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REVIEWS OF Moby Dick Pet Store Inc IN Michigan

B Dew

I love this place! Best place to get fish!

Eric Mathers

Came in today to get some freshwater fish. There were two girls standing around talking in the aisle way. Tried to get their attention for help but was ignored. Won’t be back.

chris a

Always come here to get animals they are taken care of and better than Petco and PetSmart

Ray Franklin

In the front of store they have a large Puffer fish NICE

Bruce Johnston

Just about anything you could want for aquarium's and reptiles. Very helpful. Just don't go when busy. Waited 15 minutes to ask a couple questions. Finally left without asking. Will try to ask when not busy.

Theresa Ventura

Great store... Great service

Ashton Nietzke

Quite the wide variety of aquarium lovestock and always helpful, prices are just higher than everyone else in the area. Animals are usually pretty good looking as well. Wish they carried a wider variety of poison dart frogs and terrarium plants.

Jordan McLanson

Favorite LFS. Will keep coming back.

Cynthia Elliston

Used visit on weekly base moved to flint and i will drive 45 minutes to get quailty pet food and great service

Heather Lohr

Good selection of pets. Fair prices! Animal loving and knowledgeable staff.

Robert Lovell

Great place for plants and fish and supplys


Has a lot of different animals that are a little exotic

Sean Lathrop

Best fish store in waterford .

Carrie Thomas

I have loved this store since I was a kid! Awesome variety of pets and supplies... and very knowledgeable staff.

Jeff Whalen

Wondeful people, very helpful and friendly, good selections on fish

Sonya English

The last 2 times we bought fish here the fish seemed fine at first, but after a week showed signs of ich. We lost 7 of the 9 fish we bought last summer. And this time we've lost 1, so far. We even called after a week about the fish we just lost and were told it's just injured from transport, and that it would be fine. This used to be the only place we would buy our fish from to avoid these kinds of problems. Not sure where to go now.

Luke Michael

Great place to get pet friendly material. Went there with wifey...

Jon Weyhrauch

Awesome selection of everything and very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Sarah Barker

This is my go-to store for fish and fish tank supplies. They have plenty of fish to choose from (both fresh and salt water) and the people working there are very helpful and will answer whatever pet-related question you have. Definitely check this store out if you're into keeping fish!

Christine Lovell

Nice store

Brian Perry

Great selection with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. If anything, my only minor complaint is that it’s a small store and they are often quite busy... but they manage it very well. I’ve always been able find someone to help when needed.

greg briggs

Nice mom and pop shop. They carry a wide range of fish/ lizards/other and related supplies. Occasionally they even have used equipment. They may be a little higher in price on like food than amazon but they have service that is trained and knowledgeable. it is a very cramped store, not easy to get around..

popo xiong

best place in the area to buy all sorts of things for your pet fish.

LaRon Austin

Friendly and has a large selection

zach rossiter

Good knowledgeable staff. Makes sure your ready for the pet before making the sale. Only gripe is the place can be busy and its cramped in there as is.


Awesome private pet store. They have EVERYTHING!

Brooke Fox

Always a good selection of pets to choose from!

Louis Bellanca

I have been going here for saltwater aquarium supplier and livestock for years. They have everything you need to start and maintain a reef or fish only setup. Good selection of fish and inverts coral and live rock. They also sell other pet supplies for dogs cats lizards etc but fish takes up over half the store.

Jake Demeter

Took a drive out here from bay city too look around. Large selection of awesome fish and many supplies. Knowledgeable staff and clean tanks.

Draden Lovelorne

They are serious about animals. If an animal is sick or injured, they know about it and fully healed it before selling the animal. Best place to buy fish and reptiles. They let me hold a beautiful corn snake.

Pedro Neto

Love this place. Folks there are very helpful and the store has amazing fishes and aquarium stuff. Highly recommend!

Keif Goddes

This place is truly amazing. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and full of fun and witty facts. They will take the time to help you pick the right items, including fish(salt, fresh and brackish water), reptiles, birds and mice. They have all the accessories and necessary items for bunnies, ferrets, fish, Guinea pigs and reptiles. I highly recommend them for anything and everything "weird animal" related. They even have a giant puffer fish and (like) a 4 foot eel. Granted they go for $600, but if I had the cash I would have loved them in my home. All in all Moby Dick is the place to go for anything small animal and aquatic animal wise.

