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REVIEWS OF Bills Pet and Aquarium IN New Hampshire

Noah Dion

I've read a few of the other reviews. I do have to agree that the storefront is pretty crammed, and a little dirty. Staff seems friendly. The koi pond is really neat, and the puppies and kittens are wicked cute. Whether the owner goes thru a Mill, or select breeders is unforeseen. I do not know enough about their specific practices. But my input would be if you really want an AKC or purebred, buy locally from private independent and licensed breeders held in high regards...otherwise please please ADOPT! They're are plenty of good animals in need of a forever happy home. They have a really nice selection of fish, but I feel the best part of this store is the used tank and aquaria gear for sale in the back. Had some nice looking used tanks for pretty good deals, and some crappy looking ones that probably needed some new silicone and a good clean for below $20. Can't beat that if you're looking for a good beginner tank and don't wanna spend a lot. I'd definitely check this place out and give it a chance, but depends on what you're planning to go in there to look at or buy. Overall decent since I like to find deals on used equipment, but the store probably isn't for everyone.

Debra Wilcox

Emma Kelly

Maribel Schadlick

Excellent food. The service was phenomenal. The waitress was very friendly and accommodating. If u have issues with certain foods let ur waitress know n she will be as helpful as she can.

Jen Legay

After walking in, this first thing that will hit you is the smell of the pond with over crowded turtles should have turned us away. As you look to your right upon entering you will see a exotic cockatoo bird who (due to stress & i assume improper handling) Has lost its feathers on its chest. The cage looks like it hasn't been cleaned & i really felt bad for the safety of the animals in this place. I especially remember this bird since it was there 10+ years ago when this shop was in wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better healthy condition. That bird was & looked way better then now. After a quick walk around, the dogs look to big for the space given, the cages are not cleaned regularly & don't even get me started on the over crowding of the mice & hamsters. The snakes look like they need help, there getting to big for the cages & the fish tanks are not cleaned on the exterior ... i couldn't go further.. the smell was a turn off. We left quickly & disappointed that someone could be in care of these animals and place like this. Avoid at all costs, if this was 10 years ago and under the previous ownership.. then i would have never written this review.. it look something like this to make you aware of how sad the conditions are.

matthew petrowski


Cutest pups, not the greatest conditions for them.. I would like to see people lay and walk barefoot on wire cages and see how it feels... For shame!!

Natasha Curtis

Get the dogs/puppies out and about! They all looked sick (runny,snotty noses..ECT) just sad! #Jailed

Edith Torrey

The way the rats and mice are housed is disgusting and harmful. The males and females being house together is just horrible and the cages are filthy.

Kassandra Ettore

I took my puppy in here and instantly picked him up because of how disgusting the floors were and how dirty over all the store was. poor puppies feet could fit right through the cages. no bedding or warmth for the puppies or kittens. very sad and disgusted. no animal lover would allow these conditions.. they NEED to be shut down.

Josh Johnston

Cute store, they let you play with the animals (provided they haven't been adopted yet). Don't stick your fingers in the parrot cage, KC is ornery and will bite you.


Krysten Proksa

Nina Ashford

Awsome place cute pups

Kim Rielly

Live this place. Great staff, adorable puppies, large selection of fish. I leave happy every time.

Zachary Allen

Matthew Noelte

Stephan Lafontaine

Best all around pet store in the city! They have a little of everything and a great fish and puppy selection

Αnna Manaras

Angel Cascamisi

Disgusting. The smell was awful. The puppies all looked sick. Aquariums looked like they haven't been cleaned in Forever. Mice where piled on top of each other in tiny enclosures with no space. Anyone who gives this place business is disgusting.

Steve Carmichael

Friendly staff and great deals!

TCyan Creations

Loved it!

Chelsey Whitford

We recently purchased our beautiful Golden Retriever from Bill, we named her Alice! She is the best thing ever! Bill was wonderful with everything, I love the fact that he takes all his dog to an actual vet, very personable and knowledgeable. We will defiently be purchasing another dog from him when the time is right for us! Thank you Bill!

mike neal


The animals all look sick and they are way over priced. They are all in small cages have really nice fish though.

