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REVIEWS OF Ben & Jerry's IN New Jersey

Abbey Comer

I love this place! Always great employees, and the ice cream is sooo good.

Matt Riekens

Really good ice cream, but service tends to be spotty and slow. Also can be a bit on the expensive side! Tends to be quiet and relaxed

Mike McCabe


Aaron Novak

Mark Christensen

Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Clean space. Cold air conditioning inside that's perfect for hot afternoons exploring Chattanooga. Prime location just next to the Aquarium.


Johnathon Everett

Zachery Morgan-Owens

Good ice cream

Midnight Santiago

I love this.


Dani Pasquale

Consistently delicious food!

Anthony N.

It was a good experience overall. If you do just the tour, it is on the pricy side; however, the playground, flavor graveyard and live music add to the atmosphere. Tour consisted of a campy video, short tour of the facility, a sample of ice cream, and sporadic bad jokes.

Luke Sakakeeny

Amber Bower

So excited they had non-dairy!


Sidiqah Bey

Elizabeth Perry

Took my grandson to a birthday party here. The staff was awesome with 12+ 4 to 6 year olds. They decorated party hats, had an ice cream piñata, tie-dyed t-shirts and make your own sundaes.

Michael Haunreiter

Kimberli Wilcoxon

Samantha Charles

Mackenzie Coburn

Love the chocolate fudge Brownie ice cream! This place is awesome.

Laura Harrington

Great service and the ice cream as always was amazing.

Bella Fassett

Cesarina Polanco

(Translated by Google) Excellent well-flavored ice cream (Original) Excelente helados bien sabrosos

Noah Paul

Renee Chaffin

Joe Novion

Mini Vermonster $15 dollars- not even half full! What a joke!!! This place is a total rip off!

Nicholas Toth


Sandra Jones

Erin Hoffman

Padraic Burns

Ronald Swanson-Cerna

Very friendly staff. Delicious birthday cakes.

Kayla Calovich


• Birdycole04 •

Kim Smith

I would give it a minus 10 but that's not an option ,I ordered a ice cream cake at approximately 1:10 p.m on 11/20/2017 and my confirmation email was to pick up cake on 11/21/2017 at 3:30 p.m. and guess what no cake!!!!! And so my daughter birthday was ruined!!!! Because apparently someone there doesn't know what they were supposed to be doing!!!!!! In acceptable business practices!!!

gary dollar

Not a lot of room to sit. Pretty expensive for mediocre ice cream. The staff was great though.

Nida Khawaja

Came here for dessert after dinner. Fairly busy location. Staff was friendly and the place was somewhat clean. Free sampling of ice cream. The only disappointing thing I found was I expected more of a variety of flavors rather than three different ice creams that all had cookie dough in it with a different spin (like adding cinnamon swirl, etc). I ended up getting a coffee flavored ice cream and a coconut layered ice cream. Most of the flavors I buy in the tub were not available.

Albert Wiersch

Not happy with B&J... I'd recommend Marble Slab (like the one by Kroger in Bartonville) or just get some Blue Bell from the grocery store.

Jordan Burleson

This Ben & Jerry's is nestled right I'm the heart of Friendly Center next to a small park to sit and enjoy your cone or cup. They have good coupons now and again and great flavors you can't find in the grocery store. Sign up for their emails because they reward you with free/discounted ice cream.

Heather Spencer



dev Doge

Great service.

Jennifer Nieto

Bradley Biddle

Cool palace

Katie Hallock

This location is in a fun part of town with easy parking. I found a space in their small parking lot with no problems around 6:30p on a Wednesday night. There was only one other person and she was there to pick up a pre-ordered cake. The two employees took care of her quickly and with a smile and then did the same for me. They made friendly conversation and made me feel like they were happy to be working there and happy to chat with a customer. While they didn’t have Americone Dream (one of my favorites), they had quite a long list of many other yummy options. There are a few tables and chairs if you choose to stick around and eat there. Or they do have lids and bags if you want it to-go like I did.

Eunice Caperal

Shannon McDonald

It's ice cream. It's not that big of a deal. Eat it.

Tori V

Love the ice cream...kinda pricey

Francesco Oliveri

Ottimo gelato del noto marchio americano e non solo,ottimi milkshakes e waffles.

Banana B

Great choices in ice cream. Very clean. Is a little pricey.


I was there at 11:04 am with my 5-year-old kid. The guy in the store told me they were not open. We waited for 5 minutes or so and they were still closed. They supposed to be open on 11am.

Sydney Evans

Terrible service

M Myers

Danielle Arndt

We have visited the factory a few times and have always had a good time. I expected the tour to be a bit longer or to see more but it's still worth a visit. There is also a playground for kids up on the hill and the flavor graveyard which we had missed the first few times we visited.

Eli Ortiz

worst customer service ever the ice cream is good but the people working there ummm

Martchela Popova

Very good

Zachary Phillips

Mark Schommer

Very good small bowl of Phish food ice cream. Maybe a little pricy but it was nice to see a Ben and Jerry's store.

Nipa Dan

William Galindo

Montriece Cleveland


Corrine Carr

I was seeking out an ice cream cake and this was the prefect place to find one. There were so many options! I was able to sample the ice cream flavors in the cake and pick out the perfect mix. YUM! I highly recommend

Montana Alexander

Quick and great service.

Charlotte Shore

Daysen Faught

Jagrut Cholera

Zachary Ganka

Kelley Harrell, M.Div.

So good and fresh. Lots of gluten-free options. And if you're lucky, on game days you can see the guys there!

Jerry Tidd

Our tour guide wasn't having her best day, but one can't help but enjoy visiting Ben & Jerry's. $4 which includes a free sample at the end of the tour. During summer, fall, and the holiday season, tours can sell out quickly, resulting in wait times of up to two hours. Plan accordingly. You are welcome to come by and purchase tickets for a later tour time, head off to visit the area, and then return for your specific tour.

william walte

Delicious. All the time long line. The new ice cream taco is the best with a waffle/caramel tortilla They have bathrooms

Jennifer Croft

Omg some of the best ice cream in a long time

Joseph Hughes

Steve Szabo

Bryan McGowan

The ice cream is exactly what you'd expect, but the people serving us were very helpful in suggesting flavors and helping us with our order.

Abel Dominguez Morales

Magdi Rizk

Ice cream was good. The place itself is not.. Take out

Bonny Islam

I paid a visit to the Times Square location today. The flavors were good, but the overall experience wasn't great. It was overpriced and the person behind the counter wasn't very happy when I asked for a receipt.

Thomas Hatley

Limited selection, contaminated product. Specifically was hoping for some Americone Dream but they didn't carry any, so got someing else... and found a strip of paper embedded in the ice cream. Also they only have wooden spoons to use, terrible texture... gives me the chills on every bite. Wasn't happy with this visit.

Elliot Thomas

Melissa Fehlinger

I absolutely adore Ben & Jerry's ice cream. However, I was disappointed with the store experience because I felt like I could have just bought one of the pints from a grocery store & put it in a cone to recreate the same experience at the store (but it would have been much cheaper to do it myself). The workers also were not very friendly & seemed annoyed to be there. Overall I'd suggest if you're a fan of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to stick to the pints & enjoy it that way.

Kyla Joy

Fabulous ice cream, sorbets, almond milk alternative ice cream, shakes, and waffle cones. Creative ice cream flavors! Fun cow to sit on, too.

Jim Lahey

This place sucks they some dude tried to suck me off in the bathroom

Nikki Lange

I love Ben & Jerry's, and not just their ice cream. They also try to do things better and have been for decades. But their ice cream rocks! They out a little twist on old favorites and come up with amazing new flavors, most with really fun names. (Like chocolate? Please get a taste of Chocolate Therapy. It lives up to the name.) The store near UD is small with a lot of character and is always staffed with friendly people.

Alex Cruz

Mark Corson

Just funky tasting ice cream, not a fan

Tina Wingard

Kedre Altaan

Brian Merrell

This is a regular stop off for us when we're in Old Town Alexandria. There's no shortage of ice cream shops in OTA, but despite the corporate ownership, there's no denying it's tasty. Helps that you can smell it from 70 feet away. :)

levander corbett

Meltem Ballan

Fun tour and yummy icecream.. Don't forget to visit graveyard..

Kara M.

We stopped by this Ben + Jerry’s while on a walk. I’ll usually frequent this chain every other month or so since I find the prices to be a bit high, but this was my first time coming to this one. We were greeted quickly and served by a very polite young man. I ordered ice cream with hot fudge and my husband went for the cookie sundae. Portion size here was quite decent compared to some of the other scoop shops I have been to in other locales. In addition to sundaes, they also sell ice cream cakes and other frozen treats. This location offers plenty of inside seating and also some outdoors. You will save far more $ by buying a pint at the grocery store, but some flavors are only available here.

Vera Thompson

terri baylor

Too expensive for quantity

Abhinav Prateek

The best place to have icecream.

Helen Buengener

Christina Colon

After my 5 year old daughter dropped her ice cream in the store, on the counter while one of the workers was making our 3rd cone, my daughter began to cry. After consoling her and making her aware it's ok accidents happen, we just have to be more careful next time. One of your workers made her a cup of the same ice after telling me sorbet shouldn't have been as the 1st scoop because it melts faster. I thought it my head ok that's nice but you might want to make your staff aware of this. As she checked me out she said " just to make you aware, I'm going to have to charge you for that and point to the fallen ice cream. In response, I stated "no you will not". The audacity of you to even think of charging me for fallen ice cream from which was an accident from my child, after seeing me console her and then make a cup to replace it. And also admitting the person who made it, made it wrong with putting sorbet on the bottom! Shame on you! A simple happy trip to grab ice cream turned into a lesson in which I had to explain to my daughter which got upset once again after leaving Ben & Jerry's.

Craig Christensen

Good ice cream

Paul Wade

ice cream and for a good cause

dennis quiett

The ice cream was awesome and the staff was very helpful and friendly even though it was so late u could tell it had been a long day for them would recommend

Mario Mejia

(Translated by Google) The maneger very angry (Original) El maneger muy enfadoso

Jonathan Luz

Always smells like musty wash rags. Seems unsanitary.

Zack Kennedy

Love their schweddy balls! lol tell them to bring them back.

aditya natraj

Carol Daxata Diller

(Translated by Google) Ben & Jerry's icecream !! (Original) Ben & Jerry's icecream!!

Michael Ehrichs

Ryan Moore

Merrilee Vickers

No high chairs. We won't be back. The ice cream was fine, staff was friendly, but we couldn't enjoy our ice cream because we had to hold our 14 month old.

Alan Medeiros

Jeaneth Ventura

(Translated by Google) Delicious and very well served. (Original) Deliciosas y muy bien servidas.

Maria Merly

Kay .

maria fundas

Delicious ice cream

Beatrice Sai D'Intino

Love it

Mitchell Maynard

Great Space

Shashwat Pandey

Great place for kids and families. Great selection of flavors, but huge crowds on weekends, especially when you add lot of sugar craving kids and adults! Good location and friendly staff

K Barr

Didnt bother to do the tour, but we did make our own tie dye shirts and eat ice cream! very cool place, but also very busy!

LaWana Djimraou

Ice cream was delicious this is where you can take the whole family.

Edward Heitzman

Wanted to buy 2 of their coffee mugs. Items were marked $12.99 in plain site and the counter person tried to charge us $16.99 per mug. Totally dishonest and refused to honor prices marked on the items. Watch out for dishonest counter person and refusal to take care of their customers.

Wayne Whitted

Great ice cream shop!

Cristina Ungureanu

Great place, excellent ice cream!

Brett Ozbun

Pretty darn good ice cream and friendly service.

Юлия Андреева

maggie rowe


John Wright

Very good ice cream. Expensive but worth it to the very last drop.

Brian Chia

Great menu with lots of options, all very good. Limited seating inside the store. But you can get the ice cream to go and enjoy it outside by the river!

John M


Angela Gause

Pierre B

What can I say, it's the best ice cream, yes the lines are long but worth it.

Paulina Rittscher

A delicious sin with all the magical combination of flavours

Sherry Cavallaro

I thought the tour was kind of boring and the flavor grave yard was underwhelming. The gift shop didn't have anything good and the tiny sample you get at the end of the tour made the whole thing a waste of time.

Princess Bunbun

Michael Redman

Very nice,Had many samples.Staff did not mind

Lisa Forness

Great tour (funny!) and even greater ice cream. If you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by!


A fun little place, but far too small and with a tour that left me wanting more.

Ronald Barker

Staff was very friendly and very helpful in picking what would be best. A little hint, they are all the best choice.

John Field

Ravi Desai

Edgar Arechiga

jaime aguilar

Dante Brown

Super aswome ice cream

April R

Jacob Wentz

Super fast, never have to wait in any sort of a line

Dakota Keyser

Expensive, but delicious!

Natalia Carminelli

MobyDick sentme

Always good and always a nice staff.

Titanic man

Amanda Chase

The staff gave great recommendations and were prompt and kind despite being packed. They have delicious dairy free ice cream and sorbet.

