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This Fish Shop belongs to the category of Gourmet grocery store.

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REVIEWS OF Citarella Gourmet Market - Upper West Side IN New Jersey

Fausto Palazzetti

This specialty grocery store is a great spot when you need those certain few items. I especially like the rotisserie chicken. I just can't justify the prices here to do regular grocery shopping. Of note is also the bakery upstaris that makes a decent birthday cake.

jamil blackmon

The best of all things gourmet.

Gregory Weiss

Good fresh fish but be careful, they might overcharge you with respect to the prices posted

Ruby Elizabeth

I love love love Citarella. It's very authentic, there is a wide range of options. It's good for if you just want a couple snacks. I loved being able to just walk from the NYLO hotel and pick up whatever I had a craving for. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Citarella has the freshest food in NYC

kotaro okumura

Nice selection of fresh produce, seafood, meats and assorted gourmet food items. Only shopping baskets here, no carts, probably because there is a second floor.

Pascale Yammine

I only go there for their seafood selection and their rotisserie chicken. And I m happy with both!

Michael Thomas

Real food

Alon Shabshin

Yogurts are incredible but the most expensive I've ever seen

Jennifer Meyers

High quality food, fruit, etc. Very high prices to match.$$$$

David M.

Top quality everything. After months of comparing prices against Fairway for my regularly grocery list, I now buy all of my protein and have even started picking up most of my produce here.

judith becking

Excellent quality food

Kay Persad

Luv this place

Leonard Feld

Large selection of high quality fresh meat and fish. Prepared foods, breads and rolls, pastries are also of high quality. Everything is very fresh and attractively displayed.

Katherine Kaplan

Citarella is a great, reliable place to get a prepared dinner. One of their best items is the rotisserie chicken, which you can request to be cut into quarters. The store has a reputation for being pricey but most items are actually average price, very close to Fairway or Whole Foods. My whole chicken was less than ten dollars, and much better than either than those of the two other stores.

michael wiles

Settled my caviar craving!

For the love of Animals

always clean, busy and staff very friendly. certain items very good value but generally you pay for the quality you get which can be in the higher end.

Rocco Greco

UWS institution for quality meat and fish along with anything you need for a great meal.

Hermelinda Murillo

Excellent products and great customer service

Gilberto Viadana

Best quality , expensive

Mike Hynes

Tasty prepared food. Get the lamb stew if available

Maria Luiza Bullentini Facury

Wonderful cakes, cheeses and cold cuts!

Neeraj Singhal

You can find lots of imported, high quality stuff here. Good selection, but often packed. Fresh fish selection is amazing.

Wayne Hernandez


Tyler Nodell

Expensive groceries but extremely high quality. Recommended if you are looking for high quality cuts of meat and fish, or looking for rare ingredients.

Allan Feldman

Great selection of top notch food

tatiana zagar

Love everything

Side 2 Side

Love the salmon and swordfish burger

Marco Barbesta

Christmas dinner pre-made food was.great and staff VERY helpful helping us pick up the order in an incredibly crowded situation. Congratulations and 5 stars to all!

Pamela Martin

Poultry, fish, organic, and gourmet items. As far as prepared foods, they don't have hot prepared foods but otherwise a good selection. Pricier and not as much of a selection of groceries than other nearby markets but still a good market. One line at checkout and every register is open so line moves quickly, but not a lot of space to walk through and exit.

Christoper Flowers

Too much good stuff to choose from.

Assaf Rutenberg

The prepared foods look spectacular, particularly the rotisserie chiken and duck. But the standout feature is the fresh fish counter. More varieties than i can vount and helpful counter people to ask questions of and get suggestions from. The only real negative is the checkout line. Narrow and crowded and difficult to navigate once you have paid.

Cesar H Monzon

Great place to shop and every one that works here is awesome.

Lee Lee

Delicious prepared food, fine gourmet items and very fresh produce

Marian Pardo

Impeccable service and the best prepared food in NYC

mary smith

Great service but more importantly fresh food. High turnover in fish department keeps fish fresh no matter what day you shop.

