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REVIEWS OF Aquaridise IN New Jersey

Wendy Rosenel

Great staff who were helpful in helping me pick and purchase the perfect fish for me and the habitat that I had set up after Petco not only denied me purchasing a single goldfish that the demanded required a 10 gallon tank for a single goldfish and not the 5 gallon one that I had and overall made me cry and nearly ruined my whole day simply because I wanted to purchase a goldfish.

David Schmidt

Great selection of freshwater and saltwater fish

Alisdair Archer

Always helpful n knowledgeable

Jimmy Jam

If you're looking for fish or fish supplies, you're so much better off passing up all the chains on your way to aquaradise. You'll get great advice, a great selection, and you'll end up spending less because you'll only buy exactly what you need. My tank is beautiful, and more importantly healthy, because of Howie and the guys at Aquaradise.

Volkoff Industries

Terrible place!

Mariya H.

Great Customer Service and very Friendly and Helpful .Deffinately will recomend this store to everyone .

Althea Moran

Richard Bainlardi

The staff are very knowledgeable,very patient and took the time to help me out with the setup and maintenance on my tank. They even went as far as taking a fish that did not belong with my other fish that I purchased at another store , and replacing it with one that would get along with what I had. This is definitely my #1 place to go for all my fish needs. Thank you all very much!!!!!

Lilly Ramirez


shannon star

Very nice guys and very helpful... I got a free water test done there and the guys were so helpful that I felt inclined to buy something from them and I did!

Harrison Adler

Amazing place with friendly staff and a large variety of fish.

Angela Zacchea

love this place. they have great inventory

Gervin Trejos

Super helpful, will answer all questions . The fish are amazing to look at wide variety of fish


This place has some of the coolest fish around. Much more variety then the big chains.

Alex Desamout

Knowledgeable people

Scott Harrigan

If you need fish or fish supplies go here. My mother-in-law bought us a 3 gallon tank and this place got us hooked up with the fish and supplies we needed to get started What I appreciated most about this place is the staff. They really know what they are talking about and are super helpful in giving you advice to get you started. I know diddly squat about fish but thanks to this place I got a good foundation to start off.

Jafet Minaya

Bien servicio y mucha variedad

Kim Bosse

Staff are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, reliable maintenance service on home/business tanks and ponds, great selection of healthy fish/livestock, fair pricing :)

John Goswick

Great quality and great service.


Great place to buy fish and other things for salt or fresh water tanks.

Holger Stelljes

Great store for aquarium fish of all kinds. A business like this is only as good as its employees and the stock selection and this place excels at both

valentina kubrak

I live in Staten Island and drive all the way to NJ Aquaridise, very high knowledge and understanding of everything marine life, very professional, excellent service always.

Thomas Baker

Best place to go too

kristy giammona

Went there for the first time & I have to say they are extremely knowledgeable about the fish! They told me so much info about my 75 gallon tank & Fish I have that not even Petco or PetSmart told me about! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Childrens Health Center NJ

professional and knowledgeable! these are the people you want taking care of your fish!

Jeff Breza

Hands down one of the best local fish stores in central nj. They have the knowledge about all species of coral and fish to not only provide you with the right choices but to educate you as well. The owner spent his time with us picking out our corals. Would recommend for every tank owner to take a trip to Aquaridise for livestock it is worth it. Thanks again!!!

Dennis Kavanaugh

Good inventory good attitude

nelson tome

ryan auer

Great selection of fish

vladimir balog

Going there once in awhile,lots of supply for sale owner of the store very helpful always answered questions

Adrienne Gandolfo

Knowledgeable in his product, large selection of different fresh & saltwater fish, but I feel they totally took advantage of me. He made up prices as he went along as to what fish to buy and what I needed, and said then had to think about price, like I was at a garage sale, he told me he'll give me 10% off of aquarium decor, instead he charged me double from the price he originally said and shockingly was one of the few items that was marked, also said he'll give me a 10% discount off the total purchase, the total amount was insane, he even commented "wow, ouch...sorry about that" as he laughed obnoxiously as he goes on to say "but I gave you 10% off" When I got home I looked at the receipt only to find out there was no discount printed anywhere plus was charged $16 for a small piece of wood that he originally told me was $10, "yeah sure 10% discount on decor", instead it was just about 50% more.....again he was very informative but how dare he take advantage of a divorced single women which was my mistake for mentioning.

