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REVIEWS OF Tropical World Pets IN Missouri

matt f

Great selection buy way overpriced

jordan team

Been going here for years always quality fish

Larry Akers

Tropical World really looked great

Tamrha Flower

Fish and plants are beautiful and healthy! Nice variety.

Evelyn T Henderson

Sorry to say I usually get workers name, this time I didn't but the only female worker that I saw, was very helpful, polite, and knowledgeable. Thanks great service.

Real Hypedoc

I got my leopard gecko here 2 years ago and was healthy when I first got him! Way better than a petco or pet-smart

Tyler Effinger

Great fish store, the staff helped me pick out the species of fish I want for my tank and took time to explain the basics of care and maintenance for them. Will be back next week!!

Judi Gambino

Love this place. Clean tanks and they have been in business in forever.

Tina Autry

The place to go for all things reptilian and fish. Have gotten a few snakes from them over the years with no complaints. Good place for all your aquarium needs,feeder needs etc

Mike Jones

Great local fish store. Knowledgeable employees, decent variety and prices.

Rabar Sabir

Honest well rounded employees giving legit advice great example of a local business

james harrison

Great selection of fresh water fish and one of my favorite stores

Gary Champa

Mark and Chuck are good friends.

Dustin Praechter

Love this place. Been going there for a very very long time. Always been treated right and I always leave knowing more about fish everytime I go.

Tyler Stout

Helped me out from top to bottom

Semo Farmgirl

Store was dingy, tanks were dirty, black hair algae on everything, gravel obviously hasn't been cleaned, dead fish,plants and snails all over. Then employee complains they can't compete with chain stores and internet? Really? CLEAN THE STORE, you'd have more business.

Tim Robertson

Good fish stores are hard to come by. Staff helpful.

Mark Hamblen

They grow and sale Java moss. The owner and staff are helpful.

Dustalynn Durbin

Neat little place. Cool fish! And clean

Robert Davlin

I called before I came over as it was about a 25 minute drive, I asked if they had what I was looking for in stock (red cherry shrimp) and how much it was and then if they had any other colors which they did. The guy was very helpful and friendly. The building is a pretty good size and they had all kinds of fish and supplies and some reptiles like snakes and a chameleon.

Flying Filipino

I bought a millipede there for my 5 year old daughter and was sent home with the instructions “these guys are pretty sturdy, just put some dirt and rotten wood in there and it should live ten years” which I followed to a T. It died three days later from starvation. Turns out after a google search it needed an edible substrate, a heat lamp, specific leaves, rotten wood with moss on it AND a much bigger enclosure. Now I’m left explaining to my daughter why her pet died. These guys might be experts at fish but not millipedes. I will try to get a refund today and update.

Summer Shelton

Good selection and friendly staff

Samantha Denny

Helpful staff, good service, relatively fair prices, and a good selection of fish not commonly found in other places around St. Louis combine to make Tropical World Pets a solid local source for tropical fish and supplies. When I stopped by today and asked to buy a firemouth cichlid, they told me that fish in that tank were currently being treated (this is a common practice, although the fish in the tank appeared healthy, they had been recently acquired, and were being treated as a preventative measure). I appreciated the honesty, that they would rather let me know even though it meant they missed out on a sale. I go there often and I will go again.

Catherine Benns

Staff not very helpful or knowledgeable. Disappeared completely at one point.

Nico Guides

One of my favorite places to visit for freshwater fish. The quality of the products are spectacular, and knowledgable employees are always willing to help. If I had one complaint, it would be the prices, but of course small businesses can't always compete with big box retailers.

John Kramer

John and Chuck have hired on some of the most knowledgeable employees and very attentive employees awesome place to go one of the only fish stores I will ever go to any more keep it up Chuck and John you're doing an awesome job I've enjoyed my 35 + years of coming to your store

Adam Wilcox

Store is going down hill! Especially the customer service from the younger employee with glasses good luck with him.. Very short with you and doesn't care about a customer being happy...Overpriced Items. Cheaper at other local pet stores but didn't have even 10 extra minutes this day or I would have bought somewhere else..would not honor price and was just very short.

Daniel Singh

Good place but dont ask for a deal you won't get one

Adam Erxleben

Awesome place! Very knowledgeable!

Achna Florey

I really like this store. Though, they have a ton of fish options, the fish are pretty expensive. They are better cared for then the generic fish store so i guess it makes it more worth it but from where I live it is a long drive. There is a lot of variety for aqaurium decorations and their costumer service is good too.

Party Crasher /LaWanda

If your looking for a place to purchase tropical fish or fresh water fish go check them out.pd make sure they give you a receipt.

Earlene Hill

They have everything love going in there

Erin Morie

Great and helpful people with a wide variety of fish

Katie Spies

I go here about once a week to buy crickets for my bearded dragon. The crickets are cheaper and the staff more knowledgeable than at other pet stores. I love looking at all of the beautiful creatures there!

