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REVIEWS OF Aquatic Treasures IN Nevada

Paprika Pink

Beautiful, well maintained aquariums throughout with a wide variety of marine life and knowledgeable staff. I came in looking for a freshwater thing, which they don't carry, but if I ever make the leap to saltwater, I'm coming here.

Walter Hanna

scott carter

Everythinh is always healthy. Great selection and everyone who works there is always nice and helpful.

Michael Limon

Space Force Commander

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Very happy with my expierances here

Steven Taylor

Great fish store well kept and the service is great the people are very knowledgeable.

Kenny Jinbo

Best aquarium store in Vegas. Specializes in saltwater and reef aquariums. The owner I one of the nicest people you're ever going to meet and he takes care of his customers. Great place! Definitely 5 star...

John Martin

Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues Santos

Dave Majcher

These guys actually enjoy there jobs. The owner even said I could bring my new nano tank in so he could take a look (I bought used). Very impressed.

Jon Holman

Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, met all my needs

Elias Barcelo

Sunny is awesome.. same as Jackie

Joseph Watson

Vince Maurer

the owner is nice, its a small store but only have salt water fish


Best salt water fish and coral store in vegas

Pamela Lee

friendly knowledgable staff_ lots of really nice saltwater fish, coral and equipment Everything I have bought at this store is healthy and lives a long time.

Taylor Clinton

the staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. their prices are competitive and their coral selection is good.

Stephen L. Solomon

Wonderfully equipped showroom of gorgeous salt water fish, coral and anemones.


Adreana de la Rosa

Extremely small with a small selection of salt water fish only. Staff was polite.


Best service a person could ask for. Tanks are beyond clean and well stocked (corals and marine fish). It is a small store but has everything a salt water hobbyist needs and more. Go inside and you will come out with something.

The Bio Reefer

Bestari Gandha

What you

Chris Harkins

One of the best fish stores in Las Vegas. Great corals and saltwater fish. Sonny and staff are amazing.

Zachary Soard

This place is all about customer service. I am grateful for them and their commitment towards my tank.

Evelyn Fuentes

Jon Jon

Sheepdog motovlog

Do not shop here they sell you sick fish and do not stand by their return policy. The only thing that survived any amount of time from this place was my starfish and even my starfish was missing a tentacle when I bought it. They said it must have been in a fight.

Krista Waggoner

Customer service is beyond amazing! Salt water peeps, go here. Not for fresh water, though.

Adam Silversmith

The Best in Town! The staff is excellent! The selection is excellent! Everyone here is so patient. They answer questions over the phone they really want you to succeed instead of just trying to sell you something. Form the second you walk into the store you can see that the quality is a step above.

Jolene Peterson

Tony is an employee great and knows his fish. They have good heathly fish and coral.

crappie maine

I'm from the St Louis area and found them on the internet was glad I went .Very clean and staff was great and helpful.

eric long

Leslie Owens

Best fish store in town!


Ed Sai

These guys are great

Tony Johnson

I have been a reefer here in Las Vegas for over 10 years and I have been to all the stores here in town many times over and I can say that this store is absolutely the best. The prices are unbeatable and the owner (or manager) is super knowledgeable, approachable and very service oriented. Thank you for setting up shop!

Eric Taylor

Willie Daniels

Good people, great help. Im a loyal customer now.

reed merrell

Knowledgeable staff, fair prices, and good livestock.

ainjil Chipp

Staff is absolutely lovely, the fish selection is beautiful and everything is incredibly well priced! They carry a lot for what may seem like a small store...was very pleased with my first visit and will definetly be frequenting often!!

Joseph Fico

Great local shop for anything reef related and fish

Isabel Boyack

RadarLow cameron

I have gone here since the beginning and seen the store evolve. Gone from being a few small tanks... Weird hours (to me).. and your basics to keeping saltwater fish, to a fully stocked beautiful store with lots of tanks and fish available. corals , events, and products. And the best part... Gets better every time I go in. Great knowledge . Staff is all awesome. They have heard my stories from me starting my 29 nano and all the way to my now 240 gallon monster. Thanks for the support in reefing thru the years Sonny and crew!

