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REVIEWS OF Bentley's Roast Beef IN New Hampshire

Cheryl Patten

Not sure what happened??? Always loved their Steak and cheese. This was the 2nd time I was extremely disappointed

David Granacher

1st visit..great food

Paulette Boyer

Roast beef was tasteless,but more importantly... we ordered a sandwich WITHOUT tomatoes ( due to allergies). The sandwich was loaded. I requested tomatoes, got Zero! When I notified the owner he was very rude. Very matter of fact. I explained.. I only wanted to have him remind his help to be more careful. He told me to have a nice day. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Jim Fichera

Always great food and great service!

Kevin McDermot

Damn good food, had to give four stars instead of five cause they don't got bacon

Benjamin Mares

This is an amazing classic small town roast beef spot that's been around for a while now. They've always been super friendly and the portions are huge! It's a touch on the pricy side, but in my opinion, totally worth a visit.

Curtis Boskee

Seriously, best roast beef ever!

Jeff Ahrent

This is the best roast beef sandwich shop around

Caree Niceley

Food and service is great.

Drew Wood

First time and likely won't be back. I was way over charged. Different prices than on their own website and up charged for things without letting me know. Bill came out almost 35% over what it should have been. Sad because this place came recommend by someone else.

Dana Nowell

Roast beef sandwich on onion roll is excellent. Fast foodish atmosphere.

Huguette Albert

I'm in love with roast beef again. Delish, they made perfect, all I can say.

cliff conti

Nice place for a quick meal. Nice outside seating...homemade everything. Good service。

bigreader88 .

Surprisingly great fish and chips. I would go again off I lived closer, unfortunately I only stopped in because it was on the road while I was moving.

Dawna D

Great roast beef sandwiches and lots of other awesome food choices, dessert too

Kate Murphy

This place is a hidden gem! Great food!

Paul M

Just had the roast beef sandwich large. As usual it was so tender and tasty. I highly recommend this place. Very fresh food and polite staff Thanks

Jim D

Good selection, good food, quick service, pleasant atmosphere.

steve moore

Great place to eat! Roast beef sandwiches are the best anywhere. My kids also love thier burgers and fries.

Shelly Duggan

Very clean restaurant and extremely friendly staff. My husband and son love the roast beef sandwiches. They are very well filled with lots of freshly sliced beef. I highly recommend the horseradish sauce. I love the spinach pies. They are so very fresh and filled with spinach, feta, and onions. The pies also heat up very nicely days later and taste just as delicious. We haven't tried the whole menu yet but everything has been very good in the 3 or 4 visits we have made. Totally worth a trip!

Jay Patterson

Tough to find a good roast beef joint in NH (a la the greats of the North Shore in MA, specifically the motherland in Lynn), but this place comes pretty close. I wish they had duck sauce packets like the places in MA and my daughter really wishes they had spinach rolls, but when you need a fix for a couple of junior beefs 3-way, it does the trick.

Ron Nussle

I've gone there several times and have never been disappointed.

Thomas Lippert

Great food huge portions

Donna Harlow

1st time here and it was delish! I got the regular roast beef and onion rings. It reminds me of Bill and Bob's Roast Beef that I grew up eating and loving. Everyone that was working there was very friendly I will definitely go back.

Patrick Longo

So good

Celeste Arredondo

Good food, huge portions and lots to choose from. The prices are a bit high and the dining area needs to be renovated. But will be back!

Chip DiPietro

stopped by today and ordered the giant roast beef. I'd put this sandwich up against any of the "North Shore" roast beef places in Mass.

Eric Damboise

Excellent roast beef sandwich

Mike Green

Awesome roast beef sandwhich. Horseradish sauce was perfect. Great place!

Rich Lanoue

First timer on sat 11th got just clams to go WOW 2 days to finish.Went back on monday to try the roast beef sub you have to be kidding Phenomenal Back again on sat the 18th another RB sub with mayo +horse radish what can i say you have a customer for life it is well worth the 20minute one way drive will be back for more.

Justin Roberts

Great place with a good sandwich. Inside is a bit cozy at peak times but it's worth it when you're biting into the roast beef bliss. Fries and sides are good too!

Sebastian Barthelmess

Great Roast beef plates and sweet potato fries. Super fast. Nice little spot.

