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100 Cahill Ave, Manchester, NH 03103, United States

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This Fish Shop is classified in the category of Sandwich shop.

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REVIEWS OF Nadeau's Subs Salads Wraps IN New Hampshire

Robin Gustafson

Wide variety of menu items, clean, good service. Tasty food. Small business.


I would order subs from this place if they didnt close before half the damn workforce gets home from work to pick up the food.. What are these hours???? Just stay open an extra 2 hours like every other food place in America.

Robert oxley

Yeah it's one of my favorite spots

David Stickney

Biker Bob USN

Ty Rogers

Great food and fast

Aaron Cornell

Hunts Ketchup? Come on guys.

Mike Bellanca

The service is always great, and I'm addicted to their breaded chicken parm sub!

Lori Gallant

Always great!

Kyle Battis

I was recently in for a Sub and LOVED it! Great staff, fast service, and tasty food!

Mona Martin

A lot of great items can be found on their menu but they are very well known for the best Philly Cheesesteak sub in New England! A must visit place for a sub craving!

Robert Leighton

Expensive, chinchi subs definitely don't get what you pay for! Sucks!

Maria Antonetti

Delicious fries and great subs!

Kindra Nappo

Great gluten free options! Good service!

Monica Brunnegraff

Brandee Miller

Really good subs

Erik Rewnen

Nick Perez

Good delicious wraps

Jacob Mello

Best burgers I've had from any restaurant, friendly and inviting service

Kelie Clancey

I went fir first time today with my husband since everyone seems to rave at work about this place..i had to repeat the order 3 times..and 2 times to get it correct .i ordered 2 orders of waffle fries. And there was 6 waffle fries in each order plus i also ordered 2 steak and cheese subs. And a steak tip all large. All the steaks should have a good qaunity of meat on it..they didnt. Plus. . .none of the 3 subs were cut in half. Thats usually done courtesy. Its lf.sub..seriously....then i walked over to get napkins and few things ketchup and cook and all kids behind counter watched me like i was going to steal .the salt shaker...and tons of napkins...because i didnt tip...the service was terrible..kid on register even if was new ..had no clue. I said American cheese like 3 times. .which it comes with. .anyways. they didnt ask if wanted break toasted..or ..even wrap the subs correctly. I opened the bag to sort out the subs and half of my steak cheese and mushroom was on bottom of the bag.....i will never try this place again or reccomend it.

Patrick Longo

Cassandra Schrow

Went with my Grandparents, who can sometimes be hard to please, and they loved it. We got the steak and cheese subs and they were delicious. The mushrooms seemed fresh too. Definitely will go again whenever I can get a chance.

Lindsey English

Best subs and steak and cheese!

Jerry Dornback

Great subs

Ray Engheben

Always loved nadeaus been going 45 years last experience was bad but lack of caring made it worse wont be back steak tip subs was average used to be great LOBSTER subs were best in city LAST YEAR ones i got in June horrible saltiest sub i have ever eaten and meat for it was mediocre at best even had cartilage from both claws in it bad enough if it were a cheap sub but at 23 bucks a sub unacceptable spent 73DOLLARS for 4 subs don't mind it if it were up to quality I have come to expect from here what compounded my experience is the lack of caring since I left my name and number with manager asking that owner call me at his convenience 21 days later I am still waiting. to be fair staff was friendly always has been wish subs were still great unfortunately not.

Joseph A. Roberts III

I stopped by with a friend early on a Friday. It wasn't very busy. We asked for different drinks and separate checks. I wasn't staying long so I paid for my one beer, and either it cost $10 bucks or I paid for 2!!! Didn't even get what I asked for, and the is no parking, so either park in the road or in the lot for the laundry mart.

Robert Freese

Nathan Wasserstrom

Crazy expensive!!!!!!

Tim Cloutier

Good, not fast especially when it's busy.

Mary Ann Desrosiers

Excellent sandwich shop!

John Ward

The steak tips sub was incredibly delicious and cut up to smaller portions so each bite wasn't too much.

David Hvisc

Definitely a must stop, when I'm in New Hampshire. Love their steak tip sandwich, absolutely delicious.

Jeff Brown

Not the place to order a salad at ! Looked wilted and old , mostly cucumber (like 90%) , ad was just no where near the $8.75 i paid for it ! Just gross !

Alexis Arbusto

Robert Desrosiers

Great food. Clean dining.

Cynthia Pelletier

The food was delicious

Ryan Bouchard

I order on line form work and drive right over foods reedy for me when i get their 7~8 minutes later. a little expensive but when i go here for lunch, it adds a nice piece to a bad work day.

Jonymankitty .

