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REVIEWS OF The Coffee Shop IN Nevada

Tim Carter

Horrible experience food was not fresh at all. Very low quality for the price.

Derek M

Good food, a bit pricey

Antonio Nevares

I just needed to pee...the toilet was quite reliable

Ronny Caluda

It is a normal casino restaurant... decent food that is way over priced.

Terry Masters

Very comfortable & good breakfast fare. Service was top notch.

Adam Angle

I ordered a burger here, and it was well cooked and very tasty. Great food with great service. Definitely would recommend.

Devlend Maul

Okay food. You pay for quantity not quality

Marie-Josee Gervais

Its was nice and the food was good but we had to have our dishes changed because they were dirty( before we received our food). We ate there twice during our stay in TI.

Paul McMore

Excellent food and awesome service

Allan Pugh

The pho was delicious the fact that you can get eggs grits and waffles and pho is awsome

Brenda Bee

Good place to have breakfast when your on this side of town. Prices are reasonable and the coffee is hot.

Kaviarasan Selvaraj

They serve very good american breakfast and coffee.. Had hot chocolate one day, really loved it.. I wouldn't recommend the French toast.. there is a wait time to get tables on weekends..

Markus Erlachner

Very good food

Abigail Olivas

Horrible service, very snobby. Had a big group of at least 20 would not allow more than 6 people to sit together. All other places to eat in casino closed at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night. Went elsewhere and were accommodated graciously. Would never give this place my money.


Great food excellent service a little on the pricey side

Cassi Maloney

Not a good experience. unfortunately the only place in treasure island open late. Food allergy request was not followed.

Anna Rich

Went for breakfast. Wouldn’t say it was anything special. Our server had a bad attitude.

Matt Zimbelman

Good food. Prices were what you'd expect for a Vegas hotel on the strip.

Barbette Collins

I enjoyed the atmosphere and great customer service!!

Humberto Heredia

They serve Pho here now. And it was delicious 3am Pho with a IPA can't get any better.

jom jim

22$ for a burger, 40 for a tbone steak that was chewy and average price of 25 for other plates. No thanks

Joshua Carrell

Surprisingly decent food for being a hotel restaurant.

matthew bradshaw

The food was decent enough. Way to expensive but it was convenient if your at treasure island. Coffee is 4.50. I wouldnt go out of way for this place.

Myles Mannix

If you have time to eat you may want to look for another restaurant as this is over priced, low quality and delayed service. I say delayed as the service provided was good just not prompted. Food was large portions but not high quality for the price it cost. We had breakfast which was alright just extremely expensive. Coffee is priced as much as Starbucks so just go get one from there which is down the casino hall less then a min walk.

Julie Sotomayor

Several times we tried to get to the buffet in time and missed by 10 minutes. The coffee shop was the serving breakfast all day. The restaurant was clean, seats were comfortable and their food was good. I got the eggs benedict and they were fantastic. Everyone in my party enjoyed their meal.


Very expensive and slow service


Food was good, prices were a little high for what it was... But it is Vegas

Evie Day

Food was good ..not excellent. But the 3 times we ate there, they were extremely understaffed and all 3 times we had long waits to be seated and long waits for our food. I have ate there many times every year for the past 10 years plus. This is the first time I've been disappointed

Brigette Bachmann

The food is pricey compared to other cafe's and coffee shops. We have been here on 2 trips. Food was bad the 1st time but very good the 2nd. The chicken noodle soup was surprisingly good and our waitress was AMAZING!

Harrison Eagles

Unless you want a big heavy breakfast such as pancakes or a full cooked breakfast your options are limited and small. I ordered the yoghurt fruit and granola and it was more like a snack than a breakfast option (and not at what I would call snack prices) so I had to order something else. Service was poor too. You’ll watched 4/5 members of staff standing around not doing anything rather than taking orders or even clearing tables despite the long queue.

