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REVIEWS OF Whiteway Pet Shop IN New Jersey

James Ramos

Great place to shop any pet products and great price

Ram Jameson

Very friendly and helpful staff. Bruce the store owner is very knowledgeable. I've been going there for 14 years. But don't buy any female rats from him lol!


They are busy, the store is overwhelming at first because it is a small store but they always seem to have everything we need. The workers are nice and helpful.

William Torres

Good local pet shop nice variety of pets besides the fact he has good prices. Much Better than Petco, PetSmart & petland

Lucas Cañette

Bad presentation overall, with the foul smell of fish as soon as you enter, the lack of hygiene on their tanks, or even for puppies/kitties cages. If you're an animal lover, I suggest you shop elsewhere. If you're looking for anything in specific when it comes to aquariums, there's a good chance you might find something here, but other than that, it's not really good.

William Perez

Really friendly people

Jack Narvaez


Francisco Vazquez

This is by far one of the DIRTIEST pet stores that I have ever visited. The smell inside is horrendous and the animals are in terrible conditions. My kids were able to point out at least 15 dead fish the first time we went from several different tanks. The birds were in cages that were piled with poop. The poor puppies smell awful. The second time I went in and asked for rats and when the owner himself came to give me the “white rats” they were YELLOW from living in deplorable conditions and swimming in their own feces and urine, they smelled and looked HORRIBLE! I wouldn’t feed those filthy rats to my snakes. When I asked for the price he said $7.99 which is just $2 less than Petco, I would gladly pay the extra $2 to never step foot in that place again. Please do not support this store, this place needs to be shut down and all these animals need to be saved from these terrible living conditions. I would never step foot in that place again and I would advice that you do yourself a favor and never visit this horrid place!

Samantha Legeny

Through my experience, and again I am speaking through my experience here. Some may agree and majority will probably disagree. The owners name is Bruce and honestly every time me and my boyfriend go in there, we go only for tank decorations and for our African cichlids. Tanks are not in the best of conditions but saying their animals will dye within a week is false. Bruce is always kind and helpful when we have questions or problems with our tank. He's our go to before any other stores. The reason being that they let the dead fish float in the cichlids tank is because they are naturally aggressive fighting fish. Once one dies, it is in their nature to pick at the dead one and eat a bit. I know doesn't sound good but it what they are. I don't know about dog conditions or any other animals for that matter but as for their fish department, they have my votes. (Our cichlids lasted over 3 months in our tank until us as the owners made a mistake and on our behalf of the mistake they died) not because of the pet store.

Tyronica Cooper

Nice the perfect place

pjuiliano .

Great place, good prices, I get a 50lb bag of Macaw food for 60$

Ann Montalvo

I get all my fishes there... they usually have a nice selection to choose from. They also have cute dogs, kittens, birds, and reptiles.

Michelle Rivera

Recently adopted a beautiful kitten. His ears were filthy but I assumed it was dirt. Took him to the vet to find out he’s infested with ear mites. How do you just sell a kitten to someone with ear mites?! The kitten was also vaccinated at a local veterinary and the vet didn’t say anything about his ears nor the people at the pet store. How do you just let that kitten go like that?


This place is super depressing. If you just need pet food, that's fine, but the animals are so sad to look at...

Jose Landaverde

They have good food, toys, and amazing animals like reptiles and dogs cats birds bunnies ferrets hamsters mouses (as a pet) and they also have awesome treats

Sergio Katz

Good service, fair prices.

Danny Dee

Cute puppies but their prices are insanely ridiculous with NO guarantee on pets. I'm better off going to a breeder to make purchase, its little cheaper and guaranteed

Ivan Ordonez

They always have what I need for my pet. Workers are very friendly.

jessica richards

Small but great had everything i was looking for

Paul Povoa

Supplies are expensive. But they have beautiful dogs

Salome Labrada

They either have what I need or will get it for me. Great Advice on what's best for my pets. Great costumer service. Been going there since I was 2 years old and I'm in 30s and will Continue to go for many years to come.

Alexis Salazar

In this place you can buy a dog?

