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REVIEWS OF The Fish Hut of New Jersey IN New Jersey

Ameer Hassan

I found The Fish Hut through a google search and was impressed by the reviews. Without seeing past my excitement to buy some fish I was looking for, I drove over 40 miles to the store. When I got there they said they were out. No big deal, it was my fault for not calling beforehand. I called a week later to ask if the fish I was looking for were in stock and was given a yes and was told there would be a few left for me by the time I got there, so I headed back. Sadly, they had all been sold by the time I got there. So then they did what any good business would do, and they asked for my information and told me they would hold a few for me especially and make sure they weren’t sold, and would call me when they were in. I received a call about a week later again and was told that my fish were in with my name on them, so I eagerly made my way back to the store only to find out that the fish that were supposedly held for me were again sold to another customer, even though I was told that my name was on them. Ultimately I ended up driving over 240 miles, and spent more money on gas just getting to the store, than I would have on the fish that I was looking for. I really wanted to like this store and make it my go-to place for my fish needs, and it's a real shame because the selection of fish they have at the store is really expansive and the fish are kept in really good condition, but I can't see myself spending money on a business that would send a customer on a wild goose chase like what happened to me. The only reason why I'm giving this two stars instead of one is because they genuinely have a good selection of fish. It's just more disappointing than anything else.

Jeff Uva

I love this place! Very knowledgeable, helpful staff, gave me great ideas and info and saved me money during my fresh water aquarium start up. Going back ever since.

Y Mathew

This is the best place to get African cichlids. They have great variety at affordable prices. Rich and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and customer oriented. Had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Keith Gibian

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the stock is top notch. I have been going there for a couple years now and my experience has always been fantastic! I have some show quality cichlids from the Hut.

joexemm .

So far this is by far the best LFS I have been to yet. Tanks are all pristine despite there being well over 100 tanks in the building. No dead fish stuck to filters contaminating water. They have a visible quarantine program in the back of the store which makes me feel safe about my inevitable purchase in the not so distant future. I spoke with a few employees that were more then happy to answer any questions and one gentleman stood with me and my wife for a good 30 minutes explaining some African Cichlid species to us rather then just selling us fish that would leave us unhappy. I recommend taking the ride near or far. They are over an hour from me!

EMCKC Friends

I love this place. Always come and look at the fish. They have a very nice selection and healthy fish. I would go there every day if I could. I can not wait till I am old enough to work there.

Dylan Kelly

So many awesome fish! My brothers and I spent hours looking through the store before deciding what we wanted. Jr helped us out and took care of us while we were there. The store is amazing, the staff is knowledgable and helpful, and best of all, the fish were really healthy! I will definitely be back, well worth the hour and a half drive.

Jay Z

Just found out about this place about a month ago, has quickly become my favorite fish store around. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable. They also have a wide variety of fish, decor, and accessories. I have recommended this place to all my friends. Anything you'll need for your fish tank, you will definitely find it here!


Rich was really knowledgeable- I walked in to get aquascaping materials, I was able to quickly decide thanks to suggestions from rich. Will definitely recommend store to fish keepers

Daniel DeVito

Stopped in for the first time the other day and was thoroughly impressed. The selection of freshwater fish, inverts, and plants is impressive. Tanks look very clean and the staff was incredibly nice and helpful. Also the variety of driftwood they have is awesome. My only wish is that they would carry saltwater fish and corals because if they stocked stuff half as nice as their freshwater I have no doubt there would be some amazing livestock.

Lisa Berkowitz

Probably the best and most impressive collection of fresh water fish for sale in Northern New Jersey!!! I was truely amazed how many colorful vibrant freshwater fish even existed. I will be back!

Simona Ardolino

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ve gotten a bunch of fish and tank accessories from here and have never left disappointed. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for cool/exotic fish and any accessories!


Unbelievable selection of tropical fish and by far the ultimate place for African Cichlids.There was always someone ready and willing to help.

Erika Becker

Awesome experience at Fish Hut NJ. Stopped by for the first time yesterday to check out their selection of fish and tank equipment-and was very impressed! They have a wide variety of fish to look at and purchase, with knowledgable staff who can help new fish tank owners (like myself) to make the right choices. Purchased 2 fish who are currently doing well and loving their new home! Prices for fish and tank equipment are also very reasonable. Will be returning soon!

Cecelia Mazzetti

We have been going to fish hut for many years now and are always happy with the quality. Specifically African Cichlids! Always very helpful and professional.

Marlayna Catlett

What an amazing store this is and fabulous experience we had. The variety and beauty of the stock they keep is unreal - we spent a few happy hours here blown away by the choices and if that weren't enough, the service is outstanding. When I asked about fish, Kyle knew everything about them and was happy to give me any information and even took the extra step of showing me how some of the fish would develop and change as they age. We are loyal customers forever!

xavier aviles

Awesome place to go to if your looking for nice fresh water fish. The workers are very polite and helpful and know what they’re talking about.

