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REVIEWS OF New Wave Aquaria IN Minnesota

randy berg

Nice store staff was fantastic. Only small thing if purchasing Ro and salt water need a grated catch basin for overflow and the shut offs kinda are hard to turn. A ball valve would be nice. Like I said small thing. Place is very nice.

Michael Lang

Amazing selection, great staff and very reasonable prices. Love coming here and just browsing the beautiful store

allan tate

The staff here are all incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent prices on everything they have. I was considering an expensive wave maker but the staff suggested a better one for a lower price. ALL of the aquariums look clean and healthy. the selection is great. I've seen fish there that I've never seen available in any other Mn aquarium stores. This IS the best aquarium store in Minneapolis

Gavin Kontos

Great store nice staff

caleb timp

Best and cleanest fish store I've been to. The owner and staff are not only incredibly knowledgeable, but friendly and helpful. Prices are very competitive and selection is fantastic. I absolutely cannot wait to go there again!

Jared Stroberg

Best aquarium store in the Twin Cities, hands down not even close!

Kellie Trumbull

All of the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are willing to answer any questions you have about your tank, and will give you a lot of tips along the way. The store is clean and is well kept!

Brian Plendl

Very clean, great selection, vast knowledge.

Dylan Drews

Amazing experience! Everyone was extremely helpful with their knowledge and made sure you were getting what you needed!

Alyssia De La Cruz

Absolutely Amazing! As soon as my boyfriend and I walked in we knew the place was extremely taken care of! When we walked in everything was very clean and organized (someone was even cleaning one of the front tanks haha) we walked to the left and looked at all of the saltwater aquariums and immediately started saying how happy and healthy all of the fish and coral reefs looked! They had a great selection and it made us really excited to eventually be able to start our own saltwater. We then went to look for what we were really there for which was freshwater fish to add to our 65g. We found someone to help us and I of course started bombarding him with questions (my boyfriend and I are newer to aquariums and they apparently knew what they were doing) we soon found out the guy that was helping us was the owner Joe! He was extremely knowledgeable and answered every single question plus some! We found out that he actually orders his fish from someone in Minnesota which I really enjoy because the fish seemed way more taken care of than any of the chain places we went to and the other two local stores in the last couple weeks. We will absolutely be keeping this as our go to aquarium store! Some of my favorite thing were the huge driftwood selection, all of the healthy bright coral reefs, the community tanks in the back (one even includes a betta which shows they can be with other fish if you do it correctly), And all of the awards Joe has recieved over the years. I'm definitely someone who looks at reviews before going places so I wanted to make sure I covered as much as i could! Highly reccomend!!! Ps. They have a Huge selection of all different kinds of food and we were even able to place an order for a certain fish

Mathiason Mathiason

So many beautiful fish, invertabrae, and corals!! Loved it!

Dr Nicholas John Froehling

Such a beautiful place and great stafff!!! This place is a must see!

dana fjeseth

Great people. Very knowledgeable. Great prices.


Very knowledgeable and genuinely helpful aquarium fanatics. Well built setups. You can tell the fish are happy and we'll cared for. The prices are great too. Will definitely be making many trips to this store while setting up my puffer tank.

Anna Tyrrell

Have been to many aquarium stores. This is my go to. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The aquariums in the store are the most beautiful I've ever seen. Can't wait to see the fresh water store.

Bryan Wright

New Wave is a great store for fish and coral purchases. I've bought many corals and a few fish from there with zero issues and the staff has been great to work with.

Kirsten Olson

An amazing find in the twin cities. Experienced staff and excellent products. Fun place to explore with kids and unique, well placed products.


Good ppl great corals and fish

Cam Boelter

Best aquarium store in Minnesota! Prices are great, livestock is healthy, employees are helpful. The store is small but I hope they expand :)

J Rosenb

Yes, 5 stars. I see that they now also have a fresh water "planted tank" section. Search on planted tank and you'll see how beautiful they are.

Carlos Torres


Owen Beckley

Amazing store great people very helpful I wish there was more exotic and bigger freshwater fish like tiger oscar or discus.

