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REVIEWS OF Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay IN Nevada

Craig Cota

Great time here. Was busy but still easy to see all the fish and reptiles.

Jindan Nayar

This is a small facility in the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino and is definitely worth the visit. The exhibits are clean, the animals are healthy and well cared for, and the theming experience is excellent. Their large shark exhibit is absolutely worth checking out if only to see animals you do not see often such as a shark ray and sawfish. They have an excellent program to train and work with their animals to maintain their health and well-being at the facility. It was not overly crowded at the time that we went and easy to navigate through. There are informative signs throughout the facility to provide educational opportunities for visitors.

Off The Beaten Path Adventures and Travel

Diving with the sharks at Mandalay Bay Aquarium is a must-do. I can't recommend it enough. It's one of the few places where you can dive with so many different species of sharks. One of my favorites was the Galapagos Shark that would swim around the platform and check us out before we were allowed to go down. Once it swam away, we could swim around the aquarium. I never thought I'd meet a bouncer who was a shark. I also loved it when a white tip shark got spooked and swam into my arm. In addition to the sharks, we had saw rays and shark rays that swam near us. The sea turtle would come by to check us out. Note that the chainmail suit they give you to wear is because the sea turtle tries to bite sometimes--it isn't because of the sharks. A final thing to note is that the staff were way nice and considerate. I loved the video they did for me.

Nerd SlayerX

I had fun. It's worth it. Sharks are cool. Could use more jellyfish. Its expensive but its expensive to maintain all those fish.

Abby H

The kids loved this place so much! We did too it had so much to see and the encounter with the sharks was so great of course the ending is the best part! It’s so beautiful. Plus We got a great deal on these ended up paying 25 for 4.

Chad Wilbur

It was ahh ok. Not really over the top but something about an aquarium I find to be very tranquil so if you've had a fastpaced hectic stressful time in Vegas come here to take your mind off of things and regroup.

ASmog04. D

It's a fun experience and a lot to see but the space and length and the exhibit is really short.

Silvia Sermeno

We expect a bigger Aquarium but it is really nice, we had a great time, it's good to walk.

Kristina Breitling

The aquarium itself isn’t huge, but it was larger than I thought it would be. The exhibits are very well put together and I enjoyed the larger aquarium spaces that had an array of different species in one place. I felt the price was very reasonable for the size and quality of the aquarium.

Jonathan Westfall

A little pricey, but no rush to go through the exhibits. Plenty of animals and sharks. A good time.

Michael Taylor

Really good for being in a casino, learned some interesting facts about sealife I did not know

iosaf sweeney

Amazing theyve got the biggest tank ive ever seen right at the end ive been to every sealife there is because i love aquariums and this one is way up with the best of them

The Matadore

It’s always a fun experience. Good clean environment. The kids love it. Downside: Feels like it ends too quickly; and I don’t love that they force you to take photos (especially since some people get angry at those things and it can ruin the mood). The store has decent items.

Louise Otto

Very nice, information pool with rays and crabs and commentary was educational. The tanks were excellent display of marine life. I thought there was not great value for the cost.


My name is Tristan Newton, and judy is the beat employee there give here a promotion or tell her she earned a badge of my my friendship.

Alan Preston

Great aquarium with a ton of different things to look at and interact with. Great for kids of all ages and that includes adults. I'll go back the next time I'm in Vegas for sure.

Darren McLeod

Some good entertainment but a little short and can be fairly crowded during the afternoons. Not really my thing but families with kids will enjoy it more.

Luis Felipe

Really up-close experience with some of the marine life! Amazing displays.

Joely Taylor

Small place had some beautiful aquariums love to the octopus. Kind of pricey for what you get but worth it only takes about an hour to go through if that.

Abdallah abu ghalyoun

This was an interesting experience. You can go underground and walk through an underwater aquarium. There are a lot of different animals to see including a variety of sharks. I was a little disappointed and thought there would be a few more exhibits than what I saw, but overall, it was great. If you want a quick activity to do to fill time, this is a great experience. You can get through the exhibit in just over 30 minutes if you're in a hurry, but I suggest that you take your time and enjoy the animals. It will be worth it.

ram kovitz

Another cheesy attraction, so glad I brought my kids along to Vegas, definitely one of my brightest ideas

Leanne Holley

This was our family's (party of 6) 1st visit and it was spectacular. From the tour guides being very informative to the exhibits and being able to touch the stingrays was a highlight for our family. The atmosphere was very nice and we WILL DEFINITELY come again when we visit Las Vegas again in the future!!