Kelly Souza

Have been here multiple times to visit with the animals. They are very friendly about letting you play with the animals which I guess is good for socialization ? And gets them out of there cages. Could be a bit cleaner in general I feel but guys are real nice and seem to really care for these animals and know what they are talking about and will answer all your questions.

Chris Buckley

Good s service

Ann B

Just over 13 yrs ago, I purchased (against my normal act of rescuing) a Cocker Spaniel who actually picked me. He made my life so much brighter everyday. With me being partially homebound, we were together every single day. Unfortunately he just passed away on May 23, 2019 exactly 13 years and one day of taking him home. He was incredible with cats, kids and just everyone. He was funny & to smart for his own good. He snorted each time he grab something he knew he wasn’t supposed to have, it was his way of laughing. He loved to Cuddle, and to lay with me on my chair. He would follow me everywhere I went. he hated the rain & snow. I was very pleased with the service I received there. When I first got him I brought him to my vet, who was very pleased with his health and condition, and actually surprised to find he was a shop and not an adopt. As he grew older the health issues that he would experience, were common in the breed. My heart is broken from losing him, my world feels empty. But when the time is right I would consider looking here. But the only shop I would.

Tim Centella

I go here for my Snake's food. Always have rats. Good prices

Steve Cole

Not much of a selection of animals. Prices considerably higher

michelle Tillson

Smelly and the dogs are over priced and sad

Devin Harris

Great place, got a puppy with financing no problem, but their bird sounded like a dinosaur that scared everyone and our new puppy

Angela Wilkinson Pare

Love Kasey the parot!


Great staff and very knowledgeable

Jason Caldon

This place was so dirty. The smell as soon as you walk in hits you in the face as well as all the flies. It was so hot in there all the animals were overheated. The aquariums looked like they have never been cleaned. So depressing!

Logan McCarthy

C Hoffman

I went in, not greeted until I got to back of the store. The puppies broke my heart. Either completely isolated or overly crammed in the cages... the rabbits were in a much better enclosure. The puppy prices were insane, and I don't understand why anyone would pay that price. Wire cages without even a dog bed to lay on. The dogs were all lethargic and barely noticed people walking by. Adopt from a shelter. Get a healthy, noninbred animal and give it a forever home. I came to look at fish. Their fishroom was dark, overpriced fish, very little selection. Several dead fish floating. 80.00 for a juvenile axolotl? Omg. This place needs to clean up or close up.

Troy Shupe

Great place always freindly great help they always there to help


I bought my Alaskan Malamute puppy back in February, and he was perfectly healthy and still is! Thank you so much!

Christine W

Anita Torraco

Bill was attentive, very helpful and knowledgeable. The pets were adorable and very well cared for. We enjoyed our visit.

Kofun GShep

Donny Hebert


Sarah Neubert

Ediejo Atkins

I've been wanting to write this review for a long time . I was sold a puppy last September 2018. The puppy was listed on web page with his picture .Chihuahua . There was alot of go around involving deposits and holding this puppy for me . Bill seemed in a rush to have me buy him ,because it would be more difficult to sell an older puppy. Well,now I see why ?? This puppy was not a Chihuahua AT ALL . I complained to the Vet about it too . Well,I had this dog who was nothing like a Chihuahua personality wise . He was larger ,very hyper and barked ten times louder than any Chihuahua I've ever had . So in Mid February all the people in my apt.building complained constantly and zi was pressured to re-home him .He was scheduled for a neuter the end of that month too. Now,I'm out $750.00 cash plus credit card debt . I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income . I had permission to have a Chihuahua at my apt.complex . This was false advertising ,and I used the same vet ,as Bill takes the puppies to for health checks . Oh yes,Bill was complaining about me coming to pick up the puppy ,and told me he had 2 rounds of puppy shots and he only had one . That was another out of pocket expense. That was supposed to be included in the price . The puppy always reeked of urine every time I visited him at Bill's too. I will no.linger support pet stores that sell puppies and kittens . I'm tired of getting taken for $$$ . Now ,I have nothing to show for it . Thankfully that puppy has a nice home in the country where he can run around and a caring owner ,that didn't pay me a cent for him . Because a good home was Paramount . I felt like I was the foster Mom only ,and it sucked big time . I never had this problem ,when it was Petland with Mike as owner .