Jacob Dimidik

Great place

jay kalk

Great product great service!

Adam Distel

Joe helped my girlfriend and i select amazing live plants for our fresh water tank, that goes well with our fish. He is a very knowledgeable guy who has many years experience with the aqua life. His store is very clean, tanks well maintained and fish are very happy. i will come here every time i need something for our fish and tank.

Eric Nadeau

I've been to several fish stores around the cities, this is the cleanest, with the best prices. It's out of the way for me, but it's still worth the drive for most things.

Charles Snorek

Awesome place very fun to shop at always helpful extremely knowledgeable staff .

Michael Moening

I started my reef aquarium almost 3 years ago. NWA has helped me every step of the way. The tank i started has been through everything imaginable, from unwanted pests, problem algae, water chemistry issues, and plumbing problems. Jen and her team have kept me in the hobby. They helped me through everything my tank could throw at me, and made it better. Today my reef is thriving, and I will keep coming back to New Wave Aquaria. Thanks Guys!!!!!!

Jack’s Aquarium Show

These guys gave me one hell of a lot of Monte Carlo for 15 dollars and a gallon of flourish excel for 30 dollars (this was selling at another LFS for 80$). They gave me excellent advice. And they price match Amazon, which is unheard of in this area. The only downside is that they focus on corals and I’m more of a planted guy! Love this place though

jordan sellman

Love new wave! Found it by chance a month ago and it has become my favorite fish store in the twin cities. Joe is very knowledgeable, easy going, and always willing to go the extra mile for his customers .

Jennifer Jost

Trying to find this place, we were worried we you weren't in the right spot. When we found it, we were happily surprised. It was amazing. So much stuff crammed into a relatively small warehouse space. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Marc Selchow

Doug, Jen and Joe are awesome!!! They are always very helpful, funny and full of knowledge. They make the experience at New Wave personal. It is not just let me make a quick sale. They take it to the next level by getting to know their customers and going the extra 2 miles. I absolutely love going there!!!

Jonah Bilotta

The best saltwater and reef shop out there. Up on new methods and Technology. Great store amd staff.

Jeff Cash

Great spot for everything fresh and salt water. Friendly staff with lots of coral and fish selection

John Stemper

Classy shop. Highly recommended for serious aquarists.

Brant Egertson

Wow what a great experience! Joe took the time to get us all set up. They will take the time for you too! They are very passionate about their stuff but they make sure you are not overwhelmed. Would recommend

Carol G

Horrible way they care for their bettas. Tiniest containers I have ever come across. If you cant care for them, dont have them!

john A

Excellent selection of coral

Wendy Tomko

I love this place so much!!! I loved them when they just had saltwater, now they have freshwater and it's amazing!! They have the healthiest fish I had ever seen, coustomer service is 100/10 I love this place so much! If you live close or far I would still come, I would even come if it didn't have an aquarium!! The store is beautiful along with everything else in the store, plus great prices. I totally reccomend to come here!

J Pederson

Really cool salt water collections, great for the rare and specific collector!

Jessica Steele

I want to hear to buy my son a goldfish and ended up coming out with a beta it was the best experience I've ever had going anywhere with my son the guy there Joe was it amazing help Chili's to be coming back in a week to get some more fish to join our beta thank you so much very friendly people amazing store highly recommended

Ying Lee

A lot of knowledgeable crew regarding sea salt aquarium. The staff were nice and friendly and very helpful too. Although the store was a bit small they had quite a few cool looking fish!

John Elstad

Awesome selection of corals and inverts. Wish they had some more of the saltwater fish that I was looking for though. Best twin cities saltwater place I've been to yet, and great prices compared to the others!

Jake Collins

By far the best LFS in the twin cities. From their knowledge to maintenance, they are 5 stars all the way. The staff and owners are there for the right reasons and not just there to make a buck. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hobby needs!

Ocean Devotion

Best saltwater store I've been too. Confortable atmosphere. It's a must stop for anybody in the saltwater hobby. Thanks Jen....

josh wennberg

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, and owners! Always a good experience every time I go

Bryan Mack

This spot has risen to the top for all the right reasons. I go in to pick up food or reagents, and leave with bags of coral and fish. Every time. Outstanding LFS.