Rosie Jones

I’ve been here three different times on three different Vegas trips, and it’s definitely worth the admission price. It is located at the very end of the strip, so it is a trip to get there. You travel through tunnels made of glass and you can see a variety of fish, turtles, and sharks. You can also touch the stingrays, which is always fun. You can go at your own pace, so you can go through quickly or take your time. It’s great!

Blu Moonsprite

Very short walk through. Very warm inside the exhibit. I guess kids would enjoy it more.

Kevin McLellan

One of the best exhibts in vegas. You can get a deal if you buy passes for three exhibits.

Martin Le-Roy

The aquarium was a good exhibit, you were able to see all the species they had and there was a short motion ride and an interactive section that was also pretty good. General admission for an adult was $25.

Rachelle Herrera

I enjoyed the shark reef. However, I was expecting a bit more. Nevertheless, it was nice especially for kids.

Kori Speece

Super small aquarium, but for what they have, it was pretty all right. Their staff is very knowledgeable, and they do seem to enjoy their jobs. The Polar Experience is a joke. Don't waste your time, it most run down technology that is in serious need of repair.

The Travelers

Yeah it's cool, don't compare it to a giant aquarium but it's nice!

C. Stricker

Great aquarium and a friendly staff. Went before Halloween and they had trick or treating with the kids which was awesome. Great exhibit and the petting station was pretty cool where you could actually pet some Manta Rays! Pretty cool!

T Bessard

Its very small. If you get a groupon it's okay to see otherwise its just a few fish and you walk through an underground aquarium where you can see the nerf sharks, the swordfish and small gray sharks. There is a small stingray petting tank and they are so little they are cute. You touch them with 1 finger per the rules. They take a paid picture when you come in. Its $25 for one and $30 for 2 when you come out. Definitely get groupon to see it.

Ognian Dimitrov

The aquarium is interesting and is located in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It is not very large, but there are many marine animals and it is built in the desert.

gilad sheffer

Really loved the place! I came at sunday and the lane was pretty long (about 15 minutes) but at the reef it's not crowded. It takes about 30 minutes to walk it all, but you may stay as long as you want - I stayed around 45 minutes. There is a pool just near the jellyfish where you can touch some rays. They have a break from touching every few minutes, and it is worth to wait, specially for kids.

Loreta G.A.

Always wanted to go here, it's nice but I expected it to be more, a larger exhibit. Maybe because it was a holiday weekend, it was busy. From the line to get tickets. We did like that you can get close to take photos but just have to wait for the crowds to go by or crop your photos. Maybe a less busier day than Sunday on labor day weekend would be better time to go see again.

Davy R

Crazy expensive, but I guess that's just Vegas. The employees telling you about the animals are nice. If you have the money to blow, why not, it's nice.

Bryan Frye

Every kind of shark you can think of and then some! All in a wonderfully crafted atmosphere even has a jelly fish exhibit. Girlfriend dragged me along and I was pleasantly surprised.

Craig Isakson

It's pretty cool but shorter than I anticipated. We got a good deal on the tickets and I'm glad we did. I'm not sure it would have been worth paying full price.

A Bo

Not a huge aquarium but was great and had lot of cool sea creatures to look at. My favourite part was the jelly fish and the touching the stingrays. Definitely was worth the visit.

Jose Campos

This place was great. My kids, my wife, and I. Had a great time. We were amazed at the different species they had. We even touched a sting ray.


One of the best places in town to take kids Good fun for the whole family

Ramin Herati

Great aquarium, beautifully laid out and decorated. The underwater tunnels are fun to walk through, to watch the fish and sharks swimming around. The jellyfish tank was really nice. A bit more expensive than would be ideal though, certainly not an all-day activity (or even couple of hours).

Roxanne Entwisle

This place is awesome! The Komodo dragon was awake!!! It's a great thing to do in Vegas!!

Patrick Monroe

Great place to take your kids! Mine have a great time seeing al kind of animals, also the staff was very friendly with us, nice service!

Silver Fox

Fun place but kind of minimal. The kids will love it though!

Dallin Jenkins

It was pretty cool! I don't think it's worth the price, but it was a lot of fun. If you go on a weekday it's not as busy (recommend).

