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45 Blaine St, Manchester, NH 03102, United States

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Where is Fish Mike Aquatics, LLC?

REVIEWS OF Fish Mike Aquatics, LLC IN New Hampshire

Mark Merrill

Very friendly and very knowledgeable, great products and healthy fish it's 2hr trip but I'm sure we'll be going there again

Laura Reed

Coach Dan Bolduc

Quality stock, helpful, knowledgeable. Definitely a favorite.

Cameron Hunt

Love this place! Awesome reptiles. Looking to add more to my collection

Pierre Blanc

Great shop for fish (as pets). Owner is very knowledgeable and cares for his fish.

Melissa Hapgood

We are regulars here! Great prices and awesome service!

Ray Morley

Great service from Mike, his knowledge is excellent! A different customer experience compared to the usual places around. A good range of plants, saltwater and freshwater fish especially for the nano set ups. I will be a regular customer from now on!

Mike Trujillo

Great place, very friendly, and eager to help. Will definitely be going back...

Helen Romeo

Definitely one of the best i have been to.. have incredible recommendation on how to treat our injured fish and he (Bill) is doing great now.. thank you Mike's!!

Pat Cassidy

Super. Keeps getting better.

Mona Martin

Wonderful place for the avid freshwater or saltwater aquarist. Mike is very helpful and friendly! If he doesn't have what you are looking for, he does his best to find it!

Elizabeth Cyr

It's always a delight to see mike. He is always willing to find just exactly what you need.

Secret Horse

If you love reptiles and fish, and want to support local small business, this is the place to be in Manchester. The staff I've met were highly knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers had the best experience possible. They can be very busy on certain days, so don't be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes for help.

Abby Sicard

Highly recommend well worth the visit

Jonathan Bardwell

Very friendly people, patient and informative. These guys definitely love what they do!

greg oleson

This place is AWSOME!!!!!! They let my wife and daughter hole some reptiles and gave alot of really good info Thank you to that lady that helped us. As for the fish and plants they were AWSOME looking. Very very clean. I love the fact that that they use curret satilite as tank lights witch are Awsome. I will definitaly be goimg back to spend some money. Just dont tell my wife LOL. All in all AWSOME PLACE. Well done MIKE!!!!

Dan Stefanski

I've been to several fish stores in the area and fish Mike's is the best. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and keeps high quality fish. I've found several sources that are more competitive on price but all my healthiest, best looking fish came from here. I've gotten more helpful advice and insight here than any other store as well. When I first started as an aquarist I wasted a lot of time and money on water treatments that never fully worked. It wasn't until I started going to fish Mike's that I stopped losing fish to poor water quality. I've been going to fish Mike's for months now. I've been extremely happy with each purchase and I've felt smarter each time I've left.

AP Calculator

High quality fish. All the tanks are clean and the fish are very healthy. A great selection of Tropical fish, Saltwater, and shrimp.

andrew manuse

Mike helped me reinvigorate my love for a hobby I was about to give up on, and now I have a beautiful flourishing planted tank with 50 fish to thank him for. About half a year ago, I introduced a new diseased fish from a different store that basically destroyed my entire tank. I was down to four fish from 28 and the water looked horrible. I had cycled the tank after learning the hard way and thought I was over the hurdles of beginning aquarists about six months into the hobby. Not so. On top of the dead and dying fish, snails were suddenly coming out of nowhere and there were so many of them I could barely see my terrain. I heard about Fish Mike from someone at work and went in to seek help. He helped me clarify and balance my water by recommending more frequent water changes and hooked me up with species of fish--yo yo loaches, siamese algae eaters, otocinclus catfish, amano shrimp--and plants, plants, plants to clean up the mess and make my tank look beautiful. About halfway through the clean-up process, my hex tank that I bought elsewhere sprung a leak, and water was all over my entire first floor. Mike answered my call and helped advise me how to save my fish and plants and transition them into a new tank all within the same day. He gave me a deal on an in-stock unit that fit my hobbyist needs in a far better manner than the one I had. He even bought some of the still-working components from the old tank--the warranty took care of the rest. Subsequently, he advised me what cover to buy and ordered it for me, and he recommended the best light available for my new setup so I could add plants and fish. Through the next weeks and months, Mike has helped me add color and depth to the tank so there is now life and action at every level and in every corner of the tank. It's truly a miniature ecosystem that is self sustaining outside of weekly water changes and daily feedings. Mike has advised me on best practices along the way, and I haven't had any lasting problems since working with him. He helped me figure out how to best feed the fish while I went on vacation, and I've continued to use my automatic feeder daily. When I hurt my back, he came out to the house and did my weekly water change for me so I would not have the extra strain. I couldn't recommend anyone else for the aspiring aquarist, or even the seasoned pro. Fish Mike is super knowledgable and always attentive. He has become a friend. Here's a list of my current set-up, thanks to Mike: Animals: 2 Blue Ram Cichlids, 10 Cardinal Tetras, 2 Dwarf Mexican Catfish, 2 Fancy Guppies, 10 Harlequin Rasboras, 2 Japonica Amano Shrimp, 5 Otocinclus Catfish, 7 White Cloud Mountain Minnows and 5 Yo Yo Loaches. Plants: Alternanthera Reinecki "rosafolia," Amazon Sword, Apongeton Crispus, Aponogeton Madagascariensis, Aponogeton Ulvaceus, Banana Plant, Brazilian Pennywort, Crinum calamistratum, Crytocornye, Dwarf Lilly, Dwarf Sagittaria, Java Fern, Java Moss, Moss Ball, Rotala Indica, Vallisneria Spiralis and Water Sprite. Equipment: Aqueon Tank Bow, Black, Aquatic Fundamentals Bowfront Aquarium Stand, Marineland filter, Aqueon Bow Tank Lid, Automatic feeder (unknown brand), Current USA Satellite Plus Pro LED Light.

