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REVIEWS OF Oceans and Seas IN Michigan

Cindy Bishop

Great selection of fish. Beautiful.

Keith Ruszkiewicz

Totally top quality fish with decent prices

Matt H

Friendly knowledgable staff

Paul Gave

Held a fish for me over a week, great customer service. I have been a customer for many years, they always have a good selection of livestock salt and fresh. Great prices in seachem products as well.

David Yang

Great experience here. Employees seemed to be well educated in comparison to some other local shops. I was even able to get a good deal out of a couple of freshwater pair that arrived in the store that day.

Tony D

One of the best fish stores out here


Rows and rows of fully stocked tanks with beautiful fresh and saltwater fish. They have tanks, tank stands, aquarium accessories, and lots of feeder options for your pets. There are a couple of reptiles available in the back, as well as a little selection of tarantulas. The biggest surprise for me during my visit was the dedicated fairy garden section, full of adorable little figurines and plants. All the animals appear in good health. The staff is friendly and happy to answer your questions. Plus, when I visited the owner had his dog there who was absolutely adorable. Overall a cool little place.

Georgia Just Being Me

Great variety of fish ... Great customer service ... great prices and rewards membership! I've been coming here fur years and it has only gotten better!

Kelly Morris

Oceans and Seas have been with me from the start. They have recommended great fish, each person has been very helpful. I'm in there every week, but it's still surprising that they remember what I get. They really know their customers I highly recommend this place.

Tyrone Shirlee

Great store staff very helpful with fish. Wide selection of saltwater, chiclids and others... will shop there again in near future

Anne Bussell

Lot of fish. Nice people.

Joey Stone

Friendly staff. Amazing selection of fish.

Alan Lapanowski

Excellent coral selection

yendor 187

I love this place even though it's pricey on some things. Lots of fish fresh and salt water. I'm sure whatever you looking for you can find it here. I been coming here for over ten years now since I moved to the eastside.

Beth N

Great friendly service! We buy crickets from them. They are always good quality and AWESOME high quantity prices!

J Bry

Been going here for years. Friendly and knowledgeable staff is very helpful. They have a great selection of livestock and equipment. I don't shop anywhere else.

jared currie

It's a pretty decent shop about average overall price-wise. Coral is a little high in price. I don't know much about fresh water or reptiles but their pastel ball python at 150 is way high.

Brian Smith

Very helpful. Took the time to answer all my questions and carried my stuff out when he noticed i had a bad back. Great guy i wish i was better at remembering names he deserves some credit.

Daniel Martin

Great Store, Hands down best selection of livestock in the area with a ton of variety that you will not find anywhere else. I keep both Freshwater and Marine aquariums and seem to find something new every time i go there. I would have to say that the previous review would have to of been possibly an accumulation of photos or possibly not all photos are of the actual store. I also know that fish get sick and if they have any that are they WILL NOT sell them to you and they will mark the tank n.f.s. 90% of the time I go in the store the place is Jammin so you usually have to wait which sucks but other than that it's a great store.

Judi Ackley

Helpful staff great prices

steve soviar

Awesome place and very helpful

Debora Schneidt

Very helpful n polite . descent prices

Sarah Krul

Absolutely love this place. Always a great selection and a very knowledgeable staff. Definitely my go to for my saltwater and fresh water needs.

David Bowers

Pretty good selection and knowledge for Saltwater fish, coral, and supplies.

Dewayne Rutnoski

Great selection of fish, both fresh water and salt water. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Prices are fair.

April Clark

Outstanding service and found everything needed

Nicu Socaci

Had a very nice selection and pricing is not ridiculous , nothing beats seeing a fish up close before purchasing

John Fricano

Great selection of freshwater and Marine fish and corals. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Everything you might need to maintain your aquariums is on hand.

Kevin Walther

They have a great selection of African fish at a good price

April Clarke

This place has an impressive assortment of underwater creatures. Sometimes we drop in just to have a good look around.

michael scranton

Best prices in town! Join the club!

Chris Lostfishing

They have alot of cool stuff but it's just over priced ....

fadi Shkoukani

Great customer service ! Large selection and variety of fish & aquarium needs.


Because they always have exactly what we need for our fish and their reasonably priced.

maggi rucinski

Knowledgeable staff & wide selection of fish

joe sanchez

Really neat, and very clean... awesome staff..