JOHN Tycenski

Very helpful staff... And very knowledgeable.. Large assortment of fish and supplies!

Gaetano Arcuri

Excellent staff and they know their business!

Bijal Vora

After a horrible experience with PETCO, where as first time freshwater tank owners we were severely misinformed leading to all our fishes dying within 24 hours and that too the fishes themselves were of pathetic quality, I came upon Aquaridise on Google and visited it after reading rave reviews about the quality of fishes and the helpful owners.. We are so pleased to have made the best decision ever to come here..the fishes are Excellent and the owners are extremely knowledgeable about everything from the fishes to plants to the water quality and would especially like to thank Howie for his help, my tap water's PH levels are off the charts and Howie suggested us fish the would survive in that, rather then sell us other expensive fishes and products. Finally my tank is doing very well and we couldn't be happier!!

Andrew Rivera

Aquadise is an amazing place to buy pet supplies. This place does not carry the high prices of a commercial establishment, while still carrying professional supplies and people. The employees are helpful, considerate, and informative. This is one of the best aquatic pet supply shops in the area.

Jason Datz

The quality, selection and knowledge in this place is second to none in NJ.

Alissa Z.

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and owner! It’s my to-go place for fish care, plants and overall tank supplies.

Mari Krum

I’m a beginner enthusiast and I was delighted to find this place. All my answers was patiently answered by the knowledgeable staff. The recommended products they gave me were needed and useful. Now I am a frequent flyer here.

Amanda Hammond

Excellent place for beginners or experienced fish owners..they answered all our questions and we learned a lot. These guys know what they're talking about!

Rob Lewis

Well last week I traveled all the way Randolph and for first time I went there and awesome selection of fish. I went in and I went to ask the girl in there a question but she kinda ignored me, but I asked her aqain and she snapped rudely answeing my question "yes." Now some might wonder why I give this store a four star rating after this rude matter but this young guy named Austin and the gentleman with the Afro started talking to me about Plecos. Austin helped me figure out that all along I have been feeding my vampire plecos the wrong food. Austin was a very nice young man that suggested me to feed frozen beef heart and if I had remembered my credit card I would have bought a large frozen beef heart pack and that amazing looking Triactus Pleco. I hope to be back down there soon.

Chris Donoghue


Mitch Neigel

This place is perfect for discus owners

Cj Galloza

Well i went in an asked the kid with big Afro what i can do cause i have ick,new tank Red Sea reefer i purchased from them. So he explains a lot an tells me after he tested my water everything was perfect , not to do anything just waited out 2 weeks later all fish are dead , worst advise i ever heard , on top of this im new to saltwater so you think they would have giving better advise , such bullshit lost 250 in fish never again

sam h

Verry good service

Ben Chalfin

Great selection of dry goods but the fish are so so. The store is usually dirty which is a big turn of for me

Michelle Crespo

Very nice place and everyone is friendly. .

artem titov

I just want to thank and acknowledge the staff at this local fish shop Aquaridise! I came in yesterday and the staff was really helpful! Howie and John were amazing help and knowledge! I was trying to shop around and get info on items I needed and wasn’t planing on purchasing anything but Howie did a wonderful job at teaching, selling and informing me about the direction and products they had! I ended up buying a 55 gallon tank, an Eheim canister filter and a 48inch light to start my project! This place has a great amount of supplies, an awesome selection of salt and fresh water fish plants and corals! Great amount of knowledge and help, and wonderfully helpful staff! On top of the Howie beat all the competitors prices and worked with me personally on what I needed and wanted! Thanks for the deal Howie! I recommend this shop to everyone and will be making this my home base shop for any aquatic needs, can’t beat the prices and the awesome help! Easily accessible store with plenty of parking! Thanks once again team at Aquaridise!

Farhaj Hassan

John, Toni, and Sam are great. This is the place to go for high quality aquatic life and filtration. Sams advice was excellent. He took his time in informing me on choices i had for my filtration needs. Support local small businesses. This is a great place to visit and gain some knowledge on Fish Husbandry and reef keeping. Pay them a visit.

