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REVIEWS OF Barney Greengrass IN New York

Christian Scott

Vintage and scruffy. Known for sturgeon and loxs

Jeffer Sonian

The best potato Latkes and whitefish salad in the city.

Genana cooperman

The salad is very fresh and clean the food is kosher I enjoyed the bagel turkey sandwich highly recommended.

Christopher Pepe

It's expensive, but the open faced bagel with nova, tomato, onions, capers, and schmear is a thing of beauty. One of the best in town and certainly the best in the Upper West. Service is gruff like it should be. 4 dollars for orange juice is insane, so maybe stick to water. Never change, Barney Greengrass. Never change. This is one of those places that makes living here special. If you don't get it, don't come here. Oh and this place beats the hell out of Russ and Daughters. Anyone that tells you different doesn't know anything. And yeah it's cash only. Deal with it. Cry to someone else over your matcha latte.

Danielle Cook

Loved it!!! Best smoked salmon ever

Mark Neumann

Old school deli in every sense .Not fancy but delicious. Nova , eggs and onions were great.

Al Cohen

You can't get much more iconic New York City than this! Do yourself a favor and get some smoked fish on a bagel or bialy here. You won't regret it! The waitstaff is a bit salty like the fish - I'm not sure which is aged longer - just kidding - they know their stuff. I like to bring visitors to NYC here so they can get a taste of real New York. It's not fancy and it's not cheap but I love me some bagel, nova lox and whitefish!


Bagel and lox are the best by far. Smoked salmon actually tastes like smoked salmon unlike in some other places. Deli paid tribute to Anthony Bourdain by setting a table with his favourite breakfast, bagel, scrambled eggs and lox. So touching to see an empty chair that Anthony will never sit on to eat his favourite breakfast. One of a kind, larger than life, loved around the Globe will be immortal and timeless just like his great telling stories and travels. Lots of us wanted to hang out with this cool, handsome culinary genius rock star and were happy to watch his travel to imagine we are there. Hopefully this deli will name bagel eggs and lox in his honour. ‘Anthony’s breakfast’ Anthony’s grandfather took his last journey from France to America to start his life there. Anthony took his last journey from America to France to end his life there. He went home from his original home. Heaven just became more delicious and cool because Anthony is there. This kitchen is seasoned with L❤️VE.

Euwan Kim

My favorite lox deli in the city. They have a large variety of fish, not just salmon, available for take-out or eating in. Great place for an early Sunday brunch with friends, the vibe is exactly the kind of hustle-bustle that NY embodies. Gets quite crowded on the weekend. They serve sandwiches, salads, or just fresh fish dishes. The service is nice for a really busy place.

Sheila Cook

breakfast... so tasty. I had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. It has a nice feel to it. Not close to my job, I wish it was.

Egils Vindedzis

A smoked fish lover's mecca! Fresh everything!

Diane Sikorski

Barney Greengrass is a charming old-school NYC spot, a place that's a real New York experience. The service in the dining area and at the fish counter is always helpful and friendly. Their Gravlox is sublime, the right amount of salt, heavy on the dill and a sexy, silky texture. I don't know how they do it but their fresh squeezed OJ is always sweeter than anyone else's on the UWS.

Mary Beilman

Absolutely favorite place for bagel and lox. That is an understatement as the restaurant has a huge assortment of smoked fish. Grocery is popular but dining in is a treat. Great service and great place for breakfast or brunch.

Max Silverstone

The food is absolutely delicious! Though the service was a little slow, the restaurant was crowded so that’s excusable. You need to have patience when going to small places like this in NYC that offer such customizable and high quality food. The potato latkes were the best I’ve ever had, even better than my bubbe’s recipe. Gary Greengrass, the current owner is a real mensch. His son, Moe, is an exceptionally good basketball player, so if you’re in the mood to shoot some hoops, just ask for the manger, then ask for his son, then go to central park and shoot some hoops. The end. P.S. Barney passed away some time ago, and I’m still devastated by the loss. RIP.


Real time NY deli, even down to the employees arguing with each other. Funny

Arianna Vranas

The most expensive lox bagel sandwich I’ve ever had but it was worth it for the authenticity! Whatta place.

