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REVIEWS OF Denville Seafood & Codmothers Cafe IN New Jersey

Elaine Goodell

We live this place! Food is always fresh and excellently prepared! Never a bad meal here!

Greg Holland

Go to place for fresh seafood. Always a good experience, also great during the holidays for catering!


Denville Seafood.. Nothing better

William Horstmann

Diane Wehrenberg

Always fresh and delicious seafood!!

Cindy Finkelstein

Always fresh seafood, simple, good food! Steamers a personal favorite! And you can BYO! Outside seating too, when weather permits.

minecraft5994 .

Amazing salmon sandwiches! My father and I go here a few times a month and we have never been disappointed!

Bryan Wall

What a surprise! Havent heard much about this place, but as the name would imply, great seafood. Our party had sea scallops, Chilean seabass and clams, and all the food was prepared well and very tasty


Excellent fresh seafood

Diane Hunt Freiburghaus

I love this place. Specially make a biweekly trip to eat their New England Clam Chowder. Wow!

Mike Allgaier

Wide assortment of all manner of seafood. Superbly cooked. Full house inside and out caused longer than desired wait. Adam was polite and caring as some potential customers desired to leave vs. Waiting 30-40 minutes. Waiter, Charlie, was attentive but busy. Bringing bread and opening wine bottles took awhile due to crowd. Entres bountiful, shrimp, haddock & tilapia with crab. Thanks DSF.

Cash4Carz Online Management

Incredible Alaskan king crab, The Real king crab legs, not the skinny BS ones people waste money on at your local supermarket and get ripped off buying, these legs actually have crab meat in them , pricey yes but mouth watering Kevin Cunha Cash4Carz

kevin comras

Fresh seafood, cool atmosphere. Not huge portions and a little pricey but always delicious.

Melissa Lansey

Squid is good

Renee Bolen

Very fresh and very good!

Jason Gunter

Great seafood

Shay Schagelin

Bisque was great. SeaBass was okay. We went for lunch and it was very over priced for that time.

Daniel Fernandez

The best seafood on the state. Great specials. Great service. Fantastic quality food.

Naryensi Van Dyke

I didn't know they serve food there . I was very suprising. Great quality and BYOB

thomas potkalesky

Good food reasonably priced. Enjoyed having lunch there

Russ Perry

Louis Collini

Great place for fresh seafood. Alex is a great server. I come here every week for lunch and I am never disappointed.

Ken Springer

Very fresh and well prepared fish at reasonable prices. BYO

Al Ortenzi

Very clean. Good food. Friendly, attentive staff.

vin vitiello

Great food!

Himanshu Tailor

Great food. Long wait but worth it. Pasta can be cooked a little more.

Bronson Andrade

Awesome food, very nice staff, regularly excellent mood. They charge affordable rates and the food quality is fantastic. Keep it up.

Paul Gordon

Great sea food awesome place to eat

M Donnelly

Very expensive for what you get. Seafood at Kings in Boonton much better.

Michael Dunn

Best family seafood around. You cannot beat the freshness.


This place was fabulous. They have expanded since my last visit many years ago. Wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere. Love the seafood.

Arline Scholder

Always fresh seafood! Go to place for fish and more!

Brad Weiss

Great seafood!

Terry Jones

Where do I begin. Horrific service, cold meals, and half the fish menu was "...not available". Far many other seafood restaurant to experience. Run, don't walk from this joint.

daniel palazzolo

Their skipper linguine is the best dish I have ever had hands down

Richard Talian

Great old favorite. I just love fish market restaurant s. I had Boulibass and broiled flounder sandwich. Excellent Cole slaw. Inexpensive, with a friendly and knowledgeable waiter.

Yoly Collini

Had lunch on a Friday ordered the lunch special. I order the salmon with mashed sweet potatoes it was excellent. Will be returning.

George Cheng

The lunch specials are inexpensive & delicious.

David DesPortes

Had Arctic Char for the second time in my life and it was delicious. It is not a fast place but excellent food.