Bill Lincoln

Awesome place. Mike is very knowledgeable and happy to help! Only place I buy my salt water fish.

C Hoffman

I think this is the best fish store in Manchester. Their tanks are clean, they do not sell a fish if they think it needs to be medicated first, they are very honest. They give helpful advice, are dog friendly, and I get a greeting the minute I walk in. I do think their prices can be a bit higher than what I am used too, but the fish are very good quality. The premises are clean and well maintained, as are the tanks. Their terrariums are amazingly beautiful, worth going just to have a look around.


My favorite fish store nice staff best prices

Angela Brunelle

Shady area of Manchester, NH.

alyssa beville

Great place. Nice staff and very clean. Unbelievable habitats for their reptiles.. now all they need is a better location and they will be making a killing.

Jason Garrahan

Called tonight and spoke with Mike about a few questions and concerns I had about purchasing a saltwater aquarium. Mike spend nearly 20 minutes of his time explaining the ins and outs of owning a tank and the cost considerations. He was honest and truly professional. Highly recommend this business.

Justin Roberts

Great shop. Don't bother going anywhere else because Mike and his team have you covered. Knowledgeable staff and personal service make this shop my favorite hands down.

John Peterson

Great assortment of fish and some reptiles. Most importantly the people that work there are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about animals.

Angela C

The parking was to be desired but the staff were friendly and helpful. They didn't have a huge variety of fish and supplies but everything was for a fair price.

Ila Dionne

Jason Vaughan

Bought a huge Gonipora for a great price, a couple of Ram Cichlids and a small Angelfish. The guy there was really knowledgeable and was patient and able to answer any questions Will definitely shop here again.

el jarcho

Good shop. Knowledgeable and the tanks are very clean.

dennis davis

Mike good guy very helpful

Zakk Cavaretta

Fish Mike is great at answering all your questions and he can find almost any fish your looking for! This is by far one of my favorite fish stores!

Bruce Drusendahl

I have been impressed with this store. I don't visit as often as I need to but every time he is patient with my grandkids and takes the time to answer their many questions. He has had what I needed. And when he didn't he ordered it and at a fair price. Take the time.e to check it out and say hi to Mike.

TheH3rbanLegend .

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to help you out even if he isn't making a dime on it. I will continue to use him for all my aquarium needs and more!

Walmart Mods

Lots of help and very knowledgeable staff!

Subhankar Kc

The store and Mike has provided me good deals on many aquarium equipment and various choice for fish species. I would recommend this store to any one.

Sheila Semanek

Clean, well stocked and lots to see! Got to meet the owner. Bought a new coral for our tank!

