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REVIEWS OF El Taquito Taco Shop Inc IN Minnesota

Sara Schumacher

Very good authentic Mexican

joe pariseau

If you got 2hours to blow waiting for a lil taco there great

Sir Shandy

This is a great place to get late night meal. I especially enjoy their burritos and chips with queso. Two of the best items on the menu. You decent food at a decent price. And unlike Taco Bell during the midnight rush, they make quality food with a short wait (5-15 minutes).

Kevin Badboy

You want great tacos head here!


Tacos are pretty good. Disappointed when I got charged for the hot salsa. I have never paid for hot salsa for tacos. I would think it would be included with the tacos. They said one salsa per customer because salsa is expensive, and I had ordered 17 tacos!!!!!

Marc Trimble

Best tamales in Saint Paul. The beef enchiladas with red sauce is perfect! Rice and beans and tortilla are piping hot and delicious. If you're familiar with Mexican food in Texas this will remind you of those flavors. Highly recommended! Bonus: they play Mexican television on a 55 inch so you can watch the soccer games! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAÀAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Moua Her

Went there for take out a week ago and was disappointed. I was racially discriminated by the employee by him repeatedly asking if I can handle the spicy sauce while another customer was given a bag full of sauce without question. His reason was "oh it cost $10/pound for the chilis." So I only got one 16oz cup of sauce for my 13 tacos which was nowhere enough for 1/3 of my order.

Tia Chavez

And the best tacos in West Saint Paul South Saint Paul Area on Robert Street homemade authentic real tacos

Michelle Waite

Little family owned restaurant. I didn't care for it but my best friend loves it , so to each there own. I got 2 fajita corn shell tacos and a pop for a little under $8.00 .

Jodell Lehman

Love this place. After moving out of state, I always make it to here to eat a steak burrito whenever I come back to visit family.

Pamela Lee

I love you El Taquito!

Todd Johnson

Great food and service. Looking forward to dining there again.

Jennifer Sanchez

Really good food. Nice service.

Kyle Cranston

Authenticity. Family run. Worth a try.

Oscar Torres

If you're looking for real authentic Mexican food, this is the place to go! Amazing quality food, and fresh cooked on the spot! Fresh produce and all. I'd recommend this place to anyone I meet, feels like my grandma's homecooking.

jonathan koger

The best authentic burritos on the entire west side.

TP Blazr

Food is totally wonderful!!! It is worth the wait, especially if you use the drive through. It is only semi functional.

rick reiland

Unfortunately they have to warm up too much stuff in a microwave so I don't feel it's fresh and some of it doesn't taste real fresh won't go there again

Ed Vater

Don't let the look and feel of this place fool you - their carnitas burrito is the best in the Twin Cities, hands down!!! This is legit, piping hot, tasty food and their hot sauce is complex and wonderful. If your expectations are based on your dining experiences in San Jose, CA, you won't be disappointed.

jorgea MENA

always serving great food here, the steak quesadilla is delicious, the tacos are great and the burritos is very good as well. The menudo is awesome as well

B Lockhart

Ordered 8 steak tacos, total was $18 and change. Tacos came with single tortilla, and no toppings. Cilantro and onions came in little sauce cups; Cilantro was mostly stems, and they use yellow onions instead of red. There's plenty of other places to get tacos in the area that do a better job, would NOT recommend going here.

Karen I.

Stopped in to pick up some tacos during halftime of the Vikings game. I was a bit distracted when paying and did not notice the owner had charged me over $4 extra for no reason I asked for a receipt with a breakdown of everything was told that she had already deleted it so I asked if we can just do the math on the order on a calculator. After doing the math she admitted she had overcharged did not apologize or give a reason why. Will not eat here again mainly because I am wondering how many times they have done this before and I didn't notice.

Sunkmanitu Walking Elk

Got my dozen tamales for $20. Half red and half green. And it was DELICIOUS. authentic tamales with awesome customer service. Their burritos are large and yuuuummmy as well.

