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REVIEWS OF Stingray Bay IN Michigan

Mika Kuran

Had really good customer service here staff are friendly and helpful. Got really good advice for my beta and the items i could get for it would come back again.

Karee Todd

Very helpful staff and lots of variety of fish and products. They also have birds!

Frank Morisette

Always helpful as soon as you walk in the door. Going to be getting a bearded dragon. Very knowledgeable about every pet you can buy there prices vary and worth the visit very clean place all are fish tanks are well-maintained and healthy

paul loshaw

always helpful and friendly, place is very clean too.

patrick garant

They love fish as much as I love having fish.

Rich Emmers

Best fish store on the east side of metro Detroit

Nicole Pappas

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Robert Lovell

Great place for you tanks

Jessica Todd

Great Staff! Very knowledgeable and friendly!

Anne Bussell

Really nice people. Super way cool sting rays.

M. A.

Very competent and well-stocked store. Friendly staff.

Rebecca Schaefer

Stingray Bay is amazing! Top notch Customer Service. Very knowledgable staff. Being a first time customer, I was impressed with the patience, and time they took in answering my novice questions. Great Job Sting Ray Bay! 5 stars in my book.

Jeff AKA Slinger

One of the best salt water store in MI. For sure.

Michael Harrison

Awesome first time experience ,will be back


Greg my feeders had disease on them.

Amanda Coyle

Well my first time going the staff was great! Well I got 15 neon fish a week ago and now everything has ich and 6 died and now my 3 year old is heartbroken now and they won't help me so worst place ever

Trevor Sutherland

They are a textbook example of local expert. They care, they are knowledgeable, and have a huge selection of fish and all supported products you could need.

Aaron Lara

Healthy good fish. Not the biggest store yet manage to have important and hood stuff you need forths hobby. Amazing salt water creatures of all types and very nice fresh water section. Healthy fish are a big deal to me.

Daniel Litvin

What a fantastic, well kept, clean store with great service and tons of saltwater fish! The staff here really takes their time to explain what will and won't work and isn't just there to sell you whatever you're willing to buy. Will be going back for sure.

Brian Smith

Very helpful, clean tanks, never had a problem with buying from them.

Ryan Tebbe

Greg and the staff are fantastic. Always helpful and always friendly. They may be busy sometimes but give them a chance and they will be sure you get what you need. I've been a customer for years and will continue to be one here.

Tim Scott

Great variety, very knowledgeable and excellent service

Bonez B

Best place for all your fish and reptile needs. Awesome service too. The have a very knowledgeable staff and very clean store.

Terrence Walker

Great selection of healthy fish, with great prices.

Daniel ClementsMKCGroup

Worth the 1.5 hour drive EVERYTIME

Thomas Wilson

Great selection. Super friendly and helpful staff. Always treated like family.

James Rhinehart


Catrina Street

This amazing little store, and the wonderfully knowledgeable staff has fed my fish tank addiction for years. My kids love going in to the store to look around, while I love the prices. The staff is always kind and polite. They treat their customers like family. I could recommend this place enough!

Cameron McIntosh

Very nice store,helpful employees and good prices...

Nick B

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, their pricing is great, and they seem like they really take care of the fish.

Justin Todd

Very helpful staff and they gave a great selection of fresh and salt water fish

Daniel Lahar

Large selection of both Salt and Fresh water Fish, backed up with excellent customer service.

michael scranton

Excellent store. Great sales on fish

Chris Lostfishing

Love this place great selection great staff only down fall is they hover over you and constantly ask if you need help lol but definitely my favorite saltwater store !!!

DB Brown

I've been to a lot of aquarium shops around town. Stingray bay is, by a long shot, the best. Greg knows his stuff. He always has a solution to my aquarium issues. The store is kept clean and the staff is friendly. It's a small shop, so there is not a huge selection, but I'm sure they'd be able to order anything not in stock.

Alex Fire Chaser

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean tanks and great selection for salt water fish. Prices are also very favorable

joe sanchez

Loved all the stingrays, really nice staff and very clean...