Anthony Louis

Been coming here for years, Rich is awesome, the whole staff is great & knowledgeable & carry some of the top of the line fish & equipment you’re gonna get. They donate more than you can imagine to auctions & offer discounts post auctions. Great prices not looking to rip people off like certain competitors you will not be disappointment if you come here I could promise you that!

Karen Hernandez

This place is amazing, looks small but so much variety of fish and accessories and very friendly staff each time we come. The prices are reasonable and they have good deals when buying more than one fish. They have an amazing sale today for their 7 years celebration and there’s over a hundred people here and they still manage to help answer questions and attend ppl as quick as they can. Definitely recommend for fish lovers.

Matthew Hughes

This is by far the best fish store. The staff is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They have a huge selection of fish and take the time to explain how the fish interact in the tank, which fish are compatible, etc. Kyle was extremely helpful for me getting me all set up for my new Cichlid tank. They take the time, listen, and give great advice. I highly reccomend this place!

Jamar Charleston

I was at another fish store and a fellow shopper told me about fish hut and how they had the best selection of fresh water fish. I decided to take the 45 minute ride and I must say I was nothing short of amazed at the selection and also the customer service. Great set of team members working the floor. I would highly recommend for fish hut.

Dayna Perez

Love this place! Amazing selection of fish and aquariums. The staff is fantastic, the best customer service out there. They are very knowledgeable and helpful! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my aquarium needs !

natasha conner

This has been the best fish pet store ever... The staff is wonderful nice customer service... I'm very pleased I found them(fish hut of NJ)..I recommend this store.. I had a wonderful customer service with slim Jim..

John Fuller

Welcomed by all the floor team upon arrival. Lynne helped me choose some Silver Dollars, cichlids and Angel Fish. It's a one stop shop for anyone looking to set up or maintain their aquarium. I've had my tank for over 12 years In have been hearing about the fish hut for the past 4 years. It's an incredible place and definitely lives up to the hype!

Cole Stevenson

Awesome staff very helpful, excellent selection of fish for everybody. Good spot full of good people.

JM Gomez

Best fish store around new jersey. I would definitely comeback again.

Fran Fudot

I’m a novice in this fish hobby and my fiancé took me to this store. Everyone is helpful and willing to give the best recommendations. I keep coming back! Wide selection and great prices.

Kim Wong

It is an amazing store. They have a huge selection of fresh water fish but they also have salt water fish. The people there are really nice, knowledgable, and very patient with my 101 questions each time I go there.

Kyle Rock

I had a great experience at fish hut. The employees are very nice and knowledgeable of the fish the have. Best customer service I’ve had at any aquarium store. I highly recommend this place for your aquarium needs.

Samantha Montañez

Amazing and helpful staff. Went in looking for a Bristlenose Pleco and came out with beautiful Golden one. My son loved it. My new favorite place to go, and super close to home! I'll be back soon!

John Kelly

What a great experience! We were looking for a frog and came from another store that treated us like a piece of meat. We walked in to be greeted by Jim and what a pleasure it was. One on one personal service and what a wealth of knowledge. He has sold us on the fish hut!!! By the way the other store is twice the price on everything.

Luisana Sanchez

If you have been looking for a clean fish pet shop this is it, this is the stop. As soon as my husband and I walked in we where greeted and told that they where there to help us if we needed it. We browsed around, ALL the tanks where clean, I didn't see any dead or sick fishes like in chain stores. They helped me with a few questions about the compatibility of two different fresh water fishes. I must say that its a bit pricey but I believe that because of the way they maintain their tanks its definitely worth paying a lil more. If you really care about your tank at home you wont mind paying a bit more for healthy, clean fishes.

Peggy Tierney

This is the place to go. Huge selection and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Took plenty of time with me to understand my tank and what type of fish would be best for me. A few weeks later and fish are doing great. I will travel over the GWB from the Bronx to shop here.

Zack Collado

My favorite local fish store! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and they have a great selection of plants, fish, shrimp, food, and supplies.

Robert Sickler

Starting our own aquarium/aquascape. Staff was incredibly knowledgeable and easygoing. A great environment for learning and making sure we make educated decisions before our purchases. Highly recommend this place!

Samuel Arce

Friendly and knowledgeable staff!.. They helped me find items needed to set up my tank, and answered all my questions...Ask for john sr, and john jr..( no relation)

Thomas Olsen

These guys are great! Very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. As an amateur hobbyist I appreciate their guidance in setting up my saltwater tank. Highly recommend buying here

Estuar Calle

Fish Hut has variety of fish for fresh and saltwater. They sell wonderful accessories and the staff are always welcoming to customers. If you want advice for your tank, this is the place to go.

ari sher

The fish hut provided a smooth experience and excellent service. Jim knew exactly what fish would perfectly suit our family. Highly recommended place!!

Alan Beneroff

Half hour away for me but worth it for the great selection and prices. One stop shopping. Staff remembers my name creating a more personalized experience. Jim and junior are always great to work with. Highly recommended.

Catherine Spano

Great selection and the guys are all experts with amazing advice. Just bought a flower horn named Frank and he’s the boy!