Jacqueline Kolody

The kids really enjoyed walking through the various exhibits. It wasn't as long as I expected, but it was very well done. This is a great place to take the kids if you want to get out of the hot Vegas sun. We spent about 30 minutes walking around. You could see the whole exhibit in less than that if you are pressed for time.

Hope Lynch

This aquarium is great for the young kids. My two year old enjoys the exhibits here every time we go. There is a wide range of things to see from crocs to sharks. I would skip the polar bear and penguin thing, it’s animated and most people can’t tell that until it’s too late. There are a large number of sharks here. My son loves sharks and they are the main reason we visit. The tank with the sharks is large and has so many view points. There are viewing places above your head, below your feet and all around you. It cannot be missed.

Eric Johnson

The fee was $37 and was a bit expensive and fairly small regarding the exhibit. That said what had was very well done and they had staff there to talk to you about the different species. It's worth going to but set your expectations accordingly.

Rick S

Shark Reef aquarium rivals some of the nicest aquariums in Florida. It’s much smaller but very nice. Do not waste your money on the additional Polar Journey.

Jason Leon

The missus and I thoroughly enjoyed the aquarium. A little smaller than some of the others that we've been to, but definitely a good experience. The missus got caught off guard with the couple of snakes (she's very afraid of them and will jump away) but besides that, we enjoyed the variety of fishes and animals exhibited.

Jay Jay

Very awesome place! Would totally do it again! Highly recommend

David Anderson

It's an aquarium in the desert so don't expect anything crazy but it's nice. Had some reptiles and wasn't expecting that. Had a little petting pool for the kids. Took maybe a half hour to walk through. Tank at the end was impressive.

Kristen Meyers

Small, but fun! The shark that looked like it had a saw blade for a snout was pretty cool.

Krystah Smith

Great place to kill time in the heat with your family. 25$ for an adult ticket and 19$ for a kid. That ticket includes the little action ride, polar walk through & the aquarium. Easy hour to 2 hours depending on how slow you are and how busy it is.

Christine B

I have come here several times throughout the years and I love this place

Matil C. Walker

It was fun but needed more excitement. maybe next year it will be better

Dalyn Tardy

I think this might be the only of the big/permanent attractions that I've never been to in Vegas. I've tried to go before, but it's not that convenient to get to (alllll the way down at the east end of the strip), and the one time we did make it there, the wait to get in was 2 hours (it gets busy!).

John Davis

It was very cool seeing the multiple species of aquatic marine life !

martin cardenas

We enjoyed all the sharks , because they were very active

Erica Ngan

Worth the admission price, we got to touch sea life! Got a great deal on tickets from online games. Lots of different things to see, lots of sharks (many kinds), fish, large turtles that you don't normally see other aquariums. The tunnel you can walk under was fun. Touching sting rays was the high light, it's better to go when it's not busy.

James Maher

Great fun. It doesn't take too long to go around the aquarium but it's got lots to see at the same time.

Matthew Rumbel

Did the dive with sharks as one of my bucket list ites and it was one of the most amazing things I've done in my life! From beginning to end I felt like a VIP. Both my guide and my dive instructor were amazing and they had a great tour for my guests and me. It exceeded all my expectations. So many sharks and sea turtles during the dive and yet I didn't feel a moment of apprehension as they made sure I was comfortable and guided me through every step of the dive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!

Navpreet Kaur

Ok so this is cool. They have all kinds of sea creatures from turtles to star fish to jelly fish! I would recommend it just cz it is cool to see an aquarium within a casino. Also if you get tired of inhaling smoke this can be a paid but cool getaway from it.

Tori Jacobson

I got 2 free tickets from using the MyVegas reward app. It was so worth it!! We added the Polar Journey as well for just 5 dollars a person and had fun with that. The aquarium was a little smaller than I expected but if you took a little extra time at each exhibit it is well worth it.


Very disappointed with the Shark Reef Aquarium. I expected to see more animals and exhibits but sadly they only had a few. We were out of there in less than 30 minutes. Baltimore's National Aquarium is so much better. It wasn't worth the $25 I paid.

Jason Barth

What a great place. The piranhas were the biggest I'd ever seen. The Komodo dragon is something you don't see everyday. Dozens are great creatures and the polar journey is amazing too.

