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REVIEWS OF Las Vegas Fish & Reptiles IN Nevada

Daniel Holland

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, good selection.

Sasha Robeck

I'm glad I found this place to check out and I must say, "Very well organized and great service withe cute little critters like my favorites the lizards like the Bearded Dragons, the Amphibians such as Pacman Frogs, and cute Tortoises. Scorpions like the Emperors, Desert Hairy, and Asian Forest are really clawful, but very useful when it comes to get getting rid of bugs and spiders."

Justin Kerr

Jon is the man. Super friendly, and real. Not one of those pushy sales guy just to make money. He gave us a great deal on a new set up for two water dragons. His store is awesome, and his hospitality is welcoming. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get any fish, or reptile.


I love it here! They offer pretty cool pets, the place does not smell like other reptile stores, they have good prices and almost always have what you need. Very clean, and helpful workers. They do a good job of taking care of their reptiles and are super nice and love to help you out if you have questions. The parking is a hit or miss sometimes but that isn't their fault. Super nice store!

Penelope Neil

Definitely a friendly welcoming place. All the staff is so nive and helpful. Been coming here for years, and I'll continue to do so. Great prices, and have exactly what you always need.

Christopher Allen

I always go here and buy food for my reptiles. They are always nice and help me right away.

Brittany Henderson

So I went to this store to get my son a pet we ended up getting a water dragon mind you I have never had a water dragon before I asked the lady all the stuff I would need for him she was telling me to get branches bowls carpet for the tank but not once did she tell me that my water dragon needed a heating light I didn’t even have it for 24 hours and it died my son was devastated make sure if you go to this place you research the animal that your getting and get everything you need for it because they fail to tell you everything you need for it now I have to wait to get a refund I spent 120.00 on this water dragon and didn’t have it for 24 hours

Penny Adams

Sonia Tweety Avalos Cardenas

Cade Lott

Prices are great, best I've found in Vegas, for feeder insects, when they have them in stock. My first experience with the owner (I believe he was the owner) was not great. My wife and I went into buy dubia roaches for our bearded dragons, I asked a question about one of his reptiles and he somehow managed to turn that into an opportunity to share his personal negative opinions about the lgbt community with us. I felt it was unnecessary and unprofessional. Personal opinions aside, I felt it was poor behavior for a business owner.

Linda Brown

Frances Jones

Awesome people very knowledgeable.


I love this place! I’m sad I will be moving soon so I can’t continue to get my crickets here. But I will make the drive across town for their pet sitting service and any other essentials I need. They’re knowledgeable and so so friendly. The prices on bulbs and other gadgets are way better than Petco! Plus - shop small business, folks! I bought a chameleon here and she’s so healthy and happy and thriving. I’ve made the mistake of buying reptiles from large pet chains in the past and they become ill without fail! I also just loved that I can drop my chameleon off for $8/day and know she is taken care of by experts! Thanks guys!!!


They don't take care of their animals properly!!!

Sarah Carpenter

Amazing! They know what they are talking about and take great care if the animals and customers

Craig Newell

Ninja Milk-Powder

Lexi rockstad

Very clean and organized. Staff was friendly and pretty knowledgeable. Lots of beardies. Wide selection of live bugs.

patrick dullea

Great inventory..

Joshua Saenz

When I went it’s decent look inside Logan helped me seemed knowledgeable went with it with the Nile monitor lizard retile bought the nice enclosure wood and slide glass with lock and everything that is proper needed at the age that it was but I gave it 1 star because first day I went first of all Logan gave me fails information about the Nile monitor he said 4 ft 6 maybe extend of length on the Nile monitor I did more research and asked around at other retile stores in Las Vegas and YouTube’s reviews on niles comes to find out he was lying to me it’s actually 7-8 ft long in length and for them you need a bed room or living basically to satisfy they needs comes to find out he isn’t that knowledgeable and their tegu the business store owner tegu is fat over weight due to space and it doesn’t exercise at all and half of the retile here aren’t proper taken care of at all!!! The store owner got little bits of knowledge then his employees lol but John was rude in a way if owning a business is frustrating then don’t own one in the first place buddy got to make your customer s happy and next time pick your employees wisely and get knowledgeable ones because I waisted gas and time going back and fourth .