Darius Heard

Great customer service and selection!!!!

Jr Jr

Good selection on salt water fish

Allan Martich

Nice place, knowledgeable people.

Trev Pro

Love this place they are like family

Paulfrey Wiltz

All types of fish, aquariums, and supplies. The service was great.


Not really helpful didn't seem the man wanted to be bothered wasn't disrespectful . There was a lady there that was more help and more inviting. Ended up going up the road

Kelkel 5577

This place was awesome

Gerald Kassin

Nice selection of quality fush and products


Pretty dark and cramped, but nice selection.

Jason crute

Good selection, nice staff.... prices are premium though. They will pop the fancy name on a coral frag and $$$$

Susan Halaburda

A lot of dead fish in tanks. Corals are way overpriced. Saltwater tanks are unkempt. Too much clutter. Fairy gardens? Really? It's supposed to be an aquarium store.

Acer Campbell

Cool selection fresh, salt, and brackish fish they will not sell if sick helpful and friendly staff

Carrie Lord

Great store. Fish are healthy and they have a large quantity of both salt and fresh water fish. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about they products they sell. They have a nice variety of tanks, food, and chemicals to maintain the largest aquariums or even the smallest aquariums. They also have feeder fish, crickets, and reptiles. By far one of the best fish stores on the east side as well as one of the nicest teams of staff members. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone, at any level of experience with fish!!!!!

Jay Damman

Man I love this place. Never been here until an hour ago and man I'm impressed. Who knew you could fit so much into a single building. I keep salt and freshwater fish and let's just say I didn't leave empty handed. I will be back for sure. Who knows maybe even today.

Matt D

Love the staff small store tight parking not a great location. But they do have a lot of cool fish

K Warn

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable going above and beyond the call of duty to help!

Eddie Zwiesele

Best place to go for all your salt water and fresh water fish!

Steve Prater

Friendly, knowlegable staff. Lots of salt water fish


I have loved the place sense I was a kid and I love there axilotls very nine and a good price very nice staff but one of the staff loves the fish there there was a fish named puppy he loved the fish so much and the fish did to he would pet him and puppy killed a shark because the man pet the shark but sadly puppy was bought And now he is gone and I can tell the man is sad

Shela Jones


Mary Rajnicek

I absolutely love this place. Everyone is so helpful and they have just about everything you could possibly need. I'm a pet parent to two goldfish so my needs aren't terribly complex, but I have an unpopular tank size and they've saved my bacon more than once getting parts and accessories. It's also a ton of fun to look at all the fish!

tina jackson

Great place for the fish people like us have everything for your tanks

Deette Declark

A wonderful place to shop for aquarium supplies. They carry fresh and saltwater fish. I was also Amazed by how much they carry as far as fairy garden supplies.

Aleshia Klaus

I have no bad words to say about oceans and seas the staff is amazing they have a great variety of quality fresh and marine fish. I have been a hobbyist all my life and my 8year old has started his own collection. The staff is always welcoming and have no problem answering all of his questions they have been very helpful in guiding him to choose compatabul species for both is warm and cold water tanks. We won't go anywhere else.

Jeffery Crawford

Very nice and a nice selection of fish

David Meitz

Great place, great people, very knowledgeable and helpful

Nolan Poloney

Very knowledgeable... great place to visit to see a variety of fish at a good price.

Tommy Daniels

extremely helpfully and accomodating staff brought my 5 yr old and 10 yr old here and was very happy with the service

Liz Urban

Very helpful and very reasonable in price

Diane Jordan

Crazy knowledgeable. Super helpful. Nice healthy tanks.


Very nice selection. I have bought many fish from here with no problems. Both saltwater and Freshwater. Prices for everything are premium compared to others but because of the quality their prices are low. The only thing is that the staff can be shy and distant. But once you call them over they can't stop talking. In a good helpful way.

Simeon Bonev

Best store around

Kelly Maggotbone

This store has absolutely everything u need and want at decent prices. The staff is very friendly!

Amy Claymore-Wandoff

Love these guys! You can tell they care very much for their aquatics. I will continue to shop here for all of my water friends needs! Keep up the GREAT work

Anthoney Shafer

Great place to get fish and very great service.