Guy Boyangu

wow. amazing fish and eggs

Larry Bush

Very pricey but worth it. Don't know why. but lox and bagels taste better here than anywhere else. And sturgeon is a must.

john diguida

Best Jewish deli upper west side of nyc

Milorad Vukovich

We at breakfast here at 9am. We had no wait at that time but it filled up quickly right after and there was a wait. The service was efficient and attentive. We all struggled to get the plates on the small 4 top table but they managed. Clearly the waitstaff has been doing this for a long time and have it down. Leaving was only on the weekends and it was a battle to get past the waiting patrons to pay but we made it. The food was very good. The eggs were fine but the stars here are the fish, clearly. Between us we sampled eggs, bagels, whitefish, whitefish salad, sable, kippered salmon. The fish was excellent. Well cut, just a few bones. Extremely tasty. The eggs were just plain. Next time i will order just a bagel, cream cheese and fish sandwich and skip the eggs. The table next to us order the special latkes...they raved about them but we did not try them. In short, this is a classic. It rivals my favorite Russ & Daughters which seems to have a larger selection but is great if you are on the UWS.

Ori H

Small, crowded, fast-paced space with delicious smoked fish options, bagels, sandwiches, and more! A little pricey, but in line with similar places in the area. Large portions of good-quality food. Worth the wait.

Julett Pineda

One of New York's most emblematic places to have a classic salmon bagel. Since it is so famous, bear in mind that you may have to wait about 15 minutes in line because it's a really small place. However, it is worth the wait. I had a half salmon half sturgeon bagel and OH MY GOD it was one of the best breakfast I've ever had. Would not recommend it if you are on a tight budget. It is not expensive for Manhattan, but it is about 30$ per person.

Evelyn Thomas

I have enjoyed this gorgeous deli during my travels to NYC. My husband found Barney Greengrass when we were on our way to Riverside Park. Great location, friendly service and delicious sandwiches.

Jeff Jackson

Plenty of quality and an authentic experience, but the prices are just too high! $18 for lox????

Joseph Henry Huppert

Fabulous selection of delicious smoked fish, and delicious bagels, seating is cramped and uncomfortable. We parked easily, but its usually a problem. A must try for New Yorkers & tourists alike.

Colin Vale

Great old school deli. There are not so many around anymore, so I’m glad this place is here.

Sree Sreenivasan

NYC icon you can’t miss. Everything is tasty and authentic. If you get the eggs with salty lox, know that it’s super salty (but delish!). And say hi to owner Gary behind the counter.

Stephanie Papes

Downtowner who accidentally fell into this tourist trap. $30 lox bagel when most any NY deli will have a great one for $3. Slammed check on the table and yelled, “This is the bill, it’s $60. Cash only, leave your tip on the table.” Ugh!


The best food but the orange juice is unbelievable the best drink iv ever ever had. Very friendly folks. Xxoo

Eduardo Avila Castro

Tasty food. Quick service. Hectic pace. Unlimited coffee. Interesting flavors. If that's up your alley, then you'll enjoy this place as much as I did.

James Sullivan

Smoked Salmon and Lox just the way I like it!!!

David Thomas

The sturgeon. On the bagel. With the eggs. Nom nom. Lovably gruff service, which is exactly what it's supposed to be. Perfection.

Genevieve Church

Awesome old school NYC deli! Get the cold Borscht and a chopped chicken liver sandwich on pumpernickel with onions.

Marion H

The UWS icon never disappoints!

Louis Cato

You'd never know just by looking from the outside in, but this place is incredible. Quality of the food and service is legendary and consistently exceptional!

Sam Donham

A Jewish guy from the neighborhood said it best: "Barney Green grass is one of those New York Jewish staple places like Zabar's. Eating at Barney Green grass is an experience. They take no reservations but the line moves quickly, so if you arrive and it's out the door, don't be overwhelmed: push yourself inside and find the man taking names. You'll be squeezed into a place that's way too small, but that's part of the charm, and the food is worth it. The scramble with lox and onions is transcendental. Breakfast items come with a bagel on the side, so pick your favorite kind and spread it thick with a schmear of cream cheese." (HA! a "schmear.")

