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REVIEWS OF Royal Tropical Fish & Bird IN Michigan

Harvey Wells

I go here for the tropical fish and supplies. Great place. Great people running it. They love the customers. Also have exotic birds and supplies here.

Tom Meyer

Very knowledgeable. Very clean. Great spot. Support indie biz!

Karee Todd

Tons of fish and supplies. The birds were awesome to check out. But there wasn't much for parking, on the narrow road.

Rodney Wasmuth

Very helpful staff. Answered all my questions.

Janet Raeburn

Just purchased two baby parakeets plus food and supplies from this store. Very nice place. Owners know a lot about pets and take good care of them. When the one lady walked thru the bird area, ALL the birds started to talk to her :) We were told to call anytime with questions.

Bernie Davis

Took time with me to make sure I got the right filter. excellent help thanks

Vincent usoro

When I think tropical fish, like most I think of Salt Water Fish. Went in thinking they would have just that being that the name has Tropical Fish but I mistakenly wrong.

Rebecca Collins

Everyone here is very friendly!! We just brought home sushi! A pied tiel cockatiel. Second bird for us. They are very knowledgable and patient. Kudos to the whole staff. We will post pics of sushi!

John Jocque

We got two baby parakeets here. Very reasonable price for hand-raised birds. Staff was knowledgeable, helpful and courteous.

Scott Keebaugh

Great selection of bird supplies! Especially since its extremely difficult to find bird supplies outside of the internet. Although I wasn't impressed with the cleanliness. All the birds had dirty cages and the self serve bulk food area had loose food all over. Makes me wonder if they have 4 legged creatures also.....

Robert Lovell

A great place to get bird supply fish and all other kinds of stuf and animals

Jonathan Kennedy

Great inventory. Helpful staff.

Darrien Foster

We've been in the store twice and both times we had a hard time getting someone to help us. The first time we just left, no one even acknowledged us. They do have a decent variety of fish and the person who helped us seemed knowledgeable.

Julie Fear

Nice selection of fish and birds


This review is only pertaining to fish. Employees not very knowledgeable. Some bettas are kept in breeder boxes in filtered tanks, while others, for some reason, are kept in unfiltered and unheated tiny bowls (less than 1/2 gal). But their conditions are still a lot better than chain pet stores. A lot more expensive, comparing stuff like seachem prime, fish food, and filters. Impossible to find parking on busy days.

Christine Taylor

I love this place. I take my bird here for wing, nail and beak trims. I can drop her off and come back when convenient. Friendly staff and good prices.

Monika Ostasz

Love this place. I got my anubius from here around 4 years ago and now I have a ton of it!

June Lester

Fun and personal service was great. Also learned alot. My friend bought 2 finches so cute.

Suge The Barber

They meet all your requirements and they are straight up not trying to get over on you they will help you the best way possible

Donna Finley

I love this place as do my birds when I board them...

Kay Kay

Birds looked healthy but this place smelled awful... ended up leaving due to the smell... this business should be re located to a more appropriate building. Highland tropical is way nicer.. disappointed

Kenny Trautmann

One of my favorite spots for tropical fish. Great owner operated pet shop. Bit pricey, but store front near Woodward dont come cheap.

maggie scott

After adding a new aquarium to our home we decided to check this place out. After the first trip we knew we'd be lifetime customers. I've been in several times now and each time the staff have been knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They take time to answer my questions and educate me on the health of our tank. We will not go anywhere else for our aquarium needs!

Ashley Taylor

This was a nice place! They have a LOT of bird food options, and a lot of birds for sale. Really enjoyed this place. The aquariums were cool and we'll though I gave it 4 stars because there were no salt water tanks? Won't stop me from going back!

Rico Johnson

Great service very very great I wished I could give them a 10 star the owner is a great guy and the staff

Yitz Pierce

Knowledgeable and a great selection of fish and birds.

Teresa Laachouchi

Love this store. Mike is the best!

Frank Perkin

Love this place.

J Crawford

Friendly staff and great selection

Lynette Johnson

Nice and warm

Brian Harrison

I bought a linolated parakeet from them a few months ago, I should have followed my fisrt gut instinct which was to run away. The woman, who I presume owns it, talked down to me and seemed like she had no interest in selling me a bird the first time I went. I still came back to get it and she again talked down to me again and the other staff there weren't friendly at all either. They claim all their birds are hand raised/hand fed THIS IS A LIE!!! I've tried for months but my bird still will not let me near him! Very very disappointed in myself from buying from them, if you want a good quality pet, get it from a reputable breeder that actually hand raised their birds!

