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REVIEWS OF Lucky Tropical Fish IN Nevada

Robert Knutter

Abigail Lizaola

Yadira Corral

Muy buena atencion, variedad de peces

Yen Oviedoluna

Best fish store ever!!! Omar was super helpful!

Stevens Ludwig

Fantastic selection

Steve Carter

There are better fish stores in town my work uses their cleaning service for our tank.


really good service good prices

Susun Villa

Yamileth Ferez

David Dalton

I lost all my African Cichlids this winter. Feeling so bad that I was responsible for the temperature of my water tank to fall below 70* I told the store owner what had transpired. I wasn’t very happy in which the manner he chose to deal with issue, leaving the store with a bad taste. Update: I want to Thank Luis, and Omar for their excellent Customer Service, because of their commitment to provide the help I looked for trying to maintain a healthy Echo friendly environment for my African Cichlids (Fish) they didn’t hesitate to listen and handle the issues I faced. And for that I will make Tropical Lucky Fish my store to visit, and purchase what I need. Thank You, Luis and Omar!

Jeremy Vanmeter

Really cool first time I've been there my brother showed it to me they have a large selection of large fish like arowana and flowerhorn along with a few smaller aquarium fish

Vince Maurer

The owner is very friendly but they only have salt water fish

Charles Brown

The best in town

David Snyder

Excellent tropical fish store. The fish we bought here are still alive and happy over a year later.

Melvin Bailey

Best fish store in Vegas!!!


The customer service was great, the people were really nice. Just make sure that the fish you buy are good condition because they don't to take returns or exchanges. I bought some $10 red shrimps and they didn't make it through the night and I came back to return them and unfortunately that's when I found out they took no returns or exchanges. So I lost ten bucks but oh well, lesson learned.

Fat Kid Bunbun

Very nice store a people recommend to check it out


Adreana de la Rosa

Nice Variety of Fresh + Salt water fish. Prices on retail items are higher than competitors like Blue Aquatic + Petsmart. Poor customer service.

Jim John Lalicon

Always great service at lucky

JRK Solutions

Marky Carrillo

Nice fish beautiful fish all different sorts of fish maybe u can find the one you want i got oscars their and i love them

Lakesha Martin

jobran Faouri



Leeor Engelstein

Salomon Soto-Corona

Charles Ballard

Tim Cooper

Hon Wong

Great customer service.

Ed Sai

Rude staff.

Robert Pierce

Excellent helpful knowledgeable. TOP NOTCH! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Mike Gioia

Amazing freshwater selection. Great selection of wood!

D. Catalina Perez- Rojas

Chase L

Good prices on fish and supplies


Bad customer service I got ever... he was busy with his cell phone. The bottom line is sell me SICK FISH for HIGH PRICES!!

Brian Peterson

ainjil Chipp

Marcus Jones

Was my spot at one time but I feel like they are not knowledgeable enough to be running a fish store thank you come again

Yousef Zad

Paul Shepard

Pam Pisano

Helpful and great fish

Aubrey Shirley

Tamara Moran

laura ramirez

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atencion

Robert Evangelisti

No feeders how do the others eat?

Eric Sizelove

Great place

David Mcrayjr

Michael Hinton

The Revengers

Christopher G

Beautiful fish with reasonable prices.

Jai Dan

Douglas Atton

The store look really nice he had lots of tanks and the tanks are all nice and clear didn't have a good variety of cichlids that had all kinds of rare saltwater fish the customer service was not very good either

shelli kisch

Chris Walling

Lynette Agahan

Brittney Loiselle

Looks a little shabby from the outside but most of the staff are really helpful and have the answers to all your aquarium questions


marc uyeda

Amber Terrell

The owners not so nice BuT the guys who work for him r great friendly very knowledgeable great customer service two of the nicest guys I've met

Mawmaw Krenek

Walked in this store for the first time yesterday...was totally ignored. Two guys cleaning a tank looked right at me and went back to talking and laughing. No customer service at all. I will never go back into this place again to try and spend my money.

Henry Wade

Ugur Akpinar

Very nice very well stocked mom&pop aquarium store. Employees are very friendly and very helpfull. They have all the rare exotic fish types and other special aquatic species such as clam,shrimps and live corals.Prices are very reasonable. My regular fish shop. Highly recommended.

regina m

Pierre Marshall

Chaize Rhodes

Mark Gao

They have good fresh water fishes

Saryn Walsh

The service is great and the staff is amazing! We have brought a lot of fish to donate because we know they will be well taken care of and will go to good homes! I highly recommend this establishment!

breanna taylor

I love this place, they have some nice fish & supplies, I was able to purchase everything I needed. Omar is Amazing & very helpful

Jason Rukavina

Mike Miller

Mike Garcia

Great staff. Great fish

chris vegas

John Reynolds

Michael Jimenez

Great place and Knowledgeable Staff!!!