Timothy Conroy

I think it's great kids and people can see sharks and Ray's up close in the spirit of education and enlightenment...however I found it very sad to see the condition and despondency of the komodo dragon and alligator in the first part of the exhibit. The komodo dragon looked listless unwell and forlorn. Avoid this if you are sensitive to animals.

Kel Rykien

A really nice place to take the kids. A bit pricey, and depending on where you park, you'll have to pay for that too! Seriously, making locals pay to park? But hey, where would we all be without a bit of corporate greed?

Bradley Brown

Aquarium was very fun with good amount to see and do. My favorite part was the sunken ship surrounded by sharks. The polar experience was alot of fun too with lots of interactive activities.

Amy Cook

It's crazy the amount of sharks that they have! Vary informative but fun! Worth the price! I did get freaked out standing over the glass that lets you see the bottom of the shark tank, there was also a giant turtle swimming around, who was braver then I am!

Valarie Ross

The aquarium was great. Loved all the extra large viewing windows, perfect for littles. But it's only getting 4 stars because it was very small for the big price.

Eleanor Bocanegra

My 2 year old granddaughter loved it. A great activity away from the casino and smoke. We took our time, it's self paced, and enjoyed the beautiful sea creatures God created.

Sylvia Grant

It was a nice aquarium - worth the price of admission. There was a variety of marine life and some educational displays. It was relaxing to sit in the tunnel and watch all the fish, sharks and other sea creatures swim around you. (We were there earlier in the day - before the crowds). We also went to the polar exhibit, which was nice - but pretty small. There are better aquariums in the country, but it was a nice change of pace from the Vegas strip. It is totally worth a trip - is you have a few days in Vegas, but if time is limited, this is not a "must-see."

Ben Nichols

Some nice exhibits but not enough to pay $50 per person.

Zak Smith

Really nice little aquarium. Member of the AZA, too, which is great. Especially at Halloween.

Yvette Lobo

Paid 17 buck to walk through in 20 min. Not really worth it. Should have been more to see.

Francis Lee

For kids it rocks! My granddaughter loves sharks so she was just amazed. Even us adults were having fun. The best part IMHO is the tunnel that you go through and all the sharks and fish are swimming up and around you. The gift shop was great too. Something for everyone and every budget.

Killa K Sazto

This is the middle of the desert, and we have this! Just wow, and there is a local discount. The final shark tank is enormous and filled with sharks. I love that it has a petting area for the marine animals. Just a great place to bring out of town guests.

Vanessa Widman

The exhibits were interesting, especially liked the jellyfish. Wish the turtles had their own space, they seemed to be hiding when I was there.

Ed Tundidor

Great place to get away from the casino floor. Also a great family attraction.


This was well worth the price of the tickets. Take the kids no matter how old they are. It was great.

Valere West

Saw some things I have only seen on TV. Enjoyed it

Peyton Parks

Well-curated mix of species with some fresh water and reptiles mixed in. Overall small like you might expect but feels bigger and has a rainforest vibe. The largest shark exhibit has a shipwreck theme that's very well done. Worth every dollar of the entry fee for fish fans.

Clark Worsley

The set up is amazing, there is a lot to see. I appreciated my visit because I like aquariums in general. Sections where it was crowded with kids were unpleasant, but I expected it. The place where you can touch the stingrays, the aquarium full of medusas and the aquarium of piranhas are my highlights. The tunnel in the shark pool was also impressive.The polar experience after the aquarium may be interesting for kids but is completely annoying for adults.

Genesis Elizabeth Dobson

It was an amazing place for families and peeps. I highly recommend this place before you leave Vegas

Tiffany T

This aquarium was pretty cool! If you love aquariums, it's a must see!

Elizabeth Ray

It was ok small but the shark tank was somewhat impressive for being in a casino. My littles liked it! That's what matters is that my 5 and 8 year enjoyed themselves.

Mary Tan

Nice place to check out when visiting Vegas with the kids to give them a break from the strip, especially if they are into sharks. Lots of different types of sharks, rays, and other interesting creatures so that was cool. Don't expect to spend hours here, as it is small. There's a 5D movie included with admission, which we didn't get to see, but that would've made our visit longer. You may not be too impressed if you've been to larger aquariums. The cost is $25 for adults and $20 for children, so a little pricey for its size but my young kids liked it.

Miranda Ririe

Like it every time. The sharks and sting Ray's are the draw, however, $25 per adult? That's the cost of visiting an aquarium and this isn't even half that size. Just feel the value would make more sense around $20 or less. Cost seems silly.