Neil Johnson

Lindsey Johanneson

This was my first visit ever at a Ben and Jerrys shop, and I was disappointed. The prices are insane and the service was even worse. There was only 2 employees on the floor and 1 of them was obviously being trained. The employee that was training him was on his phone the entire time we were there texting, and then while checking us out he was actually talking on the phone. The service was so slow I felt so bad for the people in line behind us and at this point it was all the way to the wall of the shop. Horrible experience especially for the prices we paid!

Michelle Wheeler

Jennifer Porter

Second time doing the tour. First time for my children. We had a great time. Our guide had all the obligatory cow and ice cream jokes. All perfectly groan-worthy. And the kids had the best time seeing how everything worked and topping it all off with some ice cream!

Lorenzo Jones

Just discovered rhe place. Friendly staff but they didnt have any jimmies, only sprinkles

Russell Townshend

Ice cream is always delicious and full flavored. The best ice cream in the Raleigh/Cary area by far.

Josep Valls

G Naylor

Reid Tepfer

J. Wow

LaShanda Melendez

Jade Long

The women's bathroom was disgusting, toilet was dirty and plugged up, the sit down area did not have a clean table, the floor was sticky; it was gross. Still our daughter wanted a mint cookie milk shake so we go up to the counter and wait. A young man walks out and says "sorry we were playing rock paper scissors to see who would wait on you and I lost"! Then the other young man walks out and asks him if he knows how to make it and the guys jokes back duh, I guess some of this and some of that. Then he goes to get milk and the milk is empty, the other young man says there is some in the back. We wait the guy yells out that he can't find any so the other one walks back to help him find milk and comes back and says they are out of milk. Whoever runs the place should check up the kids working there. Oh, throughout the process once the other you young man came out they kept talking about work and how they should hire so and so and just stuff they shouldn't have been talking about while waiting on customers. Will not be returning and I am glad in the end my daughter did not get her milkshake because the more we looked around the more stuff we saw that was dirty.

Ruth Anderson

A real joy. And who knew you could enjoy it without actually eating ice cream.

Donna Stone

Very expensive for ice cream

Jonathan Roberson

clean and fast

Behzad Ahmadi

Good service and you can not go wrong with B& J

Jahn Andersen

My favorite ice cream bar. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a must.

David P. Whitley

Ice cream and pleasant staff.

Aaran Linhart

Staff was friendly, store was clean, and the ice cream was frozen!


We loved the tour and insight behind B&J. Of course the ice cream was great, but not shocking it was more expensive than a local B&J shop. Great place for kids!

Siva Talla


This place was too high and my son drop his cone and I was not accommodated for it!

Konik Thompson

Great place to wind down

Cynde Krause

Not surprised by the bad reviews as I have experienced the same rude and bitter behavior while ordering a cake. I will not be ordering from this store again, which we have over 30 cake orders a year for employee birthdays. A tip from someone who has been in a customer-facing role for over five years (in retail, hospitality, and real estate); maybe if you were nicer, people would be a little more pleasant to you. Attitude is not appreciated, and if you cannot be pleasant, find a job where you are not in a customer-facing role. Bad days happen, but if someone is being nice while speaking to you, then maybe try to show some positiveness back.

Julie Richardson


Diego Francica

(Translated by Google) Good ice cream 7 points (Original) Buenos helados. 7 puntos.

Zarai Aquino

Location is rather small and has somewhat uncomfortable seating.

Akshat Shenoy

Ryan Black

juan Dakota

Carolina Brust

Paul Chatron

(Translated by Google) A gourmet ice cream shop ... to test! (Original) Un magasin de glaces gourmandes... à tester !

Mutlu Avanoglu

(Translated by Google) Here you can make your own ice cream, something we can use in Berlin (Original) Hier kann man sein Eis individuell herstellen sowas können wir auch in Berlin gebrauchen

Hayley Lumpkin

Cant go wrong with Ben and Jerrys

Harel Gaba

This is THE BEST ice cream i every tasted

Wayne Walk Jr

Nice place to visit. Very crowded... If you are not a fan of people pollution then wait till the cooler months. I dealt with it to mark it off the bucket list....

Matthew Wells

Scott Francey

Fantastic ice cream

Rachana Rao mallyala

Best In town

gordon clark

What a great experience. Learned a lot about the way the ice cream is made. How they come up with the different flavors. And the sample is awesome.

Tyler Starline

Wide variety of tasty ice cream favors with fun names like "Coffee coffee buzz buzz" and "Cherry Garcia". My son & I each enjoyed a waffle cone. Great for a hot day.

Ayaan Huda

sherry Ambrose

Their ice cream really knocks it out of the park. We tried to get there for the freebie hour, but just missed it. Oh well. Gotta be on the ball.

Martin Rosenbusch

Rodrigo Hoover

Jake McCurry

This place has great customer service and will work well with a catering order!

Eric Heyson

Tour was pretty lame. They start with a video, then bring you into a room overlooking the area where the ice cream is made to play another video while the tour guide talks a bit. Not particularly interesting.

Ogden Jocko

Sami Shoaibi

Very nice place. Clean. Parking is shared with another restaurant so it gets a little crowded during busy times.

Gregory Goad

So bringing two of my daughters to New York for meetings for modeling. Coming to try your shop out finally. From your family of Goads Durham area. Lol

Jarrod Moore

Good product, clean establishment, service can be slow

Jason Coelho

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, but was unfortunately disappointed with the chocolate milkshake that I bought earlier today. The ice cream to milk ratio was almost 1 to 2 making the consistency very thin. It seems like they weigh their ice cream before using it, so am still not sure why it seemed like the milkshake was lacking 'thickness'. Overall, I think I will probably stick with their ice creams, however will prefer the shakes down the road at ShakeShack which are $2 cheaper. They use a Vitamix type blender for milkshakes and the service was good.

Honolulu Hawaii

Over price. One small $5.75 + tax very small, i will never be a customer around the corner they sale 2 spoons of pistachio for $5

pj savage

Sunshine___ Forever____

Good icecream but expensive

Sasha Marvelous

Rebecca Wood

Some of the best ice cream I know of.

Daphney Sanderson

Best ice cream place in the shops! It's definitely a must visit.

little Madd

Good but always busy and seemingly understaffed


So good and best P.B and cookie ice cream ever

Stacie B

I love Ben and Jerrys and the storefront is a great experience. The ice cream is delicious and the hot fudge on sundaes is to die for. Definitely stop in if you're in Hoboken and feeling like an ice cream.

bmiller1980 .

Nice staff

Joe Bigenwald

Great ice cream and friendly service within walking distance of campus. Love to go here with some friends whenever we are feeling some good ice cream

Alexis Raposa

Rasmus Torgersen

Great ice cream, I was served by a very friendly guy named Cole, he let me try a few flavors and gave me some excellent advice on what to pick, 10/10 that dude made my day

Jimmy Liu


B. Braxton Jr.

Great customer service and great sobert!

Alexander Luis Cruz Perez

Corey Plunkett

Loved my ice cream!

The Dragon's Daughter

Scott Rudd

Ben and Jerry's stands on its own, but the guy working there was just as big of a B&J nerd as me and it made the experience so much more than a trip to an ice cream store

Janie A

This is my favorite location. Plenty of flavors to choose from to enjoy a scoop by the water.

Dustin Tinney

Lan Doan

David Kim

Beyond expensive, still don't understand why. The ice cream really isn't that special, but it is good. I'll give them that. You could probably get something similar at another ice cream parlor, but there aren't too many places nearby here so it's a good choice.

mohona gupta

Scott Koenig

Pamela Bogardt

They are NOT open until 11.

The 30 Day Life

Great Ice Cream. Place is a little small, and they should eliminate the smoothies from their menu, they take forever and hold up the line. We want Ice Cream, and Ben & Jerry’s is the best, let’s stick with that umkay...

Lisa Russell

Sean Kilmartin

Forget diets. Eat ice cream

Nikhil Chandran

Tori Moore

Jagruti Mohanty

Theresa Frost


Ryan Korecki

What a great experience. Tour was short but the tour guide was quirky and funny and made it enjoyable. Learned a lot about the company and had some great ice cream.

h. j.

They offer a HUGE selection of flavours and the service is friendly. However the atmosphere is a little grungy and is in need of a good scrub down.

Hen Pastry Chef

I really like this ban and Jerry's ice cream place. There is a lot of verity and the ice cream is always fresh. There making their own ice cream cone. There is also a frozen yogurt options. The place is small, but it's ok if you only eating your ice cream and go. And also cheap compared to other Ice cream places. We always take one for 2 because it's really big. The big bucket cost 45$ !

Sarah Kagan

Jamie Hanson


Emma Marion

It's so good.. And you can get a milkshake out of any of the flavors

Michael Staman

John Collier

No sugar free options!!! Get with the times, no good food options for people watching the added sugar content.

Ardyn Dwyer

Matthew Allison

Great stop in Vermont. Big thanks to Sally for her help with parking. Ice cream was amazing. Highly recommend the Wake and No bake.

Rick Stumpf


Ice cream and candy and cereal are Emily all friends at the same meal

Cindy Preuss

Julie Lake

Interesting tour of very small factory, so it was crowded. Sue, our tour guide was very good, and of course the ice cream was yummy.

Gregory Martyak

Alex Bredikin

Lauren Votaw

The only local spot where you can find non-dairy/almond milk ice cream and it is DELICIOUS!

Francisco Vanegas

Fancy place, nice ice creams and, no matter how crowded it could be, the staff is kind. The missing star is because they need to take care of cleaning the "customers lounge" a little more!

Michelle Guthrie

chris hahn

Hidden away by the fountains, great ice cream, little more then Baskin Robbins but more unique flavors

Dawnte Dooling

Blake Wilson

Two non-dairy options. I liked the music and I got a small cone. It was aight.

Kevin Maldonado

Quick service good ice cream.

Chen Chi

JadeQ2011 .

The best of the best!! 12/10 scoopers, great icecream great atmosphere big fan!

Sophia Lombardo

Great ice cream, cute small shop.

Jimmy Hatzell

great spot. they have rotating dairy free options.

Madeline Main

Amber Morton

I mean what is there to say!! It was amazing! The same Ben and Jerry's icecream we all know and love!!! The staff were nice and the chocolate dipped cone with rainbow sprinkles is life!!!

Rovaida Saleh

Denisha Townsend

First time taking my baby for an ice cream cone. He dropped two before we got it right but the team was so patient and understanding.

Mirko Lamantea

Ben & Jerry's has more or less the same look-and-feel in all its shops and this one makes no exception. The choice of non-dairy products is very limited and prices very expensive (but aligned to those of the surrounding area - almost 7 $ for a single flavor ice-cream).

Drew Davis

Nicole Lee

Tasty ice cream, but a bit pricey.

Matt Kandl


They want truckers to move their ice cream almost for free knowing how expensive are the tolls in the east coast they don’t want to pay. Unilever owns this place this is a multi billion company that has been buying a lot of companies throughout the years making an empire under the name of unilever. They don’t even give an ice cream sample to the ones that keep this place running. The 2 stars are for the shipping employees they were very nice.

Donald Flippin

Daniel Mundra

Long time since I have been to Ben & Jerry's store. Lot of options and staff were great.

Jessica Templeton

Great staff, great atmosphere, and GREAT ice cream!

Jonathan Stanford

Great icecream! The tour was awesome. The tour guide was funny.

Jose Juan Marti

Excellent ice cream

Yousuf J

Loved chocolate fudge ice cream!!

Deana Stephens

Love the ice cream

Crystal Roberts

A little unkempt but who loves Ice cream I DO! I DO!

Shauna warren

Really good but they were out of most of the flavors

Grace Holler

John Ozed

Always a good experience!

Jasmin C

Very clean small and quiet place. There's no where to sit but there's a ledge to lean on. The ice cream was delicious and they had this amazing brownie/ cookie combination it was amazing.

Noel Mattice

So good been wanting New York super fudge for so long. No longer sold in stores but the lady said we have some. Made my day just as good as last time I had it.

neshobee .

jaime brunson

It's honestly just average ice cream. Good for warm days

Bren Sunshine

Great icecream, overprice average for 3 people was $22 for 2 cones & 1 small smoothie.

Cynthia Eleodora Tapia Torres

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno


James Francois

Zlata K

Biplab Bandyopadhyay

Had a free ice cream today

Alan Schreiner

It is Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream! How can you go wrong!

leah •

Went in at around 4pm on a Friday, the place had a few customers in it and there were 2 workers. They were fast and efficient. There were no problems at all, I guess it all just depends on if you visit during a crowded time. Plus the strawberry ice cream was yummy so hooray!


good ben and jerry's

Jacob Gonzalez

Staff is great and the ice cream delicious. Plus, they advertise fair trade sourcing

Adam Ninja

Ice cream that changed/changes the world. Love this company and everything it stands for.

Curtis Cook

Great ice cream but I wish they still sold Philly Pretzels.

John Brantley

Great location when visiting the aquarium. Parking is very limited so know this is a walking destination. Five steps are necessary for the front entrance, the bistro next door has a lift if you need other access. This location is clean and trendy with helpful friendly staff. B&J has great ice cream with fun flavors. They offer items other than cones but I’m a fan of the waffle cones, yum. Give the ‘coconut almond fudge chip, non-dairy’ a try for sure. If you are visiting the aquarium you will find this a popular spot for some tasty and refreshing ice creams - always a crowd pleaser! Downtown Chattanooga Ice Cream Crawl Aug 2018

Madeline Pastrana

It's a great place for kid's eat ice cream but,the only problem is not enough employees working on the weekends!!I waited 30 minutes for a icecream!!I just hope they hired more employees there!!