DS Rand

Everything I wanted for my clique NYC deli experience. Excellent quality and service. I LOVE NYC!

Richard Busser

I really like this place! It's typicall new york old school deli! Their sandwiches are so fresh and delicious. They also offer unlimited coffee which is great for the coffee lovers!! The only con that i can think about is probably the price tag, but hey you are in upper west side everything around is pricey! The service is excellent as well as everything else in this place!

Francisco Cortes

Best of the best and second to none !!!

R. K.

Best bagels I've ever had, and a great setting.

Noah greenberg

Not great. I entered, all flustered with the general feeling my cousin and I were betrayed from not finding a half decent Jewish bagel place. After stumbling across this place, we entered just to be slapped in the face by 95 degree plus heat and lack of any lights. However, my cousin and I sacrificed our safety and our wallets. The bagels costed more then 21 bucks. And ofc they had to make it 21.50 so I would waste yet another dollar. The man took our order was polite, but couldn’t write down our very simple order correctly. Also they had no toaster on top of this. I thought the extra dollar they made me spend, would help them afford new LED light bulbs. Thanks.

Jacob Miller

Been coming here for years. An institution—and the best smoked fish I’ve ever had.

David Rush

A timeless classic.

Claudio De Ascentiis

One of my favorite places in the city, period. The vibe is the old fashioned New York one, the food is great and the service is that kind of “rude kindness” that it’s kind of fun in its own way. The salmon is great and don’t forget to ask for latkes: they are not on the menu but they are great.

Mark Lindsey

$40 for great eggs and smoked salmon, eggs and cheddar, two bagels with cream cheese, coffee and small OJ. Lots of fun.

Joanne Lee

Great lox platter for two. I especially love the sable, followed next by the smoked nova scotia lox.

Jonathan Prusky

They are CASH ONLY even though there is no notice of this posted anywhere

Donald Christensen

The best if you can get a good table. If not, you'll end up with a jangle of nerves. Can be a draining experience.

Ellice Berg

A perfect place for bagels, whitefish, lox, eggs or a shmear of anything you want. And then you wash it down with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Lisa Kim

I had sturgeon bagel. The place was gloomy and unwelcome environment. Staff were very slow and it did not look so fresh. The payment process was a bit weird. They want to leave us tip but cash. Then they charge extra to the credit card. Anyway, I think this place is overrated.

Edward Delfino

Opened in 1908, less well-known but older than the Lower East Side Russ & Daughters, the staples of Jewish-American cuisine (lox, bagels, pumpernickel, blintzes, matzo ball soup) are at least as good or better here. Come during the week, because it’s packed on the weekend & bring cash because they don’t accept credit cards.

Tommy ABP

Expensive, but very good deli food. The bagel wasn't toasted, but the cream cheese and lox was exceptional. The coffee was burnt, but the noodle pudding was fantastic. Overall interesting deli with a wide range of foods.

Jacqueline Velez

Love the borscht. It's unlike any other. The sandwiches are fresh, lean and delicious. Just wish they'd add more free pickles and extra sliced rye bread...

Michael Rayne

Delicious as always. Hot latkes served with sour cream and apple sauce followed by everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato, onion and nova salmon. Best meal in town!

Dennis Dugan

The best of the best! Old school New York. Amazing food. Friendly, funny, professional service. Travel back in time in this wonderful place.

Deborah Vizvary

The service was speedy and the fresh squeezed orange juice was great. That is where the positives ended. We ordered 2 pastrami sandwiches, an iced tea and hot coffee. The small portion of pastrami was dry and rubbery - like a sling shot. Actually, one bite did ricochet from my mouth to the sandwich sending a piece flying onto the table top. I know pastrami can be messy to eat, but this was ridiculous. The accompanying pickle was dinky and tasted like it came from a jar. Finally, the coffee literally looked like mud - not a clear liquid but cloudy & murky. We came here because our beloved Carnegie Deli is gone and thought since this place has been around over 100 years their pastrami had to be good. However, we left very disappointed and certain NOT to return.

Mary Poppins

An institution. Enough said.

Grayson James

Great to visit the Jewish institution but it was expensive for what you get. Service was good, food was good, interior was charmingly cramped.