Gwenyth Simon

I happened to stumble upon the Fish Hut one day and when I walked in I was greeted immediately. Jim helped me find the right fish and plants for my tank. He is very nice and is a pleasure to be around while choosing fish. He was singing while bagging the fish, which put a smile on my face and made me want to come back again. The Fish Hut is a solid go to for aquarium needs!

Kristen Mendoza

My husband and I are fish enthusiast. We have several tanks in our house and we love to fish shop hop. After spending a weekend in PA driving back to New York my husband googled to see if there were any shops that we can pass by. Fish Hut came up on google so we decided to stop in. This place has large selection of fresh water fish!!! I didn’t know where to look so many options. One of the sale associates greeted us immediately and advised he would be with us shortly. That’s an A+ in my book. After he finished helping the current client he came over to us. The gentleman’s name is Slim Jim. He is very acknowledged in there inventory and even educated us. Even though this place isn’t close to we’re we live we will definitely will be making a trip back for our tank care and expansions in the near future. We highly recommend this place!!! A++++++ for inventory, customer service and education!


Top quality fish, amazing selection and very knowledgeable & friendly staff. I hardly ever write reviews, but this place deserved one. I was upset when my favorite fish store closed, but it was actually a blessing because I found this place. Once you have checked them out you will realize there is no reason you'd want to go anywhere else. I was super impressed with these guys. Some of the best looking fish I have seen and the prices were better than shops of much lesser quality. Idk how they do it, but I'm glad I found them.

Abel Perez

I’ve done freshwater all my life and decided to take the jump into saltwater. Rich took the time to educate me while doing it genuinely. He could have easily tried to sell me the most expensive units but he took his time and explained everything so I could judge what worked best for me. Fish Hut is the only place for me now. Rich thank you for your help with my new reef setup. Looking forward to visiting your location repeatedly.

Thalia Martinez

Love this store! They have so many different species of fish. But their cichlid selection truly stood out to me!! The staff is knowledgeable and willing to give great recommendations. I took home 6 Mbuna Cichlids and couldn’t be happier! I will definitely be returning to purchase some more!

Marie Mack

Ive never been given so much information on fish before than when I went to The Fish Hut. My family and I were greeted as soon as we walked in the door and were helped right away. We had our 2 daughters with us and not only did the young gentleman answer all of our questions but our daughters too, as well as asked them questions so they would feel comfortable and involved in the process. He showed us all of the many options on fish, tanks, filters, heaters and more. He knew what kinds of fish to mix and not mix together, provided great information and gave a little history and or story about a few as well (which my kids enjoyed). Our first stop was to a local pet store where we got little to no information. That in return brought us to The Fish Hut. We walked out with a great tank and everything we needed with it for a terrific price! I even called 2 hrs later with more questions and they answered them over the phone. We absolutely recommend The Fish Hut for your fish needs!!! You will not be dissappointed!

andre shep

I absolutely love Fish Hut of New Jersey. It never ceases to amaze me with the variety of fish, fish supplies, food, equipment and plants you can find here. I was hooked from the 1st day I discovered them. You'll get way better service and from much more knowledgeable people than any of the big box fish stores, and they're open 7 days. I highly recommend you pay them a visit and support local shops like this one. If you're into fish you won't regret the visit. They have the very best selection of African Cichlids.

Giovanni Guerrini

Best place to get anything for fish they know all about everything you need to know Great customer service and I definitely recommend this place 100%

Latoya Gayle

Amazing variety of fish and reasonable prices. Best place in town to shop in saddle brook for your aquatic needs. Keep up the good work and Sr don’t ever leave lol

Kyle Goldhammer

Very helpful with a great selection of fish both fresh and salt water. Helped me get my tank up and running with everything I needed. 5 stars

Sandra Mans

I came to this place from a recommendation from a pet chain store. I don't want to say which chain store cause I don't want anyone getting in trouble. The gentleman at the chain store recommended me to come check out the Fish Hut. I was looking for community fish to go along with my Betta. Well from the outside it looks small. Once you enter the place its huge. I was greeted by all the employees right away which was a nice welcome. I was then helped in picking a few fish and today I decided to go back and what service I got. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by saying hello Sandra. That was really nice that they remembered my name. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. Also they have everything you need.

Danny Rehan

Amazing experience here through the years. Highly informative staff and a selection you can’t find anywhere else

John P

These guys have everything for any possible aquarium need. With a huge beautiful selection of various shape, size, and breeds of fish. The employees are great and make sure to fullfill any need or questions you may have. Def. A place to check out for yourself.

ChocolateLust1 .

One of the best fish stores around i felt like a kid when I was in there lovely people lovely experience see you guys soon

John Nitti

Can’t say enough about the staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable and accommodative towards my son and I, especially John. EVERYTHING you need from fish, tanks & ALL accessories...they have. Would 100% recommend to anyone, even those who don’t like fish!!

njdread77 .

Very very helpful. Answered all my questions about my tank and cichlids very thoroughly. Was able to get my substrate, chemicals and rocks and plants from them all at once. Will definitely be using them as my home store from now on !!!

Luis Gonzalez

My number one place in New Jersey ! I’ve visit plenty of stores and this store has beat all the other stores. I travel all the way from Yonkers just to purchase my fishes and supplies. Maintenance is amazing !!! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and will take their time with you just not sell you anything. I highly recommend them!!!