Rohini Singh

Glaydston Oliveira


eloy Lara

The Spicy Italian

I've been to the Ben & Jerry's Vermont always awesome to know I can have a part of Vermont right here in Dayton on Brown Street. The staff was sweet UD girls graduates service is great fun area fun store and fun ice cream

Elizabeth Hyde

Boris Maillard

I have been surprised to find an excellent gluten-free and dairy free “ice-cream” here. And many (dairy) flavors for the rest of the family!

Lorelle Quast

Average tourist place for the tour. Would have been better if it was in production vs down for maintenance. They offer other ice creams/sorbets not available in other areas. The graveyard is a nice place to remember the old flavors of long ago

Kevin Heidt

Great ice cream slow service.

Kalpesh Barot

Behnoosh Golchinfar

I love different ice cream flavours!

Alexis Echols

Wayne Colwell

المعلومات غذاء العقل

Most delicious ice cream and shacks.

Sanya Membe

Probably the best I've cream on the planet

Ashlee Hedricks

Visiting town, my son and I were very disappointed that almond milk wasn't an option for a shake (like at other stores) and the lady wasn't willing to let us by a pint of a dairy free flavor and then use that as a shake (of almond milk was an option)

Gabrielle Bills

The tour is a great quick activity with a perfect amount of ice cream to taste at the end. Children under 12 are free, and outside the is a playground and plenty of space to run around. Fun and quirky, with the flavor graveyard and gift shop... I go at least a couple of times a year when we have visitors from out of town.

Bryan Uncapher

My wife and I both got ice cream. It was good. I asked the server what she recommended and she said she doesn't like ice cream. I noticed that the front of the counter needs cleaned the bottom of it looks like it hasn't been cleaned since they opened. Dirt on the outside perimeter of the room it was dirty. I don't usually notice stuff like that in an ice cream parlor but it was bad.

MJo Creations & Designs

Good ice cream ! Pretty good prices !


Good ice cream, good service. Nothing special.

David Crawford


Excellent, but very expensive

Douglas Boud

Well, what do you expect from Ben & Jerry's? Excellent ice cream friendly staff and service, a selection of indoor and outdoor seating.

Naara Maldonado

Their was only one person working (Juan) with 14 people waiting in line... while his co-workers where in the back taking a break and talking. I know they deserve a break but when I used to work at a coffe/ ice cream place, when it got busy I would help and then whent back to finish my break. Then After I waited 20 min in line they tell me their blender is not working! FYI I wrote this while still at the shop, with the hope of saying something good about the product.

Patrycja Jaworska-Garrrett

Ben and Jerry's if you care so much about the world please provide biodegrable spoons for the ice cream.

brianna Garcia

Came here saturday and they let me in even when they were closed!! Awesome staff thanks!

Angela Brotherton

Great Ben and Jerry's store, lots of seating

Ahsan Mirza

Tammy Lea

Ice Cream is Ben and Jerry's, so it's always good. They work hard to keep it clean. They do keep the line moving, hard with lots of tourists. I've had some problems with practical application of requests, like to go ice cream that I'd asked for "a few gummies" being smashed down in the middle and large amounts shoved in. My son appreciate the volume but the problem was it meant the to go top didn't fit and dripped all over. Overall, I'd say eat in, eat quick, and enjoy.

Tyson Richard

It's Ben and Jerry's ice cream.... The staff is friendly and they move people along quickly. Not enough staff to keep table areas clean tho so seating is a hassle..

Kelly Michael Skelton

Fun factory for kids and adults alike! They show the production floor, a short video and give out free samples. This place is awesome!

Hoffer Melissa


pegi gg

Nice out door seating area

B. Darius B.

(Translated by Google) The prices for the ice cream are outrageously high. There are different sizes that you can choose but you still get ridiculously small balls. The selection of the different varieties is good. There are merchandise came as there are bowls, spoons, t-shirts and so on. Also will come with some smaller snacks to make money, such as. Cookies, brownies and the like. Finally nice but too expensive. (Original) Die Preise für die Eiscreme sind unverschämt hoch. Es gibt verschiedene Größen die man auswählen kann man bekommt aber trotzdem lächerlich kleine Kugeln. Die Auswahl der verschiedenen Sorten ist gut. Es gibt merchandise kam wie es Schüsseln, Löffel, T-Shirts und so weiter. Auch wird mit irgendwelchen kleinere Snacks zu das Geld verdienen kommen, wie z.b. Cookies, Brownies und ähnlichen. Letztlich schön aber viel zu teuer.

Haley Sousa

Great service awesome shirts

Lil Mendez

Neale S.

On Mother's Day we did the factory tour and went to the Flavor Graveyard. The tour begins with a short video (with subtitles!) about the history of Ben & Jerry's, then you proceed through a good sized room with windows above the factory floor, where the guide explains the ice cream making process. The guide speaks in a clear voice over a sort of intercom with her microphone and answers any questions guests may have. At the end of the tour you get to try a small sample of whatever new flavors they are trying out. We had "Sweet Like Sugar" (I believe) which was cherries and sugar cookie bits in sweet almond ice cream and it was delicious! There were lots of fun goodies in the gift shop and everything is clean and decorated in a fun way. The Flavor Graveyard is a little more of a trek than I expected from the factory, but each gravestone has a funny little poem which I enjoyed, and there is a nice playground on the way. The tour appears to be accessible for those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids as well as people with hearing impairments (they use captions on the videos and have signs saying that some sort of assistive hearing devices are available upon request). The bathrooms are gendered. I would recommend this tour if you are at all interested in Ben & Jerry's or ice cream in general. I probably wouldn't go again on my own, but if someone invited me to go with them, I think I would enjoy having another visit!

Rory M

Bryan Bailey

Ericka Carter

The brownies are the best!

Sybid Jones

It is not my favorite ice cream nut it is delicious and have a pretty good variety

Rehana Ch

Good ice cream .

Duncan E

I love this place and always have. The employees are very kind and I'm always meet with a smile.

Octavia-Mercedez Campbell

Awesome Ice Cream. Thee Best. 5 Stars.

Stephen DuChemin

Get the Tonight Dough w/ Jimmy Fallon! Mm-mmm!

Taehun Kim

Usually crowded

Nelson Turner


Carlos Pimenta

The ice cream was great. The shake was great.

Tristan Fairbrother

Cheyenne Jones

A little pricey, but it is Ben and Jerry's so we expected that, staff was super nice and let us take our time ordering what we wanted, inside was clean and not too cold. Ice cream selection was great and i was allowed to get two different flavors in one dish.

Tiara King

Nice staff. The ice cream was great and I like the area to sit outside.

Teresa Young

You kind of have to go here if you’re in Vermont. The tour guide was wonderful and it was a great dorky experience. The ice cream sample was delicious and the gift shop had some fun options.

Aarti Relan

Kelly Leprohon

Ben & Jerry's has always had a reputation to serve amazing ice cream, which is why my boss and I decided to order our office a cake from here to celebrate her birthday. We went through the process of building the custom cake online, which informed us we needed to call the location to order the cake. When I called, the woman on the phone was incredibly rude and wondering why I was calling a week in advance to order my cake as they generally take orders a day in advance. She then disrespectfully told me she needed to take care of other customers first, and audibly complained to her coworker that I was calling to order a cake a week in advance. The process then became unnecessarily complicated when she told me their franchise operates differently than the website I used to create my cake, and she got extremely impatient when I had to consult my boss on the new cake order choices I was given. I haven't picked up the cake yet, and I'm definitely not looking forward to future customer service interactions with the store.

Rhashea Harmon

The vegan milkshake was superbly delicious, reasonably priced, and most comfortable on the stomach.

jiovani castillo

Ice cream is good not the best. They have a wonderful patio outside and it looks amazing during night hours. Great place to go alone or with family, friendly service as well.

Eric Ingle

Came here for free cone day and they had a perfect system. The line may have been 2 blocks long but the wait was only 10 minutes long. Got all 6 of us in and out quickly. Very impressed by this alone. Can be a pain finding parking in the area for a suv but I wont hold that on them. Great charm and good location for foot traffic and next to the parks and water.

Thad B

This is a short review but hey it was great ice cream!

Stephen Drace

Great ice cream.

George Armstrong

Helpful and cheerful employees, not to mention good ice cream

Ronica Leftwich

On the hottest day of summer, we were craving dairy-free ice cream! Mr. Nooe’s team at Ben & Jerry’s didn’t disappoint us one bit this past weekend! The place was pleasantly busy & we received EXCELLENT customer service!!! We got 2 pints to go to help cool us down & and I’m already thinking about our next visit!!

Tavarris Mcmath

Ice cream paradise!


Muhammad Obaid

Tour was nice though it fills up fast. Had a nice playground for the kids to kill time while we waited for the tour. They even had free L2 and L3 EV chargers! Huge free sample at end of tour. Great experience!

Aesha TheOneWhoLives

It was a lucky weekend for us :-)

Nadia Cetone

Nicholas Tomaselli

Great smoothies

Matt Battiste

kdogkluv .

I love the variety of flavors!

Jakob Kubicki

Really great ice cream shop with great staff. It's a great spot to go after a movie or dinner in the area. Parking is tricky most of the time, but service is quick and ice cream tastes great. It has an outdoor seating area, and cool designs plastered all around the store. I highly recommend this B&J!

Shanice Hairston

Nawaf M

Best icecream

Jumbo Chow

Jeffery Morgan

Juanita Thomas

Great but expensive

Jasmine Lewis

Darnell McGavock Sr.

Way overpriced and there are other much better ice cream options in the area. Try The Ice Cream Show or Rita's instead.


Pomeranian Man

Matthew Wellings

Staff are really fun, friendly and passionate about great ice cream

Megan Hall

Service was quick. My only complaint is the flavors listed online as available at this location wasn't accurate and they didn't have what I specifically came in for.

Mia Hill

While I was there, one of the associates was blowing his nose over the utility sink. When I mentioned that he needed to wash his hands, when I saw him touch the door of the ice cream case, he said that he wasnt scooping because he was leaving.

Robert Cooper

Need more non dairy options

Regie Bala

Steve Halprin

BEST ICE CREAM SHOP EVER!!! The store is very clean and the staff is super friendly. I visit this shop probably once a month and I have always had amazing consistent service. The vibe in the shop is great and you feel welcome and appreciated… There are many options for ice cream, but nothing will compare! If you find yourself in Times Square do yourself a favor and visit this shop.

Hogan V

As expected, they have fantastic ice cream. They also had virtually no wait for a weekend.

aives1961 .

Jennifer Bell

Fun store with interesting layout. Both kids and adults would like it. It has a wide variety to choose from that you may not typically see.

Nathan Lewis-Lusso

Hailey Cicerchia

Sharanda Baldwin

matthew hopkins

Consistently good cream!

Sallah Wynn

Good ice cream

Derek Brown

Gicell Reyes

Halima B

Free ice cream day

Xena Mc Cree

Pretty small cozy spot for you and a few friends to chill eat delicious desert

Delissa Kato

Sandeep Samdaria

Michael Rehmert

Great ice cream and great service.

Ruben Caiza Jr

Delane Qualls

Good Friendly service

Anthony Paul

It is an American classic. Wherever I go, when I have this it just makes everything better. Happy I stumbled upon one here today!

Joanne Jakobsze

Seriously disappointed with the service here. Undertrained employee who doesn't know what to do and is not even that busy. Plus she was very rude. To the point where others around me paused to stop and stare. Not going back.

Yaneth Solorio

lady lavender ryan

All I can say is yummy

Jack Henza

Ben&Jerry's ice cream is head and shoulders above the competition for quality, but don't expect helpful service at this location.

Josh Blinson

Jeff Dufour

Expensive but delicious... Great staff

Drew Hugentobler

Long line

Avi-Gil Chaitovsky

Very friendly

sean Glasgow

Lauren Elizabeth Paloski

Cole Hamilton

Good icecream

Taylor Davis

Ackie Harris

Luv it

Madan Nagaraju

Been & Jery's is one of the oldest building at downtown Chattanooga. The ice cream is one of the best I have had. Small & clean place, multiple options to mix & match, ice cream, smoothie, fudge, frozen yogurt & sorbet. We tried Coffee Coffee buzzbuzzbuzz!! Strawberry and chocolate - all were fantastic! They have couple of clean & well maintained unisex restrooms. The space gets really crowded & cramped during peak time, otherwise this is a must stop if you visit downtown Chattanooga.

Lil Lex

It was very good. Me and my family wanted some ice cream and it turned out excellent! The service was amazing the employee kept asking us how the ice cream was and willing to start conversation. This deserves a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star rating. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

David Ellingson

Awesome little shop. Tucked into the buildings with a great plaza just in front. The staff are helpful and friendly. PSU students and staff get 10% discount if they show PSU ID.

David Williams

Patrick Emmanuel

Gray Skinner

ray t


Jacques Sabrie

Whee doesn't love ice cream!

