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406 St Peter St, St Paul, MN 55102 Located in: Historic Hamm Building Administration Office

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REVIEWS OF Sonnen's Pet Shop IN Minnesota

Fangze Li

Great pet fish collection. The owner takes good care of them and they all seemed very healthy and happy. He also made sure I had my tank all set up before selling me the fishies. Would def go again.

Brad Strand

The owner is very intelligent and courteous. and to my surprise the fish are actually better priced than big chains like petco or petsmart. they sell a wide variety of fish and birds on top of all that they have a lot of products for cats dogs and rodents. highly recommend for most pet needs

yolo vang

IT'S a Have to Experienced I bought A FULL GROWN AMAZON SWORD PLANT (12inchhigh) THERE FOR 3.99 WHEN PETSMART SELLING SMALL AMAZONE SWORD PLANT (5inchhigh) FOR FREAKING 9.99 JEEZ Great place :) check it out THE OWN SO KNOWLEDGEABLE he even knew things about the fish I had, which Wrent very common fishes (geophagus winemilleri). VISIT

Joan Mclaughlin

Love the collectable Animals

Walt Partlo

Great little shop with quality fish at great prices. The owner is as knowledgeable and kind as you will ever find. Also, the shop is cash or check only.

Tomas Zerai

Ariel Lynne Wade

Alana Brown

David is so nice to work with and very knowledgeable. I just got a beautiful pair of shaft tail finches to be neighbors with my lizzard Canary I've had for 5 years... Love them.

Ray Slagle

The guy behind the counter is so nice shop is small but great prices an each time I purchase fish I get healthy quality fish has great community tank fish..

Max Well

I will never understand how a place like this can stay open. I can't comprehend how closing at 5 pm helps your business. 10-5? Really? I have always put a lot of effort into mom and pop shops whenever I can but I work until 5. Petco it is. So sad

Amy H

This is a little shop of horrors. The birds are kept in totally inhumane conditions in the back of the store. The cages they were kept in were smaller than 12 inches. There was a canary so plucked from overcrowding in a tiny cage that the owner offered him to me for free when I expressed concern. I couldn’t say no and I rescued him, but this place still haunts me. Don’t support this kind of animal care. I called the city and animal control but they can’t do anything as long as there is food and water offered to the birds. So sad. Boycott and tell your friends to too.

Patrick O

After seeing the reviews, I had high hopes for this place. Its right by my office so I went in on my lunch yesterday. There was an older man working who barely acknowledged me. I tried to ask some questions, but he seemed annoyed or anti-social, so I gave up. Fish tanks were covered in algae, especially the plants (which is what I was shopping for). If you want to bring black beard algae into your home tank, then this is the store for you. I did see some dead fish, and the plant selection was very minimal. Overall, I am upset I even paid for parking to go in here, which was a bummer. I will not be going back.

Kathy Kaup

Great prices, healthy fish and plants!

Anh truong

Becky Vierling

For 4 years I have owned a beautiful canary named Piccolo whose song has layers of depth and tone with highs and lows. The owner was very helpful, kind and professional. I highly recommend this quaint lovely shop.

J. Marie

Bonnie Fetch

Came all the way here, Because I LOVE Supporting Small Pet Shops. Closed. :/ Please stay open the hours you SAY your going to open.

Paul Weibel

Very knowledgeable owner, very nice. Great prices.

- FlowerHorn -

I had a great experience at this shop. The owner is very knowledgeable about fish and plants. $1.50 XL Neon Tetras,I will definitely be back!

Vern Wahlberg

The owner of Simon's is very nice old time shop has been there for many many years prices in the shop or outstanding always has great live plants and lots of community fish.


Drove and walked all over St Paul to find this place. We got there at 3pm, two hours before closing, and paid about five bucks for parking. The place was closed. Don't waste your time driving and paying for parking.

No Name

Andrea Baker


I bought budgie food here a couple years ago. I like the friendly cashier and the old time-y feel.

Shannon Hageman

I love this shop... I got my 3 fish 1 loach and a pleco and they are healthy beautiful fish.... The older gentleman is very helpful and kind... I will always get my fish from here....


Great prices on quality fish. The owner is very knowledgeable about aquatics and birds. I have been going to Sonnen's since the 70's. Would refer Sonnen's to anyone.

Phil Ryan

Horrible conditions for the birds.


Quality fish/birds, and supplies. Extremely knowledgeable owner. This place has been around for a long time for a reason.

Bj Woodswalker

I have had excellent service every time I'm there. His birds are healthy, beautiful, and I've had very good luck with them. The owner has also gone out of his way to be helpful with services like calling when he gets a shipment of birds if you are interested in a specific species. Going to the Sonnens shop is like taking a step back in time, with all the original service of the old fashioned malt shop. I get all my finches there.

Ashley Chavez

Always clean..Friendly service..And my fish always live forever from ever..

Jennifer Green

Raymond Krueger

A wonderful family owned shop with generations worth of knowledge

Karla Kunkel

I was told that the little green canary was a wonderful singer. Wonderful is in no way to explain his voice! Heavenly!


WOWW!!! I went to this store all the way from saint peter which is roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes from this place. IT WAS WORTH IT! I walked in thinking its not gonna be good due to the size, but boy was i wrong this guy i VERY knowledgeable about fish very good prices in fact way under any other store around and very friendly THIS IS THE GO TO GUY (FISH PEOPLE)

Ross Lindorff

ruben barradas

Excelent service, the prices are great and the fish healthy

Lindsey Moua

Great prices! Great fish! A tiny store but had a range of fish that your local petco/petsmart don't have at reasonable prices! Plus their fish are HEALTHY, Unlike many stores. The guy obviously knew what he was talking about. Had a great experience! Will be coming back soon!

Bobby Khan

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