Freddie Garcia

Great Food, Great Service, prices are Vegas High.

ola abg

Deborah the waitress is very rude and disrespectful. Overpriced menu

Lindsay Lupher

Maybe it was just the time of day, everyone has their off days, but my experience was horrible. Both my friend and I ordered the Boston creme pie and it was disgusting. The cake fell apart, the custard was hard, the top chocolate was rubbery. The only thing I liked was the presentation of it. The service was undesirable, the table that came in 15 minutes after we ordered, received their food before us, and our waitress wasn't very helpful. She didn't check on us while we were eating and we had to flag her down for refills. They we're also more expensive than we were led to believe. Two desserts, a burger, and a club sandwich with non-alcoholic drinks cost just over $75.

Julee Baxley

Staff fight at check in desk over schedules, open tables and told we had to wait for a table, service over all bad, took for ever to get sub par food for high $$

Shirley Trent

Great food & service was great! Very pricey though

Dusty Bottoms

Seriously! How can you mess up breakfast??? Truly the worst breakfast place ever. Don’t waste you time or money.

Michael Forcan

It was fine, food was average but at at casino prices.

Sandy Reed

We come here a couple times a year. Atmosphere pleasant. Staff friendly. Fast service. Clean restaurant. Good food, generous portions. Got pricey over the years. $9 for two coffees. Really!? Still love you. SMR

Alex River

Nice pho, good club sandwich and burger. Overall a convenient place to grab a quick bite to eat if you happen to check-in at lunch/ dinner time.

Cody Dalton

I want to give this two stars... But I can't bring myself to. Went for breakfast here since it was in the hotel and my mother and uncle didn't feel like leaving and the collective thought was "eh, it's breakfast, you can't really screw up breakfast can you". Turns out you can. TL:DR version: avoid this place. Go somewhere else. If you head to the Linq you can have hash house which actually makes delicious food and giant, shareable portions for this same price. First, we were seated near the host desk. You'd think we would be served or at least have someone grab drinks for us quickly, as we are in view of no less than 3 employees constantly. You would be incorrect. Next, prices. Yes yes, I know it's Vegas. But for an "all American breakfast" of eggs, hashed browns and toast they get something like $15-17. It's an extra 2.50 if you want sausage or bacon. For the 3 of us our bill came to over $70 for 3 coffees and 3 plates. The cost could easily be forgiven if the food was great. It wasn't. It wasn't even good. My uncles scrambled eggs were rubbery and overcooked. The bacon... How to describe the bacon. Cooked totally to the point of looking crispy, but instead of crunching and snapping as you take a bite into it, having an oddly strange resistance and chew to it (and not tasting of quality bacon at all. Oscar Meyer at the store is higher quality than this bacon.) Hashed browns hadn't been seasoned at all (not a touch of salt or pepper or anything). Mine, which I foolishly didn't order extra crispy had only the thinnest layer of crunch potato on top of a pile of shredded potato mush. My eggs benedict well... It was edible because of the two parts that they didn't have to think about, the eggs and the ham. Poached eggs were a bit over cooked (the whites were pretty chewy, but at least the centers were still runny), and the ham was the only thing with flavor on the plate. The "hollandaise" was a joke, no acidity or salt or anything. Just a thick coat of nothingness over the the top. Oh and the English muffin. Not a bit of crispy left in it by the time it got to the table, except on the giant section of the one that they burned. Did I mention a cup of coffee was 4.50 here? For drip coffee. At least you get the carafe so you don't have to wait on a server to refill it. We also had at least three different people wait on us too. It's not like they were busy at the time, and we didn't request to be seated where we were put so I can't say that it's because we were in a closed station. All I can say is this place would not survive if it weren't in the hotel. And even it being in the hotel, I hope it doesn't survive much longer.

Marlon Evangelista

At the first glance, the prices on the menu seem expensive, but you do get good quality food and friendly service here. I went for the ham and cheese omelette, which was cooked well (fluffy eggs, gooey cheese) and served with crispy hash browns.