Kristen Backus

Best pet store around. They have so many cool fish and lizards. Staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help and answer questions.

Michelle Mowery

I have been using Moby Dick's pet store for many years. They're always very helpful. Thanks to a great staff

Kathy Fox

Moby Dick is the best tropical fish store and well worth the drive. Knowledgeable staff and wide assortment of happy healthy fishies.

Melissa Fenstermaker

Very kind people. Good service.

Sunshiney Morton

One of the best fish stores I've been to. By far.

monique appleba

Love this place. The workers are always so helpful. It's a little small, crowded in there, so don't bring small children, but great store.

Randy Alexander

Beautiful store awesome coarls

Cynthia Axsom

Busy place but staff still take the time to explain what we need and how to do it.

Kenny Wells

Great store, nothing locally can compare, knowledgeable staff, and a great selection of freshwater and marine fish

Kendrick Johnson

Favorite place to go for pet supplies

Paula Bryant

Everyone is super kind and knows tons about each animal it is my home away from home just stopped in and got me some ghost shrimp and some plants even got a few free snail hitch hikers in the plants. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

Lanay Crossno

Very good place for fish and the staff is so very helpful in getting you the things you need and if something happens They go out of their way to go good on anything if something was to go wrong

Brian DelGreco

Been going here for over 25 years. Never left unhappy with price or service.

Jessica Davis

Great selection of saltwater fish and corals, staff is very educated and willing to help.

Katrina Cox

We drive from Davison for this pet store. This place is amazing. Support mom and pop.

Amy Jarvinen

Such a friendly local store. They have a huge offering of saltwater fish. Some of the best tanks around.

Christina L

I had hired their team to clean a 100 gal fish tank and they did a marvelous job. It has been almost 2 months since they cleaned it and it still is glistening as if it was just cleaned a day ago. Very friendly team who was very quick and efficient. Thanks!

Fairl Gilland

They have fish of all types fresh and saltwater. Reptiles, Birds. They also have all types of habitats for the animals. Very experienced staff. And very knowledgeable. I recommend this establishment.

Treva J Hartman

Awesome place I've been regular since I was a kid awesome reptile guy that's very helpful and fish lady that knows her stuff

Ciera Narducci

Awesome but they should expend the place make it wayyyyyyyyyy BIGGER it would be so MUCH BETTER you would get wayyyyyyyyyy more costumers 5l

Pamela Palmer

This is the best place to come for any aquatic fish needs. The owner and staff knows everything you need to know about keeping your pets healthy. They have a nice selection of little animals as well.

Justin Eaton

I Really like this pet store, very knowledgeable staff about what they sell. I can remember going there when I was a kid, and it's still in business, same spot all these years later. I think that says alot about how good of a place it is.


The staff are always extremely helpful and we have never had any problems with their fish.

max cool gamer Columbus

I tried to find a place to take my fish that have outgrown my tank. Its been years and I originally purchased them from this location so they were the first place I thought of to bring them to for a possible trade. Two emails and 3 phone calls later of being told Amber will get back to me I gave up. Not a good way to have customers return.

Meissa Marie

I love Moby dick. They let me play with their animals and reptiles. They have a great selection, they are very customer orientated, and they take care of their critters and crawlys.

Devon Kmet

Very helpful and great fish selection

Tracey Smith

The staff is great and they have really cool stuff

Rosemind Taber

Fun and educational

Amy Singh

Been going here since I was a little kid. Absolutely love this place!

richard cosner

Love this place great selection great Knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend

Vickie Carr

The guy that runs it is great. Needs to teach staff to be more polite and knowledgeable.

Anthony P

Great attitudes, super helpful and I've never gotten the stink eye when me and my kids just "browse" lol


Very knowledgeable. I trust these guy's.

