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REVIEWS OF Watercolors Aquarium Gallery IN Michigan

Shawn Rank

Very impressed with the fish i seen in this store. I will return. I recommend every one to go once. Found fish here that i been asking other fish stores to order for over a year, and they had em along with some other exotic ones i was very impressed to see. Store is outgrown but maybe in time they will get bigger but still a all around great stop.

John Spaulding

Possibly the best aquarium store in Grand Rapids. Highly recommended.

Alex Schrotenboer

The owner is very knowledgeable and the tanks are well kept. They also quarantine all incoming fish for 3 weeks before selling! Great spot.

Dani Harrison

The staff was sooooo helpful! (Girl with the pink hair.) Told us exactly what we needed, how to get our tank functioning. What not to do. We've stopped at about 10 diffrent stores, drove 2.5 hours to see this one, and it was worth the effort! Thank you so much! We will be back!


Very clean&friendly place with some wonderful aquascapes.

Matt Seeley

They're Limited in what they have in terms of space but they know what they're doing

Skyler Fish

Very helpful, answers all my questions and clearly understands fish keeping.

Precious Roberts

Jared Britton


They are more then willing to answer questions and are very knowledgeable of the saltwater hobby. Good vibes!


Prince Salmon

They were super nice and super nice, definitely would recommend

Gary Brumels

Excellent service. Know what there doing. Friendly. Spends time answering all your questions. Treats every customer as they are important.

Jamie Poel

Mari Sundell

I would definitely recommend this aquarium store. They have some very cool Aqua species! The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable. Their always willing to spend as much time with you as needed to answer questions and give advice. They have a lot of product I find the prices about high but well worth it.

Sergio Romero

Ben Vairet

Great place, nice aquariums, really cool aquascaping. They will help you set up a new tank and make you want to come back.

Shannon Meyer

Justin Phillips

Although the place was a bit small, they did have a great selection of plants. The guy who helped me was awesome!

Karen Foster

Excellent experience. Bought 1 pretty inexpensive fish, but they treated us like we were spending hundreds. They quarantine all new fish so they can be sure those they sell are as healthy as possible. If you are looking for a particular fish they don't have, but may be arriving later, they will call when they get it in.

Paul Willison

5 stars if there was better parking! Store itself is great, but difficult to park in the area and you better have loose change, no free parking.

penniless aquatics

Scott Givan

Great selection of fish and plants and a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

caleb smith

Place was a dump. Weren't very knowledgeable and didn't let me cook the fish i bought in their store. Didn't sell any grills and no seasonings for my dinner.

Kevin Holmes

Chrystyna Alexander

If you are looking to get a fish, WATERCOLORS AQUARIUM in Grand Rapids is the place to go! It is obvious that the people that work there LOVE their work and know EVERYTHING about fish! I took my granddaughters there to get a beta fish and they learned how to take care of their fish and met people with a passion for them! Colorworks Aquarium is the ONLY place in Grand Rapids that I would buy a fish!

Kate Osbourn

Great staff incredibly knowledgeable, huge diversity of stock. Every time you go in something new is being created.

Kanashī Asylum

They have a super cute greeting dog, with knowledgeable and friendly staff, as well as cool tanks

rachel roth

Kyle Rosado

Great place to stop in for advice or new critters or plants for your aquarium. They have a wide selection of fish and plants both native and exotic. As well as a whole saltwater aquarium area if that's what you're into. They provided great advice and shared some of their experiences to help me out with starting a freshwater aquarium.

mike Grodi


Kristina Kaylor

A bit pricey and a poor selection of fish. They just opened but it looks like they could have used more time getting things set up.

Wendell Malone

Very knowledgeable staff.. will go out of their way to help..

Kyla Hill

Janice Gilmore

Very helpful.


Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable

Kyle Holcomb

Friendly staff, very well informed, and eager to answer any questions!

Candace Brusseau

Matt Street

Jeff Cole

Bradley Holmgren

Kind of pricy on fish compared to other stores but it did have a nice big tank . Needed to be cleaned but beautiful.