Sean Kelly

Great place with down to earth simple Latin food.

vinai wagner

Negative stars if I could. The steak tacos smelled and tasted rotten. The meat was precooked and was sitting out for a very long time, very pungent odor like stinky armpit aroma. The meat was also as dry as the Sahara desert, very inedible. The miniscule containers with cilantro was also dry and not fresh. Do a drive by on this place! Seriously, drive by and don't stop here for food.


Tacos are top notch, atmosphere is a good home feeling

king minnesota69

This place is vary authentic and had a nice atmosphere. Also priced good for good quality food.

john pelarske

The best!!!

September Myer

Wonderful food. Great service. Seating area way too dark. Prices are agreeable

Michelle Warns


Amy Jarrell

Love this place. Prices are reasonable, but the food is very high quality. It can take a good while to prepare, but it is absolutely worth any wait you have. The physical space leaves a little to be desired, but it's fine. And they are always friendly and happy to see whomever walks in, and everyone is a "friend". They are less noticeable than some of the other places in the area, but they are far better than some of the larger spots. If you're looking for straightforward, really well-made Mexican food, go here.

Nic Nov

This place has delicious authentic mexican food, and the staff are amazingly sweet as well!

Samantha Holler

As authentic as it gets! Delicious. Get the tinga tacos.

Dylan Rue

If you like taco soup this is your place. The tacos and food is gross and super soggy...

Scot Wallace

I will not be going back. Dirty and expensive.

Rafael Flores

Place is too dank

Leon Quin

Best taco shop in twin cities been going here for years

Drewmeister 77

I have been going here for yearsssssss. I love this place since 1991 when it was just serving tacos out of their truck. But TODAY was just bad. My guess New Owners because not even the Frijoles tasted good. My Carnitas taco was greasy as hell and the Older Gentleman behind the counter seemed to be bothered by us being there. Almost felt ignored. I will debate next time I go to the other side of town to eat What I thought before was The Best Tacos in MN but now it will require an extra nudge and then some more. Very disappointed Today after the Great service and great Tacos we use to get at El Taquito.

Ryan Walker

I used to love this place.. My girlfriend and I would come here all the time for the great authentic food. However, I just checked my bank statement, and I was charged $17.34 when I KNOW our meal came out to less than $15. Of course, I didn't keep my paper receipt, so I'm not sure what I can do about it. Like MHFoodie said, CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENT!! edit: I continued to check my statement, and the extra charge went away. I believe it had something to do with my bank. I will still only pay in cash here.

Jonathan Hall

Best authentic Mexican cuisine. Friendly service. Try the carnitas w/ habañero salsa...amazing

Matt Rude

Very good food, nice staff, perfect restaurant.

Levi Chapman

Nothing’s better then getting good tacos late night

Dawn Martin

Love the friendly people that work/own the place. Food is very good.

shawn sherman

Love this place. Bomb ass authentic foods. Homemade spices and herbs. About to eat some tamales I bought. 12 tamales. For 18$ home made.

Ali R

Food is delicious

Michelle Kruzel

I have only been here twice. 1st time fast and yummy. This time went thru drive thru. Totally sucked. Waited forever and for what? Got the one main thing I wanted wrong. Didn't notice until I got home. Total bummer.

Angela Young

I love coming here! The food is fantastic and you definitely get a bang for you buck. The customer service brings the whole meal together!

jeffrey vandenbosch

The food is always slaving been coming here for 12+yes great family oriented place

Debra Vail

Family loves it.

Jackie M

Loved the Vegan carnitas. The staff was very friendly!

Patrick Cleveland

Just ate here for the first time and will be back again and again. I ordered the beef enchiladas and this is the first place I have ever been to that used beef chunks and not hamburger. Awesome.

Neal McPhillips III

good food, great atmosphere. but spendy.

amanda guice

I am from Phoenix, and up here in MN authentic Mexican food is hard to find. El Taquito hit the jackpot. However I do recommend getting real flatware as my husband kept breaking his plastic fork. Lol. I really enjoyed myself, thank you.

Sean Melbourne

awesomeness.... food is very authentic and high quality

Frank Bakke

Best hot sauces, best refried beans.

