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REVIEWS OF Which Wich Superior Sandwiches IN Missouri

Shane Wilson

Jon Grothoff

Different take on sub sandwiches and it works well. Lots of options and the food is good. They have a good rewards program as well. Mildly expensive.

Kurt Isbrecht

The best sandwich's in the Saint Louis area. The large sandwich is huge. Will easily feed two people. Each sandwich is custom-built to your preferences. On The Loop so parking is limited.

Scott Brown

It’s all Good!

My burrito didn’t taste good and it was very small. Couldn’t finish it. Not worth the price. Edit: English isn’t my first language, which makes it hard to communicate at times. Im not sure what the name was. It was a green wrap, one from the bottom of the bag. Inside it had something that looked like small rice or fish eggs. I appreciate your response and I’m giving more stars for your understanding. No need to get free meal. Thank you!

Gaurav Upmanyu

Tracy Dalton

These sandwiches are the best! And the store manager (owner?) is always so kind when we come in.

Pratixa Patel

Love these place.

vignan sagar

The sandwiches tasted great, lot of selections available and the staff were nice.

Mercedes Primus

The wicked whas my favorite with three cheeses and vegetables and the ranch.

William Newsham

Rachelle White

William Meyer

Marshall Johnson

The owners seem to care more for the store than the previous owners did, it has come a long way from the last visit.

Custom Sports Collectibles

James Crane


One of our favorite sandwich shops.

Karen M

Sarah Lipinski

One of my favorite sandwich shops. You can create your own custom sandwiches or choose one of their creations. The process of ordering is easy and the staff are very helpful and nice. My favorite sandwich is the Turkeywich. There are other options too, like gyros and salads. I definitely recommend.

Don Davis

Always great sammichs

James Hill

Jamie Schwob

We have been here many times, it's my husband's and i's favorite sandwich place. Today was a rough day and my oldest (4) got hurt and we hand spent several hours in the ER. The young man that helped us was wonderful and mad my son feel really special on this long day.

Tim Jackson



Mallory Krieger

awful. too pricey for poor quality. staff is rude and unwelcoming

Joseph Murphy

Great food, but the price is high. Every so often the bread is smaller so you're paying a lot for less. Otherwise great.

Dejan Deh

Very tasty but priced a bit high.

Dave Manegre

Very friendly staff and the sandwich (the Italian) was awesome! I tried the chocolate chip cookie today and it was warm and delicious! Much better sandwich than subway.

Zach Yerkey

Dawn Marie

Love which wich. Friendly staff. Customized sandwiches. Great atmosphere.

Lance Farris

Jerrell Harvey

tzulin lo

Very creative menu and delicious sandwiches!!!

Trevor Wilson

Trish Wiser

Ariana Beck

B-SIDES Kamanschi

Have to write your order out, food is ok, but nothing special and overall not any better than the average sandwich place, definitely not a top notch sandwich shop. Would recommend Penn station as far as generic and fozzies or gramophone for a great sandwich. I will also add these are subs and salads and gyros, not really any regular sandwiches. Only 2 choices of bread. It's edible, at least better than Jimmy John's and quiznos, I think which Wich is better than those guys, but I think you may like Snarf's better. Cheers

Selena Snyder

Leslie T.

maryann kohl

Sister to the Clarkson store. Just as great with excellent staff.

Jason Matthew

They dont have the elvis sandwich anymore, it was one of my all time favorites. Please bring back the elvis! But their french dip is still really good

Vinit Patil

Good food and ok service. Cashier could be little more friendly.

Ryan Clark

Joseph Lee

Lou Asinger

Kind of a rip. Not that tasty

Kevin WIlliams

This is always a neat place to go. The food is always delicious and it is a fun atmosphere.

Sally F

There subs are worth the trip and wait also try the Green Tea they have very refreshing


Black bean veggie sandwich is superb:-)

Eric Kurtz

Superb food and the manager was very nice.

William T Holla

Antoinette Towers

Great sandwiches and friendly staff.

