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REVIEWS OF PetsWay IN Missouri


Good selection of food, toys, treats, etc for cats & dogs. Also have good decor, pumps, heaters, etc for setting up an aquarium or terrarium... along with well marked aquariums full of various fish, snails, & plant life. Will definitely continue to shop there or the other Petsway location across from the mall.

Liz A

Fabulous staff, great selection, favourite Petsway in town!!

David Simmons

Very nice pet store. They always have feeders for our snake.

Brian Pollard

I love petsway.. Helped me and Rozey out so much..

Sara Blanchfield

Friendly and knowledgeable employees but twice I have been and they were closed during open hours.

Amber Marshall

I love coming here. The guy I always see has a parrot on his shoulder and he is super nice. He even made my toddler smile. Nicest workers for sure.

Susan England

Clean, attractive store. Popular brands are well stocked and all of the employees are happy to help with questions. The groomer/grooming dept. is superb, can truly make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear".

Chase Sullins

Employees are very nice and helpful here. All animals in here are very nice and taken care of, and if you need anything I guarantee you these people have it, unless a disaster has happened.

Mark Angel

Always nice and friendly

Leonard Burk

Always extremely helpful and willing to answer your questions that you have regarding products.

Dad of four

Decent service,but not very informative

Kevin Welschmeyer

Very reasonable prices

Kim K.

Went to one on battlefield.. Nice and clean and had everything i needed.. The one on kearney st is dirty, dog food bags are dusty and didnt have what we needed week after week.. I live almost willard and prefer to drive to battlefield store..

Christina R

Great product friendly service

Klint Willis

Knowledgeable and friendly.

Tinker Bell

Love the knowledgeable people there

Vegas Dolan

They almost always have plenty of stock of the food I need for my cats and when they don't, they order it in quickly. The employees are extremely helpful and always make sure I get the best price on everything I pick up.

Les Butterfield

It is so easy to find what you need the store is very organized

Hannah McGauley

We live petsway

Lisa Bower

Had quality aquatics

Kacey B

We visit the Battlefield Rd location. Alec, Nathan, and Zack are the most helpful associates! They are always super friendly and knowledgable about all the pets and products. We can always count on these three! They are the main reason we come to petsway for our pets needs. There are lots of stores but these guys help petsway keep our business. Thanks Guys!!

Naomi Saturley

Great staff. Very helpful and educated about the dog food. If you want to know what your dogs are consuming they are a great source to start with.

Brittanie Campbell

Nathan at the battlefield store always is a great person to talk too and always helps me with anything I need.

Jerica D.

This store should be ashamed of themselves. They have absolutely horrible customer service and extremely disrespectful management. I'll never visit this location again which is totally cruddy since I live so close and my two dogs loved visiting this store. Not after my recent experience! Never again! Run spf residents!!! Seriously.

Myka Watz

Great employees here, always so nice to me and my dog.

Courtney Driver

I usually buy my dogs' food here instead of going to larger stores and they're always very friendly and kind. I went in tonight needing a certain medication for my dog but not really sure what exactly I was looking for. The associate, I believe the name was Kodi, was extremely helpful with making sure I chose the right product and was attentive the whole time I was shopping. I left in a better mood than when I walked in!

Lee Spears

Painfully slow

Georgia Moses

Helpful employees

Dan Thompson

I hate leaving bad reviews but I've gone there the last six times and they have gave me way less every single time. Love the company but when you charge by the cricket and you have 20 to 40 less than you ordered. It really adds up.

Dwayne Campbell

Great customer service

Candace Kovacs

Great shop for getting all kinds of pet supplies. I was able to get everything for my dogs, cat, and even my bearded dragon. Great selection of live bait. Decent selection of live pets.

William Treece

Always find what I need there. Friendly and helpful staff.

amanda davis

Called ahead about an item. Really appreciated Kodi for taking the time to look up item to make sure it was in stock before I made the drive over.

daughter Michelle

They're great at making sure I get what I need. Love this place!

Justin Morris

Nate was very helpful. I had a bag of Eukanuba that wasn’t ringing up correctly for some reason. He got everything adjusted and had a good attitude. Appreciate the good service!

Karey Austin

Friendly helpful staff. Great prices. Healthy animals!

