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3303 109th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68164

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REVIEWS OF Rivers & Reefs IN Nebraska

Jeffrey Trautman

Well done

Joel Gronewold

Alan Kilpatrick

Austin Narduzzo

Karen Schmidt

Great store to buy any kind of fish or fish tank supplies to keep your home tanks doing well. Very friendly & helpful owner & staff! Highly recommend!

Robert Koneck-Wilcox

Knowledgable staff and a great local alternative to the big box store competition.

Dane Klein

Jeremy Anderon

Dustin C

Robert Schwery

Very helpful

Lee Hanson

Excellent selection of fish and very knowledgeable people working

Dan Marley

Heather Herlick

Kel Bertch

These guys care about the animals they sell and have no problems helping you if you feel inexperienced with keeping them them

spooky spook

Arthur M B

Robert Illig

Great selection, nice guys greated me and asked if I needed help every few mins....A+++++

Devan Stubbs

Def reliable guys. Care what they do and care for the customer never a bad time when I go in. Always find interesting fish that they get

Mary McHugh

Derek Zeller

These guys are awesome. They know fish well and take good care of them. Their tanks look incredible, fish are healthy, and the store atmosphere is unbeatable. I absolutely love stopping by every chance I get.

Chris Braun

Best store in town! Extremely helpful if and when you need it. Won't go anywhere else.

Cj Morse

I absolutely love this store i work at petco and any time i dont have something in i tell every one to go here the fush are super healthy and the staff really know there stuff also super nice and know how to explain things to where you understand and dont feel stupid

Spike Dark Artist

Kurt Bingham

To someone that knows nothing about fish or tanks, this place was impressive!!


Helan Holbrook

Evie Lake

Rolland Stewart

The guy there was super helpful & informative. Really cool place to check out, ill definitely be going back.

mandi reed

Jacob Stearns

Great place to find all your fish needs. Friendly staff and know there stuff. Has a new owner who cares very much for the health of the fish and coral and is will to answer any questions you have.

Simon Bacon

Great store with a good selection of both livestock and drygoods. Equipment is a bit lacking but if youre looking for a specific item they can either order it or point you in the right direction. Cheapest place in the Metro for frozen food in my experience and always nice staff. Big improvement from a year ago (and previously Aqua Pets), and im hoping for it to continue on the same path. I visit about once every 2 months and theres always changes or something new to see. Whether youre starting out in the aquarium hobby or are a veteran fish keeper, I would say start you search here.

Jeff Ott

The puppies are great, the people are nice to.

Davia Gutierrez

Mike Dingle

Shawn Jones

Nice, small independent fish store.

Dan Rhrome


Best inventory. Best staff. Very knowledgeable and super eager to help. Because lets face it... keeping things alive in any aquarium is hard and we all need help!

Traci Spacey

Sasha Turner

Samantha Beers

I’d been dying to finally go in this store and I was truly not dissapointed, beautifully taken care of tanks and knoweldable staff. I think I might’ve spent a good 45 minutes just enjoying all of the stock. I’ll recommend this place to anyone who is interested in the hobby.

Chester Anderson

Mohamad Abubaker

Brenda R

Nathan Smith

Great staff and great store. I will always be a loyal customer. They sure know everything about the aquatic world!!

Justin Johnson

Awesome shop!

Jimmy Francis

My favorite Omaha fish store knowledgeable staff both fresh and saltwater very willing to help you. Definitely cheaper than other Omaha fish store. They are not big chain store they have or can get any fish or supplies you need. They also often have used accessories and fish tanks. They also do trades on fish. They changed hands recently but new owner as good as old n some old staff still remains.

Carolyn Huggins

Kaleb Epic

One of the better fish stores I've been to in town. Honestly end up going there for all of my fish stock. I have severe anxiety and these guys make it a very welcoming place and don't make me feel bad for not asking for help right away or having stupid questions. Their tanks are always extremely clean and their fish look fantastic. Not a single creature I've gotten from there has had problems plus one worker was willing to sex crayfish for me instead of just grab whoever to add to the bag.

