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REVIEWS OF Lance's Aquarium IN Nevada

Tracy Gregrich

He charged me $800 to move my 100 gallon fish tank from my old house to my new house a mile up the road but he had the movers that I hired to move my furniture move the tank from my house to his truck and then waited for my movers to get to my new house to move it from his truck to my new house. He was supposed to come back the next day to arrange the rock and 2 weeks later for a cleaning but never came back to my house, but he did keep calling me to try to and get me to spend more $$$ at his store.

Yen Oviedoluna

If I could give no stars I would. If the owner lance was not so rude I would of bought a 60 dollar fish. He had no price or name on the fish tanks. And he had the guts to say why you asking so many questions if you don’t know the name of the fish when I told him the name of the fish correctly. And I was only asking the price because someone is to lazy to put them on and clean out the dead fish. Also his dog was barking so much and didn’t let me walk pass by biting my shoe. I just left

Stevens Ludwig

Very crowded with stuff everywhere, so much that it seemed unorganized until you speak with the owner. He knows his stuff. Very informative, good selection and great prices!


Chris Shearin

Terrible. The guy was telling me bad information assuming i was a novice, not knowing my vast experience. Not only that, but he made inappropriate comments about minorities. His fish were terrible also.

AC Pereira

Christina Spears

Mr Lance was friendly & gave very helpful info.

Athena Patchin

This place is absolutely disgusting. The tanks have too many fish. There were two dead fish together, one rotting away. There is dog hair all over the floor. The place is so packed with stuff there is barely any room to walk. There were frogs and snails in the filters, dead.

David Perry

The aisles of the place were absolutely clogged with unshelved product, and the fish were very poorly taken care of. Their green moray was the same color as his tank it was so overgrown with algae, and not a tank there had anything but cloudy water. I'm honestly more likely to call animal control on this shop than buy there.

The Bio Reefer


Tiny store, bedroom sized barely any room, humid, smells bad, only a few varieties of fish. Tanks have no lighting. The owner seemed nice enough, but there are much better stores, try Trop Aquarium.

Judie Pokakaa

The owner rubbed me the wrong way at first but when he heard I was setting up a big tank, he was a bit nicer. The store it tiny and packed. His tanks are dirty. Even a fish I wanted looked like it had algae all over it. There seem like too many fish in the tanks. However he might be the only place to get painted glass fish or all albino fish. Not sure if I am coming back.

Edgar S

Only store in US i know of where no return and no exchange policy on any aquarium products. Bought heater and was informed by Lance that there are NO RETURN and no exchange for any merchandise bought from his store. I got sweet talked that heater is the best. After a week, the heater stopped working. I should have bought the heater at Amazon where the same heater is much much cheaper and have excellent return policy. Also, the owner is sarcastic. He may be knowledgeable but so sarcastic. Do not buy from this store. Id rather buy from LFS who are customer friendly, with return policy, and even with a little higher in price than go to this store. I went to Lucky Fish Aquarium and they have cheaper aquarium fish and merchandise, good conditions, and good customer service especially the owner. MY MISTAKE. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE AT LANCE AQUARIUM.

Lawrence Robinson

Best fish store in town and Lance is super knowledgeable about all the fish go there now

Julie Blah

I purchased a freshwater eel and I called and asked him what was the return policy and right when I said that he had an attitude. The eel looks as if it's about to die and has 2 blister marks on the side of its body. None of my fish have ever done that. All he would do is give me store credit! He had an attitude the whole time and he also said to bring the eel back in a different back and a sample of MY water because he said my water might not be good enough. To top that he said my fish attacked the eel!! Never again. It stinks, small, cluttered, he says other stores are horrible but yet me and my son found 2 dead saltwater fish and few few dead cherry shrimps. I wish I could give it a zero stars! Never again!!

Hakim Jaidi


The whole place is packed and no place to walk. But the most important thing is that the owner needs to change his attitude because if he was nicer I would have bought the fish I wanted. Also he needs to clean the outside of the tank it’s so dirty.

Tracy M

Love coming to the store he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his fish .. wants to make sure that you're doing everything right for the fish. The shop is small, the dog is very sweet And the fish seemed cared for. These are just three of the fish I got from this store..

Isabel Boyack

Kevin Duvall

Really friendly, has allot of good stuff in that shop.

Lorena Robles

jerry hendricks

Great selection of salt water fish.

