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Here you will see the feddbacks of real people who consume the products of Pisces Reef Fish Emporium, LLC (Fish Shop) in the area close to the state of Nevada.

At this moment the firm gets a rating of 4.4 over 5 and this rating was based on 209 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Pisces Reef Fish Emporium, LLC IN Nevada

Chris Lester

Customer service is horrible. Asked to speak with the saltwater guy, waited 20 mins before I walked out disappointed by waiting for nobody. To bad since it is so close.

Steven Taylor

Great store and great customer service both Nathan and Daemon are extremely knowledgeable in their field daemon being salt water and Nathan being in freshwater. I would suggest the store to anybody.

Yohana Correa

Beautiful and friendly

Alesha Lynn

Best aquatic store I've been too. All the fish are very healthy. Very impressed.

Megan Waldron

Employees are very friendly and helpful. Beautiful freshwater setups, large selection of live plants when they receive orders. Great prices on driftwood and fish prices are fair.

Kevida Turner

Their staff is really nice and knowledgable about aquarium life. But I think they are a bit pricey. You can definitely find the same fish and live rock much cheaper somewhere else.


Super friendly and helpful

José H

I always enjoy my time here, friendly staff and love their selection on products. I always look forward to their fresh water shrimps, live plants, rocks, betta fish and the rest is just a bonus to enjoy.

Islandgrl 671

My Husband and I love this place! Huge selection of fresh water and salt water fish and the staff are all very friendly and helpful, most of all they are very informative. Prices are reasonable and hours of operation are flexible.

Elkus Hardy

They are SO helpful, was just getting tank started and had a Ton of questions ,they answered them all


Staff are always kind especially the manager that's why I keep coming back

Kevin Walters

Great people, friendly staff.

Pan Pan

I used to think this was a great place! I am having my doubts. There has been a change of staff. I went to Pisces on Sunday because my aquarium has cloudy water, bacterial bloom possibly. I had a very nice young man test my water and the nitrates and ammonia were fine. However, another staff member suggested I use Fritz Zyme 7 to clear the water but this is a product that removes ammonia & Nitrates. Needless to say my water is still cloudy and the staff member recommended Fritz & Zyme who was helping me dropped like a hot potato when other customer came in... OBVIOUSLY, HE GAVE ME THE WRONG PRODUCT AND HE DIDN'T HAND ME THE SMALL BOTTLE HE HANDED ME THE LARGE BOTTLE... WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT!!! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AS WHAT THEY HAVE BECOME.. I thought I found a reputable store and I am just beginner, my hobby is obviously not going to grow... I guess they don't care about the beginners just big established aquarium owners... VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Saul Chagoya

Clean friendly knowledgeable. Great selection of fresh and salt

Matthew McHale

Made my first visit to Picses Reef yesterday. All staff were super friendly and greeted me warmly. The first thing I noticed is that they have he healthiest stock of fish I’ve ever seen in a store. All tanks were clean, and no causalties like you see in the chains all the time. I will definitely be visiting again.

Greg Harris


Great place to buy healthy, rare and exotic fish.

Brian West

I love this fish store! I've been going here for a while now. They have a great salt water and fresh water selection. They can order almost anything for you. They made a mistake with an order of mine for a fluval FX6. It literally took 6 weeks to get. But Damon the manager found out about the issue and made everything right. They are in the Best of Las Vegas top 15. You won't be disappointed with this store. All the staff is knowledgeable and can help figure out any of you aquarium needs.


Use to be a well run store. The employees are helpful but some of the tanks look nasty in the salt water section. If they turn it around it could be a gold mine. I have stopped going here due to finding other salt water fish stores that take better care of their tanks :/

Fernando Solis

They are very nice and friendly, very good service and good prices.

Paul Doerner

Good selection of saltwater fish and supplies. Some corals as well. Great customer service

David Perry

I drive past multiple other fish shops to shop here. They have an amazing selection, knowledgeable staff, and take very good care of their animals. I've even seen them deny a sale because the animal in question was very difficult to keep and the customer was obviously not prepared for it. I have rapidly developed a great deal of trust in the quality of the animals, care, people and ethics here. Quality shop. Best in Vegas IMHO.

jose cervantes

Clean, attentive staff, good variety of fish.

Mark Young

A new store with a very helpful staff. Great location.

