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REVIEWS OF Columbia Pet Center IN Missouri

Nelda Beamer

Friendly and very knowledgable.

steve bradshaw

Have been going to store for years but just had the worst experience so far. The staff at closing time gave me no warning they were locking up. Came to my family and made rude comment about they closed 1 minute ago so we needed to hurry up when I was buying almost 50 dollars worth of fish, then locked us in. I know one of the owners and he used to be ok but I guess when u have new business partners or partner ,company policies change. I wont be back for a good while. Was overcharged on 5 fish also so if the help doesn't know price they should write it down and not rush at check out.

Jennifer Strunk

Great customer service, and a wealth of knowledge on caring for salt water creatures!

Ashly Brockman

An amazing staff and store. Packaging for bugs is awesome, pricing is amazing and people were extremely helpful about products and animal's.

Eric Daugherty

Great selection of animal products if I lived closer would shop regularly!

John Ehrhardt

Great staff, and amazing associates, they remember us and what our pets need and always have the best supplies.

Betty Kruse

Great pet store and the owner is amazing! Could have more of a saltwater selection and more coral.

Danny Bonard

Worked with 2 different employees on recommendation for Mbuna African Cichlids. Both very knoeknowledge and friendly. On my 2 visit had same excellent servive with knowledgeable individuals .. I bought 17 Mbawa's and will return for afew more. Highly recommend them Danny

Kenzie Burks

The rabbits make it great to be honest. Employees actually know about the animals they work with, and they provide excellent customer service.

Jimmy Fuller

Affordable, dependable, always a good Experience everytime I go there. It's my go to spot for all my aquarium needs!

Tracy Daugherty

Excellent selection and friendly staff. It's neat to go and look around.

Cynthia Boley

This place rocks... the owner is knowledgeable & friendly -- the staff are quite helpful; & store has got huge fresh and salt water aquariums; reptiles, wabbits and weird food for same. (Crickets, mealy bugs, & a few other things) I've had them special order supplies and it was a breeze. Great bird selection, good seed and pellets; inexpensive cages. AND a chill dog to pet.


A friend told me about this place and I couldnt be more pleased. The guy I spoke to yesterday was super helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Even risked life and limb to show me the tokay (jk but seriously those things can be vicious) it looked like they take very good care of the animals which was nice to see. I didnt want to rescue every single one from deplorable living conditions

Elizabeth Franklin

They are nice and have my bunny supplies

sara umholtz

Loved the variety of fish!

Krista Murray

I love this per store. Not only is it a local business but they also listen to your problem with the animal and give great advice for how to fix it. They helped me battle the algae In my planted tank. I can always find what I am looking for. They have the best customer service of any pet store in town.

Lavenders Stuff

I absolutely love this place one time I told a staff member one of the budgies were dead she was so caring about it, I was talking to one of the workers about conures that they had there and he showed me a funny picture of one biting his ear I dunno it made my day! The workers there know what they’re doing! This place I totally recommend it’s local and 100,000 times better than petco or petsmart!

James Parrish

One of the best places I've ever been for pets they a freindly and very helpful.

Rob and Rosamaria Ingram

They are great locally owned pet store with a knowledgeable staff. I have a potbelly pig and they keep her food in stock for her. Not only is it special ordered but yesterday they even carried the bag to my car!

Aaron Green

Friendly small shop feel. Beautiful saltwater and freshwater fish. Some of the best prices I've seen. If you're into aquariums you'll love this place.

Angela Bishop

Love this place amazing fish friendly staff

Alec the remixer

Love this place! Great, knowledgeable staff. Friendly atmosphere. Great with kids! I wont go anywhere else.

Tj Hickam

Employees are knowledgeable and most of the prices are fair. Shop local

Justin Griffin

Huge selection of fish. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Stephanie Durbin

Can be a bit overwhelming -so much to see, staff are well informed and helpful!

Emily Gibson

Love this place! Excellent variety of fish, reptiles, birds, and more! I love that this place is locally owned and the owner is usually there during the day. Staff is knowledgeable!

amanda ukatish

Great customer service! They usually have everything I need for all my animals. The employees are very informative.

Amy Wulff

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, they're the lowest prices in town on anything there. Just got a boat load of stuff for a special tank that would've cost me around 300 dollars but only cost about 100 or so. Plus they have so much to look at, and great variety of good brands. Highly recommend!

Brian Drewery

Great place, very friendly staff.

Tara Tracy

The woman who works there is a rude rude employee and I hate going when she is there but for the rest of the staff and the business as a whole I absolutley love. They have an excellent selection of animals and products. I drive all the way from St. Louis just to come here and its totally worth it.