We started our Aquarium life a year and a half ago. Everyone we've spoken to at Fish Hut over this journey has been so helpful, patient and kind. We have a 40 gallon tank with a variety of hearty fish and live plants. They live a happy life because of all the information the knowledgeable staff shared with us. They have a membership you can sign up for to get a discount which helps because although their prices are great, I always leave buying more than I initially planned! I'm addicted to my tank and will only ever go to Fish Hut for my aquarium needs!

Leon Miller

Great spot for Africans. They have a wealth of knowledge and are very friendly. The fish are reasonably priced. Jr is my go to fish expert.

Allen Leon

Fish hut is an awesome fish store , Kyle and junior are real knowledge with fishes and made me very comfortable on pursuing my hobby , they are patient and will help you understand , THANK YOU FISH HUT !!

Mike O'Brien

Went there a few weeks ago and loved it. Lots of diversity in fish for all skill and price levels. Big selection of in shock tanks and equipment too. Definetly worth a trip from wherever. We were helped by Jim and he was very knowledgeable in not only fish but also plants for our planted tanks

Mrs. Roman-Alicea

What can I say About fish hut other than they are the best aquatic store in Jersey! Sr, John, and the entirely staff are absolutely amazing, and you always feel so welcome and feel like family at this store. Wow there is so much you can say about fish hut but I would Fill up the entire page. FISH HUT YOUR THE BEST KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND NEVER EVER LEAVE SADDLE BROOK!!!

Pedro R.

I really had a great time at the fish hut. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They offer a large variety of fishes. Their staff also provides great guidance towards starting your own tank.

Eddy Farrell

Entered the store knowing nothing about the hobby all the staff are extremely helpful selection of freshwater fish and plants as well as tons of tanks and tank accessories, fish plant and coral medications-this place has everything. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for anything home aquarium their hours are great too.

Robinson Ko

I grew up practically in a fish store in Lower Manhattan for many years, so I know a great customer oriented and knowledgeable staff when I see one. Now I live in Jersey and so glad I stumbled upon this store. Their selection of cichlids from dwarf to Africans are amazing. I am always pleasantly surprised at the different varieties they have in stock. Even though it is a slight trek for me, it is well worth the drive. I never leave empty handed.

Santo Giammanco

This store is great.... the freshwater selection is vast and the peacock cichlids are quality. The staff are all great extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are good and they have a anniversary party in may with great discounts lots of fun and food. I highly recommend shopping there.

Richard Hui

Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly. They aren’t just trying to sell you fish, they will teach you about the fish you want and also advise if they don’t think the fish you want will live peacefully with each other. They were also very helpful and patient with me while my aquarium was going through it’s nitrogen cycle - their advice really helped me complete my cycle quickly. Overall they have an amazing selection of fish(even apistogrammas) and live plants and rock at very reasonable prices. Check them out!


Been going here for years and have gotten many of my favorite fish for a great price. Would definitely recommend!

Derrone Pressley

Great place and plenty of knowledge. I can be in there for hours just looking at all the different fish

Tin Le

Drove over an hour to get there and well worth it. Staff was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Large selection of African cichlids, top quality show grade fish. Will be referring to friends and will definitely be back.

Christy Bender

Such a great place they had everything I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere else at good prices and the staff is amazing

Russell Jacques

The staff at Fish Hut was super friendly and helpful. There selection is unmatched and have reasonable prices for all their fish. I would 100% recommend to any aquarium enthusiast.

Vijay Lorick

Amazing selection and knowledge. Basically anything you can think of they have. And well I know where to stock my tank from here on.

Susan Blue

Everyone is knowledgeable on the various species they sell. I've been coming here for years. I'm personally about to start my 2 tanks up and this is my go to. Will post pics soon! Currently stabilizing my tanks.

Sequoia Banfield

If your looking for a place with fresh water fish plants shrimp and all its accessories this is the place i drove 1 hr away and hoped it was worth the trip lets just say we left with 9 fishes and 3 plants oh and a snail this is definitely one of the largest selections of fresh water fishes i have seen I ×wish to give it more stars ill be going back for more its not only worth the trip but the price is very reasonable

Nick Zert

Wow, I am speechless. This store is extremely clean with very clean tanks. We even seen them vacuuming around the dry goods area. My wife was amazed. She normally stays in the car and waits and calls me telling me to hurry up, however here she same inside and actually shopped for decorations in there huge decoration section. I never was rushed by her wish was a first. I am glad I finally found a store that she will enjoy with me. Thanks Fish Hut...

Oswin Cruz

The best freshwater shop in NJ that I have been to. Jim and the rest of the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Plenty of plants, shrimp, and of course fish to select. Tanks all looked well maintained and healthy. Will be back soon.

Jeremy Simpson

They are very informative. Every question I've had has been answered in depth and often more than I would expect. From fish to food or ornaments they have it. One stop fish shop!

