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Where is Lunds & Byerlys Hwy 7 Minnetonka?

REVIEWS OF Lunds & Byerlys Hwy 7 Minnetonka IN Minnesota

Stacy Welle

Convenient and great selection. A bit more expensive than the average grocery store, but it's smaller, cute, and has fun options with a coffee shop inside the store.


Fantastic selection. As a SE Iowa native I was surprised to see so many of the local cheeses I grew up eating, especially Prairie Breeze. Great variety and friendly staff. Prices varied, some items I felt were a bit overpriced, others seemed right on target. Overall a great shopping experience.

Autumn A

Very clean, the staff is great! One of my favorite L&B's!


We were less than impressed with this Lunds location. The store didnt really have much of a clean feeling to it and also, compared to other stores, had a smaller selection. The prices are quite high here, which I felt was mostly unjustifiable. In my opinion, there are much better grocery store options out there with high quality and better prices.

Sarah Jaeger

Love the store. People are always nice.

Ric Scharding


gayle siegler

Super friendly staff. Great deli section. Convenient layout. Well-stacked shelves.

Karen howard

I love this store. Very friendly employees. They've got some remodeling going on right now (Sept 2019), but it's a very small area of the store. Great parking and easy to get in and out.

Alyssa Singer Grasse

Great customer service here. Basic selection but you find mostly anything. Store is always very clean, stocked, and faced. Prices are definitely higher than Cub foods. The deli is spectacular and has a great variety of options.

Kerry Rosenhagen

Excellent grocery store.

Jess Ehm

Friendly staff. Not overly busy on a Sunday morning. Some prices are a little higher than others local grocers, but worth it to not have to deal with mass crowds.

chi gunna

Nice, neat, & clean store. Its the Neiman Marcus of grocerie stores

Mike Lippert

Everyone is always friendly, the produce is solid.

Jerry Lee

Overrated, over priced, bought dessert for my sister's celebration - not that great. I hope I have better luck next time with my selection and get an item on sale.

eliahou maruani

Friendly staff!

Nick Cairns

Hidden away and a little more quiet than other Lunds. Clean and well kept though.

William Wilson

Clean, friendly. Upscale.

Matthew Bentley

We do all our grocery shopping here because they have the carts for kids with the fun car they can ride in. Only way we can do a full grocery visit with a 1 1/2 year old.

Stephen Keller

Very nice, clean and blessedly quiet! :)

Lucifer Incubus

A little pricey but a good place to shop. You can find most of everything you need in one spot but people there are great and customer service is excellent.

Jim Glover

Great neighborhood grocery store and deli...The best

Chris Gesino

Nice variety of food which was good tasting also. Great friendly service to go with it.

Keith Smith

I love shopping at these grocery stores, but this one it a little out dated. It's dark inside and feels like it hasn't been remodeled in a long time (maybe that's not the case, but it certainly feels that way). This particular location has a lot less bakery and deli goods as well. It almost seems like Lunds isn't interested in keeping this location as nice as the others I have been to.

Michael Shay

Good selection of food items you can't find elsewhere.

Anita Forde

apple pie was on my list and as always it was wonderful. $$$

Bridget Murphy

Nice. Clean

Philip Kosel

Good for a quick stop, great overall selection. The bakery makes some very good authentic options.

Nick Bauman

8pm on a Sunday and there are literally 3 employees in the store and you have to organize a search party to find them. Employee number one knows where nothing is in the store and has completely bloodshot eyes. The second one looks like he's twelve but miraculously knows where everything is. Yay young employee number two! The grocery empire has only you to depend on for it's reputation. May the force be with you! Employee number three wore a literal white collar and looked like he hasn't put down his doughnut in years. He appears to be there to use his key on the till. Then he just totters back into the office.

Patty Kennedy

One of the best lunds & byerlys around!

Susan Cooper

Nice store with quality products. It also fair prices.