Kim Young

People are very helpful

Kat Brandon

Not the best pet store in town but has a great adoption Day. Also have good aquarium supplies and fish are better than others in town. I like the Day they call "Caterday" they do chips for $20, I think. They have a clinic too for people that can't afford. There pet supplies are a bit expensive unless they're in the online ad. Hug your furbabies Today

mark lyman

I went to pick up mice for my snakes the guys there gave me some great advice.2

Kristen Brooke

I love coming here all the staff are amazing and always very helpful.

Allyssa sushi

The staff is friendly and helpful.

Peggy Brother

Always have what I need

Jade Courtade

The facility was not the best condition and did not seemed to be cleaned frequently. Items were also typically priced high. The staff was very friendly and helpful which was a nice factor

C Hop

Wow super friendly employees. I just went in for one tiny little item but the employees (all 3) went above and beyond with customer service. I didn’t catch the other guys names but Perry was supberb. He was knowledgeable and super friendly! I love great customer service!!

Linda Moore

Ample selection of pet items and a friendly helpful staff.

Jake Pfeiffer

Just wanted to take the time to talk about how amazing this Petsway location is. The staff is always so helpful every time I am there. I have a variety of pets, and Perry always takes the time to assist me and ensure I am taking care of them properly. He is also a great help if you have fish. My tank was struggling for the longest time with high ammonia, fish dying, etc. He spent countless time brainstorming ways to fix the tank, and thanks to him I now have a thriving tank with healthy fish! The staff is also great at trying to assist everyone, even people who are tough to please. They other day I witnessed someone walk up to the counter, immediately confrontational about a dog harness or something. Perry and Bryce remained calm even as the person was cussing and yelling at them. Everyone at this Petsway always does an amazing job and deserve to be recognized! Thanks to Perry and his amazing service, me and my pets are customers for life!

Jody Langstraat

You're not satisfied with your purchase you may return it without any judgment


The staff seemed sort of standoffish. It just didn't seem very friendly.

Lea Allen

Great parking easy to get in and out it had everything that I was looking for

Julie McQueen

Did not have a diy dog shampoo center.

Debra Parks

Friendly people good products and prices !!

Ralphie Saeed

We did not make a purchase during this visit. The party was greeted upon entry and the conversations overheard where family friendly.

Laura Worden

Our favorite pet store! We’ve had multiple questions about the care of our geckos. Nathan & other sales associates have been very knowledgeable and helpful and take time to help answer all of our questions. Thank you Petsway for your FIVE STAR service!

Tyler Bates

I am a former employee and I've got to say that working here has made it very difficult to find another job that is so amazing! My coworkers were all very caring and knowledgable of the animals and just great to work with. If you are ever looking for a fun, rewarding job where you can help people with their pets and a great work environment I would definitely recommend this company!

l Phillips

Good selection of pet food. Service had improved over the years.

Ian Heimburg

always happy to see the folks inside, good prices and always more than I need to find!

zx6r diva

Every thing u might need for ur pets can be found here. All pets are welcome

Storm Elite Athletics

Great service as usual. I always enjoy seeing the animals and always leave coming out with more than I had planned on coming for because they have too many things my pets needs!

Dean Cunningham

Great knowledgeable staff. Good selection of products. Normally swing by this location when on my way home from work if I have to pick something up.

theresa toole

Very friendly and helpful at this location!! Do not go to the Kansas expressway and Kearny location.

Marcy's Songs

This store is close to my home when I feel like quickly grabbing my pups a toy. Added bonus that the staff is always nice and shows interest in my dog. I also use the groomer Jamie for our large dog and she is wonderful. She is sweet to my dog and our dog always looks great afterwards. Blessed to have a great groomer who lives so close otherwise myself, my husband, my dog AND our entire bathroom would be a wet soapy mess.

Jennifer Snider

Great location


Extremely overpriced and they don't have a good selection of treats.

Zoe Jane

Lot better store than the others friendly staff. Helped me out quickly and they know more on sex on snakes than any other in town.

James Scrivner

I do not have a pet

Jennifer Hurd

Always a good selection but hardly ever have crickets


Looks like a dollar store, priced like an upscale store. I can't see how they stay in business.

laurneà Jarman

The staff are always extremely helpful

Jessica Evans

Friendly and usually has what I need.

Dave Dorey

We like supporting local businesses and enjoy the selection and staff here.

