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REVIEWS OF Block 16 IN Nebraska

Tyler N Tarra Brandle

Very busy but worth the wait. We got duck fries and Rangoon fries! Generous amount of Duck every tasty 7$ each. We will be going back to try more of these different delights in downtown Omaha. The people were friendly and the place was clean. There was some weird guy that was drunk there but it was just a funny customer it is downtown after all!

Honest Omaha

The Poutine is a stand-out dish for sure. It gets crazy busy during my lunch break, but I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my food. Inventive cuisine that feels new and adventurous, but can be enjoyed comfortably by more than just foodies. Staff is wonderful which seals the deal for me! Would give more stars if I was allowed to!

Omaha Born

I would strongly caution people about this place. I ordered their Famous Alton Brown recommended burger today and it was not the best burger even in Omaha, let alone the world. Minus the long black hair I found in the burger, the toppings left much to be desired. When adding mustard to any burger, it should be subtle and not dripping from the amount placed on it. When all you taste is mustard, the chef has used way too much and has zero business calling themselves a chef. The egg was way over cooked to the point the yolk was firm, which should never happen on a burger as the yolk is the cream that gives any burger a savory addition. I had high hopes as I have been a fan of Alton Brown since 2001. While I write this note, I am fighting trying to vomit from the less than savory lunch I just had. Save the $10 dollars and make your own burger at home, your stomach and taste buds will thank you.

Ravenlore Staver

Crab rangoon fries are the boooommmmbbbbb!!!!

Kate Prokop

Who would even think to put those crazy ingredients on a burger, sandwich, or in a burrito? IDK, but it works. It's seriously so good, and we love the unique combos of flavors. If you're in the mood to try something out of the box, definitely try Block 16. Yes, there will be a line. Yes, it will be worth it.

Craig Nelson

Cool ideas on the menu, but our two sandwiches fell a bit short of expectations. The crab Rangoon fries were tasty but excessive

Jeff Seymour

Wow the food is great here! Got a Poutine Burrito & it was delicious! The people are nice. The atmosphere is chill & they play cool tunes while u eat. The only 2 downsides are how busy it gets & it's a little pricey. Also can get pretty loud cause of the vaulted ceilings. But those are very minor issues for an otherwise great dinning experience. 5 Stars

Kelly Robertson

We ordered 4 pieces of fried chicken, 2 hot and 2 regular. Boyfriend ordered a burger and I got a salad. Everything was VERY good! I LOVE the fact that they have blended burgers here (blended burgers = meat grinds that contain at least 25% mushroom)! I learned about them when the mushroom council came to visit my work and have loved the idea ever since. It's actually my preferred method of making burgers now.

Vanessa Dimmer

I love the simplicity of this place, and even though simple, the food is really great. The price is pretty affordable and caters to all people. The service is also great.

Michael Conge

Took a trip to see the Omaha zoo and this place was recommended. Almost left due to the long line at the front, but am SO glad I stayed. Amazing food that is totally worth it. The fries are all good choices and the three happiness burger is to die for.

ChadandAmy Pfortmiller

Good food and atmosphere


Great food. Interesting seating concept, but we enjoyed it.

Sam Hain

This place is a MUST in Omaha. The food is always delicious, there's veggie & vegan options, their popup events always go well, the staff is friendly and quick, and the owners are some of the nicest folks in town. It's no wonder they're always so busy that you may have to wait for someone to finish to sit down. Good food is always worth the wait!

Mz.Gucci Cognac

The names of the dishes on the menu is what interested me. After visiting I see that the names of the dishes are not a good depiction of the food. I had the Block Burger with Lemonade and Crab Rangoon fries. The burger was so raw in parts of it that my choices were to recook it, return it, or throw it away.

Brett Goldtrap

We average eating here about once per week. I don't think there's anything on the menu that isn't awesome. If you want to get one of their specials you'll need to get there early.

Donald Hansen

Great food. I recommend the 3 Happiness burger and Dragon fries. Restaurant very crowded when trying to order.

Ilheis Reign

Great place for sandwiches, burgers, gyros, salads and more. They have a lunch special which includes fries and a drink. Recommend the pulled pork on sourdough sandwich.