Kallie Restemayer

Beautiful. She's done an amazing job creating this store.

karen johnson

It was our first visit as we used to go to saltwater empire. We were very impressed with how clean the store was and how knowledgeable the staff was.The livestock they had on hand was impressive and they all looked very healthy.We were also shown the quarantine area and the mascot ( the puffer ) which was amazing.We will definately be returning soon.

Mark Pfingsten

We are new to the area and have a big new tank to fill with fish and corals. New Wave Aquaria has spectacular corals for great prices. I'm always amazed by the awesome variety and great health of the corals. Great store and nice, knowledgeable staff. Looking forward to future visits!

Clark Griffith

Best frags in the Midwest.

Austin Espie

Absolutely stellar customer service, and a very interesting selection

Jen Canfield

This is a great store, it's a beautiful set up, and they probably have everything you could need. The staff is incredibly helpfully and friendly and is available for questions via email even past business hours. The part that's the problem, is that a hand full of discus I have purchased have had bacterial infections. I don't think it's the stores doing, but where they are purchasing from. However, for the price that I'm paying for these fish, I guess I would expect this wouldn't be an issue. The last set we bought, we noticed the first day they had white poop. Took pictures and emailed right away and were told it's because they feed them live worms. However, here we are a week and a half later trying to save them. Just hate not knowing if I'm going to get a healthy fish or not, especially after spending $100+ per fish. So, unfortunately, we probably won't be back.

Trey T

Best saltwater/reef shop around. Fair prices, excellent selection. Their display and frag tanks always look clean and well maintained. I have never seen any sign of pests or nuisance algae in their aquariums. Recent expansion with some freshwater stuff in addition to all the saltwater stuff they are known for.

aaron white

All staff are great and very helpful! I go no where but here for my coral. Beautiful fish as well. Cant go wrong with Jen and her team!

Alan Kvasnik

Top notch, generous with advice!


Awesome place..well worth the 1-1/2 hour drive for us. We were there for the freshwater but I'll admit the Marine fish, corals, and the freaky urchin guy are very cool.. Best selection for freshwater plants and hardscape is the best I've seen. (Not that I've been all over.) But I've seen stuff... anyway, I strongly recommend this matter how far you have to drive.. they are on YouTube..check it out..

Dawn Haley

New Wave is the only retail store I deal with! Fantastic service and merchandise!! I have been to all of the stores in the cities and surrounding suburbs and New Wave is by far the best. They have a wide variety of coral and livestock, from beginner and easy to care for through high end SPS. Not to mention the very knowledgable staff. Every one of the staff knows their stuff and is very willing to help you find what you are looking for and explaining the care required. If you have a saltwater tank or are thinking about starting one go to New Wave. It will be time and money well spent.

brandon vick

The staff is very knowledgeable, they have a great selection on corals and fish, great service I'd recommend checking them out

Angela Marshall

Incredible salt water selection. Great plants as well. Beautiful axolotls.

Houa Lee

Great place for corals and saltwater fish! Service was great too.

Reefer Status

Great place to get your fish and coral they also have a lot of frozen fish food and dry goods some of the dry goods I think are a little over priced but having them available right away is a plus rather than ordering on line and wait for delivery . Great place. Owner Jen and all the stuff are great and knowledgeable.

William Heaton

This is the place in the Twin Cities for SPS. Great selection and prices.

Justin Stone

Great store lots of saltwater corals and fish. Great planted tank selections as well.

Bethany Stromberg

I'm more of a fresh water person..they had all the stuff for saltwater..

Mike Steinkopf

New Wave has fair prices and a great selection! The staff is very knowledgeable and they can answer any question you have!

