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REVIEWS OF Lunds & Byerlys Eagan IN Minnesota

Karen Lynn

I loved the pharmacy! The Pharmacists were outstanding! Their work was flawless! They constantly went above and beyond! Then in July 2019, corporate sells their pharmacys to 1 of the 2 big, rude, mistake-ridden, franchise pharmacys. Providing me with their one & only, huge dis-service. Just the idea of having to go somewhere else makes me ill!

Rodney Vizer

Good selection, but sometimes a favorite item or two may be out of stock. Helpful employees and drive up available for loading groceries. They've become more tech savvy with their website and app and also offer home delivery... which is quite nice if you're looking to save a little time.

Jeroen Leroy

Great selection, too expensive.

Allison Cortez

Everyone is always friendly. Great produce!

Becky Spurbeck

Always super clean. They have great BOGO deals, which makes it easy to get great food at a reasonable price. I appreciate being able to drive up to get groceries and not having an expectation to tip. I go out of my way to get medicine filled at the pharmacy because they are so great.

Kelly Jacobson

Excellent staff, decent selection. Too pricey, unless on sale.

Douglas Cavin

Love this place, it's always spotless and the produce, and meat dept are excellent t in quality. Their prepared foods are wonderful. The bakery is my go to place for special occasions. The service is always first rate.

Laura Ellingson

Great deli, bakery seems over priced but delicious! The store staff attentive and genuine! Love shopping here for my holiday meals and special event!

ron christensen

Good place. Always have what I'm looking for...

Terri Conley

Loved this store. Can I afford to shop

EH Flooring Sales Evan Hopkins

Nice, good in all areas i required ... except small bakery/no poppy seed kolache's, my fav Byerlys treat.


Its a great place and has samples very often. Nice

Daniel Dugan

Love the staff here. Jay is an awesome beer guy.

monti mahner

Best store every day. Coffee rubbed Pulled pork at the taco bar is awesome. Decent organic selection.

Alan Carlson

Good service. Employees are always helpful. Selections are always fresh.

Rick Reichert

Nice staff

Epic Jmrbob

Great all around grocery. Staff and helpful and personable while the store is laid out to be easy. The Big Bowl inside is tasty too!


Great place to shop very clean and friendly service

Amy Zaccaglin

I always get all my familys birthday cakes here and last one was not done correct however melinda the bakery manager made it right i will continue to get all cakes from eagan byerlys the frosting and cake is always perfect thank you melinda for all the great cakes Amy

Davis Jose

Regular customer of salads and soups.... Keep up the quality of food....

Steve Ingalsbe

Upscale Twin Cities chain with a good selection of fruits and vegetables. The meat and seafood selection is good with knowledgeable butchers to help you out. The canned and boxed stuff is standard fare.

Paula Yarmo

Clean, well stocked, helpful staff. I bought too much but enjoyed all the salads. The soups sounded so good, veggies fresh crisp but no flavor. We had chicken wild rice and squash and just no flavor, disappointing.

stephen grossoehme

Very friendly and fresh food sushi Wednesday $6


My family and me go here to get the best cake that I have ever had. The service is good there.


Great grocery store. They carry just about anything you can imagine. Also have a wonderful deli. If they don't have it, you don't need it. Higher priced groceries though. .

jerry caulfield

Went to buy an item and it should have been buy one get one free. A second cashier butted in after the 1st cashier gave it to me.( i offered to show them the sign) and basically called me a liar saying it not that item. Very poor 1st impression. I'm visiting Minnesota from California

Duane Krob

Highly recommend. Upscale shopping for groceries. Love it

Josey Eagan

Location is clean, staff have always been great! Produce section sucks at times in my opinion .

Andrea Nygren

Great variety. High prices but I know that going in. Don't do my normal shopping here

Ambir Dawn

The butcher I talked to was EXTREMELY helpful!

Jessica Contreras

The cage free scrambled eggs are really good..

Kevin Anderson

The Best Great Staff Excellent Selection

Tinker Life

Clean, organized, with super helpful staff. Does not feel like a warehouse (think HyVee). And it is exceedingly rare not to find what you need from a culinary standpoint. Prices really comparable to other major grocery stores, plus they bag and deliver to your car. Makes little sense to go anywhere else.