Samantha Basigkow

I bring my daughter in here to see the fish, they have a wide variety of animals and fish/sea creatures and fair prices. We are going to be getting her a fish for christmas and I plan on buying all of my supplies here since they are fairly priced.

dan hyry

Good prices alot to look at


mostly go here for the marine fish/animals/corals. Great selection! Helpful staff. Decent selection of exotic reptiles, and other small animals as well. It's far for us but worth the trip.

Rich Ohls

The best pet store in Oakland county Michigan!

Elva'mae Alaria

I went to see the animals. I ended up asking a lot of questions, and two employees were very kind, professional, helpful, and informative. I reccomend this store. I never got anything from it, so I cannot say for sure how the quality is, but it seemed good. I plan to go back. Update. I went again. I didn't have as many questions, so I cannot gauge how friendly and such the employees were that worked today. It was still nice though. I bought a treat for my dog, and she seems very interested in it.

Jenny Olenski

Great locally owned and operated pet store. Excellent place for reptile keepers and saltwater or fresh water aquarists.

Teresa G

Great mom and pop LFS. Water prices are good.

Jodi Wisneski

Impressive. Large selection of aquarium supplies for everything imaginable. Freshwater fish selection was excellent, and I appreciated the fact they had tanks marked as not-for-sale because the fish had just come in. Could not spend a lot of time there but I was impressed by what I saw.


Very knowledgeable and great stock for reptiles and lots of beautiful fish. Thank you for your service.

Jason Philp

Great selection and staff are very friendly.

Brad Heilig

Been many times and always have to wait for someone to come to the register. Never a quick stop even if you know what you are getting.

Kyle Downing

Very cool place specializing in aquatics. I'll be back soon to get more fish stuff, and also just to look at some of their more exotic fish.

Scott Schultz

Old fashioned pet store, friendly staff. They sell r/o and salt water by the gallon

Ray Shaw

Best prices best quality best overall service in Oakland county

Kevin McAllister

The best for little pet shops, especially fish enthusiasts

Heather Alexander

Although the store is small, it is packed with anything you might need. The staff is knowledgeable and they have a lot to choose from. Fish, lizards, turtles, etc. It's a really fun store.

Rick Byrd

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off- then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

Jordan Ruggles

DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO THIS STORE!!! I brought to an employees attention that one of their young ball pythons was EXTREMELY dehydrated, another was becoming dehydrated and one of their Russian tortoises was so lethargic and sick looking I didn’t think it was alive until it tried to move and gave up. When I told the employee all of this I was given multiple excuses, no answers and passive aggressively told to have a nice day as he walked away in the middle of my sentence. DO NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR AND ANIMAL ABUSE!!!

Elle Bronson

They have a wide variety of freshwater fish and I have gotten many different kinds of species for my huge tank! They have always lasted a long time and I've never had a sick one from there. They also offer saltwater fish and pets like turtles, gerbils, frogs, and feeder rats. Tanks always look clean when I go in there and most everyone is knowledgeable about each fish! I would never go anywhere else for my freshwater tank

Mallory Burgess

For a small, out of the way pet store, this place really is a gem. The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful, and the fish and other animals are well cared for. We got our Gold X Lightning Maroon clownfish from there and he is doing very well. They also were helpful in suggesting ways we could battle some issues with our tank and the solutions worked well. It's nice they are less than a half hour from us, and we will continue to be great customers!

Caleb Beedle

Best most informed staff in the area. Family has been going got over 30 years. Now I travel an hour because they are the best!

Brooke Earl

dont think ill be buying from here anymore. was sold sick budgies, and staff isnt very knowledgeable about cage requirements when it comes to multiple birds. im not shelling out almost $200 just so I can purchase sick birds and struggle to find a vet for them anymore. a real pain.

Joe Schmitt

The store has been around a long time, and has a great selection of salt water ,corals and fish. I hope there around another 40 years.

Michael Zajac

Nice store great selection of fish and hard goods

Preston Michael

Very solid pet store. Good fresh water and marine selection . alot of drygoods as well.


Employees are knowledgeable and helpful, and the animals are well taken care of.