Russell Lynn

Best pet and fish store in town bar none, new fish in stock on Fridays it seems, call and ask if they have the fish you want and avoid the trip.

Dana Griffin-Douglas

Best in CoMo

April Courtway

Very nice owners and great prices

Eric Fenska

Very knowledgeable about care of animals

Jose Islas

it's not a bad place, easy to find things and decent prices...needs to be cleaned some though

Alexander Harmata

Only place I will buy fish or supplies in town. The staff are helpful and friendly. It is fun to look at their selection. The addition of saltwater fish to this store makes visits more fun, even though I don't (and won't) have a saltwater tank.

Ryan Truitt

Great service

Denise Hamilton

Great local pet store with real care about their products.

Debra Henderson

The customer service was excellent. I was able to find what I was looking for very easily. They have a great selection of products available for all kinds of pet needs. I really enjoyed their fresh & salt water tanks too! I would recommend this store to EVERYONE!

Karen Stephens

It's an okay pet store. Not many marine fish though.

Betty J56

Went in to get a few different bugs. Didn't catch the guy's name but he was so nice. Every time I have been in the store they have always been friendly and VERY helpful! Great place for all your pets needs. I bought Glow fish from them and it was 6 years ago and I am still feeding them! They know what they are doing!

Sylvia Franks

Great place to buy pets and supplies. Have some specialty items as well, which is why i was there . They were so helpful and made sure i had what was needed as well as understaning needs for a happy healthy pet. Thanks you guys!

Brandi Henderson

They are very helpful and experienced in pretty much everything I've needed them for! They've got a great inventory as well!

Jenifer Sullivan

Love this place. Every time I go they are very friendly and helpful. When I have questions or concerns about my beardie they take the time to answer and give suggestions. You can tell they really love their jobs and care about the non human children of our families.

Kasha Brown

You can go for fish, and babies. The adults and adolescent "furries" have safe spaces so little to no human contact. The staff provide animals but dont understand pets will need human contact to be decent pets.

MK Williams

Great if you want a reptile or fish, not so much if you want a pet rodent. The companion rats (the ones that aren’t feeders) are kept in tanks with minimal air flow which is a sure fire way to cause upper respiratory infections. The feeder rodents live their short lives in overcrowded, gross conditions. I respect that they’re meant to be fed to other animals, that’s how the food chain works, but that isn’t an excuse to keep them in inhumane conditions. As fun as it is to pet the bunnies, keeping them in an open cage with guinea pigs (not a species they’re meant to coexist with) is highly stressful and can cause fear-based aggression. It’s a bummer that a place with a staff that’s phenomenal in regard to reptiles and fish has their more furry animals in subpar conditions. Very disappointing for a small business

rebecca wright

We've been around these guys for a long time getting different pets their prices are the best in town and the owner is usually there he's a great guy with a very loving dog

Angela Colbert

Great advice very knowledgeable about Guinea pigs we got 2 super cute babies we will always come back. Even if it's a 50 min drive for food!!!

Heather Marie

I get all my pet stuff here. The staff is well trained and someone in the building always knows the answers to any question.

Brandie Oehring

Came in from out of town and I wasn't too disappointed. They have a baby rabbit and some guinea pigs playing together at the front of the store and tons of fish in the back. I have 2 little buns at home so I went straight to their small animals section to see what they offered. Nice selection but the prices were a little expensive, not just on rabbit toys but everything. I don't make much so I just bought some hay and a small toy since I don't have that much of a selection where I'm from. If you were looking for some fish to add to your fish tank then this would be the place to go (more freshwater than saltwater). They had a very nice selection and I didn't see a single dead fish anywhere! They also had a cute turtle habitat which looked like it was a hit amongst the turtles swimming around. They seemed to enjoy it! The employees checked on me a lot so I did like that and they made sure I was finding everything alright. If their prices were better then I would have given 5 stars instead of 4.

Andy Bias

Been taking my son for last 10yrs The best. very helpful! Great people


Handsome guy working and great help

Lexi Villa

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, will not be returning. This past Saturday (9/14) I went in to get supplies for a new (dwarf) bunny a friend was giving to me. I bought everything from this store including, a food bowl, food, hay, bedding, water bottle, and a wooden chewing toy. The store was out of the medium size cages (36") that we needed for the pet and had us purchase the larger one. The large one was very obviously too large for the smaller than average bunny I would be getting and when I purchased a new cage and brought the large one back with the receipt, mind you I only returned the cage and still bought every other supply there. When I asked to return the cage the worker there said "Yeah whatever" and sighed he was rude through the entire transaction and threw my change into my hand. I am outright offended and will be telling every pet owner I know that shops at this store the experience.