Cassie Vargas

Just about the same as any Ben and Jerry's in the area

Jordan Marion

Tony Previte

Nice little tour with a sample of that days particular flavor. Great Ice cream, a little background on the company and the grounds are free to walk around and explore...of course you can sit outside and buy more ice cream in whatever configuration you want. Tour is only $4... Well worth a little diversion.

maciek c

Really great flavors. Awsome combinations.

Raj Singh


Nofar Ben-Israel

Nice tour, great place. Love the grave yard of dead flavors. The ice cream was delicios, with so many flavors to choose from!

Hovas Long

A check off for the bucket list for sure. Long lines(which we’re fine). There were only 2 people working there and they seemed pretty irritated. I get it- it’s a never ending line to work. But each person who gets up to the front, they truly want to have a great experience, especially if it’s their first time. :-)

stevie hretz

Rahul Basu

They gave me the wrong order and acted annoyed when I pointed that out. I accepted the wrong order out of courtesy but the waffle cone was stale. Never visiting Ben and Jerry's again

Austin Cawley-Edwards

It's better than Haagen-Dazs. It just is.

Adam Gilmore

Good stuff

Antonio R

Sour review due to unprofessional employee at 9pm(when they close respectively) asks us to leave after we had been sitting waiting for our order but say "sorry guys but I gotta kick ya out" guess someone has to get home and not a minute after 9.

John DeWitt

Good ice cream... But pricey at the shop.

Molly Horst

Ice cream tasted a little off- maybe a little freezer burnt. But thought it was still delicious.

Aspen Grover

Horrible service, high prices, rude workers

Keith Clark

jonesgoodssweetsco .

Charlotte Ferro

Tk Brand

Sycr C

Tasty icecream. Server did not give us much for a waffle cone. Barely any ice cream in there. He just looked like he didnt want to be there.

Brian G

Manager and staff are amazing

hassan ali khan

Diana N

Awesome Ice cream place with great milkshakes as well! The staff there is really cool and nice. Service here is always fast. I always bring my own utensils to eat my icecream or drink my shake that the staff has started to remember my face to know that I already won't need a straw which I really appreciate, the one time I did forget my straw the worker said they use paper straws and I was so happy to hear that a much more environmentally friendly alternative was being used here and want to commend the owners for making such great decisions that though they might seem small, send a big message to those of us who want to cut down on their plastic intake. A great Ben & Jerry's where I will for sure come back!


Kevin Brand

Although I couldn't convince the workers to give me some sort of sweet prize if I devoured a mini Vermonster all by myself, I have been treated right otherwise every other time I've been here. The ice cream is outstanding - the base ice cream is delicious to start, and then the plethora of other ingredients mixed in really just takes the cake... Er I mean ice cream. Sometimes there's only one person working in the front and a bit of a longer line can form, but it's to be expected because, hey, who doesn't want a magically creamy sensation coating the inside of their mouth?

Noah King

Great service, coming from vermont it felt like a little bit of home.

Ed Dela Motte

Bruce Monroe

A bit pricey. So be careful bringing the kiddies into the gift shop. Average t shirt is $24.00. No matter what size. Long aait for ice cream, 37 minutes today to get a waffle cone for $8.00 dollars. Wow!!!! Commercial much. Still fun though just dealing with sticker shock.

Briyan Carranza

Runen Ramirez Sandoval

Best ice cream in Chattanooga

Demante Saunders

We got milkshakes from thier. We did not enjoy it one bit. However the lady was extremely nice.

tommy curran

Ok its ice cream always perfect

Diane Hamm

Old Bull

Great selection of flavors and the staff is friendly.

Matthew Boettcher

Google maps is correct now

Anup Rao

We couldn't resist the tempting smell of freshly prepared waffle cones. The ice cream is delicious and the staffs are friendly. It is located near the waterfront.

D. Witt

Dona Robles

Terrific Ice Cream! Wish to come back for more tries.

Christopher Kean

Sandra I. Serrano-Alicea

We waited in line for over 20 minutes, while being ignored. Both servers just helped the one party of 3 in front of us, we were 2, only my sister in line, no one else behind at the time. Usually, in this kind of places, one server helps one party, while the other helps the next one in line. And for 3 people, 2 servers were taking "forever", after 22 minutes, we decided to leave. The worse part was not being acknowledged and just plain ignored.

Cassie Pemberton

A little dark and small, but the ice cream and service are great. Outdoor seating in the summer.

Victoria Sexton

Love the ice cream and they have many flavors to choose from.

Bookandboards tv entertainment

Best ice cream

Michael Chen

Tanner Aikens

Sine Nomine

It's the Ben & Jerry's factory! How can you go wrong? The factory tour is cheap, informative, and gives you ice cream at the end. The gift shop still sells tie dyed shirts like it has for decades. Hopefully you won't find your favorite flavor in the flavor graveyard (worth the walk for the goony poems). There's a kids' playground up there too to work off the sugar. And of course, there's a scoop shop with all the flavors. I got a free tour and scoop of ice cream on Father's Day - thanks!

Gunnar Donau

Mary B

If you did want to go on the tour thinking you will be given a good size sample, you’re wrong. The one sample they give you is tiny and you will feel like you need to buy one at the end, which is overpriced. I would recommend skipping the tour and just visiting the flavor graveyard and getting ice cream.

Sudeep Talpallikar

Watheq Jamil

I came as the store was about to close. The lady behind the counter was nice and helpful, but the ice cream that i got did not taste that good and it was melting all over the place as soon as i got it. It started to drip so much that I had to trash it and get another ice cream from The Creamery.

Krista Smith

Keith Wellman

Maria Le Blanc

Mema N

Hmm. I would say this was ok. The tour is not super special. I mean it’s basically what you expect to see of an icecream factory and have probably seen on YouTube a dozen times. I guess it was more for the experience to have something to do in the area. You do get a decent ice cream sample at the end. And if there are any extras a few of you might get to snag a second or third helping LOL! They really do trash the left over samples from your tour group since it has already been brought out so when they say do you want the last one, go get it :) The gift shop items are pretty pricey as is the icecream. You would think it would be a bit cheaper since there is no middleman here to distribute the ice cream!! You can grab some cheaper at the grocery store right down the street about 2 minutes away. Honestly since they don’t even discount the i e cream they should just allow the tour for free to draw people in for buying ice cream at full price.

Kristi Stone

Honey Gouri

Not as expected

Blake Wiese

Good service and food

Shavora Washington

kiesha stewart

I loved the service.

jorja Ross

Adriana Lopez

Yummy ice cream, happy they offer non dairy as well.

Leopoldo Sciarra

Perry B.

Sharon McClard

Delicious ice cream

supal patel

The shakes are pretty awesome.


Very good

ed woncik

I have ordered ice cream cakes for birthdays 2 times from this location and when I went to pick them up they had not had them made. They said they did not write it down, but yet I had email confirmations both times. Terrible customer service

Daniel Hirsch

valleyinsuranceagent #callchris

Tierra Fye

Jose Lopez

Nora Brooks Lopez

Anna Protsenko

Just love em.

Sudeep Chaturvedi

Ken Brandt

Very poor experience. Disinterested server. Butter Pecan ice cream had rancid nuts. Won't be back.

Tatiana Gwynn

Lettuce Prey

Diane Johnson

Cute little shop. Good groupon deal. Check it out if its still on the groupon site.

Kshitij Motwani

Sharon Fisher

Great time.

Oscar Alexander

Madyson Wright

Sanjay Nayak

Curtis Francis

I love the shakes here. I get half vanilla half bourbon.

Brendan O'Shea

Great visit. Well done Ben and Jerry for their work with environmental sustainability.

Zachary Faulkner

Trey Lanzer

Some of my favorite ice cream. I get what they call "half baked" and it's pretty amazing. The only downside is the price. It's a little expensive for ice cream.

Makayla Smith

Delicious ice cream! The staff members are very polite and quick.

Michael Valdivielso

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is always good but it is kind of hard to find. If you don't know where it is you will miss it. And it always is busy during the evening. A lot of people eat dinner in one of the other restaurants and then come here for the ice cream.

Sajan K Jayan

Very less collection of icecream

Josh Elliott-Mendelsohn

Typical Ben and Jerry's shop, with a good selection of flavors and no seating. I'm very happy they provided several non-diary flavors with almond milk; perfect for my spouse and me. Portions weren't overly generous, yet I was quite satisfied with my small cup of caramel almond brittle (with almond milk).

Isabel H

Great customer service and FANTASTIC ice cream, milk and cookies has my heart

Jeff Stilwell

Yummy everyone loves Ben and Jerry's. Great staff, clean.

Elaine Johnson

Girl that worked there was very nice and the sundaes were excellent

Anne Keith

The ice cream was good but the cone was stale.

Matthew Appel

No stars. The ice cream was all freezer burnt and the prices are outrageous.

Ray Lord

Nasty hair in the ice cream cone.

Nikki Thomas

Love this ice cream place!

Sharon Eskridge

I feel they are over rated for price

Batoon Gaming

Very enthusiastic staff and very informative tour of the factory. Ice creme is better then you what you've heard. (Chocolate chip cookie dough flavour won't disappoint)

Mallory Sturdivant

Erica Henry

Best ice cream!

Pinche Tony

Renee Roman

Great location and they have vegan options available. You can sample the ice creams, once you decide, can enjoy outdoor seating.

Jacob Hubbell

Yummy ice cream and sorbet. Service with a smile!

Amy Shah

Rebecca Spirer

Scott McGough

Stephanie Midkiff

Great Non-Dairy options!!


Jace Meldrum

Mary Egejuru

Amanda Velez

It was good icecream but it was $4.50 for one lil kid size scope

Ray Malouf

Excellent service and amazing ice cream cakes!

Yeshanth Jayakumar

Very friendly and patient staff. Even though, I went around 5 minutes before their closing time, they were patiently helping us to choose our flavor(s). This is my go-to Ben Jerrys in the triangle !



Boz Axiom

Great place to grab a quick scoop. Staff is friendly and the store is very clean, overall great experience


Nicole Wasmuth

Ruth Tull

mario coka

(Translated by Google) Always delicious (Original) Siempre delicioso

Jonathan Frisby

Quick service

John Cerbone

Consistently good ice cream

Frank Carr

I went as a chaperon on my grandson Kevin’s field trip to Cabot and Ben & Jerry’s today. Ben & Jerry’s was very nice and picturesque. They had a tour every ten minutes that had a movie, tour of the factory and an ice cream sampling. The tour guide was very informative and the strawberry cheese cake ice cream was awesome. Loved the trip.

C Willis

Good ice cream and good service!!

Gaelle Piriou

Gooooooood ice cream, helpful staff,

M Matt

Fun, inexpensive, informative tour that ends with an ice cream sample. How can you go wrong? Good sized (free) play area for the kids. Scoop shop on site in case the sample isn't enough. Flavor Graveyard (free and self guided) is fun. Cows to visit. Ample, clean restrooms (although, that may vary on time and quantity of visitors). Nice spot to spend an afternoon. P.S. - they will have a vegan sample available at the end of the tour, but you have to ask for it - also, that was DELICIOUS!

Rus Maxwell

Americone dream & half baked!!! Oh yeah

shaine sullivan

Really great staff and amazing Ice cream

jina jeon

I want to choose No star option. :( The flavors were good but it was over charged. (more than $2.5!) The guys didn't give me the receipt. I would recommend you another store, if you want icecream.

Andrew Roche

Herbert Lomb


Judi Selkirk

Suren Xavier

Its pretty good!

Randy E. Logsdon SR

3 scoops of ice cream and a rootbeer, $11. The three scoops no more than a 1/2 pint. The ice-cream filled the scoop, however the scoop was very small. Maybe the scoop was 1.5" in diameter. 2 liters of rootbeer $1, 1 gallon of ice-cream x3 to $4. Now I now why I was the only one in the shop.

Moses Gordon

The ice cream tasted on the verge of spoiled.

Abby Foy


Varun Modi

It's all right


Robert Dupree

Everyone has their favorite I've cream shop... Well, this one is mine! I love the flavor choices, which are typically loaded with chunks of your favorite goodies and treats. I love the bright smell of the sugar cones when you walk in. As with any ice cream shop on a hot Summer day, this place was packed. Even so, they were efficient and moved the line quickly. My order was accurately taken, and the staff did it all with smiles on their faces. Great experience that left me with a smile on my face too!

JT Park

(Translated by Google) Milk shake is delicious! (Original) 밀크쉐이크가 맛있는곳!

Candace Lee

Friendly staff. Delicious ice cream.

Amy Shore

It's good expensive ice cream. Many customizable flavor options. It's a small location with 5 tables.

Jannathul Firdaus Sadulla

Vivek Mittal

Sarah Long

Nice enough I guess but unfortunately lacking seriously brain cells. How can you work at an ice cream place and not know the difference between a SUNDAE and a MILKSHAKE? You're honestly lucky my fiance is nicer than me and didnt want me to throw it back at in your face then. Please get better.

Andy Sweitzer

Great ice cream

elliot hazzard

Matthew Tabor

Wood spoons! They kind of ruin the flavor of the ice cream.

Moana Faana

Good ice cream

Jay Mumper

It's Ben & Jerry's, how can you go wrong? Fun tour, busy ice cream stand out front. Had to get cookie dough from the originators.