Richard Hamilton

Kevin Duvall

Good food and service

Casey B

Very knowledgeable staff and friendly

Joel Duval

DatKid X

This is my one stop shop, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable always great experience to come here

Lorna Hammons

Calvin Milling

Krystal Kammer

Tell me why I was charged over $40 for 60 capsuls of 250 mg fish mox!? That was pure thievery. They are lucky i really needed it and couldnt wait to have it shipped. I will NEVER spend mo ey there again and I will make sure that the people I know stop going there as well. Unbelievable.

Dan Haas


Cool place to get fish and other amazing sea creatures like starfish, seahorse, and cool products to help you with your fish tank I give this place a A++++

David Dorton

Great place

wally Do

Very clean saltwater fish store. Tons of livestock and drygood selections. Friendly and knowdledgable staff! We'll worth the visit!

Lisa L

Very clean

Brendan Barboza

Jay jayjay

Awesome place. They helped me with everything to get started.


Joseph Bowman

Awesome store, very helpful

Chris Tiraada

Sonny is awesome, full of knowledge and very friendly. He has always been a pleasure to work with!!

willie dee

Cool people great place.

Kolt Harris

Anon Writer

WARNING DO NOT SHOP HERE. THE STORE KNOWINGLY SELLS SICK FISH. The store may look impressive but not everything is you see is what it seems. Sadly there is an ugly hidden truth to the store. My first time there I purchased a few clownfishes, my excitement got the best of me and I shouldn’t have considering that their tanks, most notably their clownfish sections are severely over crowded. For example the clownfish section consisted of several 5 gallon tanks, each tank housing well over 100 clownfish in addition to shrimp, crabs and anemones. Within each tank we’re a few dead fish and a few that didn’t seem to be doing their best. Of course part of the mistake is my own as I figured every store as an ill fish here or there as well as a dead one or two. I understand stuff happens. My experience from my next few trips as well as the outcomes of my fish is what makes me feel obligated to inform and warn others to stay away. Ultimately this store has cost me the lives of several fish, why? Because of their over stocking and knowingly selling fish with ich. Within just a few days of purchasing a few different types of fishes from this store my fish all died. Each time my water was tested and tested perfectly with no known issues. Other livestock purchased from other stores were thriving and doing incredibly well with no issues at all, that is until the fish from this store made them sick too. This is more than the money lost and believe me a lot has been lost. The fact and main concern is that fish are animals too and more care should be given and taken. If this store was selling puppies they would have been shut down a long time ago. Do your research, see that this store has a inconsistent level of care for the fish. It appears that the owner is more concerned with making a dollar than providing quality fish to consumers. Sadly, this does not make for good business and for those of us who do care about our fish this is devastating. I highly recommend going elsewhere there are other stores in town who pride themselves in selling quality fish and more importantly caring about the longevity of the livestock. Even more concerning is the fact that on one occasion there I witnessed someone else returning a sick clownfish too. Clearly this was not just me and isolated issue and what did they do with that fish? They out right back into the tank to be sold to yet another person. This is just one example of the lack of care and this is just what is seen before our eyes. It makes you wonder what happens when no one is looking? Just stay far far away!

J Curvz

Friendly staff and nice selection.


Denise Hall

Give 2 stars because staff were nice. Bought few fish one died 2nd day, went back they replaced the fish and purchased more they all were dead within next 2 weeks. Will not return again especially after hearing from others about their fish and selling sick fish. I did notice that they had a lot of fish that were swimming sideways and some look like missing fins and/or part of tails.

todd nixon

Love this place, it is the only one stop shop i go to cause they always have everything, the owner and staff are awesome. It is a 30 drive for me but i make it every week and wont shop anywhere else.

Sam Gallagher

in and out quick

Kurt Schwigert

Healthy fish, attentive staff, great selection. Excellent store to visit for sale water fish and supplies. Josh is awesome too.

Lisa Peck

Dave Alvarado

Andy Wang

Best saltwater selection in the city

Kendra Francoeur

Chaize Rhodes


Best selection in town for saltwater "IMO!"

Angel Figueroa

Quality is good. Prices are awsome. Great experience. Live on the other side of town but well worth the drive.

James Crosta

Neat store but sell a lot of sick and dying fish paid 65 for a flame angel that died in the first week.....

