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5159 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55437 Located in: Normandale Village

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Where is Lunds & Byerlys Bloomington?

REVIEWS OF Lunds & Byerlys Bloomington IN Minnesota

Volkan Kaya

Easily can find whatever and open till midnight.

Michelle Knutson

Awesome staff and the store is very clean.

Chelsea Hughes

THIS PLACE IS JUST AMAZING. it's always so clean, well stocked and the staff is also so prepared to be as helpful as you need them to be.

Christine Maxa

Smaller store. Hot buffet later in the day was in a sorry state. Not too impressed.

Lee Larson-Evers

Owen Curtiss

Very expensive products, that are very tasty. They awkwardly tend to your cart and haul your groceries to your car.

Matt Rowand

Christopher Wheeler

Mark was not helpful when calling about simple/light cream. I tried to explain to him what it was that I was looking for but was cut off in my very brief explanation and offered another product.

Tonia Elkhayyat

Nice clean store a little more expensive than cubs in this area. They also cater parties. Having a party you can stop by lungs for beautifully made cakes for children stop at the bakery isle.

Debra Korb

Love their deli for a quick lunch to grab and go. Lots of choices!

Blaine Chaulklin

I go just for the double chocolate, chocolate chip cookies

Sue Kolar

Great selection of produce & nice salad bar & hot food bar.

Joe Haupt

We always stop by Lunds & Byerlys during our trips to Minnesota to pick up gifts for friends back home (wild rice, Minnesota jellies, etc.). The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Jacob Hultgren

Zac Koch

I had lunch here - it was good, a little pricey though. I'd say an average lunch was $10 for a sandwich.

Amber Pickett

Great service! All the bakery & deli foods I've had have been good, & the store is always very clean & organized. There's also a great little sushi stand (fresh-made in the store!) next to the deli, and a nice, quiet indoor strip mall (with a large variety of stores) connected by the deli seating area.

Mitchell Greene

Called in to see if they had pumpkins (You know, for carving?) in stock. Operator didn't know, transferred me to bakery. Bakery didn't know, transferred me to grocery. Grocery wasn't sure and was going to transfer me to produce. I stopped him before he had the chance to transfer me again and explained how many times I had been transferred already. He then sounded slightly more confident that they had pumpkins available but I guess I'll find out when I make the drive over there. Very frustrating. I'd expect this from Wal-Mart, but never from Lund's.

R Novak

Nice cashiers!

Ashley Whiting

Decent sales and helpful staff. I really like having the Caribou Coffee right in store.

Keith Hanson

They are always taking care of us when needed. Always well organized and very clean.

Nicholas Chikwon

This place is great not just for convenience sake, but also because they provide absolutely top notch customer service. In particular the night crew led by Aaron(I think!) are awesome. He just noticed I was buying a particular type of pizza while I checked out and alerted me that there was a equivalent on bigtime sale. Saved me $6. Not a ton, but it matters. Keep up the good work !!!!!

Linda Kiernan

We really enjoy this particular Lunds/Byerlys. The check-out clerks are always very nice and friendly. and the stock clerks are so helpful when you need to find something. They also have some of the best produce around. Pretty good selection of some unique products that you can't find at the local Cub. Very convenient location that has been updated recently. There deli/hot food buffet is very nice with a great selection of food but a bit on the expensive side.

Richard Wright

Good selection great service

James Mccarthy

Great selection, with coffee shop and nice bakery

Kelly Okerstrom

Friendly employees,bright,clean.the food is usually very good.

David Gfroerer

Freshest produce a lot of locally grown options available Very friendly staff at this store!

D Gram6

Not competitive price-wise, not many deals to be found here. If you are one of the fortunate (no offense meant) that does not look at the price of the items when shopping (I know, I know sounds a bit far fetched however there are a great number of folks that do not - and that is whom this store is for) then this is the place for you. Parking is no different or better, selection is not any different, they will emphasise(sell you on) that they have... better selection,better quality but I guess you'll have to judge that for yourself - then again, if you don't look at the pricing when selecting then it doesn't matter. I will say, they still bag your purchases and, if you need, will assist you to your vehicle if needed/requested (however depending on who you ask, you might get the impression you are being a bother - in fairness, that only happened once, a while ago but, that is all it took as I've never asked again.)but in today's economy, that just doesn't justify the difference (in some cases, almost take advantage of) pricing. Maybe, perhaps, I am being a bit critical since this company has been around for a long time - I will also add, they play a huge part overall in this market I mean, after all, what/who else would justify all the others' pricing as being "a better deal" if there wasn't an example of a higher price? It also validates the others' pricing - good deal or bad is still up to you. So why go there? Because it's on the way to or from.