Heather Harkins

Ron Tuell

Place waz awesome great fish selection even though staff said did have much as new shipment was arriving that night. Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Offered help but not pushy when saying was just looking.

kuyvlnh yfvy uvf

Great store, more helpful than petco or petsmart

Shalina Glenn

Very polite employees and knowledgeable


Friendly staff. Good prices on fresh and saltwater fish.

ben dover

Great fish store to go to. I go in there regularly to talk to staff and purchase plants and fish. If you want great plants and healthy fish than this place is for you. They are always willing to test your water parameters to make sure your system is healthy and ready for fish. If you want knowledgeable and friendly people to chat aquariums with then go to Mike's.

Sa Saucier

He is always attentive to my needs and any questions I may have, I've never felt rushed here.

Rebecca B

Great specialty shop for those who really care about their fish and reptiles. Best since Mountain Aquarium on Elm St. (remember, next to George's?). Can't wait to see what he does in the future.

Jason Greene

They have a great selection of fresh and saltwater fish and accessories, and some reptiles (which I know even less about). The Mike and the girl there are fantastically knowledgeable and happy to spend some time explaining what is what. Even though their mascot was a little cranky today =), I always look forward to stopping in.

Frags Reef

Finally Manchester has a store that will cover any reefers needs! I was tired of driving down to Salem for my Saltwater supplies, fish and coral. The store is setup very well and it looks like he is going to keep it nice and clean! Nothing worse than going into a fish store and wondering if you buy the fish if it's going to live. Mike seems very knowledgeable about aquatics. The store seems stocked low for a saltwater enthusiast but I suppose it will take a little time to get everything up and running. Plenty for the freshwater guy and he has a lot going on with reptiles! I can't wait to see how the store develops. Bob

Anne B.

Employee or owner was very quick and knowledgeable. Great service.

Miranda Stockford

Went in a year or so back and was very pleased with the selection of fish and reptiles! So, I went back 2 days ago, as I'm building a new fish tank community (baby fish!!) and I needed some info on what my next steps should be and what equipment I may need. Mike and (Dan?) were EXTREMELY knowledge, down to earth, and pretty funny..but most of all HONEST. Not just trying to make the sales-straight passion for the creatures. I will most definitely be going back in the near future for all of my fish related purchases! Thanks so much guys! Keep doing what you're doing!!<3

Joe Dupont-Roche

Fish Mike's has the best selection of fish that I've personally seen in all of New Hampshire and the surrounding area. I frequently explore New Hampshire and the surrounding area for fish stores to visit and shop at, and Fish Mike's was by far the most impressive.

Michael Noltemeyer

I had never kept a reef tank before and the sheer amount of information to take in was overwhelming, let alone the potential cost of a mistake. Fortunately, Fish Mike has guided me through every step of the process, making recommendations, placing special orders, and even answering urgent questions by phone and text. He is friendly, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a more user-friendly experience for a first-time reefkeeper.

John Saykaly

Very knowledgeable prices are on the high side tanks look good most the time I'd recommend it to fish hobbyist but again prices are on the steeper side

Annie Jefferson

The staff is extremely helpful and PATIENT with answering questions. Huge selection of fresh water/salt water fish/corals. Big selection of tanks and will order what ever tank you desire. Everything you need in one shop and if he doesn't have it, he will get it. Extremely fun being there on delivery days. Never have issues with livestock or corals.

chloe longstreet

Knowledgeable and helpful staff. I live coming here.

keith smith

Justin Bullock

Donia Freeman

Fish Mike's is a great little shop for aquarists and enthusiasts. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about his craft and the store is always well stocked with a variety of equipment and live stock. It's always a good place to go if you find yourself stumped or run into problems with your tank or terrarium. Anything he doesn't have in store he can order, as well as help you figure out the best hardware for your set up. 10/10, definitely the first place you should go if you are looking for anything fish or reptile related.

Lau Smith

I just found Fish Mike this past year. The owner is usually available to chat with and ask for advice from... but also his employees have always been VERY helpful to me. This past weekend I picked up a few new corals from Fish Mike... and words don’t do them justice, take a look at the pics. I would say this is my new favorite LFS.

Luis Torres

I searched all over the LFS for a good place when i moved into Manchester from Florida. We went in one day and we were set on this place. Mike is great with the kids which is a huge plus. He's conveniently in manchester roght off the highway. It's always a great experience there. He is very helpful and honest. He helped me start my 60 gallon reef tank with sump (which he built for me).

m1tchy11 .

Mike is a great knowledgeable fish store owner. He can answer all your questions and has the right equipment for any set up.

B. A.

Decent selection. Stock rotates so there's always something new in the tanks. Mike is knowledgeable and always super helpful.


