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REVIEWS OF Marine Solutions IN Missouri

Tracy Owens

Justin Rockwell

Nice selection price could be lower

Eric West

Stephen Musial

HORRIBLE service. Bought a number of corals and the worker was fairly useless as he was more interested BSing with some friend who stopped in to talk. I also asked to buy some established sand to seed my tank and he disappeared and came back 5 minutes later with a bag of sand. When I got home and looked at it, it had a horseshoe crab, gorilla crab, some aiptasia, and other nasty stuff in it. Awesome prank dude! You lost a customer for life and I tell anyone who asks about your store. Will NEVER shop there again.

Spiffyguy Adventures

Jim Parsons

Nice place

Suzanne Johnson

Bruce Bell

Jenny Roach

Helpful and friendly. Nice variety.

Ed Twente

Good selection of saltwater animals, aquariums and associated equipment. They helped me get started and have given a lot of options point advice.

Michelle Martens

I had a great experience. I just started a 10 gal freshwater tank for my 3 yr old son. I have been going to Petco several times to have them check my water because my fish kept dying my frog had some white slime on it. I have been so frustrated I finally came here to have them test my water . Petco told me Everytime my water is fine nothing wrong with it they didn't know why my fish were dying. Tonight when I came here and found out what was wrong with my water and why everything was dying in my tank. The owner was great!! Really knew what he was talking about and gave me a lot of information that I didn't know before!!! I wish I could afford a saltwater tank because I would definitely come here to buy everything. But until then I will come back for any of my fresh water tank questions :) thanks for all your help!!

Mike Stief

Darryel Beard

Excellent saltwater fish store!!!

Graham Tait

I visited this place recently and before I get to the bad let's start with the good: this is a cool place that is obviously a reefers local go to place. Many options in marine fish but somewhat lacking on accessories like skimmers and substrate. The bad was that I walked in and there and a couple was getting help by the only guy working there (possibly owner or general manager as I overheard him talking to the couple and he seemed very knowledgable). They needed a couple things from him so I waited patiently for about 15 minutes no problem. Meanwhile he never greeted me or told me he would be right with me while walking by me many times. While he was helping the couple and I was waiting, another couple walked in that were obvious regulars as he knew them by name. He then proceeded to help them after the other couple was done, skipping me and again not acknowledging me the whole time for a total of 30 minutes in the store. I was about to drop about $1,000 or so for some equipment for a new setup but never got greeted or helped. This place is cool to visit but the guy running the place obviously plays favorites and/or is completely oblivious as to who walked into his store in order. I would much rather support local businesses but looks like online is going to be my go to. After my experience there, it left me with a very sour taste for the establishment.

matthew voes

Lots of knowledge,can be sought here, for those with aquatic Passions.

DS Ramsey

What a great place to see some beautiful coral/fish. Very friendly, patient and helpful!

Chris Lemery

best fish shop around! they have a huge selection of fish and their staff is very friendly and professional.I was also impressed with their prices. I will definitely be shopping here from now on for all of my fish tank needs!

Happiness is a Reef Tank

They are a bit "pricey" but have healthy and great coral and fish selection.

Kirk Willmann

James Foster

Awesome people, great selection of fish, corals, and anything else you want for a saltwater aquarium. The staff is extremely helpful no matter if you are new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran

Daniel Sheets

Best saltwater store around. The owner is the most knowledgeable of all the fish people we have dealt with. He breaks everything down so anyone can understand it. He will only sell you what you need, not more. He will take as much time as is needed with you. Plus they keep a large variety of different marine animals and they are still adding more tanks. We have had no problems with our fish from here, do not believe the negative reviews, corals and more is trying to run a smear campaign against marine solutions, which is a very unethical business strategy to me, and makes them seem very untrustworthy to me. If you have to tear someone else down to try to build yourself up, that's a clear indication of a problem.

William Welch

Very helpful staff!

Schuy Okraj-Stuckey

Very helpful and informative.

Lynne Berry

Fun, Friendly, Informative Atmosphere.

Bill Rice

Eric Hatch

Fantastic salt water supplies and fish selection. They have many reef tanks that were neat to walk through. I had a great time at this store.

daddy GTAL

Helpful advice and equipped.