Ozark Mountain Outdoor Adventures

This was my first visit to the location. We drove 50 miles to purchase a Bearded Dragon for my daughters 11th birthday. We were NOT disappointed! Huge selection and great service. It was a Saturday, so plenty of smiling faces with families having a good time. I would definitely recommend checking them out and I will return next time we're in Springfield doing some shopping..

Corey Garoutte

Store could be cleaner but great Customer Service

Vernon Ellerman

Excellent service

Steve Thompson

Lots of pet stuff. All i can say.

John Thomson

Did not go to a pet store. If I did of gone there, I could got a book of my pet gave me an infectious disease.

Courtney Owens

Knowledgeable people decwnt prices lots of variety

Rachel Files

The fish tanks have dirty water in them. The fish were constipated, looked sluggish, or both. And there were dead fish floating around. I knew I should have gone somewhere else, but my heart just wanted to save a few of these fish and give them a better life. They charged me for a fish that I didn’t buy, so I had to go back in to get it taken off. When I was checking out I asked what their policy was if any of the fish died. The clerk said if they die in the first two weeks I could get replacement or refund. ALL BUT ONE of my precious new fish died in the first four/five days. My water was perfect, I tested it before I put any fish in, after the first died, after two more died, and right before I went back to Petsway. I brought a water sample and my receipt in. At first the store manager said in order to get a refund I needed a sample(the clerk checking me out said nothing about this), but thankfully I had one. When it came back perfect the manager then said I needed the dead fish to get a refund. Neither the first clerk nor this manager told me anything about bringing back the dead fish, until they couldn’t blame it on my water quality. After some debate, in which I explained I had not been informed of that policy even after I directly asked the clerk, I left furious and with no refund for the almost $40 of fish I lost. I will never go back there. I tried to save those fish, but it was too late for them. I will never go back to Petsway again.

Brendon Fox

They nice

EHWC Pastor

Service was friendly and prompt. Only negative was the pet odor- better ventilation and cleaner smell needed.

Natalee Bilyeu -Smith

We were shown different animals. They even made phone calls for us to the other stores in town.

Koal Trayne

Great service, and great selection!!

Christina Buske

Very friendly and personable!

Justin Pappenfort

Came here for an adoption event through rescue one. Was my first time coming into this store and won’t be my last. Staff was very friendly and the fact that they care about the no kill shelters in town means a lot to me! Thanks.

Alexander Ditty

Great staff friendly and knowledgeable!

Glenn Horack

Helpful staff. best selection in town for pet food.

kyle sawyer

The Petsway Location I normally visit was out of a certain item so they recommended I come to this location to pick up the item. It is not nearly as nice. The front area around the registers is very cluttered and many of the fish were dead or dying. The employees were helpful and friendly, maybe they just aren't as passionate or caring about the hobby of fishkeeping as I would expect.

Long DickinIt

Kolby helped me. He did a great job. However it be nice to see a wider variety of pets available.


We have been shopping at this location for many years. They always have a great selection of fish and a huge selection of quality high grade dog food.

Alexiss SheWolf

As a former Petsway employee I was amazed to see an incredible crew and an even better MANAGER! He was incredibly informative and helped my mother with her doggos. He listened to her concerns about different foods and helped her find the right food. He read the ingredients and my mom said "I would even that". He also was educated on foods that were on recall! Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! He got my in store complement but now he's getting my Google complement as well! Thanks a million!

Melissa Caffey

My dog and I love to come in for a visit. Staff is always very nice. Happiny loves to shop and has to look at everything. She also has to look at all the animals too. She, particularly, the birds, as she grew up with birds.

Tara Walton

They have the cleanest store and best looking cages-birds, rabbits, and ferrets, a huge aquarium section, and everything you need for your furry baby. I love that I've seen them postpone sales on rabbits for Easter and will take care of the occasional surprise babies. Overall a wonderful store.