Jamey Clark

Good food and good service! Will definitely go back!


A definite must taste! The burgers here are probably the best I have eaten anywhere as far as highlighting the flavor of the beef and cooking it to perfection. On top of this they have vegetarian options and bougie food as well. This is my new regular here in Omaha.

Diane Gallichio

Yummy! Food is delicious, creative menu.

Bill Carnes

Dollar for dollar, this is the best food omaha has to offer.

Kelsey Barker

My husband and I have had pretty much everything on the menu between the two of us, and everything is absolutely delicious. The specials are always fun and so tasty as well. You really can’t go wrong, but some favorites are the block deluxe, poutine, burgers, and hot chicken. Probably our very favorite place to eat in Omaha!

Jonathan Patton

Great food and experience! Only downfall is that it can get super loud. Hard to hear the person you invited to join for lunch because of all the activity.

Christine Weis

This is the croque garcon blended burger. So delicious!

G Mort

Their food is incredibly creative and tasty!

Jeff Ellis

A burger joint with a bit of a hipster atmosphere from the lightbulbs to the straws. We came here after the zoo, we tried their burgers, chicken salad, Dessert bar, Side salad, Adult grilled cheese. Everything tasted phenomenal, but it was very heavy, even the salad. Some items had slightly different ingredients, not enough to make them odd, but enough to delight you in their take on some old favorites. The staff and restaurant are kid friendly

Quincy Price

Fast service. The food was delicious.

Brendon S

Give yourself a little extra time for this spot. It is so worth the wait during peak times

Ryan McCann

You can easily find something new and delicious to try at every visit. Service is fast and friendly. It's a go-to lunch spot for friends too. They can get busy especially when they have limited specials, but the wait is worth it. Set aside some time to go.

Steve's Jiujitsu Journey

Amazing food! Definitely an adventure eatery. Good prices and you'll leave full. My only complaint is that food takes a little bit to come out. I'm sure it's because they were busy on a Saturday night.

Robert Adams

Amazing food a little loud but good food

Emma Fasse

Be ready to wait in line if it is a meal time. We were lucky to find a table right away. We sat down and then I got in line and ordered. Everything was delicious! It was hard to choose what to order because everything looked so good.

Max Ferguson

There isn't a place I love more in Omaha than block 16. Everyone I know loves it as well. Great food and great prices. Normally pretty quick but when busy takes a little longer which is expected.


Very quick on making the sandwiches with lots of choices.

April Tucker,

Very different than expected. More “fast casual” than sit down. Get lots of napkins. Everything we ordered was good. I got the Dragon Roll and will get it again. Not a ton of seating, music loud but early 90s rock so it was all good. Can’t wait to go back!

Nate Olson

I was pleasantly surprised by the interior. Contrary to the outside Block 16 had great lighting, table spacing, and was eco friendly. The fries were the best tasting fries I have ever had. The crab Rangoon burger and the sloppy Nick burger were okay. I will have a different burger when I go back. Definitely another customer here.

Morgan R.

Best downtown lunch spot, hands down! Amazing, inexpensive, hearty, unique menu. Our favorites are the pulled pork roll and the loaded rangoon fries. To die for! You definitely won’t eat here just once, you’ll keep on coming back!!

Gary Bergstrom

Excellent food(!) and a lively atmosphere. The service was pretty quick considering how busy it was.

Bryan Guilliam

Bit of a wait but wasn't too bad considering we were right at dinner rush 6:30, but we did have to spend about 10 minutes of our 25 minute wait to order outside, so be aware if it's freezing rain out, it could suck. The food as my wife said was worth it tho. I managed to snag a side of Mac n Cheese before they sold out, because it was part of their dinner special. Was (almost) the best restaurant Mac I've had, although it was more creamy than cheesy. The crab Rangoon fries were from another planet! So good, the sauce they put over the whole thing had a sweet heat to it. My wife's block burger was delicious, perfectly cooked medium, and juicy, fresh toppings, the regular fries well seasoned and crispy. My pulled pork roll was a bit fatty but melted in my mouth, once I hit the cheese it was another level. My one complaint, or rather suggestion is that it needed something acidic, a tangy BBQ sauce or more mustard, something to cut thru all that fat to balance it out. Great change of pace for us tho and I'm glad we went, we'll be back again I'm sure. -had to edit this because of the Mac n Cheese I just had at the Stokin Goat... Still love the creative dishes here though!

beyanudin edris

Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for the fast service and delicious food!

