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326 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ 07932, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ely's Tropical Fish IN New Jersey

Stefan Kozak

Tom Holman

Great place for pond fish (koi etc.). Very knowledgeable owner. An institution for NJ pond and aquarium owners.

Carlos Minaya

Pete Mac

Great place!

Joshua Benoff

Amazing selection of fish which are extremely high quality.

The Fishin' Bros

I'm like a kid in a candy store in there

Richard Bennett

Very nice fish all around but a little over priced so know you’re going to spend some

Steve Lombardi

Anthony Desimone

If you like fish as your hobby there is only one place to go - Ely’s

J.A. Geiger

Cirel Goldberg

Michelle Perry

Eric Peters

John Merkt

Great aquarium/pond store. Great place to just look to get ideas. Healthy, well cared for fish and tons of supplies. Friendly staff.

Gary Berish

Quirino Passione

Good place. Good people


Abdulla Sheikh

Don't go on the external looks of this place. This is a aquarium lovers heaven. The staff is great and helpful.


Great local fish shop

Wish's Fishes

Huge selection of marine freshwater and pond fish. Everything is very well kept. The staff members are very experienced. Hands down, this is the best fish store I've been to of all time!


Meaghan Hunt

freddy awesome Glaser

Love this place

Paula Alvarez

jpfavs21 .

Great selection!

Chris Ricci

Elys has some truly exotic and unique fish, but that's all it has going for it. To start, the place is not the cleanest or easiest to navigate. The prices are astronomically high. I understand its a small business fish store but 3-5 times higher price then a chain store on basic fish. Prices are doubled even compared to other local fish stores privately owned. Saw a good amount of dead fish in tanks. My biggest problem going there though is the extremely terrible customer service. Was in the store for Nearly 45 minutes without a hello or can I help you at all. The owner I assume, looked at me a few times and said nothing at all. Really disappointed going to Elys.

Mary Taliaferro

Large selection to choose from, staff was helpful.

Robert Feuker

Professional, knowledgeable management with a selection of the best aquarium supplies. Worth the 30 minute trip past the 2 Pet Smarts.

Dennis Giblin

Ely's Tropical Fish is my favorite Store. Steve and Ryan do an amazing job caring for the fish and helping me with any questions I have. They have been in the industry for a long time and do an amazing job. If you haven't been here before I highly recommend stopping in for a visit.

Benjamin Shleifer

Excellent selection of both freshwater and Salt water. The owner is a wellspring of knowledge. Recommended for the beginner hobbyist to the most advanced.......

Tanya Kurucza

H U G E selection of fish and supplies. Staff is friendly, helpful and most importantly, they know fish. I will never step into another petco or pet smart again! You want something they don't have, they will get it for you! I can't say enough good things about Ely's! Go there!

Christopher Moran

It really is a great place. It has almost everything you need (with the exception of some of the rarer, more specific fish). In my opinion it has the best selection of any fish store within about a 20 mile radius. The workers are friendly and helpful. Some issues are that it is very cramped inside the store- lots of narrow spaces and tiny rooms. Also, they have shelves of tanks that range 4-5 different levels high. To see some of their tanks, one must literally get on their knees to view a tank that is literally a few inches from the ground. Lastly, this place is not cheap. I would heavily advise against buying tanks, stands, filters, or any aquarium supplies from here. Prices at chain stores are much better. Their fish aren't cheap either, and are typically 20-50% more expensive than fish at chain pet stores. However, if you are like me and looking for some rarer fish that chain pet stores do not carry, this is definitely the place to go.

Gregory Sutherland

Jesse James

Pleasant and knowledgeable.

Morgan Gilbert

Always an adventure going there and never disappointed. So many species to choose from. It’s like going to the aquarium! I never know what I’ll see once I’m there!

J Moore

Just god awful

RominART .

Great place for fish hobbist, fresh and salt water fish, plants, and product. Owner very knowledgable, place is like a candystore for fish people. Only compliant is its a bit pricey, but id say its worth it.

Nicholas Whitehead

Superb selection of fish, aquarium supplies and aquatic critters with very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Dennis D

Hole in the wall, but great selection of rare fish.

Devjyoti Datta

this is a very good store. fishes are healthy. i got my cardinals and corydora aeneus from here. it has good collection s which are difficult to find outside.