Michael Cancel

Outstanding food and excellent service little pricey but worth it

Teresa Raiola

This was my first purchase here at your store. I have been making seafood salad for 30 years for my family. Always took me a long time cleaning. I have to tell you never did I purchase such clean calamari. It was a pleasure. Everything was top grade. Even ordered my my mom her 5 lb lobster for New Year's Eve.

Ray Pierce

Great place for fresh sea food, to go or eat there in a booth. Good service!

Ronald Chang

This place has amazing fresh seafood and great service.

Ginny D

Food was excellent

Harold Kemp

The food in the restaurant is decent, but not great. It's also not cheap and the portions small. Worse, ask to substitute something and suddenly they become a five-star restaurant where that type of thing is absolutely unthinkable. Better to buy the seafood in the front and take it home to cook yourself.

Cristol Hardigree

It was okay, very busy. A little slow to wait on you . Food was good. Pricey place

Kathy Morelli

We absolutely love this family owned business! They have recovered well since the hurricane destroyed the businesses in Denville. They created a nice restaurant next to the fish store. And the food is reasonably priced and wholesome. Well cooked fish with wholesome side dishes in both lunch and dinner portions! Yum! And I also shop the fish market at elat tic month and of course on the holiday! Wild arctic char is to die for! And I love their pre-shelled lobster meat! Always buy a little of that as well as a snack! The people who own the business and who work there are always polite! You can bring your own wine!

jhonn cueto

Great soup and we also had tilapia it was not seasoned no salt their veggie was on undercooked broccoli

Wayne Boothney

Delicious seafood dinners at the going rate. Nice atmosphere. Dress would be casual.

Vince Peters

Good Seafood

Alan Arnowitz

Tasty fish and pasta made well. Quick service.

Armin Lusinyants

Had food poisoning after eating oysters at this place. *FYI... I do not plan on calling anyone, but would like to add a few more things to my review. 3 out of 4 dishes on the menu that we picked were not available and we had to compromise on almost all of our orders. We came during lunch hours and ordered one of the meals to go. The waitress was very nice and offered to get it ready a bit later so it's hot when we leave. However, when the time came an angry lady (manager) came to reprimand us for ordering lunch dish during dinner hours. Really?!... What was supposed to be a happy graduation celebration ended up with all of us very upset and frustrated after this argument. On top of everything my son had to miss his medical school graduation ceremony next day! Severe vomiting, stomach cramps etc... kept him in bed (and bathroom...) for the next 3 days. I really avoid posting negative reviews, but this was an exceptionally bad one to swallow!


Two part review. The seafood side - Always fresh! I've never purchased anything here that was old or bad. The guys are super knowledge which I find to be an added bonus when you aren't sure about something or want to know what's 'fresh'. The restaurant side - is really hit or miss. We've ate here a couple of times. Once for dinner when they were literally out of almost everything on the menu (including soup). We also had to wait for over an hour to sit and then be told this (not sure why they didn't tell people who were waiting but there you go). We tried it a second time (this time for lunch) and it was actually really good. A little pricey for the portion side but still good. Not sure I would go here again to eat but definitely a great place to pick up seafood to cook yourself!

Jennifer Hanley

Love their fresh seafood.

Leo Dendy

Great quality seafood.

james west

Great seafood place

Harry daley

I just ordered dinner tonight at 7:30 after the dinner crowd! They didn't tell me they had to catch the fish PRIOR to cooking it! One hour later my shrimp stuffed with crabmeat arrived! Four shrimp with four scoops of stuffing on top. All for a bargain price of $31.00 dollars. I called the manager when I arrived home to provide feedback. He apologized and said two folks called out in the kitchen and hoped I would try them again. I didn't realize it was so difficult to find kitchen help. Same issue a month ago! When I went to the kitchen to see what the delay was I passed five wait staff who were too busy to inquire what was wrong. Next time I want a fish dinner I will drive to the Jersey Shore to dine. Denville Fish Market is OFF the list! Y fof scoops of

Scott Mozes

Last few times don't have flounder. That's like a basic, also out of other fish to. Really disappointed because we used to like it here. Waitress was nice.