Matt H

These guys are knowledgeable, friendly, and love fish.

jim bernard

Great experience!!! I was having some problems with water clarity, so I handed a sample in and they tested it. A very knowledgeable employee (I'm terrible with names) explained to me what i should do so, I did exactly what the guy said. Water has never looked so clear. In my opinion the prices are a little high for the fish but when the quality is there and the selection is as good as it is the prices are justified. My family and I will continue to use this store for a long time to come.

lutherm1 .

Friendly knowledgeable staff! Great selection of fish and aquarium equipment!

Sandy Saiauskie

What great customer service! I came to this store to see if they could help me with my very sick comet goldfish with a bad case of Ick. The young lady at the desk was currently on the phone when I got there. She quickly let me know that should would be right with me. She apologized for the wait. Which for me was was not a problem at all, because they have plenty of great fish to look at! She was so helpful and knowledgeable about all of the products they carry there. The store is very clean and well organized. To top it all off, their prices were much better than the major chains. So that was a plus.


Gregory Lombardo

Tomasz Gut

Wow!!! Really professional place for salt water tank.

Michael Peduto

Very friendly and helpful staff. Nice selection. Not overly priced.

Ruchit P

Great customer service, also a good selection of fish. I have been a customer for many years. This store also does my monthly tank cleaning at a reasonable price

Emily Ann

The owner and employees are very knowledgeable and kind. I'm a beginner in taking care of fish and they helped guide me through it.

joe zuccaro

The most helpful and knowledgeable employees I have ever had help me with saltwater! He knew more about the chemistry side of salt than my mind could handle!

xXGabi-MarieXx .

J Man

Great local aquarium store. The guys working there are super helpful and very knowledgeable. They have a good selection of fish and will special order hard to get fish for you.

Zach Vorisek

Not knowledgeable at all

Barry Buckowitsky

Great knowledge of fresh and saltwater aquatics.Good selection for all your needs

Mike Teeple

Great selection of fresh and saltwater fish

Sean Lydon

Stopped in for the first time yesterday and had a great experience. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have a lot of very nice looking fish and products. It is a bit far from my house (1h20min) but this is my new fish store.

Pamela Lauren

Great store. Healthy, beautiful fish, very knowledgeable and extremely friendly people. The Bettas are actually kept in filtered, heated tanks as opposed to little cups or bowls, which is unlike any fish store I've ever been to. Seriously, that made my day. They care about the fish for sure. They gave me very helpful advice for taking care of the terrible ammonia spike that I've been dealing with and they'll order just about anything in for you right away if they don't have it. Very helpful. I'll definitely be returning. The 30-minute drive is worth it.

Fred Huffman

Went in there earlier today for the first time because petsmart didn't have what I was looking for (Loc-Line jet tube fittings)(I know, what a surprise). They have an awesome selection of fish, even fish I haven't seen! There were 3 guys in there, John, Will and another young guy (Didn't get his name. At first the air was a little thick (probably just me) but then after interacting with them I loosened up and had a nice conversation with Will. They made me feel comfortable, they had exactly what I was looking for and more! Definitely my new go to first for my fish from here on out!

Kaiser Aslam

great selection of fish and the staff is friendly

Gary Cohen

Howie is amazing. Great place for aquarium needs of any kind. HIGHLY recommend Aquaridise to everyone in the hobby

Janie Shannon

Would love to give this place a 5 star, and i rather use a local store instead of a large chain. BUT.... when we first started our tank over 3 years ago everything was going great until they sold us a fish that had ich. We were novices and didn't read the signs or understand what we saw in the tank at the store- destroyed our whole tank. Went in to them for help since we had bought our fish from there and they were coaching us through the process, the owner told us that we caused the ich by overfeeding our fish. Tank has been perfect now for 2.5 years, we have gotten fish from a couple of other stores with no issues. We refused to go back, until I decided to give them another try. Stupid me- bought 1 new fish from them about a week ago and our tank is now filled with ich! We have had no water quality issues, no other changes in the tank in the last 6 months, no new plants or decorations. The salesman even told me that they had fish in one of the other tanks with ich, but he would never knowingly sell me a fish with ich. Please... They do have a cool selection compared to the other stores in the area, but not worth the risk!

Nick Conti

Sure they got cool fish , but I got ich in my tank from these guys twice in two trips to the store ... Lost my business


Nice and Helpful staff and a very nice selection of quality livestock. A great place.