Russ Ray

Leg selection Marine and fw fish nice in stock tanks and selection of higher end tank combo well stocked inventory nice corals love the section of fairy garden products and last the people are super friendly

Jane Albright

Trustworthy people

Brian Zielinsky

Great fish store both fresh and salt water

Songs ISing

This place is amazing, the Staff is awesome and SO kid friendly!!

summer t

Love this place! Everyone is always so helpful! ❤️

Lori Somerset

Great customer service

LM Cox

Nice little shop, good quality fish and all the atuff you need to take care of them. Reasonably priced too.

Zachary camaj

Love this place, great selection of fish.

Jerry Badalamento

Great place to go they have a good selection of fish

Heather Mutschler

I have visited almost every single fish store in this area, and this store has to be the worst one I've seen. As noted before, they have great selection and I won't deny that, but a good selection means nothing when the fish are sick and dying. I counted precisely 14 dead fish in the store, some of which appeared to have been dead for days. Others were extremely sick, like a polleni grouper with a huge, presumably painful, air/fluid bubble underneath the skin of its eye, a group of oscars covered in hundreds of ich spots, and a guttatus tang suffering simultaneously from a velvet infestation and a bacterial infection. Now, I know some fish die and sickness runs rampant in newly imported fish, and I'm not saying that this is the only store that has to deal with it. My problem is that it takes 5 minutes to comb over the store removing dead fish every morning and a few seconds to scoop one out that dies during the day and this store can't seem to find the time to do that. They also have no interest in treating sick fish either, as evidenced by the dozens of obviously sick ones. Despite the poor conditions these fish are kept in, I saw a couple neon gobies that I liked and was interested in. One had a little bit of fin rot, but if they were a decent price, I figured that the few days in antibiotics that it would take to treat him would be worth it. So I tried to find an employee to help me, since the price wasn't labeled on the tank, but I couldn't find one that wasn't busy. So I waited for a few minutes, making sure to make eye contact with anyone who looked like an employee so they would ask if I needed anything, but that didn't happen. I finally approached an employee and asked how much the neon gobies cost. He said "I don't know that, but I'm getting fish for someone so please wait." in a not-so-nice tone. I watched him for a minute, and all he did was follow a lady around the store while she looked at the fish trying to figure out which ones she wanted. In my opinion, it wouldn't have killed him to take 15 seconds to look up the price, or to ask another employee really quick. I'm actually glad he was rude to me though, because now I realize how stupid it would have been to support a business that treats their animals and customers that way.

Jenny Olenski

Ok place, we go for salt water and over all pricing was reasonable, some of their tanks need attention. Staff was a little odd, they are friendly though.

HiKe Whaddup Doe

I always loved this place, rewards program is awesome and I love walking around until I find the right one, and then let the staff tell me all about them (they're so passionate but gentle)

Brody Hall

Ok slection

B dee

Traveled from Troy trying to find different fish. This place has the widest selection I have come across in Metro Detroit. Great prices. Just bought a Flame Angel for 39.99.

Koren Dettloff

I've been going here since I was a little kid. My dad, an avid aquarium lover, only got his fish and equipment from here. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable on everything and there is a WIDE variety of fish avaliable!!

Aron Jenner

Great place, helpful staff and good selection.

Paul Willockx

We got great service here. They really know what they are talking about

Jamison Welch

Great store wide selection very helpful

Pat Klinger

Great when looking for something different

Chris Hawkins

Nice variety of fish you choose from

Bug Assassins

Knowledgable staff and healthy fish

Stacey Terry

Friendly staff..very helpful and knowledgeable...variety of saltwater and freshwater fish to choose from and see.

Michael Adam

Very helpful and knew their stuff. Nice selection of fish. Nice overall store. Big selection of supplies. Was an hour away from my home and they put the fish in separate bags for me. One of the top three nicest stores I have been to. When I get back that way I will stop in again.

Capone Smith

The fish selection is really Nice! Live coral for salt water fans! Urchins, starfish and some exotics! Prices too were competitive.

Heather Monczki

Love this store. They have everything you need and the staff is very friendly.

Tyler Murphy

Very colorful

Joe Schmitt

It's a great place, with very helpful,people. The products they have are perfect. I love there saltwater stuff, displays and all.