Somchat Sowanna

(Translated by Google) With kitchen equipment on top (Original) มีอุปกรณ์ครัวอยู่ด้านบน

David Rebhun

Their meats/fish/produce have always been quite nice, so I decided to buy eggplant parm and a roasted corn salad, prepared food. Very disappointing. It was quite bland, and quite expensive, as the whole store is. Maybe others like these, but I thought they were terrible. I threw most of them away.

Deborah DeborahC

Excellent fresh food, friendly staff.


Always good!

Christie Ray Harrison

Don’t miss the second level - especially the cheese counter, which has Cypress Grove’s “Midnight Moon” aged goat cheese

Kevin Gan

Amazing freshness esp seafood! Great selection.

Barbara Garay

Love everything they have

Sara Sugihara

Pricey, but good food

Dave Mandelbaum

Got 1/2 dozen oysters. They threw in 2 extra which I thought was nice but when I went to shuck then, 2 we're dead so...

Randi Beeber-Luxenberg

just wow.

Marni Winslow

These are the soft shell crabs we made!

Esthela Torres

I understand that some items here are gourmet, but that aside, some products that you can get at any store they sell for twice the price and that's a big no no.


Good Store!! "BRING YOUR WALLET "!!

Blanche Fantino

My expedience was that coffee was excellent The best.

Stephen Moculeski

Amazingly Spectacular.

Maritina Tampakopoulos

Wonderful delicatessen...with remarkable quality !! Highlight: variety of Fresh Fishes!!! Your wallet will be empty in a heartbeat.. Ps. Lovely but pricy!

Daniel Ybarra

Very fresh food and the store was very clean. I was, however, disturbed by the three cashiers that were gossiping about another employee. Very distasteful. Customer service is hit it miss. I had great service in the bakery dept and the cashiers seemed to just want to push me through so they can continue gossiping. Would've had five stars without this experience.

Andrew Schawel

This is a great place to get some of those hard to find luxury ingredients, and the price tag confirms the quality of the product. Excellent seafood, salumi/ salami and cheese selections. The bread is alright, I'd go elsewhere.

Anna Obraztsova

Gourmet grocer with a specialty selection. Great for seasonal fish and occasional items, although inventory is a bit limited. Great supplement to more basic staples shopping.

Gioblascass CASS

Love the food and the options here. Unfortunately today i left w a bad taste in my mouth- a manager today brought her own prejudice when she refused me the bathroom. All the staff on the floor indicated that a manager can allow me access to their restroom downstairs. She took one look at me and said NAH! I ended up buying the pot pies along other items at the store, i just needed to use the bathroom after drinking all that soda across the street at AMC. She was referred as “customer service” which she failed to provide. By the way, you can use the bathroom next door at Fairway. Their managers don’t discriminate

kevin jennings

The freshest fish, meat products impossible to find

Antoine Bouchié

Great quality fish and meat!

jeff goldberg

Not as costly as you think. Excellent food and fantastic service by knowledgeable staff

Danyelle Lee

Good to shop, but very tight spaces. Cashiers are confined to very small spaces. Thank goodness they were really tiny shaped women. I felt a little claustrophobic personally.

novie Osorio

There is one guy .that he is not nice ..I come in this STORE every day for almost 24 years. But not happy..they're not friendly..

John Williams

Totally gourmet. Good prices. Excellent meat, seafood and bakery.

Regina Jordan

Consistent quality

Saul Kaiserman

Upscale, fresh and delicious. You get what you pay for.

Jackie Rostow

Everything is so fresh. There is plenty of help to get you in and out fast. And, they have a variety of prepared foods and groceries, as well as their raw seafood (the best), meats, chicken - something for everyone.

Zia Al-Khalil Ott

Great selection of cheeses, meats, and seafood, as well as prepared foods and pastas, but the service here can be very hit or miss. The food is fresh, but unfortunately the service isn't.

Yvonne Waldemar

Still best seafood even at those prices.

Deise Ahagon

Coconut lemon cake. Cake was very soft and tasteful.