Logan Paquin

Clean store with a good selection of food. Their ready made meals such as Big Bowl Express are a great benefit, and the customer service is excellent. I cannot find all the health market style food I can get from Hy-vee or Whole Foods, but overall a good stop.

Gabrielle Mazdurr

Love this place. Staff is always helpful and friendly, and it has a super chill USBank branch inside. Yummy bakery, deli, and pretty decent sushi as well.

Elizabeth Becker

Always quality foods in easy to use sizes.

Eric James

Lund’s and Byerlys is a very solid and reliable grocery store. In addition to the grocery store, they have a ton of little restaurants in the corner, and my family sometimes goes there just to eat dinner. It’s great because people can pick out whatever they want. The groceries are on the pricier side. It’s a little nicer in there than a cub or target, but I ultimately can’t tell any difference in the groceries between them. Byerlys is a great grocery store and it’s hard to find things wrong with it. Will return.

Jaleh Chehrenegar

Clean, organized, easy to find items

Marcelo J

I normally shop at Cub foods but I needed to pick up some mineral water and a couple of other items, the store is well organized, carpeted floors, very easy to get help. At the registers you will get your groceries put in a bag for you. But all these extras came with a price which is noticeable on the price of some items. Overall a very good experience. MJ

Deedee Lind

Love it love it love it! Great service and the employees always recognize us and call us by our names!

Jillian Nielsen

Prices high for what you get

Nate Sockness

Great speed in and out, even 2 days before thanksgiving. I thought there would be long lines and waits but it seemed like they had extra staff on for all the additional customers. I was purchasing some shrimp, there was plenty of staff at the meat counter all we very willing to help with any questions. Fully stocked meat counter.

Rob Edinger

Very nice food store with a few harder to find items. Four and a half stars for quality, cleanliness, and selection; five for friendly, helpful employees. Two stars for prices.

Megan Schoephoerster

I enjoy shopping in this store. I like the layout and appreciate the selection of products available. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They have a Caribou Coffee, wine and spirits shop, and cafeteria. They are also great to order groceries from for delivery or pick up.

Darrin Stewart

A really nice carpeted grocery store. Hot food, great deli and meat department.

Liz Pearson

Great place to do some shopping after work or to grab a bite from their salad bar. Super convenient with quality food and staff.

Jeffrey Millunzi

Pure class

Michelle Carlson

Great place to pick up dinner on the way home

Alex Kleven

I love coming here for a quick bite to eat on lunch. Top quality food court and there has never really been much of a line with the ability to check out at the normal grocery. Make sure you try the asian food, it will keep making you want to come back!

Leah Thorstad

Produce, meat, and fish is always great quality and in stock which I’m always willing to pay more for, but I’m afraid some of the cashiers tend to discriminate against younger people. Unfortunately today was the second time in the last couple weeks that I’ve felt discriminated against. The first time, my husband (who is heavily tattooed) and I were walking toward the cashiers, looking for an open lane. We walked past the first cashier who said nothing and didn’t even make eye contact with us, but greeted the older woman behind us very kindly and offered to have her checked out in her lane. The second time (literally 5 mins ago), I had noticed there was a sign up to let me know that the lane was closing so I looked for an open one and stood in line. When the lady in front of me was being helped, the cashier put the sign up and told me she was closing so I’d have to find another. That’s fine, I get it. People need breaks or are ending their shift. I’m usually understanding of that since I, myself work in customer service and appreciate when customers respect that. So I go to another lane, begin to get checked out, and the lady that had just closed her lane reopened it and began to help customers who were visibly much older than I am. If you’re going to hire cashiers who are going to be so blatantly ageist, you could at least lower your prices so I don’t feel as horrible about my experience when I leave.

Martha Endrizzi

This store is always clean and beautifully organized. There is help where you need it and fast check out! I quickly found everything I needed for my Thanksgiving fruit salad.

Macy Olson

Great place! The tall guy at Caribou was super friendly!

Megan Berg

Nice employees but overpriced on a few items.

Yashar Alizadeh

Great store and awesome customer service!!!

Julia Landry

Signed up for their loyalty program & saved $2 on Caribou coffee!