Chris Andrade

Animals look dead


Great old school Pete Shop, they have everything, Its been around for many generations so when I say old school it really is!! But it's great if for some odd reason they don't have what you want they will get it!!! And the crew all enjoy what they do and really want to help you..... great place if you miss them old school Pet Shops

Michelle Hierro

Great prices

Dagger GirlGamer

I went there and large groups of animals like guinea pigs, rabbits,hamsters, and ferrets in undersized cages that doesn't suit the large amount especially since these animals are territorial. Though either way these people are kind and helpful about the food and toys.

Mr. V

Excellent selection of dogs

MD Kamrul Islam

Bought two Parakeets from there

Anthony Mateo

Best Privately Owned Pet Shop In Town!!!!!

Veronica Xicara

These other review are completely incorrect and are just plain (ass)umptions. I not only frequently visit this pet shop by also worked there for a little over a year. To have that variety of animals from dogs to cats,rodents,reptiles,amphibians,arachnids salt water and fresh water fish in such a small store (meanwhile the one on broad street maybe has one ferret, and a leapord gecko and one parakeet) anyone with a normal IQ may know it might smell a little. And these floors were mopped every single day. And all shelves were dusted everyday. Bruce has a VAST amount of birds so the more they flap the more dust goes around(Some more common sense). This small family owned pet shop is awesome and all these animals are cared for and all animals are fed and watered daily. Support your local businesses. I was born and raised in Elizabeth and this pet shop has been in my life since I was young. Huge thumbs up !!

Gustavo López

Nice people and attention.

Gabriel Mauricio


James Wandling

Always enjoyable to visit good selection in products best employed best pets

Robert Noel

Knowledge staff, great specialty items and animals appeared well caref for

Joe Anderson

Located Near By the Owner is Very Friendly!

Sean Walker

The best fish bait in town and cheaper than Wal/Mart...

Camilo Fiorillo

(Translated by Google) Ayyy is where my grandson and my son buy the food for the fish very good prices (Original) Ayyy es donde mi nieto y mí hijo compran la comida para los pescadito muy buenos precios

Phoenix J NYC

Very friendly and speedy service

Alex Silver Silvera

Perfect , 100 ckriketz for 7 bucks , its good

carl alon

Friendly and knowledgeable

Debra Kling

PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS. DO NOT EVER. EVER BUY AN ANIMAL FROM THIS STORE. My Guinea pig recently passed away and wanted to get a new one. My Veterinarian recommended this place(turned out he's friends with the owner)so I went to look. When I walked in I saw employee separating Guinea pigs, he had one by it's back leg, I should have ran out the door then, but my son really wanted a new pet. They had all the Guinea pigs in one cage. My son saw a very small one huddled in the corner and he fell in love, so we bought her. They gave me no receipt, no information on how to care for her NOTHING. From the day we brought her home she bit anyone that went near her. Fast forward 4 months and now I noticed she was loosing hair and had a scab on her backside. I took her to the Veterinarian and she has MITES. he gave her an injection and I've been treating her skin but she's lost almost all of her hair from her hid legs down to her hinie. Now we know why she's been biting, mites are painful. She's not getting better so now she has to go back to the Veterinarian. Over $120. Spent. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE AT BUYING ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE , IT WILL END UP COSTING MORE THEN JUST MONEY AND HEARTACHE.

Ramsey Sumrein

I only go here because it right up the street from my house

Carol Rose

Needed supplies

Gaye Mustafa

Love the store

Vuanita Haslam

First of all the place stinks i know its a pet store but the one on btoad st smell better it smells like dont clean animal cages just let it sit exspeinsive animals,look sick fish tanks is dirty got dirt dust out side dead fish floating around in tank with live fish dogs look sick cages dirty wouldnt recomand i spend money on hampster for my daughter here and found it dead in,cage next day just git it and they wouldnt give money back just attiude briught fish here that dided next day ovall dont buy animals here they look neglected and sick go petland discount broad st animals healther place smells better cleaner

Juan Pinzon

great attention

Shotboy Vb

Not good

Nicole Cedeno

It was good but they need more bathroom and seats

Nina Crosby

I got my baby (ferret) from here one year ago on June 25th, 2018. He is thriving!