Stephen Fusinski

This is the only store I go to purchase the residents for my aquariums. I visit at least a couple of times a month, even just to look at their displays when I am not purchasing. I have not met a single worker there who is off-putting or rude, they are all amazing. The people here know their stuff, and are always happy to make suggestions. I could not recommend this place more.

Richard Bell

Just a excellent place to start a tank or to add on item to existing tank. Also has other items for reptiles & etc.

Michael Zajac

Large selection of fish and hard goods.

Ricardo Cañedo

Awesome place. Definitely will be back.

Joe Pash

Good staff, good selection. Fresh and salt.

Justin Zion

The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable

Michael Maison

Always the best.

M Brown

Love this place


Nice little pet shop. Feeder mice purchase

Thomas Bowen

One of the better supplied stores for replacement parts

Jessie Jolly

Large variety and supplies Very friendly WORKERS

Gilbert Munoz

Love the store

Tim Cope

Very informative! Great place to get fish!

Tom Inman

The people that work there are super friendly and very helpful.

Jill Thompson

First time there. All fish. No land creatures unless you want a tarantula. Friendly staff. More "exotic" fish so will be more money to buy any fish unless you want a Betta. Interesting place to browse.

Eduardo Davis

Very knowledgeable staff

Larry Awdish

The best tropical fish store you can go to they have the biggest selection great prices

Serena Cohen

Unique although sometimes over priced selection of corals. Often they have unusual fish not often seen in the hobby.

Lance Shoemaker

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We will be going back for all of our aquarium needs.

Joseph Thompson

Usually a good selection of fish for sale. Some frags and corals are seriously over priced here. If you're going this direction you still have to stop in. They have some very nice tanks and stands for sale in the back part of the store.

Pat Piotrowski

Wonderful shop. I buy all my fish here.

Steven Stewart

My favorite place to buy fish for my reptile.

Ethan Stone

Love this place, but it seems lile things have been dying a lot more lately for some reason. Waiting for things to get back to normal before purchasing any more livestock.

Michael Monje

A must see store if you're anywhere close to Roseville in your travels. Fresh and Saltwater, nice selection of hardgoods and supplies, knowledgeable staff. I'm from West MI., this store is a must see everytime I travel to the Detroit area.

Chris Merriman

Zack was excellent with his knowledge and helped us find what exactly we needed

Stephen VanGilder

Stopped by for the first time on Oct 19, 2017. Great selection of tropical fish, including some hard to find fish. Best selection of freshwater shrimp that I have seen. Lots of decorations and aquariums too. All of that is more than enough for me to shop there again, but for me the most impressive aspect of this store was the honesty of both people working there that evening. Of all the stores in the Metro Detroit area for anything tropical fish, Oceans and Seas is definitely one of the best!

Cynthia Simpson

Id give it zero stars if I could. Staff was distant and clearly didnt care about the fishes well being. Prices were way too high and lots of the fish had ich and broken fins and missing scales. When this is your livelihood, you think they would care a bit more. Their feeder tanks were appalling as there were dead and rotting fish everywhere. Never will do business here again and if you were wise you wouldnt either. I was interested in large catfish. They were in horrible shape when i got there. Broken and bloodied fins and were bleeding in front of me. Why? Because they thought it would a smart idea to house a vieja flowerhorn hybrid with them. Anyone who knows what they are doing knows not to house anything above 5" with a drop of flowerhorn blood in with anything else due to the common and well documented extreme aggression of this species. I was offered a discount over the phone which was not honored in the store and was dropped 5%. They lied about their size by more than 1/2 a foot and lied AGAIN when asked whether or not they were being medicated for their injuries. This is a horrible shop run by incompetent people with no respect for the customer or the animals they sell. Reptiles had mites and half of them were deformed and had cataracts as well. Nothing here is worth the 80 minutes it took me to drive to their store.

Cass Cantu

One of a kind tropical fish shop. Lots to see. Heads up, parking is tight.

Heather Taylor-Willockx

This is a great fish store. The staff is very knowledgeable and more than willing to help you. They have a discount card program with great rewards too. You can bring your water in for testing. They carry both fresh and salt water fish, and every supply you might want including an incredibly large selection of decorations. Their fish are healthy. They also have a huge selection of fairy garden items. Whatever you do, don't buy fish at Meijer. Go somewhere like this where they care about the animals.