Kimberly Soles

I enjoyed the time I spent here! It was really nice to see all of the different exhibits and animals. The place was really beautiful inside and the staff was very nice and knowledgeable. The sharks were really very cool to watch and they're very active. My favorite part was the stingrays and manta rays that you could pet. Some of them were really social and really liked the attention from the people. And I'm not sure how we could have possibly missed the turtles, so I'm pretty convinced they don't have any. That was really our biggest disappointment about coming here. Also, the Arctic section was underwhelming as well.

Will Choe

Nice variety of sea creatures. The kids had a good time at the Halloween event

Erick Gomez

My visit to the place was amazing! It isn't even expensive and you get to see so many species that you normally don't see around. They put a lot of attention to detail and the short tour is definitely amazing. You have to check the underwater passages and the jellyfish tank.

Michael M

A nice place to visit. The animals and fish are interesting.

Greg Szucs

Loved the animals they had. Wish there was a bigger variety of animals/fish. But don't get me wrong it was worth the $25 admission. Enough to see. Loved the fact that we were able to touch/pet the Ray's swimming around. They seemed to have the best intentions of the rays when allowing the public to go hands on. So that was nice to see. Would recommend if you have some extra time on your hands to check this place out

Charles M

Short but nice. Friendly knowledgeable staff, happy to answer all sorts of questions. Touch tank was fun.

Eduardo Cueva

This is a good place to go if your just looking to pass time or just want a place to take your kids so they can learn a thing or two. I thought it was a little pricey for amount of time we actually spent inside. There isn't really much to see or do but what is there is very cool and informative.

Mona Ruth Batt

Wow!! Really cool, saw fish I hadn't seen before. Gift shop wasn't outrageous in price. Great experience. I recommend this activity for everyone!

Steve Carroll

I do like it and it is always nice seeing rare and exotic animals. I am not happy that the reptiles aren't being cared for correctly. They have a snake that is missing 4" of tail and has a giant nub. It would be nice to see these things all being 100% cared for

Becky Mahan

Fun place to go with the family or even just an adult day trip. The lines were pretty long and the actual exhibit is fairly small, but it was pretty cool to get to see the sharks, fish and reptiles from all over the world. There is also a petting pond that had crabs and stingrays in it that you can touch.

Donald Tucker

Magnificent. A glorious experience. That's the best way to put it. I give it five stars.

Charles Kim

Really surprised they even had this here. Big plus for having a shark reef to visit. It's basically an aquarium type feel with different sea animals being presented through a walk along till you get to the final exhibit of sharks swimming together in a huge man made reef. It's around $25 a person to get in and they offer other attractions that you have to pay extra for (they have packages). Also there is an awesome food court next to it too. Thanks for a great time.

Melissa Mcaffee

Love it great things to see and cheap gift shop

Virginia Purvis

The best aquarium I've ever seen. My grandson and I had an amazing time learning about the animals and viewing the aquatic animals.

Anthony Alexandrovich

The aquarium itself is great, plenty of knowledgeable staff around to teach about the animals. The variety of animals on display was incredibly impressive for the size of the aquarium. The touch pool in particular is amazing, especially for children. Minus one star, however, for the "Polar Journey" exhibit that was included in the ticket. It was incredibly small and busy, and the 4d experience that was included had a huge line.

Mary Anne

4 Stars is being generous, and I am rounding up, this would be just slightly above average around 3.5 stars. The aquarium was nice, clean and the tanks were well kept- basically everything you would expect in a venture inside one of the larger hotel casino resorts in Las Vegas. That being said, as an aquarium I found it just okay and nothing remarkable and small. Yes, it is impressive on some level that there is an aquarium in the desert but having been to aquariums along the Pacific Coast where there is a great effort to educate the public in regards to sea life, ecosystems and conservation efforts this aquarium didn't seem to put too much effort into offering much in the way of information to the public. When my daughter-in-law and I went through there were only 2 docents in the entire area --one standing sentinel near the Piranha Exhibit, and one near the tide pool area. (Incidentally the same number of people required to take pictures at the entrance.) The gentleman in the tide pool area was friendly and knowledgeable (he would be at home in one of the larger aquariums)The placards didn't contain much information and some species of fish in the larger tanks weren't identified at all. The shark exhibit is remarkable (to me) anyway because of the effort it must take to maintain something of that size away from the ocean. Thankfully my grand kids are still tiny and we didn't have to pay admission for them so I don't feel too badly about the money that was spent. Although for 2 adults plus the parking fee it was still over $50.00 for very little. I wish I could recommend this as a must go place. I can't. If you are an avid sea life enthusiast and need to see fish while you are in the desert then this isn't a bad way to spend the afternoon. But if you really want to see and experience a variety of sea life and ocean ecosystems I would recommend the aquariums in Monterrey California or the one in Newport Oregon if you ever find yourself in those cities.