NyC's Backyard

Lovely people. Dont be fooled by the exterior, inside is a whole another world. My husband can easily spend hrs here. The staff are all very knowledgeable and are willing to advise you from how to set up a tank to what fishes get along and which dont. They are planning an expansion and I cant wait to see the new additions. Also the photo I'm attaching is our tank at home, which they helped cycle and stock

christian petronzio

JR is a big help and i enjoy working with him and the woman at the counter is very nice as well they always have great looking fish and healthy

Paul Burns

Selection of freshwater tropical

Kevin Long

After looking up some other fish stores, my wife and I brought our son to the Fish Hut based on some of the reviews we saw online -- and we were blown away. I know almost nothing about fish, but after watching our toddler exclaim excitedly about each and every tank (of which there are hundreds!), we knew we weren't leaving empty handed. Slim Jim helped us pick out a tank, all the equipment we needed, and a few charming little swimmers. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will definitely be returning to the Fish Hut for all of our aquatic needs! Five stars!

David Perea

As soon as I walked through their doors I was kindly greeted by the staff. I was pleasntly surprised that the customer service did not end there. They were attentive and helpful the whole time and also gave me my space to browse. When I was ready to purchase or ask questions they were all extremely knowledgeable about the wide variety of fish in stock. Their love for the hobby partnered with a refreshing and consistent great customer service makes Fish Hut one of the best places in NJ for your hobby needs. I’m very excited and relieved to give my business to a place where its well deserved and appreciated. Thank you Fish Hut!

Joel Fernandez

I was recommend by a friend to come here. And I don’t regret coming here. Great variety of fish and everything they need. And the service inside the store was amazing, especially Kyle from when we walked in he had a great vibe and you can tell he knows what he is talking about and likes his job. I will definitely be coming back a lot more.

Miguel Sanchez

This store is amazing everything you need they have great customer service and great pricing !!!

Victor Yin

Bought 3 electric blue acara from here. Beautiful fish and also great service. Highly recommend. Very clean and great selection of fish.

Oliver P

First time here, recommended by a good friend of mine glad I checked it out, huge variety of anything from Fish,Food, tanks & decor. I am a new FISH father to a BEAUTIFUL pair of GREEN TERROR CICHLIDS. Definitely a place I'll be going to often, the staff was great and very helpful! If I could give them more than 5 stars I would.

Chris Jones

Been coming here for years. Great selection of fish and great customer service, especially Jim he's funny and very knowledgeable. Trust me you will not regret checking out the Fish Hut of NJ.

Brian Seitz

Happy fish, happy employees(Thanks Jim). A one stop shop that has everything you need, with the most knowledgeable and courteous staff you'll find anywhere. We'll see you soon!

Mike Kim

Went to Fish Hut after reading reviews online. Did not disappoint. Stepped into FH looking for a betta fish for my daughter and knowing absolutely nothing about fish. Senior welcomed me from behind the counter and then walked me through everything I needed for the aquarium setup. They have a good selection of betta fish of all types which ended up being a bit of deliberation in deciding which one to go with. Ultimately we were able to pick a winner!

Barry Miller

I didn't learn about Fish Hut until after I purchased my tank from PetSmart. Once I stared having problems I began looking for the experts. I came across Fish Hut of New Jersey in Saddle Brook. They've been nothing less than courteous and informative. The owner Rich even drove to my home and did a once over of my set up and gave me sage advice. Wish I'd started with them from the beginning. They've now got a steady customer for life.

Jim LeVan

Wow - what a great place! Awesome customer service - an insane amount of healthy freshwater fish - and a wealth of knowledge to answer any questions (even from a 4 year old!). Thanks again fish hut! You have a customer for life!!

Maria Cruz Campos

Big selection and good prices. Staff was always ready to answer questions or give advice. We just got some dragon stone and will be back for some live plants

John Debenham

After such high recommendations to go check out the Fish Hut, I was not disappointed on my first visit this weekend. The place was amazing. Reasonable prices. Helpful and friendly. Great inventory. I'll be back. Edit: Came back two weeks later looking to expand in a 75 gallon African set up. Again, I was given great advice and help. Picked up a wonderful assortment of peacocks. I wish I had found this place years ago!


Great fresh and saltwater fish sections! They also have shrimp at reasonable prices, which many local shops do not even carry. And the aquarium equipment are not expensive at all, they are usually the same price online which makes it very convenient. All in all, Fish hut is my go to spot for anything aquarium related. Also the staff are very kind and helpful.

Ramnik Singh

Went here for the first the time about a week ago and it was probably the best aquarium store I've ever been too. The staff was very friendly and greeted me and my gf as soon as we entered and asked if we needed any help. They are very knowledgeable and have a HUGE selection of fish as well as accessories. Their prices are very fair and affordable. The store is about an hour's drive from my town but definitely worth it. Will be coming here for all my aquarium needs.

Gabby Chaj

Have been looking for a good fish store for about a year, after being disappointed by a place nearby - we stumbled into this store and had an excellent experience. A wide variety of fish, great service and experienced staff. Not sure the name of the staff member, but was so eager and helpful to us. Will be my go-to fish spot. All in all, amazing experience, amazing store.