Ross Beane

Long line but it went quickly. Prepared food was decent but not extraordinary.

Susana Ma

Five stars because of Yuriy. He knows his craft, he handles our requests with professionalism and utmost enthusiasm. He makes my cooking so easy, stress free with great outcome! Thank you Master of Meats!

Arianne Paroly

The fish here is wonderful, and appropriately priced, but it is a small market

Eiko Komuro

Most the time, reliable. Good quality meat, fish, etc. Also some things are reasonable.

james cox

Love that place

Tag Gross

great meats cheese produce and prepared foods. Love their baguettes and aged prime steaks

angels mart

Great shop but a bit pricey!

Adrianna Pattillo

Citarella, as always, for the past ten years has been one of my gourmet faves, when I am in the mood for that foodie genre. You cannot go wrong with the myriad of delectable choices that they offer, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your craving desires that range from fresh produce, salads, prepared foods, artisanal pastries, fresh juices, soups, and more!

Henrik Sandin

Very good fish, meat, and cheese

steven Silverman

Wonderful upscale gourmet market. Well known for it prime meats, fresh fish, and a great selection of cheeses. Their prepared foods are also top notch.

Lynn Hart

Fabulous as usual!!! Always Fresh and worth every extra$$

No More Shoggoth

Service was great but the place is too cramped!

Jay Brit

Great food and friendly service

maria cervantes

Very good quality and if you need a special item they usually can get it for you.

Alexander Koatyan

great selection of hard to find gourmet foods.

Allyson Taylor

Overpriced..good quality but not as good as it used to be..long lines to pay!

Tiena Martinez

Gourmet food. Cost money

Stuart Ewen

Excellent seafood and meats. Vegetables are fresh. Prepared beet salad and celery root salad, along with some others, are very tasty. Fresh ravioli are excellent.

bernard greenwald

Clean small and well stocked

Dana Rosenberg

Expensive but has a great fresh fish selection.

robert spencer

I go here when I want fresh fish. The torn around is quick. Always fresh. A bit expensive though.

Tarzamisha Hugee

Excellent place to shop food is fresh

jessica mckinnon

The rostisterre chicken was very tasty.

Dianna Smith

They have the best fresh food around.

Evelyne Arends

Good place

Nick Holden

Best meat in town. Get the burgers, and the steaks.

Maria A. Carrera H.

Their pickle and patés are very tasty and good priced. Their bakery offers fresh sweets and bread.

Jeana James

Great food but so expensive


(Translated by Google) (Summer vacation, with elementary school lower grades) It is a shop that can be bought lightly. It's a small shop packed with super elements, and if you think of it as a Manhattan supermarket, it would be interesting to go. Can you buy it like this? ? You might think that. There is sushi properly! ! Sushi is already established as a category as "SUSHI" and is delicious. Isn't it about the same as Japanese supermarkets? ? It is expensive, though. It is worth buying as food for stories and eating. The children were also delighted that the sushi with tuna and salmon sushi were delicious. It seems that I hate that avocado is full, but ... Well, I like it here. If American food is not acceptable, I think it is an ant to eat. The atmosphere of the clerk is so much. I do not think it is a shop for tourists. (Original) (夏休み、小学生低学年と) 軽く買える店です。 小さな店内にぎっしりとスーパー要素を詰め込んだ店でして、マンハッタンのスーパーとはなんぞや、と思う方は行くと面白いと思います。こんなところで買えるのか??って思うかも知れないけど。 ちゃんと寿司はありますよ!! 寿司は「SUSHI」としてもうカテゴリーとしては確立されていて美味しいです。日本のスーパーと変わらんくらいになっているのでは??高いけどね。 話のネタとして買って食べるものとしての価値あり。子どもたちもまぐろ寿司、サーモン寿司は美味しいと喜んでました。アボガドがいっぱい入っているのは嫌だったようですが・・・まぁ、ここらへんは好みです。アメリカ食が受け付けられないのであれば、食べるのはアリかと思います。 店員さんの雰囲気は、そんなにです。観光客の店ではないと思います。

Mitchell Berlin

A bit too pricey in my opinion for the quality and service you receive, it is normally quiet in here compared to the bustling fairway and trader joes.