Isaiah Utter

Robert M. loPEZ

Pisces Reef is a awesome fish store, always has something cool to check out!!! Prices are reasonable and Nathan is always very helpful and willing to chat about fish!! He knows his fish!! All the staff are friendly and helpful. People saying it takes to long to get service must have gone in on a busy day, which is understandable to have to wait a bit when the staff is tied up helping other people. I've gone to big chain stores and not gotten any service plus big chain store people for the most part don't know their fish.

Kyle Young

Ben Gardner

Nathan and his GF are amazing! Very knowledgeable, very friendly, and willing to help anyway they can! Best place in Vegas.

Kelly Hartman

Place was clean and had excellent service. Animals were healthy and the tanks where well maintained. Nice selection of both animals and tank supplies. Fresh and salt!

K4 Kegster484

Great service and a great selection of fish

Joe Berenbaum

Lied about pricing, quoted one price to get an order then wanted more when it came in

Krista Waggoner

I'll go back but just bought on Friday, a fish with ick. So disappointing. But this store is definitely better than the one 5 minutes from my house. I drove 20 miles to this store.

nick Dominguez

Amazing Store for all fish keepers from beginner to pro. The Display tanks are amazing, unlike any other stores in town, and the selection is top notch. Service is excellent and most importantly the guys running the shop have tons of first hand experience to help you with any questions you might have.

William Frane

Sick fish, very minimal selection, dead or dying corals, very expensive, rude employees. What else can I say? Won't be back!

Jeremy W

I have visited the store often, but never made a purchase until recently. There is always something interesting to see. Cheyne is absolutely delivering the best customer service! He multi-tasked brilliantly. Cheyne assisted a customer via phone, netted some lionheads and picked out some plants for me. He did this smoothly. I then inquired about a fish I had seen months ago and he kindly informed me that he could place an order for me. Today, I picked up my fish "Shaka". In sum, I felt compelled to give a great review because of the outstanding customer service. Great to see the Aloha Spirit brought to Vegas here! Competitive pricing, great selection, personalized service. Check them out!

yolostar123 yoloswag

Do you guys have german blue rams and gold rams and what are their prices

Benjamin Barnhart

Very nice staff, great quality of livestock, and everything appears to be very healthy!

lazy duck

Well priced fish and corals, and staff were very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable

janice amie

This place and the people who work there are amazing and very knowledgeable about fish

Aidan Kircheim

Absolutely love it here, we just moved here from New York a month ago and have started a small fish tank. I am fish cursed, sadly, but they've been nothing short of amazing. All of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, no matter what time you go in or who helps you, you're in great hands. Our tank is now healthy and it's all thanks to their advice and assistance. These people are the best, you won't regret going here!

Ed Sai

Great staff. Always get great advice

Chase L

High prices

Mandy Auckland

I like to visit this store. Very nice layout. However, every time when I bought fish from them, never last for more than a week...:( they don’t have the a month exchange policy, so that was kinda disappointing. Kids love this place and alway want me to take them back.

Jonathan Fierro

Great place. great people. Great service

Ashley Perkins

I'd give no stars if that option was available. I purchased a plant here and asked many questions about what to do with the plant before I put it in my tank. I was just told to put the plant inside my tank. The very next few days I noticed my fish starting to get ich. I went back only to see many of their fish have ich! even inside the tank I purchased my plant in! Then some lady said I should have treated the plant before hand and had many excuses as to why their fish have ich! HELLO?! Why sell fish that have ich on them?! Now my fish are slowly dying. Their tails have been eaten from the ich and now they wont even eat. I doubt they will make it through the night!

Siddily Diddily

My 10 year old brother is watching his sick fish at the moment. He bought 4 fish here his first real pets and on the 3rd day the sucker fish died. Now all of the fish have Ich which is when fish get white bumps all over them. NEVER will we purchase anything from here again.

Joseph Fico

Great saltwater and fresh water shop very knowledgeable and everyone is very friendly one of the best shops in town hands down.

Isabel Boyack

RadarLow cameron

too busy to help... waited almost 30 minutes +. Called and gave one price for a fish and got there and the price changed. Nathan is rude and not customer service friendly.... tanks have on and off problems in the salt side.. purchase fish with caution and definately quarantine. Every time it's a new bad issue. bad fish..... would rather travel to Glass Habitats and get great service and advice or Blue Reef and get Great fish, great service and pay a little more for the quality of service and livestock that LIVES.

Ari Eberlin

Beautiful store...gorgeous stocked aquariums on display, lots of merchandise in stock for the beginner or advanced aquarist and very knowledgeable staff...this store is one of two that I frequent and trust.

