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REVIEWS OF Aquarium Care Center IN New Jersey

Derek Wayne

waste of time, saltwater only

Moshe Lyahovsky

Fish died be careful when picking fish make sure it eating


Amazing frags & saltwater fish. Knowledgeable people.

Jacob Aviles

johnny stachowicz

awesome selection of salt water fish!

Raymond Tozer

Beautiful fish tank displays

LOIDA Plaskett

Wonderfull service and price on all salt water needs.

Stuart Zitrin

This place is just incredible. John and the rest of the staff are so knowledgeable and polite. There is no aquarium store in nj that has better prices or customer service.

Johnny Caves Fishing

Very reasonable prices

Vyctoria Durnye


Lots of product in stock. Corals are beautiful to look at. Good selection of fish.

Imz .

Purchased a small rose bubble tip anenome from this awesome booth at Aquashella. Was very knowledgable and help assure that the specimen I got would make the 36hr handling time before I made it home. The little guy made it and looks amazing. Might make a trip in the future out to there home base....if they can pull off amazing quality at a small booth cant imagine what it's like in store. Thanks for the awesome quality.


Davis H

Chris has great service and will check on your shipment . Most companys will not go out their way to check , thanks again for everything ! Great prices and great service what more do you need!

zachary hartsgrove

Very friendly workers love it clean tanks very on top of everything

Rod O

Probably the best saltwater store in a couple hour radius. All the staff has been friendly every time and knowledgeable. Plenty of nice looking healthy fish and the coral selection is pretty nice. Prices for livestock are some of the best. They often run sales and specials which you can keep track on their app as well as see recent shipments.

Erin Levine

We went to Aquarium Care Center and the employees went above and beyond what I had expected. They helped me pick out some fish, told me exactly how to take care of my aquarium, and gave me the right tools I needed. I was sincerely so overwhelmed by how knowledgable and friendly they were. They really know their stuff here!

frank tramontano

Nate K

Hands down the best aquarium store that I have ever done business with. Not only did they have sales all the time and great prices, but their customer service went above and beyond at every opportunity to take care of you and your wants. It's not done yet! Not only do they have the best online prices of any LFS and the best customer service, they also have the best maintained specimens that you have ever seen. I do will continue to do business with ACC even when I move 10+ hours away because they have proved themselves in every aspect of the business. *Disclaimer: all of my business was done online*

Rob M

Very good selection of healthy fish and corals. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Michael Gerdes

Top notch store for corals and fish.

Alex Kotler

John is supper knowledgeable and is not out to sell you what you dont need unlike most of the LFS. His prices are very good but what most important is his live stock is top quality. I never lost a fish, not only that they acclimated to my tanks and would start eating within 24hrs. If he or his staff is not sure about the fishes health they simply will not sell it to you. They operate with very high integrity. I drive to them all the way from Brooklyn which is 60 miles each way. I do that because after visiting all the LFS in my area none come close. Specially when it comes to integrity which to me is priceless.

nelson tome

Craig K

The best salt water store i have seen so far. Great selection and very helpful. Looking foward to seeing the freshwater store open.


Fabio Salvador

Very helpful. Awesome fish and coral selection.

Mary Anne Krier

Great place good deals and excellent customer service always ! The Milligans

Stephanie Dillon

Crissy La Bella

MrTubeamps .

Professional and informed staff. Good selection.

Hank Farley

Really great service. Was flexible with shipping due to work and also weather issues in the area. Great deal along with quick correspondance through email.

mike amadio

The Ayo Fun House Ayo

Top knock service with excellent customer care...Cris is da man:)

Eric Kasprzyk

Mayhem Matt

Faye Dorbert

Looking at the bad reviews I'm shocked. I've been going to ACC since they opened up last year and I LOVE the store. I explain it to people as "the apple store for all things saltwater". I've bought multiple frags, a few large corals and fish and inverts (including one of their beautiful rose bubble nems) and I've never had a problem. John is super nice and always takes the time to say hi to us even if he's busy. The rest of his staff is exceptional as well. I would recommend anyone to this store and already have told multiple people to shop here and they loved it as well. I buy my saltwater and ro/di water here as well with no issues as I saw some of the negative reviews stated. I have two tanks so if the water was bad I would know it. I will still recommend my friends to this store and continue to buy from John, usually on a weekly basis. I give ACC 5 stars and a big THUMBS UP!