Katrina Bennett

Betsy Waverly

shady employees. no self-checkout lanes.

Daniel Picard

They have some of the best produce available in Bloomington. The staff is top notch. They can be more expensive than other grocery stores, but the sales and BOGO offers here are the best! If you shop the deals, no other site can match the pricing and service here.

angela vlasyuk

OVERPRICED ITEMS. I noticed that there was an item that was priced at $2.50 while at a different store it was priced at $1.50 I understand that you're higher-end store, but the rich don't stay rich by paying more than you should && the poor need to stretch their $$as much as possible...

Amanda Turner

It’s too bad they closed their pharmacy. I shopped a lot there even though it was a little pricey for convenience when I was picking up my prescriptions. I haven’t been there much since the pharmacy closed.

Kendra Banks

Kimberly Sletten

Awesome staff!!!

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Erica Seterstrom

A great variety of meatless choices. I found a lot of vegetarian meals in the frozen food section. The prices weren't as high as I was expecting.

Jotin Musoke

DeliciousvTiramisu cake

tracy bond

The store is nice but the bathrooms can use some tending to.

Lisa Lavender

I don't know about anyone else, but this is a neat store that takes grocery shopping up a notch. Walking through their eatery and then into their bakery was a pleasant surprise. They have many unique goods for sale and you can tell they put pride in their work. Yes they dont have all the sales deals other grocery stores have, but it makes shopping a pleasant experience and have unique items. They sell retail price so what? You go to a state fair or aquarium or valley fair or the renaissance fair and spend twice that on soda, on beer, food and trinkets.

Maureen Gabrysh

Always nice to shop here

Lee Wiech

Very clean

Gwen Lewin

A little expensive, but you get your monies worth. Great variety of different foods.

Milena Bates

Overpriced, weird layout, good produce, good desserts

Kristin Almquist

Friendly staff, beautiful remodel, great products and convenient location!

Edward Chenard

This is a munch better one than the store on France Ave. Nice layout, staff and selection.

Isle B.

Everything is great ... 4 stars only because it's more expensive, but you get what you pay for

Sara Crumrine

Staff are amazing and you can find great deals!

Marian Walton

Have great produce

Terri Pray

Wonderful selection.

Tiffany Williams

Such a cool store. There buffet was pretty good. All in all happy with service

Ryan Grutsch

Jennifer Johnson

Great products and service!

Brenda Gilsrud

The L&B on the Hill is a good choice! Wide variety, fresh food, really good salad bar; and great deals, especially if you get their App. Then you get some surprisingly fantastic deals that you might not expect.

Elizabeth Davidson

Always the best store for my shopping. Located at a great place and they have ample parking. Awesome selection of produce!

Grant Meyer

Great store, very clean and nicely stocked.

Madfear Sledgebreaker

The staff are very helpful.

Linda Quimby Batterson

My only grocery store!

Lexi Hafften

Store is always well stocked and clean. Great meat selection and produce.

Tom Knox

Lunds is the best for a reason. The staff is friendly and courteous. Great homemade meals in the deli. The BOGO deals every weak are always great. Get the $5 rotisarie chicken on Friday.


Great quality of products

Sharon Dee

Clean, very courteous service, which seems to be lost everywhere else

Becky Mittelstaedt

Good shopping experience

vichika chhit


Thomas Mundy

Always neat and clean. Customer service is fantastic and sel service bar is AWESOME !! Fried chicken is yummy !!!

Dejon Allen

Very clean store.

blaise gaboriault

Friendly staff and a great selection of high quality food

Shereta Barr

Great sales. Fast checkout. Friendly staff.

jenna ohlrogge

This store opens at 6am which is great for when you want to shop for groceries early. Staff here is very helpful with questions and I even had a staff member help me get groceries to my car. (I had too many 12 packs of pop to carry). Prices can be somewhat expensive. They have an amazing hot lunch buffet area where you can fill a plate and pay by weight.