DJ marceau

Very friendly and helpful staff. Always very helpful and eager to help us anytime we stop in. Staff and owner are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to help you out. I would Highly recommend this place if you have a tank for fish, reptiles or birds even!!! Never have I left there disappointed.

Tim Olson

Stingray Bay is a wonderful store. They have a great selection of saltwater and freshwater fish. Plus tanks and other gear to get you up and running. The people that work there are very nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend you pay them a visit.

Dana Q

Very knowledgable & patient. Helped me with everything. Top notch service

Carl Coker

Great fish store

Patricia Lahey

Always friendly and know what they are talking about. Found some pretty rare fish here!

Ms. Mack McCabe

I like to support small businesses and local businesses I will come here any day for my supplies in fish tanks exedra instead of Petco or PetSmart support local businesses shop here :-)

Anthony Lekoff

Great place very clean and the staff is very friendly I've gone here three times now and always had great service


Best fish store around

Holly Tilden

After leaving there all's we need is fish when the tank is ready. Great job


Been going here for 10 years now, hands down the best fish store in the area. Family owned and everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to aquarium life whether it is fresh or saltwater.

Kerrene Covington

Nice selection, and prices seems to be reasonable. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Owen evans

Very nice store nice employees and a great spot to take the kids

Susan Halaburda

Love this store! Best prices on corals and very healthy fish !

Cryptic Plasma

I love this place! It’s Awesome

wayne guzik

Lots of supplies, staff is helpful, bigger selection of salt water than fresh. Decent prices on community fish and such. Sometimes you find a big chiclid. Huge selection of frozen foods.

Jr B

I have been going to Stingray Bay ever since i was a child. The staff and the owner are amazing to there customers. The owner is not grumpy AT ALL! Maybe he was having a bad day, sometimes people do have bad days. The owner is great with kids, he always knows how to make my kids laugh and he is very nice to them. They treat the customers just like they are there family. They have a clean store and tanks. I totally recommend this pet store to anyone! I have never seen the staff disrespect anyone or have ever gotten treated poorly or gotten talked bad too. Stingray Bay is great, i highly recommend going there! :)

Louis Forrest

Great worker's, very knowledgeable


I shop here about once a week. There's a large selection of salt and freshwater animals including sting rays and turtles and plenty of equipment from aquariums to filters and food. The store is also bright and clean and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Fyi they sell fish for the beginner and for advanced fish keepers. They also sell equipment for both including high-end tanks and sumps. If you don't see something you're looking for they can order it. I highly recommend this store for beginners and enthusiast.


I shop here often get place to visit very nice staff

Nick Gray

It's a drive but have been looking for that store that fits my needs .. great prices was fairly impressed takes a minute to get waited on def got to show initiative and grab an associate

Waneme Dorsey

I love this place and they are so helpful in services and advice

Nicole Brady

Big selection of fish including puffers, shrimp, and of course stingrays.

deshawn acklin

Very nice well laid and nice selection of fish and supplies

Joe Dubay

Very well stocked and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Ryan Lloyd

This is a fantastic store to go to!! All of the staff have alot of knowledge about fresh and salt water tank set ups etc. Healthy fish and plants as well. I have bought all my tank set-up from them and am very pleased and love the atmosphere stingray bay has! Best store around hands down! Thank you guys and see you later today. :)

Phil Abbey

Great prices friendly service and very knowledgeable staff.

Angl Stev

Stingray bay is the best fish store around, greg will always look for a fish for you if they don't have it, I will only shop there.

Michael Stevens

This was my first visit to this store. Upon entering the store I was immediately greeted by a very friendly staff member. And it turns out they're not only friendly but very willing to answer any questions and help you in any way possible. The Fish and tanks look very good.

Crimson Spark

Many fish tanks with a few other animals. They had stingray available for purchase. Small store and small parking lot, but their organization was very neat.