Allison Schellenberger

Best ice cream shop in the U.S

Brandon Rieke

Sonja Guardino

Amber Rose

The Ice Cream isalways good at this location however, The Cashier was the highlight of my experience!!! She was so friendly and even though she said she didn't enjoy ice cream herself she was super helpful with my questions and diet restrictions(lactose intolerant). It was so pleasant to sit in the store and people watch and enjoy our treats! Ben and Jerry's has an asset with this young lady, they need to give her a raise!

Mary Grace Gusso

Love them, and they are always showing their love to the PSU community :)

Dan Runfola

ahmad zaaroura

Cons was not fresh and crusty.

Sean Cotterman

The store owner was angry and not very good with customers at all. Not a people person.

Ahmad salma

It was good but the place was dirty and price was a bit high

Jahmal Raheem

Bernard Ferguson

Great for kids.

Venkat G

Amazing ice cream

Krystal Kwon

vivian zimmerman

It wasn't any different from other ice creams

kyle samuels

Annmarie Hunter

We visited this particular Ben & Jerry's four times on our recent visit to Newport. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The prices were reasonable considering the location. The eatery was very clean. The only complaint I would have would be that there was no seating to eat your ice cream. So despite Ben & Jerry's ridiculous voicing of political views I would certainly visit this location again

Lincoln D

Sasjha mayfield

Jethzabell Medina

AJ Fite

Frank Gioffre

Very good ice cream. Small shop in a row home. Clean and bright. Just a few small tables for seating. They do have a few specials available.

Pierce Bolano

John Ferrughelli

They give free samples here so that's great.

John Winstead

Ben & Jerrys is certainly a five star company and this location is no exception. Fun place to get some ice cream and wander Old Town.

Demond Randolph

Scott Tracht

MJ Vasquez

Get the sundae! It's a $1 more then just one scoop of ice cream and the brownie one is so freakin' good!

Garrett Hudder


Calvin Do

One of the earliest (If not the first) ben and jerry's factories. It's cool to go to see where Ben and Jerry's all started from. There are $4 tours that you usually have to buy in advance and wait a while to get in, the tour consists of a 8~ minute video on the history of Ben and Jerry's, a production tour, and a taste test, all filled with cow jokes! There is a souvenir shop where you can buy things and also get some ice cream at the scoop shop. Around the corner is the Flavor Graveyard where you can see the flavors in which Ben and Jerry's no longer produces. Overall the tour is slightly underwhelming but this is a great place to bring your children and have a mini adventure surrounded by ice cream!


Alison Liu

Ben and Jerry's, what's not to love??

Agnes K.

Jonathan Rivera

The best ice cream

jurrell hudson

Really nice staff, really great service

Carlos Mero

Great establishment, finding parking could be an issue.

Hasan Mahmoud


Alex Laughnan

Delicious ice cream - duh! They had a really great event going on regarding all sorts of different activities and had a ton of departments and groups on campus competing!

Liza Fireman

Samantha Yeh

It's Ben & Jerry's! Consistently great ice cream, wonderful service, and there never seems to be too bad of a line. Also, this place blows bubbles into the street during the summertime.

Inna Fesh

Went on a Monday, no lines and very few people. Tour was quick, lively and to the point. The ice cream is (obviously) delicious. Great quick (less than an hour) stop, assuming it's not during peak season or time.

Cynthia Carlson

Great vegan ice cream!

Garth Strome

Krit Unhawat

Jack Hambly

Yasmina Sakaly

Ryan Sparrow

Stephanie Martinez

Oliver Bailey

The best. Very sweet ice cream but many unusual flavours. Very nice environment and great tour of the factory. Very happy to see where it all began.

Caroline Owczarzak

Kim Ballard

Yummy ice cream options!

Diana Thorburn

Awful, unfriendly staff. One staffer stood behind the counter eating an ice cream cone. The other two clearly didn't want to be there and did not care one whit about creating a customer-friendly environment. Add to that the loud child-inappropriate rap music... just not a nice place.

Janelle Musson

Milkshake was really too thin. But I love the ice cream.

Uygar Yilmaz

Mitch Dore

The service at Ben & Jerry's wasthe ice cream was really good as well there are so many crazy unique flavors to choose from Ben & Jerry's has always had crazy different flavorsthere waffle cones covered in chocolate are amazing they are very large.

Dayana Roberts

Ice cream is really good. They have a couple tables inside the store for sitting. Service was nice and quick. Place is clean. Would definitely recommend going here for ice cream.

The Stickman

Chris Slawek

Delicious! And at the beach to boot!

Valorie Dale

Good ice cream, pretty expensive.

Craig Dailey

It's a typical B&J

Jeremy Lemon

Kevin Rush

Stopped for ice cream with my wife. Great little place! The girl behind the counter was very polite and friendly. The ice cream was even better than what you get in the stores.

LaShonda Dukes

Enjoyed free cone day with family and the music

Noah C

Michael Snyder

Need more flavor options

marcos de la cruz

great service

T Tt


Audra VanHorn

Best icecream ever, friendly staff, great atmosphere. Convenient location.

tanya m

Good ice cream

Stephen Hanson


Kristine S.


Nice place for a drop by for some ice cream. Has your go to Ben and Jerry's flavors. A must if you are in friendly center.

Jordan Kuzniak

Ana Maria Ardid Galarraga

(Translated by Google) Wonderful ice cream (Original) Sorvete maravilhoso

Dean Sauls

Connie Phillips

Yummy but no cheesecake flavors

Brenda Keene

Good ice cream but I prefer custard.

Norm Heger

They have custom made ice cream cakes at this location.

Noreen Rodriguez

Yum!!! Small little shop that packs a punch. Love hard ice cream this is the spot to go

Jeffrey Matos

Fast and Excellent service, with an outdoor seating area as well

golfingandy .

Although I'm not a fan of their uber liberal platform, can't get away from the fact that their ice cream is awesome! Love the strawberry cheesecake and the cherry garcia!

Collin Townsend

Great Ben & Jerry's location. Always clean, ice cream is never freezer-burned, and the parking is adequate for the mini-mall at this location. The staff here are some of the kindest ice cream shop employees I've ever met, always have a good conversation when I come into the shop. I visit this place several times a month. Highly recommended.

latrice wesley

Chris Attama

Had a few people at the house and we were talking about the vermonster. For those who don't know it's the biggest ice cream sundae in the universe. We decided to get it and it did not disappoint. The employee was extremely helpful. Walked us thru everything we would get and even made some good suggestions for flavors ect. 7 people and we barely put a dent in this beast.

eddolly marte

Plenty of friendly and accurate help even though it was very busy and hectic.

brittney nunley

MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat

Good ice cream great service.

Stephan3170 .

Becky Sullivan

Nice staff and awesome I've cream

William Q Caraway

Good Ice Cream choices.

Weiya Mu

Charles Grimm

Susan Smith

great service by Hannah Teske!☺

Chaka King

James Froehlich

The Miami Valley has a lot of ice cream places, but Ben and Jerry's has to be in any list of top spots for ice cream. The staff is always polite and very helpful. Of course, the product is great! We have had scoops, cones, sundaes, shakes, and even a mini Vermonster (giant sundae). NEVER have we been disappointed.

Jeff Woerner

Small place, clean, fast service. Not much room to sit at this store but if weather is nice there are options outside in common areas.

Gemini Sun

Ray El-Mousa

They don't know how to count changes

Franckus Diop

Chocolate therapy..the best!!!

Heather Shields

Elizabeth Tam

Love Ben and Jerry's ice cream! They have a lot of great flavors, my favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia!

Namiko Sol

Good Ice cream

Arlene Evans

Fun experience. Good ice cream!

Aerin Collins

first of all workers had no gloves and hairnet on. there's 2 employees working and both handling food and cash without any gloves. my order was made well. I would not go back there. they need proper management ... it's ben and jerry's.. come on!!

mark hovey

Marquetta Fourman

First visit. Was really great friendly fast service and even better amazing ice cream. Simple casual atmosphere. New York super fudge chunk should be against the law!!!! YUMMY

Lyndee Cluff

Great icecream

Kenneth Salzberg

Luis Latorre

Too expensive for ice cream

Cameron Ramirez

The ladie behind the counter saved me in a time of dire straits. I had taken a small dab of hot sauce "The End" from a spice store across the street (like i had to sign a waiver this sh** was so hot" and nearly died but she swept in with a uber fast vanilla shake and soothed the inferno in my mouth. If you read this ma'am. Thank you

Jason 曾

Veronica Swanger

Loved the Heath ice cream!!!

Dustin Glass

Flavors and combinations thereof are endless and delicious. Tad pricey. Try the Limited edition Tubby Hubby!

Anaiyah Luther

Justin Ramsey

Caleb Fields

Always a fun place to stop into. Go on the tour. Only negative part is its always packed

Chris Vaughn

The dairy free fudge ice cream is awesome

Crystal Hocker

Always kind and pleasant with my grands not to mention a wonderful treat!

Abigial Turner

Really nice staff, and the ice cream is always delicious

Donald Larrimore

Leon Herbert

Good to get some B&J again. Very tasty.

Sterling Magera

Just the best tour I've ever been on. Even the sample during the tour was bigger than expected. And the gift shop had some interesting stuff. Not to mention the ice-cream in their shop tasted better than any I've had before. Getting to the graveyard in the ice was tricky...

Shawn Alestock

The ice cream is greatness, of course. I always get something chocolate, peanut buttery, etcetera. This trip's choice did not disappoint. I decided to get a specialty code that was topped with chocolate and chopped peanuts. I will not do that again as the cone tasted stale, unfortunately. The cone is supposed to be the finale which is supposed to be awesome. That was unfortunate, but it was still a good time. The location's line control is chaotic. A bit nerve-wrecking for my taste, but I visited on a really busy night. I'll be back because B&J's is something special.

Stacey Fox

I Love this Place. The Scoopers are very friendly and knowledgeable. Marcus is Super Chunk Awesome!!!

Kimberly VanHee

Marcellus Pearson

Blake Prenatt

Cortney Jackson

Karie Dalton

The ice cream was delicious, and the man behind the counter was very nice and patient lol


Fast service, prices are on par for the area

Brian Marks

Mmm ice cream

kenzie thomas

Good if you like soft ice cream that melts fast. Overpriced. Location is great at the shopping center with seating and a fountain for kids!

Don Robertson

The ice cream is pretty good, but very pricey. $31 for the family. There isn't enough seating either. Staff was nice, and attentive, but nothing spectacular

Nyisha Williamson

Najeeh was the most pleasant retail person I've met in awhile. Great addition to your team.

Jason Kennedy

Delicious! Try the salted caramel. You won't regret it

Dix Winger

Drove here from Maine, well worth the long drive! $4 for the tour and free ice cream at the end! Be sure to check out the Flavor Graveyard as well!

Marie Laure

Richa Shukla

Javier Larrondo

The best ice cream in Manhattan

Madeline Munhall

Littered with trash and unclean floors/tables/counters. Went with my family and was appalled that the trash cans were overflowing, there were cups and napkins all over the floor, and there were sticky messes on all the tables. If the main floor is displayed like this to the customers without regard, what does the back where things are prepped look like?!

Brian Tollett

Pricey but good.

Joshua Ogenstad

Katie Mara

What's better than Ben and Jerry's packed in a cone? Expect a wait

Jeanne L.

Ice cream worth stopping for. Be prepared to spend $4 for cone.

yash patel

andrew calabrisotto

Kristie Durham Beny

I would have loved to enjoy the free cone day at your store but the fact that I was treated so rudely by your employees at your Old Town Alexandria VA store got in the way of that. My husband and I along with a mother, her young daughter, and a group of firemen walked up to the door at 8:01 pm yesterday to try to participate in the free cone day and were not allowed in. I can understand stringent time limits for offers like that but it was the way that it was handled by the staff that really upset me and has honestly given me a sour taste for all things Ben and Jerry. We were told to "Go away! It's over! Leave! We're closed and the free cone event is over! If you want ice cream go somewhere else! There are other ice cream shops in Old Town!" amongst other things. The man at the door spoke to people in such a way and with such hostility that I am honestly surprised that the young girl beside us didn't start crying. There is no reason to ever speak to a customer like that. I gave been in his position, tired and exhausted after a crazy sales day, but I have never spoken to a customer in that way! But that's not all! While they did eventually let the firemen in, it was only with a lot of prodding. They are out there, running into burning buildings as everyone else is running out, and they wouldn't even let them slide for one minute (literally) without some serious convincing. Ridiculous! I hope that no one has nor ever will have to go through the same experience with your staff that I did because I'm sure that my memory of Ben and Jerry's will never be the same. I certainly won't be participating in next year's free cone day, nor any other one in the future. I just thought that I would let you know how your employees treated customers. Thanks.

Olivia Reyes

The staff were really nice and I really had a fun time.

Mark Ogle

Give it a three good ice cream, but they can keep their views to themselves!

Katherine Medina


Great ice cream delicacy.

Agnese Pasqualetti

(Translated by Google) divine Gelato (Original) Gelato divino

Christina Powell

Went in at around 4pm on a Friday, the place had a few customers in it and there were 2 workers. They were fast and efficient. There were no problems at all, I guess it all just depends on if you visit during a crowded time. Plus the strawberry ice cream was yummy so hooray!