Steven Galuna

OK this has gone on to many times I have visited this place. I have been to this shack on 4 separate lunch visits and have ordered the extra large beef and every time the beef is chewy and NOT TENDER. 4 times every time. Would it kill the owner of this place to spend some money on a better quality cut of beef. The last time I was at this place I spent almost $20 on lunch... never again. This place is on my permanent banned list for lunch AND dinner. If I'm on business down in Massachusetts I will be stopping by Kings Roast beef, Kelly's famous Roast Beef or Beachmont Roast Beef. We usually spend $30.00 to $60.00 on takeout a week and this place will never see any of that again.

Joan Teno

Always excellent food, fast, friendly and courteous service, and did I say excellent food❗

Victoria Hebert

they have good food

Karin W

Fell upon this place tonight, cute place, great staff, awesome food! Highly recommend!!! I will be back!!!

Gail Berry

The hadock dinner was delicious. The fish was cooked to perfection. The fries were hot and Crist and the slaw was great. The cabage was diced small rather than the long julianne cut and it was not over dressed.

Matt Barden

Great outdoor space for the kids to hang.

Mark.D Murdough

Great roast beef sandwiches, been going here since 2005. Recommend checking it out!

Leatherman Jams

Fresh seafood as advertised


Always good.

Henry Camirand

Great food for the small out of the way place. Worth finding a parking space.

Northern Lights

Update! Went here again today, sub was great! Pricing is high but good food. I always ask myself what the difference in roast beef is between Market Basket and anywhere else if its not like grass fed or organic or something, seems like it would all be from the same kind of cow on the same factory farm -maybe cut thinner? I asked the girl on the phone what I should try, she said the roast beef, so I ordered it. I went there and picked it up, straight roast beef, with I think mayo, good portion, but I guess I should have requested some veggies. The girl on the phone never asked. I did observe what I assume was the owner assembling orders. He was talking about someone who was late for work while there was a bunch of people there, not sure what this was about. Anyway he seemed pretty nice, but not someone I would want to complain about salty food to. :)

Stephanie Baron

The slightly warm roast beef just melts in your mouth. Not to mention served on an onion roll! Outstanding!

D Lewis

You have to try a loaded roast beef sandwich. The wait is long unless you call ahead. They need to expand just a bit.

Joyce Pert

We were shorted one sandwich(paid for). My sister's roll was slightly stale, and I did not get xtra sauce on mine. Past experience it was great food,it was still good, but we where a little disappointed this time

Mc fids

busy. But food was pretty great. Be careful of making a large order. Im pretty sure the large fry we paid for was a small. I enjoyed it though.

Jayma Brissett

One of the best steak & cheese subs I've ever had!

Ashley Bailey Guelfi

Yummy food. Great friendly people.

Barry Parquette

Best around..

Mary Kling

Absolutely delicious roast beef sandwich and fries! So good. Service is always friendly and fast. This is a great place to go and get a meal or pick up dinner for home.

Doug Larter

Great roast beef sandwichs and get extra barbecue sauce on it.

Rob Duncan

Food was delicious Best roast beef sandwich I have ever had! Very friendly staff and the menu has a wide variety of different things. Highly recommend for lunch

Kevin O'Connell

always great.

Aleena Harney

They are always so nice. They have gone above and beyond when I called and ordered 10 minutes before closing. Absolutely the best customer service and the best roast beef. Even the value roast beef lasts me for two meals.

Keegan Chasse

I love their roast beef on an onion roll !

Paul Rivers

Ordered the Honey Spice Shrimp and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to try the other dishes. Stromgly recommend

Hays Junkin

First time customer: great giant roast beef sandwich....rare and delicious.

Al Wilson

Great lunch spot, friendly and quick

Stephen Moore

I had the Haddock Dinner it was great. Huge piece of Haddock and only $12.99!

Angeline Mortimer

My son and wife wanted to take me out for lunch last weekend while visiting them. They told me that Bentley's was great for roast beef and their lobster rolls. I ordered the the lobster roll and along with my daughter in-law and I couldn't believe how much lobster meat was in our rolls. Very little mayo, but just a bit of celery. This is the very best lobster roll I've ever had. Next year I will certainly come back. My son had the scallop plate and was very happy with his dish too.