Thomas Howard

Ist a good place to find out what's you need to know about your aquarium they handle salt and fresh water and the staff is awesome

Shelly Adamski

Cute little store. Great prices on fish!

amel posner

The young kids that work here suck. I will say go in when the old lady's working and get the service you deserve. Been in this location many times.

Blanca Aguilar

It's an awesome place to get all your salt fish supplies. They have a range selection of salt water fishes as well as corals and reefs, starfishes and many many other things..

Mara Lauderdale

Customer service is always great! Very knowledgeable when it comes to my aquarium needs

Simeon Bonev

The best store around,good fish in great price!

Tabetha Blades

Went in and found exactly what we were looking for the staff is amazing and very knowledgeable also tanks are very clean and fish look healthy we are very happy with the new addition to our fish family

Fuzzy Wuzzy

My first Aquarium shop visit since relocating to MI and it certainly lived up to the reviews. Store is beautifully kempt, well stocked and several staff abound ready to assist! It is primarily marine but the back section has a moderate selection of freshwater fish. Worth the visit if you're around the area for sure!

Isaac Jaafil

Best place on the east side

Zack Ellis

Super knowledgeable and have a beautiful store it's hard to leave once you start looking around the way the set up and maintained keeps you mesmerized while looking at all the animals I went in to do a water test and end up staying for 2 hours

tara english

Helpful and have plenty of your fish needs. Great hours tooo!

Michael Rudd

Clean store with a educated and friendly staff. Huge selection of fresh and saltwater. I buy all my coral here.

LM Cox

Very nice and knowledgeable employees!

Jenny Olenski

This place is worth the drive for us if we are looking to buy fish. They have the best price for salt water fish around. They also have a great variety and will order fish for you if you have something specific in mind that you cannot find. The sting rays are always fun for the kids to look at. I definitely recommend you check this place out if you are in to salt water tanks. They do have a small selection of coral but I definitely think the fish they carry are the draw.

Robert Seigneurie

Great store, stuff packed to the ceiling and a decent selection of the premium hardware to be the goto when you need it now and not wait on the ups truck, besides you won't find a better price. Good selection of fish but sadly only one coral tank. the place is always busy, the staff very helpful and eager to take that extra step. this is my place for equipment and dry goods and of course you never leave without something to float on the reef.

Urboi Mikey

Really nice fish but not many africans when i went there

dom moroso

Best fish prices in the state

Pat Klinger

went back had some nice guppies

Gary Spreder

Amazing place!

Robert P

I drove a little distance to this store and it was worth my trip. I bought a 90 gallon tank.wasn't really bad on price. And must say it was really crowded and they was little short on staff and they were very nice and helpful. All thumbs up on customer service.

Ronald Bazydlo

Extremely Helpful in finding a medication for my tank , Very Friendly and Eager to Assist in getting me fish.

David Scampini

Great products, healthy fish and an extremely clean environment. Bought some discus from him today. They were eating flake 30 minutes after being put in the tank! Great job Greg!

Patrick Peters

Cool fish and plants...

Stacey Charley

This store has the happiest, healthiest fish i have ever seen! The tanks are spotless and the fish are all vibrant and active. Definitely worth a visit, you won't be disappointed!

connolly jenkins

Love it here.

David Phipps

The most friendly pet store I have ever been to great selection on saltwater fish and happy to answer any question that you have even when I just started 2 years ago

Joe Huebner

We went there for help with red algae in our Salt Water tank. They were able to ID problem and gave us sample pack to rid our tank! The store was huge with everything for saltwater and fresh tanks. Very friendly and great service. We enjoyed just looking around! Will be back and recommend to others, highly.

Richard Martin

This is a good place for salt water fish

Michael Zajac

Great store their hard goods selection is one of the best. Great customer service.

Robert Smith

All staff is very helpful. Cleanest store I've seen.

Ricardo Cañedo

I got a group of Denison Barbs aka Roseline Sharks and they were very healthy. I also bought some Sera O Nip Food. Very helpful staff. Also they quarantine fish before selling, not many Fish Stores do that. Definitely will be back!