Daniel White

A good variety of sea animals and some big big sharks. I am really glad i visited Shark Reef because i have always wanted to see sharks. When you see them in person you love them more. Also i had a great experience “petting” a stingray. Never thought i would do something like that.

G Thomas

Like many people have said, this shark reef aquarium is a bit overpriced for the size and length of time you can realistically spend here. It does however have a great atmosphere and nice exhibits, you can interact with rays in an open pool which was good, although I don't see why I couldn't take photos with an underwater camera when you can put your hands in and possibly contaminate the water with sun creams etc. The sunken sailing ship and submerged walk ways were very good indeed. We all enjoyed the aquarium and wished it lasted longer.


This was such a fun little aquarium! The shark tunnel was amazing. Around every corner there is a new Instagram perfect place to take a photo! It's about an hour and half to go through the entire thing, so just keep that in mind if you expected it to be longer.

kyle cade

Nice and fun aquarium with animals and sharks or course. Has a couple different spots where you can pass into the tanks inside a glass tube hallway. Also has a petting pool with stingrays. Was $25 for an adult ticket but we decided to do the 3 for $57 attractions pass for MGM properties. You can choose from multiple attractions and you get to do 3 of them for just $57.

Brittany Rose

A smaller aquarium but definitely some interesting sea creatures! We loved the different kinds of sharks. The additional polar experience wasn’t worth extra money in our opinion but it came with our tickets so we did it. The aquarium didn’t take long to walk through, maybe 40-45 minutes. Enjoy!

Antony Moore

Great variety of aquatic life to view up close. Multi activity ticket creates good value for money. Kids and adults entertained

Andrew Ady

Incredible experience to see full grown sharks. Very well done and would love to go back soon. The other animals such as piranhas and jelly fish where pretty awesome to see also. There are so many other varieties to see here.

Tz Y

The hotel is huge with miles of walkways. The aquarium had a wonderful array of salt water fish. It's a great place to have fun.

Maria Hicks

Took my grandson to go see the fishes sharks he loved it a day well spent with family


I finally went here after many years of multiple friends going and although it was pretty cool to look at i felt it was a bit short and a bit lacking in presentation. I do think it is worth a visit if you are in the area and like aquariums. This is definitely a good way to pass some time if you have kids.

DREAMS4U lisa.johnson

Up close and personal with the sharks; nice jellyfish display, reef tunnels are cool. Exhibit a little short but up close makes it worth it.

Andrea Ko

What an amazing experience. A good variety of sea animals and some big big sharks. I am really glad i visited Shark Reef because i have always wanted to see sharks. When you see them in person you love them more. Also i had a great experience “petting” a stingray. Never thought i would do something like that.

Angelica Ayala

Small, but really nice and lots of different sea animals. We especially enjoyed the sharks. It took us about 30 minutes.

Matthew Puffer

Very well done display and variety of creatures. The actual shark reef is very impressive. Look for the sea turtles.

Charline Leblond

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, they take time to answer questions and explain very well to small kids. However, the aquarium is quite small (you don't need the whole afternoon to see everything; a good hour is enough). So, a bit overpriced for what you get to see.

Denielle Wolff

The Aquarium was super cool. They take 4 pics of your group in front of a green screen that you can look at and buy at the end. The large shipwreck shark tank was the best! Stayed there longer than any exhibit. I would say do it for sure if you never have but for $25.00 each adult we expected it to be a longer visit, the Aquarium was small and we finished pretty quick. Also the stingray attendant wasnt very pleasant.

Darcy Del Bosque

We went for Haunted Reef on Nevada Day. They do trick or treating and had a cute puppet show. It was fun. It isn't a huge place, but we took our time and had fun watching the sea creatures.

Jessica Heberton

Great aquarium. It is a small aquarium but it packs quite a punch. Really neat setup. I walked through it twice as there was much to see. I would not suggest a stroller because the walkways are narrow. But it is a perfect kid-friendly Vegas activity.