Brandon Mcferrin

Richard Tran

Best Place for Fish/Aquarium Supplies

Faith Klimczak

Recently purchased a new tank there; had them deliver & install. Courteous, professional, and answered all my questions. After shopping the other live fish stores in the Las Vegas area, Pisces Reef earned my business through their knowledgeable staff and amazing live fish & corals selection. I look forward to my future visits to the store.

David Fox

Great place to go for all of your aquarium needs. Very knowledgeable staff willing to educate.

Eva Osorio

Very friendly and helpful staff. I bought this Betta. Happy customers.

Anthony Ortiz

Friendly staff and place is always clean and fish tanks, corals are well maintained this store is always stocked with accessories and fish tanks

Michael Hinton

The best in town

Oliver Snell

Douglas Atton

I have been to the store many times every time I go there to purchase of fish the fish are on hold I don't know if they want to seal fish. And what i could buy had ick. I think they're primarily a salt water fish store. I will go elsewhere. There prices are outrageous

Ethan GovenorTV

Really good

Vahid Najafi

i allways love the varity of fishes they have here. so friendly and fare price for what you get, may be little pricy but its wort it.

Ibraham Elias

I love going there and great selection, they treat me like family everyone knows me. Friendly and knowledgeable ..

Alec M

The selection is large and the employees are helpful, however i was offered $3 a head for trade in on my frogspawn because that was his “retail value” I took it to a separate nearby shop and was given $20 per head and was able to sell them for $15 a head to residents in the area.

tim bools

Went in knowing nothing about fish tanks, but the staff was really helpful and got us all of the things we needed. Going back next week to fill up my tank with fish!

Lito Loco 4 Fish

Awesome place super nice owners and staff!!!

Conrad Huxhold


Freindly staff

Paul Sam

I decided to put a 50 gal fresh water fish tank together and was reading yelp and came across Pisces Reef Fish Emporium among others and decided to give them a try. Best decision I made because I won't go anywhere else now. They have a crew there that was terrific from the minute I walked in. We discussed what I was looking for and that was to build me a 50 gal tank and Stand and needed help with plants and ornament's. We spent time together and asked questions about the different shapes and sizes of fish tanks and I ordered the tank and stand right then after spending about an hour talking with them. I haven't had a fish tank in many years and really needed help and they were right there with multiple suggestions leaving the choices to me about tanks, stands, plants and ornaments while we walked the store. I must have called them four or five times and was always greeted the same way and then their were times I stopped in the store and it was packed but I was always acknowledged with a smile and a friendly hello and told someone will be with me in a minute. Shawn was the greatest with that smile and you always got the feeling whatever you ask or wanted the answer was yes and he may it happen. By that time I knew them all. Well this week the day August 29 2015 my tank was set-up and me my two cats and wife sit in the den and just stare at it. It's like you can't leave the room it's that beautiful and there's no fish yet. We can't wait for that to happen. Eric set the tank up with the help of Chuck and Eric will also be the maintenance man for my tank and the young man knows his stuff as they all do. He will come twice a month to make sure it's all good . Within the next week or so Eric will stop by to make sure all is good to add a couple of fish and after that maybe 6 to 8 weeks I'll start filling it little by little with the type of fish I want and with Eric's help it will be a moving master piece. Pisces has a large and beautiful selection of Freshwater and Salt water fish to chose from. If your starting an aquarium or just adding another one or need fish or supplies just stop by and see if what I'm telling you isn't true. Thanks, Daman Eric Shawn Owen Chuck For everyone's help and kindness. They always make you feel it's great to see you. Paul

Shawn Woods

Nathan is a great guy and very knowledgeable. Issac knows his shrimp. My favorite las Vegas aquarium store.

Anthony Matundan

They are never open on time !

marc uyeda

Mathew Tucker

Great selection. Heavier salt water options versus freshwater. Still, wonderful helpful staff. Always looking to please.

Keyarra Ottey

A nice store. Kinda chaotic inside and confusing. Workers seemed very nice and helpful

Lisa Peck

Nice customer service, clean, well stocked.

Steven Antolin

Great store. Really knowledgeable staff. Prices are competitive. I've shopped here a few times and came out learning more about the hobby and I don't feel ripped off.

Joseph Kasal

I do enjoy this place. Always something new and great for ideas. I did special order a few fish and never got a call. Happened to go in one day and they had some. Overall great place.

Ted DeRuyter

Cool place with lots of variety. Helpful staff.

Charlie Sanderson

They moved recently and appear to changed all their staff. I use to shop here for the friendly staff. It's still an ok store, but the odd hours make it hard to visit.