Peter Starek

I asked one of the staff best way to get rid of bubble algae and if the fox face eats it which I've seen a lot of people had luck with fox faces and tangs eating bubble. He told me it's just an algae and not to worry it's fine yeah ok. Not very perfensional in my experience. Corals and rocks in frags tanks are covered with aptasia no one wants that's taking over there reef system. Bad experience all together

A.J. Griglak

Always helpful, great selection, great support.

Jennifer Goins

To expensive

tomas marin

(Translated by Google) Super nice place! (Original) Súper nice place!

Suhayb I.

- Extremely Overpriced - Shop owners have little knowledge of fish

Brandon Parker

I was in NJ on business from North Carolina and on the last day of my trip I decided to find something to do. Since there are no really great aquarium stores in my area I thought I would look around while I was in NJ for some aquatic plants. I came across this store online and I was more than pleased with my experience there. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff with a great selection and fair prices you can't go wrong. I wish I had a store like this back home. I will be going back the next time I am in town. By far the best store I have ever visited but then again I am from North Carolina. : )

Fred Fogg


This place is the real deal. The owner is great to talk to because he loves what he does. I will be doing my business here from now on.

Pritesh Patel

Amazing service...The owner is really nice and he helped me fix my canister filter with replacement parts..

Mikaela Bachonski

Cramped but good info from workers

Joe S.

Great selection of fish. Knowledgeable staff

erik kringlen

Great place lots of selections of healthy fish with nice tank arrangement and set up. All employees are knowledgeable of a variety of fish in and out of their stock.

Gurvinder Parmar

Great store for the fish hobbyist. Great selection of freshwater and marine fish, coral, etc.

Richie Christy

Tom Z

Fantastic selection, and great group of people

Aaron James

Bought a fish from this store and it died the next day. At time of purchase I asked the staff member what the salinity is. He told me 1.021-.22. When I came home 20 minutes later I started dripping the fish and tested the salinity of Aquaridise water. It was 1.026!!!!! That is way to high! No wonder the fish did not make it. I believe these guys to be dishonest in the business. I have never had good feelings when I walk into this store. I called to explain what happened and the "manager" on duty told me to bring my water in for testing and that he is sure the owner Howie who is a "FAIR" businessman will do something for me. He explained to me that they use to have a 3 day policy but that it was taken advantage of. Nowhere in the store does it say there is a no return policy. My water tested out to be fine and Howie showed me what kind of "FAIR" businessman he is by telling me he cannot do anything for me since I DO NOT spend enough at his store. What kind of owner tells that to customers!!!! A cheap one. He also told me my salinity increased when I transported the fish home. That is such nonsense. Salinity does not increase that rapidly. I read a negative review earlier about this store on Google and I think it is about time more customers come out and review this place for what it really is. There are much better stores out there with better prices, better staff and better service. Just do some research and stay away from Aquarisplice!!!!

Elise Nicole

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at this store. The staff is friendly and helpful and Howie is amazing. I visited the store as a newbie in the hobby and Howie spent an hour with me sharing his wealth of knowledge and answering all my questions. In the end, he helped me choose equipment for my tank, gave honest advice about what I don't need to spend money on, and beat out his competitors prices!

Alex Kerr

Knowledgeable staff, very friendly! If they don't have it they will get it.

Brandy Bamber

Not to impressed by selection, and on high end prices.

cpflaumer .

Customer service sucks depending on who's working at the moment. Some of the guys pretend to know and give wrong advice; obviously, they don't know as much as they should. I've been breeding fish as a hobby and professionally for close to 30 years and I haven't found any knowledgeable person there. The old man is very nice, but again as far as having an in-depth knowledge of water chemistry and aquarium maintenance, I would go somewhere else.

yvette pitra

have not been here

A Google User

More than friendly staff, prices are great

Jennifer Maio

Great Customer service and very informative!

Piia Amkas

This shop has an ad about blue hippo tang fitting in a tiny little tank. Just in the name of finding dory. Can't support that.

Raymond Cruz

The staff is always helpful.

Thomas Oszustowicz

Awesome store, has everything you would ever need. A lot of freshwater and saltwater fish to choose from. Great, knowledgeable customer service.