Only get the famous shaved steak and cheese here. Pick up times and dine in times are fast and easy.

Joseph Vasconcelos

Great food very busy so was a littleslow at lunch

Joe Bob F.

Many choices, never and order made wrong. Steak subs and waffle fries are the way to go.

Jesus saves Souls

Steak and cheese had more bread than steak. Very light sub. Meat quality was good but you will still be hungry.

Kevin Bujno

Delicious subs, modernized, and a service that knows what you need before you can ask. Would visit again!

Trisha Nichole Bushor

I absolutely love their subs and my kiddo is over the moon about the funnel fries!

Erin S

John EWayne

Typical sub shop. Subs are not made in the traditional way, yet they are tasty foods. Bottomless cups of fountain soda. I like them and all workers are kind, generous, and quite helpful to all who visit.

Don Cormier

Nathan Miller

Good cheeseburger subs.

Captain Chris

Chunk steak n chesse. WOW. Delicious

kevin tilson

Dont get the breaded chicken parm sub. Ordered it today 9-21-19 order wasnt right manager seemed bothered that he had to help the cashier out to fix the order. Chicken was chewy and not very tasty.

Dontavius Carlson

Because I am so mad that I only got 4 mosterella sticks and I paid 4.50 so I practically paid a 1.00 each I'm so mad I hate that place and I wait 30 min for what to get that much

Don Morin

Nadeau's has been a local favorite for years. They started with one location and the popularity led to several locations. The steak tip and cheese subs are top sellers. The haddock sandwich is generously portioned pieces of fish on a big burger bun. It's not a small sandwich; you won't be hungry after. If you're looking for change of pace from the chains, this is a great place to try. You might get hooked and become a regular patron.

Melissa H

Jennifer St Cyr

Mark Murphy

I've only been there once, and ordered a pastrami. It was a good sandwich but not really full and not really anything special. That said, I'd probably go back if I were in the area and hungry.

Edward B

VERY reasonable prices and Friendly Service!

Paul Provencher

No worth the money at all

Brenda Howard

Good but not like years ago..please bring back the ways you did it when Bob nadeau's first opened. We miss how it USE TO TASTE !!!!!

Michael Pontidis

Best steak and cheese sub ever

Scott Durica

Great food, and a rewards system that actually pays to use!

Doug Bowen

Best steak tip subs. A little pricey

David Brumbeloe, Jr.

Awesome food and service!

Dave Maurer

Jared Plantier

Their food is great, i just hatebthat you have to tell them to cut the subs in half otherwise they will not do so which while every other sub shop in the world does it by default.

Marcel Jussaume

I have heard about Nadeau's subs. First time visit. Great cheese steak bomb. Staff friendly and great service. Food piping hot, fries done just right. I'll be back!

Jon Manning

FR Family

I found a piece of hair in my burger.Which was salty

Ralph Leone

Nate Geere

We are always greeted and the food is prepared well, we come here pretty regularly and enjoy every visit.

Brian Champigny

Chris Laubach

Jamie Nadeau

Manchester location- ordered a chicken Caesar wrap and the chicken was horrible.

Danielle Duve

Very bad. The person who took our order was cold and rude. The didn't even toast our subs. They had hanfuls of toping like who needs a whole can of banana peppers on their sub. We got large subs that where not even cut in half. It was just awful would not recommend.

Richie Lamarre

I grew up on the west side of Manchester not far from the original Bob Nadeau's and have been eating their subs since he started in the late 60's. I have never been disappointed. The best subs still today!

Paul Caron

I love their subs just a bit expensive.

Sylvie Webb

Great steak subs

Dylan Doran

A little pricey but not a bad tasting sub. Facility was clean

Leigh Hennessey

Food was great as always

Ron Hamel

Steak tip sub was good but expected them to be marinade. Daughter had the kids flat bread pizza which she loved.

Mr. Variety

Good food, relaxing atmosphere. The burgers are enormous. The cheese dip upsets the stomach though

Damaris Lamontagne

Food was ok. Place was very uncomfortable, hot.

Marissa Volpe

Good food!

Chris Pagliuca

Good food not great. But to $$$ large steak and cheese cost 11.55 before tax.

James Olson

I live in Florida and crave Nadeau's all the time. Always a first stop whole visiting New Hampshire.

Tom Dooley

Good Italian subs!

mike ginnow

The food here is ok. There is way better sub places in Manchester then this one. Plus the large waffle fries are a small order in comparison to other places.

Krisy Looney

Kevin Perry


It hit the spot

Paul Normand

Steak tip subs are awsome!!


