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Kimmie B

OMG! I loved this place and I'm pretty sure I've told everyone in my family about it too. The portions are absolutely massive so heads up when ordering. The drink bowls are just as large with a total free pour on the liquor. Seriously, walk over and you will be just fine if you chose not to split one drink. The prices are a bit up there for the drinks and being Canadian the conversations a killer. I think they came in somewhere at the $42, no joke, it's not cheap BUT it's a one off and very worth it. The theater of the drinks alone is just fun. We even had the pleasure of seeing a family order the $100 sundae, that's a sight to behold.

Lydia Davis

Had a great time celebrating my niece graduation started off a little rocky the waiter couldn't heat the orders it was so loud the manager made up for it though.

Robin Parrino

Friendly people and service was great.

Amy Thomas

It’s a fun place to visit. I used a Groupon daughters Alfredo was great my sandwich was kind of cold. But over all fun times

Luno Investments

Service was slow to begin with, manager made it right and made our time incredible. Food was incredible and dessert were amazing. Drinks were also pretty good.

Oj Pocketline

Excellent place to go with family or friends the food is amazing and you better bring your appetite for the very large portions finish it off with a amazing desert or just stop in for one if there killer alcoholic drinks that taste good fun to look at and will get you primed up for a crazy night! Locals can get a discount also.

Brandy Trusso

I loved my rainbow sliders. It was amazing.

Randolph Moore

This place makes some of the most outlandish and extreme food combinations and sizes that you can imagine. Check out the YouTube videos about this place and it is just as described, it's almost like eating dinner at the hottest nightclub in town. I love it!

Judith Gaytan

The server was not very attentive, she didnt make a mistake but she didnt check back . So we had no experience there the way they advertise it to be considering how expensive it was

Chant W. Phat

This place is great for people who loves sweets. The food here was also great. But best of all everyone should come here for the goblets. They are amazingly delicious...

Nicole Wienczkowski

Absolutely love this place. We have been here twice and will continue to come back. The colored sliders are not only beautiful but tastes great!

Ziggy Infinite

Over priced food, bathrooms are in poor condition, and zero gluten free options for those with celiac disease. I can get an 8 oz steak with fries for far less than $30. Don't come here folks!

Eric Jackson

Wonderful! The drinks are off the hook! The food is good 2. Lol. :-)

windie villanueva

The food was delicious. But there was a birthday celebration like every 5 minutes. So it was a bit overwhelming. The fancy fun drinks are super expensive 36 bucks! And without alcohol it is about a few dollars less. The service was great!

Miss Imaan

I would say that service was not organized at all because we waited about 45 minutes for our food and our waiter barely waited on us. And then my friend had to wait for her milkshake after she got her food when I already had mine before the food. Also she is allergic to chocolate which we made super super clear to everyone. And they had to remake 3 that STILL it had chocolate. Everyone seemed to have an attitude for some reason.... Service I think is a huge part in how you what more customers to come back. All in all the food was great. And it's a really fun reatutante to take kids and to have b day celebrations, but if their isn't organization with the kitchen and front of house then it's a mess.


This is my favorite place to go when hanging out on the Vegas strip everyone is so nice here will come again

NubtheAce1 .

Good...willie Wonka vibe

Joe Johnson

I love the atmosphere here. It's cool to see pictures of all of the celebrities on the wall. Can't complain about the food either

Catherine Jennings

It was delicious. A bit pricey, but that's Vegas. You need to be careful, because it's easy to go into sugar overload. But, everything was great!

Debbie Bond

Loved it sat outside to people watch while sipping on mimosas!

Radical Cub

I got the cotton candy martini, and it didn't taste like cotton candy, it tasted horrible. Also my dad got the grape crush, and it had the incorrect ingredients. It was reddish instead of purple, and didn't have grape flavor. The actual food was good, but the drinks were very lackluster

Alison Johnson

I was so excited to eat here, I’d checked out the menu online and we were really looking forward to it. Unfortunately our experience there wasn’t very good. Our waiter didn’t seem to know much about the menu, or care much about making sure his tables were taken care of. We had to stop a passing waiter to get our water refilled. When we tried to order dessert we were told we couldn’t have the first thing we ordered because they had run out of cookies and cream ice cream (it was 6:30 pm on a weekday). He didn’t offer alternatives, just said they couldn’t make the cookie jar. So we ordered a simple ice cream sandwich, but our waiter came back about 5 minutes later and said they were out of vanilla ice cream also. At that point we gave up and decided to go elsewhere for dessert. The food was mediocre, not somewhere I’m dying to eat again.