Gary Jorgenson

Upscale store

Robert Holt

Big clean store

Ken Huiras

Ok very priced limited selections

Laurie Iskierka

Very well organized and great staff.

Jenna Meier

Small town feel, yet well stocked

Jamil wells

Prices way to hi , will never return.

Edward Chenard

A very quiet Lunds and Byerlys. I believe this used to be a Lunds. The selection is pretty good here although parking can be a little difficult. The staff is helpful but the sign for the restrooms could be a bit bigger. There is a much larger sign saying it’s now an exit so it is easy to just walk by it and not think that is where the restroom is. There are plenty of doors there, you could be looping the store a few times looking for it if you don’t know where it is.

Mary Beth Pottratz

Friendly staff, great sale prices, easy to stop in for one item or the week's groceries.

Mia Jay

Sometimes over priced. But the employees are nice, it's always clean and a convenient place to shop.

Cahler Matthies

They have a great Caribou coffee staff that's always smiling and happy to help!

Trevor Woodbury

Nice store

Bill Mahoney

Stuck in the 80's store design but fast and awesome service plus prices.

Cristine Bergeson

I love the convenient location

Stupid Storm

Great healthy lunch for a quick bite.

Karl Bunday

The store has the full line-up of the usual variety of groceries you'd expect at a Lunds & Byerlys store. It's next to a LARGE parking lot with a strip mall wrapped around it. I have shopped here and have also attended many meetings in the community room. It's a good location for meet-ups with friends in the food court area.

Danielle Schmidt

Conveniently located grocery store right next to my gym. They have excellent products and are always friendly. They are typically not too busy.

Jennie Berger

A little to small, not enough deli or bakery items like there sister stores.

Russell Santos

A very clean and neat store with very nicely furnish shelves and ceiling. Everyone working here is very polite and friendly. Highly recommended!

Kenneth Rice

I've been shopping at this chain for 45 years, satisfaction!

Beatrice Eull

Always the best wild rice soup.

Greg Goldsworthy

Great place to shop

Adam Phillips

Awesome service at this store. I always shop at this store and to date there is nothing bad I can say. Everything us always amazing at this store. Recommended.

Jen Boulton

Great selection of deli & bakery items!

Janet Bearmon

There was an incredibly friendly and helpful man who was stocking items ...excellent customer service!

Roger Aiken

Love this store, so much marketing, but if there is any quality left in commercial food, you will find it here.

Rosa Rodriguez

Good food fresh and good prices

Derek G

Clean, great deli. Resisters always understaffed. I hate waiting 7 mins for 1-2 items. why aren't they on top of this for the prices they charge? Or put in a self checkout like so many others.

James Seale

Good selection, though I don't usually shop here I use it as a quick stop between work and home when I need to get a few items.

David Lee

Great store but poorly organized

Andy Madson

Pretty high end vibe with little kid shopping carts that my kids dig.

Gene Piersa

Always good.

Jennifer King

This store is a one stop shop! My girlfriend was having the worst day, so I ran to Lund's & Byerly's on my lunch hour. I was able to grab a plant, chocolates, a yummy salad, a latte, and a card within minutes of entering the store. I had time to deliver them to her at work and save the day!

Mike Foesch

Clean and nice looking store, nice employees, but the prices are a bit steep.

Joshua Fritz

Layout is a little strange compared to other L&B stores. My last visit I bought some frozen ravioli and when I got home and opened the package, it was moldy and freezer burned.

Gran Papo

Big bowl express!

Michelle Smith

Nice store. Friendly staff. Great bakery.

Holly Wyss

Love these stores! From Indpls. Go there each time I visit!

Dannah Dean

Often surprised by how friendly the workers I meet there are.

Chrissy Von Itter

Very clean!! The store is played out well.

Eric Mann

Amazingly friendly staff and personalized service. The absolute best pre-made meals that taste great out of a microwave. Seriously they are magic.