Sarah Arzt

Thank goodness for this place. Amazing seafood! Lovely prepared food, meat counter. Reasonably priced for what it is.

Jen Fraenkel

This place gets to be a mad house at peak hours so if you want to love it as much as I do, try to go on weekdays or just before they close in the evening. I made a late run for steak and other goodies the other night and the usually over whelmed butchers were incredibly helpful and got me exactly what I needed. Their bulk foods are of excellent quality, the Marcona almonds in particular! This isn't necessarily a place to do all your grocery shopping but for any and all specialty item (and a staff that knows them inside and out), this is the place to go

Ilun H

the experience is not exactly as good as whole foods but they do have the best fresh raviolis in town

Philip Lasanta

This place is by far is great.


Busy, but great gourmet market. Always good for prepared foods.

Logan Schmid

Excellent gourmet items and the best meat and fish selection in Manhattan

Jorge Camuñas

Great fish selection. Pricey.

Jeso Alequ

The fish selection is amazing . If you want fresh seafood in New York City citarella is the place to go. I was not disappointed..


I used to get quite good prepared food here a couple years ago. No more. Recently everything I've gotten is miserable. I got some beef flanken--tough, dry, I had to shred it and cook it in a stew for an hour. Duck used to be crisp and tender. Past 3 times, it's either all fat or all dry and shriveled. Even the beets al forno is tasteless and pastey. The potato puree was mealy. I give up on this place.

Conrad Martin

Amazing soups and service!

Giovy lu

(Translated by Google) Nothing special (Original) Nulla di speciale

juan garcia jr.

Great. Superbly.

Peter Morris

Loved it

Grisell Erigolla

(Translated by Google) Here I bought a barbecue chicken, very rich and at a great price (Original) Aquí compré un pollo a la barbacoa, muy rico y a muy buen precio


I love this place. A surprising variety in prepared of foods. From scones to lasagna they have it.

La Piccola Cuoca

I love the super quality food selection

Mohanie Sukhdeo

Not all you really need, but very clean, customers friendly staff✌⚘

Amma G

Far from gourmet with many minority cashiers from Washington Heights & Inwood who carry miserable expressions and a lack of etiquette, making you regret your visit immediately. As a minority, it was quite unsettling and an embarrassment. Citarella has an onboarding of staff who clearly are unhappy. The misery is so loud that after 10 years of shopping here, we have gone elsewhere for groceries. Even the White customers look unhappy. No matter how you package things, Citarella has lost its elegance all around. At the end of the day it feels like a Key Food on a good block in disguise if you really pay attention to it all.

Alessandro Di Conza

Ferrell Hancock

If you care about organic and freshness, you'll love this place, a nice break from Whole Foods which is also a quality grocer.

David Kerievsky

Fresh produce when you need it

Serge Kvyat


Aaron Donner

great butcher. great fish monger. if you are looking for quality produce this is the place. Not a great deli selection nor a good cheese selection, however the produce more than makes up for this.

Almeta Mccrae

Love all the breads

minako a

(Translated by Google) Originally there is only a fish shop and you can buy fresh fish. The meat is also rich and delicious. (Original) もともとお魚屋さんなだけあって、鮮度のいいお魚が買えます。お肉も種類が豊富で美味しいです。

3sMegis 3sMegis

No need to talk about Citarella too much... Great deli, everything inside is just of the highest quality, fair prices... Long live Citarella...

Susanna Mayra Sacerio

Very nice. Expensive

Colin Kienitz

They have Uni! It's so hard to find in this city but they have a great fresh seafood selection

J Kaye

Impressive market...found some good deals!!

Brendt White

Nice selection of fresh oysters. The meat department has aged steaks and fresh cuts and ground meats.

Paul Testa

Staples and much more. High quality and easy in; easy out

Lisa Martinelli

Gourmet heaven

Maurice Trauring

A fish museum

Gretchen Berger

Great food both prepared and raw. Also great bakery items - the flourless chocolate cake is to die for. However, this place is pricey, so expect to spend more, but usually worth it.