Gretchen Bandy

Patricia Jordan

Doyle Feaster

Zef Gjuraj

Sharon Cook

Good as always!

Carolyn Henshaw

Sara MacKenzie

James Bradford

This place is pretty pointless considering that in this day and age you can get any B&J ice cream you want from the grocery store half a block away and then take it home with you. It seems to exist mainly for the local college students who have money burning a hole in their pocket and booze in their bellies. It's always clean and the young people working there are generally friendly.

Nicolás Moresi

Not a really good ice cream...

Sharna Futrell

Ray Dixon

Zeyaam Shahid

Tiny place with tourist prices and fast servce.


Kids loved the ice cream. Good selection and was able to try a flavor they don’t sell in the stores. Was a great way to cool off, get out of the humidity, and make the kids happy.

Michelle Taylor


Allison Hardin

Love Ben &Jerry's ice cream we by it all the time. We decided to stop at this location after dinner one night in usual the ice cream was good, but the organic straws made my husband feel like he was drinking cardboard and the service was slow for only have one table in there.

Christina Whitten

Always a long line

Elty Jade

Matthew Rhine

Michele Weber

It was neat to experience this because Ben and Jerrrys is delicious and the history is pretty cool. I love that they continue to be a socially responsible company, despite being corporate owned. The prices in the gift shop are outrageous though and the line to order ice cream was longer than the general boarding at an airport. It's overall a neat experience but definitely more corporate and commercialized than I expected.

Aaron Monson

This location is a little bit of a mickey mouse operation with homemade signage and boxes everywhere, but the ice cream is still amazing. Don't forget about free ice cream cone day in April!

John Smith

I only gave it 4 stars because they need more flavors. Truly 40% were chocolate options and the rest sounded nearly the same ingredients.

Brandon Flack

Matan Harsat

Great Chocolate Therapy milkshake

James Cheeley

Ritual spot to visit when in Chattanooga


Sean Huberth

nice and tasty

Blair Dorsett

Youre going to have a good day if it involves chunky monkey!!!

Ramiro Ballesteros

Loved everything about this visit! The ice cream tasted so unbelievably fresh. Can't recommend it enough.

Umar Yasin

This ice cream was fantastic. They do put a lot of sugar if you're wondering but they manage a great variety of flavors. The workers were very friendly and provided excellent service.

James Edwards

Amazing ice cream! High quality customer service!

Ryan Hooks

Matt McConnell

Nice Ben and Jerry's location. Lots of flavors.

Arthur Collins

Taste so A+

Armando Yaws-Gonzalez

Try the midnight snack, only available at their retail locations and not in the pints at the grocery store.

Athena Hassiotis

Michael Breen

Amy Popp

Ronak Kothari

Richard Mawdsley

Slightly steep price, but the ice cream was yummy!

Dacy Nottingham

How can you go wrong with B&J. Tonight Dough is the bomb!

Roxanne Gabel

Friendly staff!

Kris Rollins

Blue Jeans


If happiness had a name


Laura Diaz

Aaron Lyon

Fun tour, Some free ice cream samples. Very busy on weekends and summer but manageable. Love the flavor graveyard with all the old flavors) Eat a Vermonster while you are there!


As always, great service, great ice cream, and a medium high price. The staff is friendly and the facility is clean.

Saju Vallikkat

Kids place..

Patricia Lindsay

Delicious ice cream!

Mary Brown

The best ice cream ever. I love coconut ice cream. Not only did it have coconut flavor,but it had lots of real soft coconut,chocolate chunks, caramel cream,and walnuts. People friendly. Only problem they were out of spoons, had to go somewhere else to get a spoon. So carry a spoon just in case.

Marcia Patiño

The staff was horrible the two young men doing the ice cream were busy chattimg and making jokes and the cashier was even worse. I felt I was being discriminated as they seem to dislike white looking customers. AVOID at all costs

James Mazars de Mazarin

Ashley Parker

Tiarra Amerson

The cookie dough ice is to die for! I get it by the pint every time!


Super expensive. One cone of small ice cream $7.5. What a ripoff. In addition place is not clean, all tables were dirty and had to clean myself. Staff disorganized and confused. Three of them couldn't figure how to get me me receipt.

Tiffany R'Shel

Ice cream was good. $15 for 2 single dip waffle cones. Kinda expensive. Guy working literally texted and barely looked up while waiting on us.

Dianna Blizzard

Great location!

Crazy Lunatic

Delicious ice cream... of course. Great replacement for the Marble Slab.

יהודה בצלאל

Charity Cleary

Yum! Clean and friendly service

Susana Murillo

Good service and delicious iced cream

Nyran Rahaman

The milk shake was watery and saggy the server continue to scrape the bucket for ice cream didn’t expect this service from Ben & Jerry’s.

Daydreamer Altosh

The second best place for me to get ice cream in Newport

David Chan

Waited 15 min for free ice cream, worth it

Josiah Miller

S.M. B.

The ice cream is good, but the portions are ridiculously small, especially for the money. But the staff was very friendly.

Meghna Roy Chowdhury

The chocolate ice cream was awesome

William Elton

Nothing like walking in to the store and smelling cookies and all of the other deliciousness. So many choices, good luck deciding. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and treat yourself.

Mohammed Mohiuddin

We visited this place on july 3 around 9:15 pm. After a long tiring day, we decided to enjoy a Ben and Jerry Ice cream. My one year old daughter loves their ice creams. She gets excited and screams with joy while eating their ice-creams. There was a lady who was behind the counter came to my 1 year old daughter's face and told her "I'LL HAVE TO KICK YOU OUT IF YOU MAKE NOISE" and then says "JUST KIDDING!" This kind of comment was inappropriate. My wife felt very bad and we decided to leave the store that very moment. My wife then cried a lot in the car on the comments which were made. There was nobody else in the store and my daughter was disturbing nobody. Such a rude comment to my baby was not even required. I'll never go to this place again.

Desiree Vallejo

James Bourne

J Bayler

dusty dunivan

very good icecream

Louis Bisson

tons of parking, washrooms on site are clean, tons of things to do for kids such as play structures (2), tie dye shirt, table for drawings, store with souvenirs, tour ($4 adults and kids under 12 = free) and the ice cream shop

laura randall


Yummy yummy yummy. All I can say.

Asia Aneka

The staff was so friendly and great. The ice cream, of course, was great. You can't go wrong with B&J's. I also appreciate that even though they didn't have my mom's favorite flavor in a pint they hand packed it for me. Very cute, cozy, and fun little shop.

Donald Pitches

Great B&J ice creams

Michael Weber

Vijayachandran Dheenadayalan

Jayne Harte

Keith Tumey

Good ice cream, friendly staff

Austin Santos

John Sanders

Late night nirvana!! No better way to end the day...or start it for that matter

John White

Not too impressed with Ben & Jerry's ice cream to tell you the truth. On top of that, this location is dirty, the hired help has no personality and for how slow it is it is apparrent that it is being poorly managed. Stick to peddling your overpriced ice cream at the Grocery store if you can't keep your restroom clean or the paper towels stocked. Also, display case door has goop in the creases of the metal...not very reassuring, sorry.

Brie Graynor

Rude staff, delicious ice cream.

Alejandro Krishnamurthy

Paige Marquie

Walked in and it was empty, yet not even a hello from the employees. Even asked how they were and still no response. Walked right out and bought a pint at Duane reade instead.

Scott Salmi

Joel Geran

Gross. Servers handling cones with bare hands

Jason Card

Gary Macsgian

Great ice cream and great location

Kelly Dean

Excellent ice cream, good service

Olka Olka

We've had a non dairy smoothie and it was delicious!

Cheryl McIntire

Yummy icecream.

Geeni Derrey

Sandra Fitch

I was hoping for a longer tour. It only took 15 minutes. The sampling was of one flavor and it ended up being a flavor I dislike. Was not worth driving one hour one way to visit.

Madeleine Matt

It's an iconic place in ice cream history. Their $4 tour is OK, but they don't tell you until you're on the tour whether the factory is actually making ice cream that day (in our case, they were in a cleaning cycle, which is not nearly as exciting to see), and you just taste one flavor at the end of the tour. We probably wouldn't have gone on the tour if we'd known the factory wasn't in production. The prices for ice cream in their on-site shop are definitely not at any sort of discount!

Sarah Tamli


Keith Carroll

Great staff

Robin Garn

Latrice Meekins

Manank Valand

thejig1 .

Chunk monkey just might be the best ice cream ever made.

stewart gable

Excellent what more can I say about Ben & Jerry's.

Derek Johnson

I'm no ice cream aficionado, but I'm a fan of this place. It has an old diner feel and plenty of flavors to choose from. The staff is friendly, helpful, and patient with kids. Great experience! We took our ice cream across the street and ate in the grass among the trees. Right by the UD campus.


Einfach nur super lecker. Ein muss .

Jesse Fish

Better than Baskin-Robbins imo.

Christina Marquez

Rich Palmer

Service wasn't very good. Bathrooms were very dirty. Very pricey so we just shared a banana split which was good

Andy Kaelin

(Translated by Google) Very friendly staff! We were there late in the evening and so few people. The brownie was worth the visit! (Original) Sehr freundliches Personal! Wir waren spät am Abend da und somit wenig Leute. Der Brownie war den Besuch wert!

Ian Fink

Just as delicious as any other Ben and Jerry's location with a decent sized seating area and a number of tables. Friendly staff good at providing quick service even during a rush of customers

Demarcus Davis

Amber Richards

Joseph Michael

The ice cream is good as can be expected but it's pricey.

david smith

Strictly Riddem Sounds

It was great but they didnt have any cherries!

John Weaver

Carlos Paulo Travain Filho

(Translated by Google) Excellent choice of ice cream to face the heat of this time in Times Square ... Good quality and great flavors .... my favorite: "chocolate fudge brownie" ... (Original) Excelente opção de sorvete para enfrentar o calor dessa época na Times Square...Boa qualidade e ótimos sabores....meu preferido: "chocolate fudge brownie"...

Ray Waller

The girl at the counter was really polite and the ice cream was top notch. I highly recommend the nondairy chocolate chip cookie dough. It changed my life. I saw visions of people of all types living in harmony in what seemed some sort of endless afterlife dimension. Truly a spiritual ice cream experience.

Brittany Sherpa

Everyone need to come here it was absolutely amazing This is a place for the whole family. We had such a wonderful time .. They had so many creatively flavored ice cream. One word.. WOW!!

Lis Yates

It's Ben & jerry's... Just breathing the air is its own special magic

Alan Bushey

John Skisumo

Love B & J’s ice cream. Good service but hard to find a parking place near by. Use Yelp for 10% off. Can get busy if a movie lets out.

reilly duh

It's super great ice cream.....need I say more

anupama venu

Quiet icecream flavours. Affordable. And great staff!

Sydney Outlaw

E. Sims

Bryce Nantes

Everything you've come to expect from a Ben & Jerry's store, with some of the best known and sough ice cream flavors going, including the lines! Worth the visit if you're willing to wait!

ciara nelson

Great Service and Love, love the ice cream!

John Maresca

No bathroom in a food establishment

Joseph Henning

Ildi Dihen

We went back after some 18 years ....visited from California. The visitors center got a bit of a makeover but the Vermont charm was unchanged. The kids liked the little movie, the factory tour as well as the delicious use cream. Their sense of humor remained unchanged!!!!!!!

Armin Lee

Juan Torres

Waqar Ayub

Mia Maria

I went there on a Saturday night and found myself in a long queue. Thankfully the staff worked very quickly and organized and I got served quite fast. My portion was HUGE although I ordered 'small'. It's a bit pricey but still my favorite ice cream so I pay. The place is nicely decorated as well and you can buy ben&jerrys merchandise.


Short wait, but small scoop servings.

Alexa Pelczar

Anthony Rahayel

I love the branding, the flavors, the different choices and how the brand makes ice cream fun. Grab a cone or a cup and enjoy one of Ben & Jerry’s creative choices. My latest addiction is the dairy-free ice cream. A rich creamy ice cream that feels like milk without containing any. Almond milk tastes like heaven; you will feel light after finishing your ice cream. Sugar content is balanced and adequate.

Jacquie Cercone

Always great

Robyn Rose

Shane Holcomb

Leon Duran

Delmy has always showed the best coustmer service ever experienced

Miranda Belsher

The ice cream here is good especially for chocolate lovers but the price for the quantity is a little steep.

Clif Grossman

Ricki Edzards

Aaron Petak

shelagh mcgovern

Steve Garrett

Slow service and the milkshakes were too thin. Very disappointed guess I should have had the cone.

Har Mon

Best icr cream variations in the world...this was actually my first time in an actual B&J shoppe....

Taylor Sweatt

Waffle cones are the best ever

Amy Hall

John Cary

Yummy ice cream!!!

Owen Bradley

Great ice cream and everyone was very nice, they were even dressed up for a cowboy theme.

Melody Graves

I typically have a good experience at this location but today i walked in to two women who clearly did not want to be a work. Slamming things, huffing and puffing, rude when asking for my order, and not paying attention to what I asked for. I was not impressed and probably won’t be back unless i see new and improved staff.