Tamisha Davis

Omg me and my kids had so much fun eatting here. Misha was a great waitress, she kept her cool when she had rude customers. And really paid attention to the needs of her people.

Alexandria Vaughan

Everything and everyone gets 5 stars they are so amazing and they make you want to come back It's A Must everyone must Go

Gena Madrid

Love this place! The food is really good and service is great! This drink is $39 and can be shared with 2people. The Sugar Factory is a must stop to try when in Las Vegas. Best to make reservations. When my friend and I went there was not table seating available so we decided to sit at the bar which was fun..we still got to enjoy food and drinks including this one.

The Hendrix

Had valentine’s day reservations at maggianos but after a 30 minute wait and no time frame of when we would be seated we went back to sugar factory... A1 service and quality food! Just the service was 5 star. Manager checked in with me made it feel extremely luxurious. Prices are what you’d expect from a Vegas restaurant but definitely worth it. The goblet drinks are $39 but have 8 SHOTS, so totally worth it. We sat at the bar, food came out fast, and I’m just all around happy with my experience

Matthew Lindsay

Total rip-off. Their “artisan” cheddar grilled cheese sandwich for $14 bucks looked like something a homeless shelter would serve (photos attached). It consisted of a piece of low- grade American, between cheap white bread, and a spoonful of rank, generic tomato soup, as a “creamy marinara.” Honestly, the quality of food is less than a middle school cafeteria, the servers are snobs, the ambiance is dirty and run-down, the desserts are sensationalized gimmicks, and the “famous” $20 lollipops are simply bedazzled 50-cent lollipops in fancy boxes. SKIP IT and save yourself a hundred-dollar headache.

Latrina Watkins

Had a great time! Food was delicious, staff was friendly and welcoming.

Yuhan Zhang

The one place where the waiters maintain their level of hospitality when you order only a small drink and a small side. The meat of their burgers are tender and warm. The lemonade is not too sour and the sauce is on point. Many young people celebrate their birthdays here. The price is not the best though. $10 will not get you anything but small sides and drinks. Nevertheless I will still recommend this restaurant to others.

Lindy Clark

Would not have gone without the groupon. It's expensive and there's definitely a reason it's called the Sugar Factory. The drinks literally made most of us sick for the remainder of the night. So sugary sweet they are undrinkable. We just went for the experience, will not return.

Gabriel Szekeres

My daughter's 30th Birthday celebration. Had a great time. Service was great ,, food quality and portion sizes were great also. No complaints there. Girls said the Specialty Cocktails were ($$)way too sweet. Oh well

Ricardo Bodkin

Chicken alfredo was the best I've had in a while~ and who doesn't love their desserts? Great place.

Veronica Fraguada

First time and really enjoyed myself. The drinks was fruity and the price was descent. They enjoyed the Steaks. Flaws- I had plastic in my drink attach to my candy and the server didn't do much about it at all. Sadly, we had to pay $10 extra to have them sing Happy bday to us(Sad)

Chelaine Carey

When I say the food is awesome, trust me. Sooooo good. I'm not big on sweets so I can't say much about the true attraction to this place. They have a lot to offer, so much candy and sugary confections. The milkshakes will blow your mind!! VERY expensive. 2 people for brunch with a drink $120

Rose Em

Delicious. Raspberry Watermelon Mojito. Probably the best drink I have ever had.

Jacqueline Lester

We ordered a virgin drink for my daughters sweet sixteen which was 35.00 dollars

Shana Wayna

That damn Edward!! He’s the nicest, most upbeat, and attentive manager I’ve ever met. He made my friends birthday really special and constantly checked in on our party to make sure things were up to par. We’ll definitely be coming back.

Brandi Collum

Best banana split of my life! Milkshakes are just amazing! Great experience, service could not have been better and everything was beautifully made and delicious. Definitely a new Vegas fave :)

Sarah E. Cole

This was good. It was a little expensive. She ended up getting ice cream to. We spent $85 for one child and an adult there was know alcohol in this purchase. It would been even more. They had some really cool looking drinks.

Neil George

Awesome place. Very good service and friendly. Will visit again

kasie Elsner

Really fun drinks that are strong! Mac and cheese balls were amazing. Loved it

Rachel Spencer

Server was very unfriendly right away. Maybe because we were a big group but no smile nothing. He started his interaction with us by saying " I can only split the check into 4. I felt very unwelcome

Tina Hamilton

What a great experience for interesting ways to serve ice cream! The special drinks were loved! Plan on spending some bucks but well worth the treat. You don’t get this in many other resort towns! Great food, good service too. Visit their gift shop for edible delights and fun gifts!