Steven Hotaling

Just got my order in everything is beautiful and open within a hour of putting in tank

Nowell Thibaud

Stephen Szymanski

Gary Doan

Top notch selection and prices , I drove up from Philadelphia

Robin Buck

This is the best place around for saltwater fish and coral cant beat there prices. John and chris really know there stuff.

milton roldan

Easy to get into reef keeping with this store near me love the great deals and help they give

al cor

Stephen Hsu

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, huge variety of reef inhabitants. All displayed to maximum effect.

Anthony DiMura

Mike Rehfeld

Great product, service and sales. Top notch

Brenda Krehul

Thanks ACC for making my 1st year in saltwater fish & reef keeping a success and a super enjoyable hobby. From the initial setup to now, I have learned so much from your knowledge and advice. My tank is thriving & everything I have added is healthy and beautiful! It's always a pleasure to come in and get my water and all of my tank needs. Your prices & selection are incredible and the raffles, games & events super fun! Love the new App also. Keep up the great work!!!

vince sana

Perfect transaction, best deal on designer clownfish, good selection of fish and corals, knowledgeable staff, looking forward to get more marine fish and highly recommend to everyone. All the fish and corals are doing great.

Kat Nyc

ACC is good people. They have the best motto for their everyday life:care. They take care of their livestock and their customers. They provide all kinds of support to the local hobbyist which is so important when you have that unexpected issue. Must visit.

Randy N

If you want expert advice and and a knowledgeable staff, then go to ACC. Great selection of marine and fresh water fish! Ask for Thomas or Todd!

gregory Philemond

Love this place

Chan Hawkins

Curt Cornman

I have been to many reef aquarium stores!! I have never seen any other store take care of the customers like they do by FAR the best place for fish corals all your saltwater NEEDS!

Linda Ann Cingrana


Weihang Luo

I bought $400 coral online and choose to pick up in store. I check their mobile app and find there is a scratch game offer for ppl who spend over 100. However they told me in store only . I don’t feel comfortable with that. Especially When I already spend almost 2000 in this store. In addition, their in store list price is always twice the online list price. The same clownfish list 150 in store and 79 online, the same Scolymia list 250 online and 450 in store. I don’t know why they do that, customer will find out anyway at the end of the day. I don’t think they will own my business in the future, because I never know whether I pay too much here.

Anthony Manasia

Amazing coral and fish selection! Prices are very reasonable and staff is very knowledgeable about their inventory!

Pat R.

Great prices and specials that can't be matched anywhere near where I live. Very good customer service from Rob and I believe Chris? Owner is better over phone/email than in person. They certainly have tons and tons of corals and fish. I've been happy with their corals, but I can't give the 5th star because I'm almost sure they don't quarantine new arrivals. To compare to my local store, all new arrivals are quarantined until eating and then put in tanks with copper to continue fighting any possible illness. I had a very heartbreaking experience with a fish I bought from here who was already on the skinny side, but never ate in my aquarium and starved to death. Their YouTube channel videos on new arrivals certainly suggests that they get tons of inventory in and they go straight to display tanks for sale. I've even asked before if certain fish are eating and they say "I don't know we just got him a couple days ago". I'd come here for corals any day, but would honestly rather pay more for fish that were treated before sale.

Chris Brenes

I've been in the hobby for a long time and placed an order from Aquarium Care Center for the first time this week. Wow! The coral was probably packaged the best I've ever seen from any online vendor. In addition they timely emailed me before/after the shipment. Well done, I would recommend them.

James Hart

Great selection of stock. 14 day guarantee !!! Found the Rock Flower anemones I was looking for, and more. I live over an hour away... It was worth the drive.

John Moran

David D'erasmo

These guys are the best, best selection of fish, coral, and all fish tank needs. craziest deals ever. Never go anywhere else. If you want the best,sexiest, and most exotic fish, you go to ACC! Who down with ACC, Yea you know me! Who down with ACC, yea you know me! Thanks for the awesome tank!!

Bonnie Olsen

guns20111 .

I have only ordered from them once. I received a heathly elegance coral in the mail. What I appreciated was the good customer service and communication through e_mails to answer questions. Thanks

dorothy baker

They have a very wide selection on fish.

Mike Sonta

Amazing service with knowledgeable staff. everything is clean and healthy.