Ma Rk

This is the place to go! John Sr. & the crew are very informative and know exactly how to keep your fish alive, maintain a healthy tank and they carry various kinds of fish. They are very friendly, helpful and will meet your needs for sure. Trust!

Ryan Gaffney

I always have the best experience at this store. By far the best place to visit. Never a question they cant help you with.

Astronomy/Nature's view

Excellent customer service the staff was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. One of the largest freshwater fish store I've been to they had everything I was looking for.

Denis Panfilov

This is the best fish store in New Jersey and is well worth the trip if you don't live near its location! Excellent selection of tropical and fresh water fish. Great selection of fish tank plants. Very knowledgeable staff that will give you expert advise and tell you which fish is most suitable for your tank, which ones are not compatible to live together. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommend this store!

Derek Rosario

Went there for my first time yesterday and had a great experience. Will definitely be going back. Kyle was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me with a few situations I was having with my tank. The cichlids there are extremely colorful and not to mention very clean tanks. While being there I saw not a single dead fish in any of the tanks. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, amazing fish, good pricing, well worth the drive!

Robbie Velazquez

Fish hut is the place to go kyle and Jim are very helpful . I recommend this spot to everyone good prices and make sure your tank is in good hands thanks to them my fish are doing well.

Michael sonnergren

Very friendly and courteous staff every one was extremely helpful and also did not pressure to make a sale. Also there promotions for the customers are extremely generous

barbara carr

The best fresh water fish store I've been to in New Jersey. Huge variety of fish, convenient set up to explore fish options. Great selection of live plants and shrimp. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, fun environment. Highly recommended. This will be my "go to" from now on, and I live 40 minutes away. Definitely worth the trip.

carlos rodriguez

Excellent place. Great prices. Excellent variety of fish


Literally the most helpful and polite staff ever! They always have exactly what I need and the prices are the best this is my one stop shop

Shivakumar Subbanna

I wanted colorful fishes in my new fish tank, which I bought to my daughters. I didn’t find much variety of fishes in my area. I googled and came to know about the FISH HUT OF NEW JERSEY, SADDLE BROOK, NJ, which was around 17 miles from my home. I saw in their website, they had colorful and variety of fishes. I still doubted that I may end up in nothing, evening I just gave it a try. I took my daughters and drove to saddle brook, seeing the entrance of the store my elder daughter said to me, Dad we may not get the fishes we want here too, saying; we walked into the store. Me and my elder daughter was startled to see the items in the store, they had variety of fishers with stunning colors. Store also had beautiful aquarium decorations and wide range of fish tanks. My daughter asked the associate to get her male and female fish. The Sale associate Mr. John Junior gave us pink females and males in other color, she was blissed. The people of the fish hut gave us a good customer service and were also happy, when they heard us that we drove 17 miles to get there. They gave us coupon and handouts of upcoming deals. Totally I was satisfied by visiting the FISH HUT OF NEW JERSEY, SADDLE BROOK, NJ. If you guys need to get variety of fishes, aquarium decoration, fish tanks of various sizes and fish food, and people who are setting up new fish tank in their home, should visit FISH HUT OF NEW JERSEY, SADDLE BROOK, NJ. You guys will get everything to setup, decorate and build your fish tank.

Chances Hinton

This is a very nice, respectful place, very friendly staff. Will recommend my friends and family anytime. Great Job!

Courney Pasquarella

We stumbled upon the Fish Hut of NJ and will not be going anywhere else for our fish needs! The staff was so knowledgeable and friendly. We are new to the fish world and have learned that Petco does not know what they are talking about and gave us misleading information. The Fish Hut set our tank up for success! The selection is unreal! It is well worth the 40 min drive up the parkway for us! Thank you Fish Hut!

Kelly Vega-Gonzalez

The Fish Hut is the place to buy all your Aquarium needs. All of our fishes and supplies come from here. I must say the workers are extremely knowledgeable and can answer all/any questions.

Deanna Glotzer

What a great experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful! I purchased some rocks and fish food along with some tank decor! Would definitely go back there!

Willy J Gonzalez

Easily the friendliest most knowledgeable fish staff I've ever encountered and I've been keeping fish for over 20 years! Highly recommended!

Wascar R.

I love this places. Better than your regular big brand store. Knowledgeable staff, they treat you like you are part of their family. Huge selection of fish plants and decorations. I recommend it.

samy abdelkrime

Great customer service the store set up is amazing very clean and organized . The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Christmi Tassembedo

This place is juste amazing. First they will take care of you nicely and answer all your questions, also this place have beautiful fish and rare fish you won't see somewhere else.if you love fish this place is a must go for you.

Jennifer Fermin

By far the best aquarium store I have visit since my husband started the hobby. We’ve been to many aquarium stores around Yonkers, NJ, CT and this store has bet all the stores we’ve been to. Location is great, the tanks were squeaky clean, the fish are well well taken care of !! and let me not start with the customer service !!! The crew there was amazing !!! You’ll have a blast shopping for fishes and hearing Slim Jim sing lol ..... Guys this store is a most ...