Sarah M

This is a two part review, one person deserves 5 star and one deserves 1 star, thus the three star total. I work close to the Petsway on Battlefield and stop by on my way to or from work because of the proximity. There are two young men that work there (Alex and Nate?) that are excellent employees for their ages. They are positive, hard working, and knowledgeable. I would scoop either of them up to work where I work, but you can tell they love animals too much! Now for the good and bad part leading to this review. I was in there about a week and a half ago and the tall employee (Nate?) was waiting on people a doing a phenomenal job. Now somewhere along the way, the people he was helping dropped a mouse or it comes...the manager, who is usually out smoking, came over and completely embarrassed this young man in front of every customer in the store....over a couple of dollar mouse/rat that could possibly be re-caught??? Let me tell you a two dollar mouse/rat is not worth losing that customer and any other that overheard her. I know one family won't be back because I heard them say it. That lost revenue alone could be hundreds of dollars. As for me, I will continue to come as long as I still work close. Closing remark to the tall employee I think is Nate. You are an excellent employee and you recovered wonderfully in the situation you should have never been in by your boss, keeping your customer in mind the whole time. You will go far!

Madison Stewart

Wonderful service

Rachel S.

Always nice and helpful!! Only petstore we go to in Springfield!


Staff was very helpful with all of my questions.

Nikki Sullins

Employees are very friendly and are able to give you answers to all of your questions. If they can't they find someone who can, they don't just make up stuff. Great experience at this location!

Random Person

Took too long to get a plant so I just left and it was pretty understocked in the fish stuff. Very little staff too. Animals looked healthy which is what matters most to me.

Jeremy Holmes

Great staff

Kenneth Webb

Plenty of stores in this area if they don't have it they'll call a different store for you fair prices they help you find what you need

Dannie Pogue

Great selection

Robert Gallegos

The people there are awesome! I love the selection & reasonable prices!

Angel Labrie

I didn't go in. My daughter was in there

Diana Tyndall

We recently got a new puppy and this is our place to get the best dog food for her! They have helpful staff to answer lots of our questions. We also have two cats and have started buying our food for them here too. They have a nice rewards program too! Love Petsway and you should too!

Elizabeth Asher

This is not my favorite Petsway. Going there for aquatic things, the tanks were overcrowded, the fish had diseases, and the plants had snails on them. Even the shrimp tank was severely overcrowded. One of the rabbits they had for sale was missing an ear and had cuts all over her. The staff was hard to find to get ahold of so we had to track everything down ourself. Once at checkout, it took about 10 minutes for the staff to even get to us, though there was no one there. I do not like this Petsway. I recommend the one on Glenstone. The Petsway on Glenstone had helpful staff, healthy animals, and not crowded fish tanks. The people that work there know what they are talking about and see super friendly and helpful.

Sue Ball

Great place to buy anything for your pets. Friendly and helpful!

Ryan Cummins

Clean store, decent prices, it also smelled better than all the others which was great


Great place very friendly and helpful.

Storm Heflin

I go here on a regular basis to get supplies for my cats and ferrets. The staff is always friendly; the prices are fair when compared to larger corporations; and they take care of the animals which they all seem to care about. The only thing negative which comes to mind is that the store is a bit on the dirty side. The floors, walls, shelves, and even the critter enclosures could all use a face lift. But I'm not holding that against the store, as it's expensive to commit to such an operation. Thank you for being a great Way to get supplies for Pets. (See what I did there?)

Katie Bruce

I had such a horrible experience tonight at this location, never will I ever shop here again! The manger Perry was very very rude! First of all I came in to exchange the upine harness which the employee gave us the wrong size. The employee Bryce never asked for our loyalty number or asked us what size he just guessed and gave us a smaller size then we brought in. If he would have looked up my number he would have seen that I've always bought a 20" 30" but no he was very uncaring. so as soon as we got home I realized it wasnt going to fit my dog and instantly went back to get the right size and that is when I asked to speak with the manager Perry. I explained to him that his employee made a mistake and that I needed the original size that I brought in to exchanged. He told me there was nothing he could do unless I paid the difference for the bigger size. I explained to him the returned policy which you would think a manger should know but apparently he did not because the return policy is that I leave the store with the exact size I brought in. I even called 2 different locations to make sure that was correct. Perry still wouldn't do anything for us nor explain why he just kept saying it would "mess up there system"and that he "couldn't do anything about it". His words "once you walk out of the store we cannot do anything about a past exchange" can anyone else explain to me why I got kicked out with the wrong size and no money back?? I'm very confused how is that correct I brought in a size 20" 30" and received a size 15" 21" which is also $3 cheaper so in that case I should have got the right size or at least money hack since I was receiving a smaller size. Perry wouldn't do a damn thing for me. I'm calling corporate tomorrow and I won't let his go. He treated me so poorly he deserves to be fired!! And I've told all my friends and family we won't ever be shopping here again! Thanks to Perry you've lost at least 8 customers but I will for sure keep spreading the word! And I advise everyone to shop at a different location this one is horrible!