Emily Marshall

Great staff awesome shakes and candy. Making a must go to every trip from now on

Vinky Gahir

Great for Sugar Lovers the menu has everything you could imagine and more!

Glen Murrell

Unique place with a huge menu and milkshakes like you have never seen before. Moderately priced for Vegas and great service and atmosphere.

Donald Frantum

The service was excellent. The prices were high, but the experience was surreal.

bndrinnon .

The food was fantastic. We got to watch the girls next to us get their bubbly drinks. It was awesome. Our waiter was very friendly and funny. We had a great experience and we will definitely visit again when we go back. Go hungry and you'll likely still need a to go box.

Wade Brinton

I felt like a complete and total millennial eating here! Very energetic atmosphere (check out their Spotify playlist). The food was good nothing crazy, but their dessert and drinks were over the top amazing. So much sugar! Each drink and dessert is a glorious sugar monstrosity. Definitely drop by to check it out.


Very neat spot, lots of very cool (and great tasting) food items along with over-the-top desserts as well as an attached candy store. A bit excessively pricey, but if you have the means this would be a spot definitely worth visiting.

Kristy Chamness

The food was mediocre and overpriced. Should def only check this place out for dessert and cocktails. I wanted one of the big candy loaded cocktails but after paying for dinner for 5 people I couldn't afford a $40 drink.

Dolores Damian

If it wasn’t for the Groupon & yelp check in, I don’t know if I would give it 5 stars. Still expensive even after those deals. So check in on yelp to receive a free appetizer my brother checked in and his said free Mac & cheese pops and I checked in and got free bruschetta. We also got wings for appetizers. I loved all the appetizers we got. I got the chicken sandwich it was good. Sister got the sugar factory club, it was good. Brother got the steak frites, there was some fat on there. Milkshakes look good. But my brother said jack in the box milkshakes are better. When it’s your birthday they turn the lights off and bring out an amazing dessert with a huge candle and they sing and put different music on. I do like the vibe in here. It’s totally instagram worthy lol

Clayton McGrath

Oustanding staff. Could not have been happier having our wedding reception there.

Mathew Strobeck

Unfortunately The Sugar Factory is a great idea that has been poorly executed. Except for our server, Jonathan, who was fantastic, it seemed that none of the staff wanted to be there. Bad attitudes, being short with the customers, no smiles anywhere, all of it. The atmosphere was aggressive as the music was cranked up far too high to have a normal conversation and the location seemed to be understaffed. The workers had to rush around to get things done and it looked like all of them were one step away from panicking. We ordered the slider appetizer and each one was overcooked. My main entree was the Grilled Cheese sandwich and it was plain and unworthy of its $14 price tag. The chicken on the Asian salad were tough and too large for a salad. Not an experience we're going to return for.

Joseph George

Service and food terrible and this was in the afternoon early afternoon. Will never go there again.

Sarah Sanchez

Our service was not super great, he wasnt attentive even though they were having a slower Sunday afternoon, he wasn't accommodating, food was average, brunch mimosas were alright. Really the dry ice in our mimosas was the highlight our visit at Sugar Factory if I had to choose one. We would have liked to stay for desert however because of our experience we were not up to giving this restaurant anymore of our business. Id have to say give this place a PASS if you ever come to Vegas.

Patricia Hollon

It was just okay. A little overpriced for the quality. But the service was good.

geneva castillo

love their margaritas in a duck but they are very pricey!

Danielle Lungren

Great food and great drinks!! The dessert was so delicious!!

Raquel Smith

I've been here numerous times with absolute satisfaction and a flawless eating experience. Until today. We waited half an hour for our food, which is why we didn't bother complaining to the manager. Even if we were offered a replacement, who's to say it wouldn't take up another lengthy amount of time? Very unusual for them in terms of service, though our waitress was fantastic! I ordered the South Beach Flair burger; perfect as usual. My boyfriend ordered the Steak Sandwich, 24.00. It was ABYSMAL. The steak was insultingly unseasoned, overcooked, chewy, and tasteless chunks of what looked like pieces of Alpo. The supposedly sauteed onions were partially raw. The best source of flavor came from the mushrooms which are meant to complement the flavor of the meat and onion, but it was literally all I could taste. Absolutely no where near worth what was paid. And to top it all off, the French fries seemed to be old. I know French Fries, and I can tell when they were cooked the day before, and reused. I went to have a bite of our leftovers in the car and instead of slightly soggy fries, they were so hard they dug into my gums. Of course, then I realized that they were most likely from the day prior. Either that, or horrendously freezer burned and not thrown away. And this is meant to be a luxury restaurant? This was my favorite restaurant at one point; it's a celebrity hotspot; anyone who is anyone has eaten here. But, this is a travesty in my love affair with the food they present as "gourmet", one that I'm afraid I will have a difficult time recovering from. Sorry Sugar Factory, it's time for me to shut off the assembly line.