Jacob Martinez

Livestock is well-cared for. Coral is thriving, much healthier than other local stores. Staff is great and try to work out things for you as a customer. Hands down best store in Omaha.

Damon Ransom

Helpful smart dude i met knew his stuff was real kool. I will be a repeat client for the forseeable future. Great store freshwater or saltwater.

Matthew Tran

Ray Wollberg

Stopped by today, they have nice looking stock and the prices that were posted seem to be fairly competitive. But a lot of the stock wasn't priced that I could tell. The store itself is still kind of shabby but not the worst I've seen. The staff said hello, but otherwise ignored me, so I couldn't say how friendly or knowledgeable they are.

Joe Sexton

Alot is of cool fish.

Karisten Krucke

Very knowledgeable and best 0pace to go for questions

Kevin Jones

Always terrific service when I go, these guys really know and love fish.

Timothy Harbeck

Looks like they are trying to revitalize the store after buying from the old owner. Hope all goes well for you all you been friendly even when was aqua pets.

Ryan Yates

Fun small store with knowledgable staff.

Frank Davis

jordan knapp

Great store, awesome selection, and will find you those hard to find fish you special order. I am a rainbow fish guy and the quality of the rainbows are spectacular, especially compared to chain stores, not even comparable! We travel all the way from Lincoln just to buy fish over our LFS.

Chris Dowell

Visited this saltwater reef store while I was in town visiting. Great store run by a very nice young man. Staff was very helpful. They have saltwater and freshwater fish.

1 Hot_Potato

I live in Lincoln....i went to this place and it is 100 times BETTER than the fish stores in Lincoln! More variety for saltwater fishes! They carried a variety of fish and live corals that the stores in Lincoln (ive been to EVERY ONE) didnt carry! Wasnt that hard to find especially with google maps (if you dont have it, then its time to come out from under ur rock lol jk). Staff is extremely helpful and informative!!! From now on, this MY go to fish store. Worth the drive

Kathryn Noel

Wilburn Sherm Jr.

Love the Verity's and customers service

Alex Ventura

Thomas Meola

helpful staff. They enjoy what they do. Store is sparse but staff is knowledgeable.

Kelli Christiansen

Tanks really kept clean. Nice setup tanks

Joey Cumpston

Joseph Fraas

turbo 906

Awesome, healthy, quality selection! Great customer service!

Sean Smith

Awesome employees. Very helpful and knowledgeable . Always friendly.

Brendan Wagner

This is absolutely the best customer service you are going to get in town. Best prices and they know their stuff. They will make sure every pet is the right fit for you and your other pets!!

Wade Carpenter

Great staff great inventory

Izzi Za

Extremely helpful people they awnsered way over the amount of questions then I even asked!

Izzy Diamond

joan arens

mike barcus

Tony Rife

Paul Merz

Such a friendly group of knowledgeable staff. A great bunch of guys that will have a conversation with you about the hobby. A very old school vibe. Their stock is varied and in excellent condition. The store is a bit older and not easy to see from the street, but dont let that dissuade you from a 5 star stock and experience!

Gaven Vance

Phillip Power

You don't get more experienced, knowledgeable people than you do at Rivers and Reefs. Staggering selection of salt and fresh water fish. Very professional displays and set ups. Great living Rock and coral selection that they grow on site. If anything else, go for the experience! Update since my last visit- they have REALLY upped their freshwater tank game. Tons of love plants and biotopic tanks. Gorgeous selection of discuses and Oscars. Gentleman helped me pick out some goat shrimp for my son and he was kind, attentive, knowledge and helpful. The leg this place has up on Fish Freaks is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Frank Follette

Dylan Hart

JR. Hernandez

I like how honest the guy working there was, he didn't try and sell me fish when he felt like i was at my limit considering the size of my tank ,and the fish i was considering.


The tanks have lots of algae and the store itself is very dirty.