Kate Peterson

The pets look depressed, the staff is some teenage kid. Not a good place for people who actually love animals. They do have live feeder mice, so at least there's that.


**NEEDS TO SHUT DOWN PERMANTLY** conditions that animals are kept in are extremely poor and inhumane. Has been like this for too long. Please do not support

Daniel Nelson

Bought a Beta, named him Pete. Bill's the best. Go here.


Love visiting this place! Lots of variety in their fish.

Steven Kaufman

Came in to talk with Bill about new innovations within the pet space as well as some treats for my dog. Bill and his staff are well manured and well versed in all aspects of the business and animal care. The place has been cleaned up, renovated and looks like a very respectable establishment. Bill is open to new ideas and convenient / practical products as well as wellness products to which he can offer his customers and their pets. Whether shopping on your 'grocery run' or looking for a pet gift for a friend or relative, Bill Pet Shop should be on your list of places to visit in Manchester!

brenden murphy

They let you play with the puppies!!

alicia berzinis

I went there with my partner just to look around the store and fell in love with 2 kitten. We werent planning on getting them but the kitten cage had around 8-10 kittens with one litter box that smelled as if it hadnt been cleaned in weeks. We bought the kittens and were talking about how poorly the dog cages were and how sad every animal looked. When bringing the kittens home we found that they were infested with fleas and had tape worm and one of them had a heart murmur. There was also the coxcidia and a list of other health issues. On top of that the kittens are very head shy and do not like to be around people. Although Bill seems like a fantastic guy and might love every animal he has in his store, he needs to really think about a small expansion or moving to a better location so he can have the room for the animals. He needs to hire a few more staff members and clean cages more often. I wish the best for him, but with he knew of all the health problems of the kittens before selling them to me.

Sheila Semanek

Nice animals and food selection. could be kept up a little better

Michael Barthelemy

Very clean pet store I bought my Siberian husky here and she's such a good dog

Peterson Bros

Very good customer service and the team was wonderful highly recommended from Peterson Bros Sealcoating of Nh

Ron Tuell

Place was very dirty roof was leaking, no real selection, and a lot of old fish tank parts. Bird was friendly only seemed to be stressed as was missing many feathers. Felt sorry for it.

balloon star

They did not have the supplies I needed when I went. They sell animals that should only be adopted from a shelter or purchased from a reputable, limited birth number breeder.

kuyvlnh yfvy uvf

Great place for aquarium stuff, also the price is very down

Mallorie Bissonnette

We bought a puppy from bills one month ago. She's had her first vet visit with us, and had one while with Bill's. My puppy is PERFECT, HEALTHY, SMART, AND AN ABSOLUTE DOLL. WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH OUR BILLS EXPERIENCE. 9 Thank you BILL'S pet and aquarium for completing our family.

Melissa DePalma

They treat their puppies inhumanly. Adopt don't shop.

Brandon Durden

Caitlin Murphy

Beth Marino

This place sells puppy mill dogs. This cruel industry breeds millions of dogs every year and though the puppies may be cute, the parents are treated horribly. They are kept caged with little to no socialization. They are basically puppy machines and are bred again and again for profit. When they can no longer have puppies or become too ill, they are dumped or killed. Please, please, if you love animals, do not buy from pet stores!! These people care only about the money they can make from selling these poor pups. Also know that millions of animals are euthanized every year for lack of homes. Please look into adopting a dog or puppy from a rescue or shelter!! Adopt, don't shop!

Jared James

Great Place

Xiu Minnie

I go there alot with my mom and just look at the animals, we just go in and play with the puppies~ so cute :) Ive gotten a few dogs from there and i think, two cats? And they are all healthy as of now, and the only time I got a pet unhealthy from that location was when it was petland. So I guess bill is doing something right :) yeah I agree they could use some more space and better cleaning and definitely more staff. I understand its like a small local business but to have to wait so long.... /sigh/ And to the people giving terrible reviews, I guess cockatoos and just birds in general are so 'exotic' to you that you have no idea what molting is.... The birds aren't sickly and stressed they are -molting- google it. And I love that they let the birds out and some of the other little guys, because its better and more humane than leaving them in their cages 24/7. (p.s i absolutely love casey the bird <3 I go sometimes just especially to see that little cutie. I swear that is the nicest bird you will ever meet, although he is a little trickster ;) ) And I just want to thank bill for my dog I just got a couple months ago, he is the apple of my eye :) He is so sweet and protective and is my best friend. I honestly wouldnt be here if it werent for my dog bear. So I may be biased towards this shop for introducing me to this fluffball, but it honestly is a good store and you shouldnt be so harsh. The end~ /drops mic/

