of delicious looking food that I didn't get to eat while I was there. I look forward to going back to the Nordic stall and burying my face in the amazing cheese selection at the cheese stall.

Constance A

A few weeks ago, I went to the opening of the new Essex Market. I never been there or even heard of it. But I was impressed with the new layout of the place. There are two floors. Bottom floor is where all the markets are located and the top floor is where you can sit, eat, and people watch. Definitely a great place to stop and have lunch or meet up with friends. I didn't purchase any thing so I can say what the price ranges are for the markets. But I do highly recommend checking it out.

Andrea Paulino

The Exxex Market has great variety of products vendors and activities for the kids too!! From art and craft to cooking lessons for the adults in the family...

Shayna Abramson

Cool new space across the street from the old historical Essex street market! Upstairs eating area overlooking the shops - great coffee, great Japanese market. Many different cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Dominican, Chinese, Japanese, Nordic fish etc. Try to stop by if you're in the area! NYC progress is evident here


Reviewing the facility - Clean, friendly, easy.

jay massacre

I love this place so much because it has so much variety and everything taste legit so good I come back everytime fully satisfied and leaving with a smile

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