Ronald Luxenburg

Used to like this place now not so much waited hour for table and then 20 min for a waitress . Was told 10 minutes after ordering that the selection some of us ordered was not available . We changed order to crab cake they were served burnt ( I mean black on one side ) with no apology like take it or leave it , should have left it won’t be back

Jean Leigh

Wild caught seafood available

William Zackoff

My wife and I have eaten there 3 times since we moved to DENVILLE in 2017 and have found the seafood and staff to be exceptional!

melissa smith

The food is very good but I agree with most people on here. The portions are small and the prices are high.

ray fernandez

Great server Nick made our typically nice experience a truly great one; kudos Nick! Fresh simple seafood and nice atmosphere makes for great local place.

Paul Webster

Denville seafood is one of, if not, the best seafood places in the area. I highly recommend the lobster bisque. Add a cup, seriously.

Mark Betz

Amazing fresh seafood cooked to perfection and served in a warm, intimate and uncluttered setting. We've been twice, and thoroughly enjoyed the service and food both times. On our first visit I was craving fried oysters, which were not on the menu. The chef was happy to fry us up a pound of bluepoints, and they were absolutely delicious. So much so that we repeated the request on our second visit and were happily and just as successfully obliged. Give Codmother's a shot, you won't be disappointed, but be prepared to wait for a table on a Saturday night.

Bob Seelig

It was excellent

Dom DAltilio

Good food, good service, BYOB

Dominick Miliano

I have been eating at Denville Seafood since we moved here in 1979. The quality of teh food has always been consistent. If you shop the market, they identify the country of origin for each fish - that's cool! Their prices reflect the quality. We have been eating in the dining room lately and I have fallen in love with the lobster bisque. It's spicy, full of flavor and even has nice chunks of lobster inside. They do a great job with shrimp and scallops - my two favorites and my wife always raves about the flounder. Service is almost always good but occasionally we get a rookie who simply has no clue! Recently the kitchen messed up my order and instead of telling me that they had to re-cook it, we sat for 30 minutes clueless as to why people around us - most who had arrived after us - had their food! It would have been nice to get a word of warning and maybe a free appetizer to nosh while the kitchen did its thing. We only got a hint when I flagged the waiter and he revealed the problem. Other than the occasional spotty service, we like eating here and will continue to go back. Recommended


The steamed clams are by far my favorite and best I ever had. The crab was ok and the lunch specials are always a knockout

Steven Wines

Amazingly fresh seafood! You enter into the restaurant through the active fish market and you get to see the delicious offerings of the day. Great briny Blue Points and luscious decadent crab cakes.


OK lunch special menu, average portions. Good service, meter parking.

Shannon Muller

Denville Seafood is great. I highly recommend it. BYOB makes the restaurant even more appealing. Fried scallops, shrimp cocktail, trout, shrimp n scallops scampi, salmon & fish n chips are delish. My only negative comment is when I have called for a reservation. They take reservations for 6 or more. I have called many times for 6 or more & I am always surprised how rude their employee’s are. They are openly hostile & tell you they will hold your reservation for 5 minutes and your whole party needs to be present. The owners need to know and take action.

Linda Vitale

Enjoyed the food, plan on going back for dinner rather than lunch.

Ken Moss

Very fresh seafood

andrew t

Fantastic service, comfortable location, not too loud, food is fresh and delicious. I love that you can combine the type of fish with the style of preperation. Plus it is BYOB!

Ingy Morin

I have always enjoyed dinning at this facility however tonight if I could have been able to, I would have switched restaurants. I came straight from a busy day at work to meet my family in Denville- there were two choices of restaurants n this was one of them. I had no bars on my phone and I plugged my phone into wall so I could get at least one percent and see if I was at the restaurant my family chose to have dinner at. I walked away rom phone for one minute and I came back to the owner screaming at how “we take things for granted and it’s like as though he could walk into my home and plug his tv into my wall!” Maybe so sir but you live in an age that we do need our phones- I tried to excuse my inappropriate action but he continued on his rude tyrant! So the food was good, service ok but thumbs down

jim west

Great seafood restaurant

Robert Ostella

Great food

Rico B

Great selection of fresh seafood and friendly service..