Carol Ann Demetrio

Dogs in cages that are wired on the bottom. Small cages too with more than one dog in some. Not too clean in general. Not impressed. We were looking at the fish, but left empty handed. Didn't have prices for some of the fish. Going elsewhere. Depressing place to buy a dog or cat.

Jaylee Jackson

This place is horrible and unsanitary. The only reason I bought a rat from this place is because I felt horrible for her. When I asked for a hairless female the man working there went to the back and I watched him check the sex and pull her out of the cage by her tail. You shouldn't pick ANY animal up by their tail. Not to mention that those "cages" are extremely over crowded. There is easily 30 rats in one 10 gallon aquarium. It looks like they barely have food and water and they're on sawdust. I understand that some may be for snake food. That being said, they aren't housed by sex, which means the females could become pregnant and you aren't supposed to feed snakes pregnant rodents. The poor baby I got was so scared when I was taking her home. She didn't even have and actually carry on case. The guy put her in a whisky box. I hate this pet store. The dogs look sad and sick and the care the rodents are recieving (or lack there of) is just not okay. I would give this place zero stars if I could.

Brittany M

Gabriella Fernandez

Xavier Louis

Saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

Stevie Sparrow

I like your bird.

Harold Schleicher

It's were I get Georges snale food

chelsea johnson

the pet products are few and far between and what they do have is filthy. The dogs are in cages that are wired on the bottom, the dogs are visibly uncomfortable. There is a very sick cockatoo that has few feathers. My husband and I went there to look for pet products and ended up repairing the puppy play pen as there were nails and staples sticking out. We played with the puppies just to get them out of their uncomfortable cages. We both left in tears. They clearly do not take pride in their business, nor should they.

Sal Ippolito

Ryan Waldron


Sarah Dillard

Had great service and our Aussie is so remarkable and healthy. Thank you for your service and any questions I had . You guys rock

James Stutler

I was interested in buying a dog,I asked to see it.the guy at the shop said he wasn't taking anymore dogs out I said fine,as turned to look around and he brought out another dog after he told me no.I had the cash for the dog. Plus kennel cough pretty bad, turtles hurt,bird looks like it is moulting sad looking. Customer service supervision or care to animals it seemed

Michelle Plessner Duguay

Heather Jones


Good spot helpful

daniel rai

Twila Cote

We bought a adorable little dog there today. Staff so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend you going there.

Holly Fournier

The staff is always so nice. I bring my dogs there to get their nails clipped, our very skiddish pup allows Bill to clip her nails and never cries or nips at him because he's so gentle.

Sabrina Forsyth

Danielle Shapleigh

Great people! Very nice let my daughter love up a puppy even though we were not taking him home!!

Niki Dubois

Messy fish tanks, poor betta conditions, too many rodents per tank/enclosure, generally uncomfortable environment.

Candis Kula

Freekster1844 .

Sheila Sturgeon

we just got our puppy.thank you

Tony Potter

Love this little aquarium store

Joelys Maldonado

Joe Dupont-Roche

Came twice, both times their hours on google said "open". Closed both times. Is this place still even in business??