Joseph Carmack

Amazingly fresh roast beef subs. Lots of other options too, but definitely try the roast beef. Look forward to going back soon!

Lourdes M

Was not wowed...went based on other reviews. Customer service was good however listening to negative remarks between staff was unpleasant. The roast been seems a bit too raw tasting...we did not finish our meal.

Patricia Caffelle

The food is always yummy and fresh.

Joanne Perham

We love Bentley's!

Alen Culum

They are very friendly and have variety of delicious dishes including very fresh seafood and ice cream, 2 thumbs up

n120983 .

Awesome, tender roast beef sandwich! Very generous with the amount of beef on the sandwich! The baklava was awesome as well! The staff are very friendly and attentive! Great job!

Timothy Kelley

Always delicious. I've never had a bad meal there! My go-to is the steak and cheese sub.

Mr. Bush

I love the food, but they charge extra for pickles... This is now the third time I've ordered from Bentley's that they've either messed up my order or overcharged me for food. Today, I've got to say something. I ordered a Value meal #10 which is a BBQ Chicken sandwich and comes with fries and a drink for $8.99. We have 9% meals tax so it should of been $9.80 total with tax. Instead they charged me about $12 for the meal. I asked the cashier why it was more, because I got the price directly from their website (not the google page menu which I made the mistake of using the last time). She told me that they charge for toppings even though she asked me on the phone if I wanted anything on it without any mention of it being extra. I only got lettuce tomato pickles and cheese. They need to tell the customer or list it on their website that toppings are extra. Feeling a little bamboozled by it all. Not cool guys not cool at all...

Mark Stordahl

Great roast beef , I miss this place

Skip Ambrose

Always good, fast service friendly staff

Denise Hamilton

Food is awesome!! Best roast beef around!!

Dean Wilson

Tiny bit pricey, but worth it! Roast beef is superb, and the rest of the menu, seafood included, is fantastic. You must try it!

jay Gladstone

Best roast beef in New Hampshire.... This is a place that knows how to put the meat on a sandwich .. Recommend this over any other restaurant serving Roast Beef

Scott Hurley

Great food


Best beef in NH, can't go wrong, everything there is amazing,dine in or out,service is great I would give it more than 5 stars if i could.

Harry Burke

Great food

Martha Jaramillo


Michael Twohig

Garbage food and the staff was very rude. Dont waste your time with this hole

Karen Gagne

Great Food and good service.

Trina LaRotonda

Really good sandwiches! Nice menu with lots o options

Sunil Sud

Their steak subs are the bomb! My wife loves their fresh fried seafood. Haven't tried anything else, but if these are any indication, you can't go wrong! Great, friendly service too, but ideal for take-out rather than eat in.

Mary Ann Bergeron

Excellent.....think they need to open up a place in FL♡♡♡♡

Grinnell M. Wood II

Ali your lobster roll sucks. it was more than half celery with old lobster meat drenched in nasty mayo in a soggy roll. I told a young man (I assumed he was the cook if you could call him that) I showed him the soggy roll half filled with celery and the remains of it. He just threw it in the rubbish bin. My wife and I walked out and I was voicing my thoughts about your establishment and the review that I'm going to leave. Then I was telling my son in law and he said that you use frozen lobster in your lobster rolls. THAT'S A NO NO ALI That is against the Lobster Roll Makers Guilds of the WORLD. YOU NEVER USE FROZEN LOBSTER.

P Ferwerda

Friendly staff. My wife enjoyed her gyro. I enjoyed my hot pastrami but it was a bit novel to have it served on a sesame seed bun. I liked the fries but my wife isn't a fan on the style as much as I am. They have a selection of fountain soda as well as a cooler with more variety. Seems like lots of folks do takeout as well.

Michaelle Hammann

Amazing! Best roast beef sandwich. Highly recommend

Edward Mayers

Food is great, roast beef, subs and seafood is excellent. Service is excellent also!

Patrick Stephens

Bentley's is hands down the best roast beef place in the area. Get a roast beef sub and you'll be transported to flavor country. I post this as I'm currently in a food coma from consuming an entire roast beef sub. Help me. To those talking about "omg it's pricey" really? You can go to Pressed cafe and spend a thousand dollars on a panini. Fight me.

Terrence Harple

Cozy place with friendly staff and a couple of great menus. Food is prepared @ the Red Arrow Diner, and delivered via a dumbwaiter.

