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REVIEWS OF Tropicorium Inc IN Michigan

jessica kelley

Bryan Nagy

Great selection. Tons of live rock and aquacultured corals and fish!

Daniel baum

Great selection little high on prices

Amber Smith

Great selection of fish..also enjoy watching the sharks swim

Dale Whiteside

This place did not have my pond plants they have a late start

Philip Wood

Place has been around for over 40 years .Best selection of live rock and fish ive ever seen

Michael McCleese

Really cool!

Michelle Bassett

Interesting place. Large variety of salt water fish & coral!

James Colson

Great! Lion fish, sharks, tangs, and coral, you name it.

david wood

Tarsha Hearn

Stephanie Riling

Always super healthy live stock. Great small business!! Have everything you could need!!

Chris Walker

This place is amazing.......

Rita Gonze

Nate K

Reasonable pricing, good care taken of tanks and facility, but everything is getting old. Really good selection as well!

Carolyn McCray-Wilson

They make great fish food that my saltwater fish love. But hey have a tip jar?!! That's like going to a department store and giving the salesperson a tip for helping me. I do not ask for any info and I buy my fish from Fish Doctors where getting info is free.

Marty Wright

Great staff, very helpful. Awesome fish and corals best quality around.

kyle johnson

Seems a lil bit more run down than what it was

Benjamin Ennis

Great prices and selection.


Great place to just go walk around and see all the amazing beautiful fish they have this is my go-to place for my saltwater tank but I love to visit the sharks they have in the big enclosures.

Eric Shults

Huge selection

Mtchell C

Love this place but recently purchased a fish from them with ich and since I have a reef system I lost ALL of my fish, over 1000 dollars.

James Calhoun

Lots of different types of saltwater fish. Employees are very knowledgeable

tom james

Bryan Meldau

Joe Dailey

Love it but they do tend tp come off as rude but once you get to know them there great try to be patient its not Wal-Mart there two guys that have to feed treat and keep all thats there And I notice mpre people tend to treat it like a small zoo not a shop for them to make money you got to buy something s I always do


Best saltwater selection around

Charles Danner

Awesome and helpful staff ... Love this place

Michelle Brown

Erik Hull

One hell of a place

mariah morris

I love how they have sharks

Scott Bobek

Rob Ellison

Great place for saltwater aquarium livestock. Ray and Brian are very knowledgeable. The largest saltwater place around well stocked,excellent fish,corals and invertebrates. Not to mention the sharks they breed there as well

Shawn Roose

Can't tell employees from customers. Very dull boring personalitys for a company and workers ..I felt I was intruding and not welcome..good set up lots selection but bad service.

jose cuervo

I love this place! To the people that say their fish had ich and wiped out their whold system....QUARANTINE YOUR FISH BEFORE ADDING THEM TO YOUR MAIN TANK.

Kevin Fair

Lauren Bensett

Beautiful fish but way too expensive and every time you ask about a coral they say oh I have a crab of that over here....

Rob's Hobbys

Great shop!!! Biggest sellection this side of the Pacific ocean. Best if all most fish & coral are breed in house!! A must visit!

Nico Gatzaros


Great selection of saltwater fish and coral.

Dan Clampit

Hands down best Saltwater selection in SE MI! Huge facility compared to others. Wanted to point out two things, 1, they are closed on Tuesdays, I have suggested this edit to Google, but they will not change it. 2, to Mitchell, the previous reviewer. The Ich is your fault! Improper acclamation and quarantine are not the fault of the store, they are your responsibility.

Jo Jo

Curtis Derome

This place is awesome Ray is an awesome owner and has a ton of stuff going on here. Great coral and live stock selection.

gerald mcleod

I just love this place, they have so many beautiful things. I could stay they for hours just looking at it all.

Jeremy Mitchell

Adam Fuller

Awesome selection and prices. Nice, knowledgeable people. 4.8 stars, I only wish they had more dry goods.

Tracy Harvey

Love this place. They are very knowledgeable in the salt water Area they also carry water lilies for ponds and the people there are super sweet

dan w

Hands down the best store I've been to. Ray and Bryan know the hobby so well I trust everything they recommend. It's not like a commercial store where they just sell you anything, if a fish won't be good in the tank you have they'll let you know. Even when I was looking at a couple hundred dollar fish. They're all about doing the right thing and making sure you have a great experience with your tank. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for anything. I'm glad I live close but I'd go there even if I lived far away. There's not enough good things to say the prices and inventory is great. I LOVE this place!

Don Newsome

Carol Wulfers

Marilyn R

Chris Austin

Lots of salt water fish

Ryan Sandiefer

They have alot of fish and what ever else you need. Very friendly and helpful.

sam castillo

Cookie Ledesma

Brittany Whittecar

Very cool fish n love the environment very eye catching

Anthony Martinez

Purchased my entire salt set up from them. Brian knows his salt tanks. Went to other stores around the area. They are either too wrapped up around sophisticated tanks by over complicating a set up or by not knowing enough. Overall great place, fair prices, and sell salt water aquatics without a chip on their shoulder.

Blink Blinks

Gorgeous fish awesome staff recomend to all fish lovers

jason enders

great place for saltwater fish. Very large selection and very professional and knowledgeable.

Marcella Brewer

Travis Hoeffel

The greatest saltwater store around. The prices are the best I have found and I have traveled up to tropicorium from Toledo, Ohio so I could pick some stuff up. They have a coral frag tank that has a plethora of different corals for only $10 each frag.