Lynnette Acosta

Chloe Riley

devyn chabot

charles Peaslee

lee morin

They dont take care of the dogs. And the bird

Samara Gagne

james boisvert

Excellent service buy my fish there all the time vary knaugable about there fish

Teri Leef

Last year I purchased an Australian Shepherd from Bills. Some people might have thought the dog was agressive AND if they did they are completely wrong. This dog is/ was a puppy and a herding dog. They normally have great energy. If you want a lap dog... Then get a lap dog but I can tell you this Dog I purchased is a gem. Yes lots of energy because he wants to work. A puppy and all puppies can be distructive so give them jobs. Sit, stay, leave it, come when called, wait etc etc is not embedded into the mind of a puppy. YOU MUST TEACH THEM. I just adore this dog. He snuggles. He is smarter then most. More so the guys that work at Bills are the best reps! They are informative and very knowledgable. I brought my dog back there today for a visit. It was awesome. Go to Bills you'll love the reps and what they have. Keep the good heart guys. Theresa and my boy Titus!

edward wachenfeld

(Update 1/11/19: the first puppy in the ad is Coco we just added him he's 10 weeks old to our family this makes our third beautiful puppy from bills he is healthy and we are so happy for the excellent customer service and health of our puppy from bills thank you once again for an outstanding puppy purchase experience )...Just bought our second puppy here today customer service is top-notch we absolutely love going here we've been going here for over 10 years and we will be going back for more. large selection of pet products and services

Ariana B

James Carignan

Lee Rodriguez

It's just not what it used to be.

Allyson Lee


Rob McQuaid

Got my guinea pigs here. but kind of expensive. but they know what they're doing so it's worth it

Ben Nault

Debra Feliz

Beatiful pets great customer service and easy fast financing plans... Ill never buy a puppy anywhere else

Nathan Maynard

Oh. Katie

WARNING BAD TRUTHFUL REVIEW AHEAD my stepmom and I went into the store hoping to find welcoming staff, and cute puppies that we would be able to touch and cuddle. and even perhaps buy one. when we walked in, we were very upset to see that the puppies and kittens were in glass boxes (with no holes) in the wall, we saw only one blanket in the boxes and it was a kitchen towel (or a hand towel) a small kitten was sleeping on. these puppies looked so sad. i was thoroughly disappointed with the staff there and how they had treated the puppies and kittens. the fish had more space than the four legged friends... i was so sad to see this horrible enviroment and walked right out. this is not how puppies or kitties should be treated. very disappointed and sad to see this place. i would never go back again.

Zihao Chen


Geoff Hamer

Bernice Demers

Glenn Beaulieu

Every time I buy fish they die by the time i get home! Aggravating

Adam Wheeler

This pet store always has great fish and odd ball stuff u can't find anywhere else puppies are awesome and love the used aquariums and equipment to A+ guys

Teaghan Dennis

• JayD3vo •

The bird they had there in particular which was a Moluccan cockatoo his cage for his size to me is still small, I know his feather plucking was from a diffrent area because I don’t think they would harm it but I could be wrong. The cages there where too small for most of the dogs they had and it looked terrible I wish they did not sell small dogs as because people who buy them small will not nearly want them when they’re big, that’s for some people though. Either way the store is also quite a mess when I came by like it was compleatly unfinished and the cage for the puppies where do small there it was terrible. Some fish doesn’t have prices and some of the animals don’t even look well like most where sick

vivian morin

We purchased a king charles cavalier. They honored the 2 week and paid for pet visit. Best dog i ever had. They were awesone to buy from.

Capt Benny Lava

A little run down looking but has a great helpful staff and a wonderful selection of dogs

Steve Buske

Really cool atmosphere on the inside. Fun to look around. Super friendly and attentive too. Reasonable prices on mice too compared to Petco.

Brandi Gomes

Was not welcomed when walking into the building. The guy at the cash register seemed miserable, as if he hated his job. This was my FIRST and LAST time I will be visiting this awful pet store. Horrible customer service. If you hate your job quit, don't bring that kind of additude to work, especially with the wonderful opportunity of working with beautiful animals and people interested. Worst pet store I've been to.

Denis Beaudoin

other reviews claim to have seen mistreated animals and dirty conditions etc, but ive never seen a pet store run by anyone better than bill. he loves each animal and takes very good care of them. me and my wife have gotten 3 puppies and a kitten, and never had any issues. he does not use mills either. he chooses to go through verified breeders with good reputations. 5 stars since that is the max.

Jon Sykes

Hsiu Chang

Friendly atmosphere. Cute puppy around $1500-$3000

chandra soucy

Not going to lie its very sad when you walk into a dark dingy place like this. Animals are extremely over priced and in these small glass boxes where they can barely move and sometimes there are multiple dogs in one box.