Arlene Capriotti

Ice cream was fantastic and the service was great.

Brittany Almeta Calhoun

Friendly and happy staff with warm attitudes! Fast service even when it busy. Sometimes the waffle cones are a bit stale....

edward dellinger

One of the better ben and jerry's that I've been to they really moved the line well and pack the cones well. The could clean better, but it was understandable with the crowd they had.

Jake Eff

VERY helpful

Corinne Bradley

Amy Luu

Rikki Emry

Linda's Derma Diaries

LOVED IT! We did the tour and I found it very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the machine that puts the lids on and also the huge box that the brownie chunks come in. The triple caramel ice cream sample at the end of the tour was the creamiest ice cream I think I've ever had.

jane matthews

Icecream was great. The service was a bit disorganized. Friendly and polite. But a better game plan behind the counter.

Dennis Garvey

Sh alshamsi

Absolutely Good ice cream. Corn was 1.5 $ one scope cost me 5$! Worker there should be responsible to the customers. I was 2ed in line, she didn't take any one of us till she finished her phone call !

Ingrid Harris-noble

KatKar GG

Maria Torres

cdubya brock

The kids wanted ice cream and we were at High Point climbing it was right beside it great choice of flavors friendly service atmosphere was very nice it was also beside the Tennessee Aquarium and a Brewhouse the kids liked being able to sample all the flavors of ice cream they offered if you get the chance you should take your family and friends great times. I highly recommend the chocolate covered cones dipped in nuts, my kids loved it

Mo Seginy

A hidden gem in the heart of Time Square

Christopher Gratz

Rick Winchester

Love it

Tommy C

Always amazing

James Clayton

kelly roberts

Really good sales!

Jamie Butler

Harrah’s Spa

I'm so happy they opened one in Philly! Not gonna lie it was extremely hard to find (for me at least). Anyways, I really enjoyed the black sesame and matcha swirl with the custard filled I'm already craving it again

Tahir Farid

Americone Rocks!!!

Donald Eife

Asentiment Videos

Tom Suharto

sean mcclellan

Awesome ice cream!

Ella Gibson


norma gutierrez

They were fast to help with a big smile. Love the experience and was free! My ice cream was dark chocolate and I love it!

Thabat Aldhahi

laura peyton rozier


Des Smith

Tn Flash

The best icecream anywhere unfortunately the most expensive too.

Joan Song

Yes, prices are higher here than at other places, but I think that's justified by the location of the store. after floating the river you can walk up for a quick treat or you can get some ice cream after watching a movie nearby or eating at one of the other restaurants. Its proximity to all these other entertainment venues is part of what makes it expensive but also part of what makes it such a fun experience to come here! And flavor selection is quite large too. I would rather pay the higher price and have the comfort of being in walking distance of so many other fun places.

Mike Davis

Worth the 3 hours trip from Boston! Tour is entertaining, informative and delicious with samples at the end. Family friendly environment with a playground area nearby and good gas stops in the area. Don't forget the Dearly De-Pinted Old Flavor Graveyard up the hill, totally worth it!!

Dean Wilson

The tour was nice, especially the taste of ice cream at the end.

Steven Chance

High priced good nice cream

Justin Bramley

Gerson Castillo

Their coconut almond fudge chip was really good


Matthew Vahey

jason perez

Anayah Williams

The ice cream was a very nice portion,I was so indecisive and the two ladies took their time and helped me make a decision. Overall the ice cream was delicious and the customer service was amazing. I will definitely be coming back :)

Justin Wade

Its Ben and Jerry's what else can be said its delicious.

Steve C

This place is filthy. Sticky floor (and I don't mean a little), trash overflowing, even the counters were nasty. The guys working were nice, but I would go somewhere else.

Brian Delaney

Kyle Henderson

Wide selection of ice cream flavors with a friendly and helpful staff.

Kevin Hauck

Good variety of ice cream

Marian Stier

Good ice cream with earth friendly products.

Michael Shannon

Although not busy at all, the tiny line moved extremely slowly. They were out of no cookie cookie sunday. The only person working appeared to be a confused 12 year old (looking) burnout type. Couple this with it being smack dab in the middle of the douchiest, most maddening shopping center I have ever been in. I just hate it, completely. Spoons were hidden out of reach. All that aside, the brownie Sunday was delicious, but that doesn't change the fact that they should hire grownups and not leave them alone in the store to figure things out.

Josh K

Very friendly staff ice cream was great

Sabrina Summers

Kyra Varner


It's good

Kubiggy Shiggy Diggy

The cream was immaculate, however once one enters the establishment you will be shocked and disappointed that there is no Ben nor Jerry working in this sweatshop. Without Ben there is no good pizza, will update yesterday.

Hannah Morrison

Obviously Ben & Jerry's is the best and visiting here is a lot of fun. Be warned though, you're likely to spend 45+ minutes in line for ice cream!

David Francis

Bryan Satchell

Good little spot in the middle of everything to taste one of your favorite flavor. Enjoyed the chocolate fudge brownie. Has enough parking among numerous other stores for a quick sitdown experience with family.

Sylvia Drill

No opinion. I arrived after it closed

Tina Marie

The service was good but the ice cream didn't take good. I buy Ben's & Jerry's from the Safeway and never tasted the hand pack before. The ones I buy at the grocery store taste better than the hand pack version. I thought going in Ben's & Jerry's store I was going to get fresh, better tasting ice cream. I will stick to the grocery store version.

Getachew Ephrem

Nadia P

Ellen Blalock

Typical Ben and Jerry's. Overpriced, but tasty ice cream.

Cordell Green


Maggie Mlazovsky

Eric Fuller

Amazing ice cream!

vidya madan

Loved the strawberry ice cream. Was pretty crowded (on a Easter weekend) but was well managed and service was quick. Lots of yummy flavours to choose from. Customizing your choice is a great option too.

Alison Smitley

Friendly staff, fast service, delicious ice cream!

Jennifer DesRochers

What can I say? I love their ice cream! Service was good

Michael Bebo

Good ice cream.

Alexandra Tarasov

Great tours, delicious icecream. Good getaway for the day


Must go factory tour if you are in Vermont!!! Awesome place to visit!! Really the funniest factory tour I have ever been!! I enjoyed the mooooooooovie and all other jokes!

John Núñez


Melissa Brigeman


Larry Cochran

I mean, how can this not like Ben & Jerry's? The tour was short informative and finished with a scoop of Ice Cream (yes, I capitalize Ice Cream). I recommend purchasing more Ice Cream at the shop outside. They have lots of t-shirts at the gift shop, and be sure not to miss the flavor grave yard.

Kelly Aarons

The ice cream was great, but the metaphorical icing on the ice cream cake was that last night (06/13) my roommate and I drove all the way home to Lewisville... Only for me to realize I left my purse hanging on the back of a chair! Huge thank you to the customer who turned it in to them, and for their patience and kindness while we came alllllll the way back, right before they were about to close on a busy, hot Thursday night. I'm embarrassed I didn't get the names of the guy and the girl who were nothing but kind, helpful and generous, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Moonasia Turnbow

The worst experience ever. I have ordered from here at least 5times and everything has been horrible . You have to ask for spoons and napkins ice cream too is never on cones crushed up . Never again

Harsha Chenna

Frank Mikolajczak

There for the tourists. Never too busy (unless you are there for Ben & Jerry's Day) since it's not on King Street. I feel like some don't know it's even here and lots of people get swept into Buggy's or the other spot across the street.

Stephen Bergeron

Somsakul Sakulsurarat

Julie Carosella

raju parikh

Mark Mandelstamm

Ice Cream is Great and the staff very friendly.

Jim Wilson

Lines too long and moving too slow to get ice cream. Might have been fun if not so crowded, parking lots all full with cars and tour buses, on a weekday. Gave up and left.

Pilar Montejo

Great ice cream. I don't mind the calories when it's a very good ice cream. If you haven't tried, you should.

Tim Pracher

My ice cream dropped on the floor before I left the shop and they replaced it. Great selection of flavors, including a couple non-dairy flavors.

Steven Riley

This place was solid. I didnt do the tour so I can't comment on that but I will say the line for a cone was rather long and slow. Staff was all friendly and the ice cream was great. I'd go again

Gee Parker

Small inside, but not too crowded

Anna Lowdermilk

Ayla Yilmaz

Yummy and good price

Elizabeth Curtis

Expensive ice cream. Variety of flavors. Not a lot of seating.

Libby Whitcomb

Philip Trotman

Needs order

DrPetr205 .

(Translated by Google) Super creamy ice cream, one of the best I've had in NYC (Original) Helado super cremoso, unos de los mejores que he degustado en NYC

shawn alexander

Great ice cream and good service.

Ryan McCoppin

Such good ice cream. Bourbon, cookie dough, salted caramel are some of my favorites. Little pricey. You can tell the owners are raging liberals because of their advertising inside the store. They are also obsessed with late night hosts pushing liberal politics, naming new products after Fallon and Colbert. I'm sure Kimmel Kotten Kandy will be next. Overly partisan, minus one star. Limited parking.

Rajeev Raina

Best ice cream in town. Kids love it and so do adults. With classics and new flavors you can't go wrong

Haley Gonzalez

The best ice cream, shakes, and cakes I've ever tasted

Lyn Sanders

Wait too long

zahra pournorouz

Ice cream expert and here was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had.

Tabor Napiello

Lucian Rusu

Jonathan filardo

When we arrived it was PACKED! Although there were only two employees the service was friendly and quick!

Hugh Beglin

Douglas Sakar

Very rude staff

Aidan Furze

premium cream experience

G Gun

expensive and dirty

Émilie Duchesne-Lamirande

The tour, the puns, the ice cream, the souvenir shop - everything is amazingly Ben and Jerry's! But don't be fooled, the ice cream taste test will not satisfy your ice cream lover's needs; however, it might help you discover a flavor you overlooked. It's also a great appetizer before ordering a perfect personalized cone. Bonus; they allow you to taste a couple flavors before you make your final choice (I thought they might not because it was crowded, but they did!).

Laura N

I love these dudes' ice cream

Scott Dougherty

Fun place for the kids. The tour takes about 35 minutes and you get a sample ice cream of the day. Afterward you can purchase any flavor that you like

Vytenis Surdokas

Henry Salomonsky

Corinne Robinson

Ray Boone

Always yummy.

maame akua

Gabriela Figueroa

Had the sorbet lemonade. Quick service. Clean area.

Lance Christensen

Excellent location, close to the Aquarium, the Ball Park, and the Children's Museum. All the B&J flavors you love.

Brian Shirley

Al Mohammed

Been there couple of times. Ben & Jerry’s is always famous for their amazing ice cream, no exception here as well! Customer Service can be improved little better! Major drawback is there is no specific parking lot,Since it’s right on Washington st,It’s always hard to find the parking nearby

Akash RToR

assane assoumane

carol heap

Fun time. The tour was interesting and was updated since our previous visit. The gift shop had something for everyone. If you play your cards right, the line for ice cream. Nice play space for the kids and shady places to sit. The graveyard for retired flavors was a hoot.

Hitesh Ohri

Fred Alluso

This hidden Ben & Jerry's is quite busy even though it is off the main Times Square strip. The staff is well trained and even during the busiest of days strive to provide excellent service and products.

Jason Sechrist

Ice cream was great as expected, service was OK at best.

Bernard Morton

Steven Cobb

Great customer service. Great ice cream.


Très bonnes glaces. Great ice cream

Vanessa J.

The ice cream was great but last night June 7th the two females that were closing , one employee was on the phone the whole time she was serving and the other worker was touching money and everything else , touching the mop and then used those same dirty hands to pick the waffle cones, no gloves no nothing . Very unsanitary, and seem to be upset when I declined to the waffle cone and told her that she used her hands to touch my cone. Very unsanitary and unprofessional. I do not recommend going to this location if you want cleanliness

Angela Benton

Best ice cream ever

Ranganath Bs

Service was good and with kids they were extremely patient. Ice cream is the usual best. Thank you guys making our Bend Visit sweeter..

Susan Trees

Anupam Devulapalli

Nikka Geriene

There ice cream is amazing and young lady there worked really hard and fast to get everyone there icecream

Carol Rooney

Overpriced. Poor flavor selection.

Keith Kirk

Good ice cream.

Dr. Kirti Mehta

Great ice cream. Specially the fudge one

Katrina Williams

Chandra Atkins

A bit skimpy with the scoop of ice cream.

Bhargav Kesavan

Good varieties of ice cream. Excellent staffs. Crowded mostly. Enjoy!

Willer Thertulien

Codruț Brădățan

A must for ice cream.

Tracy La Cascia

Clean place, friendly staff, big selection, plenty of seating.

Jack Tokarz

Robert James

Leon Teague

Love the friendly staff.

Kyle Martin

Jo M

remonda beshai


sharona peterson

YUMM!!!! Great customer service, bibles make it fun.

Arnav Murudkar

Jeffrey Martinez

Enjoyed the factory a lot. The tour was also pretty fun, it's short but at the end you get a sample of their ice cream of the day. If you're in the area you should definitely check it out! There's a Gift shop in the factory and at the top of the hill you can see the flavor grave yard!