Maverick Lynch

A preferred place for tasty Breakfast. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I liked.

Jon Hait

One of the greatest deli experiences in NY

Josh Lavian

This review won't make any difference, seeing as how the place has been open for over 100 years, but this is a quintessential food spot for the NYC experience. Yes, the food is great, but there's something about the energy in this place that's really enjoyable and fun to experience. If it's good enough for Harvey Keitel and Alec Baldwin, it's good enough for me.


Tasty Jewish food and pretty crowded

Kai Yen

Great view of how the UWS was 40 years ago. Awesome food.

Julia Morley

Loved it! Excellent sandwiches (lox, chopped liver, salt beef etc) in casual and homely environment with friendly staff. Good coffee too.

Mia Maria

This place was amazing! It's super old-school vintage like. The service was great and the food amazing! I can definitely recommend the chocolate muffin and the hot chocolate. The bagel was very delicious as well. I loved it and would go again! Bathroom was clean ;)

Mia Garuccio

get your bagel to go and eat in Central Park when the lines are crazy! super friendly staff and definitely one of the best bagels in the city

Howie Levy

An old world NYC classic with excellent breakfast and lunch options. The smoked fish and eggs are worth trying. The place is small and the wait can be long but well worth the special trip. Put it on your list if you like old world NYC delis. They also have many items available for takeout.

Adam D

Nobody does it like the Sturgeon King. Sturgeon and eggs on a bagel is amazing. Latkes are fantastic. Prices are absurdly inflated but whatever, just pay em. The only thing I can't bring myself to pay for is the fresh squeezed OJ for like $8 a glass, and that's because you can see them pouring the Zabars' OJ containers.

Garfield Fisher

$33 for two full and amazing breakfasts. What can I possibly say that has not been said about this place? It was the best Challah French Toast.......$12.50 ... sorry absolutely the best French toast I have ever had. My wife had Home Made Cheese Blintzes served with choice of Preserve or Sour Cream.......$14.00. Crazy delicious. Please go and treat yourself to a NYC must visit restaurant.

Daniel White

The food and service was amazing. Not accepting credit/debit turned our experience into 20 minutes of finding an ATM. Would have been five stars otherwise. At least put a large sign on the door or have a phone with square and charge a credit card surcharge. It's a shame. If you go with cash you will be happy.

Ziad Iskandar

This is fantastic authentic location. I love going there reading my paper and watching the show of families and the hub hub of the place. Bagels are excellent and so is salmon. It is pricier than other places and you need to remember that they only accept cash. The servi is very friendly.

Seth G

Sable on an onion bagel w cream cheese, onion, tomato, capers. Delicious! $22. Eat on Sunday while doing the NYT crossword.

Joe Chen

great food


The service here is awesome! Very nice, very old school! Loved the experience every time we go here. The pastrami is more than decent and the chicken liver is really good too!

Barney Huxtable

The best Lox hands down.

Tim Valshtein

What a legendary place. Sturgeon if famous at this UWS institution, but to be quite honest, I don't think you can go wrong with anything on the menu. Bottomless coffee, the kindest wait staff in all the five boroughs, amazing people watching, and obviously unparalleled Jewish food. And yeah, the decor isn't magical and the space is cramped, but it's all completely worth it. It's not the cheapest place to eat and they are unfortunately a cash-only establishment, but you're paying for an experience that can't be had anywhere else.

Cathleen Markland

So good, Rye bread to pastrami, perfect ratio. Nice people..pricey and WORTH every bite.

Bill Weiss

I know it is "NYC Cool" to praise hundred year old restaurants with grumpy waiters but this place is not a pleasant place to eat. The waiters are annoying rather than colorful. The place is really unhygienic. I had to ask twice to get my table cleaned off. The waiter/bus person used a filthy towel. Oh, but the lox and bagel is very good, but overpriced. Place needs a physical upgrade and attitude adjustment.

Dmitriy P

The guy behind the counter was a bit condescending as though I couldn’t afford a sandwich here.

Arsalan Ghelieh

You want a pastrami reuban with coleslaw, on pumpernickel. Ya welcome.