Mike Whittaker

Animals were plentiful and active. Great for kids and adults

Sasha B

For the price it could have offered more. Nevertheless, it was still a fun experience. The interactive part was very informative but lacked the "fun" experience. I would not go a second time, but I did not regret the initial experience.

Aaron N

Went through this exhibit a few days ago after I made my way down the long and seemingly never-ending Mandalay Bay shopping center. Coming from a town where our city operated aquarium is in forever need of greater funds and repair. I certainly appreciated and enjoyed the splendor that this attraction provided. The walk-though tunnel and large shark tank were unexpected, especially for a hotel aquarium. Making them a pleasant surprise. The additional attraction that was featured in our package, the Arctic/Ice exhibit was educational, interactive, and great for the children. However, it could have offered a little bit more considering the price of admission. In all, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is a great way to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and casinos. A stable of the hotel since its opening nearly two decades ago. It is well maintained and the staff are friendly. The ticket price(s) however, are a little excessive, even by Vegas standards

Chelsea Parson

What an amazing and interactive exhibit! We loved being able to walk through some amazing creatures. The touch tank was a fun way to really get involved and information.

Alex Wall

The tanks and fish are very well cared for and there’s an impressive assortment of animals.

Idelfonso Hernandez

I like it but the

Poka O

This was something fun to do with the kids in the middle of the summer heat. Kids loved touching the rays and looking at all the different fish. Stay away from the piranhas! The underwater shark tunnel at the end was amazing and we spent a lot of time just staring at the jellyfish. That was my favorite part.

e m

I had to get a family membership. My son is a shark lover and we really got so much use out of it. He never got tired of it. The hardest part was leaving through the gift shop, he now has so many plush stuffed sharks in his room a few t-shirts and various trinkets!!! The membership is really worth it. There is a birthday room you can host a party in with excellent views. It's very cool. My son loved petting the stingrays in the shallow pool, the jellyfish tank and there's a huge octopus. He loved just standing in front of the huge glass windows watching the sharks. Every once in awhile there's a diver in scuba gear to wave at he always got a thrill out of that. The entire place is rather small so take your time.

The Wild Ginger

The Shark Reef is an amazing experience. Each of the aquariums are beautiful and captivating. You can spend hours watching the sharks and other fish. Getting the chance to see a komodo dragon was really special too. Would definitely go again.

Krysty Gaytan

They were having a Hallow-reef event haha see what they did there. I found this event on Facebook. They offered on the 26th free entry for kids in costume (which was also a no school day for kids) We got there around 11am and there wasn't much of a line so it didn't take too long to get inside. They were also running a blood donation event. If you donated blood you got an adult ticket and your parking ticket was also validated. They even offered appointments online so you can schedule your blood donation. It was really convenient the blood donation area was near the entrance of the shark reef. The staff collecting the blood donations were dressed up in costume. They had a variety of snacks and drinks available for after. If you were not able to donate blood you could just purchase an adult ticket. With a Nevada ID you can receive a locals discount which is $17. Once inside the staff members were standing around in candy stations and the kids were able to trick or treat. It was so cute because they had Halloween decorations everywhere. My favorite was a giant skeleton of a T-Rex. We probably went through the whole Shark Reef in about 30 to 40 minutes. They did have a kids touching area. The staff member in charge was very serious on having the kids use one finger and they can only lean over to reach as long as they were on their bellies. The coolest part was walking thru the glass aquarium dome. We saw the sharks and the turtles! I definitely wouldn't be back again unless they had a similar even going on.

Jessica Wolmuth

Not the most exciting aquarium I've ever been to, but the shark reef is pretty interesting


Steep price for a small exhibit. But it's Vegas, that's the norm here. For it's size it is a nice design. It's something to do. Don't rush through it.

Kecia Lockhart

This was a great aquarium to visit during my stay. Lots to see and great for the little ones. The admission also gets you admission to the polar exhibit.

Hannah Kimura

It was an amazing experience for my family. We enjoyed the different sea creatures and the interactive experience in the Polar journey. A must see if you are in Vegas specially with kids.

Braden Pitts

Worth it! Very cool aquarium for being in a hotel on the strip. More than just sharks!

Anthony Vidas

Should have just been called random animals/fish place. There was an aquarium with sharks but the focus surely wasn't on them. There were alligators and other reptiles as well as manta/sting rays along with other semi exotic fish. Unless you can get in cheap/free i woukd suggest just skipping this one.