Thomas Long

Dana McSherry

Seems like this store is trying to profit from the latest Finding Dory movie. It is not acceptable or safe to keep a blue hippo tang in a 29 gallon tank. This is absurd. If all you wanna do is make a buck, get out of the hobby and stop telling people who don't know any better that this is ok!

Jason Friedman

Always great help! Knowledgeable staff.

Deanthegamer 400

I've never been here before but is this a place where I could bring my freshwater fish because I only have a 20 gallon tank and there is tons of babies and 7 adults. Probably won't bring all of the adults but I'd bring some. Please respond ASAP Thanks!

Christopher Frankiewicz

Probably one of the best fish stores in the area. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The owner can be a bit chatty but very well meaning and happy to assist and please customers. We've purchased several fish and returned 1 or 2 without issues and even donated a fish that wasnt adapting well at home. They took the fish right in and took care of it. Fair prices too.

joe mama

Good fish store

Mike Bowman

Very helpful staff that knows their stuff. They've helped me solve some issues quickly and flawlessly and, they have honored their warranties on the fish even after the allotted time. Great place - way better than the big box pet stores...


The selection of fish is pretty good and the prices are reasonable.

Emmanuel Rex Jardiniano

Well Howe? One of the best pet store owner. Is always there to listen to customers and makes them feel important, very accommodating. This guy makes aquarium keeping a lot better. 100% customer service rating. Get fishes from them, you won't regret you did...

Mitchell Berg

Great store, they know their stuff. I have gotten some beautiful fish at Aquaidise.

A. Hernandez

Its nice and they have great fish many exotics and unique fish both salt and fresh..but there a little expensive.

Douglas pitchford

Helpful staff, good selection of fish and aquarium products. I shop there often.


The one star is simply for a large selection. However, the owner Howie is extremely arrogant. He bragged about his "perceived ability" to take advantage of me on a deal. I found him to be so unprofessional I will never go in the store again. His prices are extremely overpriced.

Frederik Klasen

Aquarium shops selling hippo tangs in 28 gallon nano packages should not be able to sell live animals.

Kevin Plaskett

Had freshwater water tank for years but new to saltwater. My first time at Aquaridise and it was truly an aquarist paradise! A great selection and well organized. Staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Will was our salesperson and he gave us volumes of knowledge in a short time. A wonderful experience!

Dorothy Varga

Very nice people in there

Ryan Jones

Shouldn't be exploiting fish from a kids movie. It's a shame to place animals in the hands of people who have not researched how to keep the animal alive. I wish there was a zero star rating.

Lee-Lee Evans

Have a nice selection if fish, John was very knowledgeable and knew his way around the store and was very informative about the products they sell. I highly recommend this location for all types of fish or questions

Cycleaddictionz Motorcycle

Will is very helpful and informative. He made my experience good.

Scotty D

Awesome selection

Anand K

Good collection of Tropical & Marine fishes. They also have good stock of Feeds and other required medication.

Arran Johnson

Customer service 100% Sam is the only one I deal with regularly and he takes time and gets to know ur setup without getting u out and in fast....his coworkers are ok too..... Great spot if ur serious about your fish

Ed Gordon

One of the last great fish stores in central New Jersey. Very knowledgeable staff. Open to any questions and helping you figure out any issues you're having with your tank. Additionally, they have a large selection of exotic, as well as common fish to choose from. I would recommend anyone stop by this store. Ed G

Eric Rubin

First impressions are everything. And this one wasnt good. Came in on 8/12/18 around 1:30pm looking to start a new aquarium. Walked in, no greeting, walked over to the aquariums. Waited for help, nothing. The guy working there was on the phone and I'm guessing a personal call because he was cursing up a storm! Thinking he did not see me I made eye contact with him, he nods, and goes back to his call. I waited a little longer and when he never helped and chose to stay on the phone, I walked out. I'll never go back if that is the type of people working there. Very unprofessional, yikes.

Chris Fernandez

Wow, spoke with owner Howie over the phone, he explained all to me as a new Salt water hooked me up with all I needed, next day spoke with Willie who as much helped me over phone. When I arrived at the store John, assisted me with my entire purchase. Tremendous discounts and I must say service was the best experience, not kidding either the price was awesome. i have a full set up and will cont to drive an hr to his store, very worth it to all new beginners or experienced people.