Dave Mariani

Good tacos & lots of different kinds of meat to choose from. Good caso also

Catherine Stock

Great place! We always call and order in advance and pick it up. They always have our food ready and hot and fresh. I love that they have groupon. However, the only downfall is you have to dine in. We usually get food after kids are in bed and we cannot dine in at that time. The staff is always funny and nice as well. The salsa is to die for AMAZING

Loretta Chavez

The best authentic restaurant in west st paul.

Tyler Chavez

Best Taco shop in Dakota County

Wilfrido Fuentes

My favorite tacos

Russ & Tammy Wilkinson

Very delicious, authentic food. Most definitely will be back!!

Mario Garcia

Friendly easy to order great food big portions always leave full and satisfied

Anna Genovese

Awesome Mexican food authentic delicious..reasonably priced . Great fish tacos and tamales..even a drive thru..going back for sure

Ana Medina

Love this place. Love their tacos... So authentic, and the salsa is amazingly spicy ♥️

Silvia azpuru

It was very good but I will like double tortillas !

osvaldo portillo

The food was just okay

R Wu

I bought 6 tacos for about $16. There were only some meat in the soft and corn tacos. Where were any fixings? Got less food than 1 chipotle.This place has been there for a long time. But why would any one eat here?

Khat Peng

Good platters and good size portions when you eat in. They have shrimp and octopus ceviche in in there red[tomatoe] sauce. Ask them not to dip the tortillas in oil if you don't want them oily.

claire horobin

Great staff, fabulous food . indoor seating & drive thru.

Paul Weibel

Great food, nice prices, I was full when I left

April Moreno

I'm never disappointed when eating here! Best Tinga tacos EVER! friendly staff, amazing authentic food!

sabastian ly

Carne asade all day

Steve Modesitt

I love the Aztec meal

Rafael Hernandez

The food is delicious.

Robert Davis

This is my go to taco place in the cities. Very authentic and they have some of the best tacos and tamales you can find. I would highly recommend the cabeza or tinga, the carnitas are very delicious also! The inside has some great Aztec mural artwork and from first look from an outsider, it may seem this place is a dive, but it is owned and operated by wonderful people that really make you feel at home while you're there! Highly recommend if you like Boca Chica or any other West St Paul taquirios, this place is number one in my books and very moderately priced.

Eveny Rodriguez

Tacos and Tortas are good but my husband ordered a steak and rice beans plater. The meat was dry and literally a small spoon of both beans and rice.

Michael Davis

Great Place

Nate Becker

Quick and friendly

Eric sundquist

Awesome food

Maria Luna

Love is place!!! The steak tacos are always the best, I love the burritos and so does my husband. The people are very kind and their food is straight delicious very close to what I get at home..

George Campbell

Authentic Mexican food. Great tinga and desabrada fajitas.

Dania Logo

The carnitas here are amazin and the xoatumer service as well

Zachary Lopez

This is the worst Mexican food I have ever had, this place does not deserve 1 star, I have had bad Mexican food but this place is the worst, bland no flavor, the enchiladas tasted moldy, the refried beans were like soup, the rice was burnt , the best thing I had was a bottle of water

J W Web

It was good, not great but good. The service was great though and I recommend the chicken tacos

Alberto Gaona

The tripa tacos are the best.

Maizoua Lee

I was very disappointed to see that the portions are rather small on the soft shell corn tacos I ordered. Not worth the $2.25 for each taco. The red sauce that comes on the side is pretty good, and makes the bland tacos taste better. Wouldn't recommend for anyone else. I've had better portions with cheaper tacos.

Nichol Pacheco

Service was slow we waited 15 min until they came to get are order then took 25 more min for the food. We ordered tacos n a guisado de bistec encebolisado


I enjoyed my dining experience at El Taquito Taco Shop. My Fish Tacos were delicious.

Tascha Zapata

A Must! I went at 1am, no waiting! My tacos were amazing, made fresh and their rice & beans are delicious.

Duane Leith

Best steak burrito ever

Natasha Roozen

Love that they are open til 2a.m.! Good variety of tacos n drinks...ill def be back...delish

Steven Mannie

used to love this place. The best chicken tacos around but i wont be going here anymore due to the recent price increases.

Zackery Tschida

Feels home-y. tacos served with limon and cilantro. $2 - 4 per taco. Nice people, with good food.