Jovi Cueto

Nice store

Eduardo Diaz

Tactical Gamer

I love the store.All of the staff is super nice and are very knowledgeable about reefing.I go in there as much as I can and I live on the other side of town.Sonny is awesome he will order in any fish even if they don't usually stock them.I have gotten a clownfish and a blenny from them and the were healthy and in good condition.I will bye from them when I setup my 30 gallon in a few years.

Jeremy Rowe

Jack Hash

Great customer service. They know their stuff, prices are fair. I drive 27 miles to shop with them. Great service. Thank you.

Armando Real

Love this place, Great selection and Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Duquin Bradley

They have a lot of beautiful fish. They even get bat fish! I bought a loin and tigger, Their slightly expensive on certain species. But over all I love the customer service and employees. They treat you very well and answer all your questions. Military friendly as well. Overall A+

Miranda J Duval

Great customer service! We just moved into the area and everyone at the store already knows us by first name. They are so friendly and willing to help. They have a great selection and a lot of knowledge in the field. The whole family loves coming here.

Tom Trujillo

Sonny and Jackie have been awesome over two + years. Great fish, frags, and customer service!

Kolt H

A small unassuming shop that has everything you need. Sonny and his staff provide top notch customer service.

Andrea Mauro

Amazing, beautiful selection of corals and saltwater fish. The display tank is awesome and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Also, Sonny the owner will try and get you whatever you need even if he normally doesn't stock it. Prices are great too! Definitely a must for the reef enthusiast!

Kevin Watterson

Good customer service pretty knowledgeable a little pricey but you get what you pay for

brian day

Sonny is great love his customer service good selections.....Jackie is awesome too...great store

Tommy Muir

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Andrew Artiaga

Bard Svendrowsken

Greetings! My name is Bard (not to be confused with Brad) and I live in small village in Sweden. When I’m not playing The Telephone Game with my cats, I’m performing a one-man-show at our community theater called “Garfield: Where The Meow Is My Lasagna?!” You know, ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up to become a cat. Some kids wanted to become farmers. The other kids wanted to become farmers as well. I wanted to lie around all day and eat Meow Mix. But that’s not the point. As I got older, I began to develop a particular set of skills in the catalogy field and I fancy myself as a closet cat whisperer. No, not in like the 6th Sense kind of way, but I mean when they purr, it is quiet, and when I purr back at them, it is quiet as well, and we purr together like we’re whispering, you know, quietly. I’m just obsessed with them. I guess the cat is out of the bag! No, he really is! Be back in a second! Ok, whew, that was close! Anyways, back to my cats. They mean so much to me. I only have 1 life and 17 cats, and if each cat has 9 lives, then would that mean they have 153 Bards? I sure would hope so because when I die and go to that litter box in the sky, there will still be 152 Bards left! Wouldn’t that be neat-o? Anyways, the main point I wanted to make is that whenever I visit my second cousin twice removed (soon to be thrice removed), he takes me to your shop and what a delight it is! My cats found the fish delightful too and thought they tasted purrrrrr-fect. Yeah, I grounded them for that. Anyways, keep up the great work!!

carlos aleman

The staff is very friendly and knowledge able.

Todd Donnell

The guys and gals here are always professional and helpful. They have great quality salt water for your water changes. Plus a great selection for all your coral needs and wants. Chemicals too. Talk to anyone there and you'll leave feeling like you just got quality service and knowledge. Thanks Sonny and company.

Dan Hassler


Shelli kisch/wagner

Jeffery Medeiros

Reef Las Vegas

Exelente tienda recomendado al 100%

Eric So

Casey Barringer

Very knowledgeable staff that is always willing to help

Marson Canlas

Top notch! Favorite lfs

Jesus Balderas

Best Fish Store in town!

Scott Lenz

My new LFS! Love this place! It's clean, everything's healthy, and happy. Not to mention the staff that are all super friendly, and always happy to help! Top notch store!

Adrian Castaneda

Tre Day

Great store....amazing beautiful fish, just a bit pricey for my wallet.

Alex Jarvis

Salt water store only

Lizz Henriquez

Its either a hit or miss with these guys, have bought several sick fish from there.

Nathan Duran

This place is very nice and full of goodies Every time I need something so far they had it. I live very close to Pisces Reef but I rather drive to this place to get what I need. Some people think is expensive but I bet they haven't been at Pisces, if you go there, bring paper tissue you'll leave crying.