Scott Boekhoff

Love the variety of products. I can always find something new to try. Clean, organized and always great produce.

Mr Reacher

Great hot and cold food bar with good pricing and selection. Could almost eat here everyday.

KenstaKen DogsGirl143

Very good place to find all your food needs

Lisa B

They have wonderful groceries. Always get my Turkey and stuff each year.

Patricia Morales

Great staff. Very helpful and their produce are the best.

Lawrence Greene

Lovely store with a wider variety of produce. I have never missed what I wanted. Recommended!

Shauna Baska

The staff here are so kind. This place always has everything I need and I always leave with a smile on my face.


The baristas at the Caribou inside are always so kind, especially Jackson he had such a great attitude!

Kathy Wohl

They have the best people in the meat department. They will make anything, sliders, etc. They sharpen your knives. But most overall, they are so friendly. Love shopping at this L & B

Colleen Regan

I stop for brief 'needs' since its so close. The layout needs a reset. Bag boys are so helpful!

Wayne Ross

Wonderful staff, selection and prices. Always a stress-free shopping experience here. I do recommend.

cuaccia cuaccua

Its amazing

Elana Abrams

Good hot food bar!

Sam Beebe

Joel Nelson

Best grocery store in Bloomington

Ben Lindquist

Nice but spendy.

Forrester S

A little expensive but always a clean upscale store which makes it a pleasant experience.

Timothy Adams

Very reasonably priced products, that are very tasty.

Madison Franklin

Wonderful. Great food and service. We have never been disappointed with them.

Rebecca Mittelstaedt

Wonderful staff, selection and prices. Always a stress free shopping experience

Pamela Carrigan

Expensive but good place to find items many other grocery stores don't carry

Dianne Olander

❤ this store! Grocery has super perks & sales with great selection. The pharmacy has comparable $$ but it's the service and friendliness that can't be beat!!

nick amundson

Great produce, butcher, bakery and customer service

Sk Toasty

Prices but still better than Whole

Mark Ottum

Good quality at a price

John Gonyer

A great general grocery store plus it has anything in the food line you’d ever want and the quality is top notch

Neal Schroeder

Constantly good quality & outstanding breadth of products

Melissa Greschner

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lunds has always been the best in customer service! They are so friendly, they go out of their way to find what you need and if they don't have it, they give you their personal recommendation in what to get. Plus, they bag your stuff for you with how you want it bagged and if you have a lot of groceries, they have the drive-up service and put your groceries in the car for you, you don't even have to get out of the car. They are a little higher in their prices, it's not too outrageous though, but I think it's definitely worth it, for the service, heck yeah!

David Sullivan-Nightengale

Good bakery and a good variety of deli food especially sushi. Convenient for being in the strip mall with access to adjacent shops.

Steve 66

Ease of accessibility and great Lunds and Byerlys quality.

Tim Dennis

High quality products. Friendly people. Happy place to shop.

Marilyn Orlich

Great staff. Helpful. Right size for weekly shopping, good specials.

Jennifer Nguyen

I love shopping at Lunds & Bylerlys. This location has a great deli bar. There is also a nice spot to eat your food outside.


Lovely grocery store.

10 10

The checkout was so offensive. Their younger staff was really nice but it was already weird walking in and having all the Caucasians look at you the only Asian. Then at the checkout the older Caucasian lady just ignores me as 3 other Caucasians check out before me (who came to the checkout after me). If you of ethic decent stay away from that place.

Daniel Friberg

Nice store. Wish it had more ethnic food selections.

Robert K


Matthew Harwick

Good, classy grocery place. Every single thing is overpriced. But if you're willing to put up with that, this is perfect. Seriously, your $100 grocery trip will be $200 instead. But there's stuff here you're not finding anywhere else. So it's still super worth it to go get those 1 or 2 things that are cool, andd you can't get anywhere else.

Andrew Thompson

God's selection helpful people. However prices are on t h e high side.

Bre Y.

Friendly and helpful staff. Always willing to point us in the right direction and answer questions as needed. I would recommend stopping at the hot foods area for great grab and go meals/snacks.

Timothy Petersen

Nice store, a little pricey but its Lunds so I expect that.

Mary Jensen

Great staff and service!

Becky Kritz

Lots if gun specialties, great buffet, salad bar.