Preston Michael

All around a good store. They have fresh and salt water fish. Plenty of drygoods tanks and just about whatever your looking for. In my opinion their saltwater selection is more prominent than their fresh.

Adam Barr

Great place for saltwater supplies and coral. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very reasonable prices, on both the coral and the supplies. My only complaint is I bought a piece of coral that was dyed. Took a bit of effort to keep the thing alive. But I'm not sure that it was Stingray's fault or their supplier.

Devin Madison

Great customer service with knowledgeable staff. But slightly small selection of fish

Damian Merklinger

Great place, friendly service.

M Dub

Stingray Bay is the best place for aquarists to expand on their hobby. Knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices and a variety of fish, products and supplies. I rarely go any place else!

Mike Kirouac

Excellent service and very knowledgeable and friendly staff

Justin Ouellette

Only complaint I had was I was sweating my balls off in the store, but it's understandable. It is way more cost effective to heat the whole store and not each individual fish tank.

Deborah Bottrell

Best place around, HANDS DOWN!!!

Janita Easter

Excellent customer service, they treat you like family and are eager to help with any questions you may have. They know I am afraid of mice, they remember their customers so I never even have to ask for a secure box.

Jacob Daniel

It's a wonderful store! They have a decent amount of exotic stuff and some really sweet salt water fish! Usually go to buy angels, picasimus, cichlids, and feeder fish. They have a wide variety of other fish and terrariums to buy as well. They do in fact have stingrays aha. The store is kind of small but the workers are energetic and seem to care about their animals and customers. Place is usually clean and would recommend checking out!

Melissa Gentile

So many dead fish in numerous tanks. Our other fish got a parasite ahortly.after we bought a fish from here. Fish was priced kind of high, they just a fresh water spotted ray for sale for $800. Went to Sea world on gratiot, they had the same Ray's for $300.

Matthew Priebe

Really love the new improvements to the sales counter and walking space when you first come in. Always have a great selection and pricing.


Friendly staff, clean environment with a selection that will leave you drooling. 5 - Star Rating.

Randy Cuthbertson

Great place , Greg, Jackie, John are always willing to answer any ?s I have . They have a great selection of fresh and saltwater fish! And everything to of them. With new stuff coming in every week. They received a batfish, that I wanted so bad, Greg held on to it for about a week, before I purchased it. He make sure it was eating and healthy before he sold the batfish. To me. I checked everyday on him and when he was ready Greg let me take him home. I don't know any other fish store that just wouldn't sell the fish to the 1st person that walked in the door. Because we all know there isn't any guarantee on fish. I applaud him for that, he also sold me a large protein skimmer. He had to order it but it came in. In a couple days. Couldn't be happier with it.. well the batfish in my tank doing well and eating like a pig . Thank you all to the staff at. String Ray bay

Serena Cohen

I happily drive over an hour for the unique fish and corals they regularly bring in.

Dylan Krise

what an amazing place, staff was super friendly, not many places are kid friendly but the staff here was super friendly with my 3 year old, showing him fish and crickets all sorts of stuff, just poped in for a quick visit but ill be back in the near future for sure! prices looked reasonable for what i saw as well!

Joseph Thompson

I'd say one of the best places to buy saltwater fish in SE Michigan. Always a great selection of saltwater fish for sale. Some really great prices too! Great deals on clean-up crew also. Their prices on corals range from fair to moderately high. They sell bashsea sumps and refugiums here. Very friendly knowledgeable staff.