William Doe

Food is well overpriced, food is not good(for example the stewed beef is unchewable), super slow service, the waitress even didn’t serve additional water!

Olivia Brennan

Poor service, mediocre food, and quite pricey. I ended up throwing up most of my meal shortly after. Would not recommend dining here.

Peter Shutt

Great food and service

Calvin Do

Food was served cold or room temperature at best. Also, hash browns weren't even crisp. Portion sizes far too big for the low quality food. Service was mediocre, there was a line to get in even though not even a quarter of the restaurant was filled.

Karen Bay

The breakfast is pretty good here. Nothing amazing or anything, but pretty good. We are once inside and once on the patio. I reccomend the patio if it's cool enough! It is beautiful out there! Service was prompt and friendly. Prizes are high, but its Vegas and inside a hotel... so to be expected. Pretty good experience for us.

Kelli Fouts

Nothing special, but the desserts look yummy.

Thill Channel

Nice spot to grab drinks on a hot Vegas afternoon

Scott Dinger

The price was pretty steep but they had a nice selection of food and the food itself was nice. I got the eggs Benedict for my meal and the price tag was 17.95, the meal was good, I got two open face english muffins halves with ham a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, alongside a decent amount of hashbrowns. It was a good meal, but the meal just wasn't quite fit to the price.

Kellie Marr

Food was delicious. We went once for breakfast and once for dinner. AT breakfast, our wait was about 10 minutes... not terrible. Our waitress though, acted as though the turnover was all she cared about. We felt super rushed, but overall it was okay. At dinner, our wait was much longer, they appeared to be understaffed. It was very busy, yet all the tables weren't open for seating and our whole meal we sat bedside 2 dirty tables. The food was overall very good.

Dean Perry

Good food and fairly fast service.

Denise Rendall

Food okay but not great people got served food long before us although we ordered first, food came out cold complained i was then given fresh hot food and was not charged but really spoiled our meal will not eat here again much better places to eat


Very good food and service. But only 4 stars because the hash browns we're a bit to chrispy for me.

Ren fields

Service was great, food was just okay

Sweet Chicken

Kind of high for the average diner fare. $17 for a club sandwich and chips. (Would have been $20 with fries) but service was good and we did enjoy our meals.

Eric Chow

Good pho, good service and expect Vegas prices$$$$. But I felt you get good value for what you paid for.

Rick Hunter

Good menu selection of Asian and American foods. Breakfast is 24 hours a day. Food quality is better than the average coffee shop. Service is very good. Prices are on the high side, but it is in the casino.

Jeff Terrozas

I went here twice on my last visit. The first night I had the PHO. It was pretty good. Not great, but it was rainy and cold out and it hit the spot. The next night I had the Curry Chicken and Macadamian Pineapple cheesecake. Sounds like my meal from heaven, but it was at best fair. The Cheesecake tasted like it was sitting in a refrigerator absorbing all the other food tastes. It was really bad. it only took me two bites to realize that. The Curry Chicken wasn't horrible but it just didn't have enough flavor. I would give it 2.5 stars. It was busy so the service was slow, but what I do like about TI is that the water must be filtered because it's pretty good.

Groovy Moovie

No problem with the food or service.Both are good.However the prices are crazy.$4.50 for a cup of coffee is to much.I am from Canada so you can add on 20% with the exchange rate.If the price isnt an issue then eat here.The low over all rating for this place is entirely based on the cost for a meal.

Daniel Carvajal

Decent food but slightly overpriced. I guess you pay for the convenience of having it in your hotel.

Tony Hendrickson

Ok But pretty pricey!

O Coker

Good service

Jrabb Bishop

The vegetarian Pho was AWFUL. It taste like water. I'd have done better with canned vegetable soup. My partner's veggie burger was hard. Thankfully the french fries were good. Our waiter checked on us once. He was like a hummingbird, he buzzed through and disappeared. We stayed at Treasure Island for 4 days. We never returned to The Coffee Shop.