Paul Forster

Wow! Lance really knows his stuff, and has an amazing set of fish available. His business is small, a bit hard to find, and a bit on the cluttered side. If that sort of thing matters to you, try PetCo. If you're interested in well-selected fish (Lance goes to LA periodically and hand-selects his stock), expert knowledge, and quite a few difficult to locate species, try him out. He maintains the most interesting set of fish in the valley. If you just want a simple tank with the standard sort of fish you can find at Walmart, this isn't your place. If you're after something a bit more unusual and special, give him a try.

Irvin Chacon

Terrible service didnt even step in as soon as i met the owner at the entrance i was treated with disrespect do not buy your fish here.


Ty Thomas

Nice shop,great owner. It's ran by owner called lance,who is a pretty awesome and very smart man!

Randy Butters

Lance is very knowledgeable and helpful. There's a good selection of salt and fresh water fish and accessories, most anything you could be looking for

Daniel B

Jovi Cueto

Own very knowledgeable

Duke P

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Redneck Wolf

Judy Hayes

To crowded with stuff

Teal McDaniel

we are new to Vegas and had set up our 110 gallon salt water aquarium went to lances walked in and knew we should have walked right back out.. very unprofessional looking store very smelly and cluttered. My husband wanted a puffer fish and lance knew his puffer was sick with ich and sold it to us anyways he said oh it's fine this is normal.. we didn't really know any better, we are still learning. Anyways had him for 2 weeks and he crooked on us and our 2 kids were devistated there goes 70 bucks down the toilet literally.. NEVER Again! Don't go here!!!

Dennis Brody

Sad store. Sick fish. Overcrowded fish tanks. Dead fish in most of the tanks. It's very sad. He may know a lot, but the fish are kept in poor conditions. I will not support this business.

Jackie Borden

A quick response to my question! Fabulous can't wait to go tomorrow!!

Martell C

This place should be shut down

Tiffany Martell

The guy has a lot of fish but treats them more as if he is a hoarder. Sick fish, dirty tanks.

Steven Hernandez

An honest local business very helpful staff

Darren Dye

Good small shop. If youre just starting up a tank go here theyll help.

Gary Chattem

Lance is a lifelong and a gifted aquarium Master from New York City. Decades of experience speaks for itself.

Lee Warren

Danelle C

Horrible shop. Dirty, cluttered like a hoarder situation. Can't walk through comfortably. Was not greeted by anyone in the store. The owner does not have any fish species names on the tanks or prices listed. His tanks are poorly cared for and there are too many fish to a tank. His prices for stargrass and Apontofenton madagascariensis are outrageous! He tried to "educate" me whioe being condescending telling me they came from Florida. Anyone who knows fish and plants, knows that trainshipping and all supplies come into Florida and then distribute to the rest of the states. This place is a joke. Go a few miles up the street to another shop and get better quality items and service.

randy butters

I am very impressed by Lance's knowledge and his willingness to share his wisdom with others. There doesn't seem to be much he doesn't know when it comes to tropical fish care maintenance and products. He goes out of his way to solve any problem answer any questions you may have or help you get started with a new or existing tank. I could recommend anyone more. A great experience overall with complete satisfaction

Heyward Spencer Wilson

Very knowledgeable last has been around for a long time

Fish Keeper

I don’t usually write reviews but this one was a must. This was the worst experience Ive had in a fish store, how are you not going to put labels on your fish tanks but get irritated when you get asked for prices and the names of the fishes?? Owner (lance) was very rude and runs very poor operations. DONT VISIT Unless you like poor customer service and a dirty store.

Ricky Richard

Great fish store, everything available for setup salt or fresh, wide variety and Lance's knowledge is deep. The best!

Danny Simone

What a waste of time! Disaster this place is, stinks, crazy old dude follows you around like a creeper. Very small selection, junk everywhere. This place should be shut down by the health department. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!

China Rodriguez

Darrell Hoerner

Jole of a place

Tilly Aguilar

I didn't even get the chance to look at anything he kept talking to me the entire time. The whole store is a disaster and he also had a dog that was aggressive in the store (kept growling and barking). I also bought saltwater which was over priced ($6.25 for 5 gallons) and most fish stores at least help you carry it to the door this guy made me carry it from the cash register (far end of the store) while continuing to talk to me. when I got home and checked the salinity it was extremely low. This was suppose to be a quick trip to get water and it turned into a 30 minute trip because he wanted to continue to talk even after I kept saying I was leaving don't waste your time go some where else.

Donqual Jordan

Diana Lipeles

Jason M

Ryan Cook

jamie fields

Had wood for tank. But again not a whole lots of fish

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