Odile Vollmar

You guys were great made me feel like I can do a salt tank .I will be back .

Kadie Crivello

Always nice to check out what they have. Lots of varieties and prices are okay especially with their flash sales.

Dan Arnold

Excellent service and extremely knowledgeable. I'm a beginner with Salt Water Aquariums, their team explains everything you need to know.

Sophie J

The man working the desk barely acknowledged me and was yacking it up with a rude customer (customer interrupted our only interaction) the entire time I was in the store. (Even though I was obviously taking footage and photos for a review). The female betta tank on the front desk was very cloudy, probably from ammonia. Nice selection of pumps, but no prices. Several fish looked diseased. No lids on tanks, risk for fish escape. Live rock looked dirty and wasn't given light. Most tanks had dirt on the glass. Giving three stars because I remember that the store was very nice at the old location. Issues are probably due to the move.

Joe Kieffer

Pamela Hewitt

Mike Bircher

I've been coming to these guys for around 15 years, and was a friend and occasional trouble shooter and advice guy for the original employees and owner back at their old locations on First Capitol Drive and Fifth Street. The new location is amazing, if not a little cramped. Their selection and quality is above and beyond anything else in the bi-state area, and that is why they are able to charge a premium on their livestock and corals/inverts. I've been in the industry and hobby for 27 years, so from one expert to another, this store is the only one I will buy livestock from. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Lumetta

kalyn Olsen

Over priced. Owner doesn't even know whats going on or the prices of items. Fish dead in almost all tanks. Terrible customer service except for Steve and Cody who are awesome. Very condescending tone from most employees who continually bash the boss when hes not there. Wouldn't recommend going here unless you want to pay high prices for less than mediocre product and be talked to as though you are a complete and total idiot even if you are a seasoned saltwater veteran.

Jonathan Hartley

Great place, great options, great customer help.

Polk Williams

Great salt water aquatic life and information. One of best.


Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Work with me too help set up a tank and did a great job I would recommend this door to anyone in the Saint Charles St Louis County area.

Haman Karn

Damon and the others at Marine Solutions have helped us at every step of the way getting our first saltwater aquarium up and running. They have a great selection that is expanding every day.

Mieghan Damron

It was disappointing. Not a very good variety of fish or coral. Let with nothing. The tanks were not impressive either.

Devon Gansmann

Good place to shop

cass wilson

The owner is the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to saltwater aquariums and fish

john fox

Excellent place, the People that work there are very nice and knowledgeable and they have a great selection.

Micki Hochstrass


James Sanders

Daniel Allen

Very helpful and knowledgeable


This really is one of the best fish stores I've ever been in. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The livestock are diverse an in great condition. They also have a lot of equipment at the store at any given time, and if they don't have it, they can order it for you too!

Phillip Litchfield

Shawn Murff

Gentleman Dodo

I used to go here when the shop was in its prime but as of now it has gone drastically down hill. The owner talked to his friends for 30 minutes while I was waiting on him to get me some water then I had to wait another 30 minutes for him to check me out because right after he got me the water he went right back to talking to his friends. One of his friends actually told him "hey you have some customers waiting on water over there." Now he only has one employee a lady who just sits behind the desk and eats food and doesn't really help at all. I miss the good days of this shop with all the other employees who brought life to this store. Please make this store great again I miss it.

Tony Smith

Awesome people to deal with and great pricing

Vicci Bowman

Love this shop! Can't wait to see the new store! They are the best! Always have time to help answer questions! Go in at least once or twice a month!

Kyle Plonsky

Reese Kiel

2 weeks ago I bought a yellow tang and also a butterfly fish from here for my 55gal tank. Everything was going good and then all of a sudden they both ended up with parasites known as MARINE FLUKES and now I’m out $110 worth of fish. I do not recommend getting your fish here AT ALL. Last summer I had the same thing happen with my 20gal fish tank. The store is infected with ich and I didn’t realize it at the time and soon enough it destroyed my whole tank. DONT NOT GO HERE.

Mike Keys

Debbie House

Very expensive..other stores a lot more reasonable..