Steph Comptois

Great place to get your tropical fish and any help you might need for your fish tank

Lori K

I bought two parakeets from them so far. They were very accommodating and helpful, even letting me bring my first bird in for a "play date" before choosing the second bird, to make sure they get along. I plan to purchase more birds from them in the near future!

Jay Dub

Nice place .

Kristen Lambert

We take our African grey here for spa treatments and boarding. He seems to love it which is the best recommendation. Thanks especially to Sue and Michael.

Betty Gilbert

I love this place. Mike is awesome with my bird. Him and the woman (I can never remember her name) know a lot about bird care and training. They care for all of the birds in the store and it really shows.

Nancy Teatro


Amber Powell

They were very helpful and knowledgeable with assisting in my purchase of buying a conure.

D Mouhot

Took my birdies for a spa day!! The did an amazing job!!

Tamara Davie

Very knowledgeable staff, cool animals and quality food and care for them!

Steve C.

This is a great little place. It's the kind of place I would like to own. If they had saltwater I would make the drive.

Jan Pavlicek

Very neat store with knowledgeable staff and lots of exotic birds and fish.

Joe Dailey

All around nice little pet store not much in the way of anything but birds and fish in the fish selection is is pretty basic but neat location nice setup would recommend stopping in checking it out

Dago Wop

Not as many birds... I remember this place packed with em... Now they only have a few and most look sick.

Steven Small

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff saved my sick bird. I will definitely be a return customer.

Linda Margolin

The bird food is good and all people are friendly!

Donna Coit

Great service

MagMax Creates

They have many tropical birds like sun conures, macaws, parakeets. Koi's, goldfish, turtles and many more. Great amount of pond and fish tank supplies.

Krysten Wells

I come here with my dad a lot to buy fish and every question we have about our fish, or their fish they have advice for us. Every fish we've ever gotten here have lived a long time, which sounds like an obvious thing, but when we bought from most other places they seemed to come home with us unhealthy, then live a very short life. Plus, it's fun to look at the beautiful birds they have (which they also are very knowledged about too)! I always recommend this place when anyone is looking for fish/bird related things!

Caitlyn Bashara

Drove 70 miles to come here and i’m so glad I did! Mike is awesome, very knowledgeable and nice. I wish this place was closer I would come every other day! Bought a bunch of plants and put a down payment on a Quaker

Mark Rhine

Great service great people

Yolanda Aquino

would recomended this place but the cleanliness is questionable not a fan of dead fish in tanks with live fish. They have a room filled with birds in small cages. the major turn off was how they proceeded to bad mouth my vet and other big pet shops for vaccinating their birds claiming there were no such shots when anyone can search online and discover from reputable sites that any birds kept together in the same area (much like the one they had) should be vaccinated to prevent diseases. Also saw a nearly bald Macaw that had plucked almost all his feathers off from what i can only assume was stress brought on by the continual screaming of all the other birds. I would suggest going here to rescue a bird because it is clear these people are in over their heads

Kristin Bemis

Staff is wonderful

Clyde Kubiak

Quality people who have a love of pets.


This was the BEST Parrot store I ever went to.I bought a 2 month old cockatiel.Mike was very kind and told me what is good for the bird.Thank you so much.

Genie Lewis

The best around! I've been coming to Royal Tropical since I was 17, 30 years now

Allen Fine

Read variety of fish. Always helpful

Christine Krisz Drouillard

Really nice employees and a great selection of freshwater fish and plants . I took away a star because parking is IMPOSSIBLE.

Amy Walker

Great family birds and fish place 50 plus yr

Alexandria Lisa D'Ascenzo

Best in town!!

Tuhin Faiz

Absolutely love this shop! The customer service is great! They taught me all I needed to know to train my parakeets I purchased from petco. I am looking forward to going back there!

L.A. Rocks

Love this place and it's a family business. The family that owns store is very knowledgeable about birds & fish and are happy to share.

Pruitt Empire

Always great service and always find what I am looking for

Lora Shampine

Knowledgeable and very helpful. Very clean and healthy animals. Went there for bird supplies and advice I plan on going back to start a new aquarium. I know I will be getting the best advice. Best to start off with healthy aquatic stock. Highly recommended.

Sapphire Heart

I love Royal Tropical Fish And Bird Haven. I got my parakeet from here and they were very helpful in telling me how to take care him, what to feed him, ext. All their staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend to everyone.