Aldrin Pabello

Good prices and nice selection of fish and fish supplies

Michael DeFluri

The place was excellent

Sky Geo

I love to have a lot of pets

Marty Borruso

Some of the most intelligent people in the pet business and they have a large inventory of Animals

joseph pinckney

The best

Christopher Esposito

I love it

Tatiana Parra

very dirty .. the animals seem neglected . birds have piles of waste in the cages . the way they are stored is wrong and sad . the place smells like dog piss . the animals all seem like they are on something especially the hamsters and bearded dragons ..

marquis jefferson

The Shop Does Have A Lot of products for dogs, cats , reptiles but the animals there are suffering he has no UVB light on the beardies, his savanah monitors look sick and malnourished he doesn’t know much knowledge about animals particularly reptiles please DO NOT BUY ANY PETS FROM THERE

BlackpinkTwiceBtsFan 123

The pet store had a lot of different animals there which i loved. And I just enjoy the baby kittens, and one of them was very playful. But the sad part was that i saw a very weak and cold dog. I am not a dog or animal expert but there were pink things in its eyes. I felt very bad for it and I wanted to get it but I can't have any pets so I just came there to look around. But either way i am happy that they added kittens since last time i went there, I didn't see any. But I still feel bad for the poor animals.

Christina Oleas

Being that they work with animals, I just feel like the place can be cleaner. Overall it's okay. A great place to come to give an animal a loving home.

Carina huezo

Worst place ever... dirty tanks... horrible customer service and things come defective. Never going there rather take the drive and go to petco

Andrea Johnson-hall

Hubby and I love this place...Bruce is our man...we go here for all of our pets and pet store ever

Ana Drouet


Jay From Around The Way

This place got damn near everything

Nathalia Vega

(Translated by Google) Good service, you find what you need for your pets (Original) Buen servicio, encuentras lo que necesitas para tus mascotas

Nora Shams

Unhealthy animals kept in small dirty cages. The health department and animal control should inspect this place!

Samantha Carmona-soriano

Does anyone know the price to a puppy here?

Sam Towns

I'm always happy to find pet shops while visiting a new town. It was a unique store. Although the smell was so bad we had to leave earlier than we would have normally. I do have a strong nose so may be bothered more than most people. Another con is we had to pay to park. Minor, but these things would keep us from returning. Worth a visit at least once.

sandy rosa

Been going there for almost 30yrs, Bruce and his staff are awesome

Sherondia Brown


Brian Drinks

I would not recommend buying crickets from here,the fish tanks are dirty the salt water tanks have so much salt creep and build on them with dead fish in them, it smell I know it's a pet store but still buy at your own risk in my opinion.

dark panda

Long paragraph, but PLEASE READ: I really wouldn't consider people coming here. I had just recently went, as in 20 minutes ago, to see pet rats. I called probably last week and had asked for pet rats and they said that there were rats. I come from Morristown and had drove 55 minutes all the way to Elizabeth to find a rat. As I entered, I heard an animal squawking. Walking closer, I saw that it was a stressed blue, white, yellow, etc. Colored parrot. It was in the corner of its cage, squawking. Continuing to look around, I noticed that there were hamsters.. All dwarf-types... BUT there was pine wood shavings in their cage! This is bad for them because it causes respiratory problems for the hamsters! Selling them with these problems is not ok! It really isn't! This place is willing to sell hamsters that might have respiratory problems! How awful. Finally, can I get a drum roll? I asked to see the rats and a man showed me a big-sized white rat in a small, white box. Think about it. There is a dumbo, white rat in a SMALL box. He held the rat by its tail in the air and shoved the rat back in the smal box and shut it, the rat's tail being exposed. The main reason I am buying a rat is because they are misunderstood, they really are, and they aren't treated right. (Huge example as I've described) I'm only 13, and seeing this is traumatizing. It's animal abuse, it really is. I have a Chinese dwarf hamster in a big cage, with paper bedding, like they SHOULD HAVE, and I'm thankful for getting him at Petco because this shop is NOT a great place to shop!

rafhiel rodriguez

The best local pet store alot of different animals to choose from

zaid muhammad

Nice people very polite...