Jason Kroening

Best tacos around. Hands down! Try the cow tongue tacos!

Romero Simpson

Great food and good service.

Teresa Diaz

Best place to go

barbara gonzales

Good atmosphere, the owners are friendly , tacos are amazing , the hot sauce is one of a kind cant find it anywhere else!!

Madhu Reddy

Very nice Mexican restaurant. Reasonable prices and tasty food

brandon Aragon


Kari Family

We have been coming here for years. We drive from Lakeville. It is THE BEST and most authentic food in Minnesota!!!

David Jackson

Great tasting food and ample menu. Not a Taco Bell for sure.

Sara Seefeldt

Excellent food. Their homemade vegan chorizo is worth the trip, even for meat-eaters. The family that runs the business were fantastic and gave us tremendously excellent service. Will definitely be back.

Robert Ward

just not anything to write home about. the place is dark and not very inviting. however the food is traditional yet fails to stand out amongst other places you could go instead. i would skip this one

Dominick Kinniebrew

Amazing food, great service and staff.

Adam Charles

Friendly good food good atmosphere

Alishea Thomas

Great food

John Mayer

It's not on the menu, but ask for a Tinga Burrito with cheese. You will be blown away by the taste! You'll never go to Chipotle again!!!! Absolutely awesome!!!

Joe shabadoo

Good ‼️

Daniel Johnson

These guys do tacos great justice! I recomend the lingua tacos.

Sean Christy

The Owner, Luis, and El Taquito Taco Truck are fantastic. This is the second year we have had his Taco Truck cater our food at an annual party. Easily the hit of the party. Fantastic tacos, beans and rice from a very nice guy. Thanks Luis!

apurva vadapurkar

Good place, less vegetarian options!

Kanta Mjares

I love this place best nexican place on robert street, the family that owns it are really nice and friendly!!! Greaaaat food

Wilson Gonzalez

Good food and friendly service

John Leslie

Nice lunch plate for 10/11 dollars. The beef tongue was excellent. Try the rice drink made in house. We will be back.

Jake Kelley

the food is okay. a bit bland. the bathroom was in very poor shape. the soda machine desperately needed to be cleaned. along with most every other surface in the place. it could be so much more.

Rob Cuz

Mediocre.If you dont know any better then i guess its good.I shouldve went to McDonald's.I didnt know you can mess up a burrito.I asked for an adobada burrito.Taste like something.Not adobada and the salsa is runny and nasty.If your white and bland...enjoy.If you know anything about mexican food,this is like that one tia that cant cook for nothing's food.

Pat Boehme

Good local place to go for Mexican food. Servings were big, so we shared a plate.

Evan Curtis

This place is awful. There are so many better taco places. Some right down the street (Pineda). 1 they always mess up how much the bill is and no one can explain it to you. Tacos are bland at best all the meat is burnt. The people are friendly so I guess that is a plus. Don't order chips unless you want the big circle baseball kind....

Alan Erkkila

Real Mexican food. Decent prices. Check it out!

Jacob Milligan

extremely expensive an ruin my wife's food

Fenton Horwath

Great Mexican food. Small atmosphere.

Nick Costa

When we first walked into El Taquito, you got the sense of immediate relief. Like if a restaurant could give you a warm hug, a pat on the back, and then whispered in your ear that everything is going to be alright. The man at the counter taking orders was purely just joy incarnate. As he was taking a family’s order, he looked at the little kid and asked their name. Their eyes lit up as they said their name. He responded “that’s a Spanish name!” and they shared a really beautiful moment. He was no less charming when we placed our order. Between the two of us we got the shrimp ceviche tostada and six tacos. It was all just barely over $20, which is incredibly affordable. One of the many highlights for me was that they gave me a full sized water cup. It’s a little thing, but that goes a long way. It shows a level of trust and companionship in your customer base. At this point, we hadn’t gotten our food and I was already in love with the place. Then the food came. Oh boy, lemme tell ya, if that wasn’t the best Pastor taco I’ve ever had you can call my mother and tell her I’m a dirty, dirty liar. The previously mentioned man even brought me a bottle of their SUPER hot salsa, and that stuff doesn’t mess around. It was very hot but VERY good. Their normal salsa was also incredible! Took an already great taco and made it so good I almost cried real human tears. The vibe, the service, the food. Everything was above and beyond at El Taquito. I don’t know what I did in this life to deserve such a lovely experience, but I won’t ask questions. If you’re wondering whether or not to go here right now, JUST GET IN THE CAR AND GO.