Jamie St Amand

Awesome birds, awesome fish. They even rescue birds and groom them for a reasonable price

Tracy Vanwormer

I love the place!!!!.....very friendly..answers all your question...just so fenaminal!!!....we bought a sun conure from not have it yet still have 3 more weeks....they are weening the awesome....already handle the bird there....very calm and friendly.....can't wait to bring the bird home

Claire White

Very informative and helpful

D. Andrew

Very helpful. Nice selection

Susan Franzem

Have been going to royal for many years. Sue is very helpful and has helped us with our birds on many occasions. Worth the drive.

TheLovely Jerald

OMG it's an aquarium enthusiast dream they are fully equipped with everything you could ask for.

Darias Iberto

You can't do wrong picking this place. Very good experience.

Michael Herman

Super friendly and nice folks. Evidently this place has been around forever.

Sara Eames

Really helpful knowledgeable staff, at least for birds. I love their feed mixes and rotating toy selection.

aa aa

Stunning variety of fish, birds and a smattering of reptiles. They have a shop that never ends, with many specialties from products to lovely pets.

Laura DiCicco

Great place knowledgeable staff and great selection of supplies and different kinds of fish.

Wafaa Shamout


Deepak Aggarwal

Love this place. Rare Tropical birds available. Workers are very nice and helpful. They allow you to play with the birds. No pressure to buy. Very fun.

Ian McLendon

Amazing experience. From the moment you walk in, you can tell that the birds and fish are well taken care of, and the staff are very friendly helping you with any questions.

Catherine Sullivan

A bit pricey but they do have a lot of good stuff for both birds and fish and they sell a wonderful array of tropical birds and fish as the name suggest

Luna Tick

I saw a few birds with plucked feathers, but I'm not sure if that's the stores fault, so I won't assume. It's super over priced here, the cages, birds and fish are really expensive. The place looks a bit sketchy on the outside, too. With that being said, it has an oddly nice atmosphere inside and they have a large selection of birds and fish. The workers are kind, the store is clean and the animals seem to be kept in good conditions and overall have good health. I go here quite often.


Always get my cocktiel for from here the food doesn't have preservatives in it. They mix it and have diffrent types of mixes for diffrent birds. They are also really nice and knowledgeable. Been going for years.

Terry Baker

Slow to help

Daniel Asher

Aweful treatment of birds.

Zack Ellis

Beautiful birds and knowledgeable staff always friendly and willing to help. Very welcoming building as they have their business in old house it's very welcoming easy to get around and comfortable to talk to people there never feeling pushed or like you have to be in a hurry prices are perfect

Andre Floyd

Helpful staff and beautiful cichlids.

c young

This place is amazing! We visit this place every week and they are always very knowledgeable and welcoming. 5 stars in my book

Alaa Hanna

Such a unique place in Michigan

Christina Coden

What an odd find! Interesting store for all of your bird/reptile/fish needs. Love it better than the chain, and employees are helpful! Keep in mind if you need specific help with these type of animals.

Sylvia Parker

Love this pet store. Especially the exotic birds

Chrissy & Bruce

Get my birds nails and beak done here. Very proffessional and knowledgeable

Matt Thomas

Good prices for the many fish they have

Jerry Badalamento

Great selection of birds good prices

Brad Carter

knowledgeable and friendly

mike harris

Employees seemed like they were annoyed that we were in the store, then my toddler had to use the restroom so we asked an employee. He looked at us like he wanted us to eff off and told us there was a private bathroom and we couldn't use it but could drive to the car wash down the street??!!? Sorry I drove for an hour too come to your store and my three year olds bladder is only the size of a three year olds bladder. There's much better fish stores on the east side anyways. Have a nice life

Leib Gershon Mitchell

They are good people. Recommended in preference to the aquarium section at a big box retailer.

Ella Lin

Royal Tropical has a very friendly and pretty knowledgeable staff, although they are very quiet haha. They have a very wide variety of softbills, hookbills, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. They allow you to play with their birds in the play pens and tree (usually Quakers, cockatiels, conures, and smaller birds, and on the tree there are greys, Amazons, and Macaws) and socialize them which is a major plus. I don’t know much about fish but I do know that they house their Bettas for sale in a decent size temporary tank. The environment is, I would say, dusty? The bird room is obviously pretty messy because birds are birds, but they clean pretty often. One of the first things I noticed was that the cages were cramped and there was a small lack of natural wood perches and toys, which are key to a parrot’s health. The birds look pretty healthy as far as I can tell. The bird supplies are very good, and they only sell bird safe items. They’ll steer you away from bad brands as well. Overall, Royal Tropical is a very nice place to simply browse and buy items, and perhaps buy a bird if you can’t find a rescue or responsible breeder!