Ho Anh

I came for the gambling, but instead of gambling I just bought a ton of fish. Well, I was out here for a business trip. No seriously. It was a business trip. A medical convention. And whatever happened in Vegas definitely came back with me. Many diseases....eeerr knowledge about diseases. But seriously. I've been from coast-to-coast, and I've been to a number of stores and this is probably the best you'll ever find. The selection is insanely good. The only other place where I've been able to find this kind of variety is on the actual West Coast or in the Atlanta Aquarium. The staff is super helpful as well. I happen to know a few things and one of things that I know is it's not how you sell your fish, it's how you own your fish. And you can tell that the couple who own this place really know a ton about what they sell. I can only imagine the tanks they have at home. I was only out here for a week, but when I come back next year FOR MY MEDICAL CONVENTION, NOT gambling, I'll definitely have a bring more cases to ship back the goods. Nice job, guys. You've definitely made an oasis out of this desert.

Joseph Keith

Joseph Lewandowski

Great saltwater aquatics store, and probably the best in town. They carry all the best brands and can get anything not in stock incredibly fast.

Cory Martin

Jeff Eschenburg

Brian Wood

Every time I go in there I receive the knowledge and help I need. Very friendly owner that takes time to explain and assist with any questions I might have about my tank. I have been to most fish stores in the valley and continue to frequent here due to quality of livestock and expertise. Great store with fair prices.

Joe DOES200

Bought 2 fish. Both died in 3 days! Water in their tanks are questionable??? Service lately is terrible. Losing customers as well as staff! Sonny you need to care a bit more about your fish, customers and staff ! Like when you first opened! If your not into it anymore, sell the place.

Mavies Gascon

I spent over $500 worth of online auction worth of frags in the past month. What you see is not always what you get. The coral i took home were not the same color as what was bagged up for me to pick up (purple acropora come home with pale orange). And it seemed a couple of the coral were unhealthy, partly bleached, like the purple monti that i auctioned for about $13 for a 1/2" frag. Lesson learned, I'll save my money for bigger coral. Yet, i did get two extra frags, 1 zoas and 1 special one that ended with a persons name. I'm not a big fan of zoas, i wish they would have let me trade a few of the frags to a credit to a coral i really wanted like a Kenya tree a tube anemone, or a rose anemone. I'll still support the store, Sonny and his crew are cool, Martin too. But the emo girl that helped bag my turbo snails, didn't seem like she wanted to be there. It's just a bummer when the person who is helping you has no enthusiasm. Not good for business, personally.

LV rican

This place is small but offers an enviable selection of corals, great service by staff

James Thomas

I had the best experience here. Very nice people, and they give you all the advice you need. I love coming to the store and shopping. My favorite place right now. Hard not to break the bank once you enter those doors.

Maxie Robinson


Always my #1 spot to shop for all my saltwater needs.

Tuleinatia Alapa

Lets just start with this shop is the BOMB!! And I mean it ! I just recently started in the hobby and this shop helped me in every way possible!! The staff (Sunny, Jackie and Andrea) are super knowledgable and helped me make my dream a reality. I've been to many shops around the valley and let me tell you Aquatic treasures's customer service blows every shop out of the water !! My go to Lfs for sure !!

Fran Aurland

Great place. Just moved into town and the staff was a great help

Robert Bollinger

Danny Simone

STILL SELLING SICK FISH!! Update as of 5/4/18. Been nearly a year since I was here and saw lots of ads specials, so I stopped in. I can see why the specials, poor service and DEAD or SICK fish everywhere that they are trying to get rid of! BUYERS BEWARE!! Look at what your buying, A deal is not always a deal! The fish system is all connected and all fish are sick and will DIE. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT'S IN THERE WATER, If you take 1 home IT WILL INFECT YOUR TANK!! WILL NEVER RETURN!! I read all the review and it looked as they had some issues, but were working on it. I was referred here from a fish club in town that said it was the place to go. I drove from Henderson to see what it was all about. Small place with potential, but on my visit there were dead fish in at least half of the tanks, other fish were sick and looked to be on there way out! rude employees, out of stock on things I was looking for and way overpriced coral! I will not return to this place nor do I suggest anyone make the drive.