Angelica Butron

(Translated by Google) Very clean, very good attention. (Original) Muy limpio, la atención muy buena.

Carlos Vializ

A real pet store

Victor Logan

Great pet shop

omar Marquesqui

Best petshop in New jersey

Ariana Fuentes

Love the animal and the workers are so nice

Elena Brodriguez


Niki Isaac

The owner is extremely knowledgeable and will get whatever you need if it's not in the store.

tomas marin

Is nice

Jannah L. YaFavoriteGyrl

Been around forever & has what you need.

Jay R

Nice and friendly a little smelly but overall excellent

Norzil ovilde

Other than a little smell the place is good and the animals don't die in a week I bout fishes there and hab them for about 4years and their still healthy and growing all the pets looked healthy to me

Daniella Sofianakos

Very friendly and helpful with what I was looking for

Diana Maldonado

Good selection and good prices!!

michael lynch

Bruce is the animal guru. He is very knowledgeable and they keep up with the pets and store plus they have great prices . And he will never sell you low quality or poor condition items and pets.

Kat kat


Angelica Cervantes

I always buy here and never had a problem. They should dust the place thought as it looks like its been abandoned. I bought a lamp for my bearded dragon and it was covered with dust. Other than that, I like the shop. They have items I need for my beardy and way cheaper than Petland. So much animals in there too! They have fishes, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians etc... Awesome place and great service.

dianna Broker

they have a fake picture of a marmoset monkey witch tells me they found the picture down loaded it and add the pic to there site should never put pictures on your page if you do not sell them and to take a pic off the web to add to your page is not a nice thing to do

marquest spivey

The. Thing. Is. The. Place. Stink. And. The. Cats. Look. Like. Nobody. Take. Care. Of. Them. The. Hamsters. Die. The. Second. Day. I. Got. Them. Thier. Hermet. Crabs. Are. Not. Helthy. Its. Just. Disappointing

Rafhiel Rodriguez

Good prices.

Julie Dav

I bought my parrot from Bruce 18 years ago, he sold me beautiful, healthy and super intelligent African Gray Parrot and even taught me how to feed him with a syringe, he was just born. Until this day when I travel he watches him. They take really good care of him. This is a guy that truly care for those animals. Thank you Bruce!

Marisol Gonzalez

Pets are not as healthy as they should be and expensive supplies but a good variety of pets

sashi kanth

This place is small but has lot of options

RapiiD_Killzz Miranda

Goog prices

Magico Cowgirl

The way they keep the animals is atrocious. So many bunnies and guinea pigs in cages, they are laying on top of each other. The puppies were in stacked wire cages.

Luciano Canette

Nice place, but sometimes the fish doesn't look good.

Esther Thomas

Very small store, smelly from all the animals. Not a wide variety, as implied from their website. Very adorable puppies. But the staff is busy with the animals. I just walked out.

Essie ___

Please don’t go here if you ever want a guinea pig, my first impression that I had was quite confusing but I didn’t question it ofc if you were a pet owner or were running a pet store you would know how to run it, they had male and female guinea pigs together! and when I got my female guinea pigs I didn’t know they could mate after just 3 weeks of being born... so about 1 month and half of having them one of my guinea pigs gave birth already and now I’m expecting another pregnancy from my other guinea pig... it is very hard to find homes for them and for this pet store to not care about giving them out pregnant is just inhuman, just know you’re taking a big risk of them being pregnant and if you are expecting 2-4 babies plus the mother this is the right store for you.

Sunil Dalal


Kenpo Gamer

Very friendly staff. Wide array of pet supplies just a bit over priced.

Shawn Mcgee

Bought two pairs of bearded dragon and accessories

Christopher Vallejo

I'm want a dog for Christmas.


Best stuff in town!! Just about everything under one roof for pets!! Thanks to Bruce for keeping one of the best shops around!

lola bell

The animals are not in humane living environments.

joe mama

Great pet shop

tailchopper71 .