Tyrese Youngblood

Amazing food, great atmosphere. Overall everything is good with a bonus of quick service.

Emilee Burrows

Fun place, I enjoyed my martini I got. I love the theme and the atmosphere. No better place to get adult drinks and feel like a kid at heart. The big bowl drinks are pricey but after tasting it, there’s like an entire bottle of alcohol in it so I supposed your getting what your paying for. I plan to go back and try some more drinks definitely.

Amanda Osborne

The only reason we ate there was because we bought a groupon. One of the managers worked really hard to get us seated quickly and our waitress was RIDICULOUSLY busy....therefore she did not get to our table quickly. Their fries were terrible....they tasted like day old frozen fries. The burgers and club sandwich were really good. We got a milk shake. The ice cream was good, but not much of it. The shake looked fancy but was mostly whipped cream. The donut and cupcake served with the shake were at least a couple days old...they were hard and stale. I am kinda wondering if they were only meant for decorations??

Erika Dincola

Adam was an awesome bartender, beautiful views, and nice people. One drink had us feeling great, the food looked good (although we only stopped in) and they offered a lot of help regarding the Vegas area! Will come back again and again!

Maddy Munni

It was my 21st birthday and expected superb service and received way below average. The waiter didn’t even look at my ID. He “scanned” it for three seconds and handed it back. If it was properly reviewed he would have at least said happy birthday. The restaurant was not busy and it took longer than it should have to get our drinks and refills of water. Our party was 5 people and spent several hundred dollars that night. For the amount or money spent I should have had a better experience. I used to visit sugar factory for my birthday every year and after this experience I will no longer give money to this business and will make it clear to everyone I know to not visit this establishment. It will take a lot to change my mind about this place. Very disappointed...

Mark Steele

Went here for random afternoon lunch as was shopping in mall. We were greeted and seated immediately and given choice of patio or inside seating. Restaurant was full and had great vibe. Interior was dressed very well and clean. Customers were having fun which only added to experience. Menu is thick and large, mostly specializes in desserts and specialty cocktails, but we were here for savory lunch which had diverse choices...including breakfast. Patio weather was perfect, and even better for people watching as was like a parade or people. Our burger was excellent and meat was cooked perfectly. Brioche bun was buttery and delicious. Manager even checked on our table. Don't often come down to the Strip anymore, but will make sure and come in to Sugar Factory upon our next trip. Keep up the good work!!!

Carlos Reyes

Great food great portions and a good customer service

Derek Proud

What can I say it's a fun place to see. They have tons of candy in all different sizes. Alot of cool things at this location that I never knew even existed.

Piers Mathieson

So freaking delicious, just take all my money.

Christina Almendarez

Lovely place great food fun for the whole family

Freddrick Knox

Had a great time with my wife and make sure you use the group on.

Luz Duenas

Not sure what the big fuss is about this place. It's on the pricey side, the drink was good. I can see going there more than once.

Kimberly Council

Food is always good! The grilled cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup was gooood!

Katelyn Kasper

Loved this place! Their drinks and food are amazing. The menu is huge, definitely a place that caters to everyone! Will definitely have to go back to try their desserts!

halopro123412 .

Over priced tourist trap, but honestly the food is still very good. I had the rainbow sliders and they actually we're great, even though they look pretty plain in the menu toping wise. Calamari was good and crispy. S'mores milkshake was killer with the coffee ice cream and the presentation was definitely picture worthy. Lastly the whole establishment was very extra and fancy, which was neat.

diana M

Super fun and exciting place. Very colorful. A true candyland

Drea Danielle

We Stopped in here for the famous drink and some appetizers, and we had amazing time

Megan Becerra

Came here most recently for our anniversary dinner. Took a while to be seated and serviced every time but the food and dessert was tasty as always. Food is always a little oily but can't blame them based on what we ordered lol

Dustin Mitzel

If I could rate it a zero I would. Wife and I are locals to Vegas and decided to come here for Breakfast. Arrived at 940am and were seated immediately. At 955am we still were not waited on so we got up and left. There were roughly 10-12 employees and 10-12 customers during this time. 4 employees were behind the bar talking the entire time we sat waiting on service. This place is a disgrace compared to the Sugar Factory that was in front of Paris Hotel a few years back.