Michael Frueh

Sonny, the owner, great guy, always willing to help with wish lists and getting hard to find fish. Jacky, a practical encyclopedia of saltwater and a professional in this town for probably 25 years! Wayne, another pro in the business forever. These guys go the extra mile in helping not only the novices, but even the pros and maintenance guys, such as myself!! Between there years of experience and there very fair priced stock and dry goods, Aquatic Treasures is probably the best fish store in all of Las Vegas!! Mike's Aquarium Maintenance Mike

rob horton

Always get and knowledgeable people. I drive from wagonwheel and 95 to see the professionals here. I pass a lot of stores on the way here but it doesn't bother me. Ask anybody in the hobby and they'll recommend this place, for a reason.

Daniel Parks

Update as of 4/25/2018 - Still SICK fish in every tank and many dead! Do not buy any fish or anything else that is in the tanks! Everything can and will cause your fish to DIE!!!!!! DO NOT BUY FISH HERE!! 3 times now and the fish die every time, they even died in the bag on the way home. They tested my water and say it's good, so I did some homework. I went back today to look at the fish and they all have ICK or Brooklynella and in the coral tanks they have Flatworms, crazy forms of algae, dying and faded corals. All bad news!! I brought this to the attention of the owner and he gave attitude and told me not to worry about whts in the coral tank. I asked more about the fish and he didn't want to talk and stated it must be something in my tank. I said the last fish died in the bag within 45 minutes. HIGH PRICES, SICK FISH, BAD ATTITUDES!!!! Will never returns and will let everyone I know to beware of this place. That is no way to run a business now days

Pamela Tassiello

This is such a wonderful store. The staff are so helpful and really want to give back to the community. I learned a lot about the selection and care for aquatic animals from Sonny. Awesome experience!

jeff keenan

Always a great time at Aquatic Treasures! Sonny and his staff always takes care of my family and I!

Jonknee Onthespot

Very clean store. Staff is knowable and very helpful.

Anthony Waller

Invest corals and the best customer service they're very knowledgeable and know pretty much everything there is to know about corals

Phoebe Brimer

Mrs. O.

Don Gitersonke

Awesome place! If its not there Sonny or Josh will order it for you. Great looking CORALS.

Donqual Jordan

Best fish store in town

James Galvan

have never been in but they were pretty rude over the phone soooo


I can't honestly give a bad or good review here. I went here looking for a catfish(freshwater). This place is salt water only. So I never took more than two steps in this place to be fair.

Angel Aiyuuki

My #1 LFS!

Micheal Walling

Great inventory of not only dry goods and equipment, but also fish and corals. Great Staff, always helpful!

Marc jacobs

Sick Fish!! Algae and pest covered corals!! Open your eyes and look what your getting when you shop here. The owner only cares about the money and not the quality or care of his animals. Customer service has gone down hill and products are way over priced. Buyers BEWARE! All his good reviews are from friends and his girlfriend, not real customers.

Dustin Walker

Stopped by for the first time and did not purchase anything. I saw a few fish that were sick with early ich onset. Also saw an upside down fish. Very nice variety of coral to choose from but with diatoms growing everywhere and some coral specimens with dead spots I decided to avoid introducing it even into my quarantine tank. Staff should work to correct this.

Nidia Ornelas

The staff there is always very helpful and kind every time I visit. I love going for any of my aquatic needs.

Ryan Cook

What a great store. May be the best selection of saltwater fish in the valley. They have everything. And Wayne knows as much as a marine biologist. We are lifetime fans. Remember to sign up for the loyalty program. Stop by and see for yourself.

Ron Cordes

Exceptional store for all salt water needs. Huge selection of fish and corals. Great , knowledgeable staff and easy to access location.

Philip White

Sonny really knows his craft. Highly recommend

chad brown

jamie fields

Not a whole lot of fish. Mostly supplies

chris roman

Cool store, decent prices and knowledgeable employees. Definitely going to be my aquarium spot

Reef Dad

Susan Vahimian

I visited yesterday. Walked around for a few minutes. Your stock looks nice but no one ever said hello or anything! Being new to the hobby I would have liked some advice. Going to another LFS today and hoping for better luck with friendlier staff. At least greet your customers with a hello.

Justin Silva

Cool coral selection, but they have medusa worms and fire worms. Make sure to coral dip before you add to your tank. If you think I'm lying just go look in the frag tan .

James Raymundo

Alex Detrinidad

shelli kisch

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