Courtney Gloden

Every single time I step foot inside this store it is a horrible experience. There are never any welcoming or friendly people that work there. Everybody that works there tells you different information that contradicts the other person. Today I took my 3 year old son in there to buy some leaves for his fish tank. We couldn’t find the ones we needed and were circling around the store 3 times. Finally we went up to the desk where the owner/manager was sitting. He’s looking down at a paper and doesn’t even look up to acknowledge our existence. My son is being loud trying to squirm out of my hands and I say one second we need to ask this guy a question. I say “excuse me” and he doesn’t look up. I’m literally 2 feet away from him. NEVER ACKNOWLEDGES ME. I said “never mind” to my son, “we’re leaving”. My family and I have spent so much money there over the years and none of us will ever step foot in there again.

Alan Polaski

This place has a little bit of everything available in there.

Sandra Trammel

This store is excellent, staff knows EVERYTHING about tropical fish and they are friendly and helpful too.

Berenice Bautista

They always have what I need for my pets and they’re really friendly

Ava Todoverto

Its hard to move around the store but that's my only complaint

Moriah Hamner

Very helpful. Gave me advice that was honest and helpful. Will never go to another pet store for any of my pet needs again.

Ryan Lietz

Knowledgeable, friendly staff, great selection of fish and decor.

Ryan Bonetti

Fantastic pet store, best place for fish and small animals I have ever seen

finnysum pig

Best krickets in t ow n

Expert opinion

great food. fresh and delicious

Nichole Hoag

Very large selection of fish for salt or freshwater tanks. Reptiles, snakes, rodents, and birds also available. Retail area is a little small. Definitely has a strong pet store smell from the animal cages, but not offensive enough to not be able to shop. They do clean up everything while helping customers. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dan Frost

Tons of different fish both salt and fresh. They have feeders such as horn worms which no one else carries. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Leigh E

Staff are knowledgeable and always helpful! I have been visiting this store for over a decade. They have a large selection of fresh and saltwater fish. They also have a selection of reptiles, birds, and small animals. Their saltwater coral tanks are gorgeous to look at. There is also an excellent selection of tanks, stands, and supplies for all of the pets they sell! Please support this local fish & pet store!

Matt Baughman

Best aquarium store around.

Conrad Skipworth

Great selection of pets and fish. Salt and fresh water

Emily Richardson

They are so cheap and affordable

Matt Termper

Wide selection for all kinds of pets and pet needs. Always a great place to visit.

Dean Lichtenberg

This is a great mom & pop pet store with lots of pets and supplies to choose from. They cater to fish and exotic pets. Not a dog or cat place. Personized service and good general knowledge of your exotic pets. We get frozen mice for our pet corn snake.

Kim Catrall

Nice store. I like it!

Robin Wetzel

Saltwater/freshwater fish coral/ small animals/ reptiles / amphibians - all the supplies to go with them. A down to earth staff and a great- long time family owned company. They genuinely care about animals and their customers.

Lexi Shaw

Do not buy from here. I got two small rats to add to my family of four boys. Introductions were going well with my two oldest, closest boys, and within a week, they were sick with pneumonia and had to be put to sleep. The two rats I got from MB’s are sneezy and are now showing signs of clicking when breathing. Additionally, my sister got a baby rat from MB’s around the same time and same thing; sick within the night with breathing problems and gone this morning. They do not properly house their animals and clearly do not properly care for them, either. A lot of heartbreak and grief was caused by this.

Jc Ski

Very knowledgeable and have everything you would ever need for pet fish.

Mitchell Le

Great staff, selection and prices. My favorite LFS in metro Detroit

Amber Armstrong

Love the huge selection of fish! So many different kinds and types to choose from. They have tons of information too if your having problems or confused on anything to do with fish. Its also other stuff other then fish like lizards, reptiles, and other small animals. Just an interesting store to go to and look at all the pretty fish.

Timothy Watson

The staff is overall very unhelpful. I waited to be helped for over 30 minutes, then the person who "helped" me didn't know anything about the fish other than what it is called or how much it costs. The fish selection was decent and well cared for, but the staff made my experience irritating. There were literally more employees than customers but what should take 10 minutes took an hour because no one could help me. I don't recomend this place for anyone who has questions or needs help. I would only go here if you know exactly what u want but be prepaired to wait for it.

Tal Sweet

My favorite local fish store. Family owned business for decades.