Christopher Lewis

As a native New Yorker I love all old school New York establishments! Barney Greengrass has been around for over 100 years! If you love a bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers, onion, tomato basically the works and your on the upper west side this is definitely 1 of a handful of places to go and it's definitely toward the top of the list! Pricey but totally worth it!

Steve Another Reviewer

Stellar NYC spot that also ships overnight anywhere in the USA. I used to live in Manhattan and this was a weekend staple for us. Now we ship it in. This is without question my favorite spot in NYC for Lox, Nova and the best Sturgeon in the world. Keep up the good work!

Inbar Schwartz

Amazing breakfast place. Everything's so fresh

bernard greenwald

Excellent breakfast.Appitizing ,eggs etc etc..Like home made

Justin Smith

Expensive to sit down and have a full meal. But just walk in and grab a.bagel to go. Very good bread.

Regina Jones

breakfast, yeah, very satisfying. service is typically above par. this place has a good atmosphere.

Dan Mitropolsky

This has to got to be some sort of joke. What is going on? Outrageously expensive. A bagel with fish STARTS at $20. Then they nickle and dime ya; tomato, onions? That's 2 bucks. Capers? 3 bucks! (CAPERS?!) Want the bagel open? $2 extra, chump! (Wait- wait-- this isn't some sorta stand up routine?) And the punchline? It isn't even good. No, it's not even CLOSE to being good; at best, it is *below average* for New York. The fish was completely average; equally good lox at any bagel place, like Broadway bagels nearby. The bagel? Awful. Absolutely, inarguably, irreparably bad. Not fresh, but bready, and absolutely-unmistakeably grocery store level bagel. The cream cheese? Hard, claylike Philadelphia. All this for $25??? Did I mention that it is CASH ONLY (me and the tables next to us only found out when we got the receipt). I hope you brought $100 in cash- you'll need it! What the heck are people doing here, with Absolute, BOs and so many other delicious, affordable, bagel places nearby, all equipped with equally good if not better lox? It is a complete mystery to me. Complete with old school New York in-your-face "Whaddya havin?" service, incongruous with the flabbergasting prices and comically disappointing quality, I am at a loss. In the words of Oprah, We got bamboozled! You got bamboozled! You ALL get bamboozled! Puzzled, intrigued, and mystified by the continuing existence and popularity of such a mediocre place, I did some research and identified the clientele as belonging to 3 categories: - captive victims: people, like us, who unwittingly march in, wait, get stuck, have their eyes pop-out at the menu, suck it up and order anyways, peck at their meal stitched together from mostly StopN'Shop ingredients, and are booted out on their merry way barely fed, fleeced for cash and generally confused at what the heck happened. - tourists, who could be seen as belonging to the above category, expect that they are so clueless that they may not recognize that they have been scammed, - and finally, the NOSTALGIA crowd, neighborhood septuagenarians who genuinely do not give a rat's behind about quality, flavor, freshness, or value. In fact, they enjoy being highway-robbed for subpar, middling crumbs, all so they can be surrounded by imitation old school signs with iconic fonts and burly grumpy attendants. Who cares? Certainly not me. If they continue at this rate, they will lose the nostalgia crowd to natural causes, and everyone else to self-inflicted causes of self-elected mediocrity and extortionism. I can only hope, out of respect and good faith, that once this was a respectable establishment.

Shai Inzelberg

Great food

Dave Thomas

If you aren't familiar with a Jewish Deli. This is the place to try. Smoked Whitefish, bialys, bagels and salmon are easy choices. The quality and freshness of the food is amazing, the atmosphere is killer. If you want meat, corned beef or pastrami are both really good.

Pat McKeon

Great selection of Everything!

Rodney Geyer

So glad we made the choice to eat here this morning rather then a chain restaurant. Would come back to Manhatten just to eat here.

Ofer Rubin

Good food. A long wait but they provide snacks so that you don't starve to death. Atmosphere is nice and ordering is fast and easy.

John Sames

Old style deli with tons of character. Just go.

Tristan Mcpherson

Bagel and lox are the best by far. Smoked salmon actually tastes like smoked salmon unlike in some other places. Deli paid tribute to Anthony Bourdain by setting a table with his favourite breakfast, bagel and scrambled eggs and lox. So …More

Miky Wolf

Best smoked fish in NYC. Pricey but worth it.