Steve Coughlan

Delicious Clam Roll. Perfect fries. Fast friendly service. What's not to love?

Barbara russo

Above average sandwich shop. Excellent roast beef sandwich and fresh haddock sandwich. We will be back. On a Friday night it was busy with many friendly repeat customers but still service was quick and pleasant.

Scott Osterhuber

Absolutely outstanding! Try the roast beef, it can't be beat!

Alex Anderson

Great roast beef place

David Rogers

I'm sure they have lots of great stuff but I go there for the roast beef. I know what I like in a thinly sliced, hot roast beef sandwich and they have it!

Maribeth Lazich

LOVE their Greek lemon soup!!!


Good food nice service

Bill Mack

Excellent roast beef sandwiches and fried seafood platters. We had shrimp and scallops combo with onion rings ... delish! Staff is excellent and the location right on Rt 101a is perfect. A definite go-to place.

Seth Ohlemacher

Top 3 favorite places

Bob Abramo

Clean excellent place to have lunch. Biggest and best lobster roll that I have ever eaten!

Matt Archuleta you're used to the big chain sandwich shops, STOP! Well do what you want; however, if you want a tasty, value loaded-ample ingredient sandwich this is your place. Fresh made and prompt. Hint/Tip call ahead for pick up.

Don and Nancy Rankin

The roast beef is great but we had seafood this time. Tasted great and piping hot, better than most seafood restaurants

Jerry Voelker

Friendly staff and consistently the best quality roast beef in the area. Other items on menu are quality also. We visit often.

Angelika Weber

It was perfect for what we wanted. A quick good sandwich. There is outside seating which I always like. Nothing fancy, just basic good food.

Alice Finocchiaro

Their spinach pie, and baklava is really tasty. The cost is reasonable for what you have. They are a very relaxing place too eat.

Omar Abo

Best Roast Beef hand down. Sliced right when you order it. I always look forward to the next time I go back. I drive from Manchester to enjoy the giant bun with Horseradish. It's the bomb. Very nice crew, very friendly

Tim Thompson

Stopped in for lunch on 5/24/19 and the place was hopping with people (everybody was inside because it was pretty windy that day). At this place you order at the counter, get a buzzer, and then go sit at a table to wait for your food. We ordered a fish sandwich and a roast beef sandwich. It took only 8 minutes for our food to be ready. Both sandwiches were pretty large, especially for the price we paid. Therefore, they were an great value! The roast beef had barbecue sauce that was just right. Not too sweet and not too tart. Next time I will probably ask for a little more on the side. A lot of what was on the sandwich ended up on my face :-). The fish sandwich my wife had was delicious. This is a place we'll come back to often this summer!


Love the food, people, and atmosphere. An absolute must if you're hungry.

George Munson

Not just great roast beef.....great steak bombs and gyros. The raspberry lime ricky is exceptional, not too sweet and fresh lime squeeze.

Jerry Cournoyer

Food and staff are always amazing!

Chris Groleau

Best roast beef around. It melts in your mouth

Diane Paradis

My husband and I found this place for lunch. Best roast beef sandwich I've ever had. Staff were very friendly, it's a little far from where we live but I definitely go back

April Shay

Sandwich are amazing!! Prices are good.

Al Rotondi

Love Bentley's. Very friendly staff and wonderfully consistent food . Haddock to Roast Beef to burgers....have never been disappointed. Did I mention great value as well?

Timothy Root

Had their haddock sub, outstandingly fresh, as always. My wife is particularly fond of their chicken, lemon, orzo soup.

Shari Marston

Best roast beef in the area! Service with a smile.

David Carter

Amazing service, Very friendly, great food.

Jennifer Hersey

Love this place! I'm not even a big roast beef person, but you can't go wrong at Bentley's. Recommend the horseradish sauce.

Matt Fair

Haddock was delicious. Place never disappoints me.

Tameka Osborne

Hands down, some of the best roast beef in the Nashua area. So worth the 25 min drive

Steve Jones

Good food ...good price ...good service 9

Donna Freeman

Used to like it untill I had their $15.99 clam roll ,french fries and warm coleslaw the whole belly clam roll had broken clams shells in it and we're small portion. Hubby had the roast beef sandwich that was good except I didn't like the BBQ sauce

Laura Elcoate

Been there twice, don't know why we waited so long. Great roast beef, great corned beef. Fabulous onion rings. Good portions at fair price. Ruben sub enough for 2.