Matthew G

This place is nuts. Roughly a 40~ minute wait but completely worth it. If you're looking for unique and not that expensive vegan food you won't be disappointed.

Colette Marks

Loved the deluxe chicken sandwich.

Ryan Turk Davidson

Favorite food in Omaha. Fantastic, creative menu. Good beer selection. Love the fries. Can get very loud, needs more seating.


Good burgers no lie in impressed and the service was excellent will be back

max kenshalo

Delicious!!! Amazing food, great menu, great prices. Wait time is a little long but it's not from lack of momentum in regards to the staff, it's just packed! I would absolutely recommend coming here and I will be going back!

Emerson Carter

Block 16 is a definite go-to if you're out and about in Omaha. Their food is ridiculously great which often causes a huge lineup of people waiting to order. Definitely get in early!

Stephanie Parris

One of the best burger places in Omaha! I had been hearing great things about this place for awhile and finally stopped in on a Saturday. Get there right when it opens!! By 11:10 there was already a line to the door! The crab rangoon burger is loaded with cream cheese and topped with a sweet chili sauce! It's a dance party in your mouth! Be sure to get one of their loaded fries as well!

Sam Cordes

A really cool hip place. Did not think I would be able to find a place like this in Omaha. It kind of reminded me of the hipster joints in downtown Kansas City. Very good food. fresh ingredients. unique menu. Hip, stylish, industrial design. Comfortable. Quick service. You order at the counter and they call your name when the order is ready. I came here with my cousin and her husband and her two-year-old. We all were able to eat something we liked and could afford. Great place.

Travis Gaines

My wife and I ordered an Apple, Bacon, & Brie sandwich, the Pot Roast Sandwich, Dragon Fries, and Crab Rangoon Fries. The two sandwiches were worthy of 5 stars. The flavors and texture were AWESOME! I dinged Block 16 for the fries. The fries themselves were good, but not great. The toppings on the fries were heavy handed and a bit out of balance. Each bite felt like a mouthful of dip with a fry somewhere in the mix. They are great ideas that need a little more editing.

Michael Petry

Eat Block 16 food, that's all you need to know. Every dish has great combinations and flavors. A bit noisy with the music and all the people, but the food is other-worldly. A must-go place.

Chet Cyr

Dragon wrap with salmon was fantastic!

Eric Knappen

This was my second visit to Block 16. My first visit went extremely well, and I was allready saying it's the best restaurant i have been to in my short time in Omaha. This visit was even better. Several times I found my eyes rolling back in my head because the food was that delicious. This visit I had the crab rangoon fries, and the Carque Garcon. Typically I quickly latch onto a favorite entree at a new restaurant. Block 16 I can not wait to try the entire menu.

Kegan Kegley

This is all the evidence I need to have to know that god is real. It should be a sin good this food is. I will easily go out of my way to make lunch happen here.

Andy Gabbert

Food was good, place is small. We we're lucky to find a table. Line was out the door. Took a while to get our food, but expected with the crowd. I got a burger which was awesome. We also had the burrito and grilled cheese, both good but burger was better

Sara Born

The food here is absolutely amazing. Be prepared to stand in line, but it goes fast ! Totally worth it. Also, beer and wine. This is a local sourced restraunt.

jen adams

The food was amazing. Small place. Hard to see from the street but oh so worth it! We Will definitely be back.

mark berg

Excellent food and service, very consistent, very creative ingredients and flavors. You don't want to miss the chance to try them.

Zach Martin

An amazing, not-pricey food experience for downtown Omaha. While it is usually always packed, the food here is excellent and their daily specials posted on Facebook are usually awesome, even if a little wacky. There is no table service and limited seating, so be careful taking a large group. Definitely worth a try if in town on a visit for lunch!