Lawson Edwards

Heard from other reefers that they have such an amazing quarantine system and corals and how great they are with their customers, but this wasn't my experience.. I saw new fish arrive in their quarantine and by the weekend they were already out being sold!! No medication can rid fish of parasites that fast.. Even heard from an employee that they quarantine with this "special cocktail" and it treats the fish for any disease! Upon looking at some of their fish systems I saw fish with flukes, ick, and maybe even velvet.. Talked to one of the employees who was working with the freshwater and was pretty belligerent with me when asking questions about the saltwater tanks with sick fish. As for the rest of the store corals and fish were extremely overpriced compared to other places in the cities (Reef Collective, Forest Lake Pets, Petco Minnetonka).

Rhianna Huberty

Love New Wave! They're always so helpful.

Michael Mehle

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Not a bunch of kids from a chain store. Joe is very helpful and knowledgeable. Great supplies and lots of fish, fresh and salt. Busy place,have patience and you'll get what you need.

Adam Michels

My go to store. I do not have enough kind words to describe the people that work here. Jen the owner is amazing at what she does. Travis the manager can and will help you with anything you have aquarium related. I have gotten to know these fine people very well . They have coral for the beginner and exotic for the pro. They have always taken great care of my needs.

Karina Iommazzo

Jen was very lively! She was a joy to talk with and was very knowledgeable. She was able to give solutions to all of my fishy inquiries. The selection was great and the help was abundant.

Robert Millen

We visited earlier this year and loved this place! A reefers dream store. My only complaint is their pricing. I guess everything is pricey in the reefing hobby.

Lorelei Kelly

This place has a good selection of salt water fish and coral. However, their fresh water selection is very small. Also the older employee (owner?) was opinionated and abrasive. I'd rather not deal with him in the future. The other staff were young and not very knowledgeable. If you want salt water fish this pace will probably do. They do have a large selection of beautiful salt water fish. But don't bother for fresh water aquariums.

Becky Tyrrell

Absolutely the most beautiful store! The tanks are so clean and healthy! Staff is amazing as well :) won't go to any other salt water store!

Anne L'Esperance

You could easily seeped an afternoon in here, it's such a relaxing place to wander around Did you know, they also offer maintenance and service for your home and office tanks? Their staff is so knowledgeable, don't waste your time fishing elsewhere.

DeYung Le

Awesome place for everything saltwater. Knowledgable staff and very friendly. My goto place for my hobby.

Jessie Smith

Was really put off by the staff and owners the minute I walked in. It seemed like if I didn't want to spend $5000 on a monitoring system or fancy named corals I was dirt to them. Especially when one of the staff kept saying this fish is thousands of dollars, this one is a couple hundred etc.... I will take my business elsewhere to people who don't boast.

Jason Fruen

Jen and her staff are super knowledgable and friendly. We're newer to this industry and they've been very patient with us. We've shopped all around the cities and no one has a better salt water selection, especially for reef lovers. Their reefs are museum quality and great to show the kids.

Matthew Lucero

Just got into the saltwater side of things and they have helped with the entire process. Great selection at a great price.

Doug Anderson

High quality and very diverse fish, coral and supplies. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. Good prices. Highly recommend New Wave Aquaria.

Scott Lichliter

They are the best!! Thank you Jen!

Nick O'Leary

Top place in the cities.

Todd Rasset

Have shopped many different fish stores in metro area, New Wave is by far the most well kept, great selections, very knowledgeable staff who are WILLING to listen and help solve issues, not just sell product!

Sese Spiyee

This is a wonderful small business that caters to novice and expert fish geeks alike.

Tanvu Nguyen

Amazing lfs. Large variety of corals and salt water fish and inverts. The staff is also very knowledgeable and nice to deal with. While there, they are always making sure we get the nicest frags possible and everything is quality. If there is something they don’t have they will get it in for you. So glad I found this place.

Michael Morse

Awesome saltwater store,well worth my hour drive!! Great service!! Thank you New Wave crew

James Grundy

Super friendly staff. While they were busy they took plenty of time to talk to me and make sure I had everything answered that I had a question of

ollie 2434

It's the best

Chris Hince

Great for Coral. Decent saltwater fish selection but not great. They do quarantine new SW fish for 1wk with copramine treatment (2wk for tangs). That's a big bonus. Their freshwater fish selection is limited, and I was very disappointed with there small selection of FW plants. I will buy my SW Coral and fish here and recommend them for that. But I personally will not buy FW here: the lack of selection is not worth the drive.