Work Email

The best LFS in the Jersey shore area.

John Morris

I was there a couple months ago on a Sunday. Walked in and the first big frag tank I came to with a couple hundred frags - every single one had hair algae growing on the plugs & frags. Few selection of fish & the ones I saw didn't look to healthy . I've seen better frags & fish at my local petco store.

John barone

This is the only LFS that I use. The owner John always makes time for some small talk or advice. I have been to approx. 10 other stores like this one but none have the same deals,selection , prices and quality. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the saltwater fish hobby. Worth the trip from anywhere

David Strapko

Great place. My favorite Saltwater Fish store

Ant SC

BEST PRICE BEAUTIFUL CORALS.The guys know what they talking about very knowledge. I drive 2 hours to go here cause it's worth the DRIVE

drew .

Staff is great very helpful!

Gregory Philemond

Love this place

Richie38 .

Shaya Krauss

Great store, great service and awesome prices!!! Love cooking to shop at ACC!!!


Ordered a few corals/nems on a whim. VERY VERY PLEASED! Packing the best I have encountered. Great service and livestock was healthy and appeared as photographed on their website. Will definitely be visiting their online store again.

Dean Vervoort

Great corals

truth artis

James Courtney

ACC has a team of caring and knowledgeable experts that listen! My experience with ACC has been far beyond a 5 star review. The staff helped me through every step in setting up my first saltwater aquarium. They hand selected every component of my system all with budget in mind! No question went unanswered and I always felt welcomed as a new customer. The sales and discounts far surpassed all the competition. The staff will continously educate you throughout the process and provide a failproof experience. I will remain a customer here for a very long time!

Tony Salernitano

Nice stuff it's worth the trip to go there. If they don't have it they will do their best to try to get it for you. Nice friendly guys and will answer all your questions if you have any.


The negative reviews posted here are beyond a shadow of a doubt written and posted by ACC competition from across the street. Shame on you TropAquarium!!! ACC continues to be competitive on pricing, great selection of Marine fish and corals.... Picked up a Neon Green Carpet Anemone for 65 bucks tonight!!! Also sweet Yellow Leather... Trop continues to be nearly double the price of ACC.... ACC fish also looked super healthy today.... Trop you should try treating your customers better, kinda like ACC does and maybe you wouldn't have lost 40% of your marine business... Update years later, competition ACROSS the street is closed. Ironic how things work.... lol

Stephen Einreinhofer

Simply one of the best small salt water stores that you will find. Always a great selection of fish and coral. Speaking of the corals, wow, some fantastic choices, and all sizes. Many small frags and a large selection of mature coral the size of my fist and bigger. The prices are very competitive and if you download their app, you will never miss a sale. Great offers and specials on a regular bases. Solid advise and friendly service. There are larger stores nearby, but the selection is better and there is no competition with the coral selection, ACC wins hands down.

David Suarez

Amazing set up and great prices

Justin Raeihle

Great saltwater fish store tons of top notch corals and tons of saltwater fish real knowledgeable staff and very friendly

james mccollum

Received an anemone came in great condition. And the size was a lot bigger than most that are out there. Customer service was great. I would reorder for sure.

Ahmet T Sangiray

Good people, great section and great prices.

Mark Farley

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. The store has a great selection of saltwater fish and an even better selection of corals at every size and price. They have the largest collection of clown fish I have ever seen! With Tropiquarium gone they are the best, if not only choice in the area. So much better than the big chains.

T Mizz

Amazing customer service! Very down to earth and easy to talk to, answering all questions and providing great advise and very knowledgeable. And it goes without saying...beautiful corals and fish at an amazing price and impressive deals!


Great service friendly staff very knowledgeable pricing cant be beat

Jessie Baker

friendly environment.

Mike Parker

This place is a gem. Ill take an hour drive just to buy from this place. Best prices always and great deals. Easy going and well trained staff that are always attentive to help. This place has the right idea.

Mary Ellen Lubin

The gentleman we talked to was very knowledgeable about saltwater tanks and everything that goes into it. I would recommend definitely!

Sheila Garl

Great place for corals and saltwater livestock.

Ryan Oconnell

I used to go across the street to tropiquarium but there stuff looks so sad now. This is my new favorite fish store and it's not the closest but they have a great selection of corals, fish and dry goods. The staff there is always so friendly and willing to help and not just push you into a sale. They also offer a guarantee on their fish, not to many places do that.