Joseph DeRosa

Aquaridise has always been a great go-to shop for supplies and livestock. The owner is knowledgable and willing to spend time with customers to get them what they need. This is MUCH BETTER than online providers, who may be able to save you a dollar but can't provide any face-to-face help, water testing, suggestions on products etc. This is one of very few local fish stores that I will buy from - because they not only stand behind their product, but they are always available to help out with getting specific items I want, finding me obscure livestock, and being the best local provider of goods and services. This store knows how to satisfy their customers. I am willing to travel 50 miles out of my way to visit the store.

Ismail Bouzaiene-Ayari

Friendly people with great service!

Terry Benton

My father and I have been going to Howie's since he was in Somerset and for about 25 years. He is the best and most upstanding pet dealer you can ever go to, and all of his stock comes from quality breeders. You can't go wrong with a visit to Aquaradise

Life According To Luca

It is a lit fish place

anthony hozer

Didnt have the tank I wanted in stock but they ordered it !

Rich S

Good selection for freshwater. Saltwater selection is weak, very small holding tanks, corals are "surviving", definitely not thriving. Tanks have cyno, and bubble algea. Basic types of corals. Prices are average on saltwater livestock. Not a place I would want or need to visit again.

Ronald cacchione

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I wish they were a little closer but definitely worth my trip. They gave me discounts on the more fish I bought and definitely will go back.

Mitchell Hall

Great selection, but they need to monitor their sick and injured fish and put them in a back tank for recovery. As well as take proper care of their dead fish and not leave them hanging around. There doesn't seem to be enough care.

Henry Tat

I've been to Aquaridise twice (and hopefully more). The first time, I was just setting up a tank and bought 8 white cloud minnows after talking to two employees (one was possibly the owner). The employees seemed knowledgeable and I appreciated that they didn't try to sell me additional equipment. An employee (maybe the owner) asked if I had an air pump to my aquarium (I did not). Instead of trying to sell me one right then, he just suggested that I monitor the minnows to make sure they weren't showing signs of lack of oxygen. The minnows were healthy and doing very well. My second visit, the store was packed! The variety of fish also changed. I bought a few guppies. I had to wait a little to get help since there were many people, but it did not seem unreasonable given the amount of people in the store. Upon getting my fish, I also placed an order for red cherry shrimp, which they said they'd get in. So that'll be my third visit. Anyway, I thought the selection of fish is very diverse and changed heavily between my two visits (maybe a few months apart). They also appeared to be happy to make special orders (work orders); based on some expensive/exotic fish present, I think they order very fancy and rare fish (hundreds to thousands of dollars!!!). The employees appeared knowledgeable and as I said, I didn't get the feeling that they were trying to sell me things that I didn't need. I would definitely recommend Aquaridise for aquarium needs, from simple to exotic. I still visit my local chain pet store, but this is a great addition with plenty of variety.

Tyler Morgan

Do not advise going here, their knowledge of hippo tangs (dory) is minimal a best. They try to make a dollar off a childrens movie

Flor Martinez

My experience I would like to express is always positive with the owner. Huwie made feel comfortable and enjoy talking about his experience salt and fresh water. We definitely give five stars to this store. Also his people working for Huwie is very knowledgeable and courteous.

Matthew Biderman

Howie was extremely helpful, insightful, and knowledgeable. No place better to go for freshwater or saltwater aquariums

koran angel

This store is such a rip off and prices are so high. These guys are not honest. Poor selection of fish. Supplies are overpriced. His staff are rude especially the old guy who has been there for 50 years. The owner also has something cagey about him. I cannot understand how anyone would buy from this store. Before you buy here compare prices. I did and I was shocked. I hope you take this as good advice and stay away from this store. Shop around!

Justin Minitee

Today I went inside the place and they a millions of fish you can choose from they had freshwater and saltwater fishes. The guy was really nice and he gave us a lot of information about keeping our tank clean and getting fish that is able to get along with. I definitely recommend it and I will definitely go back there.

Bruce Beckman

This place is great.Nice and great staff.Fair prices.fresh and saltwater fish are awesome.One staff member came up to me and gave me a good price on a yellow tang.