Chaize Rhodes

Felt Like Home

Richard Carr

Knowledgeable staff, Lots of help and a fairly good selection of fresh and salt water fish.

Sarah Landau

Lorenzo Sanchez Jr

Super knowledgeable and very helpful and an added bonus 25% off for super bowl sunday. I will definitely be back

Daniel B

Some of the best selection of fish and live plants in Las Vegas! Plants are disease-free and snail-free unlike other places where you might not find out until its too late. Plants are usually always available (many other shops I have visited usually don't have them in stock).

Jovi Cueto

Good selection of fresh and saltwater fish

Xhemi Peza

Isaac Morgan

Good inventory but the fish don't last long I got a red tail shark and it jumped from the bowl and died the same day I got it then I had a common pleco that died 2 weeks afterwards I've had these same fish from petsmart and they lasted way longer

Ray Ju

Nice new setup. Cannot wait to stop by again

Jason Eyerly

Knowledgeable staff that doesn't answer your questions with a yes or no but detailed information. They always spend plenty of time explaining things to me and holding my hand through my first (thriving) saltwater setup. There prices are awesome and if there's something you want and they don't have let them know and don't be shy and they will get it. I recommend going in on Wednesday or Thursday because those are right after their weekly stock comes in so you'll get first grabs!

Barrett Hageman

Awesome store, great selection and service was great. My new fish supplier.

cristina osorio

Great staff, great fish! Stop here every weekend.

Tommy Rosario

This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. I was skeptical of the negative reviews, but soon after purchasing some plants for my aquarium my fish started to die from ich. After going back into the store you can see that their tanks are infected, something I was blinded by the first time. I explained what happened, and suggested they stop immediately selling and deal with this problem with a proper quarantine, and the owner yelled and told me they don’t have any ich problems. Horrible customer service, and no empathy for animals or their welfare. This is animal abuse and they should be closed down.

Kevin Watterson

Lots of variety and knowledge but a little pricey

Ryan and Jennifer Anderson

Adonia Irvin

Went there with my husband on, Saturday No customer service ,didn't even ask if I needed anything I understand that because he was busy with his cell phone...

Jake Aga

Great place with knowledgeable staff!

Matt Young

They do have a good stock of actual fish both freshwater and saltwater as far as hardware and a good supply of filters


All their fish and fish tanks are healthy and clean they run a pretty solid business and have the most Exquisite varieties of fish and Flora. I've gotten a good portion of my fish here. The team members at this location are wonderful and are known for helping me out every visit. I would recommend everybody shop here for their Exotics.

Reef Las Vegas

El servicio es muy bueno y la calidad de peces marinos!!

We Are The Jordans

Always a nice experience every time !

Ejay Lozano

Wide selection of to choose from at reasonable prices.

Jodi Cload

Very friendly people, healthy and interesting fish.

Caitlin Jones

Been coming here since around February 2017. The staff is always awesome, their fish are very healthy, and they have good prices. You can tell the staff really love aquatic creatures and the hobby, and I will always go to them for my aquarium-related needs.

Rhoda Burr

They were great and very informative on the fish I was looking for.

Demetri Pappas

I have spent countless hours in this place. Usually have a great selection of saltwater livestock and Damon is a knowledgeable asset.

Dead Breed

The store is put together very well, the staff is amazing... 1st time you walk in you are welcomed with open arms... You feel like family the second time you walk in... They have knowledge that they are happy to share, they always have a wonderful variety of aquatic life and they treat you very well...

Tyler Rosario-Maurer [STUDENT]

Pisces fish emporium: This by far was my worst experience ever. I went here because of all the positive reviews, and I was hoping for a great experience. I’m not sure if the management changed, but from what I found out this is a family owned business. So what went wrong? Their tanks are contaminated with ich! The contaminated water carries the parasite. Thus, ich can be transported to rocks, plants, and anything inside the tank. An infected aquarium is a petri dish for bacteria and death. When ich spreads in an aquarium, ich lands on plants, rocks and anything in its path. I called and explained to them after buying plants for my aquarium, and they basically said in a nice voice, oh well that’s just part of the hobby. What? They have murdered my fish, they are being eaten alive right now, and yes I have done everything I could to help clean the tank and the fish. This is animal abuse, and they need to close down shop and deal with this before they infect and kill more animals. Do not go here unless you want all your fish to die an Antagonizing slow death.