Keith Daman

I have been going to this place for almost 25 years. It has been a wonderful experience talking and getting advice from all the staff. I have purchased several types of birds. Thank you all for your service.

Perish Bar

My go-to for all aquatic needs, great selection and friendly knowledgeable staff.

Robert Brewster

Been getting our birds and bird supplies from them for years. The staff are knowledgeable and the service is great. We've moved a couple times since we started coming here, but I'll always make the trip to come here instead of places like Petsmart.

Sarah Schaaf

VERY knowledgeable and helpful staff! I'm a novice at keeping an aquarium and they have taught me a lot. They will test your water for free and give you advice on how to adjust the chemistry of your water if there are problems. They even make they're own products. I trust them completely and like supporting a local independent business.

Mya Free

Fabulous selection of toys, toy making supplies and the best foods for parrots

The Kid

very educated helped with all of my fish needs

Cla Cho

wonderful store with great selection of different types of fish

Martez Blue

Great as always

Shalom Korn

If you're looking for fish or birds, this is the place. Great service and with a smile.

michael tuggle

African Cichlids are pricey if they show any color.

Summer Iscoming

Very knowledgeable people

Humam Alwan

Great place to take the kids and see the parrots and fish.

Adam Barr

Stopped by looking for saltwater but that is not the type of place this is. Only freshwater fish and birds. (Which is fair, but the name "tropical" through me off) Layout of the store is a bit odd and there is a medium sized dog walking around the store. The place also smells like a bird cage. Can't comment on the staff because i didn't see any. Although i did go in on a Friday night.

marvin faris

Nice selection of fish Customer experience

Ashley Klemkow

I got my Sun Conure from this store and he is the sweetest thing ever. The employee's seem very well informed about parrot care and behavior, and there is a lot of bird care food, toys and a few cages here as well. I would rate 5 stars but there is little to no parking and its in such a night traffic area that its hard to find of you don't know what you are looking for. I found it by accident the first time, and trust me I am glad I did. I have been back a few times..I wish I could get some of their cockatiel babies they are so adorable.

John Rusanchin

Great selection of quality tropical fish. The birds are pretty cool too.

Tammy Nell

Very informative employees, good quality and variety of freshwater fish. Sundays are very busy so if you can shop any other day I would, unless you don't mind a little wait and crowds.

levi whitt

Very helpful and honest. Had helpful answers to all my questions.

Āłãñ K

This shop is amazing,great prices and cute lovely birds the workers are so Nice and helpful coming to the shop soon.

Regina Tuskey

We board our bird there now & then. Nice people!

María Camila Vásquez Lenis

It was ridiculously expensive

Yolanda Russell

I really didnt know where it was ok to park either than that it's a pretty cool place.

Larry Awdish

This place does not carry very much in fish they do have Birds though which I really cool

Jamie Yates

Such a variety of birds and fish!

ramsn gt

Any one know thy have green cheek conuer bird I’m looking for that’s birds it amazing bird

Digital Warfare313

Been going here for about 13 years... Amazing people and amazing birds.... Love this place

Waterford Mom

Animals are loved and nurtured here.

John Tomasko

This store looks completely out of place in it's location. It's somewhat hard to find as it's one shop in from Woodward with an alley between them. There is limited parking, I usually park across the street in the lot. And it seems like an old house that was converted to a shop. All that being said, it is a great freshwater fish store. They have a great selection of fish for both aquarium and pond along with plenty of invertbrates and plants.

Kevin Russell

Awesome birds...awesome

Richard Stokes

Not very clean, no parking, rude staff. Plus, they were feeding their birds seeds. Come wonder most of them looked unhealthy and unfriendly. I would recommend Discount Pet in Livonia (marginally better) or better yet, In a Pickle Parrots in Cleveland.

Daniel Ellenwood

Friendly staff. Nice selection of freshwater fish, Live plants, and some snails. Decent stock of aquarium supplies.

Christine Kluge

A nice and clean place. All the animal's look very happy and healthy. Staff is kind and helpful.

