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We always have great experience here, we have lots of fish, sandwiches, sushi. oysters, etc. The fish is far superior to anything you can get at a supermarket. Always have great ideas for parties. Everything we've ever ordered here was excellent.

Sue Della Peruta

Great experience at Metropolitan Seafood. Walked in at 6:30 and ordered 2 1/2 dozen oysters. Even though they were getting ready to close, Bill and Justin were happy to shuck them (with smiles on their face). This is a great place with the freshest seafood and the GREATEST staff ever. So glad to have a place like this in Hunterdon County.

Greg Francis

This place is always great. Super helpful great staff.

pam carlson

What an amazing place for a small catered event. They told me they would deliver a great was better than great - it was OUTSTANDING. Thanks to Mark & Nick for a great dinner with my work peeps.

Stephanie Magdits

Their daily lunch specials are always a good choice!

David Hudasko

I’ve never had a more wonderful and amazing experience shopping for seafood. The choices are endless and top quality. Arrived late on Saturday night when they were closing yet the staff was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and kind with no rush. I live about an hour away and this was well worth the trip.

Cindy Sullivan

Wonderful selection of fresh fish and already prepared selections. The fresh shrimp salad was unbelievable, the tastiest shrimp with a touch of dill. The guys cutting the fish gave us great ideas on how to cook it.

joe reynolds

Amazing as always.

Theresa Wilson

Fresh fish. So delicious

Paul Umrichin

Small well stocked with fresh fish. They are very inviting and helpful. They cleaned and prepared our snapper for us all we had to do was throw it on the grill. There is much to try and will be returning.

David Wood

Wonderful fish, always the best. But pricey ... very pricey. Ya gotta decide if it's worth it.

Shaun Brodsky

Stopped by for my first visit after seeing all the reviews. The overall experience exceeded my expectations providing both top quality fish and service. The entire team went above and beyond to ensure I was well taken care of. I'm eager to return to explore more of their great offerings.

Caimayo Caimayo

Top store top seafood. Extremely recommend

Billy Sanders

The best service ,best fresh seafood . I make home made sushi all the time and everyone says how good it is . I say it's the freshness of all the ingredients fish being most important. The owners and workers are knowledgeable and friendly. Also there lunch menu is spot on and cheap

Michael Irenski

Boy, do I love this place. Great selection of seafood. I have been looking for blue claw crabs for the past two years and couldn't find a decent #1, jumbo, Jimmy's or whatever they use to describe super large Male blue claw crabs. Guess where I found them? These were the people who could get them for me. Yes, they were pricey at $75 a dozen but look at my pictures. They were full and meaty.

Karl and Mo

Knowledgeable, friendly, in the business

jane leuthauser

Metropolitan Seafood is the only place to go for fresh seafood in Hunterdon County. They have a vast variety. The prices are expensive, but that's fresh seafood for you. I like they also have prepared food like crab cakes, etc. Plus soups , bread and even prepared lunches.....specials each day.

Steven Mancuso

Hands down best seafood! Both QUALITY and SELECTION will not be found within 50 miles. Scallops are the best ever!

Christina Sarles

This place will ruin all other fish places for you. Amazing staff, sushi grade fish. Phenomenal.

Lois Patrick

Wonderful sea food, so very fresh.

Neal Wolff

Outstanding quality and service!

Mark Silber

I'm 7 minutes from the coast but drive 35 for the best seafood. Extraordinary find and a haven for oyster lovers. Even had shad roe, a once-a-year delicacy. You'd think every staffer an owner the way they treat you. Though I was new, I was treated no differently than the regulars who knew everyone by name. But the seafood steals the show. I couldn't buy this quality at Fulton. I lack the clout. Wish I lived closer.

Dustin Garlick

Fresh Fish

Citroen CX-DS-SM

the best fresh seafood in Hunterdon county can be found here

Victor Akanni

One of the best seafood in town

Nicholas Sanchez

The place is very well appointed but, prices are absolutely ridiculous. I would do some comparative shopping first.