Charlene Garant

Was very busy when I went, but received my order quickly. It tasted great and was a good size portion for the money. Excellent fast food alternative

John Jenness

Everything is great. Waffle fries and steak tip subs are amazing! I've always wondered though...why don't you ever cut your subs in half?

Tim Walter

The Jeremy sub is a great cold sub

Lilly Garrett

Very good food and very well mannered staff. We are always greeted when we come in and thanked when we leave.

Priscilla Chamberlin

Yummy !

Jason F

Victor Ibarra


Cliff Smith

Best subs in the area. The staff are friendly and the dining area is always clean.

mike calligandes

Great food!

James Mandeville

Fantasic local sub shop worth great food and low prices. It's kind of hidden but worth the stop. Their Pepsi Spire machine is unique if you're a soda guru and looking for a alternative to Coca-Cola Freestyle machines or just want to try a new touch screens Pepsi machine. Support local restaurants eat here!

Therese J

The best steak and cheese

Tom Chase

Fresh and delicious.


Nadeau's is consistently delicious, and they have a ton of options. Even their little packaged desserts are good! Service is always very friendly and the wait isn't long unless it's super busy.

Kent McKenzie

Steak tip and cheese. You'll thank me.

Sarah Houck

Robbie Moll

Best sub's in town combine with onion rings

Mark Pitman

Best steak and cheese in town.

Greg Thomas

Cleanest sub shop in town. Best subs and sandwiches by far

Danielle Fiore

pretty good. although i did not like the chicken salad :(

Richard Therrien

Great food love their fries

Stelios Pispitsos

Great cheese steaks!

Debbie Crecco

Great Service & Subs!!!!

Suzanne Coady

Robb Tanner

Yummy food, kinda pricey, but yummy none the less

cliff robertson

Catherine Law

Excellent food, friendly service!

Adam Desfosses

Johnathan Arsenault

Always get their steak tips and cheese. Its what they're known for

Matthew Powell

Food is good. Lady working the counter was friendly

Jason Matot

Seriously? The steak tip and cheese with grilled onion and green pepper tastes amazing.

Dillan Murray

Their fresh cut steak is the best!

Ron Sargent

I am on the road 40 to 50 hours a week, so I eat out every day in a different city. Just had the Spicy Italian at Nadeau's. Best sandwich I have had in a very long time. Great place! Look forward to getting back to Manchester at lunchtime.

Pat Bergevin

We hadn't been to Nadeau's for a while ,still very good.

Alex DiPiero

Nick Cameron

The food is good but they are kind are expensive.

Us Dornback

Great subs

Terri Morgan

Great food each and every time we go. They even gave us free cookie for the long wait they offered and were apologetic. Great people.

Tricia Bilodeau

I always get the Chicken Bacon Ranch on a tomato wrap and I'm never disappointed!

peggie mccarthy

Always good service food amazing

April Desmarais

They didn't have any lobster roll which IS on their menu.

Kim Levasseur

Nadeaus has been our go to place for subs for over 40 years.

Nick G

Over 20 mins waiting for a sub. Great place for lunch if you wanna burn it up waiting for food.

John Banks

Good. Quick.

Norman Lavoie

even a vegetarian can love this place

Bam Bam

Classic steak and cheese and more.

Christopher Conderman

Debbie Cookson

andrew rehbein

One of the best if not the best steak and cheese location in New England

Larry JBird

Wonderful place to grab a sub. Steak tip subs are the bomb!!

C. T. Sapienza

Best steak and cheese sub in NH

Dawn-renae Ann Stevens


Delicious as always!

Long Hair

Steak and cheese subs the bomb

Darlene White

Michael Gualtieri

Best steak and cheese sub I have ever had. Fast friendly service.


Typical sub shop, (had fried dough kind of fries), service and food were good and on par of what you would expect. The soda fountain (pepsi brand) touch screen let you choose from a large selection of drinks. Overall I would visit again.

Daniel Levine

Excellent subs, ordering online is easy too

Mark Wiitala


Janice Haines

Don't eat subs often, but theirs are always reliably good.

Pat Miller

As usual steak n cheese good. The young man was so pleasant and polite! So appreciate that.

Anne Marie Dionne

Nathan Therrien

Local flavor good price

Misty Rollins

Amazing food

Patrick Joyce

Exceptional Steak tip grinder, and Italian grinder. Cannot wait till new one opens on Hooksett rd

dattle boy

They are over priced and not much in their subs

Kristopher Ganzel

Cori M

Dusty Barbarian

Unless you order extra steak and extra cheese the subs aren't all that good not filling you're paying for a name but if you do order extra steak and cheese in the sub it does make for a good sandwich you just have to pay more money to get a real size sub

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