Loni Rimback

Awsome as usual

natalie rhine

They always have what I need for my fish or my bird. Their staff is well knowledgeable I'm everything that they carry. Mike is awesome too

Charles Verhey

The owners and employees really know their stuff and treat their birds with such care and respect. Really a wonderful place for bird lovers. I got my Green Cheek Conure from them, and I always get my food from them, and he's happy and healthy. The fish are cool too, if you're into that kind of thing.

Izuku Midoriya

Has lots of fish and some birds very nice store . Workers are nice too.

Gerald Gorski

A Large Pet Store with Great Service and a Large Selection of Birds, Salt Water Fish and Fresh Water Fish. A Lage Selection of Items for Pets.

Michael Erlich

Excellent place for all your fish and bird needs friendly staff very knowledgeable and helpful I recommend Royal Tropical Fish for anybody who is looking for expert advice

Imad Shammout


brandon buchanan

Super nice people. Very helpful!


One of, if not the, best fish stores in the metro area. Their staff is very knowledgeable and more than willing to hang out and chat. Their birds are always very healthy and live in clean environments. Just a great, slightly hidden, gem.


they're so kind and helpful. highly, highly recommend this place if you're interested in freshwater fish or adopting a bird. they know their stuff. they're also a family business, which is awesome. i think i heard they've been there since the 60's or something. i'm in the process of adopting pufferfish from here. they also sell all sorts of supplies. the little bit extra you'd spend here over pet smart, you're investing in keeping a wonderful family business in our community, and investing in people who are knowledgeable and care about the animals you're adopting. you can tell their birds are happy, loved, and cared for, too.

Oneal Stevens

Loved this concept of the open cages! I got to see Mike feed the piranhas too!

Jeff Jack

Not a friendly staff at all, felt as I was bothering them . Nobody greets you. Also fish over priced. Not great experience at all. Will not be going back.

Jason Bialke

The bird part of the store seemed nice, and the lady was really friendly. The fish side of the store was terrible. Dead fish, fish mixed with fish they shouldn't be, the staff seemed annoyed we were there. One employee also gave me dead wrong information on ich when I brought it up.

Michael Crane

Great livestock and supply's ,but, the real reason to go is that you might learn something from the friendly and knowledgeable staff led by Sue

Larry Harris

Great place to get fish and supplies

Kelly Jablecki

Large selection of fish, helpful and knowledgeable staff!!! Parking can be rough, but worth it!

John Cavazos

Best fish store around. Have been going to this place for 35 years.

ibmor Joe

I have no complaint with this store. They have great fishes and plants. And they are very friendly to answer your question and concerns. Especially for first timers. I had this pump that did not work. I randomly came inside store. Asked them to check it out. I didnt sense any attitudes from them. And they helped me out with my problem. So now this place will always have my business

John Considine

Kniwledgeabke pros. Beautiful birds.

Matias Markou

I specifically went for aquatic plants, of which they had an okay selection. The Java fern I got wasnt in the greatest condition but it was fine. The staff was a little standoffish when I was asking questions.

Michigan Tiger

Great selection of equipment for fish tank, also tropical fish and all kind of birds!

Rachel Ravenna

It's such a magical place if you love fish and birds. The birds make it clear to you whether or not they want to be handled. But they are so fun and cute. Just know they love getting their beaks on jewelry so beware.

Josh Spicko

What an awesome place.. Excellent service and friendly staff.. I highly recommend this place to all those fish enthusiasts out there. By far the best place to go in town for all your fish needs. The cichlid room is just flat out awesome.. I'll be back!

Neil Blavin

They have great looking fish, and are very friendly...until you have a problem. I bought several discus here and they said they would guarantee them 14 days, but when ALL of them died (mind you they checked the water, etc. before I brought them home), they refused to give me new fish or a refund. I have since bought discus from other fish stores with no problems whatsoever. Beware!

Hopper Mitkevietz

Large selection of freshwater fish and plants. Helpful staff that actually cares about the fish they sell and will let you know their needs and compatibility. Some stores are just interested in taking your money, and will happily sell you anything, even if it is too big for your tank or not compatible with your other fish. Tanks are always clean and well-maintained. My favorite local fish shop.

Carissa Harris

Great place! Very nice staff. Knowledgeable

kevin russell

I stop by to check out and was blown away. Fish and Birds are amazing. Loved it will go back...staff was amazing

Beth Greenapple

The staff here took care of my budgie for over four weeks. The price was reasonable. It included food--the same one she gets at home. She looked healthy and happy when I retrieved her. I'm very pleased with the service I got.

MzReady Redd

I spent $69. Only had intentions of NO MORE THAN $20.

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