J.J. Pierson

Clean Store. Friendly and helpful staff. Great quality Marine and freshwater.

Chonburi Lee

Picked up a pair of Pintail Wrasse from New Wave Aquaria and I couldn't be happier. Love my fishes. The owners are very knowledgeable and love what they are doing. The store always have a great selection of fishes and corals and the new expansion has allowed them to stock more than they use too. Highly recommended.

J Opie

Amazing selection of freshwater shrimp from Joe, and excellent corals.

Jerad b

One of the cleanest pet stores in the area with one of the largest selections. Finding the building is a little tricky so be patient but worth the trip!

Parker Allen

Great store. Highly recommend it.

Angela Brekken

Super helpful staff. Beautiful coral. We stop here every time we go from Bemidji to Minneapolis.

Drew Kasson

Cool store, Poor Service. I knew what I wanted when I walked in but stood around for a half hour without one employee offering to help me. I ended up just leaving. Had a similar experience previously when I stood in front of the register for 5 minutes before someone decided to come check me out.

Kellylynn Robitaille

My experiences have always been good at this place they always have some unique saltwater fish and corals. Friendly mostly knowledgeable staff which is great.

Carl Nathan

The store was setup so awesome and the employees were really knowledgeable.

Carl Johnson

Very clean and well priced store, all of the staff I've talked with are very knowledgable and you can really tell they care about the livestock and hobby because they'll advise against a purchase if your set up won't handle it, New wave is totally opposite of most other stores that will do whatever they can to make a sale. Always making sure you're educated before a purchase, always patient and their in store events are well worth going to! They're also awesome at helping figure out problems and troubleshooting issues with your tank.

Zak Skaudis

Great selection, clean place. The staff are very knowledgeable and always helpful.

Enteredtie 581

Amazing aquarium store! Incredible staff and livestock. Very helpful and friendly. Huge amount of knowledge and experience. Competitively priced. An invaluable Asset to the Community! We are lucky to have them.

Anthony Kriens

My LFS!!! Such a cool place and a great staff

Rhonda Engle

Love love love this place! Best selection and BEST customer service! We love our Salt water tanks!

LagreLupa LLC

I love this place, I am in there too much. High quality, healthy fish and coral at reasonable prices. I don't know any other local fish stores that match up.

Freddie Lang

Everything is organized, well maintained, and they have a huge variety of whatever you need

charles maresh

This is a must shop spot if into saltwater tanks. They really know what they are doing. Great prices too.

Greg Fink

This place is fantastic! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. An absolutely amazing selection of corals and marine fish.

Jason Wester

Great selection. Friendly staff. Could spend hours trying to select what I want.

Adam Hassett

Best LFS in MN hands down. They can get you anything and everything is always healthy and well taken care of.

Scott Lauderdale

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff

bart Tyrrell

Best customer service, and a beautiful store with everything you need for an aquarium.

Bradley Kennedy

Best aquarium store I’ve ever been to!

Susan Kossak

We come from Wisconsin, 3 hours away, best fish, corals and prices. Large variety of healthy citters!

Thomas Zakroczymski

Fantastic shop. Quality livestock and prices. This is a must stop when I go on my fish store rounds.


Upon the first couple of visits, we were given different information by several employees, including being sold this magical bacteria and being told that we could add fish "right away." All of our fish died. We bought more fish elsewhere, and did a complete cycle of the tank. We then decided to get some cory cats. One staff member said he'd try to get them from his supplier within a couple of days. The next day, they came in. The guy left a message, but ended up selling every single one to some guy who randomly looked up and noticed them. This was not but within a few hours of leaving the message, and we didn't even get a chance to get back to him yet. He didn't even try to hold any for us. He ended up ordering more, and they came in the next day. We picked them up and got them in our tank and all was well. Until the littlest one got stuck in this piece of wood (which one of their employees convinced us to buy for our shrimp, with no warning about small fish swimming into it) and died of its injuries. When we called the store to see if we could exchange or get a refund, we were told that there is "no policy" for live animals, and that we could "buy another one." As if we will be spending any more money there. Good luck, if you shop here.