Lynnette Muhich

The store has a stink to it that is most off putting. Everything seemed fresh, so I do not know what facility issue they were having.

Megan Leigh

Great service and good for a quick bite. The salad bar is on the smaller side for a Lund's and byerlys.

Stephen Irrgang

The service at this grocery store is top notch!

Paul Mellgren

Just a grocery store, with brand names$$$

Alexander McGruder

Always clean Great selection Certious staff


Fantastic place to buy the same food Cub and Wal-Mart sells if you're rich.

Theresa Oberuc

Carol, who works in the deli, was especially helpful.

Charlotte Moore

Great visit , great prices , great group of people ! I give Lunds & Byerlys 5 stars !

Taner Eiswald

Affordable quality and quality service.

Calisha Sanders

Great clean store with many options that u can't find in other stores,prices are higher than the conventional store but it's due to the better, healthier options, the great service and locations. I love shopping here

Ryan Gaddy

Nice, quiet, local store. Its not one of those large supermarkets but does have a nice selection of goods. Decent prices on goods and offer great tasting pastries. Saturday morning it was surprisingly slow when compared to other stores which is a good thing. Totally felt as if i could get in and out with ease. Theres also a caribou coffee inside you need a caffeine kick.

Janis Bukstein

A fascinating place to go got some great sushi there.

Dominique Gore

Its smaller than the other stores I have visited but hey its the only that's close to my house that sells the wild rice sausage my little one loves them vs the hot dogs.

Aj Jaxon

Clean facility. Friendly employees

D johnston

Over priced

Deepthi Madhu

Super,mango cake haa ....,wanna eat more and more

Adam Jorgenson

Everything I need, seldom busy, high quality meats and great service.

Yvonne Christiansen

Always cheerful staff

Tim Hoover

GREAT staff, fast service and good meat choices

Mark Parks

Great fresh food, deli has large selection and staff is friendly and helpful

Doris Curtis

I love this place! The prices are reasonable. Great location, customer service was is fantastic.

Sue Witt

Caribou coffee and treats from the deli. Staff was cheerful and helpful :)

Brian Peterson

They have a decent selection of fresh produce and Bakery items. The store itself is relatively small but you can always get the essentials here. This store is always clean and the employees do a great job.

Bruce Allyn

The meat and seafood are great quality and sustainably sourced.

Sandra Brown

Good place to shop. Products are excellent. Fast checkout . Parking is convenient.Recommended to all.

Camren Blank

This location is not very busy so it's quick to get groceries

Captain Ron

Great store

Gerald Mortenson

great selection. pamper customers

Ahman Airitam

Second rate Lunds. Decent store but not as upscale as the others.

Tom H

My favorite Lunds! Great staff and selections. Clean store.

Michael Doyle

Didn't have the ultrathin provolone slices that other locations have. I've never liked any of Lunds or Byerlys delis' higene, so I stopped requesting cheese slices from the deli. Otherwise the overall quality is between the average Lunds and Byerlys in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Matth Escopeland

A little small, but this place does the trick.

Brenda Skora

Clean, friendly, helpful employees Good selection of prepared foods and fresh produce. Donut section small and disappointing.

Jesse Hayes

They had an amazing selection of produce, cheese, and baked goods. The prices are great too!

Chris Tyler

Very nice grocery store. High quality meats, produce, and baked goods

Robert K

Tons of funds at this Lund's!

Joe Johnson

Great Chow better than the mall


Not my favorite Byerly's layout. Small, no filtered water refills, prepped food (beyond deli), smaller selection of snacks and 'health' foods. Still better than cub.

john a

This store seems to carry less variety than other B&L stores. I might be imagining it because it's a pretty large store.

Andrew Thompson

Good for a small number of items or specialty items.

Tyson Conner

Nice carpeting and mellow music. BOGO on certain products

Dayla Korman

Great service and selection. Beautiful produce area.

John Hopkins

Great upscale market- tremendous selection.