Gary Hall

Good food and good staff

Gary Hara

Wow, great service and a great meal. The prices were a little high but being in the Wynn hotel expected.

Tatiana Morris

The waiters were nice. The food was decent. Everything was clean. 5 stars from our family!

Mark Ford

Great food at a Treasure Island restaurant. Prices are reasonable (even for Vegas), and the service is fast and courteous. Had breakfast this morning with three others and we ordered traditional bacon and eggs, to Eggs Benedict, giant waffles and smoked salmon. Food was delivered surprisingly fast and the quality was great. Nice work!

Ola Fadiran

Very poor customer service. The manager there is so rude and doesn’t know how to organise a resturant. We ended up leaving to eat breakfast somewhere else.

Jennifer Bierman

Great food and super friendly staff!

denise kramer

Good food but expensive

Ansley Hurst

Good coffee.

Brendan Greenstreet

Trash. Less than an hour after finishing my breakfast, I felt like I was going to s**t my brains out and vomit. An hour after that in still feeling miserable. DO NOT EAT HERE.

Anthony Ortiz

Place is located in the treasure island hotel. It was a Lil uncomfortable eating there cause all the smoke coming from the casino. The food was subpar for what you pay. They make everything so I guess the food suffers. Breakfast was better but expect to pay 20 dollars a head for breakfast. Might as well go to Dennys.

Michelle Preston-strout

Good Pho food served in addition to breakfast and main lunch dinner menu. Service was good. Atmosphere is eh..set up makes it feel a bit like a cafeteria. But food was good and decent drink specials.

Giang Huynh

Very good pho considering that this shop is in a hotel on the strip. This pho rank very high. I did not expect that it was good.

Kelowna Kid

Great, just like a Perkins or a Dennys only better service

Carissa Ang

Some items on the menu are okay, but some are absolutely delicious! Service could be slow since they do get pretty crowded. They are open 24 hours, so this is a great place to eat after a night out!

John Crowder

Had breakfast here and the over all experience was good. My server was attentive and prompt. I ordered the steak and eggs and burned more calories chewing the steak then it provided. Hopefully the quality of the meat was an anomaly.

Nicholas DeBord

Service was horrible. Price was extremely high for a casino diner. 3 stars because the food was very good. If your meal is comped this is worth checking out, otherwise go to a high end restaurant, only cost a bit more.


The breakfast is horrible. It's like hospital food and the service wasn't the greatest. The water was good at least

Lorenzo Grant

Love the place good sandwiches

Jim Storment

Breakfast was good, price is a pretty high. But it's convenient.

Patti Tweedy

Food was really good. Serice people were great.

Steve Taylor

XLNT Pho!!!! Fried Rice is Amaising!!!

Linda Anderson

Good Breakfast & Coffee, Comfortable atmosphere for chatting

Paula Waymouth

Great breakfast. Generous Mimosas

Tom Gorcie

Great service great waitress great information from the hosts upfront directions were excellent

Barb Krzeminski

Great food, and service

Tiffany Brown

The food was very tasty but a bit pricey $16 for grilled cheese and soup

sidharath sharma

RUDE.RUDE STAFF.....All the staff members were rude.

Ed Milano

Good food at reasonable prices.

V. Turner

Service and staff very nice. Food was great and large portions.

Clete Jones

Good food at a good price...

Raghav Ayyamani

This place has American food and Asian 24 hours which is great . Can get most items on the menu through the day. Tastes good although a tad bit oily for my taste.I tried the fried rice and omelette and like both of them .

Lauren Thrash

Consistently good food

Jerry Spradling

Okay food, so so service, convenient location, huge portions.

Yang Liu

Big plate food, but the waitress is not kind.

Tony Burkhart

I ordered the plain Belgium waffle and it was fine but nothing amazing. It was certainly over priced for one small waffle. The food came out fast which was greatly appreciated.

Chip Fiandaca

Great french toast

Donnie Brown

Awesome food.