Best fish store around, by far! Mike is super knowledgeable and can get you what you need whether or not he has it in store (he probably does). I won't buy fish from anyone else - he keeps them in healthy, clean, and large environments.

Melanie Vaillancourt

Beautiful place!

pickle puffer

Hes doing it right. Every tank has it's own HOB filter. Great selection of fish. Good prices on fish. Equipment is a little more than the chain stores but it's to be expected from a mom and pop style store. Will visit again. Glad to give my money to him.

Lionel Belanger

Nice set up

Whitney Beck

Great staff. Always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

Steven Craven

Clean shop! Great prices! Good vib!

tyler gee

Mike is super knowledgable and helpful with fish. Very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.

Lori Ouellette

This is the best place, I receive education, great customer service and his fish and other aquatics are always healthy. Nothing box store about this place. Thanks Mike!!

Randy Davis Jr

I am big into the hobby of fishkeeping. This is the best store I have found. Mike really knows his stuff and you can be sure the fish you buy here will be healthy.

kyle Smile

Very educated in fishkeeping, Always has the answers to any questions I have had with my tanks. Great prices and every fish I have purchased has been in excellent health. Also offers some reptiles and supplies. Awesome little store. 2 thumbs up 5 stars from me for sure.

Chris Diaz

Tony Potter

Mikes a great guy that cares about his customers, very knowledgeable in planted and marine aquarium tanks,love this place!

minecrafter 7168

Mike is a very intelligent aquatics specialist. He has very resonable prices and his fish and corals are very healthy. I would highly recommend Fish Mikes.

alex fitzgerald

Nikki W

So helpful, very informative. Very busy but he still managed to help us and prepare us to setup our new tank.

Kyle McDonough

I go to college in Manchester, and found this store. Very cool shop. Different from some other pet stores I have been in. The store has only aquariums and reptiles. They have fish that I have not seen at other stores.

Akiva Eisenberg

Great service; immense knowledge of fish

Shaina Batchelder

So many fish and plants to choose from! Supplies for everything. Very helpful and informative staff. Not bad pricing either. Will be back.

Always Hope

Jeffery Saucier

wonderfull place i got a hippo tang there it s doing great i am definently go back soon

Melissa Corey

Fantastic!! Amazing selection of aquatic plants. Great and friendly customer service. Even after I asked a million annoying questions.

Konrad Demers

Great service had exactly what I needed and I have a reptile thanks for the screen cover lights roaches and fuzzy mice

Brenda Sousa

Mayra De La Salle

Few selection of corals, and saltwater, but the place looks great, they are very informative and friendly, it looked busy when we went, hoping to go back again and seeing more corals or saltwater fish

zach proulx

good reptile products and driftwood! great people as well.

Richard Wayne

I love this place, great variety of fish , great people , five stars for sure

Max Mayo

Mike is amazing. No pressure sales, willing to share his vast aquatic knowledge and experience and willing to place special orders. It's nice to have such a great local business. Shop here and you will be supporting your community and getting awesome service!!

Brian Gioia

High end store!

Douglas Hutton

Michael Ratner

One of the nicest and patient aquarium store owners around. He answers the phone all hours of the day. Helped me with my 200 gallon reef setup

Alan C

Mike is honest and very knowledgeable about anything aquatic or reptilian, a great guy to do business with.



Tara Valliere

Tom Wentworth

Small shop, but very good staff and good selection of healthy animals and plants on the freshwater side. Prices on equipment very reasonable. Things like driftwood and rocks can be much lower than other shops.

Capt Benny Lava

Great staff. Helpful knowledgeable.

Carolyn Shults

Mike is always willing to help, explain, and assist in any way possible...

Ryan Shumway

Fish Mike's Aquatics, is a great aquarium shop. Mike is a wonderful guy who is knowledgeable and always has helpful information to give. Great to work with, if there is a fish or equipment you need or are looking at getting there is a very very good chance he can get them in for you. I am fairly new to the fish scene and I always enjoying coming into his shop and learning more about aquariums, even if I don't purchase anything that day. Mike is just an overall great guy and has a wonderful local business.

Mary Epstein

Always helpful, love my new buddies!

Doug P

My wife and I stopped by today to check the place out and ended up grabbing a handful of things. Everything in the store looked super healthy and Mike was a great resource. We'll be shopping here for our fish stuff from now on :)

Kevin L

Love the place, nice and clean.