Tammie Stacye

A little pricey but the staff is always so helpful and friendly. And I can always find what I'm looking for.

Rachel Johnson

Very friendly staff, always have what I need convenient as on my way home.

Shane Tucker

Great shop! I always have great customer service and always have what I need. Employees are very knowledgeable and help me with any questions I may have.

Val Holek

The staff here is very friendly and super helpful!

bat jitsu

Great customer service. Just a lot more expensive then other competitors l.

Travis Smith

Great place. I always come here for all my pet's stuff.

Tessa Eldridge

I always come here for my cats pill pockets!

Brenda Treece

Always friendly and helpful! And Jamie the Groomer is awesome with every dog (or cat) you bring in. I volunteer with Rescue One - Jamie grooms most of our dogs as they come in. The employees of this location always make us feel comfortable and welcome when we come out for adoption events!

Dylan Johnson

Great customer service just to say the least. I have shopped here for years. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help with any questions weather it be about products, general info or just simple conversation. They now have a new guy that takes care of the fish and the orders of the fish, dude is spot on. It was a great move to hire him. Having a redtail boa and a python I'm always in there. Great place to spend money and to take your business to. Thanks guys.

Shawn Michael Kirkbride

We appreciate this place as it is one of the few places in town that we can buy food for our snake. The staff, well mostly friendly, is fairly inattentive at times and you have to wait to get help this can be aggravating. However they do have a good stock of important pet supplies that you can't get at some mainstream stores like PetSmart. Located in a convenient spot that's accessible from all the major traffic ways

Melanie Sigloch

The staff was soooooo helpful. Bought a hampster and had no idea what we were doing but they made sure we had everything we needed and answered my endless questions very patiently. Thank you!!

Lindsay Firth

We buy from here often and I believed this store to be very good (for a chain store). But recently I've noticed a decline in animal care, specifically for one conure who was actively plucking. The bar spacing on his cage was WAY too large and he was able to nearly jiggle out! A bird shouldn't even be able to fit their head out, it's extremely dangerous! As shown in the picture, he's able to get nearly out, the only thing stopping him is his keel bone. This shop clearly doesn't understand the proper care for such a small species of parrot and doesn't look into it, even though this bird began plucking because of this. Those deep black bars across his shoulder feathers are called stress bars, which is pretty self-explanatory. I do not believe any of the birds should be on the ground-level cages, it's simply too stressful for them. The ground-floor cage combined with the awful bar spacing are clearly stressing him out and he is very obviously omitting these clear signs. If the shop manager is reading this, please change the bar spacing on this poor guy's cage, he's suffering because his skin itches from rubbing against the bars, which is why he plucks, and he is stressed out from being on the bottom. Not going to be buying from here unless it is fixed, simply don't want to support the ignorant care of this poor black capped conure.

Susan K Weaver

I can find the best dog food and toys for my dog Zoey at Petsway.

Valarie Helms

Very helpful and courteous staff! Always a pleasant experience!

Emma Shivler

I volunteer with Rescue One, and this is one of my favorite stores for adoption events because the staff is always so welcoming and friendly with us and the rescue dogs! Jamie the groomer is awesome and takes great care of all of our pets' grooming needs, and also takes great care of all the other animals who pass through her care!

Mark G

Very customer oriented with a great selection of a varitiy of products

Christina Halstead

Very helpful the employees made sure that we were satisfied with the engraved tag they custom make and just about 5 minutes it turned out wonderful they even had some good things on clearance it's nice to be able to buy your spoiled furry family member a few different treats instead of having to buy a whole bag you can choose different kind of traits and one of each kind if you want staff again and was very helpful and did a great job on the engraved tag for are cats colar.

Pam Beck

I love wandering around Petsway and finding all of my pets needs/wants. I am a volunteer for a local animal rescue, and there are many dogs in and out of my house during the foster to adopt process. Petsway is wonderful in partnering with the local rescues, allowing adoption events, and collecting donated goods for the rescued animals. Jamie has groomed my foster dogs, as well as my own dogs. She does a phenomenal job, and treats them all like pampered pets. The only small complaint about this particular store is that more space is needed to organize inventory. Thank you, Petsway, for providing all of my pet needs in one spot!