Food is ingenious and delicious. The best and most inventive restaurant in Omaha. But watch out for the lines and the flimsy napkins11

Abigail Nelson

We ordered 4 pieces of fried chicken, 2 hot and 2 regular. Boyfriend ordered a burger and I got a salad. Everything was VERY good! I LOVE the fact that they have blended burgers here (blended burgers = meat grinds that contain at least 25% mushroom)! I learned about them when the mushroom council came to visit my work and have loved the idea ever since. It's actually my preferred method of making burgers now. They're vegetarian burger is a house-made lentil patty but I, unfortunately, didn't get a chance to try this time around but will be back for it! So all in all, great fast casual spot to grab a burger!

Jim Work

Still outstanding. My favorite place to go. We live clear out in Waterloo and yet I'll still drive downtown are there duck duck goose fries

Yuri Rowley

Stopped in for dinner last night. OMG the lobster truffle Mac and Cheese was awesome. Not as thrilled with the Rangoon fries. Not sure if it was me or what just wasn't quite jiving with em. Wish I lived closer so I can go and try some more of the amazing looking dishes I see. Will definitely stop in again sometime

Jordyn Schnabel

I enjoy eating here. Takes about an hour when they're busy from start to finish, not necessarily a 'quick bite' but definitely faster than normal sit down restaurants. Delicious food, abnormal combinations that somehow work. Pic shows the 3 happiness burger which includes cream cheese, crab rangoon, and chili sauce. Their grilled cheese is amazing!


I’m from Chicago. The food was delicious and the place is amazing! Stop reading the reviews. Just go there already!

Derek Wilson

Delicious. Don't let the line out the door scare you as it moves quickly. That is a good sign for a restaurant as it shows that it is worth a bit of a wait.

Sara Hanson

So many options! The Grilled Tempeh Dragon Wrap was amazingly good. Wonderful service! Worth the wait.

Catherine Wagner

We had the dragon wrap (SO GOOD) and the garçon burger which ended up being really messy with the egg but also very good. Highly recommend this place to anyone in Omaha, the staff and atmosphere was great!

Jacob Fedorchik

Block 16 has a varied menu with plenty of options for sides and entrées that look like they will provide a few reasons for me to visit again. The Nashville hot chicken sandwich had a plethora of flavor that made each bite seem unique and the entire sandwich was a great experience. The seasoned fries were top notch and the variety of fries they have provide tons of unique choices.

Sean Lee

Yes this place is the bomb! Get there early if you want a seat. But definitely worth the wait..... seriously good

Greg Ovalle

Solid and Solid and great prices. They do it all super well -

Corinne D

The crabragoon fries are amazing

Jessica Cross

This is my favorite place in Omaha! Consistantly Amazing!!!

Patrick Chittick

Great menu with locally sourced ingredients and unique selections. All Nebraska beers and wines. Duck, duck, goose fries are worth the stop alone!

Brittany Yenney

I am a picky eater, but this place is amazing! I can easily find something to eat. Favorites are the Block 16 burger, sloppy Nick. Couldn't recommend this place enough. Get the fry sauce too! It's DEFINITELY worth the wait. They are environmentally conscious too

Lisa Tyler

If you haven't tried this hidden jewel you gotta try it!!! Oh my goodness fresh hot comfort food - love the community tables - reminded me of Aschenberg Germany!!!

James Ensten

The reviews are accurate. This place is on point! I have no idea how they can offer what they do at the prices they charge (mains max out at $8.50) but at long as they keep doing it I'll keep eating there. Thumbs up!

Ethan Haneklaus

Great place for a sit down lunch break. It can be a bit busy but the food comes out relatively quick. The place speaks for itself and offers amazing food and beverages.

Luke Bonaccorsi

The poutine burrito is amazing

Micky Kim

Love this place and is arguably one of my favorite restaurants. The service is good but be prepared to wait. Honestly probably one of the hottest spots in Omaha and the wait reflects it. Be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes to stand in line and get your food. There also isn't enough seats for how packed it is.

Janet Gamerl

Fabulous flavors, quick and efficient service and vegan options- hooray! Not to mention the team responded to my FB message about a lost sweater and after a month of my having visited last, they found it and I was able to stop in and get it! YAY!

Brendan Porter

Absolutely great food. Different specials each day. Just make sure to get there early - there can be quite the wait.