Rebecca King

The selection of fish isn't large but there is a good deal to look at and they stock fish regularly which I feel makes up for not having rows and rows of wall to wall fish The fish are vibrant and healthy the few times I have been there I find myself wanting to look at the same sections of fish even though I had seen them the day before (they're pretty adorable) My favorite part have to be the aquarium plants that are actually cared for in a habitat instead of prepackaged plants that look unhealthy half the time in corporate pet stores I like the layout of the store it's very easy to walk in and find exactly what you need with or without assistance on your first visit The staff is very helpful and happy to be there doing what they do

Gebo's Garage

Spotless! Seriously, we have been to many fish stores because of our aquarium hobby and this place has to be the cleanest place we've ever been. All the tanks are clean, the store is clean, the tanks and store shelves are completely & neatly stocked... Then, to take it one step further the owners and the employees were very friendly, and genuinely happy people! We only bought fish food on this visit, but we will certainly be returning customers because of our overall experience... I give this place an A+ If you're reading this, you should check this place out. Like a lot of stores, it's a bit tight inside due to the size of aquariums and sumps for sale, and the nature if the business, but its bright and clean..... AND.. they have a bit of everything! Check out the huge assortment of rocks and wood for aquascaping to left and rear of the building. They had some huge peices on our visit. Happy Hobbying!

Christopher Hayes

Great fish store! Greg is a good dude and knowledgeable owner, and the staff are all great people. Keep up the great work!!!!

Iyapo garvin

Great stock, family staff and great prices , great variety, very patient.... in other words nothin bad to say at all! Great business!

Jeff Aalbertsberg

Great store, One of Michigan's best

David Glovak

The best fish store in the metro detroit area!

Mikiba Simmons

The customer service provided was EXCELLENT. The wealth of information that was given was invaluable and will assist me in keeping a successful aquarium. THANKS Jackie...

Robin Wetzel

Great helpful staff- fair prices and clean store. We get our fish there and they are always healthy.

Tonya T

This is the best location around for any fish supply you with need. They have hundreds of different fish, coral, Shrimp, stingrays, sharks, and the list goes on. The owners are awesome!! Their knowledge of the animals, tanks and how to take care of your systems make it all a breeze. They make you feel like family and you will want to return often.

gerald hart

Experience was good. Should consider online purchasing.

Robert Williams

Great place. Very helpful and friendly staff

Josh F

Best sales. Expert advice. Highest quality animals and equipment.

J. Stone

Love this place. Always good customer service. Never any issues. Little pricey but I have no issue with that. You dont find too many local neighborhoods aquatic life stores and I can appreciate that. I love being a patron of this store, great selection of animals and if you have small kids it's like a tiny aquatic looking gallery. Didnt take any pictures because I was there to shop and I had to get in look around for a second and get out. Even with amazon and other retailers killing the on the line game this place will always get my $ just because I can appreciate what small business owners deal with and they provide a great service to the neighborhood. Just their presence makes the area a little more pleasant.

Conner Gajewski

Excellent service and the cleanest fish store I have ever stepped foot in. Customer service is friendly and helpful. Plus their fish are cheaper than anyone around even including Petco or Petsmart. In addition, all they're fish are medicated and healthy!

Amine Beydoun

Exquisite consistant service, stock.

Ana Haze

Store and tanks where clean staff was friendly . I was really just browsing and asking questions as I'm gonna get my son set up with his first fresh water fish tank and help him develop this lil hobby of his

Kevin Dilborne

Friendy staff and good sekection of saltwater fish.


Staff are amazing and very knowledgeable!! They take care of their livestock very well! Such a pleasure to do buisness here that I drive across the state to still buy by equipment and livestock here!!

Chris Green

Very large selection of fish.


I like going here because they actually have a pretty good fish selection. I like to keep going back because the staff are helpful and patient. The livestock is generally well kept.

Bill Milgie

great selection great prices great staff

Bob Lasiuta

The best in the area. Spotlessly clean, very friendly and helpful staff, and the livestock is in top shape. You couldn't ask for a better aquarium shop.

damian zaloga

On of the best fresh and Saltwater fish stores around. They are very well knowlegable about all the animals they sell and products they have. Plus it's pretty good on pricing find them cheaper then most stores in the area.


Great place to shop for pet needs especially fish and lizards. They have great tanks and a wide variety of fish. Great knowledge on types of fish and which to pair up. They even sell salt water for your salt water tank. I mainly get crickets from here. The large ones are not as large as petcos. But they have a great deal on them.