Aaron Kinne

FishMike's is a pretty good place to go if you're looking for something a little different than Petco, or Petsmart. Not only does he take better care of his animals than other large stores, he has species you wouldn't normally be able to find. Mike is also very good at special ordering, and he has tracked down several lizards for me that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. Need a shark? FishMike can get it. Need a freshwater stingray? FishMike can get it. Want that weird lizard you saw in that one magazine? FishMike can probably get it. He will also tell you why you can or can't get that lizard. Maybe it gets to ten feet long and only eats live antelope. Maybe that fish you want needs a 200 gallon tank and you only have a 20 gallon tall. His sheer knowledge on the different species of fish and reptiles is a comforting refuge from the inane banter one hears from other pet stores. Store wise, FishMikes is perfect. His stuff is on the shelf, not on the floor. Though, if products were on the floor, that floor is so squeaky clean that you wouldn't mind bending down to pick up some fish food just so you can admire its shine. The layout itself is great, with clear dividers between freshwater, saltwater, coral, plants, and reptiles. Go to FishMikes. Look around. Start a conversation. Bring him your sick fish that you just fed pesticide laden grapes and he will tell you exactly why your fish is sick. I go about once every day, and I can comfortably tell you that FishMike Aquatics is a great addition to the city.

Apple Jacks

Love this place get everything you need here or he will get it for you! Very personable and awesome service! You wont regret going here and hope everyone will help keep him in business as opposed to the big chains!

Charlene Valentin Rodriguez

Fish Mike is aquatics is fantanstic. He has all your aquarium needs and if not he will personally order it. My children are always so excited to go there. Fish mike is awesome with my children and takes the time to answer each and every question they have. He has help me set up my tank from the start, and i will say i am in Love with my tank. This customer is 100% satisfied with Fish mike aquatics.

Hope Jefferson

This store is really well run with excellent customer service! The owner is very knowledgeable about all of the fish, reptiles and products. He will help you with whatever you are looking for and makes your visit a comfortable environment for people to shop in. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to set up an aquarium or looking for a fish, lizard or snake I would start here!

Nicole Gaudette

This store has top quality fish. And prices are great

ben vincent

Very knowledgeable people here, the store is neat, and the tanks were immaculate, the animals and plants are obviously well taken care of Edit: took out the cramped comment, mostly due to the property size, and getting that selection in. Nothing can really change it, and really doesn't need to be changed. Keep up the great work. I'll be there this week

matthew werther

Friendly knowledgeable staff good selection of fresh and saltwater

John Maccabe

We're upgrading our aquarium and decided to visit Mike instead of one of the big box stores. I'm glad we did! Mike knows his stuff!

Amity Baldwin

Not a large selection of livestock or dry goods. Saltwater tanks were not clean most were barely viewable covered with Algae on the glass. Labeling was not clear nor was it accurate, frag tank had only assorted frags $19.99 written on it. When I inquired about frag prices I was told it varies but not a single frag was actually $19.99. I would not go back nor recommend it as a store.

Scott C

Nice shop with lots of good staff and animal

Trev Girard

Owner is helpful, and very knowledgeable about fish. Best of all, fish are well cared for and healthy. Wide selection of unique freshwater fish you will not see elsewhere in NH. Plus he will actually order in any unique fish you want, and usually have them within 1 to 2 weeks. Complete opposite of cookie cutter big chain stores, many with unhealthy, everyday fish. Prices are decent also.

Jason Fremont

No other place comes close to the knowledge of staff and quality of fish and merchandise

Daniel Pelletier

Mike has a great wealth of knowledge and is eager to help with a problem. Actually cares about the products he sells and will recommend what he thinks will best suit your needs. Couldn't be happier with the level of customer service they bring to the industry.

34pierce34 .

Loren Scott

Mike is awesome

Bryan Martineau

Great Staff,Very personable, amazing selection and even if they don't have what you want they will keep trying till they can get it for you.

Lumos Pumpkin

The fish in the tanks looked great, especially the saltwater varieties, but the very few betta fish they had looked VERY unhealthy. They were listless, dull in color, and one of them looked like it had the beginnings of sores on its body. I know bettas are aggressive and can't be kept in community tanks but the little cups they're sold in should at least be clean. These weren't.

Amanda Reven

Mike is so helpful. He answered our question about our Jack Dempsey and provided a great recommendation on Giant Danios. It is nice supporting a small business.