Matt plugge

Holy Moley! What can I say? This place was AMAZING! Possibly one of the best burgers I have ever had. This was out first time ever going there. We decided to go after I saw a tweet from the for the Mcrodeo sandwich. Sadly that was like a one day lunch special so they did not have it when I went. Instead I got the rainy day burger. It was raining at the time so not sure if they only serve it when it rains but it was amazing. The sweet potato fries were so good and their house sauce they have was so good as well. the place was packed! They seem like a very green eating establishment as well. I probably wont get back there for a few years but i cant wait when I do. Simply amazing burger!

Bayani Seldera

Favorite place to go! Absolutely love recommending this place to people.


Always good and always busy lol

Lonnie Sanders

I had the Poutine Burrito and Duck Duck Goose Fries both were OUTSTANDING , the price is very reasonable for the amount of food you get ... DEFINITELY WILL GO BACK !!!

Kaitie Wenzl

Great place! However, the second room was being used for a private event and really wish that would have been posted somewhere. We didn’t realize until we were there and overwhelmed with limited space. Beer was good, sandwich was good.

Justin Kjellsen

This place is amazing from the energy to the atmosphere .... oh and the food omg ..... i personally had a Nashville chicken sandwich with coleslaw and bacon wow wow wow ..... the poutine and fries are on point !! This place is well worth the drive my daughter ordered the fresh burger she loved it .. my other daughter ordered the sloppy nick .... amazing ! My wife went old school with grilled cheese and pumpkin soup ... amazing !!

Will Connolly

The company was a super babe bra

Jeff Lustgraaf

Other then the fact there was a line literally out the door, the food was delicious as ever.

Ryan Smith

Food is outstanding! Always a line for a reason!

Admiral Gazpacho

Awesomeness! Great burgers. They we're cool with customizing it for me.

Avery Wight

OH MY! I was told it was the best food in Omaha. That is an understatement! A must eat!


A busy place with good food. The pork pulled roll was tasty.


What can I say? Block 16 is Omaha's top restaurant. You have burgers, wraps, beer, fries, daily specials, all with a unique Block 16 touch. And by daily I literally mean something new daily. Not the "daily special" that's been written on a blackboard since opening, these folks make their own genuine and unique creations every day. My personal favorite menu item is the Dragon Wrap, which they had recently removed from the menu, but they listened to their customers. There was a mini uproar asking for the Dragon Wrap back and they listened. They brought this delicious wrap back, I love democracy. Their staff is always super hip and nice. They move quickly, far opposite from what the lines do. Do expect the lines to be long, this place is PACKED at the peak of lunch and dinner. Worth the wait though. Overall 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, 100% etc.

Annette Tanner

Always look forward to coming here when I came in town. Great friendly service. Excellent staff! It was a really busy time when I went in but they were on point. The dish I ordered was absolutely amazing. I would love to visit this place again and try the other things in their menu as well.

Chris Lokey

Poutine Burrito was awesome. It was large enough that it could be split between 2 people. Everything I saw looked great coming out of the kitchen. Looks like you need to get there early if you want the daily special. Very busy place, about a 7 min wait in line and a 10-15 min wait for food but well worth it.

Frumpled Biscuit

An absolute favorite restaurant of mine. Anywhere. And I've been places >_> But seriously, order the duck fries and enjoy your newly discovered extravagant taste. But get there early. It gets packed AF here. And rish hour starts extra early here. Be prepared to wait if you're late and share some close quarters regardless of your punctuality; there will be people as far as the eye can see and the building can hold.


My favorite lunch spot in Omaha. Wanted to order everything on the menu! Worth the wait, folks!

Julio Herrera

Great food, friendly staff and very nice atmosphere! Came around 6 so there was very little wait. Definitely coming back!!!

Matt Jones

Had the gangsta fries and block burger so good! It’s pretty busy in there but worth it.

Marci Purtell

Wow. Just wow. The menu is interesting - I needed help understanding a few things- but it was delicious!!! They were super busy which is a good sign. I had the veggie block burger minus the PB and sweet potato fries. It was incredible. The atmosphere is modern eclectic and to find a seat you might need to eat European style. I felt a real sense of community here. Really enjoyed the meal, the super fast service, and the atmosphere. Well done Block 16. You’re simply divine!