Michael Jaynes

Very expensive but worth it

yooo gabba gabba

Most animals aren’t kept in proper conditons, asked for help with plants and the lady was rude and talking about all the dead pets she’s killed from working here with another employee

caitie Bear

Huge variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish. They have everything you need to set up and maintain a healthy happy environment for your new pet or pets. They have a great selection of reptiles, rodents, amphibians, and arachnids. All of the staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable of each species that they sell and always have really great tips on how to make the most out of your environment/setup for your animals. Lots of options for all equipment needed, food (both frozen and not), decorations, tanks, bedding, etc. Amazing place to go to get happy healthy new friends.

tia hill

This place is amazing it has a huge selection of salt water and fresh fish. They also have a great selection of reptiles. This is the best place to go to find exotic pets. Last time I was there they had baby ducks for sale.

Michael Wilczynski

Nice friendly staff. Lots of nice fish

fred ayers

What a selection of fish!! A must see.

Myrsa Hutchinson

I go here one a week for hoppers for my snake. Seems they are the only place local that sells love feeders


Amazing people great prices and amazing quantity of fish, saltwater fish and reptile selection. Most anything u need its here.

Jenny Gillman

My son loves this place. They were knowledgeable and helpful about our Beta fish situation!

Jody Hutchinson

Good place to get feeders

Pat Synor

I come here for saltwater reef supplies. The staff is helpful and friendly, and prices are fair.

Hannah Geisler

Great pet advice. Sold me the only anemones I've gotten to live in my salt water set up. I often jump the gun and do things with my tanks before they're necessarily ready. They're staff if the only one I know of that will stop you and be like hey, you're not ready, heres your next step. Unlike everyone else that'll just sell you fish endlessly. Caring and knowledgable staff. Only place I'll ever buy fish from.

Traci Baisch

Love this place! Fair prices and knowledgeable staff.

Bree Berry

Best place for pets supplys


Amazing place with a huge selection of saltwater fish , coral , and supplies . The staff is very friendly and helpful , i will definitely be coming back here !

Justin Okelly

I come in every week some times for days straight, great place , most people know what there talking about. Only con is it's prices can be above average.

Karen Hernandez

Nice & friendly people working there. Good prices & the freshest crickets I have ever bought for my geicko. They last a lot longer then the other pet stores.

Chris Poindexter

Great selection of marine animals. Have been going here for 10 years.

Kim Spencer

Best salt water fish

Michael Pruitt

Great place for fish. Been going there since the early 80's. Always friendly and always helpful. Love this place

Anne Mobley

As good as the zoo! Creatures are clean, staff is always around for answering questions and giving advice. It is definitely for a serious aquarium keeper with all the exotics they, both fresh and salt water. Not a dog or puppy place.

Brenda Evaristo

If you have doubts about your fish or questions at all they are always helpful, also you can find a lot of brands to select and make happy your fish

Kate Gladding

Great! Very friendly & knowledgeable

Eric Sprout Fourteen

Helpful staff and a wide range of fish.

Ashley Ligus

Absolutely love this little gem. Awesome selection of aquatics. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.


Not a nice place.. workers are rude .. got a bearded dragon and it died. Smells terrible in this place

Bobby Lee

Was great then good, now bad. Friend has bought 6 saltwater fish from this store this year. 3 at a time. First three lived about 3 weeks before a ich kicked in and killed them before treating was possible. It was a bad case. $200+ dollars down the drain. He thought it was just bad luck. Bought 3 more fish. 4 weeks in and ich emerges again and kills all three with 2 days. Luckily everything was in quarantine so the DT was safe but avoid this place as they dont quarantine and literally corals are dying in their tanks. You can see coral skeletons.

Eric Murphy

Amazing place to shop at for almost any kind of pet you might have very nice and helpful employees who work there and are always willing to try to answer any questions you might have.

Puddle Jumper

I've been comming here since I was a kid. They have good prices, never fail to give advice, and usually have what you are looking for. Staff always friendly!

Jul Davis

Birds, fish, reptiles, small mammals and their homes with decor. It seems bigger inside than outside.

Elisabeth Sorsen

Pretty sweet set up. Lots of fish and diiferent animals

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