Jan Soria

Went in with a party of four had a Groupon for the sugar factories world famous King Kong sundae WOW just doesn't describe it 12 scoops of ice cream candy necklaces toppings lollipops. The ice cream coma afterwards soooooo worth it!!! And yes it won lol

Samantha Sussmane

Very good ice cream! Being fun and flavorful, I wish we had gotten to go back. A little pricey, but they give a ton in a single scoop.

Sh L

Had a Groupon. Wasn’t worth the full retail price of what we would have paid, but it was good with the Groupon. Mimosas were excellent.

Madison World

Thing started out very shaky, but once the event coordinator took over everything went very smoothly. She made sure our night was very special. Even watched our daughter during a portion of the wedding. The staff was very attentive and made sure we had an awesome night!!

Sheontai McElrath

Love the decor. The waitstaff is extremely attentive. The food is average. And though it's their signature the goblets are over priced.


Only 2 stars because the $20 burger was good but the drink prices were ridiculous, the service was below par and the area stunk. I watched more people walk away after seeing the menu then actually take a seat. The menu is seriously lacking. Definitely not worth wasting your time

Natalie Gaspard

Check out groupon! Great food and huge portions

Khyber Catcott

The first floor area feels dirty and childish... I miss the old surgar factory at paris

Kayla K

Pricey & crowded but worth it for the experience. Good food, fun drinks & worth going to for celebrations. The service was good & we had a fun time, especially with the ‘lights out’ turn up we got for our bride-to-be’s bachelorette party. Thanks guys!

Sjana Williams

Terrible service, (except for one guy who wasn't even our waiter that got us some to go drinks) mediocre overpriced food. I doubt I will ever go back. Our waitress visited our table a total of 3 times during our visit, but was quick when it came to getting the check! If the service would have been fabulous, or the food, I would go back, but the "milkshake" took FOREVER and was more like chocolate milk by the time we got it, Olive Garden has superior alfredo, however the burgers were good. I was really excited to try this place. The drinks at $39 for a goblet, do NOT include the goblet. Cost us just shy of $200 for 6 of us, including tip, (20%) and 2 of us shared!

Shanna Mcconnell

Not really worth it. Its a famous stop in vegas but . . . 30 dollars for a sugary bowl drink is eh . The drink itself wasnt that good but it is a nice experience to go in and look around. If you do order a big fishbowl drink share it with a friend. The staff is really nice and friendly but food wise there is better on the strip.

Sarah Clarke

Fun candy place but beware, my teenager gently pulled on the mini jawbreakers and $27 worth of them fell into her bag. Yikes!!! They were great about taking the top layer off for us since they saw it happen, but be careful because your candy can add up fast. We found a Groupon.

KatiO Connor

Wow factor dessert phenomena... deep pockets required

Destiny English

The service was terrible. I waited for a table, then finally got one to only wait even longer so it can be "cleaned". Once my group finally settled in the table, the service was nice at first. Soon the waiter left and the general manager came. He took our orders and left. Now I may include that we ordered pasta, and grilled cheese. That took over an hour for us to receive, which is unbelievable. When we saw the food, the grilled cheese wasn't melted at all, I saw the 3 pieces of cheese that they placed on it. Including the fact that they forgot to bring the extra bread piece that went with it. Also, one person ordered tomato soup, which was in fact cold and not warm at all. Now with the pasta, it was unbearable, the taste was so nasty and blain that I took 2 bites and then put it in a box. The fact that many celebrities do go into this place, you would think they would be better at service and with how their food is. Lets also include how it costs a lot of money for a small portion of food that isn't even really that good or bad quality. There was only one thing good, the waiter we had was very respectful and seems to be better than the general manager. In the end, this has been the worst place I've ever eaten at, and I'm surprised that many celebrities go into The Sugar Factory.

Elizabeth Morton

Great experience for my first time food was great ...our waiter harlan f was great at customer service and multitasking ..

Nicholas McClure

My waiter was very friendly. Food was good just a little pricey

Nijal Jiggetts

Sugar Factory is one of those well known Vegas restaurants that is frequented by various celebs. We didn't know that going in, but it was pretty cool to find out. It's easy to find, and easy to get into. This was my first time eating here, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. The menu has plenty of delicious foods to choose from, and It actually took me a while to decide. Ultimately I went with the banana crepes which were topped with fruit, and drizzled with chocolate. Having never eaten crepes before I didn't know what to expect, but I have to say these were excellent. I also tried one of their smoking "goblet" drinks which was pretty cool and tasty. It's got a lot of ice in the glass, but there was enough alchohol to get me tipsy, and I'm not a light weight. It also has a bunch of gummies that you can snack on once you're finished drinking. Our server, who kinda looked like Vin Diesel, was pretty knowledgeable when it came to the menu and overall great. Anyway, be prepared to drop some coin when you go here. The alcohol beverage alone was $40, so with the crepes and hot chocolate my total came to $70 before tip. It's not cheap, but it's worth it in my opinion. I'll definitely eat here again when I go to Vegas again.