Joe D

Try the specials. Delectable delights. Reasonable wraps and salads, fresh fish, with small soup included on most items. Their gazpacho in summer is restaurant quality. Simply the best!

caren weiss

As a Maryland native, summertime isn't summertime without steamed blue claw crabs - and living in NJ for 26 years hasn't dulled that desire. After calling several local fish markets who had no crabs, I hit on Metropolitan Seafood. Mark - the owner - was incredibly helpful, telling me what size crabs he had, what I could expect and when I could get them. When I called the next am, he indicated he'd gotten beautiful heavy crabs that morning and actually offered to take a photo of them and send it to me (sweet right?). Didn't make him take the photo, just told him I'd be there in two hours. And as promised, when I arrived I had 2-dozen nice size, steamed crabs waiting for me. Also picked up some of their homemade gazpacho and a tomato/avocado salsa - both of which were fresh, interesting and delicious. That night we ate it all, and every last ingredient was fabulous. The crabs were cooked perfectly, heavily seasoned as they should be and filled with the magic that is sweet blue claw meat. Thanks Mark. We'll be back!!!

Corey Riascos

Great selection excellent food and service and

Raymond Ferraro

Top notch food and service, the best of the best.

Stacy Pelissier

Excellent place for take out orders and specials of the day. So fresh. Lobster rolls are awesome!

Val B.

Food is good and you can order take out, negative is there is no place to sit down and eat. Could have atleast thrown a picnic table outside for guests.

Marilee Casale

A big thanks to Michael for his outstanding service this morning! We are so excited about all the fresh fish we got for Christmas Eve. The place is super clean, staff is outstanding and the owner, Mark, made all of us feel like family. You're the best!

john sandy

Mark and his guys are the best

Jim S

Always very high quality seafood at a price that is out of my budget. There are other places good quality for less.

Sarah McDougall

Unbelievable selection of fresh fish & some of the best take out in the area!

poppies and sage

every single time i walk into metropolitan i think to myself "why don't I come here more often..." If you're going to buy seafood, this is the place. their fresh fish selection is outstanding, and their prepared foods are equally awesome. the folks working there are so helpful, and always kind. love love love this place.

Donna Lyons

Awesome seafood, loved the tray of sucked oysters!! Smoked Whitefish salad so fresh and delicate!

H Peralta

I've been driving past here for the past few months on a Mondays but unfortunately they are closed. I was finally able to stop by on a Tuesday and my expectations were blown out of the water! I would give it more stars if it was an option! Customer service: Way above and beyond any market I've been to in recent memory! If you have a question about anything they have, ask away. They know their products like the back of their hands! Product selection: Yet again above and beyond what I expected. This is no mere seafood market, so expect to find additional items that will go great with your seafood. If for some reason you're not a seafood person they have a great selection of other items for your tasting pleasure. If you are anywhere near the area, DO NOT miss the chance to stop by and have your taste buds and mind blown away by their top notch selections! Notice I left the wallet out of that analogy.

Valerie Reynolds

Takeout usually very good, but last time it was alittle over done. Fresh seafood is fabulous

Holland Brown

Michael, thank you for guiding us through a successful halibut dinner! Ashley and I came to Metropolitan with the vague dream of making “some type of fish and a vegetable side.” Michael coached us through a detailed yet elegantly simple recipe. In a skillet: 3 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other, handful of fresh herbs, white wine, and 9 minutes in the oven. Butter. It worked and hell yes it was bangin. Michael and Nick also threw in some herbs and explained two different, but equally valid chiffonade techniques. Side of roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Going to keep this recipe up the sleeve to impress our next guests.

Claire Divas

Hard to get good seafood around here, I would never purchase from Shoprite. This place is slightly on the pricey side but for good reason.

isa 1016

Best seafood around, felt like I was in Maine!

John Kozakis

Best and freshest seafood anywhere!

Bryan Dittemer

My favorite place to order out for lunch. Excellent seafood with even more superior prices on the Take Out Specials!

Samantha Y

Quality is great but I personally feel almost everything they sell is significantly overpriced.

Robert Tansey

Great fish.