Visited the place once looking for some tropical fish and couldn't stay there for more than 5 minutes. It stinks. Plus the fact that their fish tanks are in horrid condition. There are hard water stains on the tanks, most fish are in poor health.

Nada Importa

9/10/16 First time going to this place and last. We got to this place and as soon as we got in you can smell how bad these people maintain this place. I am sorry for all the animals in these place it was hot humid inside. I wish the city take a look at this place for temperature and hygene. The dogs in their cages look dirty and exausted. Birds and guinea pigs all dirty cages. This place should be only for critters, snakes, cats, and fish. Poor organization for the size of the store. They need to take a look inside of real Petland store. I do not recommend this place for dogs, birds; the rest of the animals pretty much like dirt.

Jan Hobson

Cluttered mess; dirty cages!

Margie Reyes

Whiteway Pet Shop it's a nice little pet shop they have puppies and kittens, fish hamsters pretty much everything

Christina aint got no game

They have tons of animals. It is messy inside though. I bought a bunny she died a week later i brought her back and they replaced her for me.

John Thompson

The best in town.

Julania Hubbard

Whiteway Pet shop is great. They have tons of animals. I go there for their cricket special - 100 crickets any size for $7.

Junnior Gabin

Very good

Eddie Dejesus

Very friendly staff and their prices are very very good

Donte Campbell

Animals will die within 7 days

Janka R

we love our baby we adopted. he's completely healthy, smart, kindly, loving and amazing dog.


Staff is very helpful with helping you find what you need. A bit small, but it’s cozy. The animals are treated with care, although I always feel bad for a dog in a corner: while people pay attention to the others, that one is unreachable.

Malik Pride

Great collection of animals,supplies and especially all reptile needs

Pedro Hernandez


Angela Guevara

Poor Doggies are trap in jail cell only to be sold As a OBJECT!!!!!!! CRUELTY

Eddie Galatilis

I been coming to this pet shop since I can remember. My 1st of several pets where adopted from Whiteway Pet Shop. My 1st fish, Guinea pig, hamster, newt, monitor and snake all came from this spot. Lately i only get my pet food from here(rats, mice, crickets and worms). They have a pretty nice selection of animals for a small pet shop, I just wish they where better maintained. I actually feel bad for some of the animals in there since they see to be very underfed. Mainly talking about their reptiles.

Q Jersey

Nice place nice staff. Overpriced for pets though. But it's convenient if you don't want to travel.

Danny Torres

Great MOM & POP pet shop ...... Well worth Supporting.

John Szelengiewicz

Very nice owner is Great !

Manuel Carpio

If you like pet stores with a whole selection of different things whiteway is the place to stop. Fishing essentials can also be found here. Cats and birds of all kinds


I would never step foot in this location EVER. I called them in regarding dubia roaches (feeder roaches for dubia dragons). I have obtained prices ranging from 5 for a $1.00 (from a reputable pet store in freehold) to 50 for $13.00 (which comes from an online breeder). This place wanted to charge me $1.00 a piece. Which would be $50.00 for 50 of them. And that is for the little nymphs (babies too). This place is such a rip off i would stay far away from them .

Noj Lavender

This place is atrocious, I have no idea how anyone is giving this place any good reviews. The first time I ever dealt with them I called to see if they had a specific brand of cat food which I was told they did. When I had got there suddenly they didn’t have it and they kept telling me of all the other car foods I can buy. This brand of cat food was super high in protein and was recommended for my ferret. So not any old cat food or ferret food would of done. I had actually never went there until today when I needed to get a rat for my snake. When I had seen the dogs from The window outside I knew this place was bad. The one dog was covered in basically melted poop and he desperately needed a hair trim and to be clean. The reptiles are kept in way too small of cages and are sold for far too high of a price. The amount of flies in the place should just speak volumes. Birds are kept in five gallon fish tanks which is super bad for their health. There was also a cat sleeping on tanks of scorpions and spiders which is most likely super stressful for them. This place should be shut down.

nicole alomar

One star may be too many, I purchased an aquarium rock for my 150 gallon tank I've had for 2 yrs. Rocks coming from any pet store are supposed to be tank friendly I know this because I have brought rock from other pet stores in the past. This rock had turned my entire tank a milky color and even after several water changes and removing the rock, my water is still not yet as it should be. I contacted the owner and while he did offer to refund my money, he was very dismissive and did not want to hear anything . This could have ruined my tank , killed my fish. I am not even sure the long term effects if any to my fish from breathing, ingesting all the particles from that rock. It seems like they just picked this rock off the street and are selling it in their store.