Giovanna T

Very friendly service , they helped getting us the proper supplies to set up our 75 gallon tank of African chiclids . Store is very well kept and very clean .Definitely would recommend to others.

Petar Petroski

Wonderful store. I visited in search for aquatic plants and I definitely found what I was looking for. I was also pleased with the great amount of fish specimens in the store. From big to small, from long to wide; the fish selection is ridiculous. The staff service is wonderful as well. They provided me with all the information I needed in regards to my backyard pond. I definitely recommend this place. Here are a few picture I was able to capture, enjoy!

Chris Laureano

Was at the fish hut and this is my favorite fish store. I will never go anywhere else. The people that work here are so knowledgeable and are very nice. This place has all you’re fish needs. Here at least once a week. Best fish store I’ve been to! This place deserves way more then 5 stars

Chris Casasola

Great store, friendly staff and great selection of fish and equipment at great prices. Highly recommended A+++

Dominic Rubino

Drove an hour to get there and well worth it. Store has everything, staff is nothing but helpful and polite. Great place and great prices. Will be referring to friends and will definitely go again. Thanks guys!

Cooper Allum

This place is amazing. They have so many fish tanks full of freshwater fish but they also have salt water fish as-well. The people there are really nice, and are paitient with all of my questions. This store is such a great place.

Thomas Tiscia

These guys are the best! I have been to a couple of other fish places in the past and now I only come to The Fish Hut of NJ for all my fish needs! Highly Recommended!

lorenzo stephens

Best place I ever found. Has everything I need for my aquarium experience. A couple of my buddies we always Find Everything we need the people the people are very knowledgeable. Thanks guys for being there.

jose roldan

Wow. what can I say!!! I was so amazed when i arrived there. I heard this place has tons of variety of fishes. I was also impressed with how much supplies they had in stock. It felt great knowing that what i was looking for was available. I was specifically looking for cichlids. This is the place to go. Staff was very knowledgeable, helpful, and great prices at that. Now i see where the name comes from! Thanks Fish Hut of NJ. Ill be going back for a bigger tank lol.

Sabrina Kopel

Super friendly & caring staff and they are so helpful! Love their selection of freshwater fish and plants. The staff always takes the time to help with any questions and they give great advice. Their new fresh water plants are awesome and they have a huge selection. Love the fish hut!

Bella So

My friend recommended me to visit Fish Hut, I have been visiting few times and I always got a warm, friendly welcome from the folks there. I am a newbie in the fish world, the staff are so patient and knowledgeable to explained what ever questions I had. They are so personable even I did not buy much from them yet. You know some places won't treat you well if you are not a shopper!! They have amazing collections from fish selections to supply. I highly recommend Fish Hut to any fish lovers. This is definitely my new place to go and love to give my business to them instead for big corporations.

Toniann Morro

This store is absolutely amazing. From the products to the staff. This was my first experience attending this store and luckily I had my son with me to share it. I met an employee named junior who was not only helpful/knowledgeable but was also very patient with my 3 yr old son who wanted every fish in the store. I will definitely be returning. Thanks again junior.

Kyle Manwarren

Could not recommend this place enough. Immediately the educated staff was welcoming and helped with all my questions. One of the most friendly staff members I have ever met. This store has everything that one may be looking for in the hobby. I ended up paying for 3 Fire Red Shrimp and to my surprise, a fry snuck in the bag as well. The Fish Hut will be the only fish store I go to for now on. Cannot wait to visit again!

Thomas Bauer

Unreal experience here, the gods of fish. Went in knowing little to nothing and the guy walked right up to me and i told him exactly what i wanted and he took over from there. Gave me a wide variety of options and the options are endless. Will be returning today for further purchases and couldn’t be more excited ! Much more interaction between customer and worker here than at your local pet store.

James Mastroberti

The only fish store I use. They have everything you need for fresh or salt water aquariums. This is THE ONLY PLACE TO GO FOR AFRICAN CICHLIDS!!! The staff is friendly and will spend as much time helping you as you need.

C Aiken

Great staff. Very friendly helpful and informative. Wonderful spot to find a huge assortment of fresh and salt water species and supplies

Marissa Cavallomagno

Just wanted to say how awesome I think this store is! I come here for all my fish needs! They really do have a great selection of fish at all sizes!!!! They take phenomenal care of there fish and you can tell they really care. I’ve only had great service and advice. Highly knowledgeable staff, I definitely recommend them!!

Manuel Vindas

Fish hut is great. Healthy and awesome looking fish. great workers, not only do they have a boat load of fish, the workers are very informative about any of the fish. Even those they don’t have. Went in just to look for fish and came out with 4 angel fish. Definitely coming back.

David Kostus

The service was excellent, as was the selection. As a freshwater tank owner it was refreshing to have a place that focused on that, since a lot of spots have a tropical focus with just a section for freshwater.

Christopher McCoy

When you walk in the door, you feel welcomed without feeling like you're being attacked by sales people.This place has a huge selection of fish, along with aquarium supplies and equipment, at extremely reasonable prices, even less than big box stores which is unusual for a small business. Their people are extremely knowledgeable and will take as long as needed to answer any questions you have without being pushy salespeople. I would recommend The Fish Hut of New Jersey to any aquarium enthusiast, from beginner to seasoned veteran.