Ron Fisher

Nice little shop, they offered to special order everything i need! Very nice staff.


I am only a year into the saltwater aquarium hobby and had no idea about this store until three months ago. I wish I had known about it when I started! The store head and shoulders above any other aquarium store in the Twin Cities and I wouldn't doubt it is one of the nicest in the country. It might be a bit smaller than others but everything is clean, the fish and coral are healthy, the prices are better than all of the other stores in the area and the coral selection is far superior. The owner, Jen, is very personable and extremely helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about this store!

Dan Samuelson

Very awesome store very helpful and knowledgeable

Joel Martin

Very knowledgeable-awesome frag selection

Andrew Fuerte

One of the greatest stores for marine supplies. When I lived in Duluth and came to the cities for interviews, ,I always made sure to stop by on my way to Duluth. Everything looks SUPER healthy, and everyone that works there is super friendly and patient. Can't wait to go back once I get my new reef set up!

Michael Curry

Great place, Joe is the man with the plan in freshwater.

Tyler Jaax

Absolutely blown away by the quality of the livestock and cleanliness of this facility. Everything was gorgeous and this place is miles ahead of the competition I've seen around the twin cities. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I bought a Royal Gramma and my first coral here and they are both doing great in my reef tank! I will be returning in the future. It is easy to support my local fish store when I have access to a place like this with quality and affordable livestock and the best products at reasonable prices. Online vendors seem a lot less appealing for me now. Go check it out; it will be worth your time.

macaulay Lambert

Very nice clean store quality at its finest

Clara Metts

If you’re in the Plymouth area and are considering getting into the fish keeping hobby, I would highly recommend checking this place out. You can read a lot about fish keeping online, but nothing beats talking to someone with experience and this shop has a very knowledgeable staff who are happy to help. I feel good about spending my money here. Clean shop, reasonable prices, and good costumer service.

Lori Goodsell

My aquarium is better than ever. Super clean, everything is healthy and my coral and fish look amazing! Thanks Jen and staff--I never could have done it on my own!

Jennifer Stubbs

Hands down best salt water store in MN. Awesome variety! They have everything you would need to be successful in the hobby. Jen was awesome. We did have to wait a while to get help but... it’s not a fast situation people have questions and need help. I didn’t feel rushed by anyone and all of the employees helped me with many Things while waiting for Jen to answer some specific questions we had. Will def go back.

Lionel Ramos

The staff at New Wave are amazing and very knowledgeable. All their corals and livestock are of the best quality!!

Kyle Boike

After not having a tank for two years, and my partner being an aquarium enthusiast of sorts, having 6 tanks at one time years back, I gave him the okay to start looking at tanks. We were looking at salt water but decided on going Fresh this time around for the green plant life. We had never been to New Wave, only other fish store east of the metro, which were nice, but after walking into New Wave, we knew we'd love it. We were greeted right away and talked to the fresh water expert, Joe. After this moment we became a thorn in Joe's side, I hope in a good way :) He has been nothing but amazing, helping us set up our new Red Sea 350 and aquascaping it. He is always on the search for the best plants and fish for our tank and it really means a lot to us as it shows that he really cares. We are now looking to get a Saltwater set up and Jen and Doug and Joe are working with us, taking into account of every little detail we are looking for in a tank. I can not say enough great things about Jen, Doug and Joe, and the store as a whole. Keep it up guys, and see you this weekend!



Drizzy K

This store has a wow factor as soon as you step inside the tanks are pristine and the staff loves showing you around to all their amazing stock! I love this store.

Wade Barisoff

New Wave has become the only shop we go to for all our tank needs. Helpful staff who love tropical tanks, willing to answer any questions, and they have quality product. What is really cool about going here, the people that help you are actually enthusiastic about tanks, reefs, fish, and how to care for them. We are newer to the hobby, but really feel on solid ground now with our tank thanks to New Wave's staff. Go see the store, you can see the difference the moment you walk in. PS, easily the most choice and variety in the cities too.