Krista Waggoner

Love this fish store.

Tia T

Alexee Milton

We bought a turtle from here a few months ago. He seemed fine when we got him home but little did we know we bought a turtle with shell rott not only did he have a disease he also was very over priced compared to other stores. I recommend going to LLL Reptile instead.

Kraig Butcher

This place is amazing everyone there is so nice and helpful

will alfred

Michelle Miller

John is very knowledgeable and helpful.

robert herren

Have had decent experiences before but went in to buy feeders and 2 boa’s where covered in mite’s and one was almost dead. Told clerk and replied with “I know”..

Charles Herrera

Way to expensive

William Lang

Dave Graff

Knowledgeable, clean, and quality products

Joshua Doty

Best reptile shop in Vegas

kristal campbell

Flickering Fairy

Awesome experience with a very knowledgeable staff that were much nicer and more helpful than the people at PetSmart.

Miriah Lee

Pegeen Beck

Has everything you could look for. If you dont see it they will order it.

Cristina Anderson

This was our first time here and we will definitley be coming back. Great and clean store!! Great customer service and the reptiles and fish are well taken care of by the owners.

Dan Hassler

LasVegaslc .LasVegaslc

Nice place, staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

Brian Gower

I've traveled the globe throughout my 20+ year career in IT and because of that I have subsequently been able to visit thousands of pet stores globally. LVF&R is by far the best of the best! 10/10 score and they will receive 100% of my business going forward.

Odin's Halls

John and his daughter and super friendly and have amazing knowledge about all their animals. Every time I've ever walked in there I feel right at home. Great people.

Tammy McCullough

This family run operation knows their shtuff! Coming from a veterinary clinic, I can always go to them and learn more! And I do. As well, I always bring our Bearded Dragon Zephyr to them for babysitting duties and he's always well taken care of. He comes home clean, well fed and spoiled! I highly recommend their services and coming here for supplies! We do!

Trey Hamilton

If you’re looking for live mice/rats to feed your snake you need to go to LL

Lyn S

The owner and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Tre Day

Walked in both employees helping one person....didnt even acknowledge my presence....but as soon as a little girl walked in one stop and immediately asked her if she needed any help....they lost that aquarium and ball python sale....piss poor customer service


Cam Ha

This is one of my favorite LFS I have ever been to. Very nice selection of FW and SW fish and a great selection of healthy well taken care of reptiles. Every tank and terrarium are in pristine condition you can definitely see how much the store owner and staff take pride in their work here.

Loren ODonnell

Joel Rand

Awesome staff and selection

Christian Fuentebella

Alexander Campos

I love that this place is so close to my house. Great place for crickets!


The best reptile and fish store I have ever been to. The staff is VERY knowledgeable and can help you with anything you need. They sell everything from cages/tanks to live animals to food for your pets. Everything here is very affordable and is GREAT quality I recommend coming here the next time you need anything. I go there just for questions that I have about a pet or animal, and they respect that I don’t buy something everytime I come in unlike other stores I’ve been to. This place also makes me feel at home. Love this shop!

Taylor White

jeff mc

Please don’t support this shop everything at this store is on its way out.... the Tortoises look like they are miserable. Tiger fish is floating on its side, aqueon garbage, and expired ati test kits.... Anyone spending money at this place is supporting an ignorant store owner.

Joseph Huntington


christinathetuttle toodles

Spotless. Organized.

Ryan Miller

Sean Terry

Jake Beard

Misha Germann

Mya Crocker [STUDENT]

Ashanti Thompson

Always very helpful when we go in and can always answer our questions plus they take way better carr of their animals than pet co and petsmart

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