Spencer R

After visiting many local fish shops around NH I have to say Fish Mikes has the best freshwater selection around! Tons of beautiful rare finds and the healthiest aquatic plants! Great service, price and product!! Highly recommended!

john white

Visited the store for the first time on Sunday. The fish and plants were in very good shape. The prices were decent. Mike has a very good knowledge base about the hobby. I highly recommend his store.

Tom Doyon

Very knowledgeable staff and great inventory of fish, plants, and reptiles.

Dana S

Great place with knowledgeable friendly service.

George Peacock

Great place, friendly staff. Mike is the best fish and reptile store.

Andrea Caruncho

There was a scheduling mix up on the owner's part, I was waiting for him and he never came. I gave it a 2nd chance and went to the store, owner and staff are VERY knowledgeable! Wish there was more information on the website and wish there was a shopping or even browsing available on the web site.

Shaynabic .

Best fish store in the area.

Betty Campbell

Never been there

Aaron Louis


Very knowledgeable and great customer service.

Allison Black

Awesome little place. Owner is super helpful and chill. Looking forward to going back for my next goldfish

Murray Collette

Great first impression. We came in looking for a sump tank for our saltwater system and didn't need anything fancy. Mike suggested some solutions and offered up alternate stores that might have a better deal than he could provide. We talked some more and he suggested a used saltwater glass aquarium that he had in the back. He offered it to us at a reasonable price. Thank you for the help - we will be back.

Kathy A

Fish Mike does a great job discussing the various options available, and helping to determine what the best solution is for one's particular situation. He was very responsive to our office fish tank needs and was eager to please. We wish him all the best as he sets up shop in the Manchester area!

Marianne Packer

Great aquarium store. Mike is very knowledgeable and was able to point us in the right direction.

Joe LeRoy

Very clean

Leafwalker Primus

This shop is small, personal, clean and probably the best fish place in the area. The staff is always friendly and knowledge.

Lance Thebodeau

Very helpful and eager to get you what you need. Definitely recommend stopping in if you are starting a new aquarium!

Ben Kane

Extremely helpful and knowledgable on everything fish they helped us set up our entire salt water tank when we had no clue and its amazing


I am a frequent flyer at Mikes. His live stock is always healthy and tanks are kept clean. I continue to be impressed with his selection of drift wood, LED lights and general supplies that you just can't get at the big box stores. The LED that I purchased from him is incredible! It has remote controlled lighting storms!!! Over the few months that he has been in business on Blaine St I've purchased several fish and countless supplies from him. Also Ive gotten some great advice from him. It's been very refreshing to be able to go to a store and talk about the aquarium hobby with someone that truly knows what they're talking about and loves the hobby!!! Nick

Ashley Swank

Great store! The Owner knows his stuff and everyone is very helpful with questions and service. They are the "above and beyond" guys.

Tito Rodriguez

Duke Daywalker

Jack Callahan

Place is the best.

William Theriault

Very knowledgeable and helpful proprietor. Great selection.

Kelley Vance

Very knowledgeable and clean store.

Keith Belcher

Mike is a VERY helpful shopkeeper and will do a lot to help you with your tank. Great place and will continue to shop at this store

Mike S

Kyle Libby

Best freshwater fish store in the area. Owner is very knowledgeable and helpful should you need advice on anything. Had a lot of fish that I had never seen or heard of before - namely less common tetra and micro rasbora species. Whether you are new to the hobby or an experienced keeper you should check it out.

Ashlee Mardanes

Love this place! Only place I'll ever buy my fish from, I've never had an issue with any of the fish I've bought from here. Plus he's great with answering any questions you might have about what fish can go with the fish you have now, what type of plants you can use, how to set up your tank, etc. Always leave happy every time I come here, will be a repeat customer for life.

Arnaldo Hernandez

Thunder Bubbles

The man working at the time I went was very helpful in my setting up of a saltwater tank. He suggested hermit crabs at first and to add more in later. When I went back he remembered me and where I was in the setup 4 days after my 1st visit. Very polite, helpful and respectful!

Bentley my crazy dog!!

Cute little place.. friendly people that work there

Mandy Dow

Absoultley beautiful store with well kept tanks. Great variety of fish and products that were all well priced. Very healthy looking reptiles fed fresh veggie/fruit salads that were fit for a king. Highly recommend.

Johnny Wallace

Sherry LeProhon

Great knowledge. Great fish.


Only aquatics store in Manchester that actually gives good advice !!

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