Lucia Balogova

love it they sell all needs for your hobby, very friendly and educated highly recommend

Anthony Cancela Jr

Found this place from a Google search. Reviews were really good and even though they were farther than I would have liked, I tried them. Austin was extremely helpful and helped me pick out Cichlids that would work in my 2 year old tank. Of the 3 fish that I bought, one died within 12 hours, probably Ph shock and I returned it the next day and Austin replaced it with no issues. They are really helpful. Very clean tanks and a wide variety of good fresh water options. Not just a saltwater place. I recommend this to any one in this hobby. Great job

Ylber Shatku

Great shop Howie the owner is great

Ria Trotter

The only reason this store is getting a 2 instead of a 1 is because two of their workers spent a great deal of time discussing pros and cons of different items with me. Other than that my experience with Aquaridise has been horrible. I spent $500 on lights which we special ordered through them, I was pretty happy because they were $25 less than online pricing. However, when I called to make arrangements to pick them up I was told that there was no record of a payment being made and I could pay when I came in. I informed him I had paid in cash that day in full. Thankfully I had my receipt! It's amazing to me that they didn't keep a copy of the receipt attached to the purchase order and that they didn't notice a surplus of $500 in their register from that day! The next problems were they ordered black lights when I had ordered them in white which I didn't complain about because it was the same brand so it's not a huge deal. Then when I asked for the bracket to hang the lights that I had also already paid for, he said it hadn't gotten ordered but he would try and get it here the next day or on Monday. They apologized for the mix ups when I was there and I went on to spend around $200 more that same day. I called the next day to see if the bracket was there and the worker that day said it wasn't in but they had a $40 one I could buy. He said the one I ordered had probably shipped but he couldn't be sure since he didn't have access to ordering and tracking info etc. I told him another local store had three in stock and could I receive a refund so I could purchase what I needed that day. He said hold on and then came back on the phone confirmed the price and item and said it was there in the store, his mistake. So we went all the way there and they didn't have it! We were again offered the $40 one or we could wait another week for the right one to be ordered but decided to cut our losses and take the refund so I could buy the $25 one I wanted at the other store. I appreciate the workers willingness to help customers decide on products but management needs to seriously step up with their ordering system or they need to stop taking special orders until they have an organized system that actually works. They lost a long term customer because of it. There are too many nearby fish stores to have to deal with consistent bad customer service.

Ams Gaming

This LFS thinks it is alright to put a hippo tang in a 28 gallon and think that is unacceptable. Hippo tangs require a tank that is 6 feet long and shouldn't be in a little cube tank, the owners or the people that run this place must not know what they're doing or are just greedy. This is so sad fish have to suffer because of greedyness from a LFS.

Mei Yen Wong

Went there to load my tank with plants and was impressed by the quality of service from the owner, Howie. He was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Most of all, he was very honest with me when I asked about one of his fish prior visiting, he told me two of them died a week ago(which is totally fine because there is no way to ensure ALL fish are healthy or they don't get overly stressed while being transported) and that I should wait to get the others just in case. I highly recommend this place because I know the owner has his customer's best interest at heart. Also, they had a wide selection of driftwood and the plants were healthy, lush and well priced. I'm making this place my go to fish store!

Tom Hutch

Very knowledgeable, Howie has hired a crew to take care of things properly. Normally If he is not in then John is. John knows his stuff and the other guys that work their are all pretty good too. They don't hound you to buy like other places and understand that maybe your just coming in to see the stock, get your water tested or soak up some knowledge. For me its close to home and it seems like they get new stock at least once a week. I go just to look and talk and I usually find something new and great. half the time i end up buying something even if i intended on just looking due to the beauty of the stock. They have a nice variety of Freshwater, Saltwater and my favorite Cichlids. The prices are fair and they offer bundle pricing. For such a small place they really offer a ton of variety. Thanks for choosing EB Howie. Much closer than the old Pets Pets Pets.

Ophelie T.P

Nice little selection of fish !! For livestock, better shop here than the big bulk stores!!

Ravi Gopal Goriparthi

They have a good variety of aquarium fish. Lot of exotic ones too prices running into hundreds.