Carlos Gonzalez

BYOB and enjoy the selection! Can’t get fresher than this place.

Yvonne Spraggins

We stopped here late on a Saturday night. This was our 1st time being there based on recommendations from a few people. We had to wait a bit but that was to be expected given the time we were there. Their clientele were friendly as were the staff. The seafood was fresh and very good however you must have to get there early as my husband ordered the Chilean Sea Bass only to be told that they were out of it. The waiter was nice however he never did introduce himself. We will definitely come back but not late on the weekend.

Amy S

Always good. Lunch prices are better than dinner. Great quality

Jeter Dog

Exceptionally fresh seafood. However, be prepared to mortgage your house. The attached Codmothers restaurant is also very good. Best seafood within 30 miles. Well worth a visit.

Christina Ebeling

Great fish selection great prices fresh fresh fresh

Rachel Thompson

Good food, nice atmosphere. Great service. Even my kids loved what they got.

Allyssa Bell

First visit and we are definitely coming back. So fresh. Loved the fried shrimp and crab cakes. Very friendly wait staff. Easy to find parking. Enjoyed the atmosphere.

Daniel Kassell

Pick fresh fish out and sit and eat it.

Katie Quinn

My mother bought the scrod today and unfortunately was very bad. Won’t be going back.

Amanda Trauger

Seafood was so fresh, so yummy and the staff was so nice!

Dave McBride

Loved the generous hand made crab cakes

Joyce Galligan

The best quality and preparation of everything down to the coffee!!

mary barulich

Great food and service.

Charlie Bonilla

Fresh, fresh, fresh fish!

Emma Vilagos

Large portions, fresh seafood.

Saheed Baksh

Got really fresh oysters at a reasonable price. Fresh seafood daily. Restaurant isn't shy about thier prices though

Jonathan Gray

Unassuming storefront disguises the comfortable and nicely appointed dining area just a sharp turn to the right from the fresh seafood case. Arctic Char lunch special was exceptional! Will be back.

Lori Cina

Loved it

Joe Z

Not good.

mersa24 .

I would never go to this place again. The owner is an awful person, a liar and a cheat. We were there for lunch and ordered from the lunch menu, but we got a bill for the dinner menu. When I suggested that we can call the police to take care of the ordeal, the owner chose to agree that we would pay for the lunch menu prices, but then called the POLICE after me for DRUNK DRIVING which I WASN'T so of course the POLICE let me and my family go. I would think that purposefully wasting cops time would be a punishable offense! Also the waiter that was attending to us, Charlie was very rude, he had the audacity to suggest that my friend was a 'b#@*'!

Paul Semhon

Delicious food and a cute place. Also has sidewalk seating.

Christopher Onwuasoanya

Potions are way too small.

judy king

Best, freshest, high quality seafood in Morris County and beyond. Clean atmosphere, excellent service and the food is prepared to perfection, with lots of choices.


I normally don’t leave negative reviews, as I am an easy going person. However, based on my recent experience I felt the need to. The food was incredible, our server Joann was not. She was rude, not attentive and completely rushed our table. To be honest, that was not the worst part. The part that really struck me was how she was treating the rest of the tables around us. She undoubtedly stereotyped us and it was very obvious. She took her time taking other tables’ orders and was noticeably more pleasant and attentive towards them. I dine out often and I must say I have never been treated in such a way. The cherry on top was as I was exiting there were two Hispanic women who she was serving, and I overheard one of them ask her “What sides come with this entree?” and Joann rudely responds “It’s on the menu, you can read it.” Mind you, when the table next to us previously asked the same question she told them sides in the kindest manner. That being said my family and I will NOT be coming back here again.