Russ Decarlo

jon clampitt


Grate friendly staff clean place ggrategopjhfjvprices,

Patrice Reilly

Love this aquarium center! Staff is very nice and helpful. They have great prices and deals. ☺

peter smith

Nick Wikander

Quality saltwater aquarium livestock and products, and staff is very knowledgable.

douglas clarke

I ordered a pair of black storms last week. this was my first time ordering fish online and I was pretty nervous. but I would rate my experience as A+. delivery was on time and the fish were in great shape. Customer service was above and beyond I would 100% shop with them again.

Nicholas Barracato

maurizio bolognesi

Ottimo negozio per acquariofili, grande scelta di coralli, sia duri che molli, ottimo assortimento di pesci.

Jie Zeng

Steve Cicerone

Anthony Kasprzyk

Great selection and prices, coupled with a helping and informative staff are what keep me coming back!

Rob Knox

Awesome place, staff is very helpful and knowledgeable

MegaGavone .

I have been a customer of Aquarium Car Center since their doors have opened and find that their prices are typically on par or below normal retail. To add, their Quality Control is above what I expect and the customer service is far superior to any other aquarium store I have been to. What I truly like most is the fact I can walk in and ask questions, pick brains, and in Layman terms shoot the s---. I have purchase a few nice Center Pieces as well as many Frags with no losses what so ever. I also have a few of their fish, and they are thriving. When purchasing coral or fish, good acclimation is key to a thriving animal and just as important is the water quality of the tank they are going into. Overall ACC is a very personal Aquarium Store with exceptional knowledge and expertise... Not just a local fish store.

ajs dirtbiker

Kellie Downey

I placed my first order and the box was on my doorstep two days later. AMAZING customer service and top quality corals. Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to doing business again in he near future!

Samir Hayder

they helped me a lot with my 1st fish tank. im going to come back here more.

Brandon Lee

I bought an anemone online, order went quickly and smoothly. In my opinion, these guys have the best packaging (compared to bigger vendors like WWC). Looking forward to buy from again!

Mack Morgenweck

They have a good selection of corals. Monti, zoas, acans, sps. I went during a sale and got 2 monti frags for $15. Best coral store in the area.

Douglas pitchford

Purchased 2 fish from store. Tanks were clean and well maintained. Staff and owner were helpful. Will shop there in the future.

Jason LeDuc

Best group of guys around to help everyone from the beginner to the Pro. You can shop around but plan on spending your time here.

Joseph Bru

Before placing an order online I called and spoke to Chris about shipping schedule and he was able to get it out for me last minute same day. The fish arrived healthy and started eating on the first day. I’ve ordered from them twice already and both times shipping was fast and I got not only healthy livestock, but what was pictured. I recommend ACC to anyone who’s reading reviews to check their credibility.

Evan Siler

They are extremely helpful and answer any questions you may have. They also will help work with you and teach you how to set up and keep a salt aquarium tank running and can answer questions on freshwater too.

Taylor Yim

Jon W.

Great selection of high quality fish and coral. Staff is very knowledgeable

James Banman

I live in Denver and worked with Chris and John on a special order and was very impressed. Im not always the easiest customer and especially with coral, i want to make sure i know what im getting. They were amazingly helpful with sending me pictures of what they had in stock and creating a custom pack for me. I got some rock nems and a gold torch. They arrived very well packaged and opened up immediately in my tank. The coral colors were as good as the pictures they sent. Don't hesitate to buy from them, great sellers.

Scotty D

Nice selection of beautiful fish that you can tell are very well taken care of. Amazing discounts!!

John Kinsey

Jeyhun Hashimov

Scott Britton

Don Rocco

Very knowledgeable staff. Prices are pretty good too. If you get their app there are even more discounts and promos. They also sell mixed RO water cheaper than I can make it myself.

Anthony Romano

Rob Kay

Great selection and prices

David Winn

This is by far one of my favorite online places to get Coral’s after 20 years in the hobby

Rich S

John and his team are good people. I am new to this hobby and had some bad experiences starting up at another local fish store. Luckily I found ACC on Google and gave them a shot. 5 months later my tank is growing, everyone is healthy and happy. John and his team are not just their to sell you stuff, they have a level of customer service that you do not find much these days, which in the end made me a loyal customer.