Hudson Opp

Shayne Alexander

Wonderful staff - great customer service and advice on how to care for my fish!

Cat d. T.

Love this place, the guys that run this shop know their stuff, and they get in some really rad fish!

Daniel Klco

Best store for personal service. Good overall selection without the over the top prices compared to others in town! Great job

Rebecca May

The staff here are wonderfully knowledgeable, helpful, and relatable. I enjoy going here every time. Their selection of freshwater fish is great, and if they don't have what you want, they'll order it in. They take great care of their livestock, and I've got fish from them in my tank that I've had for years. They truly care about the animals, and they genuinely want to help whenever I come to them with a problem in my tank.

Chris&Kary Cameron

Jason Lemkau

Great fish store

aaron napper

Awesome stores with great selection of fish and coral. Great friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Manda Reynolds

Dustin Stroh

If you have fish, and live in Omaha this is the only place to buy fish. Justin is fantastic he knows everything about his inventory and he's ready to educate you

Julie Bowen

Very friendly, and have excellent prices, and very well educated

cashes 10

Erica Cartledge

Robert Lewandowski

Like these guys, knowledgeable & friendly

James McAllister

If you buy fish from them and they die even less then 24hrs with a proven good water sample from your aquarium You will not get any refund.which is B.S I bought over $120.00 worth of fish in a week's time frame.And if NICK is working just turn around and leave

Grant Vlcek

Draven Sanctus

Very knowledgeable staff great selection of fish.

Catherine di Tomasso

Great selection of specialty fish

Ray Fournier

Ryan Knapp

Clay Caylor

Great seasoned customer service, even while busy. Lots of diverse specimens packed into a small footprint.

David Leslie

They have been very helpful with my salt water and never once told me wat I have to do asked wat would I like to do and have set up Avery nice tank all the way I wanted

Timothy Reynolds

Tom Stearman

Good prices, staff could be a little more friendly. The store is older and is small but the coral selection is good with good prices.

Mariah Clark

Michael Minino

Ernie Shear

This place is the BOMB!! They have a wide variety of different fish both freshwater and saltwater. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Their livestock is very healthy and well taken care of. This is one of our "must" stops when we come to Omaha.

Max Doocy

Dana O

Good service from a well informed prrson who cared about what we wanted to know. We bought a Blenny and a coral.

Karyn Zendejas

The best selection of saltwater fish and supplies in town.

Erick Matzke

Great store

Nathan Magdanz

Great people. Took the time to explain to our child what was needed to set up the tank for the first time.

Chris Masloski

Ed Kelley

Good place to get fish

Thomas Anderson

Heidi Melvin

Nice selection of fish. Some employees have more knowledge than others. My fish died because one employee said he would be fine in my tank, the other employee said he never should have been in my tank. Live n learn. Pretty sure there was some extracurricular socializing going on in the back room. Smelled like it anyway.

Chelle Hill

Outstanding customer service, that is everything these days !!

Leonardo Movilla

Clarice Lisle

Rare assortment


Great prices and quality aquatics. Fish look healthy and corals are vibrant. Huge step up from previous store! Highly recommend!

Stephanie forever

Very knowledgeable friendly guys here. Tanks are always clean and fish are well taken care of.

Wylie Brewer

Great selection of fish and coral. The staff is attentive to customers and and very helpful with questions asked.

Lair McNutt

Always excellent very helpful always helped us get our reef /fish tank perfect.

Tasha Blue

James Coombs


Amazing. I came in about 10 minutes before close on the eve of a holiday and received nothing but amazing service. Thank you so much guys.

Chris Burgin

Love this store.

Jadyn Jones

Absolutely loved this place. When I went in the guys were super nice and awesome and they were so helpful.

Kellee Springer


Alex Nyp

Good place, wish google maps didn't confuse me but we found it in the end. Liked the fish selection, the ONLY store that had the medium sized oscar i wanted, and a cool color too! Very nice staff, asked me if we were doing alright when they had time and answered my questions.

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