Michelle Craig

Great food. Ok service.

Alexandra Roth

Can't go wrong, but order the broiled scallops. OMG. So sweet and delicious! Everything is exceptionally fresh.

Andy Smith

Fresh seafood at fair prices.

Kevin Borecki

Sublime seafood at a Denville institution

Bob Webb

Food is always fresh and the service great!!!!!

Victoria Stockdale

The food was good but prices were on the expensive side for my budget.

Krista Anderson

Was just here the other day. Great oysters and Manhattan Clam chowder. Service was good.

Trish Barry

Food is terrific and the service excellent. Lunch menu a great value.


My favorite place for lunch. Always consistent and reasonable. Try the fried shrimp and steak fries.

Christy Sherry

The fish is always fresh. A little bit of "the shore" right in Denvile

Chris LiCalsi

A hidden gem for all kinds of seafood in Denville...keep your eyes open or you'll pass it by. Great seafood, salads and just recently began serving coffee and desserts. The baked clams and Shrimp Scampi are top-notch! Either chowder makes your mouth water for more. Dining in the rear and fresh fish daily of all kinds sold by the pound in a "fresh-fish" deli upon entering in the front. Tables are close, so you may hear other' conversations. Very casual atmosphere with very friendly waitstaff. Open-air outdoor sidewalk seating in the summer months. Not overly expensive and alcohol served here. Not the best for small kids, the kid's menu is limited. Great food at a fair price! Highly recommend!!

Kathy Christian

Food was delicious. Fish is w as fresh and service was excellant. I was visiting from out of state. Will definitely return on my next visit.

Jack Ives

Great fresh sealfood, excellent prices and very nice atmosphere.

Kathy Quinn

Our red snapper was wonderful, the waitress was superb and we loved the byob. Our favorite seafood place always.

Caroline Blanchard

Fresh fish, well made.

Wendy Peitzer

We have eaten at Denville Seafood and Codmother's Cafe many times. They always have the freshest seafood around. The scallops and other fish such as scrod, haddock, etc. Have been delicious! We have stopped eating fish in chain restaurants. We highly recommend this restaurant!

Anthony Mancuso

The freshest seaford in Morris county. Outstanding food and people.

Dave Hathaway

Food is amazing and the wait staff was very good. The one complaint I do have is that the price of the oysters is way over-priced, over 2 times the price of the same oysters in display case in the other room. I could understand the price difference if there was a lot of prep/cooking involved but there isn't. This just seems like price gouging. If it wasn't for the oysters, I would have given them five stars.

Stacey Mitchell

Great food, the waitress was super friendly and had a great knowledge of the menu especially the specials. They don't serve any alcoholic beverages, however you can bring you own. Highly recommend.

Phil Douglas

New England chowder is ok, not great Dish and chips average.

Thomas Genzale

Love their Seafood especially the deep fried oysters. Been going there for years.

Matthew Rosett

Good service, food came at different times for each of us, within 2-3 min. Good quantity and quality, we had grouper, scallops, sword fish and a salad w scallops. All Cooked perfectly. We did not have appetizer nor dessert nor coffee, $103.00 + tip for 4. I will definetly go back. U can buy fresh seafood to take home.

Scott Griffel

High quality fish market. Great restaurant too. I love fish!!!

Kim Becker

Fresh from South Street Seaport daily

Christopher Zalewski

Went here the other week with family. A little pricey but the food is amazing. I got the red striper and it was amazing. The best striper I've ever had actually. Girlfriend got the softshell crab and after finally figuring out how to eat it (her fault not the restaurant s) said it was to die for. I would definitely be interested in coming back if I was in the area.

Joe Lounsberry

Excellent meals. There were 4 of us and had sea scallops, salmond and I had swordfish. The Swordfish was perfect. We all enjoyed our dinners and look forward to cing back.

Jeffrey Michalski

Great food, the best clam sauce I've ever had.