Johnny Cataneo

My kasha knish was delicious.

NYD Morioka

Three generations of serving smoked fish and deli meats to New Yorkers… they definitely know what they are doing. Two things to remember. 1. Try the sturgeon. 2. Bring cash. And if you want to look like you know what you^re doing, order a Cel-ray tonic.

Carolyn Battle

Enjoyed the cuisine - different flavor of fish, cream cheese, and bagels It was an enjoyable experience

Andrei Cristian

Fairly certain their pastrami salmon sandwich is the passage to heaven.

Roy M.

Delicious and authentic! Lox and cream cheese bagel Is a perfect breakfast for me!

Flavio La Motta

The only thing i can say is WOW!

jeff jacobs

Classic New York deli with a long run of serving delicious food!

Chiung-Yin Chung

This place is the legit OG appetizing place on the UWS. Check out their fresh made parked around Hanukah and their fish at all times. Heads up, the platters will serve two people so for one person, get the appetizer sized dish.

Ted Test

Old school and awesome!

Nick Campion

I had the Nova Scotia Salmon bagel with tomato, onion, veggie cream cheese on a whole wheat everything bagel. $18 but it was amazing. Arrived on a Sunday around 12:30pm and had to wait 30 mins after putting my name down. I would not suggest parties larger than 4 or break up into smaller tables.

Stephen Rose

Wow! First time and very impressed. Great food and perfect NY ambience.

Carmen Kath

Best smoked salmon you ever had in your life. The whole menu is delicious. This is the best Jewish deli that I know and it’s been around forever. It reminds me of home and family and happy memories. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a bagel and cream cheese is a life long favorite of mine. Service is great. Food is amazing. I just love this place.

Bob Segal

Among the best chopped liver sandwiches I've ever had.

Marina Cascaes

Gravlax and bagels are indeed great. But if you think service is good in here, you’ve probably lived in NYC for too long...

Harel A. Orbach

Definitely the best Jewish deli in Upper west side Manhattan, perhaps In New York! I’ll definitely come again, probably even go out of my way!

Rayan Chandrakuar

Delicious food. Staff was welcoming and friendly.

Yvonne Lucky-Jethwa

Short wait to be seated. Wait staff was polite. Food was delicious. Little pricey but would definitely go back for a meal.

Laura Van Marter

The sable is soooooo good.

Jake Auerbach

Do not miss this place... Pastrami Salmon my favourite but all good


Can't believe I have not reviewed Manor before.... Love this place. 100% old school school German delicatessen. Awesome sandwiches, salads and baked goods. Egg salad and corned beef hero personal favorites. Also really like the health salad (non mayo slaw type) and chick pea salad. Get breakfast sandwiches here like 4 days a week.


Extremely expensive but worth it. Huge platter of smoked fish - will never forget the taste and texture of the sturgeon! I forgot it was a Jewish deli and embarrassed myself by double-checking that the chowder does not contain bacon. The waiter just sighed and said "absolutely not." A smoked fish platter is easily split-able.

Michael Stryker

Really terrific smoked fish. Plates to big for me, at least, to finish. Even though crowded, it's small enough to have a conversation with a small group.

Ty Nixon

Ny institution, a prize. Great portions, a real Jewish deli!

Sandra Martinez

Horrible service they do not deliver to certain addresses. I recommend no one goes there !!!!

Anne Fernandena

For lunch on Saturday we only waited 5-10 minutes for a table. Once seated, we were not rushed to order, eat or leave. I had the combo sturgeon/salmon/eggs/onions with bialy and husband had a Reuben. Both were delicious (my bialy was blah, but I had never had one before to compare it to). My friend had iced tea, and our bill was $52. So, it’s not cheap but it is delicious!

Eli H

I feel like Jewish comfort food was invented here. Ashkenazi cuisine heaven.

Davidoff Lewis

Go for the blintzes and french toast! Standard NY smoked fish fare that seems to be (mostly not made there but bought like any business) the same as Zabar’s or Murray’s Bagels in an retro look, not updated since 1950’s, extremely casual layout. If you have the bucks a great place for everyday breakfast. Owner is very friendly.