Tyler Conkey

Very nice place awesome costomer service

david wolf

Great info, but wouldn't sell me a bottom feeder because they "didnt feel comfortable" because I have a fish bowl not a tank. Just trying to keep my bowl clean and have a friend for my fish.

Snics Aquatics

Staff is super knowledgable and friendly, a total hobbyists store. Lots of rare/unusal fish, if you want something they will order it for you! Great quarentine process as well!

Rosi García

Bobbie Phillips

Great knowledgeable people. Ben is always helpful and will call you back to answer questions.

Secret Shopper

Excellent customer service. Great downtown location. Good selection of fish and supplies. One stop shop.

Tito Diaz

awesome. .. just awesome.

Laura DeRose

Kellen Barnett

Awesome selection of fish and plants, as well as well versed, energetic and welcoming staff! This is one of the best places in GR to get fish and plants.

Eric Van Dam

Fantastic, friendly staff helped us quite a lot. They answered all of our questions, and suggested ways for us to learn more. I was so pleased to find beautiful red plecos at a fantastic price! They had fish in stock that I have never seen in real life before today, and I would love to own some day. 10/10, will surely return when we make our shopping rounds! Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Dylan Shafer

Knowledge staff. Wonderful selection. I have been to every fish store in the area from Cutlerville, plainfield, and grand villa and this is by far the best of them all.


william shobway

Love these people, one of the best places for plants in Michigan. Wonderful staff beautiful fish and aquariums. Stop by and check them out you will not be disappointed.

Tyler Rehkopf

Joseph Lorenz

Best fish store in Grand Rapids

Tim monje

Grate service

mz booshay

This store is awesome! And the staff members are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend going here for aquatics over anywhere else I've gone in the city

phish dude fishman

One of the coolest aquarium shop in grand rapids

Alyssa&Ed Ames

Amazing place, awesome polite people.

Wade Chapin

Friendly staff. Go there for your aquatic needs

Derek J Bonivel

Love it small and family like prices are the lowest I've seen in town..

Rick Verhage

Amazing store with some of the nicest tanks around. Prices are a little high

Kris Kelly

I stopped here because of Artprize, but was fascinated by the living coral. Everyone I spoke to was kind and patiently answered all my questions. Really impressed!

Lauren Loucks

Super friendly, very helpful.

Nick Reed

Lindsey Poore

Gary Hall

horizon playz

Every fish I buy there at least lasts me 2-5 years


Beautiful tanks. Friendly staff.

Janel Mullen

Extremely helpful and friendly staff!


Just go and you will be amazed!!!

Anthony Kihnke

Great place to get coral and fish of all kinds

Rachel H.

I love this place. Always a great selection, and the staff is SO friendly and helpful!


Quality over quantity for sure. They take great care of their fish, and quarantine them so you don't have to worry about diseases, and were far more knowledgeable complex stuff than other stores I've been to. They don't have an incredibly vast selection, but they've still got a great stock with some really hard to find fish.

Brandon McGinnis

Good Selection of Fish, if they don't have it they can usually order it too.

Spencer Flynn

One of the best aquarium stores in the state. They have everything you could want from the basics, to the most rare. Service is second to none.

grant cooper


Miki Lasavath

Beautiful aqua-scapes. I love that they inspire to keep natural ecosystems: lots of plants and snails! They have some basic aquarium equipment, fertilizers, decor, and quality foods as well! (cheaper prices compared to others in the area)

Keith Palmer

Best place to get pet fish

Brian Sheridan

Be sure to view the tanks in the basement! They have hundreds of gallons down there as well!

Heath Warren

Friendly and knowledgeable.

Sam Peterson

What an amazing place to experience. It's not just a fish store, it's.... I can't even describe it. Just go and experience this beauty for yourself. If you truly love the aquarium hobby, this is where you will feel at home. Just do it!

Kimberly Campbell

Best fish place ever, very educate and helpful....Highly recommended by Stover(my fish baby) and myself.....