Sammie Clark

Amazing place, and they actually quarunteen their fish!

Troy Baxter

Best store in mpls area for live fish and coral

Judy Hess

Great team of people, we will be coming back again.

Patrick Testerman

I'd give them 10 stars if I could! Wonderful store will a good selection and good prices. Healthy live stock. The staff and owners are very knowledgable, friendly and helpful.

Nathan Kingsbury

Easily the best reef store in Minnesota. The specimens are top of the line, huge selection of hard to find and collector corals. Jen and her staff are all very knowledgeable a friendly. I no longer shop anywhere else.

Gary Opperud

Great store

John Porter

New Wave Aquaria is unquestionably the best aquaria store in Minnesota, if not beyond. The staff is tremendously friendly, incredibly informative and, most importantly, respectful. The care they take in selecting and keeping healthy livestock is truly something. New Wave takes extremely extensive measures to ensure the fish we purchase are 100% healthy and happy, far more so than any other store I've frequented. The variety and spectrum of livestock they keep is also amazing, from the simplest fish/corals/inverts to the ultra-rare, all at great prices. New Wave exemplifies quality that simply cannot be found elsewhere in the state.

Jeff Watts

Simply put the best reef and saltwater store in town. And now that they offer freshwater fish as well they are a one stop shop for all your fish needs.

Asif Iqbal

Jen and her team ( Angie and Jason ) are super helpful. Great selection of healthy corals, fish, fish food and equipment. A must visit store


Best in the fish biz

Josh Hesser

Great local fish store, all the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and there is a wide variety of products.

Logan Howe

Amazing staff and very kind and accommodating! Thank you

Lawrence Rodrigue

Awesome aquatics store.

Mike Kotzer

Love going to New Wave! Excellent staff who are passionate about the hobby. Great selection of fish and coral! A must see store!

Guy Gades

The premier twin cities location for fresh water aqua-scaping.

Ravage Sythero

Thank you for the Clarkii Clownfish! He's doing great!

Justin Bolton

Live stock is always healthy (fish and coral) and always staying current with the hobby as it advances in products and knowledge. My favorite store!

Cameron Smerud

Jen and her Crew are Great for your Saltwater & Freshwater Aquarium Needs..

Jacob Lloyd

Great store! Every thing you could possibly need to start an amazing fresh or salt aqaurium. Live plants, live coral, live fish. A great selection of food, supplements and other supplies.


Huge selection of corals and marine aquarium accessories. Lots of show tanks. Prices of livestock were not posted on most tanks making it difficult to tell which things were for sale. Wasn't what I was expecting.

Rachel Pettit

This place has unbelievably gorgeous salt water tanks. The stag is very knowledgeable and friendly. If your into salt water, this is the placer to go. It's also fun to just visit.

Susan Ameli

The whole team is wonderful to work with. I've been given sound advice the whole time, especially with my being new to saltwater tanks. Excellent choice to go to for equipment and stock!

Alex Samuelson

This place is incredible, they have a great selection of coral, fish (salt and fresh) and supplies. The entire staff is knowledgeable and they give great advice. I've never once overheard them giving false information or telling customers that fish are appropriate for their tanks when they aren't. In addition to their store, the maintenance team is great. I've had them out twice for two jobs (one install and one move) and they were on time and diligent in their work. My tanks were moved flawlessly and I did not lose any fish. Look no further if you are in the twin cities, this is is the place to go.

Chris Radke

A very beautiful and modern store. Selection of coral is awesome and prices are great too. It was tough to identify who the employees are unfortunately. Though this may have been because there was an event and the room was packed. They are very friendly and helpful when you do find one though.

Mike Schwartz

I love this place. Top notch staff and livestock. Excellent selection of equipment as well.

Jose Navarrete

Good place to shop!

jerilee hughes

Large selection of corals and fish. Reasonably priced and all clean n healthy looking

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