Jeffrey Stinner

The quality of their fish is second to none. I had a one time issue with customer service and the owner, Mark, personally reached out to me to follow up on my issue to ensure I was satisfied. He is a genuine business owner with a great business model. Thank you Mark!

Dimitrios D

Metropolitan Seafood used to be located in downtown Clinton, NJ until they got so popular that they decided to open a much bigger, much nicer place on Route 22. The staff are very knowledgeable about seafood, and generally happy enough to help you if you're unsure about something. This is of course a great place to buy raw cuts of fish to use for a meal of your own. However, they also have great seafood sandwiches and meals which you can buy and eat to-go. The menu from what I remember changes pretty frequently, but everything I've had has been excellent. It is a bit pricey, but with good quality, fresh seafood you'd expect this.

Mascor Lolwut

Best seafood, hands down. You’d have to go spear fishing in Alaska to get something fresher. To say that Mark and his coterie are passionate about what they do is an understatement. My favorite kind of metro experience is to ask what they would recommend picking up for the day, and the best way to prepare it. There is also a nice selection of Mediterranean and Lebanese delicacies for sale. Go experience this place for yourself.

Andrea Medina

Best fish market around! Top Notch quality! Mark the owner, can't say enough nice things about him. They run a great store there. They have a great lunch menu, reasonably priced. If you have never stopped in. Stop in! I promise you they have great salmon there. And if you want a bowl of soup they have soup there too.

Nancy Hanna

Very nice as expected

Chuck Knill

Best fresh seafood around!

James Gibson

Always the freshest seafood and impeccable service

Leah Eckert

Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. Delicious product. Highly recommend.


Simply put, Metropolitan Seafood is the BEST Seafood Store around. Their Quality and Freshness are Outstanding. Second to none!

Paul Bilynsky

Awesome selection, nice people!

Linda Martinez

This place is AMAZING. The price for the seafood may seem expensive to some, but I can honestly say you’re getting top quality seafood here and their to go menu is so good! My spouse and I cannot get enough of this place. Try their pre-made Clams Casino. All you have to do is pop them in the oven. You’re welcome

Kristi Shane

The best seafood

Sal Scotto

Awesome place. The guys are top notch.

Jean Leigh

This place is the best bar none. I wish they open a restaurant. I get their meals and eat in the car. It is glamorous but it's the best food in miles. I love their recipes, and you can get a slight discount on the fish for this week's newsletter recipes. If you stare longingly at the oysters, that handsome young man might give you a sample.

Dean Larkey

great food, fresh wide assortment of fish shell fish etc. great salmon sashimi I eat it 5x a week. the staff is knowledgeable very kind and professional. the owner is always there working. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the take out menu and daily specials.

Susan Ulmer

Always enjoy Stewart's.. Although The regular group year was not sweetened

Roxanne Levinston

I've been a customer for OVER 25 years! They NEVER disappoint. Fresh, delicious and service with a smile. They APPRECIATE your business. NOT to be missed

Matthew Cushing

This place is amazing in so many ways. The fish is always fresh, the people are really wonderful, and I always go back. I make sushi periodically and they have whatever you need, and it tastes amazing.

Douglas Brinkworth

Without question these best fishmonger in NJ. Anybody who knows anything about getting all variety of fresh fish and shellfish in the area knows about this place. The oyster selection is amazing and they will shuck them and place them on an ice tray for you. They also have an amazing selection of whole fish and fish fillet. It truly is a gourmand's dream. To top it all of they are probably the nicest guys you will ever do business with. Now if they only had a champagne bar....

Walid Nabhane

They do offer a.good selection of fish and seafood mixed between wild caught and farm raised. They do also have frozen seafood items ranging from prawns to collosal shrimps to crab... They also have a selection of salads and other food already prepared or smoked and a selection of cheeses as well as Italian and Lebanese grocery items. They do have dinner and wine pairing in the store sometimes. Check their website.

Lee Baldwin

This is a first class fish market. The staff and owner are always helpful and pleasant to deal with. Not cheap but always worth it.