Kelly White

Best Hometown Pet Store Around!!!

Angela Stringer

Love this place, definitely a place you want to go for quality fish vs. chain stores

Snow Stroud

Very helpful great customer service

Connor B

Fish pretty and gud fish selection

Shawn Hall

Great options and lots of fish. Staff was very helpful.

Jarita Haynes

The smell inside is unbearable. But my nieces still walked out with 4 Beta fish.

Pam Mintner

great place for fish workers could be more friendly though especially when you are spending alot of money. seems like they dont care.

Ashton Jakcsy

Great selection, knowledgeable staff.


My regular pet supply store great staff great stock

Heather Renee

They do have alot of fish. But nothing spectacular. And they didnt have any of the ones I wanted or that they said they were known for on the website. Waist of my time. Have some really pretty snakes though. Just make sure you call first.

Alyssa Carr

Love this place. Ive been going sense i was a kid, very knowledgeable staff and welcoming environment!


Amazing selection of exotic fish and reptiles. Love coming here.

Parker Nelson

Very knowledgeable of things reptile related

Kota Lane

Great place. All of the workers know their stuff. Bought a crested gecko from them about a year ago now. He is healthy and happy as can be. I also get my snake feeders here. They let me go back and pick the size which was very helpful.

Teresa Bice

Large selection of reptile and fish supplys. Staff very helpful. Great low prices!


Great store helpful and they know a lot

Carrie Nagy

I came here for a fish tank setup for my classroom. The owner helped me to select a tank and supplies. They did a great job of answering all my questions and were kind and patient! Very helpful and knowledgeable!

Coop Coop

Need more tanks to choose from. But great place.

John & Kristi Head

Despite the photos on this listing this shop no longer sells saltwater fish or corals

Brice Smith

Good spot for freshwater fish.

Shawn Bellman

Love this place, we have gone here for years, probably over a decade. Excellent selection and often great music playing too. Bonus!

Andrea Lyn

Ok, A little pricy.

The Bourbon Tasting Brothers

Very knowledgeable staff and very helpful. A lot of fresh water fish I don't think they sale saltwater fish anymore. Not a 100 percent sure.

Jessie Req

Walked in asked a question to the young man behind the counter, he couldn't be bothered to get off of his phone while he answerd my question. He stared at his phone the whole time while talking to me. Once we had spent 20 minutes walking around picking out fish he told me not to buy fish without them testing our water, and then told us that all of their fish tanks with a white x on them (almost all of them) are being treated and cant be sold. Im glad they didnt sell us sick fish, but when we came in it would have been nice of them to tell us which tanks were sick so we didnt waste our time picking out fish that we couldnt buy anyway. Their prices are also alot higher than other retail chains that carry the same fish, similar sizes for about 33% less than what they sell them for.

PJ Stack

Have “buy-one,get one free” coupons on back of local grocery receipts ! Great deal!❤️

Matt Day

Good costumer service and a great selection on fish and supplies.

Adam Andruska

Great store, I always enjoy looking around to see what new fish are in. Tropical world pets has best selection of freshwater fish in St Louis hands down, many species you don't find elsewhere like geophagus and vieja cichlids. I enjoy American cichlids and this is what sets Tropical World apart from other stores.

Shawn Garland

Helpfully and friendly, rather five them money than big box store

Kyle Pitman

These guys are great. They are extremely knowledgeable. If you have fish and you're not going here you're probably doing it wrong.

Matt Collins

In my opinion, the Best pet stores around for quality fish, reptiles and more. It's so fun to walk in there and just look around. Staff is always friendly, helpful and knows their stuff. It has been a landmark in the community for so many years and is a great local business. Check them out and if you find my review helpful please give it a thumbs up.

Will Worland

Great service and selection!

Nyki Yi

Staff is knowledgeable and is a good place for fish as well as exotics.

Andrew N

Good place to buy fish

Bob Neaf

Good selection of decorations.

Mark Swain

Pricey but good selection

nathan jackson

Good local place that sells fish and reptiles. The staff is friendly and helpful. They sell aquariums and accessories at reasonable prices, much better to see this stuff in person and set up than so a big box stores or online for it. They also have a huge selection of fish. I have been happy with every purchase I've made there.

Margaret Brandenburg

Great fish supplies

Robbie Asbridge

They are very helpful. They stop what they are doing to make sure you get what you are looking for.

jeff byrne

Friendly knowledge staff, large selection of Chiclids

Rita Holt

Never been here. Turned around on lot

Lindsay Martin

Great store just little on pricey side

David in STL

Second favorite Pet Store in the STL Region!

zero sum

They have the best American cichlid selection in town. Lots of interesting tropical fish and critters to look at

Lola Grobe

Very dirty no customer service at all. Prices were terribly high.

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