Good for a quick buy

Jesse Peterson

Lunds & Byerlys offers you typical grocery selections with a few higher end goods and services thrown in. Overall, they do a fine job, but service is a bit slow, and most times I can't help but feel like I could pack my own groceries faster than they do.

Jeremy Heskett

Good selection. Decent prices.

Brook Wachal

Awesome place to grab lunch! They have a great deli with salads, chicken, sandwiches, etc

Mike Clarke

Good nom noms

Ar Yahya Yahya

Very easy to get your stuff and get out fresh vegetable fruit nice they back for you they even

Breanna Axness

Pricey but good selection

Dan McKenzie

Random produce that doesn't accept ebt

Brandon Bronkhorst

Good if you want an over prices individually wrapped red onion

Donald Ericson

derrick haase


Jeffrey Hoppe

Angel Amirault

Great store

Tricia Rhodes

Fresh is fresh, quality is high!

Kristin Bartholomaus

A bit spendy compared to other grocery stores in the area. But always clean and well stocked.

Katie Cox

Nice and close to home. Lots of variety. Little on the pricier side though.

Lance Oteri

Top quality grocery store.

Christina Sheran

Food is always of the highest quality. But the best part is the service. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. They are always available to answer questions, and find something for me. The store is always well organized and clean. I would highly recommend Lunds stores to all. Christina Sheran

jmduerner •

Steve Mattson

Helpful service, great produce, fresh meat counter, tasty hot food bar area

David Taylor

Great location. Great staff. Accessible

DanielJ Moren

Friendly staff Great selection of grocery items Excellent deli and fresh organic products

Adric Schroeck

They have decent priced stuff and a great staff, the manager is great and the cashier's are always cheerful. Makes it seem like a great place to work since the employees never seem upset.

Virgil Handke

The displays are clear and very helpful in my shopping experience

Dave Wagner

Big wallet good produce and bakery

Daniel Cuitlahuac Hernandez

Always satisfied here

Matthew Walkowiak

Best grocery store in Bloomington!

David Gerde

Great service

George Mulen

Great store


Very helpful. Friendly staff. Great produce and meat.

Brandy Beck

Great staff & Store. Some items are a bit spendy but expexted.

Barb Pilgrim

Talk to the produce manager and he got me fresh broccoli cuz the broccoli on the Shelf look like hell so we picky what you buy

Elizabeth Larson

Amazing customer service! I've been a loyal Lunds shopper since I moved to MN in 1969. Wherever I go nationally, I find myself comparing the local grocery store to Lunds and finding it comes up short. I shopped at this Lunds last Saturday, buying a nice dinner for my husband's birthday. There were several reasons why I was disappointed, but the most glaring was that when I got home, I found that the chocolate mousse cake I had bought had been placed upside down in the grocery bag and was in two pieces with icing all over the plastic container. Long story short, the general manager made a special trip to our home to replace the ruined cake with a larger one--and threw in a gallon of ice cream as well! No wonder they have retained my loyalty for all these years!

Kevin Roberts

Amazing food. Wonderful servers.Very good food and service.Recommended.

Tim Petersen

We live 1 mile from the store so use it frequently. Prices are what you expect from Lunds, high, but the produce is good and the shelves are well stocked. Sale items help bring the cost down. The reason I score it 3 stars is the deli. It is pathetic, most of the time the food is old and dry. Soups are empty. Frustrating because we would like to ear there but when we try it is completely unmaintained. How hard can it be to keep the food fresh?

Asim Akath

Stocked well and great service. What more do you want from a grocery shop? Oh maybe the prices can be lower.. :)

Christi Duffy

The best of everything food.


L&B always have what you need for any kinda get together!

Michele Myran

Nice little grocery store. Had all the essentials & a great lunch buffet.

Laurencio Ronquillo

Very good convenient option. Nice and clean supermarket with efficient friendly team. Easy parking and good food bar. Seems smaller than other locations but has all one could need.

Sarah Perry

Wonderful. Great food and service. We have never been disappointed.

Rich Chandler

Fancy grocery store

Scrappy Wheels 8

Although the prices may be a little high they always have what I need.


Outstanding produce great prices and five star customer service.

Bob Green

Very clean store with friendly, helpful staff!! I would definitely go back!!

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