Thomas Naturale

Nice selection of both fresh and saltwater fish, bought some freshwater rainbow fish, even young as they were, awesome color, tanks all clean fish looked healthy, very personable guy too, i will be back thanks Ely

Amanda Crystal

Loda Berry

The customer service is fantastic. However the store is too cramp. Which is whatever. You gotta hustle. HOWEVER, the space issue becomes a problem when there's people with children. I can not go anywhere till a person moves.

Megan Radler

A really unique and fascinating store in Morris County! This place has been family-run for decades, and owner Steve is super knowledgable about any aquatic life you can think of... it's worth a trip just to check out his awesome collection of fresh water sting rays! Whether you're interested in starting a small aquarium hobby or are looking for a rare fish, this is your best bet as far as quality and experience.

Vlncent Stanziale

Kimberley Holt

The customer service (or lack thereof) was SUB-ZERO. I spent 25 minutes in the store and was never greeted, approached to ask if I needed help or even acknowledged. When I entered the store there was a family checking out so I browsed around. After 10 minutes or so I went back to the front of the store where the owner/cashier was filling plastic bags with water. He looked at me but said nothing. I thought, "OK, when he's done he'll come see what I need". I wandered some more and discovered I was the only customer in the store. I made my way back to the front of the store. The owner/cashier again looked at me and said nothing. Instead he turned and began walking away. At this point I said, "Excuse me, thank you for your help." He responded with, "what do you want." I assured him, "NOTHING!" This establishment deserves the lowest rating!

rafhiel rodriguez


Dan Kelsey

Jacqueline M

Great staff and nice selection of fishes.

Mary Lee C.

Come here if you need tanks, supplies, fish, and/or advice! The owner was great and I spent a while just wandering around looking at the hundreds of types of fish they have. All I needed was a betta, food, and some tank carbon, and they hooked me right up.

Zile Rehman

Christian Meyer

Eric Jaso

Wonderful gem of an aquarium store. You can tell Steve really cares about his fish, they always look happy and healthy. Super knowledgeable and gives excellent advice, especially for new aquarium owners (eg, what fish are appropriate for kids to take care of). Prices are reasonable and fair especially for the quality and personal service, and he's willing to make accommodations if things go wrong. I never buy anything online if I can buy it at Ely's - support small local family businesses!

Chris Richter

Paula Benyei

Upon approach its not the prettiest most modern set up, but once you get inside he has AMAZING stock that is clearly well cared for by experienced and knowledgeable staff. I am a planted tank enthusiast and was extremely impressed by his selection of locally bred hard to find Apistogramma species and really neat Indonesian micro fish and invertebrates at the cutting edge of wild collecting. He's not cheap... but I didn't hesitate to buy

Charly Ojeda

John Harkins

You know you know average


Endless selection of fish. Very knowledgeable staff.

Dana Hemmer

love this place! the owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have no matter what your experience level is. not to mention the hundreds of beautiful well cared for fish. highly recommend this store

Frank Swiontkowski

I have been a customer with Ely's for about five years now. Four days ago my son and I purchased $60.00 worth of fish. They died. I brought them back to Ely's and they said they needed to see a water sample. I went back home and got a water sample. As it turns out the sample showed high ammonia levels and even higher ph. That is why the fish perished. Thinking I screwed up and was going home empty handed, Steve said "go pick out some different fish". I did and when I asked him what the total was he said NO CHARGE..........We both knew the fish died on my mistakes but he still made good. What a gentleman. !!!!! Will be a loyal customer forever. Frank Swiontkowski

FalconsLoft Reptiles

Wide selections

Andrew Castro

Fresh water paradise. Love this place and the staff was pleasant and willing to help. This place is a gem!

obed bezares

Hari Haran

Pricey, please fix the doors so it closes automatically.

Matt Dolan

Fantastic fish store

Richard Gardner

Kasey Kramer

I was looking for a fairly rare fish and gave Ely's a call. They took my number and called me regularly with updates for 3 weeks while trying to find the fish I wanted. I just picked them up today and they look great. I couldn't be happier with the service I got. The store itself is fairly tight, but there are tons of tanks with a huge assortment of fish. Good assortment of driftwood and rocks in all sizes as well. I will definitely be a returning customer even though it's a bit of a drive. Great place with a great owner.

Jhony Ruiz

Evan Dill


Don't expect good customer service when your here, I've spent a descent ammount of money here and you would think once you ask a question that the owner would be willing to gladly help but instead he replied like he was almost annoyed I was asking him about a certain fish. Good selection of fish but the customer service every time I go here is horrible.