Heather Wright

Great Employee Knowledge & Helpful


Jessica Edie

We had called the store a few days prior looking for a bottle of water treatment, which we were told was in stock. Went into the store this afternoon and weren’t greeted at all. We didn’t see what we were looking for, so we waited patiently for about 10 minutes for who I assume was the owner to finish with another customer. This would have been fine had he said “I’ll be right with you” or even acknowledged us at all. We finally got tired of waiting, and honestly the product we were after was cheaper online than what we were quoted over the phone, so we went to leave. As we were walking out the door we were finally asked if we needed any help, to which we said no. And as we opened the door to walk out he said “great, now i’ll Probably get another one star review” I will say, that overhearing the conversation I was ignored for, the owner does know his stuff. This used to be a great store before they moved to the new location.


Grate selection of fish and corals!

Alan Ramsey

We have bought a few fish here along with some coral. He has a decent selection of fish, not as much coral as other places. Prices are on par with other saltwater fish stores. The owner is the most knowledgeable of the workers. The other workers really do not have a lot of knowledge about saltwater aquariums, at least the ones I talked to.

Kody Hobbs

Stephani Durant

Helpful staff. Damon is very knowledgeable.

Tristan Boots

Billie Meyer

Still my favourite store in the country. Very knowledgeable and has amazing fish & corals. I still won't shop anywhere else!

Tim Vitale

Store in in the process of rebuilding in this new location. They are open having a limited selection of live stock at the moment and I look forward to seeing whenever completed. Austin was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Kristine Hendricks

Awesome staff, fish and prices!! Love my Jawfish!!

Josh Endsworth

Tim Piedimonte

Travis Meyer

Daniel Kleinheider

Sterling Gordon

Great experience. Owner is knowledgeable and friendly. Traveling from Dallas, great prices in comparison to home. 10.27.2017

Stan Lard

One stop to get all your reef/marine aquarium needs and wants and then some. Can't make it to the Atlanta aquarium? This place is a good substitute until you can.


clean and helpful staff

Roland Sanchez

Nice saltwater no freshwater selection

Joshua Lloyd

Always a good selection of Marine Fish. Friendly staff and willing to answer any questions. They also offer tank setup and maintenance.

Mary Jo Link


Abby Mgti

Jennifer Manhart

So, first of all, this store does not carry live rock that is cured. We had an aiptasia outbreak weeks after we started the tank. Secondly, the folks that "helped" us were very rude and were not very helpful at all to our learning process. ( this is our first saltwater tank) Prices on live rock and some of the fish are very high.

Mike Hines

Lindsey Kloske

We checked out multiple salt water stores in st louis and nothing compared to marine solutions, Tanks and livestock that looked routinely taken care of. Helpful staff that aren't pushy or stuck up. Very knowledgable. Bought our first tank and I can definitely say we will be buying a bigger one in the future. Already referred Marine Solutions to my mother in law. Can't wait to add fish and coral!! 100% won't go anywhere else.


We went in and bought 200 bucks worth of fish and a starfish. First night one died. We called and they basically told us bring in water sample and it has to be perfect. Well your dead fish ruined our perfect water. Fast forward 2 weeks and everything they sold us has died and our old fish aren't doing well. Started reading and their fish gave our tank flukes. Dont believe their response of oh we didn't sell so and so fish on so and so date. I've havent been to any other store so this isn't an attempt to advertise for somewhere else. Trust me they sold us sick fish and wont even admit it. Find somewhere else! I have no reason to lie this place isn't good business.

David Jarvis

Love this store. Knowledgeable staff.

Iso PalatNick

This is THE BEST saltwater shop in Stl, by far. There is one other shop around that is ok, but marine solutions is my choice. They are way more professional. they really care about your tank.

Lisa Coplin

Fish fish fish

sameera chandra

Ryan Schmitt

No freshwater fish? Dim and dingy, dead fish floating in tanks.

Randy Harrawood

Good selection and good price.

Paul Snyder

This place was the best place we visited hands down. It was very clean the team was very knowledgeable and made the process smooth. They helped get our first tank and set up! And we will definitely be a regular and refer you guys thank you so much!

Color Earth Webb [CANCELLED]

Jeff Gibson

Really nice guy great coral prices definitely returning

Dan Sachsenheimer

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