Mark Fletcher

I get way too much happiness from good food. And this place serves the best food. Their rangoon fries are the best I've ever had. Such good food along with exquisitely amazing service. To be at this place is truly a bliss.

Elizabeth Sawhney

Nash fries and hot chicken are pretty good. The dragon fries are awesome.

Derrick A. Dabian

Best pulled pork I've ever tasted

patrick mcpeck

If your down town this is the place to eat some great food that's not so common

Patrick Haugland

One of my favorite spots downtown.

Chris Kelso

Great place. Just a little snug. But this area of town has very old architecture.

Shreyansh Singhvi

I have always seen long queues in this place, so always wanted to visit and today I got the chance. It was crowded as expected with long queues. The place looks good and have a feel of a traditional burger place. I ordered the 3 happiness burger along with dragon fries. The burger was nice, soft patty but the bread on the bottom became soggy because of the stuffing I guess. The taste was good. Dragon fries were nice and different than the usual fries. The service was fast though I waited only 5-10 mins after I ordered. Will visit again when it is less crowded to get the feel of the place and take more fotos. P.S. : i guess the place is always crowded so plan it accordingly.

Sarah Starkey

One of the best restaurants I’ve found - not only in Omaha, but overall. Eclectic and original food unlike any other! My favorites are the pulled pork roll and the duck duck goose fries. Prepare to wait for some time (it’s a busy place!), but don’t worry, it’s worth it.

Russell Prothero

Went here with brother and his girlfriend who’s from out of town. Long wait, good food. Brothers girlfriend got the vegan burrito and she wasn’t fond of it. She said it was too salty. She has been a vegan for years. Just wanted to throw that out there for everyone who is vegan.

Courtneyy Larson

Food was phenomenal. They definitely take a step above the rest when it comes to flavor. And was very pleased with choice of music. First timer but will definitely be back.

Davonte Vinson

Very busy and packed, but comes with an amazing vibe. A place where all sorts of people can go and find just about whatever you love. I ordered burrito with a ton of meat in it (steak) along with ragoon fries. Sounds weird but they were fantastic. They have all kinds of different, and new types of fries.

Nikki Marquez

Food is amazing but it's a very small establishment

Matthew Johnson

Honestly, this place was very underwhelming. After circling for 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot (no fault of this establishment), I waited in line for 30 minutes to order and then was served a burger that was practically moving (very rare). My wife's burger was the same. It had already taken 15 minutes to get served the food that we had ordered and the line was longer than when we had come in originally. I got the 3 Happiness burger which had WAY too much cream cheese on top. The dragon fries were absolutely swimming in sauce. It was like eating sauce with a soggy piece or potato underneath. Not sure if the cook on Saturday night had just given up or what, but I had heard great things about this place and was sorely disappointed. This place is just not worth the time. Dinker's and Stella's have better venues, better service, and honestly, better food. Heck, Taphouse down the street from Block 16 is better. Gimmicks don't make a burger taste good and this place is just the latest gimmick burger joint.

Teri Clark

We got grilled cheese with plain fries, Nash fries, pulled pork sandwich, and fried chicken (one regular and one spicy). I loved my grilled cheese. They use cheddar, Monterey jack, and Gouda on sourdough bread. Hands down the best grilled cheese I've ever had. Perfect cheese to bread ratio and the bread is dense and toasted so it holds up to all the cheese. The fried chicken was standard good, my husband preferred the spicy. He thought the Nash fries were "bombtastic". You could make a meal out of them! The pulled pork sandwich was good.

David Corralez

The poutine was amazing, rich and just the right amount of crispy. The block sandwich was fantastic, with a healthy portion of meat. Brioche bun was toasted perfectly. Definitely a new my lunch rotation.

Brigid McCullough

Great food & great owners!

Rick Keimig

Daily special and great fries.

Tiffany Davis

Loved the options for vegans and omnis alike! Wait is a bit long on the weekend, but totally worth it!

Claire Wilder

So good! Played 80's rap the whole time I was there which is really the ambiance I'm going for. The food was amazing I had a sandwich that was kind of sweet, but in a good way??! Anyways I would recommend

Chris S

This place slaps. Went for the chicken parm sandwich. Everything tasted amazing and the staff were quick and friendly.