David Nieting

Great sale prices. Really good products

edwin brown

Do you have a very good cheese selection bakery and deli section is very good also

Al Bliss

Their wild rice soup is the best. Was on sale in the freezer section. HOWEVER, super high in sodium.

Caroline lee

Always a great place to shop !! They are open late and I can get all my shopping done here!!

Vic W

All of the Lunds and Byerly's that I've ever been to are all extremely clean and the staff is always very helpful! I'm not a huge fan of this location, and by that, I just mean where it's located. :-) It was kind of nestled away on a side street off of Highway 7. Other than that, the parking lot was extremely clean, the atmosphere was pleasant, and I will certainly be returning! :-)

Denise Farrell

I didn't realize they didn't have hot food

Will My People Think

Being a black man, it means a lot to me when I can shop on peace, no one followed me around or pestered me. I was greeted once and left alone, just how I like it. I asked for help and they were very prompt to stop what they are doing to assist me. Food is a little pricy, but that's the only place I shop to get my avocados, they're always fresh there.

Zita Flugum

Fresh ,fast, I liked !

Jesse Kortes

Nice location in the neighborhood. Only problem is that the prices are very high.

Ryan Torres

A very impeccable store with all sorts of products and items at very reasonable price.

Virgil Sperlich

Little high on prices, clean and organized

Danny S

great place to shop. has everything you need

Clayton Haapala

I dislike the scent of flowers next to the meat dept.

Rita Sandstrom

Nice local grocery, but pricey.

Gloria Solorzano

Great meats, flowers and fruits.

Kyle Tiller

The store sells the food.

Kate Spoelstra

Helpful, friendly staff and a clean store.

Lisa Haider

Nice selection of produce.

Azizullah Quraishi

There's UPS Desk at L&B, with good customer service.

Michael Casey

Might have been good, but we went for Starbucks and it was closed before 9pm.

Mazen Abusharkh

This place is a fancy version of Target and not (much) more expensive -- I like it!

Bryon Bougie

Great selection but high prices

Divya Keerthana

Good bakery stuff always fresh and fresh vegetable

Phanikumar Kothapalli

Nice store with quality products. But it's little expensive.


Friendly employees nice location. Just wish the deli area had a better hot case. This is the only L&B I know of that doesn't have a real hot case. Just a little warmer shelf with some chicken choices.

Zach Mein

Cool employees bad management

Paula Torrano

Always friendly staff!

David DeRoode

Great store. Wide selection great quality. Nice and clean. Great meats

Christine Wells

A very clean and neat store with very nicely furnish shelves and ceiling. I love everyone working here since they are very polite and friendly.

Joaquin Munoz

A top review said that this place was stuck in an 80s design, and they were totally right


Good produce. A little overpriced though

Andrew Pavlenko

I work near this location so I visit often. It's always got a great produce selection and everyone greets me as I walk around. Wonderful friendly staff.

Joan Castillo

The store is really huge. You will get everything that you need at very affordable prices! Thumbs up!

Christine Duxbury

I like working for lunds and byerlys flexible hours

Logan Maher

Everything is overpriced.

P S & P Designs

Just about every one was helpful

Joseph London

Clean market, helpful employees and top notch produce

Kyle Scheible

Typical lunds byerlys... mostly too expensive except for the sales, and poor selection. Most of their milk is almost always close to expiry if not expired.


Wonderful local grocery store

John Heath

Good store.


I was in L&B for a few items I needed for dinner and they had exactly what I needed! Thanks for being my one stop shop!

Laurencio Ronquillo

Good supermarket with some higher end items clean organized and nice staff.

Carolyn Joyce

Sooo, good! All the time!

Blake Menking

Great food.

Corey Cavin

I love the bakery. I has noticed a wonderful change. There are so many new options for people who do not have a big family. I am one with a sweet tooth. I like going in to this store now. Who would have thought it would be the bakery that brings me here to shop. I am a very happy person. Thank you new bakery person.

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