Jeremy Rainey

Visited from California and decided to buy a fish from them. 7 hour drive back home and fish did perfect!! Still alive and healthy after 4 months! Very friendly and gave me a deal on the fish I purchased. Let them know about my drive home and the guy double bagged and conditioned the water for me! Def will be going back again!


Sam Lunoza

Rico Costantino

Omar is the man to see when purchasing tanks, equipment and fish. Not only is he there for the sale but he continues to be there after the sale and answers any questions I have concerning the upkeep of my tank and fish. I live by railroad pass in Henderson and I trust Omar so much, I make the 25 mile oneway trip just seek his advice for my tank and fish as well as purchase any equipment needed for my tank.

philip harvey

I love coming to Lucky tropical fish every time I do I look at all the fish in the tank and get some great ideas for my tanks. Fish are well taken care if and they have reasonable pricing if you are a continued shopper. They also have hospital tanks and care for sick fish. I love the red tank they always have. I really wanna set one up like this, but it is a bit pricey of a habit. I always stop by when I can. You should too, just to see all the species. They have fresh and salt water with coral as well as decor and tanks. Also can get water here for setting up your tanks.

martin urbina

Great customer service and a lot of knowledge of fish

Dyllan Godfrey

These guys are really cool, I went in just to look around and ended up walking out with a smoking deal on aquarium accessories. The guy I worked with was awesome, felt like I was doing business with a friend. Not a huge selection of fresh water fish but a good amount of tanks and accessories.

Starla Brayboy

santino Haskins


Fish look healthy and clean nice people

Samantha Jordan

kathryn mack


Dan Hassler

Richard Ju



The gentleman that work at the store are very professional and can special order any fish that you need they will call you whenever they find something interesting if you ask them to it's a wonderful business I go there frequently to pick up fish for all of my clients whenever they need their fish tank redone. All of my clients love the beauty of the fish they carry and I wouldn't go to anybody else.

Elli Belly

People are so kind and very honest. Loved the experience. (:

khanh tran

Tyler Williams

We Are The Jordans

Great selection of Fish i purchased a very nice Red Devil and a beautiful Texas Cichlid

christine c

Friendly staff and great selection of fish and aquarium accessories. Tanks were very clean and all the animals looked healthy. Will definitely be back!

Dedrick Henderson

alec tchobanian


james martinez

Great aquarium shop, very knowledgeable and friendly staff

jason clemonts

Jake DeSilva

This is my favorite fish store in Vegas, I've traded and bought many fish here as well as get all my maintenance materials for my tanks. Highly recommend this place for any fish lovers!!

Amir Sudjono

Marty Andersen

Has some unique fish available.

Jose Prado

There are very knowledgeable of what they got and more. plus they have great deals and great fish. This is my store to go to for my fish and supplies and i live all the way on the north side its well worth the trip for me

Mandy Johnson

Very knowledgeable staff. They carry fish you might not see anywhere else in Las Vegas.

LasVegas RuffRyderz

Omar was very helpful assisting me with my aquarium. My new store.

Des Devine

This is a great fish store. The staff care about there product and they are very knowledgeable. I’m a regular here and this is the best place in Vegas for fish lovers.

Danelle C

Decent shop. Has mostly aggressive fish. Loud vulgar music playing in the store so maybe keep the kids a t home. Good prices. Wish they had other variety besides cichlids.

Jacob Church

Unique fish store, clean and knowledgeable staff


Staff helpful nice fish selection.

B Barakti

LV rican

Open everyday you can find everything you need for your home aquarium

Heyward Spencer Wilson

Great place

Fish Keeper

Where do I start? I’m fairly new to the hobby, six months to be exact and I’ve tried a bunch of different fish store but this fish store in particular was one of the best I’ve been to thus far. Their selection of freshwater species is very high. From my experience They pay really close attention to detail each tank was crystal clear with zero dead fish. I’ve consistently been coming to this shop for about a month or so now and Omar was there almost every visit. Omar was very helpful and knowledgeable about what he’s selling. I highly recommend everyone to try this place out at least once. I’ll definitely be coming back!


Have always been a customer of theirs. Go you will like the kind of fish the sale. The only reason for.the 4 stars is not enough of variety.

Gifford Hwa

Yvone Valdez

I went there AFTER calling them with 14 fancy tail guppies male and 14 females they quoted me 16.00 if hey we're a inch long but they were even bigger ..but when I got there they were very rude and tried to give me only store credit or 8.00 for 28 fancy guppies What we're they thinking..the guppies they can and do sell for 4.00 a piece...I. refused and took them back home...What a joke the owner was..and very rude on top of it...won't do business with them again...

Dominique Gomez

Cool fish. Love going there and looking around, But way to pricey. I've been there quite a bit but rarely make a purchase because there prices are too high. They need to take about %10-15 off of all there items.