Nick Stark

After a long day this is exactly what I needed. The martinis just bring a smile to your face with sweetness. The breakfast waffle burger was amazing. Hard to eat with your hands but fun to try. Absolutely delicious

Kyle Worth

$50 a plate, but they won’t serve eggs after 4pm. They’re basically a really nice mcDonalds. Not allergy friendly. The Goblets (7 shot drink) are fairly priced I guess. As a Vegas native, I think there’s definitely better places to hit up on the Strip in the same price range. Don’t settle for this location either; the Miracle Mile shop location is way cooler.

Brent Reichert

Food was good but a little over priced. Even with a Groupon it was expensive. The milkshakes are where it's at though. They are amazing and well priced. It's a lot fancier than I expected.

Riley Domingo

Sooo good! Portions are huge! Best to share so you can taste and eat more things. Such a fun place, love the music, people are friendly, and sweets on the wide! Must stop!

Mary Tan

Food was disappointing and service was cold and substandard. Spend your time and money elsewhere! In Vegas, there's just WAY too many amazing restaurant options. I regret wasting a night in Vegas eating here, so don't make the same mistake! This place is all hype (by celebrities that get paid to endorse them) and no substance. Honestly, as a tourist, I can forgive a restaurant for being overpriced and having underwhelming food but bad service really gets to me!

April Redmond

Awesome service. Food ND drinks are delicious

Michelle O.

The place has a beautiful atmosphere. The food was good. The only issue that was has was the inaccuracy of a coupon from the restaurant . They accomodated the situation in the end. We had a wonderful waitress named Dora who made sure we were well taken care of

erica pirela

Had reservations for two. We were made to sit outside due to a long wait time. Even though I had a reservation. Manager took my order, waited about 1/2 hour for a drink watching ppl who came after us getting there’s. Our food finally came, no utensils had to wait again. Not happy with service at all.

A Hoghead

Interesting place, it's a lot of food. The waffle burger was great. Drinks are good but pricey. But it is in Vegas and everything is expensive.

Edward Porter

Had a really great time! A groupon brought us in but unfortunately we came in on the wrong day. The manager was super sweet and allowed us to use a groupon. The staff was incredibly on top of it and made us feel so very welcome. When we come back to Vegas we will stop back in for more delicious goodies.

Colleen Mossor

Came here with a Living Social deal for brunch. Good was okay, definitely overpriced but a good deal with the Living Social coupon. The bottomless mimosas were HUGE and the waitress definitely kept them coming.

Andrea Cox

Expensive, but everyone should experience one of these drinks!

Steve Lee

Service was poor. Took over an hour from the time we ordered until the desserts actually arrived. No apology or comments from the server. Desserts were OK, nothing worth the wait. Will not be going back

Ronnie Faust

This place is great. Everything was delicious. People were friendly. My only complaint was price which wasn't that bad considering it's Vegas. I will stop again next time I'm there.

Carol McGowen

Food was really good!! Party drinks very entertaining and sweet ... but exactly what we expected. Next time I'll order a small and be very happy. The food was worth every penny and we will return if we ever get back to Vegas. Our waiter was not as attentive as we would have expected especially since the restaurant wasn't crowded. Other locations we saw in one of the malls had better drink prices and you got to keep the fish bowel glass. Guess this location demanded a higher price.

Bridget Bonner. Stack Bundles Show!

The food was great!! The drinks have plenty of liquor in it. The milkshakes are the ish! No complaints at all. And if it's a Birthday in the building you are in for a treat, loud music and a singing! Great experience especially for the kids

Chelsea Kaminski

Soooooo delicious! Imaginative menu bizarre and yummy!!

david blunk

Great prices great staff great view looking out at Las Vegas Strip

Christina Peddle

Good food and Drinks was able to find a groupon so I got a discount which was awesome however the Services was not the best had to wait a while to even order and he messed up on our order but he did correct it! I had the Chinese chicken salad it was good and refreshing the other food in the pics were really good according to kids and my husband

Oren Josef

Food was mediocre but the atmosphere was good. If you don't mind overspending on what you're going to eat or drink because of the way it looks, than this is the place. But if you care about how much things cost, find a different place.