Unlisted Productions

I started a 55 gallon tank in my office after not having a tank since I was a kid. I was first amazed at the look of the place, every tank was clean and everything was easy to find. Even better than that is the friendly, available, and knowledgeable staff. They take their time to make sure you get what you need, and know so much about the fish you are confident with all your purchases. I highly recommend to beginners and seasoned aquarium owners!

Dr. Elena Vega

I absolutely love this place! The staff is incredibly friendly and greet you. They have a great and vast selection of fish, along with any supplies you may need for your tank. Everyone was very knowledgeable and all of my questions were answered. They also offered to test my tank water the next time I return to the store. I would recommend this aquatic store over any of the other ones located nearby. The store is clean and has wide aisles to look at the fish while others are walking by. This is the place to buy your fish and your tank!

Alan N

Excellent experience!!!!! I went there to buy Texas holey rocks for a new African Cychlid tank I'm setting up. I met Rich, the owner, who not only showed me the different sizes and varieties, but actually went out of his way to set up the rocks on a mock display for me to determine how I want to decorate and position the rocks in my new tank. He gave his own input as well as another employee. Great team! Will definitely be going back.

Underground Distributors

The staff at Fish Hut are very knowledgeable and friendly. On a recent visit I wasn't able to get the fish I was looking for but Rich ordered and held the fish for me. Great customer service! It's nice to go somewhere that the staff like what they do. Looking forward to my next visit.

Xzavia Hall

Every time I go to fish hut it’s an awesome experience. They have a wide variety of fish as well as a great knowledgeable staff. There are fish for all aquarium types and all sizes. I recommend to any fish lovers!

Dipty Patel

Great place with with friendly, honest, and helpful customer service. They are very knowledgeable and there is a wide-variety of fishes and accessories.

Gundam Reviews

Great place to buy fish. The people are so nice in the store.

matthew jantzen

Store was phenomenal, large selection of fresh water fish in all sizes. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding what species of fish are compatible!

Yaji Mendez

Called to ask about a specific kind of fish, and when I arrived Slim Jim remembered what I had called for. I had alot of questions about setting up a larger aquarium and he answered all of my questions putting my mind at ease. They are very courteous and helpful. I am definitely returning to them for more fishes and accesories for my tanks.

Julian Guiterrez

Wonderful store. it has everything you need for your fish. variety of fishes as well, knowledgeable staff. i recommended. Thanks Jim for your help

John Lyon

This place was amazing, staff and fish are awesome. Jr. helped me restock my tank after an unfortunate event. They have so many different fish to select from at good prices. Being from Capital region in NY never seen so many 4"+ fish in one location to choose from.

Nemo Vanlenten

I've see this place on my way home a few months ago. and desided to stop in this fish store on my way home from work and took a look around the store and I must say the best variety of fish and the people that work there treat like you were going there forever and super nice . variety fish it so great and not over price . The selection of live plants are great and the variety of food filters and so much more. If you fellow them on Facebook they tell you list of fish on what come in..

Jeff Moreno

First let me say that I live in Rockland county in New York and travel to Fish Hut for all my fresh water needs! They have the best selection and pricing compared to the other fish stores that are closer to me. When it comes to landscaping this place doesnt disappoint at all. They have a great selection of driftwood, cholla wood, and rocks. Their plant selection used to be weak, but not anymore! Towards the left hand side of the store is a new section dedicated to plants and a variety of shrimps from cherry reds to more rarer types. All this makes the 30 minute ride to the store well worth it. See you guys again next week.


Friendly service and very knowledgeable staff. I like how they give particular attention to a customer who wants a specific type of fish. It’s a pleasure to shop at the Fish Hut that specializes in fish, unlike the commercialized pet shops.

Sandy Vong

Wanted a fish tank for my house after shopping around I have found my favorite fish store. The guys at the hut of amazing. They take the time to explain what I need and what my options were. Tanks are clean and clear. They have live plants - awesome!! They also have shrimps tanks - omg!!! They also have some of the most fabulous Betta fish!!! I can’t say enough about their top notch customer service. It is above and beyond. Keep up the great job. Can’t wait to be back


My experience at Fish Hut went very well. Kyle ,one of the employees there was very helpful and informative. There's no better feeling then buying from a place where the workers make it their business, to know their business.

Ileana DeJesus

This place is amazing, they have a great fish variety and every time I go there they always help me with my concerns. Definitely one of the best fish shop!

Diti Brah

Absolutely phenomenal experience! From the variety of fish to the unbelievable customer service! I will NEVER go to another fish store every again! They have gained a life time customer! A+++++++


I love The Fish Hut! Right when you walk in, someone is there to greet you and offer assistance. They have a large variety of fish, decorations, and equipment for both salt and freshwater fish. The staff is incredibly helpful too; a light I bought broke and they helped me contact the company to get a free replacement!


Great service, vast variety of fish, AMAZING customer service. would buy more fish from them! Very knowledgeable staff

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