Elizabeth Yarns

Busy busy place. I like going there for lunch, ..good variety. Their food tastes better than their nearby competitor, Hy-vee. Customer service, eh, some days are good, some days are unsure.

Margaret K

Freshest produce, clean, organized store, friendly/helpful staff, wide variety of items not found in other grocery stores

Laurie Valentine

It's a great place to get a delicious salad and Sushi Wednesdays are my fave.

Judy Rock

They always make delicious and beautiful cakes! My family always looks forward to celebrations that include Byerly's cakes!

laura skogen

Love getting the salad bar for lunch but usually end up with a $12-$14 salad because of all the heavy ingredients I enjoy!

Cynthia Guerra

Normally I have a pretty good experience at Byerly's but tonight the one thing I went there for they were all out of and they said that they don't give rain checks. I wanted something from the pastry section and although there were people behind the counter nobody seemed to want to help me so I went without. Use the restroom before I left and found that that was not particularly clean. I know everybody short of help maybe they were just having a bad night.

Mike Temple

If they don't got it, ya must not need it. Helpful, courteous, kind. Great grab & go selections. Chicken cherry salad wrap was excellent. Thank you!

Matveh Panya

Quality products, although you pay for what you get.

Mimi Conroy

Great selection and specials.

Brian Gudio

Excellent! They sell hexane free products in addition to regular groceries.

Kathy Hawley

Very nice store. Lots to choose from ❤

Andrea Olson

Great neighborhood grocer and daily specials

Ryan Dunaiski

They discontinued a dairy free option we buy but were very apologetic and let the store manager know they need to get one to replace it.

April Turitto

Always good food and great service at this location!


I was standing in front of the sample station. the guy who serve the sample ignored I exist, by pass me two times and served the ladies after me. After I threw the fork and napkin in the trash can and walked away, he said " you want some? I can give you some". I feel very offended. leave my review and not going to shop there any more.

W. T. O.

Not a bad selection of food but terribly overpriced compared to actual restaurants in the area. If you're meeting someone, casual or in a hurry, this place works. However, value for money? Poor I gave it two stars because the food and selections are good. The price killed it all for me and I can afford 10x what I paid. I just think it's a disservice to overcharge because of your name.

Debbie Lyon

I have been so disappointed with purchases over the last few weeks. I was always confident that produce and meat would be fresh. In the last week I have brought home celery that was rotting(not visible until taking out of packaging it was slimy). Fresh peaches were rotting overnight. Appeared fresh in store. Bare brand chicken spoiled. Purchased and opened within an hour. Returned chicken to the store but did a sniff test on other packages found them to be spoiled. I didn’t purchase any chicken. I am sorry that I can no longer rely on the high level of products that used to be available here.

Ben Lacroix

Best grocery store ever

Boss Lady

Great customer service. I wasn't satisfied with my purchase from the deli and I sent them an email. They sent me a gift card. Very good place to shop.

J Brower

Best quality of groceries.

Andre Burrow

This store has anything and everything and great people working

mira Jang

Today I went in just to look around but women working in cheese deli was awesome. Came out with different types of cheese that I wasn't even looking for.

Mike Mondloch

Very clean. High end grocery. Friendly staff

Carroll Aasen

Nice clean store with helpful employees, great place to take an elderly person for a walk and then a snack

Douglas A.

Really appreciated the meals ready to eat since I was staying in a hotel for 3 weeks

Paul Molling

Love this store!

Stephanie Taylor

Clean,friendly And quick service

Abdul Wahidi

It's great place for groceries shopping. Nice people

Kelly Allen

Great variety for groceries and great cafeteria for lunch.

Heidi Buss

A great stock and helpful people.

Chris Dufour

Great salad and food bar.

Martin Johnson

Always a great place to shop!

Alan Snyder

Great grocery store, best produce.

Felicia Zanie

Great ambience, friendly staff. Nice displays, delicious food and you can find almost anything you're looking for in their stores. They have the best sales ever!

Brittany Armijo

First time in one and loved it!! Cake was great!

Angela Lacluir

People very helpful. Being a disabled person I had a gentleman very willing to help me reach priducts

Jenifer Lindback Wennerstrom

Fresh, clean well laid out. Produce is so fresh and the bakery is wonderful.