No flavor... Got sick while i was eating the food

Brad Coleman

It was just ok. Not a great atmosphere.

Maura Petersen

Not many syrup choices. Coffee was okay. Expensive.

sharon Hedges

Pricey but if you want to avoid leaving the hotel, it's worth it. Food is good and so is the service with friendly staff.

Teresa Thigpen

Breakfast was ok...lunch was better

Vicky Robinett

Good food but slow service

Christina Chien

Not recommend! They will ask guests to wait for at least ten minutes while there are plenty of spare tables. Waiters are too lazy to serve or clean. The noodles and California roll are the worst food I've ever tasted!

John Hogan

Excellent service great food coffee

Amber Allen

The breakfast was just frozen sausage and taste like frozen pancakes.

J Garg

Pretty mediocre place but better than the Buffet. Some of the staff is friendly. Be prepared to be up charged for everything.

Kit Martin

Very Good! Great way to start the day in Vegas!

Bill Reisdorff

Great food great service

Robert Scott

Service is fast enough but food is very over priced for the quality. Overall a disappointing experience!

Daniel Rivera

Good food nice service excellent coffee

Cindy Price

Great place for breakfast or dinner. Have some specialty foods at dinner. Coffee fantastic that's a plus in my book. Good place for kids to eat also. Prices well it is vegas

Craig L

I have never felt the need to write a review before. We had the worst meal at this restaurant.The Burger was over cooked and dry and the bun was stale. My wife french dip was over cooked and the meat was tough. The bun was falling apart as it was wet for some reason.

Armando Villarreal

Great food.better than expected.very fair price.

Monica Munoz

Food was ok, nothing spectacular about it. They serve food you would normally find at IHop. Waiters are very nice but the prices for what you get imo are over the top. If you want to get a bang for your buck find something on the strip.

Linda Rice

Stayed at the casino March 1st thru March 3rd, room 23069. We only ate at your restaurant both days, the food was delicious. Everyone was so friendly and attentive!! Thank you so much for making my visit memorable!!!

Kimi K

My club sandwich and fries were really good. Big portions. Limited soda options. Service was good enuf. Clean.


The service was good. The food was just ok. Nothing stand out. Plenty of places nearby are yummier.

Jasleen Kaur Sandhu

Since all their breads contain egg soup was the only option for me fit breakfast

Farooq Akbar

Decent place open late at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Bit pricey but their pho is decent. The dessert looked very good but tasted average....

John-Win Jang

Great Singapore noodles and nice atmosphere

C Wiggins

Not worth the price you pay

Craig McCoy

Really bad value. Over priced for basic cafe food.

gates robert

Great atmosphere, well light, polite and courteous servers. Very good experience

Wow Doge

4 out of 5 because the veg. Burger is my most Favorite cafe veg. Burger Butttttt they loose A Star because there serves everytime out of 5 times suck. Xoxo

Raquel Starnes

Great service and clean atmosphere love the coffee!

Law Dogg

Stopped for a quick bite. Ordered coffee, bacon and eggs. Got charged $38.97 ?!?! In a hurry, I didnt review bill until after card ran. Looks like server ran all a-la-carte. Talked to supervisor Mark who apologized and said he would make a note for the manager to take care of me. Went back next morning and spoke to manager Fredrick who told me i got what i ordered. No help. Seems like managment supports this shady practice. Be sure to say "I want the American for $15.95"

Megan Coburn

I stopped in here for a strong cup of coffee at the halfway point in a long day. They served me a super-strong cup of delicious coffee that hit the spot just right and cost less than the nearby coffee chain stores. #letsguide

donna campbell

Not good for the price,

Matthew Watson

10 min wait when 80% of Restaurant was empty and staff standing around. Ordered a club sandwich and house salad. Turkey was super preserved and very overpowering with salt. Salad was all lettuce and a couple of pieces of tomato/cucumber. Restaurant seems like it’s stuck in 1985. Very expensive for what you get. Charged full price for absolute rubbish.