Jordan Linscott

The Crab Rangoon Fries are the BEST! The setting is nice and cozy

Mike Kasworm

The place is kinda funky and has all sorts of interesting entrees centering around burgers mainly. The prices seem a little steep for what you are actually getting, but the food is cooked well and comes out pretty quickly. I had the Three Hapiness Burger which was interesting... and sort of impossible to eat. There were so many toppings and sauces that the whole bottom bun was saturated and the burger fell apart (on to my shirt) as I ate it. I love a big juicy burger, but these ones edge on needing a fork to eat... pretty sure I used about 20 napkins and still had sticky sauce all over my hands by the end. During colder days, I highly recommend sitting in the "extra room" area with the long tables as a giant blast of cold air hits you every time someone opens the door if you stay up front. The place is new and cool I guess, but it's just not that great in the end. I definitely wouldn't drive downtown just to eat there.

brian wallace

By far the best place in all of Omaha. Be prepared to make this your new favorite place.

Ken Kerrick

The burgers were very tender. I felt they were very heavy handed in the condiments so I would recommend asking for them on the side. I'm not a fan of the cafeteria model for the price point. They also need more seating.

Ameya Bhakay

I was in Omaha for business and me and a colleague stopped at this place for an early dinner. There was enough seating at 5:45 pm on Thursday evening and we went ahead to the main counter to place our order. Thanks to fellow Yelpers, there were some easy choices to be made. I went with the Pulled Pork Roll ($7.95) and my colleague ordered the Poutine Burrito ($8.95). We also ordered the Fried Chicken Thighs, 1 regular and 1 Nashville hot ($2.50 per piece) and the famous Duck Duck Goose Fries ($6.50). Our order was ready within 20-minutes and it took less than 15-minutes for us to clear out all that delicious food. If I get a chance to visit again, I definitely will do so, to try their burgers and, the duck duck goose fries! Service was excellent and noise level was moderate. Menu was priced perfectly too. This is an excellent spot and a must visit place in Omaha!

Tom Hall

Food is awesome.nice prices,friendly staff only short coming no tenderloins on menu

Matthew Beck

This place is great. The food is worth the wait. It can take a bit to get through the line and about average for the food to come out. High quality ingredients, good prices and friendly staff make this a great lunch spot. I recommend the putine burrito. It's heavy but it's well worth the food coma. All of the fries are beautiful and delicious. They have a special grilled cheese daily. I think it's daily anyway.

Andy Lee

Food was good, but it should not take 20 minutes for a hamburger.

Magie McCombs

Fantastic burgers and reasonably priced. Typically pretty packed, but well worth the wait!

Kurt S

One of the best restaurants in Omaha. Everything on the menu is good.

Linn Griffith

Love this place - it was my first time, but I will definitely be back.

Bradley Pfeifer

Delicious and fast service

Dell Richmond

One of my favorite places to eat in Omaha! Highly recommended! The burgers and fried chicken are top notch! Try it Nashville hot!

Alex Davis

Excellent waygu burger when I was in always something new

Steven White

Heard good things about this place so we tried them for lunch. We ordered the Red Dragon chicken sandwich. Overall it was good, but really sloppy to try and eat without a large stack of napkins. The chicken was good, tossed in a flavorful but not too hot sauce. The mac-n-cheese was just ok. It was a little grainy in texture. Pickles were good, and with a few more, you could have skipped the coleslaw altogether. Fries were good and plentiful. Duck duck goose fries were weird. That's all I can say about them except the meat was a bit gamey. Concept sounded cool, but dish didn't really deliver. Kind of pointless. Seating a bit of a challenge, but that's also because they were busy. Hard to judge by just one visit, but I do want try some of their other menu items. Prices were reasonable.


Amazing food is totally worth it to wait in line, but the waiting can be very long time. I had the Poutine Burrito, a little bit grease for me, I had to squeeze it out, but the flavors and ingredients were very good in the burrito. I liked their Dragon fries, the sauce poured on it was yum.

Dmitry Volodinsky

What a great place. Really enjoyed our lunch.

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