I love cleaner shrimp

Sankey Porterfield

Jerry Roscoe

Always a fun visit, nice coral and fish selection too!

Jamison Welch

Amazing saltwater selection

dom moroso

Real cool place! Was the best back in the day, now prices just skyrocket

Hippie Pooh

Jim G

Ran down so sad have been going there 30 years.

Ray Kulakowsky

Bradley Withey

It's okay. Cool fish, prices are high on some things in my opinion

Mike Waddle

Called the store twice over the last two months. I asked politely if the person had time to help a new person to the hobby. The guy on the phone lets out a huge sigh. I felt bad as the guy seemed like he really didn't want to help me. So I tried to keep it short but I needed help understanding some important concepts to get started. The second time I called I asked about pricing on some items. Same guy same bad attitude. I want to support my local store but the prices where significantly more then online prices. I'm hoping to buy live stock from them but I feel uncomfortable every time I call the store. Edit: After going to the store a few times I really like these guys. So I'm gonna to up my review from 2 stars to 4 stars.

David Lowe

"I love this place its definitely the most amazing place to shop for marine species... The live rock is loaded with many biological organisms and the fish selection in awesome"...

Tracy Cools

Nicole Whitney

Husband and I have been going here for years, came in to buy premade salt water (we have bought thousands of dollars of fish,sharks,and supplies from them). Both sharks died within a day of their new habitat despite.being healthy and thriving before. Went to talk to the owners and was told by the employee why it couldn't have been the saltwater despite getting second opinionset and readingo from three other local stores. Was told the owner would call us back, still no response. Lack of caring and respect from this company, we will not be back.

Brandon Gray

They have slot of cool stuff and I love how they set everything up in a greenhouse. However the guy that runs it is not the friendliest. They are a little pricey on something's. But definitely worth checking the place out at least once.

Ethan Marlow

Great salt water spot

kristofer hathaway

Hidden Gem. Really it was hidden. Was nervous to walk in, but once I entered I was totally wowed! The guys working were extremely friendly. Prices were very reasonable. Can't wait to visit again.

charlie brown

These guys are freggin awesome, very knowledgeable on everything we needed to know :)

paul zulewski

Serena Cohen

Beautiful assortment of fish and corals.

Joseph Thompson

Greatest place in Michigan for SW fish and coral period.

Austin McCoy

Very nice place. We drove an hour and a half from Lansing to see the business, definately worth it. Good frags for a good price. Fantastic colonies also priced appropriately, unfortunately we do not have a larger tank for these colonies or else we would have bought more. I would definately recommend if you are a coral enthusiast looking for reasonably priced pieces to add to your reef. We will be back again when we set up our larger, predatory, saltwater aquarium. They also have nice pieces of base rock for a good price, if thats what you are looking for.

Anthony Terwilliger

Best place for corals and saltwater fish. Rays the man as well


great place. ray is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Andy Michalak

I went there looking for pond plants that he advertised on his sign. He was to expensive for me. He charges 5 bucks for one tiny water plant, water hyacinth, and water cabbage. I get them for 3 bucks a bunch of 4 bunches for 10 somewhere else. Koi hardly none. Massive saltwater tank stuff though. If your looking for saltwater tank stuff, coral fish, etc. this is the place for you.

Thomas Stoddard

Brad Conner

Love this place. Owners are very nice and will take time out to answer questions. Great selection of fish. Expensive but healthy selection

Joseph Niemiec

The defacto best Reef store I have ever been too. If your in need it live rock they have more then you could ever need.

Amber Deneau

This place is amazing! I love that they have such a variety of coral as well as fish. They also have anything you need to get a saltwater fish tank started. If you haven't been you should check it out.

Dean Brockway

Karissa Clampit

Great coral selection. They have some really large bamboo sharks that are fun to watch, too! Worth a stop if you're in the area.


Larry Vernon

Great place

Mitzi Mueller

Shaun Majeske

Cameron Thall

Great selection of corals.

Ryand R

Brad Olson Michigan

James Sobaszko

My favorite place to go!

Diego Cano

Melody Sahabi

Went in there my first time... Bought a 200$ purple and yellow tang along with a couple other things... I'm 99% convinced the tang had Ich and died within days... And the parasite has completely destroyed my whole tank and my other fish have died or are all almost dead. I couldn't seem to be able to reach anyone on their phone to talk about it either... Just beware! I have invested in a seperate hospital tank with hardly any luck... At least for me I have this for future but I will defiantly stick to what I know. Their tanks seems to have a lot of aptasia in them as well... But nothing is worse than getting ich!! Not only is it very costly and you will most likely lose everything... It's sad to see what was my perfect tank crumble and to see my fish suffering so bad. I found two other people who have left reviews with a very similiar complaint.

Jeffery Hammer

Best LFS in the midwest.

shell shell Brown

Very beautiful

Teresa Pokorny

Stanley majewski

John Emenegger II

Prices just keep getting higher while selection and size goes down.

Donna whiteside


Great prices and service! Definitely the biggest fish and coral selection iv'e seen. But there aren't really any tanks or accessories if thats what your looking for.

Holly Vickers

The guys...

Art Girard

The knowledge they share about the hobbie is priceless. They care about us as customers and hobbiest.

David Harrison

Overall 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Massive facility and wonderful selections were the high points of our experience. However the displays were sub par. Truly a diamond in the rough. Needs a little more polishing though. Worth a visit.

Chris Horton

rob a

allan helka

Dirty, unfriendly.getting worse as time go s by

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