Mark Thompson

Great selection and knowledgeable staff in the store, and a dining room as well. When it comes to fish &seafood, you can't go wrong.

Frank Furnari

Always the best

Kristine Besana

Food was delicious!

Alex Jackson

A wonderful place to eat and get fresh fish!!!

Jerome Ferguson

This restaurant is better than a hidden gem. Food was tasty and fresh. The Manhattan Clam chowder was seasoned perfectly. Service was great also. I will definitely return. Portions were appropriate for the price.

Edward Armm

Love this place to eat in, take out or just to buy seafood. Always the freshest. Great food, great service and fair prices

Scott Cleveland

Great local seafood place, I highly recommend these small privately owned places. Please lend your support to this local place!!

Robert Ott

Food is excellent! Family owned and operated. On the expensive side, portions small but great flavor and fresh, which you should expect!

John Rockwell

Great food. Portion size isn't very big for the price.

Faisal Mohed

Recently dined here for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Food was excellent. BYOB always a plus.

Art Cougle

Hard to get a seat but excellent food once you're seated.

Joseph Bernabe

Stuffed clams had too much stuffing, few clam pieces. A little pricey

Nancy Lamberti

Shrimp and scallops were way over cooked . The scampi sauce was terrible . SUPER SPICY and just weird . I could barely eat it. We also had swordfish which was also over cooked. The squash side was not looked like a mess.... I don't mind spending money on good food but I felt ripped off of $82.00 for two dinners that were terrible! Service was terrible too!

Russell Thomas

Before the flood, they consistently had a special fish lunch over risotto. Got it every time. They've had risotto only once when I've been there since the flood and it was dried out. I keep waiting for them to get their act back together.

H Smith

Have never been disappointed at Denville Seafood. I've brought many friends here and one in particular keeps wanting to come back, especially for the Chilean Sea Bass. ..cooked to perfection!

leah steen

Kate Orlando

first time here. great experience. friendly staff, and efficient, they didn't rush us nor did we wait for anything. food was all freah. homemade dressings - (kudos and don't stop making them) fish was super fresh, we both had specials and they were very good. we will be back!

Zeno Zero

Portions are getting smaller.

Jim Moss

I started out with the oysters, they were silky smooth,oh Soo good, then the Cajun grouper for was very good also. It's a bring your own which is great since I make my own wine, (Moss Creek super Tuscany) oh and our waiter was very good, he told me the oysters were fresh in from the waters of Virginia.

Gorky Jedaiah

The service is constantly swift, great mood, friendly staff members. I will come back again when I am here.

Mike Decroce

Good value

lou ploch

A great seafood restaurant, not elegant but superb food & the fish market is in the other room from the restaurant. I always enjoy lunches there, dinners great also but lunch menu is the same at more reasonable prices. Want great seafood, this is the place.

Michael Ferranti

Just found this place, food is fantastic...ask for Joanne!

Kuo Fung

Great fresh seafood straight from their fish market at the front of the restaurant.

Colin Taylor

Love this fish shop! The fish from the shop always tastes like it has just been caught... no exceptions... never disappointed! We also buy their soups ... shrimp bisque is fantastic and New England chowder usually good too. Today, however, the chowder was obviously made by a stand-in chef. Tons of onion that was cut into large one-inch squares, not diced, and only a few clams with just two pieces of potato in the whole quart - not that you want tons of potato. This place is great and the above comments relate only to TODAY'S soup which was simply the exception that proves the rule. Just friendly feedback :)

Sefik Yur

We stopped by at Denville Seafood based on its reviews. I ordered a grilled salmon and my wife ordered Shrimp Parmigiana. We were very disappointed by the cleanliness of the utensil. I politely asked the server to replace with another one and that one was also smelling like food. I don't know if they wash it by hands but it was a bit awkward. After the second try, I went to restroom and washed it myself. Based on the pricing, we are not comparing this restaurant with luxury dining but at least should not be like Applebee's.

Maria OBrien

Cozy, friendly, always have a good meal. Fish always fresh

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