Joel Rand

Nice staff and good variety of fish, dry goods

Danny Simone

Nice place, friendly people. Not alot on the saltwater side, but a good selection of freshwater fish. Good selection of supplies and aquariums. Fish looked healthy and tanks are clean. You will get more of my business and will let people know this is a good place to go.

Jessica Francis

No customer service no greeting. Fish look healthy except a few.

Danery Gonzalez

Great costumer servic, clean and healthy fish. Loved the the staff very helpful as well.

Sankey Porterfield

Veary good

Trish Harrison

First visit here today and I was really impressed with the cleanliness and health of their tanks. The tanks were individually filtered and all the fish looked really healthy and vibrant. I will agree with another review that the stock was priced a little high - but I'd rather pay the premium for good stock than to bring home something sickly. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I was looking for (penguin tetras and certain plants) so I walked out empty handed. I'll definitely be back in the future, though! Worth the visit.

Melonie Jackson

Todd Whyte

Great knowledgeable staff, great deals on fish especially on Tuesday.

Luke Skywalker

Great freshwater fish store. Has a great selection and all the supplies needed.


Nice fish comparable prices and friendly service.

foster braddy

This place is awesome visited from Wisconsin and let me tell you they have some awesome fish

Cheryl Gower

Lucky. Yes, I am so lucky to have found LUCKY TROPICAL FISH! The guys, Kevin, Jordan, Omar and Henry are all very knowledgeable, helpful and patient helping aquarists, beginners or experts. If you have a need or dream fish, they are more than happy to special order it, and keep it until you can get there. You can negotiate the buy-back/trade of fish who have outgrown your tank. When have you ever had PetSmart or Petco agree to do that? When we make the two-hour drive to Las Vegas, Lucky Tropical Fish is always on the itinerary. Even though I specialize in Tetras, which are very affordable, LUCKY TROPICAL FISH treat me as if I came in for big and rare saltwater fish. They answer your email messages in a timely manner.

Zero Campbell

Ainsley Campbell

I love this place because of the staff.

Abe kassamanian

Good variety of fish and supplies. Prices are generally higher than other aquarium stores.

A Segundo Z

The guy that works there was very friendly and made sure we had all our questions answered but I wasn't a big fan of the store setup! It seemed a bit too crowded for me!

Hash H

Mrs. O.

Tara Ramirez-Ramos

Awesome selection at this fish store! Go see Omar—he knows his fish, always super helpful and friendly. I always buy my tropical fish from here and they are healthy. Great place and definitely recommend!

Tallun Anderson

Great fish store with a knowledgeable and helpful staff! My new favorite shop!!

Rick Pazos

Harry Smith Jr



Byron Harris

Kevin was great the things he's told me has my tank looking perfect this is the only place I go to

Isaac Perez

Best place to shop! I highly recommend it.

Chris Ramirez

Less than friendly service, not good variety of fish, too pricey, wont see me there again.

Frigid_ 89

Deby Broussard

Helpful employee, but only saw one, so hard for him to help multiple customers. Prices kinda steep compared to pet stores but great inventory!

Mardy Incleto

Eric Castillo

Good place. I always get my fish here. They will even give you store credit if you have a fish being too aggressive in your tank and you trade it in. They always have quite an array of different fish and are pretty knowledgeable.

Kristina Cuddeback

Thomas Lenahan

Yesica Cera

Just started getting into fish, but my partner has been a fish fan for years. We got our first dwarf puffer tank started here, and got all of the supplies needed for our crab tank here. Love this plac; the prices are fair, and the staff is always friendly and knowledgable about their products and fish. Consider us regular customers.

Nichole Winfrey Loehnert

2 weeks ago we went in and bought 2 angelfish and an algae eater. These fish were swimming all over in their tank there and looked very healthy. 1 fish died last week and the other angelfish died today. The tank is safe and the water is correct. Everything on our part was accurate and done right. I'm very disappointed that after spending all that money the fish died. Doesn't make any sense but guess it depends on where the fish were brought in from and how they were cared for prior to purchasing. Not only does it bother us but it bothers my son. Never willing to shop at this location again.

T Calacino

Great store! They care about the health of the fish there! They provide more than just making a sale. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Ask for Omar, he is amazing.



Bryan Calvo

(Translated by Google) The place is very good (Original) Es muy bueno el lugar

Brandon Legaspi

This is one of my favorite local fish stores in the community, the workers there were very nice. One worker named Omar, gives discounts to me sometimes. He was very honest. Most of the time I visit he’s there. Next, they are one of my favorite LFS(local fish store) is because they take trade ins (meaning they you give your fish in for store credit). In conclusion, I believe they are the best fish store in Las Vegas, Nevada.

roy munerlyn

Professionalism key! Every time I go in there speak with the employees I find Myself learning something new! I think Omar was his name always knowledgeable on Every question I had. Must check out.

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