Lulu Favorites

Best place in town for weekly grocery shopping. Nice selection without being too big. When I am in a hurry, also really like being able to order online and just have to drive up and the groceries are loaded into my car.


I come here literally every week because the sushi is PHENOMENAL! Overall, it's a great place to shop for groceries and eat a good meal.

victoria s

Always freshest produce and the friendliest service. We love our Lunds!

Bianca Ward

Clean, excellent staff, good selection, nice rewards and fair pricing

Jean Hawemann

I like the bakery,a very nice store to shop and also the deli I like the different foods you can choose from I love the fried rice Jeanne

Rated Rachel

Very helpful people

Gregory Carlson

People are wonderful and the atmosphere is inviting. The cafe is wonderful as well as the foods.

John Schnellman

Great store, friendly staff & fantastic products!

Sara Jeffers

Pleasant & helpful workers, great selection of fresh & frozen foods. Clean & well organized

Dmitri Mogilevski

A very versatile lunch option - a salad bar, sandwiches, Mexican bar etc. Comfortable dining area. Plenty of drink options. Plus, since it is inside a full-scale grocery store, you can combine lunch with a mini shopping and get a few items for the office or home.

nate carroll

Great service when asking about sales and specific items. Great selection of groceries and their deli / cafeteria looked nice. Highly recommend Their new promos come out on Wednesdays i believe

Raja Gorla

Excellent all the way

Linda Santa Cruz

I love Byerlys. They recently remodeled and they have a HUGE selection of choices for lunch. My favorite is Big Bowl... But they have sushi, tacos, salad bar, hot foods bar with chicken, potatoes, etc. Nice and clean. Pricier than other stores but the quality matches pretty well.

Anne Cleveland Ames

Lunds and Byerly's is always great. Randy, in the pharmacy, takes great care of me and my meds. High quality, always.

Sandra Burrowes

My grocery store of choice. Their selection is broad; their customer service first-class. Their employees go the extra mile.

Rob Clucas

Well stocked store with hot and cold prepared foods, deli, bakery, butcher, seafood, pharmacy, and liquor department. Can be a bit spendy, but good quality goods and great service.

Greg Hoffman

Lunds/Byerlys is a higher-end grocery store where you get great products, but at a generally higher price. If you're willing to pay the premium, it's a nice place to shop - great meat/cheese/deli section, beautiful produce, and a really nice butcher shop. They've also got a food court with a Big Bowl, sushi bar, and make-your-own hot foods, salad, and tacos by the pound. Be sure and check out their $6 specials board - a different one each day. My favorite is Thursday's $6 make-your-own beer six-packs, with a large and varying selection of beers to pick from, including many craft and local beers.

Von W

They have everything you need and more. Always great produce.

Joan Gabriel

Love this place for specialty items.

Nicole Hamilton

Great place, organized and the people are nice. Won't shop there often unfortunately because the prices are very very high.

Brook Wachal

Beautiful grocery store with a coffee shop inside.

Todd Kellogg

Just ok..some offerings need more heat

Lori Wag

One of the most nicest cleanest plenty of food to choose from store I have been in a long time and this is just within all Lunds and Byerly

Ben Craighead

Expensive and some cashiers are rather blunt, but some are very nice.

Wilson Umezurike

Customer friendly

Lance Koller

It's a busy place but is an excellent shopping experience. Pricey but has high quality items.

Christin Holy

Always have what I need, and the prices are fair.

Noah Schafer

Nice place to grab a quick lunch.

Natalie Wyattbrown

Best selection, great deli

Debba Sniderman

This is a review of Lunds & Byerlys generally. Once upon a time there were two upscale markets, one called Lunds and the other called Byerly's. I used to enjoy shopping at both. Then I moved out of state for many years, only returning recently, and discovered the two stores have become one. Sadly, they lost a lot in their merger. Used to be Byerly's had a great international foods selection, but I don't see that anymore. They also used to make really good bagels and had a nice selection. Now, the bagels look more like bread rolls and not much of a selection. Walked all over the store today looking for packaged lox but couldn't find any. All I saw at the store today was a lot of high prices. Very disappointing. I won't be stopping in again.

John Shannon

Their deli service is the friendliest I've ever experienced.