Hannibal Chow

Food was phenomenal and the server was extremely knowledgeable and attentive. The drinks were fantastic and worth every penny. 5 stars!!

tweetybirdluv2 .

I absolutely loved it. It was worth the money

Kathryn C.

This place, was such a good time. It’s on the pricey side but for sure worth it. Our bartender, who I believe was named Joel, for sure made the expierence what it was. He was super sweet and a good time. I would like to say we kept him entertained after a couple of drinks in

Adam Taylor

Tasty food. Portions large enough to share. Milkshakes are definitely a share size and totally worth the money. Someone had a sparkler come out on a cake for their birthday. No idea if it was free or not.

j m

Such a fun place! Very friendly and attentive waiter. The manager made rounds and was very friendly and as well. Drinks were big, fun and amazing. The desserts were crazy cool and delicious. Used a groupon with no hassle.

Todd Gadd

Awesome food and atmosphere! Our server was even great. Best part was the Mac N’ Cheese balls!

Amber Bonifas

Justin was an amazing server so friendly and helpful! The food and drinks were just amazing will defiantly be going back!

Irma Garza

Sandwich bread super hard..chicken dry...waitress great customer Service

AJ Jones

Horrible service, waited 45 min for dog food. Made a complaint to management and he didn’t even apologize. No refills for water, waitress didn’t ask if our food was. I’ll pay 20 dollars for a burger, but that was ridiculous. My brother got a 30 dollar steak and it looked like they got the cut of the clearance rack! I would not recommend this place to eat. Maybe their $40 drinks are worth it but not the food! Sorry not sorry we didn’t tip.

Steve 0_0

Good food. Cool staff. Decent prices.

K Carter

Try the white gummi! Fantastic! Drinks are very expensive though!

Shalonda Wallace

Amazzziiinnggg. The food a d drinks were on point! Food and environment was great. I think for $39, i should had been able to keep the plastic glass goblet!

Jeannifer Anderson

Meh. The attraction is the name, it's on the strip, and the duck merch. But seriously overpriced meh food and stuff if you aren't a five year old girl.

Uwi Crowder

I usually don't leave reviews good or bad but I definitely have to take the time to S/O the management staff and our waitress the morning we were there for brunch on 12/16/18! The service started off shaky but they turned that completely around! The acknowledgment and apologizes from the management on their own accord was more than touching especially because we had not even made a complaint. They continued to go above and beyond and made my friend's birthday brunch even better. It was a group of us and they mostly spoke with the birthday girl so I didn't get to catch any names to name drop but thank you guys for an awesome first experience for myself as well!!!!!

Tania Puentes

Amazing.Food is

Quiana Lashay

I'm from Jacksonville Florida and my first visit to the Sugar Factory was in Las Vegas. The pricing of food is double what we would pay in Orlando, but that's what you are to expect on the West Coast. The food was excellent! I loved the playing of music and being able to sing along. When the lights went out, there was a mili second of a what's going on. The staff comes out with the largest ice cream dessert and since their happy birthday song. For that treatment you'll pay $100 plus dollars. There are other options for birthday desserts (pricing). I had a great experience and again the food was AMAZING! I ordered the salmon and had a side of mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.

Simon Seang

Food was good despite our order being wrong and not complete. The service was really bad. Make sure you guys make them repeat your orders. Never again.

yettovisch .

Big portions to eat. Price is reasonable for the location on the strip. Lots of choices on beverages. We had a great experience here.

Yvonne Gonzalez

Watermelon patch $39 got grupon decided to try it out. Obviously sugar factory so sugary drinks but they also have non sugary drinks for those watching their weight. Good place to explore.

Bobbie Pitchford

The staff is nothing short of amazing! The atmosphere is fun and the food was pretty good. I think the chicken used for the strips is not the best it could be but otherwise this place is worth the visit. I would definitely go back.

Lloyd Smith

The tie dye milkshake and peach bubbling drink with great!!!

Zsazzi Powell

Food and ambiance is really good.. Try the unlimited mimosa brunch it is excellent, featuring liquid nitrogen infused drinks!!!

marshnique preston

Would have gotten a 5. Service, drinks and food are great. They are just over priced

latoya king

I have been looking forward to eating at one of these restaurants for a while now. I was not disappointed. Brittany was awesome and the food was amazing. We ordered the mac-n-cheese pops as an appetizer...delish. I ordered the big cheesy burger (as if the appetizer wasn't enough) and my husband ordered the signature sliders...also delish. I ordered the cookies and cream cookie sandwich. It was massive so be sure that you REALLY want dessert before you tackle that. My drink, the Passion Punch, left me speechless. The presentation is awesome and the flavor combination is spot on. I almost forgot my husband's strawberry shake. I assume it was amazing because our conversation stopped until the shake was gone. One piece of advice. If you go on the weekend, it m may be best to make a reservation.