Cliff Hilton

Great food and great service. Get the giant its awesome.

Joe Plett

Impressive variety, quality and quantity (size of orders). Will definitely return and recommend to friends. There menu is so varied, I'll have to make many trips to try all the items that intrigued me.

Jay Kerrigan

Some of the best sandwiches, prices are very reasonable with large portions. I will definitely be visiting again. Nice seasonal outdoor seating.

Hank Stuart

Great sandwiches! Roast beef and pastrami were amazing.

Rick Parslow

Deelish! And reasonably priced.

Wendy Watson

Love service. The best roast beef sandwiches and fried paddock for the price and freshness.

Carol Gates

Great place first time good food I would go again people that worked there were pleasant an friendly too bad it was hot today I would been outside looks like bonfire when the weather is alot better its cute little place I would go again

Ryan Therrien

Phenomenal food made fresh! You’ll not find any frozen junk here!

Eric Robichaud

Stopped for the first time had a great fried haddock dinner nicely done not over cooked and soaked with grease nice and crispy on the outside nice and flakey inside no doubt going back

Gail Lamb

Good food friendly staff

Eric Emeneau

It's a small, locally owned, roast beef place with excellent roast beef. I've only been there once, so far, so I can only speak to the roast beef. It was fantastic!

Ken Burt

Very friendly staff happily recommended our lunchs. Both were excellent. Nice smallish place. In and outside tables. Highly recommend this casual easy place with awesome service and food. Going to stop and enjoy a steak and cheese tomorrow. Or maybe, "the always fresh seafood."

Wigzz0316 .

Great food just had a roast beef with fries and a mozz sticks. Price was a little higher than the cheap places to eat but the food was worth the extra care. Staff was on point when I walked in and wasn't a long wait to get my meal.

Jeanie Gagnon

Fairly quick but food not all that good for the price.

Jean Beauregard

The roast beef sandwiches are the best around this area.

Adam Harvey

Great service, great food, great price

John LeMaire

Everything here is great... RB, fisherman's platter, specials, fresh lime rickey... and the staff is super friendly. Enjoy your meal outside by the waterfall!

Linda Kinsman

Excellent Food and service, friendly environment!

Valquirio Carvalho

The food was good. I had roast beef. My wife had fried shrimp and the kids had burgers. Everybody enjoyed their meal. The service was fine even though they were pretty busy. I would go again.

Greg Ferraro

Was good for a quick lunch

Dave Summa

I'm probably giving too many stars (3)

Henry Taylor

2nd time eating here and I'm just as impressed as the first time. The food is FRESH, tastes great,a the staff is friendly. Highly recommend stopping by.

jay Roy

Reuben sandwich was delicious, Spinach pie was on point, and food was ready in a timely fashion!!

Thomas Dube

Wow delicous with outdoor seating

Marty Michener

Excellent quality and good price s.

Suzanne Brown

Delicious, reasonable with quick friendly service

Carol Rood

The steak and cheese was great. Also i had a lime rickey. Was made fresh to order. Great flavor.

David Dembkoski

First time. Great roast beef sandwich. Shaved, little horseradish, lettuce, tomato. Making me hungry typing this

Daniel Cajka

Roast beef sandwich. Duh

Norm Wings

Regular sandwich was terrific. Cole slaw was unremarkable. Workers were good.

Aubrey Perry

We love this place! Everything I order here is amazing, and the team who works here is so friendly. A really great local spot to grab something delicious and quick! :-)

Lee Breslow

Surprisingly small portions of fried seafood but very tasty. Lobster roll had lots of lobster but not much flavor.

Russell Holmes

Yummy as usual!

James Hilderbrand

Best R/B sandwich ever; BUT their Haddock Sandwich, WOW! As good as any Fish & Chips that I have ever eaten! And I've eaten them in England, Ireland, and Norway. So don't worry about the travel. Just go to Bentley's in Merrimack (Mass?)

ali Barakat

Amazing sea food platter, its so fresh like being on the pier. and don't get me started on those mean roast beef subs. can't wait to try something else.

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