steve washington

Natalie Shattuck

***Read this review!!!! On 8/28 I went into the Des Peres location to order. I was over charged for my meal and asked for a partial refund. Small amount nothing crazy. Not one of the workers knew how to. I even suggested just voiding out the transaction... from my years in retail at times voiding out the charge is easier... they didn’t know how to do that either. They said they would have their manager do it when he gets back. I even asked “are you sure you don’t need me or my card to refund??” And they reassured me they did not (turns out they DO need my card to refund. Wow) That was a little concerning for me especially since I had a baby in one arm and was needing to go bring my husband lunch. They didn’t even give me a receipt!!! I had to ask for it before I left!! After lunch I was feeling a bit uneasy and didn’t feel confident my money would be returned.. I called the store and asked for a manager. Within the hour he was at the store since I had left not ONE employee even mentioned the refund to him it was the first he ever heard about it. WOW!! He took down my number, my ticket number and said he could refund me back to my card. I even reiterated, are you sure you don’t need my card number or anything?? “Nope it will just go back onto your card” okay..... almost an entire week passed and I never heard back. every time I tried to call their phones were disconnected.... I had to call the chesterfield location just to get someone to help me!! I was so so so disappointed in my experience and disturbed at how incompetent and inconsiderate the workers were towards me as a customer. I will NOT be back at this location and the staff should be retrained. And the manager needs someone above him teaching him how to handle situations like this as this was Not Taken care of !!!

Elizabeth Durbin

Excellent sandwiches and service

Danielle Aldridge

The food tasted okay, but they need to learn to read the orders while they make the sandwiches... My coworkers and i ordered sandwiches online from which wich and we had problems.. They didnt put cheese on any of our sandwiches.. They all had 1 or 2 kinds of cheeses requested. Thankfully the manager was super understanding and corrected our order when we called. He even remade the sandwiches and repeated the order back to us. Unfortunately they messed up making the sandwiches again when i looked.. 2 french dips turned into philly cheesesteaks, with onions and green peppers.. At least they had cheese this time. But 2 times in the same hour messing up our sandwiches makes us want to take a break from which wich.. May try again in the future but im pretty disappointed with my first experience with them.

Yashodhan Jogdand

OLinda Smith


I wasn't feeling too good after work one night and just wanted a sandwich so I tried Which Wich. I went in not really knowing too much and the friendly staff explained about filling out your order on the bags they have. I got an Italian sub and liked it so much I brought my daughter here. She LOVED the process of customizing her sandwich on the bags and loved her sub so much she asked to go back a second time that same week. I've had a couple of subs from there now and they are always fresh and delicious. I think the prices are a bit steep and the seating I found rather uncomfortable but the food and staff are terrific. Will be taking the kiddo back again very soon.

Jim Fieser

Left feel not hungry for my sandwich after the man at the counter called me a woman for taking my time thinking bout my vegetarian sandwich. The sandwich maker visibly rolled his eyes and sighed when he saw a custom order.

James Riley

I ate here a little while ago on the recommendation of a coworker. I thought it was a neat ordering format, there were lots of choice, and the food was good. I left thinking I would definitely go back. And then I came in today. I ordered something different, and waited for, and received my sandwich. I was eating in, so I went to grab some paper towels from one of the spindles they have. When I spun the roll of towels and ripped one off, I startled a fully mature, longer than 1 inch cockroach to come into plain view. I alerted the workers and pointed to it. It just sat there on top of the paper towel roll until the manager came out and dispatched it. That's a bold cockroach. Not a good sign. I'm sure there are cockroaches running around many places I eat, but to see a mature one like that while lots of people are milling about during the lunch rush means there are probably a LOT of them nearby. There's never just one cockroach.

Becca Francis

Always love Which Wich. Lots of options and fast service at lunchtime.

Ursula Kindt

Jill Heffernan

Leo Bay

Eric Berger

Ngan Do

Fairlight Grupe

Natalie Sucic

Steve Nackman

ariana anderson


Great food. My favorite sub sandwich place by far.

Kim Linger

Best Sandwiches Ever!!!

Taviona Evans

Nicholas O'Brien

It was good. Its a chain. Not much else to say.


A real fine sandwich. Ordered the Cuban and couldn't of asked for any thing more. A great alternative to the other sandwich shops.

David Phan

Matt Jacobs

Shanna Resler

Sherry St. Onge

Sandwich was good, staff was very friendly when I had no idea how to order!

LOLing island

Michael Burton

Excellent sandwiches.

Brandi W

Supreme Sandwich! There is no other!

Dustin Ward

Jennifer Sonnenberg

Cody Anderson

seth halter

Omg best sandwich place ever

Amber O'Toole

Best sandwhiches around!

Jennifer Vehige

Cliff Reeves

Good wiches and wonderful shakes made with real ice cream

Megan Emig

Really friendly staff and the sandwiches r delicious! Price point is really nice too

Jeff Schaeffer

Jessica Moma

Delicious! A favorite sandwich place of mine!

Jaime Woehlke

Great sandwiches with so many great choices. Delicious!

karon Johnson

I went in today and one of the employees was dozing off making my food look like he need some sleep

Jonathan Schaben

Kristopher Scott

Gisella Greulich

I love there sandwiches I love the wicked it is clean there they have fast service.

Claire Keifer

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