Jon Kamps

Ben and His team have an awesome little fish store. He is willing to order in special requests, and hit QT process is very thorough

mark crystal

Always friendly and knowledgeable about any questions I have.

amy polaski

Educated and friendly staff send are little more pricey but worth it

Jason Smith

Some of the best customer service I've ever had, not to mention they know their field well. Sick of going to your common pet store to just have your fish die? Check this place out! You won't be let down!

Nicole Phillips

Nice staff

Tyler Hull

This is the best fish store in Grand Rapids. There are more than a few reasons for this. One is they quarentine their fish. I've never brought one home that ended up sick. They are all perfectly healthy. Two they have a great selection of plants. There are always new plants and the staff can help you with exactly what they are. Three. The fish are always new and exciting. They have fish I've never seen in other fish store before. If you want to go to a fish store in the area, this is the one to go to.

Victoria Brewer

Very classy fish store

Tracy Uhazie

Michael Grusell

Kelly Erbes

Shelly Speet

Great place, knowledgeable staff, beautiful tanks, and most importantly, healthy stock.

Brandy Thomas

Best fish store in grand rapids! Very knowledgeable and willing to educate anyone!

Bo Mason

Scott Knowles

Watercolors is one of the finest establishments we have ever visited. Upon entering the doorway my partner and I were greeted by the owner and employees inside and asked about the purpose of our visit. One employee, Ken, proved to be the most knowledgeable aquarium/plant/fish enthusiast I have ever met. Not only did he have the christmas moss that we were seeking readily available -- because we had called the previous day, but he also provided us with a tour through the whole facility and gave us further information about the epiphytic plants that he thought would work well in our 30g planted (sand substrate) aquarium. His customer service and friendliness were a breath of fresh air. We highly recommend that anyone interested in learning about taking proper care of their fish, or those interested in simply viewing amazing art pieces (in the form of brilliantly designed aquascapes in the store) should visit Watercolors today!

Allison Fogle

Super helpful talkative and care! And will order anything you need if they dont carry it!

Joseph Lalonde

We had never been to this store before but wandered in because of ArtPrize. We were blown away by the selections available at Watercolors. Not only that, the staff member we interacted with was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable about the fish that carried and was super enthusiastic about fish. You could tell the guy lived, breathed, and ate (not literally) aquatic animals.

James Mcfarland

Phenomenal customer service and incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff. Went above and beyond to make sure me and my wife were getting the most info

Brian Keesbury

Gorgeous aquariums and very friendly. Was able to answer my questions easily and help me find what I was looking for.

Nick Culver

Ben, Amy, Charles and the team are fantastic people and work hard to make sure I leave with the right knowledge to be successful in the hobby. I like to support this small shop because they truly care about their clients. The prices are fair. Not a whole lot of dry goods but they have very limited space and like to focus on livestock orders. I respect their quarantine process for livestock orders, although others might disagree, due to being impatient. **UPDATE** Great service as usual and more questions answered. Just picked up my watchmen goby, pistol shrimp and some snails to add to my cleanup crew. I’m so excited! Thank you, team!

johan fish guy

Great place to get fish. everybody is very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Nathaniel Banks

Elizabeth Flores

Spencer T

Cool shop! Prices are what you would expect for the area, but they have limited stock and their showroom is very small. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Katherine Elizabeth

Rebecca Koestering

Incredible place. Owner is fantastic. Employees are great. I’ve been across the country at different fish stores and this one is far superior. The quality of aquatic plants are unparalleled.

Jonathan Gillis

Miki Taguchi

brian woodward

Very nice little store, the people were very knowledgeable friendly and very eager to help! Everything was very clean and healthy. I live in Wisconsin bit I will make it a point to stop here every time I am in town.

Johnny Barrett

Highly recommended. Talked with Ben he was extremely patient and answered all of our questions. Helped get rocks packed up for our new cichlid setup then brought them out to our car for us then introduced himself and shook our hands! Some of the absolute best customer service Ive ever had. Definitely a return customer here.

Jay Kitler

Ricky Boersema

Dora Burton


Very healthy looking fish, but no unusual fresh water fish options. Nothing here you can't find at Petco or Meijer. I did appreciate the wide range of aquatic plants available. Parking sucks. Small store.

Kat Foster

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