Little Ms.Vloggirl Plays

So many fish its amazing I love it.It has everything you would possibly need. Subscribe to me on YouTube please my channel name is Isabella and the pup

Abraham Pease-Byron

Dimitri Allen

Gary Chattem

Wow! If your hobby or interest is home aquariums, then this is should be on your Vegas Valley list.

Jaden DeMars 012345

I think this is a amazing store for fresh and saltwater fish. Every time I go there I see so many different kinds of fish I had never seen before. Over all I think that this is the best fish store in town

Danelle C

Love this place!!!! Visited from Phoenix, AZ and was greeted very well. Will definitely come back if I am in town again!!!! Nice clean shop, friendly staff and a good selection!!!!

Carl Danielson

My wife and I drive all the way from across town to come here. We always get helped by Erick or Damon. Those are the only 2 staffers we deal with. They are very friendly and very knowledgeable. They also have a great sense of humor and you can tell they love their job. Prices are very reasonable and they won't just sell you fish to sell it,they will tell you that it won't go with what is in your tank. We are going there today. Thank you Erick and Damon.

Nathan Duran

I come to this store regularly for supplies for my reef and fish and I am always very happy with the products available and the help provided by knowledgeable staff. This past six to eight months got even better. Nathan is gone... LOL. I used to have fresh water fish These guy's know what they're doing I'm new to this hobby so I need a lot of advise and I always end up getting my problem solved.

Anthony Ferri

Awesome staff, friendly and knowledgeable.

Joe DOES200

Selection is low. Prices are fair. Fish do not look as healthy as they should. Tanks are some times dirty. Dead fish left in the tanks too! Never see any decent corals for sale. The place is boring to be honest !

Smylee Pantz

Bought an algae eater. Loved how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were. Love how nice they keep thier tanks. Deffinatley a return customer. Even if it is a 30 min drive. Worth it.

LV rican

Great place with fresh and saltwater fish and accessories, a little limited with Coral but they are working their way up. This store opened 2018.

alan crompton

Awesome service! Thanks Nathan you are the best!


Staff is very nice and helpful!

Robert Bollinger

Always a good selection of fresh, plant, salt, and reef. Staff is always friendly and happy to answer questions

CJ Sama

Confident local fish store with a large selection of salt water and fresh water fish. I got a great deal on a new set up during the grand reopening. Pretty much all prices comparable to what you’ll find online.

Danny Simone

SICK FISH AND HIGH PRICES!! minimal fish selection ( the live ones), little to no supplies and pushy sales people when you can get someone to help you, but good luck with that. One of the employees "Damon" tells me he is the manager 1 week and the owner the next week and then I met the owner Linda the following week. Seems like a whole lot of bull, who is the real manager or owner. Similar to going on to a car lot feeling. Place has alot of show, but lacks the management and employees to make it any better then a petco. Actually Pecto is better! Would not recommend anyone waste there time here.

Michael Blasco

Bright, clean store. Helpful staff. Prices better than big chain stores on most of the fish I compared. Great selection.

Dennis Diaz

Nice clean store and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great prices and healthy animals too

Brad M

There inventory is absolutely top of the line. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about aquariums. Pisces Reef Fish Emporium is always my first choice for salt or fresh water fish, tanks, ornaments, gravel and accessories.

Trish Harrison

The people here are usually nice but I really am cautious about the quality of their fish or tanks. There is always at least once tank marked "NFS" - not for sale - in their store, and it looks as though their system is daisy-chained so if one tank is sick, they are all sick. The one time I did bring fish home from here my well-established tank broke out in ich. Fortunately I didn't lose anything from it, but it was a pain to treat. So, nice store, nice people, good selection, but be cautious and use a quarantine tank before you introduce to your main stock.

Lamar Rosser

It's alright... Not nothing to make me exited about going back over all the others!!

Samuel Aguirre

Great store, Only place I was able to get my Koi betta, amazing deals as well.

Daniel Parks

Over priced Summerlin store!! Dead fish in several tanks shows that they really don't care. This place has potential, but needs alot of work to get there. Dead or sick fish, minimal supplies, pushy sales people that pretend they know what there talking about. The so called manager needs to work with his employees or find people that care about the animals. The owner of this place should clean house and start over or sell it and try something else.