Sean Feld

Best bagel I have ever had!

Keith Cross

Never been a big salmon fan. That is until I had the smoked salmon bagel with cheese and tomato. Tempted to eat 2 of them, but took one home for later. Great iconic place to visit.

Michael L

A NYC landmark, It was great but expensive!!!!

Gary Levenson-Palmer

Love the pastrami lox. A place where we always go when we come to New York

Matthew Hawk

Had the most amazing sandwich there yesterday. They truly keep a lost art alive. It's always worth and trip, plus the sandwich will last two meals.

Lazaro Tamargo

Good food. Small portions. High prices for what you get. Hard to recommend when u can get a real triple decker that will feed 3 peeps at other joints for the same price.

Eugene Thomas

This is the last real Jewish deli I know of on the UWS. Glad they're still in business. Good service. Great deli food. Sometimes it can get really crowded, especially on Saturday's. There is a loyal fan base. As you can tell, I'm one. Try the sable nova, it's definitely one of my favorites. Top notch place & staff. Not to be missed if you're on the UWS.

Margaret Renfranz

Salmon-egg mixture dried out, but other than that, delightful as usual. Bring cash.

Bree C

The prices were high, but I assumed that was due to great quality. It was not. The person who made my sandwich kept reminding me how much everything cost and asking if I still wanted my order, which was a little weird bc he didn't assume other customers couldn't afford to eat there. Also, when I asked if I could sit in the dining area, I was told no, even though the couple next to me was invited to. They told me that I could sit in the front room where the cashier was, but the place was cluttered with boxes and receipts and generally looked dingy. My mistake for going there.

Gerard Lioy

Famous for its fish

Ms Travel

Iconic New York restaurant. Expect a wait, they don't take reservations or credit cards, but the food is great.

Rachel Chopra

Super helpful and what can I say, it's the best!!

Saleh Soltan

****if you are a tourist, please remember to check the prices with the ones in your check or simply avoid this place **** Good food but terrible service. The waiter gave us a check with random numbers. We had to decipher it to realize it was $15 more than what we had! Very overrated place! Don't waste your time here. There are far better places in the neighborhood...

Abc Def

Absolutely breathtaking smoked fish and old school products, reliable delivery and very honest management. In addition to having the best product, management is exceptionally kind and trustworthy.

Roy Arnold

Only waited 20 min for table. Great service, awesome food! I suggest the tongue sandwich on rye with mustard. Fresh pickles. Cash only so bring some.

Alicia Johnson

An upper west side classic. Such a special place. All their smoked fish is excellent. The pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup are also stand-outs.

Samuel Segal

This is a fantastic classic New York deli. I am a big deli fan. I love pickles, sandwiches, fish and pretty much everything they sell here. It definatly has the New York vibe (my party of four sat at a two top table) but even if that turns you off this place is still worth it. It is as good as Katz's in many ways, but the fish is better and there was no line when I went. You can also order fish to take home, which I did. I got some whitefish which they packed with ice in a bag so the fish could stay cold until I could get home to put it in my refrigerator. If you want an authentic deli experience without the wait this is a fantastic place.

Denise Perez

Old fashioned charm, onion rolls are amazing, lox melts in your mouth. A must!

Char Cole

This place, this place, this place is a delicious destination. New York is better for it. Sandwiches, breakfast, it's an experience

Yvonne Lindesay

I was never there

D Kuszaj

The best smoked fish I have ever had. Waiters were very nice.

Mark Julius

Nice but expensive.

Matt Mauney

Very cool historic spot but smoked fishes are average/overrated, particularly for the price.

Or Hiltch

This place is one of my favorite places in NYC. The food is simply amazing - especially the lox bagel, but really anything. The service is also really good, you get coffee re-fill and a lot of attention from the waiters. Beware as it's CASH ONLY.

Liz Dance

I had read that the matzo ball soup here was good - and that is was. A diner to remember when you want good quality, down to earth food. I highly recommend it.

Isaac Zeitoun

Pastrami was decent, latkas were ok but knish was absolutely tasteless - owner didn't seem to care.

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