Bernie Regan

Great place to buy department 56 house's

Michael Erlich

It's a good store profession saltwater fishing accessories lots of fish of all kinds pretty fair prices and a nice helpful and knowledgeable staff

Jason Fischer

Knowledgeable staff and great prices

Aaron Stevens

Great store, great selection

Guy Mcsorlry

Great place

Robin Closser

One of my favorite fish stores. The owners are wonderful, knowledgable, and will get you anything you can find. Ive purchased many wonderful fish here, and plan to purchase more when I have more room for them.

Ana Haze

Everything looked nice and clean .. I was really just browsing as I'm going to get my son a fresh water fish tank and help develop this lil hobby he has . The staff gave me some great info on getting started they suggested books for my son lol but they don't know he's only 4 with a weird fish obsession so the books will help me at least and him when he can read !


Lots of sea creatures and tanks.

Thunder FPV

Best place around for all your aquarium needs.

Craig Cehaich

What a selection of discus amaz they have a great selection of fresh water and salt water fish the staff are friendly and very knowledgable if they dont have it they will order it for u if its available u won't go wrong looking here

Katelynuiom Moore

This place is AMAZING!! And the staff is even better!!!!! I came in looking for something extremely specific. I had been looking all over in 2 different states and had no luck. Not only did Ocean's and Seas have what I was looking for but they went above and beyond in their accommodations and making sure I was over the moon happy with everything I received. If you need ANYTHING related to aquatics This is your store!!

Nicole Walton

Best fish store in town! They helped me set up my first salt water aquarium months ago, and now I have three! I have never had anything die from their store and that's really saying something since the other two in the local area have garbage that dies shortly after purchasing. Kind of high prices, but you get what you pay for! Quality, thriving corals and marine fish. Definitely worth your while if you are debating on going or not; the employees are kind, goofy and most importantly, knowledgable. I'd rather ask them a question than google!

Nik F

Great place to go. Staff is extrememly knowledgeable and so friendly.

Dave Ambro

Nice stuff

Matt Rocki

Not the same since Bill has left. Came in to look for some coral frags. They have a tank with 25 and 10 dollar corral frags. Chose a 10 frag and the gentleman said no it's a mistake and should be 25. Chose another and once again he said no it should be 25. And then places both of them on the 25 dollar side. So then I chose a 25 dollar peace and he said, "oh no that's more". Please why the hell do you put a sign that says all frags 25 on the left and 10 on the right. And the lady with long black hair always wants to over charge you. No thanks, there are 4 other stores near by that have cleaner tanks and helpers that are willing to make a sale.

Belinda Jackson

They were very helpful

Baruch Rubinfeld

Very friendly and helpful. Great price on salt.

Evelynn Matelske

Really great displays of beautiful fish. Very helpful staff.

chris da-man

Great store! Highly recommend stopping on if you are in the area. Wide selection of fresh as well as saltwater fish and critters. Also reptiles and more. And of course any accessories you may need. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Worth a visit even just to look at the variety of animals!

Leah C.

High quality fish! Raised with love. Last longer than buying from other pet stores

Kat Shafer

Thanks for all their help setting up my new aquarium.

Jonathan Wills

Prices have gone up so much no longer worth it

Miranda Roark

Great aquarium store. Many fresh & salt water fish. Overall pleased.

Katie McIver

Love this place they have some great prices and they are pretty knowledgeable. Sometimes the staff has their off days but we all do. I always recommend this place as one of my top saltwater places to people.

Ryan Glenn

A vast ark of underwater life, this place has been handpicking fine specimens of fish and invertebrates for many years. Staff is always standing by to happily assist with any questions or advice. I hope everyone considers the value and lower prices of this place vs big box competitors. The flying fox from this shop swimming next to me has been with me for 6 years.

Alex Lupercio

Great place for fish

Charity Houck

It was awesome love all the different fish

Daniel Sanner

Ive been visiting this place for years and it stays mesmerizing. Wide variety of both salt water and fresh water sea life. They also incorporate snakes and reptiles. Fun and beautiful place to visit.

Andrea Bates

Nice fish store

Matt Zernechka

Amazing salt water fish section. Great selection of products and very helpful staff. My girlfriend wants an axolotl (an underwater salamander of sorts). Go in and buy one. In fact go buy two. Everyone go buy 2. Then there won't be any more and I won't have to get her another pet.

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