J DeVita

This is one of the finest places to go for phenomenal fresh fish. Fantastic service and atmosphere. They'll even shuck oysters for you and package them for easy travel. I can't say enough good things about them. Also, the lunch specials are amazing

Zoey DePena

Great food, fresh seafood, exellent staff!

Shizuko Kitagawa

This is the best fish market I ever been in many years of living in the US. Coming from Tokyo, I’m used to fresh delicious fish and I have been looking for good seafood store. Finally, my friend told me about Metropolitan Seafood, and I’m so grateful of that. This is the best!!

Rob Rovetto

Very fresh

Harlan Schiller

Excellent FRESH fish but very expensive.

Frank V. Traina

Was really impressed with the selection of great food, cheeses, breads, etc... If you want to entertain, and put out a killer platter, this place is a one stop shop. tiny markup from retail prices in order to prepare your fish to take-out - especially considering how well they package their take-out. Order some raw clams or oysters, and check out how well they package them! Much better than shucking yourself, and only a couple bucks more. Call ahead to see what they have oyster-wise. Sauces and marinades all look legit.

Lee MacDougall

Place is amazing!!!

Alex Marvin

Best seafood in NJ! Sushi-quality cuts of fish available. A great place to order lunch take-out, as they have a constantly updating menu of seafood sandwiches, salads and soups. Conveniently located along major highway.

Kelly Ann Moren

Wonderful place and excellent service!

James Minadeo

Best seafood place in Hunterdon County! Lots of options. Find out the difference between a grocery store offering and a full seafood offering. Also love the fresh hummus. Friendly service. Fave is the Swordfish Pita with Wasabi veggies.

Steve Fortier

Best fresh fish you can buy.

Bob Muzzin

Great selection & the crew is always helpful

Andrew Doren

Only place I know outside of NYC to get sashimi quality seafood with great knowledgeable staff. Not cheap but well worth It!

tamby yagan

We recently moved out west and have been trying to find a place that sells fresh seafood so after some searching on the internet i figured i would try this place even tho it was a bit of a drive. So after walking up to the fish section i was AMAZED at the quality and freshness to the point i walked back and did a double take cause i thought it was fake. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. This will be the only place i ever buy seafood from now on. Cant wait to try some of the lunch specials!

Olivia Margolin

Very fresh seafood. I love this place for their lunch menu as well. Very educated, friendly staff, and tasty food!

Patricia Molina

Love it! Found my all time favorite sea food. #alittlepieceofhome

John Dawes

Seafood is always spot on... so is their knowledge of the seafood. Great place. Highly recommend checking it out...

Chad Ruff

My absolute favorite spot for lunch. The fish is fresh and the specials are so creative and more then reasonably priced like you wouldn't believe. $9 for a healthy wrap with organic salmon AND a cup of soup on the side!! you can't beat that!!! Panera charges more! Lol

Lucille Kincaid

Great selection of fresh fish, soups, salads and more. Knowledgeable staff and our butterflied Arctic char was prepared for baking swiftly, right in front of us. Free lemons at check out. Highly recommend this establishment. It was worth the trip from Easton!

Andre Tchen

Great selection for a complete meal, high quality seafood indeed

John Stevens

Great seafood, fresh daily. Not cheap.

Yasmin McKenzie

My bus broken and I make it on their Premises they were very nice people especially the owner the food great and very clean place I would recommend to everyone

Steve G

Love Mark and team. Food is fresh and selection excellent Recently they made an error on a rather large pre cooked order and immediately corrected it by delivering the items direct to my door 30 mins later. That is customer service above and beyond!

Edward Kane

Excellent seafood with a great variety of oysters...

Caroline Nagy

Very fast, reasonably priced, delicious take out

Jose Navarro

Excellent fish. Beautiful store and Mark the owner is a very nice and helpful person, Pura Vida!!!!

Maria Hannis

The Best!!! Always great food and friendly service!

Sexy Kisses

Love this place

dean larkey

best fresh fish sushi sashimi and great menu plus daily specials. best salmon sashimi I've ever had at a very fair price. extensive oyster selection chucked while u wait. obviously I love going

Mike Gurczynski

Seafood was fresh and service knocked it out of the park.