Matt Rasse

Everything you would need for any animal! Our favorite stop for our reptiles!!!

Nat Cat

We purchased some African cichlids some time ago and this store has been nothing but generous with information on how to keep them happy. Each time I call they make sure that I understand how to care for my fish. I recommend them highly. Fantastic place!!!!!

Nathan Gray

Great selection, helpful staff, very knowledgeable and offer a wide range of aquarium products.

FaZe Onslaught

Great prices. Better that petco.


Support local businesses. Great and knowledgeable employees. Everyone cares more about the animals than the bottom dollar. Good exotic selection and can usually get less common pets even if they don't have them on hand.

Olivia Armstrong

The staff has always been willing to answer my questions. We are pleased with the atmosphere every time visit.

Joe Caldas

Great variety and super-friendly service.

Mary C

Out of all the pet stores we've been too my kids enjoy this one the most. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and very welcoming.

Julie Barton

Amazing selection of fish. The staff is really knowledgeable and even suggests fish that you may not have thought about in a certain type of aquarium. The amazing selection of plants (and the prices for them) keep me coming back.


This has been my family's pet center since moving to the area. We trust the knowledge of the staff. Never felt pushed into a purchase we were not comfortable to make.


These guys always have a great selection of cool fish and. The staff really know their stuff and are extremely helpful!

Cody Garrett

If are into fresh water, or saltwater fish and reefs then this is the best place to go in Columbia for live stock. They also have snake and different reptiles. Also have bunny, mice, and more. Other than your speciality items you have go online. They don't carry everything that petco or pet smart has, but worth going their if need something.

Shayla Moore

Always get mice and rats for my snake. My daughter likes to look at the fish and sometimes is allowed to feed the turtles! We love it here.

Jennifer Stubblefield

Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. We are repeat customers.

cyndi kaz

My pets are extremely important to me. I'm so glad I purchased my ball python from cpc. I trust them! They are always happy to help me. Quick to find what I'm looking for. And they are so friendly! From patiently teaching me all of my ball python care facts, to helping me pick the perfect food for my cat, I refuse to go anywhere else! The prices are more than reasonable! One stop shop for ALL of your pet needs! Thank you Columbia pet center for providing excellent customer service and helping me keep my furry and scaly friends happy !10 stars if I could !

William Robert

I stopped by on a trip from St. Louis to Kansas City and I was very impressed by their selection of (freshwater) fish. They also have saltwater fish but I don't keep a saltwater tank. Their stock included much more selection than the usual tropical fish stores I am accustomed to including the non-chain stores. The prices were very reasonable. I purchased several fish and will be back on my next trip! Excellent service and knowledgeable staff.

Michael Jones

Great store, great people. Cant ask for mkrs.

Jason Adair

The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Great selection of fish including several that I haven't seen commonly in quite some time. Very reasonable prices. I was able to acquire a few freshwater fish that I've had difficulty locating around the St. Louis area. I highly reccomend and will return!

Augie Bush

I went to CPC to get some medicine for some sick fish that I had purchased from a different place. The guys were super friendly and very helpful. They took 20 minutes to listen to what I had going on and hooked me up with exactly the right stuff to fix the problem. Highly recommended!

Tired Ofgames

Absolutely rude and disrespectful! I will never step foot back in this disgraceful family owned business!

Ashley Correa

nemo yeets here

Joanne Frers

Very nice shop, tons of selection for your fish tank, super knowledgeable staff!

Tom Allison

Service is getting better. Owner truly cares about customers.

Shawn Larson

Great place to go for supplies. The staff is very knowledgeable about their animals and products. Also, the best fish selection in town.

Danny Wood

They take amazing care of their animals and have a HUGE selection of products. Best pet store EVER.

Melissa Acton

Friendly knowledgeable staff, easy location. Shop local! Got our new little gecko friend here, and return every couple of weeks to restock his food.

Blake Forward

Overpriced. I recently bought a 350 gph Marineland filtration system for $53.99 and an Aqueon in tank heater for $36.99. I was told it was recommended to have 2 of each for a successful tank. Given that I only bought one of each I turned to amazon to buy the others. I found my exact Aqueon heater for only $25.69 + free shipping and my Marineland 350 gph filter for $25.99 + free shipping. I can buy two Marineland filters off of Amazon for the price of one in their store and the heater I purchased was marked up over 40%. These were not the cheapest deals I could find. For the Marineland, 12 different websites offered it at this price and for the heater, 7 different websites offered it at $25.99. I am very dissatisfied.