David Kelliher

It is a little on the pricey side if you make this your daily grocery trip

Travis Maddas

Super clean grocery store pay a little more but you can find the wee Willy sauces and rubs that no other grocery store has.

Mary D

Always great quality food and service

Movie TV Tech Geeks News

Easily one of the best pharmacy's that feels like an old style where they remember your name. The pharmacists here remember any issues you might have had before with prescriptions and are quick to point out any issues you might have with new ones. It's a rarity to have though nowadays.

Denise hiknee

Enjoy this shopping the most. Great deli bars. Easy to find stuff. Pleasant shopping experience. Can't wait for the Halloween party

Jessica Sullivan

A bit pricey but they have good deals too. Great salad bar and taco bar

Michael Sheare

Always a clean nice place. Always has wonderful samples to try and also has a big bowl inside. The pharmacy staff are terrific and very knowledgeable. It is a great one stop shop for sure. I give this place 2 thumbs

darlette knox

Woowhooo great store with caribou coffee

John Keller

Prices slightly higher than some of the bigger markets. Service when needed is prompt and courteous. Grocery selections cover most of the popular choices. Vegetables and fruits offered are fresh. Meats are tasty and a decent grade.

Beth T

Nice place

Aaron Hall

One of my favorite grocery experiences ever!

Alicia Richter

Typical chain gourmet grocery store. Great salad bar and lunch food for grab and go.

Ray Morris

Good place for a quick quality meal

Glenn Renick

This store offers many higher end products not found in common grocery stores. But there are often items that are out of stock, especially soups in the grab and go section.

Morgan Atchison

We really love coming to this l&b location. They have an outstanding deli and it's also a good place to go to die lunch. Produce is always good quality in addition to their worse selection of meats. I can always appreciate a butcher that is willing to cut you the exact weight that you need for things like a roast. It is just the two of us and sometimes a four pound roast is just too much. The butcher there was very accommodating when there wasn't the weight I was looking for already in the case.

David Barrett

Great lunch spot. Clean area with a professional atmosphere. Many foods to choose from. I had sushi and a.salad that were of excellent quality. I will be back.

Cathy Jacobson

I went to buy chocolates and found dome great dark chocolate and then ate in their cafeteria. I had salad from the deli. BYERLYS IS A VERY CASUAL FUN PLACE TO BRING YOUR FOOD AND EAT LINCH . HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT

Dave Kinney

Very friendly. Employee pointed me out to good local beer.

Genna Natanzon

Great quality and service. A bit expensive but a lot of BOGO items.

Scott M

Awesome supermarket! Their deli selection and produce are superb, and they have a full-service meat and seafood section. Their prices are a little higher than other stores, but they feature a very good selection of sale items every week. They have many hard to find brands and products. Customer service is always too notch.

Ross Elenkiwich

This is a great store with an excellent assortment of selections. If you are a grocery shopper you have to try a Lunds and Byerlys. They have it all. I would highly recommend the prepared meals or meal kits. They are relatively simple, fun to try and delicious!


Nice and comfortable store to get almost any type of items....

Andrew Wittenburg

I shop at this store often, very enjoyable. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. Recently I loaded up my camera with some black and white film and took some photos of the produce. The bakery makes some very beautiful bread, and the seafood displays are amazing. This is an awesome store! Also, there is a Caribou Coffee inside the store.

Doris Horton at deli very good..

Valerie Fortin

Bakery staff helpful and easy to talk to

Darin Zimmerman

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing! Thanks for making the day.

Todd Musgjerd

Nice shopping experience. Very pleasant atmosphere.

Rory Merlino

Great selections

Carolyn Campero

Lots of great lunch options.

Jennifer Senger

There food there is good quality a bit higher on price but worth it.

Linda Lagnada

Very clean...nice atmosphere... We were celebrating a bday & stopped here for coffee & dessert & stayed for about it & visited...very nice wait staff

Ruth Dobbelmann

Nice workplace, nice people, and fantasic food. Worth a visit.

Raymond Shepard

I stopped in for a birthday cake and the staff are more than happy to personalize the cake 4 you. If you're looking for quality products, look no further.

Mikhail Kuksenko

Clean place. Better quality produce.

Thai Vang

Variety of food selections

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