John Clarke

Great seafood with some really unique offerings each time we visit (e.g. cobia, soft shell crab, and oysters from seemingly all over the world). Metro has a variety of daily take out options as well. The kids love trying new types of seafood, always paired with a cup of the chicken and rice soup!

Greg Hart

This place is an absolute dream. Everything thing is impeccable, fresh, delicious and people are so friendly. You absolutely get what you pay for.

Ketan Karia

Very friendly staff and fresh seafood

Sophia D

I love this place! The workers are so nice. This place may get busy, but they still remember our names and what we like. My husband is allergic to certain fish, and they make sure not to have him try of what he can't eat. I LOVE how they slip me free samples sometimes! I know the owner very well, along with the other employees. Their fresh fish makes the BEST sushi!

Jonathan Pereira

My wife walked in a couple of weeks ago since we were craving some good seafood. She said it was a very friendly environment with knowledgeable staff. She walked out with fresh tuna (with recipe for ahi tuna), oysters (shucked), 2 jars of caviar, and some other add-ons. Owner gave her some items on the house and told her if we didn't like it, we can bring it back. Everything purchased was extremely fresh. I could taste the ocean in the oysters. Absolutely amazing and we will be back (this weekend!). Everyone needs to try this place out! Can't say enough good things about it.

Brad Coale

The quality is so high here my wife encouraged me to buy a Yeti cooler to help ensure that our purchases made the long ride home as perfect as the moment we leave. Extremely friendly staff with a world class selection and knowledge. The last time we were there they had 27 different types of oysters alone to help give a perspective to the selection.

Kathleen Madden

Just finished reading their newsletter. Even if you never go there (but you should if you want delicious take out and really fresh, delicious fish) you have to sign up for their newsletter. Makes my day and makes me laugh every time!

Colin Fakley

Best place around for fresh seafood. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

Joyce Kucyn

Excellent as always.

Stephen Sands

Absolutely the best seafood I’ve ever tasted. Service is exceptional. You will not be disappointed!!

Janice Park

Fresh fish and friendly, knowledgeable staff

Peter Muller

They have a very wide range of seafood items. The prepared food is delicious! Prices are a bit high.

Jared baker

Best fish quality of anywhere around centrL new jersey. They shuck oysters right in front of you too

Doug Silverberg

For 15 years I've been going to Metropolitan Seafood and for good reason ... if you want the best seafood and customer service, you go to Metropolitan! They also offer local cheeses and a variety of breads, pastas, and other prepared foods. Need lunch? Try Metro's take-out specials daily. And if you need an event catered, they offer a full catering service that is excellent!

Catherine Ciaccio

Staff was very friendly and they answered all of our questions patiently and enthusiatically. Dinner was delicious. We are def coming back!

John Collins

Amazing, fresh seafood. Great selection.

Sprightly Aurora

*Update, due to the owners response and quick reply to my review, I’ve edited my original review. In this day and age, not many business owners would take the time to look into an issue a patron had. Fortunately, the owner of Metropolitan Seafood did address my concerns. I had a wonderful conversation with the owner Mark. To say he’s very personable is an understatement. He addressed all of my concerns, which put my mind at ease. I’m grateful to learn that such a hard working, open-minded and clearly educated individual owns this establishment. The price is right for the quality of fresh seafood you receive. Staff is knowledgeable of the merchandise sold. Establishment is bright and extremely clean. I will continue to be a patron and recommend MS&G to friends and family.

Valeria Schiemann

Excellent seafood--best quality and selection. Very knowledgeable about all things seafood. Have been a customer for many years.

Annmarie Noll

Incredible top notch service and food! We had a lobster boil catered at our house and the service, quality of food and presentation far exceeded our expectations! Tim and his wife Deanne were an amazing team that delivered superior service, climbing up and down stairs with beautiful white platters in 88degree weather with the most pleasant demeanor know to man! Highly recommended and I look forward to doing business in the future!

rfsar ribhi

Good food

Michael Witmyer

After enjoying Metropolitan Seafood's Stockton location I decided to visit their "flagship" location in Lebanon. I am so glad I did. I was welcomed by Mark, the owner and creative mastermind behind this gem in Hunterdon County. This is as real as it gets if you want fresh seafood. They butcher everything in house!!! Fresh cuts of fish, crab, huge oyster selection and they have fresh Uni too! Great take out menu of prepared foods as well!