Colton Krebs

It was so awesome! I am like a little kid when it comes to sharks so my wife put up with me "ooooooing" and "ahhhhhhing" the sharks as they sailed by! The shark observation deck is so cool! I wanted so bad to feed the sharks but they were sold out! Great place for kids and adults alike! They have a place where you can touch different Rays and Horseshoe Crabs so that's awesome to!

S Brecht

Fun place to take the kids. Not the best aquarium we have been to but it was pretty. Gift shop has fun stuff and not super overpriced. I get it, it’s Vegas so anything and everything will be pricey but it’s a bit small.

Sosy Sarah

Open until 10pm during summer time. There's a food court right next to it but closed if you get there late. So the aquarium isn't that big but it's really great. We had such a lovely time and awe Moments. Some sharks look really dangerous and so beautiful. There are many other fishes that you can see and some crocodiles too. We went there around 8:30 pm. I don't know about during the day but we enjoyed it without the crowd!

Unavailable Unavailable

I highly recommend the turtle feeding! They only take small groups so you really feel like a V.I.P and have more than enough time for photos as well as the actual turtle feeding. We had such an amazing time and our tour guide was so knowledgeable and welcoming. Definitely a one of a kind experience. We also got to see shark feedings as well while we were there and got to go behind the scenes of how everything works in the aquarium. Got some amazing pictures and videos. Will absolutely return again!

Ela Paterson

Very nice aquariums. Don't bother with the polar experience unless you're entertaining children.

Sam S

Great little aquarium. Really enjoyed the shipwreck and the shark tunnels. The staff were friendly. You can go through at your own pace and read up and learn a few things. Would get 5 stars if it was just a few dollars cheaper, due to length of exhibit.

Coleen Berger-Mori

Loved it and the company we were with. Informative and they took the time to answer all the questions we had ! A must do if in Vegas

marco cervantes

A small place full of surprises! Take your time and walk thru the habitats! The sharks are at the end and their exhibits are amazing.

James Kelley

My third trip but my mom's first. The Shark Reef is always a cool spot to just walk around and enjoy.

Tim O'Sullivan

We have visited this aquarium a number of times, and it never disappoints! Despite being smaller than some of the Ripley's locations, it has some really nice displays and the fish and animals seem in excellent health. Also when you think these animals are in the middle of the desert, it makes it even more remarkable!

Nandani Nand

Was a lovely visit! Beautiful and mesmerizing looking at the sharks and being SO close them. I would've never imagined getting even that close to one!

Angalique Davis

Absolutely loved it! And this is my 3rd time going. A treat in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the strip.

The Money Club

Way over priced and way small. Yes it looks okay, but other Aquariums I've seen in North America when you compare the price tag, this Aquarium doesn't add up. Not even close. Especially for being in Vegas. It was a disappointment for us.

yo yo daaku singh

This aquarium not huge, but they do have quite a few things to see. They also have a lot of interactive activities- you have to pay for these and purchase tickets,It was a great experience,They also have a sea turtle interaction too. We were able to see the turtles and hang with them a bit after the shark feeding.

Chris Mac

A little pricey, but a nice time for my toddler and I for a good 2 hours

Patricia F.

Very cool place, except a bit pricey for only 30min walk thru

Kally Hess

Amazing place. It's smaller than most aquariums so not much time is needed. Cool tube walk through. We did get to see some really cool sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and they do have a touch tank. I think it was an all around great experience.

Erin Ahlich

Man is this place awesome! I had a 6 hour layover in Las Vegas so I decided to go to Mandalay Bay and finally go to this aquarium which I've heard so much about and I loved it!!! It was beautiful on the inside (I loved how it looked like ruins) and all the animal tanks were well taken care if and spacious! The pricing was a bit steep but it's Vegas, what do you expect? This place is a great way to kill and hour or two and I highly recommend!

vanessa mails

The kids loved seeing the fish in the aquarium. Although the place is not as beautiful as advertised. I wouldn’t visit a second time, it’s not worth the money. I appreciate the effort put into building this place but it’s overpriced. The worst bit is the other place where u go to play games (can’t remember the name, it’s part of the package).... that place is a joke! I can’t believe such joke exists in this century. If you have kids and walking into the mandalay bay pls hold onto them, it’s too rowdy.

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