Professional Reviews

Food was hot and service was good, but $60 for 2 breakfasts and coffee? Won't be back.

Cynthia Bradshaw Blum

Nice variety of food!

Detroit Dutchess

The food was over priced for the quality of food they serve. Make stake was tough and over cooked. They are only making money because they are inside on the hotel.

I Ivory

Breakfast was meh. Hashbrowns seemed slightly cold as if it was sitting a while and prepared way before brought to table. Cornflake french toast was unrememorable, dry and barely seemed like it was soaked in eggs.... not a terrible meal but I wouldnt go for breakfast again. Omlette was cafeteria style and didnt seem like fresh eggs. Late night food ia decent if stayinf at Treasure Island and would only return for the late night menu since its open 24hrs. Service was good so giving 3 stars.

Italians Sister

Great food but the upper management is outspoken with harsh words!! Remember it’s the experience you give to your team that pours through the staff.


Good food that's available 24 hours a day!

Rodney Lindgren

Expensive breakfast and drinks that why everyone get water

Mark St Hilaire

Decent Pho but the close at midnight


there's various type of food inside Treasure hotel.

Shelly Ann M.

Not too sure I like this place. Waitress messed up our order and when she brought the bill charged us for items twice and then we had to wait 20 mins for her to come back to tell her about it. The food was not that great either.

Jeff Barratt

Had a few breakfast here. The pancakes were delicious. The eggs Benedict was ok. Hollandaise is lacking flavour. Prices were decent for Vegas.

Juanita Brown

Food and service good, prices little high.


Great breakfast !!!! Good selection for dinner as well.

Elmer Boutin

Stopped in here on the way to an event at TI. Overall it was a good experience. I had the nachos and my wife had the burger. The nachos were quite good, with a lot of toppings (including some great jalapenos). The burger, I'm told, was great. The fried, though, were just average. For dessert, we had the pineapple cheesecake and the Boston cream pie. The cheesecake was excellent, but the Boston cream pie was a little dry. The service was very good. Our water glasses were never empty and the server came to check on us every so often to make sure everything was OK. This is a great place to stop to eat. It's conveniently located near the main entrance to TI.

Cheryle Janasiak

Food was good, but expensive.

shondi partridge

Just okay. It probably would have helped if we weren't eating breakfast and we could also smell the Vietnamese foods cooking. Not a good mix

Eric Tam

Good location and good if you're dying for hunger. Place has an identity issue. It's an American coffee shop with steak and eggs and they also serve Vietnamese food and lot of fancy dessert. I opted for their Vietnamese menu and. Their Pho was ok, but as expected overly expensive. The soup wasn't hot enough and the vermicelli was still on the raw side. You do get the standard assortment of meat, beef balls, tendon, etc and a big dish of bean sprouts with lots of jalapeno peppers. Their fried spring rolls was overly greasy as you can see oil spots on the lettuce. Their ice coffee was strange. You would assume for that the ice coffee would be served Vietnamese style (drip style with condensed milk). Instead, you get regular coffee with some ice in it.

Sarasvati 89

Great food and service, we had to wait about a half hour to get in

carrie marlow

Great breakfast but pricey.

Ken Paterson

Generous portions. Great breakfast. Love the omelets.

Jay Bean

It was good but not worth $25. The room only cost $17 at TI so I guess everything equals out. The staff here is super friendly.


Must try the nachos best damn nachos I ever had.

Robert Stack

The Coffee Shop has always been our first stop in Vegas to get a bite to eat as we stay the Mirage next door. Every year we come the prices go up and the quality of the food goes down. They now also do not offer Keno to play well you wait. Two stars only because i have some fond memories of the place from trips past.

Kr1sS ToRr3S

Great food and service.

Craig Luna

A fav place for quality American food. Great place to meet and catch up with friends. Definitely worth a return trip. Prices were decent. They have so many great reviews for a reason.

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