Bobby Esquilin

Listen this use to be a pets pets pets. It's a cool store with wonder health fish but man the prices they have are crazy crazy crazy I understand it's a business and it's their to make money but good Lord please stop trying to get rich off of every customer that goes in For a purchase

Matthew Fehl

Staff is super knowledgeable and helpful. Great selection of both fresh and saltwater fish, as well as a really nice coral selection. I recommend this place to ANYONE in the hobby. Good competitive prices too

Yuri Kiev

Seems like a good store for salt water fish.

Nick Torres

I know Howie the owner from Pets Pets Pets off of Easton ave New Brunswick and was happy that he moved his shop to east Brunswick since it is much closer to me. The have a great setup in there and sell quality fresh and saltwater fish. I would recommend them to anyone, he also quite knowledgeable and is always eager to answer your questions. If your looking for a fish for your aquarium stay away from Petco and Petsmart, come here! You will pleased that you did.

Mel Sara

First and LAST time at this store! Had our experience been good we would have been repeat customers! We are new to the area and wanted to leave with multiple fish and have a new place that we could go from now on for supplies for our aquarium etc. My husband asked the workers about pricing on a few fish to make sure they matched the label before they bagged them up (the labels had prices but every time we asked it seemed they were just making up higher prices off the top of their heads that didn't match the sticker) After the second one didn't match what the label said I started to think they were trying to up the price! Looked around for quite some time and narrowed down what we were pretty sure we wanted my husband told the guy we were ready and he looked at us and went into the back room. He came back out and we were making eye contact so he would come back over (there was only one other person in the store) and he went to the front of the store where that person was being checked out and started talking to them and his coworkers. After a few minutes he comes over and says he realized we were talking to him earlier after he had already walked away (strange that he waited so long to come back over and say that to us) He then said I'll be right back, goes to talk to the other workers and guy that they are checking out for about 5 more minutes then sends a different guy over to help us. We told him which we wanted but then my husband figured he should probably make sure the price is AS LABELED before the guy goes through all the trouble to get the fish and bag it since everything we previously asked about didn't match up. He points to the fish we want and verifys the type of fish it is, the guy agrees and says yes that is that type of fish. So my husband proceeds to say okay so it's 9.99 then turns to ask me if I want another one and the the guy says NO, and proceeds to tell us it's DOUBLE the price that's listed saying it's actually 19.99. My husband and I were so aggravated he just told us yes that is the type of fish it is (the label listed the type of fish and the price) yet he's now telling us it's actually double what it says??? We said how is that possible and why is it that every single fish we ask about somehow what you have labeled is incorrect and the price is actually higher? The guy said we just didn't get a chance to label it yet which made zero sense bc there the label was on the tank of the type of fish he TOLD US IT WAS with the price yet when we read him the label he says no and says it's actually double what it says? Don't ever shop here! They made us wait around for help when there were THREE guys working and only one other customer in the store. Why does it take 3 employees to ring up one customer when we clearly needed help and we're going to buy things as well. Horrible customer service, and nothing is correctly labeled. Never going back!

Lou Velez

Pretty nice place. Cool set up of fish tanks. & alot of variety fish...

Loren Tingen

Just hit this place for the first time today and was very impressed. The first thing that struck me was the quality and selection of the stock, both fresh & salt. It was awesome to see species that I've never seen before. Second was the cleanliness of the display tanks. No floating or sick fish. Best of all, the guys there were friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Hands down the best aquarium store I've been to yet. Ill defiantly be back, even though its a hour away.

Raging Rob

Was greeted by a horrible smell, tanks are DISGUSTING, big fish in TINY tanks.Then there's the prices..... I've seen cars go for less, I saw a fish for sale for almost $500, i saw the same type of fish for sale at my local fish store for $30, beyond stupid. I have 15+ years of experience keeping fish, I'm no noon, this is by far the worst store I've ever seen, there are fish at Wal-Mart that look better, employees didn't even talk to me. This is no hasty Ill thought out review, honestly don't waste your time there you will just be disappointed. I'm never coming back here,I'll come back only when this place closes down to buy the tanks and laugh.

Nabil Boto

Jack Hazan

Great selection and guarantee. If fish dies within 7 days you get a refund no questions asked. A+ customer service

Nick Krissoff

Amazing local aquarium store, the staff are very friendly and helpful. Fairly priced and conveniently located. Added an update to my review we had them come out to service our tanks and they did an amazing job highly recommend Thier tank services as well

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