Eric C

Great shop . Just bought my second dog from them both times they gave great customer service This pup had gardia a common puppy parasite and they covered treatments for my pup and other two dogs Outstanding service

Mark B Ouellet

Corbin Chadwick

Ai Perkins

george monty

Friendly staff, attentive to surroundings

aaron degrenier

Daniel Thompson

Need more people to serve customer

Vicki W

This place e should be shut down! The poor animals are crammed into small wire bottom cages without even a blanket or a toy. The kitties drinking water is pushed next to it's litter box because there is so little room in the cage. The animals look sad, frightened and uncared for!

Helen Ramirez

They had big dogs in there drinking water out of a container you would have for your gerbil! They are dehydrated and very stressed ! This place needs to be shut down! I left crying ! How could you own a pet store and treat this animals so poorly !

Tori Salvato

Justin McGowen .


The owner is so kind and somehow manages to see everyone's needs and has a positive attitude all the time. Not to mention the store is always clean

Tessa Bartlett

holly lord-paquin

k bernard

Our king charles pup is the best! Thanks for a healthy well tempered puppy bill!

Doesn't Matter

Went for a visit to check this place out. It was clean, the staff was friendly and honest. Only a 4 star because I wish the puppies had more space to stand and play. They all had toys and their areas were clean with fresh water. The bird that lives there is cool too. Yes he is missing feathers but if u do some research you will learn this is common for this bird. I'm not a fish person but they had plenty if you were.

Raymond Chartier

Liane Fuhrmann

Got my dog from there

Jonnathan Custodio

Bill thank you so much.We got are new addition to our family the German Shepherd is handsome healthy and very smart are vet said we were very lucky on this pick.


Edward Rolland-Domenichello

Cool place. Nice setup. Puppy cages are small, but that's always a concern. As long as they take care of them, they are good.

Taz Man

One of the best tropical fish stores I have ever encountered that was within a pet store, and their staff have expert experience with the hobby.

Dan Newell

Spanky R

Bill is the best around has had business with me for 12-15 years


Nice little pet shop.

Leslie Rice

Bill is the Best. Great service, Great place to get a dog also . He does my Dad's pugs nails and My birds nails and wings and other things. He is very friendly and awsome stop in and see what he has you wouldn't be sorry. We got a pug off of him . Excellent.

Joshua Lynch

Stephanie T

I stopped in to this pet shop with my daughter just to look around. It was very depressing. My daughter is 10 and she could tell by looking at the dogs that they were sick. I feel so bad for any animal who ends up here. It is sickening. What is really sad is there mom and chilren playing with a lab puppy while we were there? I can not imagine ever giving my money to a place like this? It is filthy. The poor animals all look sick. The lights were blinking in the puppy cages. It was like a horor movie. Myself and my daughter felt ill after visiting this shop.

Tawna Coleman

Few months ago I got a puppy. And ends up not being the breed he was listed as. He's not even pure bred. So why I paid over a grand for a puppy that 1. Wasn't even pure bred. And 2. Not even the breed that was listed.

Lauren Ashley

Puppies were adorable but unfortunately all sick. The owner is very cruel to his animals. Pee all over the floor. Puppies were cute though.

K DeRoy

I have been going to this pet store for 14 years and its the only pet store I trust. Bill takes amazing care of his puppies and the store is clean. I have had 3 dogs from this store and they all are healthy and happy. There is not bad smell when you walk in. The puppy cages are clean and come from good breeders. I would recommend this pet store to anyone who wants to get a pet.

Brianna Warnick

This pet store is a very sad place. The dogs do not have any room to exercise and they sit in tiny cages with wired bottoms. My guinea pig lives in a bigger cage than the dogs at this store. Two puppies didn't even have a toy to play with in the cage and when I asked to take it out to play it seemed like it had never walked around or played with a toy before. There is also no actual play pen to visit the dogs in..I wish we could have taken the dogs out for a walk because they probably have never seen grass. This is abuse and no pet store should be allowed to run this way. The bird there also has no feathers which is a sign of stress. The rats are also crammed in a tiny tank with no room to move. The staff was friendly but they could change a lot about the place even with a low budget.

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