Michael Ken Matsumoto

I used to love this shop. Great service and expertise made up for higher prices. I did not mind paying more to support local businesses, and I did so for the past two years. My trouble with this shop began October 2017. I upgraded my tank to a 75 gallon and needed a glass lid. I went into the shop at their old location and ordered. I filled out a paper form, and was told to be back in three weeks. When I went back, they tell me that they didn't have my order because it got lost in a management shuffle. That's fine. I reorder, fill out the paper form, and I am told that it would be there soon. I never got a call, nor an email past the initial one from their new manager, Noël C. Lavezzi. I go back and the manager tells me they are in the middle of changing locations, and my order probably got lost in the chaos of moving. So, I place another order, fill out the slip one again, and I am promised that things will be made right. I never got a call, nor an email. Life happened, and I had to set the tank aside for a couple of months, so I try again in February 2018. They remember me, and tell me that my order had been there, but due to the lack of contact, they sold it off. Fine, stuff happens, and this one could be my fault even though they never attempted to contact me. I place one last order, fill out the slip, give them the measurements, and I am once again assured by the manager it will be there soon. She even gives me an assassin snail (that was dead) as an apology. I walk back in 2 weeks later and the lady at the counter tells me that there is no history of me ordering anything from that shop ever. That's the last straw. Over the course of time since I had been to the shop other people have successfully placed orders. The shop's lack of service must have something to do with me personally. Either this shop doesn't want my money, or they are so grossly incompetent that they can't get a simple glass lid order right. Maybe its both. Shame on me for trying to support a local business. Amazon here I come.

Jessica Anderson

This place is amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, great selection.

Allie Clary

Full of great knowledge

Velvet Blodgett

So many beautiful fish...salt & fresh water. Very friendly & helpful employees. Thank you


Clean store, healthy fish, nice staff. Went to two other stores in the area and this was my favorite.

Abdiel Torres-Quiles

Great service and variety.

Jay DS

One of the best specialty fish store in Vegas. They have a large selection of fresh and salt water fish. Along with invertebrates, plants, and all your tank needs

Lee Magaster

Best LFS I’ve found in town!!! Very friendly and very helpful staff and manager. I wouldn’t go to or spend money at any other fish store in town. I live close to blue reef aquarium and drive 30mins across town to go to this store. Hands down better service!

Amber Nicely

Great selection. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. We got our new buddy from there ... and he is healthy and beautiful!

Aubrey O'Shea

Noelle, John and Isaac are the best! I ONLY go to Pisces for all my aquarium needs. They have proven to be the best hands down! Always the best customer service. Definitely highly recommend this place for all your aquatic purchases. They are aquatic knowledgeable and can answer all your aquatic questions. Get treated like family when you shop at Pisces's!

Mark Fleysher

Ich. enough said.

Marc jacobs

This place sucks and the employees who work there really need an attitude check I was in there for almost a 1/2 hour and never even asked if I needed help, and when I did ask him for help he gave me a very rude attitude asking me do I know what kind of fish I want yet? After he said this I walked out the door never to return again. There are the closest store to my house and have been supporting them even though they always have many dead fish in there tanks, there saltwater is never right for reef tanks and they often have bad attitudes. Also, they are the MOST EXPENSIVE store in town! So if you like to waste money, buy dead fish and get treated bad this is the place to go

Juan Rubio

It is cool I got a free shark

Nick La Rue

this is the over all best fish store ever and there friends with lllreptile.

Ryan Scarberry

Nice staff, quick to help out.and seems very knowledgeable

Ari Reyn

Great service, amazing products, gorgeous fish and experienced staff. Don't forget to preorder their hot ticket items! Will be back again and again!

Luxy Pets

Do not call they will not tell you anything they have and price. They shouldn't own a business if they don't want anyone buying there stuff.

Brandon Lopez

Great place. lots of fish and good informed people.

Jerroll Figg

This app said open Tuesday. The posted hours in their window said open Tuesday. But got there Tuesday afternoon to find them closed.

Mike Label

Maddy Moran

Always helpful. Will come back most definitely!

Belinda Scott

The staff was very helpful and cool store

Stevie Pace

James Pirog

Friendly Staff. Very helpful

Charles McCraw

The guys there are awesome very helpful and great quality of fish. Nathan is the freshwater fish expert an has great knowledge of aquatic plants. Damon's is a saltwater expert and has also a great knowledge of coral life. I do on have a saltwater tank but I have brought friends and that have salt water tanks any was able to help them out.Because of them my fish are much healthier an so are my tanks

Kevon Kipps

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They make you feel like family.

Christopher Hinton

I always love coming into Pisces. The employees and very friendly and knowledgeable. The selection of plants, fish, and decor change often so there seems to be something new to see everytime I go.

Cindy Keranen

I love this store! Good prices. Knowledgeable staff and helpful!

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