Robert Paniagua

Not a great selection but good amount of corals, and knowledgeable personnel

Andy Ness

Been to all the stores and shows. By far the best LFS you can get. They know their stuff, don’t push sales and make sure you are getting the right fish and corals for your needs. Rob, Chris and John are awesome and know their trade inside and out! They also have some unbeatable deals. If you don’t have the app, then you are missing out. Also had them move my tank for me when I had to move. Done clean and quite reasonably priced. They have also brought in some of the fish and inverts that I have requested. I could go on, but my simple synopsis is this: why go anywhere else? Thanks guys!

Adam Nappi

Really enjoyed taking a ride up to this store. Recently had a issue with my tank and the folks there took really good care of me. My tanks all straightened out now and everything i purchased is doing great. Probably the cleanest aquarium store I've ever been to. Very healthy animals. Sales persons are all super nice and take their time with customers. Awesome prices and lots of stock.

Ed Schuyler

Ed Ralff

I just have to give a new update review of this store, the original review was 5 stars, after my last visit I wish I could give it 10 stars. The best reef store hands down I have ever been in. Please go to this store if you live with in 90 miles I drove 60 and am thinking of going back next week!! Selection a frags I've ever saw in a pet store The owner is super nice and glad to spend some time helping you pick out some extra nice pieces and has good advice I would highly recommend it but don't buy everything I want to come down and get some more another day

Garrett Hedspeth

I got two midnight clowns from ACC and it was my first time ordering and shipping fish. I had a great experience ordering from them and they were very quick to respond over email and phone. Can't wait to continue to buy from this company!

Angela Stephens

This is going to be awesome I'm going to love this

Julia Walton

Rob Gangi

Always knowledgeable great costumer service best prices best I've seen in years

David Egan

Wonderful staff and store

Jarrett Minor

Nice selection

Rafal Krol

Prob one of the best stores for knowledgeable employees. Their prices and quality doesn't compare. Join their loyalty program. Lots of good perks.

mike deluca

Chris overly helpful as usual an awesome experience

Daniel Murray

Had a very nice time here.

Lucia Balogova

very clean place and big selection of corals,prices are very friendly,definitely will go there for any reef shopping,

Stacy Rogers

Amazing place! They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and affordable! I will continue to use them for all of my aquarium needs and recommend you do to if you don't already! These people know their fish!

Mirela Stephanie

I never had a problem with any corals. Make sure you quarantine these fish before introducing to your tank. I bought a pair of clownfish (from a “quarantine” tank) during a Black Friday sale and used the drip acclimation method to introduce them into my tank. Every thing was fine before I introduced them the next day 2 little damsels and one small cardinal were dead. It took another few days for 3 more fish to die. It looked like ich since my fish were showing signs of “twitching”. I have only 2 fish left, I’m thinking they were immune to whatever the fish were carrying. They are heathy, eating regularly and show no signs of being sick. I was told to bring a water sample in but I know my levels are fine. I do regular testing, water changes, dosing, and my temperature is fine.

Mike Wright

These guys are awesome, I ordered from them online and they delivered great corals and provide excellent customer service.

Jason Yahr

Just want to say wow! Corals are beautiful and prices are great. Got an awesome deal on corals. This was my first visit and I had many questions since I am new to saltwater. At no time did I feel I was bothering the employee, Rob. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions. This will be my go to place for corals and when ready, fish.

Matthew Cook

Christopher Madeira

Great fish and corals, employees are very knowledgeable, great store overall

Bryan Hoffman

Not sure what place the last negative review was about, but I can assure you it is not this place. Every piece of coral, equipment, and fish I have gotten from this place has been perfect. No dead fish, no dead coral, not sure if i've ever even seen a lion fish there. Staff is outstanding, and have bent over backwards to help me, and not even with big purchases. The value that is given by the staff and facilities of ACC goes well beyond what I feel anyone would expect from a true reef store! Do not hesitate to visit this store you won't regret it!


These guys are extremely helpful - very nice experience

Eric Heck

Steven Desmond

Most beautiful display tanks ever. Helpful and answered all my questions. Lots to choose from and cool store.

Jessica Hubbard

draco gamer

Was epic but got closed down

Jack Hazan

Ryan Curran

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