This store is hands down the best pet store in Columbia, their animals are all in far far better health than either petco or petsmart. On top of that their staff is ten if not twenty times more knowledgeable on their fish/ pets. They always are there to listen and help. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better store in Columbia!

Garrett Klenke

I always go to this here over any other local pet stores, although at times it seems they could use an extra set of hands, they know what they are doing and have knowledge on all their products.

Laura Smith

We go there to get are fish and everything


Very clean and very nice workers. We got our glow fish there and I was impressed with the amount of options there were in fish in general. Will be going there for every pet need from now on! Wonderful service.


Wonderful place. Super nice people and a very wide range of products. I love this place!

James Failor

Bought me some awesome plants and a dragon fish poor guy isn't with us anymore so I will be back on Friday again to get me another dragon fish and some other pregnant fishies love Columbia pet center ♥️

Allyson Meyer

Messy, dirty, crowded. But good selection of items at a pretty all right price for the most part.

Todd Lombardi

Great fish advice. Petco and PetSmart give okay advice, but will definitely make recommendations that are not good so they can sell more. They helped us here and our tank is doing better now!

Jannelle Prasad

The pet store was very clean and well organized. The animals are well cared for. They do have LIVE food. You can pet the bunny and guinea pig as long as you don't pick them up. The staff were friendly and checked on us while we shopped. Small store but we loved it.

Mark Leary

These guys will always help you and never upsale you

Agario Me

they gave me pet crabos

Jason Elder

The Man Behind the Counter knew exactly what I needed knew where it was and got to it in a timely manner he was nice professional and easy to deal with I would take my business there any time.

Lydia Bell

Staff is very helpful and answers all my questions. My kids loving petting rabbits, and Guinea pigs. They have a tons of pet supplies.

Ryan Kraft

There is always something new to look at. This place has unique fish not found at any other local fish store.

Mike Clark

Very friendly and helpful staff answered all my questions very knowledgeable about the products they sell

Matt Schindler

Great service and they had everything I needed.

Michael Salisbury

Helpful cheerful knowledgeable. Good local business to support instead of big pet stores

Omigosh Nofreakinway

Nice locally owned pet shop with friendly workers.

Joel Cameron

The best place around. Super nice, knowledgeable staff. They should charge for admittance.

Amanda Gipson

Love this place! Such unique fish, and absolutely trustworthy. Very knowledgeable and fish are amazingly healthy. Strongly reccomend.

Cami Smith

Fantastic variety for my Gecko! I think the guy who helped us was the store owner, but he answered all my silly questions patiently. His little Aussie dog followed us around a bit just to make sure we were doing alright. Prices were a bit steep, but not a huge turn off.

Kara Fetterhoff

The people working here have expertise and are very helpful.

Mrs Murphy

Kinda rude to us. We were going to buy some bunnies but the employees were rude.

Me P

The team is amazing! Very helpful

Grace Hayes

They are very knowledgeable and actually take care of their fish unlike the big pet store in town. Also great just to fish watch. They also have birds, turtles, bunnies, and more! Biggest selection of fish in town.

Jareth Garza

My preferred pet-supply store. Locally owned and operated.

Alicia D Powers

They have a Finch with a overgrown beak that they haven't taken good care of.

jordan casey

This place is great! The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and helpful! I have multiple pets and this place helps me with anything I need! I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing anything!!!

jack trace

Great place especially for fish, reptiles, arachnids, rodents. Also good quality dog and cat food. Nice, helpful staff. Open weekends.

Aaliyah lps

This place is amazing I love here has stuff just like let smart and Petco but cheaper and they let you pet the bunny's that's my favorite part that's wear we get all the food and the animals

Maker Fixes

Knowledgeable staff goid selection of products

Rosemary Lewis

This is my go-to pet store for frozen mice, pets, fish everything. Prices are very reasonable, and the staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

Savannah Jo

The store is nice, and the bunnies are super cute but they are kept on pine bedding, which puts off toxins that will make the bunnies sick, and they had no hay! ):

Andy Johnson

The variety of fish to choose from is the best I've found in mid Missouri. Friendly, helpful staff does a great job helping select the right fish for your tank and keeping them safe and healthy for the trip home. I try to stop in every time I am in Columbia.

Ty Sims

Yall are amazing keep up the good work guys!

Glinn Gaming

Very cluttered and visually unappealing

Erin Catron

I love Columbia Pet Center!! The owner is the best and has been super helpful with our unplanned snake pregnancy. He is full of information and willing to walk us through the process one step at a time. Plus, he always seems to make me laugh about the whole situation. Also, my rabbit (yes, pets snakes and pet rabbit) loves that their food is fresh! One of their CSRs told us about a great crunchy treat too! Thanks Columbia Per Center!

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