Paul Vedova

Great little store for those who like fish

Clive Norton

William Duffy

William Ussery

For over 40 years I have used Ely's Aquatic Farm for my aquarium and pond supplies and good advice. I only shop at Ely's for my fish. He has close to 1,000 fishes.

eric hansen

Great. Aquarium store been going there since the 60s..

Earle Hofker

Great service and a huge selection of healthy fish

Eric Hanson

Diego Oriato

queen lemons & strawberries

Frank Shivers

Had a number of Corydoras there that you don't find very often. Keith is a pleasure to deal with.

Bob's Dank Tanks

the best fish store I've ever been in. The owner is very smart.

Emily Richardson

We traveled over an hour to get there today 6/17/18 and the website said open until 3 pm. We have spent a lot of money at Elys and when we got there the owner opened the door said “we are closed. It’s Father’s Day. I want to go home.” And slammed the door. Disgusted with the owners attitude, that’s no way to treat any customer let alone a returning one. We will not be going back here. Treat your customers with a little more respect.

Edgar Mejia

Michael Lopinto

Been going here for fish and aquarium stuff forever.


I go hear to get all of my fish stuff and the selection is great

Tina Mann

Wow! Amazing store! Soooo many fish, and super knowlegable, extremely helpful staff. Love it!

Moira Mancini

Huge selection, helpful workers.

Sal Canzonieri

Always has the best fish and I have been going there since I was in high school

Bryan Harrington

The kids love feeding the fish in the koi pond

Andrew Breeding

Doris Bellini

Me W

Been going there for over 12 years. Great selection of fish and supplies. Owner is very knowledgeable. Best place to go for hobbiest.

Eric Ponce

Bavarian Mapping

This awesome fish store has every species of fish from A to Z! I personally highly recommend coming here.

Howard Vex

Great aquarium store. Huge selection of unique fish.

Matthew Miller

Very good freshwater selection, running the gamut from all of the normal fish you'd see to a great selection of Angels, Discus, Rainbows, South American Dwarf Cichlids, and African Cichlids. Also has some monster fish tucked away towards the salt water section. The owner is very knowledgeable. If you're an advanced aquarist you'll like talking to him, and he's also easily able to help beginners. He is NOT super friendly before you approach him, but I kind of just laugh about that... Prices are of course higher than in a chain store, but the fish are much healthier (no universal filtration system), fish tend to come from trusted breeders, expertise is much better, awesome variety, and I even think you're kind of paying a bit of a premium for the experience of going there. I am personally ok with that in most cases. Definitely recommend. Support small local fish shops... if you don't, we'll all be stuck with Petco :(

Ken Phillips

Love this place. The fish I have gotten survive. They help me with advice on keeping my aquarium in balance.

Nick Metta

Guy Marrese

Service and selection is awesome. Owner is eager to help and give advice and information to help you make informed decisions.

John Michalski

As you will see, if you read below, the owner can come across a bit surly at times, or at least indifferent, but I take that with a grain of salt. He loves his business and knows his stuff, and apparently he's not there to make friends, but when you get him in the right mood he will give you all the time in the world. Either way the store is fantastic and, as so many others point out, with a great selection of really healthy fish. You can't improve on Ely's for selection and quality. Been coming here since the 1960's.

Kaushal Kathwadia

David Nahama

Excellent place. Steve very knowledgeble

Elias Pinto

Hidden gem of a place. Experience and care are obvious traits from this management team. Worth the trip for kids just to watch the big selection of freshwater tanks. Worth the price!

Nick Salic

If you want a particular fish, he has it.

firestorm9918 .

Nice selection of fish, but be prepared to pay around double the average cost for almost everything.

Tony T

Ely's is the best place for tropical & salt water fish. Better than petco or pet smart where they have a shared filtration system.

Adam K

Brian G

Didn't buy anything but definitely a cool little fish store

Michael Little

Matthew Hascsak

Awesome store with a great variety and pricing.

Benajmin Pomeranc

Always great fish here. Steve the owner is very knowledgeable, just make sure to catch him when he's not too busy

eric lee

Owner knows his stuff. Great selection. Only place I have found platinum pearlscale Angels

D Mala

Excellent quality tropical fish, competent owner. Large selection of common and uncommon varieties. Rustic setup but well kept stock.

Country Fish

Provided professionalism and kindness above all the Petcos and PetSmart that I ve visited. The fish not only looked to be happier in their stores but we're also well maintained.

Mashall Mcfadden

Helped me set the right temperature for my tank

Todd Eosso

Very knowledgeable,great livestock health.

Brianna The Dancer


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