Fresh Seafood, prepared ready to cook and large assortments of oils, spices and condiments. They have it all at great prices.

Jason Luogameno

What a great place! Has some amazing Lebanese and Syrian import goods. The homemade babaganoush is fantastic. I will say the prices are a little high on a couple things, however the lunch made to order hot food was affordable and fantastic. If I lived close by, I would honestly go there every week for lunch. The catfish poboy was the best poboy I have had in my life!

Frederick King

Outstanding food friendly helpful staff a gastronomical treat that's with the $.

William Glaser

Best seafood

Jon Yuhas

Good food, order ahead and give plenty of time.

Louisa Bartok

Always the freshest seafood! Amazing selection for any event.

Tom Mizzone

The best

Colleen Cummins

Selection is amazing. Employees and owner are helpful - generous with information and samples. Customer service is top notch!

Joe Lago

Great, knowledgeable staff. Freshest seafood in the area.

sten knutsen

Amazing oyster selection!

Peter K

10 Stars! Simply the Best Food I've ever had. Nobody even comes close to 2nd Place and I have been to over 500 restaurants. Simply the perfect overall experience of a food lover. If you like fish you must come here. The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. The food is prepared to perfection. The food is always fresh and always delicious and always leaves you satisfied with their portion. Other restaurants serve fish but this restaurant is a fish heaven on Earth. Every fish lover must try this place at least once in their lifetime.

Salvio Finelli

Great staff, large selection of always fresh fish

Meagan Robinson

Best seafood and cheeses. Very helpful staff

Jonah Hendershot

Expensive, like VERY expensive. But they have some quality seafood here

William Freeman

The best fishmongers in NJ, perhaps in the metropolitan area. They are experts in seafood. They also do catering and their menu is not restricted to seafood. Everything they do is first class. Mark and his crew are not just perfect, they are also very nice people to do business with.

Darlene Kearns

New to the area and was looking for good seafood. The owner Mark was great very helpful. I will return again even though it's 20 miles from where I live.

Cheryl Strausser

Excellent dinner tonight.....thank you so much !

Gary James

High quality selection. Pleasant people. The dry scallops really are dry scallops. These produce the scallops you find in a quality restaurant. Supermarket scallops are known as wet scallops and make little tasteless tennis balls .

Melinda Diehl

So friendly and helpful not to mention the awesome supply of seafood!

Ashley Gail Harris

Jovial and sincere service. Incredibly knowledgeable and warm staff. Prepare yourself to be courted by the sashimi grade fish. Fresh. Local. A flavor voyage for the senses. A cornucopia of gourmet fare in an unassuming brick enclave off the highway. Thank you Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet for an approachable atmosphere where quality reigns with subtle sophistication.

bartholomew longo

Highest quality, superior personnel make for the ultimate seafood experience.

James Savas

Very fresh fish and the staff are extremely knowledgeable

Chip Harworth

Amazing selection of fresh seafood and prepared food. We love going on a short road trip to Metroplitan every couple months

Manfred Lissinna

Good selection of fresh, fresh seefood delicacies. Excellent expert service. Sushi grade tuna, salmon and other fish. a little on the pricy side

Michele Fortier

Best fresh seafood, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Yum


The daily sandwiches are a great deal at around $10 each. This is a must go to for take away lunch.

Edward Heisler

Really fresh! Prices very high but high quality.

Aaron Ziomek

Great service, everyone is friendly and willing to spend as much time guiding, explaining or just chatting.

Eric Dabulis

Made a special dinner for my loved ones. I walked in and they said we will make what ever you like. Told the about how I wanted stuffed lobster will lump crab. It was AWESOME! It might be pricey but worth every dollar.

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