Dierdre Barton

Came here for a dinner with family from out of town. Fun decor and friendly wait staff. Food was really good. The menu is almost overwhelming in its length but very interesting to look through. Bit of a weird thing with the lights over our area not coming back on after they dimmed them for a birthday thing at another table but it was cool. Plus the waiter caught my bug-eyed subtle head shake over my shoulder at him after he offered my mother another drink and stopped asking her after that which was helpful.

Coco Beanz

The food is wayyyyy over priced and, just okay! Not alot of options for food. Desserts and drink options are BOMB though

jeremy nahmani

Faaaaaat ! Everything looks like yummy!

Cindy Bynum

Best shakes in Vegas! We always go here when we visit. Food is good, drinks are great and the servers and hostesses are super nice. Atmosphere is fun! Music playing, aot of energy and incredible desserts. Great for birthdays of all ages.

Sandy L'Abbe

Our waiter Alexander was EXCELLENT!! FANTASTIC SERVICE! Very tasty clubhouse and oriental salad- very cool looking milkshakes or drinks! Staff works very hard to serve customers- we REALLY LIKE THIS PLACE!!

Mauricio Gonzalez

This place has to take in the cash. 40 dollar goblets are cool but too pricey. It's not for me but I understand why its popular in the age if Instagram.

steven sonday

This is a must stop visit when in Vegas. The deserts are to die for and the food will not dissappoint. Great selections to choose from. Sooo good we went there twice in 3 days. Burgers are great...did waffle and then donut versions....yum! The goblets of alcohol and dry ice are fun to watch.

Victoria Azizkhan

Very expensive. For those prices, the food was awful. Couldnt hear with all the noise!


Kids enjoyed themselves and love that everything made you feel like a kid again here

James Atkinson

My wife and I shared the Rainbow Sliders and a side of fries to cut down on the cost. The food was fresh and tasty. This is an experience you'll just need to budget for and try not to go overboard! We skipped the Goblets and went with the Tie Dye milkshake and it was fantastic. The service was commendable as well.

DanYeal Moss

Enjoyed everything in the menu. A little pricey but we enjoyed it.

Tara Vawter

The food was delicious! We both ordered steak, filet and NY and they were cooked to perfection! Staff was incredibly friendly as well! Highly recommend it!

ced adams

Gets pretty packed quickly..drinks are good ..I'm going to try location in biloxi ,ms soon

Bradley Tackitt

What an experience, absolutely stunning food and drinks.

Desiree Hylton

It was an interesting place to visit. Finding it was tricky especially if you parked in the underground parking. The food was amazing! Their rainbow burgers and Mac and cheese balls were bomb. The staff was very accommodating to my sister as she has specific food allergies. Here in town the Sugar Factory is best known for their fish bowl drinks, which are alcoholic but can be made without. They are pretty delicious! Can't wait to go back.

Whittney Kelly

Went here my last night in Vegas because a friend who's a sugar lover wanted to attend. I'm not huge on massive sugary drinks, but I figured it would be fun and it kind of was. Seeing the birthday celebrations were fun, but the menu was too big and thus overwhelming. I would be willing to give this a 4 but the food was so-so (I got the fettuccine Alfredo) and restaurant itself was filthy. Most busy restaurants are a bit dirty, I don't expect every crumb to be swept because that's impossible but the floor was absolutely gross and the bathrooms were even worse. It was like a celeb and sugar-themed Cheesecake Factory but with less ambiance and cleanliness.

Shealyn Harrington

Unfortunately the experience didn't match the expectations. There is a lot hype surrounding Sugar factory, but we were seated next to the patio door where servers kept leaving it open even when we asked to close it (it was a cold day), and when we asked to switch tables (there were plenty open) they said they were full (no reservation signs and the tables never got sat while we were there). They were out of most of the drinks we wanted, and the actual drinks we did order took almost an hour to get. The server actually forgot my one friends drink altogether. It was sadly not what we hoped for

Angel West

I have never tried such amazing food in my life!! Everything was delicious, from the pasta, to the cheesecake and the sugar bowls. My bill was around 150 but so worth every freakin penny!!! Waiter was great and manager checks on everything. Great place to dine in Vegas. ❤️

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