Paul Kloos

my personal perception of this place is full of joy and delight and serenity, their prices are legitimate too i got a grande giant freaking burrito for 4 dollars and 25 cents... they have a booming speaker system with aquasharp crystal clear tv. I just dont appreciate how they play the mainstream news, no1 wants to hear that warped mierda and all the propganda that they blast... yet overall the food was fantastic will be visiting again soon.

John Hanna

Best Mexican food in MN

Steve Johnnson

Service is great,and they have the best Mexican food!

Patrick Cohan

This place is always a treat! Good portions, authentic, and a fair price! I introduced a coworker to here on this visit, and now you have a new customer; she really liked it!

Abby S

Update: the other reviews that say they over charge is definitely true! I ordered 2 tacos and a jarritos in the drive thru. I didn't even realize until I got home that they changed me for 3 tacos and the drink!! I realized when I got home that the total was $10.20, which is the price for the drink and 3 tacos! It's easier to go inside, the drive thru takes forever. The atmosphere of the space is good and cute. The staff member that took our order wasn't the most friendly. I ordered a drink which ended up being like a snow cone (oops-totally my own fault) and I had to go back up and ask for it. The worker seemed annoyed that he had to go make it and I watched him stand and talk to his coworker for a period of time before even going to make the drink. I got it as we were ready to walk out the door. The fish tacos and the spicy sauce on the side were good. My chicken taco was a hot mess though. The meat was bland that the juice soaked into the corn tortilla and it completely fell apart. I didn't even end up eating it. Overall, I would try this place again and hope that the front staff is in a more friendly and inviting mood. Prices were very reasonable.

Laurel D

If I could I would come here every day. So good!

michelle Turner

Amazing tacos

Sam Hinzie

Every expensive for the quality. Chips and salad was $7 alone!

Mike Fuentes

Great food

David Dahl

This place is so amazing and serves delicious food

vincent frutis

Good food and nice people plus open late

Marie Kuranishi

Open all the time. Good food good prices. Looooove their homemade hot sauces.

Elizabeth Rohrer

These are the best tacos I’ve had in the Twin Cities! The corn tortillas are homemade and delicious, the pastor, carnitas, and carne adada were juicy and amazing, and the staff was welcoming and kind. I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant!

Robert Pokorny

Good food

Jami Kalal

They have the best steak Tacos!!!!

Gary Jorges

Great Bean & Cheese Burritos ! ! HOT SAUCE ! !

Angela Barnes

Yummy, Love everything about it the salsa made here it is the best ever 1st place perfect my family come from applevalley every weekend for the last 11 year and take extra salsa home everytime love the staff and very family friendly and all around great food:)

James Wareberg

Always good food. My grandparents are from Mexico, and the food here tastes so similar. And considering they live in Texas now I don't get much of their cookong. So I come here to get my authentic food. I love it. 9/27/15.

Dan Nalipinski

Not impressed. Menu needs work and presentations need to be Spiced up. Pi co de gallo has no flavor at all Staff very cordial

Ben Jamin

Been coming here for years and the service is lacking but the food makes up for it

Thomas B. Myers

Wonderful authentic and tasty! It is a staple of West Saint Paul!

Chris M

The carne asada seems to be of higher quality than other local places. Value is on par with other local places with a similar offering. The first thing I would change is to have them add a tomatillo salsa (the one from LaCabana is amazing and would be a wonderful template to follow). That would be a huge benefit and easy to do. Next I wish they would add taco salad and fajitas to the menu.

Erik Spangrud

Great authentic food

Anita Hit

Pretty good and pretty reasonable prices. I liked it.

Rick Rosas

Was the only place open on Xmas, and it was packed. I've seen this place here for many years but never tried it. Was hungry so I finally did and I regret I didn't try it sooner. Great food and very filling. Staff is super nice too. I will be going back for sure.

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