Sam Liebowitz

Great prepared foods.

Marianna Golick

The best meat and fish Upper west side. I buy fresh fish 3xs a week Buy it, eat it, aimed day. Lucky me. Oh and store workers are great!!!!!

Richard Lee

Bought a boxed salad. Wilted. Sorry. Sad salad.

Bob P

If you are an average cook, the easiest way to improve your cooking is to use the best ingredients. If you are cooking anything that involves fish or meat, citarella is the place to pick it up. Beautiful and fresh meats and seafood. Soups, bread and sauces are also very good for variety. I'm not crazy about their prepared foods but others seem to like them. Not the cheapest place on the block but can't beat it for freshness.

Deborah F

The fish is always perfect, fresh, and delicious at Citarella's! The employees know the provenance of every piece of seafood in the store, and are helpful and friendly. It's an experience just going inside. You will pay top dollar for what you buy, but will be taking home the best top-quality seafood there is. You will never be disappointed with Citarella's!

Mollie Book

The lines for the registers are so tight!!

On the Look

Well they have the best crabcakes you ever going to find on new York city.

Andrea Poggi

Good food an good products. You can find here what you need to prepare a good dinner. Personal very nice and friendly

Naia Bowman

Overall like the store, however store managers hawk down employees instead of thieving customers.

Bob Agentis

Best selection of fresh meats and produce. I love this store.

jhh gfddd

EXSPENSIVE but you want quality you pay for it... Everything is beyond fresh

Ron Pighi

I buy my fish here. The best seafood market on the upper west side

Elizabeth J

Fancy Fish Store. There are several Citarella in NYC and now in the Hamptons. This one is the original. They carry a wide range of fancy fish. Sort on the expensive side but the quality is fabulous. They also sell beautiful cuts of meat. You might buy your a roast here for your next fancy dinner party. They stock game, just in case you were wondering... They expanded to the second floor years ago. Now they sell specialty groceries too.

Charles A Mitchem

Love their chicken soup.

Cynthia Femi Moore

One of the City's Finest Shopping Places. Fine Foods. Fun Discoveries. Comfortable Environment.

Laura Tango

I would have given 5 stars if I wouldn't have gotten a bad raspberry lemon tarte for my husband's birthday. I always get this dessert for special occasions and this last time the yellow cream instead of being bright yellow and firm was brown and mushy. It also tasted bad, guests didn't like it (of course!). When I called Citarella and mentioned it, i was not even given an apology! Customer service definitely careless and bad.

Montserrat Munné

Good quality food ready to eat, good service, spotless, the rotisserie chicken is excellent and the dessert selection on second floor to die for. Convenient work hours and daily menu has a great selection of meats and veggies.

Stefano Gianforme

Market gourmet abbastanza fornito. Personale attento e gentile ampia scelta di prodotti organici.

Jeffrey Liss

One of the most exclusive and high-end assortment of products in a grocery in New York City (They also have locations in Greenwich, CT and the Hamptons, of course). Amazing fish selection.

Jesus Altacho

Very nice

Jack Reynolds

Local grocery feel. Wonderfully pleasant & helpful employees. Grocery offerings are high quality & interesting without traditional name brands.

amanda kearns

This market is so much better than the upper east side. 2 floors. Huge. There is a slightly smaller meat section but it was delicious. Loved this one.

Corydon 44 Erickson



A great selection of gourmet cakes and pastries.

B. Y.

Citarella started as a fishmonger and still excels in this area. However, you might find it most useful for its wide array of high quality prepared foods and fresh pastas. If you're a turkey giblet gravy fan, don't miss this during the holidays, along with excellent sausage stuffing. Many people also swear by the rotisserie chickens. For a small store, Citarella manages to stock quite an array of fine foods.

Lisa Knight

Always happy with my purchase!

Guy Penard

Wonderful store with superb produce and meat. Fish is so fresh. Unfortunately little organic products. Take your wallet!

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