Christina Baum

Friendly and helpful staff

Elexsis Gregory

Super friendly staff. They always have the products I need for my pets.

Marisa Wake

Friendly staff and large selection at great prices!

Ellen Graham

The animals are so cute .Just wish they were closer to Joplin

Jake Martin

It's a pet store... And has a good selection of local foods, so that's tops in my book.

gym Lane

Cause my pet likes it here

Nick Neumann

Staff is always kind pets and animals housed there waiting to he bought and or adopted seem to be treated better than petsmart

Lori Fox

My workers are very friendly there, and helpful. Prices are good also.

Josh Needham

Would really like to buy fish from here. But literally 75 percent of the fish are sick from ick. I went in today and your rainbow sharks are COVERED IN ICH!!! your mollies have ICH, please take better care of your aquariums. I will come back to see if anything has been done about this. Dissapointed pets way!

Lori Suchey

Pricey, and don't carry basic foods like benefil for lower income people

Jacob Walden

I don't know the name of the guy who helped me but he was fantastic, he answered all my questions and helped me find everything I needed. Would recommend!

Nathan Todd

Decent prices and service. A great local pet store.

Kayla Ritzendollar

My favorite location in Springfield! The staff is so helpful and knowledgable.

Leia Julsgard

The staff was super knowledgeable and truly cares

Eileen Perry

Very friendly staff, always willing to listen and help whether I'm buying food or fish!

Trent Condellone

Mediocre pet store.

LeeAnn Tran

Great staff. Friendly and knowledgeable. Some of their employees really care about the animals and it shows.

Maggie Wise

I stop here once i. A while & bought a few things. Some are too high.

Kristan Martin

I love the W Battlefield store because of the employees. Whenever I have questions (and I usually do) someone is always willing to walk around the store explaining my options. The groomer, Jamie Chance, is nothing short of a miracle worker. My dog despises bathtime and fights it tooth and nail, but Jamie gets the job done. My dog had a skin infection last summer, and we saw more improvement from the Tar & Sulphur bath that Jamie recommended than the pills the vet gave us. Keep up the good work, and I'll see you all soon.

Jennie Scofield

Very friendly and helpful staff with a large variety of items.

Lora Hunt

Well, I never had a bad experience here, until tonite. I went in and spent almost $200 on flea and tick meds, and the cashier was nice enough and helped me find what I usually get. Then after I left I received a very threatening text message from somebody stating they were ready to fight me and my family and had the staff of this petsway to back them up.... WHOA!!!!!!! I called the store to let the manager know.... Not sure who these employees are, all I was doing was buying flea meds. So unprofessional, young kids don't quite realize what harm they do to SOMEONE ELSES business, just because they are an employee. So be careful if u go in here, u might get threatened also

Siryukicutie_ fan

This is what you get from pets way

Sue Noel

It is an excellent pet place to go to. They carry signature dog food which my dog loves he will not eat anything else. Petco will not carry that and neither does Walmart. And it's a great price

Brooklyn Warden

Great people. Always willing to help me and seem to know what they are talking about. I personally have many exotic pets and it's sometimes hard to get things I need, but they always have something. If I don't find what I need I can ask to see when they will get something or where another location is that I can find the item at. Only reason this is 4 and not 5 is because mice I buy from here tend to go bad quick, but that could just be my freezer or packaging.

Zen Lee

Polite and friendly staff. But it takes a while to get help with buying fishes.

Jared Beall

Good place to visit

Mr. Jones

I just came out of the store they had some beautiful peacock cichlids but they all had ick I wish I could have got some pictures poor fish

gilbert travis

Great store but a bit pricey

Manda Juliette

Horrible Customer Service. We stood there waiting for someone to acknowledge us, no one greeted us when we walked in, and they helped others in the same area as us who came in after us, and completely ignored us. No one seemed to want to do there jobs and help there customers. In most stores, obviously not this one, you make your self available to your customers and ask them if they need anything. I give them one star cause it won't let me give a zero.

carly biggs

We love petsway! They have the best prices in town on Freshpet! We for the cutest Christmas sweaters there.

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