German Andujar

The best, the owner gives 100 % to help costumers, even speaking Spanish, that's my brother Bruce!!! Congrats

Sulan Walters-Nesbeth

Went in the store to make a purchase and the staff didn't even ask if I needed help in which I did... not the best customer service however who answers the phone is polite. Their fish tank price is good compare to other local stores

Mario Del Cid

Don't buy fish from here but pet supplies are just fine

carla daniels

Smells awful! Roaches

Scott Segal

Overall good

True Starr

Great place with helpful friendly staff. And They Carry Fresh & Saltwater Tackle & Bait

Ab Mcdaniel


Nicole Johnson

I love it place

Nilda zidonik

I have purchase 3 canaries from this store in the last months. Best birds ever, healthy and great singers!

Miguel Guerra

Everything in the store is way overpriced.

Anna Fleming

Nice friendly staff

Ignacio Castro

Great place,I can find everything and anything for my pets!

Manny A

The best pet store in New Jersey

Yolanda Taylor

I was off today and I googled pet shops I. My area. As with any pet shop that sell ALL ANIMALS the smell hit you but not hard... I can see he has been here for years but he need to look into expanding for the sake of the caged animals! I came for kittens he had two he said in the back..that I could not see... and he said to come back by end of week when they’ve been treated by the Vet. The price $129. Steep for kittens as most adoptive places charge $50-60. And $75 for grown cats...The problem IS there is a shortage of kittens everywhere. Ill try him out at the end of week if I can get there because I may not get off in time!

Luz Alfaro

This place seems to get extremely hot sometimes. It’s cramped inside and the cages that the dogs are put in seem way too small for some of the dogs they house. When walking past the window display, I noticed that some of the cages had excrement all over and that the dogs were having a hard time avoiding stepping on it. Please, PLEASE try harder to maintain the cages. Bigger cages should be used. It breaks my heart.

Edwin Pomalaza

Good place

Marie Haynes

Have all of ur petting needs

Jeff White

Overpriced and unclean.

Tyler Rose

Wonderful place, bought my bunny here for 50$ as a baby back in September and and healthy, I believe they hand raise a lot of the animals because my bunny was veeeerrry friendly when i got him, place is a little dirty but other than that animals are well cared for!

Armando Arce

Is very good service only the poppy dog is to,much money prize only that not good not much sorry by that.

Gacha Rose

Look if you put one star and your pet is unhealthy then taking the vet and see is healthy or not ok simple and easy .and if you have a new pet then go to the vet ok.

Lou Velez

Funny smelling place. Lol. Puppies, birds, rabbits,weasels, gerbels. But cool fish spot...

Nicole Mora

The employees were very attentive and informative about all the animals I recommend this place for all your pet care needs, especially for fish. Their prices are cheap and their products are of high quality.

Lori Ernst

Great place has everything you need

Barbara Negron Rodriguez

Helpful staff large variety of pets.

Julian Laboriel

11 months ago I came to this petshop to buy my rabbit Rosita. She’s healthy, friendly with me, my family & Oreo (my other rabbit who passed away 2 weeks ago). My only problem is that when I asked one of the employees to give me a string to tie/get a grip on the box to hold Rosita, he says we don’t have that in the store. The funny part is that I can see the strings under the desk, but of course it wasn’t for free. I ended up going to Petland Discounts a few blocks down to ask for someone to give me a string or make a tape holder to carry Rosita all the way home.

Hector Mejia Jr.

Love this pet shop you really feel like family

Pedro Garcia

If you could deal with the smell then you're okay .been going to this place for many years it's a decent spot for the location that it's in, prices are reasonable besides the smell that's not a bad place to look around and purchase a couple of things you might need for your pets or even buy a couple of pets for your home.

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