Abdul Kadar Bookwala

This was my first visit to NYC and I am a real foodie. Visited Ben & Jerry’s and found it real amazing. The staff is nice. We had a Chocolate Fudge and caramelized almonds ice cream. I would rate the staff as 8/10. The icecream for the price would be 9/10. It’s a must have.

Taylor Armstrong

A must do in the area (don't forget Magic Hat Brewery 30 minutes away). The tour is $4 a person and they start about every 15 minutes. You MUST be there to buy tickets (you can buy them in advance in person). Cool insight into their story and a very clean environment WITH A PLAYGROUND and awesome "Flavor Graveyard." They have a shop and an outside station where you can buy ice cream (if you wish to wait, the lines usually long but worth it for the fun flavors!). Overall-Go-Bring the family, Plan 90+ minutes and have fun!

Rohini Chandra Dorbala

Treecy Treez

Phillip Alfonzo

Great little place. Nice service

Michelle Bowser

I wasn't there. Never, ever been there.

Gale Mann

Clean. Ice cream a little expensive. Kid's cup almost $5. Very goid though and lots of flavors.

Allison Howard


Kirk Baker

Ben & Jerry's by the scoop, what's better?

Jessica Nelson-Allen

I just love Ben & Jerry' s period

Laura Ventura

The staff is very friendly and patient with kids. Of course, the ice cream choices are different and better than other places. Very delicious

Nathalie Pagan

Amazing waffle cones!

Lynn Fennell

ping pong table is a nice touch... but it's always so overpriced for even a small scoop.

Tal Si

Even though the store was empty, the service was horrible. I didn't end up buying anything because the people behind the counter were rude.

Dave Norris

Stopped in the sunday before labor day and the line for the tour was about 20 minutes long. We got our tickets at $4 each. Then went for a walk up the hill to the flavor cemetery. The tour itself was short but covered the whole ice cream making process. They gave us a small scoop of strawberry cheesecake at the end. Overall we enjoyed our couple hour visit.

Tony Park

Great service

Sarah Giles

Great place to visit. Awesome ice cream for all. Flavored ice for people with allergies. Awesome history graveyard of retired flavors. Cool history and neat tour with sample at the end. Highly recommended not to miss this attraction.

Anwar Darsot

Great ice cream all the time

Dan Metteer

Big prices, small ice cream cones.

Layla Mainoto

Edward Maddalena

I scream, you scream, we all scream at the never ending delays of the subway. After getting stuck in a sweltering hot subway car for a half hour, I needed to get me a sweet treat and only a heaping scoop of Cherry Garcia would do it. While tucked away in the Rockefeller center dining concourse, this Ben and Jerry's packs as much ice cream into their limited square footage as they pack sweet tastes into their inventive flavors.

Kyle Antoian

Theresa Kim

Never went there

Matthew Krunglevich

It's Ben and Jerry's so you know the ice cream is going to be good. But, the service and cleanliness of the place stands out too. Recently stopped in during free cone day and the staff did a great job processing everyone in line in minutes with a friendly smile. Overall great experience and donations were being made to charity too. Anytime I need ice cream I will be returning.

Chris Tilzer

Tyson Allen

It is horrible but must be good enough for me to give them a 5 star so you decide....

Matthew Halper

Way over priced, otherwise good.

Jake Ecklund

I would never go back. Literally waited 25 minutes to get a sorry scoop of ice cream and be robbed for it. Had I know the price of that crappie half scoop I would have just bought 3 pints for the same price.

Jesse McMillan

Great place! I just wish they had more non-dairy flavors

Jennifer Ellis

Even when visiting Chattanooga from Boston, you can never have too much Ben and Jerry's! Great customer service and always the best ice cream!! A must have! :-)

Unknown Filmer

The ice cream is good as always. No handicap access. If you are handicapped and have no one to help you....sorry no ice cream.

Rebeca Guzman

Vincenzo Russo

(Translated by Google) great ice cream (Original) ottimo gelato

Scott Kent

Good service clean environment

Michele Hayes

Best ice cream around. Butter pecan and pistachio are my favorites. Both flavors full of nuts.

Forever Regalia

Great ice cream selection great atmosphere

Emrah Erhan

Ice cream is delicious. I recommend this place

bridget devine

The tour was fun and inexpensive. The line for ice cream was insane. We opted for a pint in the gift shop instead.

Dinia Martinez

LeighAnn Haley

Worst cakes ever! Miss spelled! Mess ups left on cake! The cake rattled around in the box the entire way home. The side are ruined! They put brown writing on a black and white cake how does that make any sense. Worst experience ever.

Zoe Doden

Awesome icecream


Sometimes you have to judge a place by not what they do but how they act when things go wrong. I had ordered a cake the previous week and come pick day, the order was not put in that morning and I had no cake to pick up. The manager was very nice and was sincerely sorry that there had been a misunderstanding. He assured me that this rarely happens. He took care of the issue in a satisfactory manner and offered so many different options. The staff are very nice and if you're really concerned about picking up a custom cake, just call ahead to double check day of pick up.

Deborah Kim

Stacey F.

This location always has one or two NON-DAIRY flavors on hand!! Yes, the coveted almond milk B&J's is HERE. You should definitely go. You know you want it.

Nick Ness-Garza

Susan Henderson

Beautiful drive! Picked up a commercial load here. Loaded us very quick and were so nice to deal with. I can't wait to go back! Especially as a regular tourist! 1 month later and we are 12 hours behind. Rude staff this time. Folks, think of where your groceries come from. Most of those drivers are nice people, like you, making a living. My 4 kids and my husband will think twice before we buy this upscale stuff again.

Michelle Jones


Denny Knepper

Love this place

aneko neko

The Google Maps location is wrong. It's on the back corner of Rockfish Seafood Grill. The sign is barely visible on Cottonwood Creek. The staff at Ben and Jerry's looked depressed like they worked in a prison. It was a hot day in the middle of the afternoon and no one else was in the store. The prices were expensive like other ice cream shops. Nothing special except that there were tables outside with a view of the water fountains. For a better experience, go buy the ice cream at the grocery store and go to a park instead.

Eden Smith

Kevin Lewis

Pretty good

Joe Putignano

I hardly ever write negative reviews because I realize people can have bad days (especially at work), but I can't believe how rude this store was. If you are trying to order a birthday cake from this location, I suggest finding a different store in NYC.

Eric Swartz

Debbie Rayworth

Chunky monkey, need I say more

Rafah Samir

Yummy ice cream and very nice place

perry como

Ian Beaton

Great service and great icecream selection. Staff on the night did not have much warmth but working in times square would suck the soul right out of me as well. Don't miss it.

Paula Downes

A pretty basic tour but a nice overview all the same and I appreciated all the dairy puns. You get a small free sample at the end of the tour which was great. Very friendly staff. The flavour graveyard gave me a good laugh - sad to see some of them didn't make it though.

Ernesto Borges

Best ice cream in the area!!

Maria Morales

Taylor Teel

Nice treat after a walk by the river.

Katie Johnson

Chloe Ware

Sam Fullen

Samantha Killough

It's ice cream, what could go wrong?

Suhayb I.

Brittany Antunes

Jared DeLuca

Really good time, as expected. Just be aware that the lines can get long in the summer and account for spending a least a couple hours there if you want to do the factory tour (you should) and get ice cream afterwards

Jim Davidson

I really like this place. Good service, convenient to the Pine Club. Delicious brownie warmed up. Few customers in winter. Nifty 60s decor.

Steven Cheshire

It's crowded, but that's to be expected. Pretty good playground for the little ones. You have to wait a while to get a tour which we didn't do. We killed a couple hours here.

Yuly C.Rey

I love their shakes! Im not a fan of ice cream, but today i decided to go in. I learnt they offer shakes and smoothies too. I got a chocolate/vanilla shake and i loved it. The service was great!!

Rodrigo Avila


I scream for ice cream


Luiz Parpulov

(Translated by Google) Very good and the smallest ice cream that you ask for will be gigantic. (Original) Muito bom e o menor sorvete que vc pedir será gigantesco.

Alex Anderson


My son loves coming in here every Sunday ☺ the smell gets you every time lol

Kalli Reintjes

Julius Hayes

Good ice cream

All Things Stephen

Pooja Desai Patel

Great place for a treat! There are lots of flavors to choose from. But, I do wish they had more fro-yo/low-fat flavors. Also, the line gets pretty long when the weather is nice and seating can be hard to find (and even if you do find a table, be prepared to clean it yourself). Wish they had more seasonal staff to accommodate.

Warren Flynn

Christy Okes

The place says it offers the dairy free option but only if you buy a pint. A little disappointing to not be able to get a scoop into a cone for my daughter who can't have dairy. But their dairy free stuff is super good so bonus points for that! Please offer at least one option dairy-free in the bins! :)

joC J

Vegan options and the ice cream is always good. Thanks!

Charlie Jones

Yvonne Brooks

This place is always busy and that speaks volumes for the service the price and the cleanliness of the establishment

Vince Sanchez

Very clean area and friendly staff. Parking can get rough at times but it is Hoboken so all is forgiven

Stephanie Rodriguez

Wonderful shop! Nice seating area.

Maria Arango

Good ice cream.

Kaitlyn Victoria

I was discouraged from entering the Ben and Jerry's upon reading Candice's misinformed review. Luckily, I ended up wandering in and had an amazing experience. The ice cream was delicious, creative, and filling. The workers were polite and professional and I even was able to have a conversation with them about their experience working for the company. They told me that they were well paid and felt happy to work for such an environmentally/ community oriented store.

Lee McGirt

Great friendly service, great product and great ambience. A fun place!

Cheryl Coldwell

Fun fun fun. Summer time is very busy here and the factory tours can fill up quickly. Same for purchasing ice cream - the line can be long. But there are other things you can do there.

Randy Whiteside

Ice cream was delicious and friendly service

Glen Moore

Great selection of flavors. Team members were helpful.

Eduardo Zapata

Alexandar Smith

Larry Simmons

Great ice cream store.

Sade Star

Sophia Olsen

Delicious ice cream, and amazing customer service !

Chad Townes

Best Ben & Jerry's I've ever been to. The ice cream is always tasty, the cones are fresh, and the seating is always clean.

Jeanette Barkers

Great people

Santhosh Janardhanan

Super variety icecreams

Melinda Campanella

They have the worst non dairy ice cream options and no non dairy milk.

Lisa Kenzie

Great ice cream ! Server Destiny was very rude.

Julio Vizcaino

I love the colorful and vibrant decor when you enter looks like young students helped paint the place especially with the Ben and Jerry's cow as their signature mascot all over the place

conceicao carvalho

Joy Cruz

Staff overwhelmed and ice cream every which way in case. Messy. Gave me a waffle cone that had sides that leaked ice cream. Ice cream fabulous

Barbara Clark

Mike Reid

Great mint cookie milkshakes and excellent customer service.

Rob Dumas

tour was worth going to. and great ice cream. had so much fun.

Karen Bishop

Great staff, very friendly and very efficient and clean. Best ice cream around!

Shockz Hybrid

Opens passed 8 PM unlike coldstone.

Michael Franklin

Among the best.

Frank Washington

Staff is not friendly, need more training, tables were very dirty.

Alex Pingault

Ice cream was delicious. Staff was pleasant.

Scott Smith

Made a long drive and was looking forward to my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. Enjoyed the tour, and the sample was great. Proceeded to the gift store only to find they didn’t have my favorite flavor, karamel sutra. That was beyond disappointing!

Leah Osborne

Nelson Ruiz

Get coconut 7 layers ice cream

T'Lynn Brown

Good gourmet ice cream I would have 5 starred it but the price for the ice cream I felt was a bit high for what it was. But still very good and still affordable.

sr k

The best kind of ice-cream, really!

Dargamer 13

I LOVE their ice cream but the experience,it was TERRIBLE!!! I went there on 8/31/2019 and me and my parents went for the tour, I was very excited to hear we could get free ice cream but I hated the flavor. I asked "the extraordinary scooper Sharon" for the other flavor for people allergic to any ingredient in the ice cream. So Sharon asked me if I had any food allergies. I had none and was honest, but Sharon pointed at the flavor of the day.

Ilan Eframian

Always a winner

John Schuszler

Service was great! The staff was so friendly and knew what was in all the flavors I asked about. The ice cream was fantastic and so satisfying after a long day.

Fabiola Jean-Louis

Soooooo good!!

Benjamin Johnson

Very nice, clean and sit in and the berry berry sorbet is

Sierra Mayer

A fun place to stop off at after seeing a movie next door.

Hope Jackson

Delicious!!! Pleasant staff too!

Will Butler

The new non-dairy flavors are delicious.

Srinija Penumarthi

Margaret Watson

Amish Zaver

Classic goodness.

Scott Piekarski

Very good

Angela Walker

Love the ice cream

Charla Jeanne Lawson

Charles Ransom, Sr.

Bonni q


Christopher Mangum

GOSH this place is so nice. Clean, good staff that are nice and friendly, and best of all? BEN AND JERRYS BY THE SCOOP.

Kwame Afreh

Great ice cream shop! Nice location and service. Must go if in this area.

Michael Tondi

Excellent staff and of course the icecream!

Phillip Wellheuser

Benjamin Smith