Vinny Vici

This is the place to buy saltwater fish. Everything I buy there lives and never got ich or any other parasite in qt. Good on pricing and the staff is polite and helpful. The only thing is the coral selection low. I would recommend this place to a friend. I go there at least once a month.

patrick o'brien

The selection of fish is great and the store is always well kept but literally EVERYTIMEi go here the people are rude and more often than not just ignore me. I go at least once every other week for live food among other things and today was no different. One lady flat out walked away and pretended I was t even there while the other was just flat out rude the entire time. Facebook marketplace here I come because this was the last time i will go to this store.

Stanley majewski

To many dead fish.. was not impressed!

Karen Verkest

Wonderful staff. Very helpful. Enjoyed my visit

Bob ilich

Beautiful clean tanks. Love both fresh and salt water setups. Very helpful service.

Andrew Kwon

I just happened to be in the Detroit area, and being an avid reefer currently located in a rural location did a quick google search for reef stores. It just happened Stingray Bay was the first to open Sunday morning so I could check it out before my approximately 6hr home. I figured if they had something I wanted I'd pick it up, but I mostly just wanted to check out at least one reef shop there. Happy to just look. I usually do check out different reef stores in different cities because you never know what you are going to find. The store was very clean, had a ton of selection of both fish and dry goods. Given the way things are going with corals at the time of this review they did have a few nice pieces but everywhere is having a problem with supply due to bans. It does look like a big portion of their stock is fish and invert setup vs coral vats. Some highlights from today's visit include splendid garden eels, various angels both dwarfs and larger species, lookdowns, lots of tangs, a good invert selection and quite a few lighting maroons. Of course the price of these guys have plummeted pretty quickly but even with today's market the price of a pair was just $80. Besides the price factor there were quite a few specimens to choose from. With live rock and anemones and other inverts in the system you know healthy looking fish are not in therapeutic levels of copper (not that there is anything wrong with that in high volume stores, just a fact you don't know the fishes health even if they look healthy QT). I mentioned I had a long drive and asked for a syrofoam box with was no problem. Fish were packed well for the 7-8hrs they were bagged, they fought in acclimation bucket and started eating in QT less than an hour later. While I didn't buy any dry goods I was very impressed with the selection. For locals you are lucky to be able to grab what you need right away when sometimes even overnight shipping is too slow. Don't know when I'll be back in the area but I will make time to return to the shop.

P Fuller

Best local aquarium store within 60 miles. Prices are as good as Amazon or better and their tanks are spotless with a great rotation of stock. Staff is fantastic.

Mark Melton

Awesome place for all of your salt and fresh water needs. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff!

Richard Gersch

Good selection of aquarium supplies, fish and reptile foods. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Clean and well organized shop.

Jeff Kotcher

Nice variety friendly helpful service

Katie McIver

Love this place, competitive pricing. Very friendly staff. This place goes along with another top pick of mine that I reccomend to people.

Thomas McCormick

Great place friendly and knowledgeable about what they sell.

Blake Riebel

Extremely knowledgeable staff and cleanest fish store I have ever been in. This store is so much better then every other place I have been and I can honestly say I would recommend stingray bay to any one of my friends.

Meredith Corsetti

The staff is very helpful and knowledgable. They also do free water testing and coach you on how to care for your animals. Very great place!

Linz Anne

We really like this place for the close location to our home and the selection!

Brian Ziaya

Greg and his staff in this fish store are very well educated. They are always there to help you and get you in the right direction. They take a lot of pride in what they do people like this are hard to fine. Thank you

Tristan Nish

Great selection,very healthy fish, knowledgeable staff

Nikki Lee

I go out of my way to go here for my feeder fish, they actually last a few days until my turtle eats them, rather than dieing in an hour like all of the local pet stores (higher priced) feeder fish.

Frank Szajna

Love this place they arecalways helpful,Nd highly knowledgeable ..

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